Naruto Chapter 693 Breakdown: KevinPhoenix is in the house!

To say that anticipation has hit an all-time high is an understatement. People everywhere are positively stoked about the upcoming fight between Naruto and Sasuke, a fight that has been years in the making. Along the way, we’ve wondered what the eventual catalyst would be for that fight. At first, we thought it was Sasuke’s desire for vengeance against Konoha over what the village elders (namely Danzo) had Itachi do. And we saw Naruto proclaim that if he had to fight Sasuke to defend the village, then they would both die together. But then Sasuke finally found himself having to take Itachi’s eyes to restore his eyesight and more than ever he wanted to avenge Itachi’s suffering. So when he finally encountered Itachi once more, we thought that perhaps Itachi might be able to change Sasuke’s path with some clarification as to what he had intended for him.

But alas, it wasn’t meant to be. Everything has already been said and done and the words and actions of Sasuke’s brother could not be taken back. Like it or not, Itachi made Sasuke the way he is now because he thought he could steer him to follow the right path. But then we got Sasuke’s interaction with the past four Hokage and after his decision to protect the village rather than destroy it, here we thought that perhaps Sasuke had finally changed for the better. After all, Itachi died so that the village would remain safe. So it only makes sense that Sasuke would realize that he should be honoring Itachi’s sacrifice by carrying on his will…

…But then we hear him state early on in the battle with Obito after he had just become the Jinchuuriki of the Juubi that only he can erase the past. And that me and a lot of people wondering just what he meant by that. Throughout that battle with Obito, the battle with Madara, and the battle with Kaguya, we’ve been left wondering just what Sasuke’s motives really are. If he had finally let go of his thirst for vengeance, then what else could he be planning? Of course, given the urgency of the battles with Obito, Madara, and Kaguya, he wasn’t exactly in any position to really do anything about it. For the time being, he could just cooperate with Naruto on a common goal. So then once the last big threat in the world was defeated, we finally arrive at the present and Sasuke’s answer.

I must say though, this chapter shows that despite everything Itachi and Hashirama explained to him, Sasuke learned nothing. While he had at least given up on plain revenge, he is clearly going down the same kind of path that Madara took. But of course, we always knew this day would come when Naruto and Sasuke would fight one last time. And with Sasuke stating his intentions to use the tailed beasts rather than Naruto to undo the Infinite Tsukuyomi, I liked how Naruto pretty much told him that that just isn’t going to happen. He said it like a boss! There was only two other people who were left. Kakashi was quick to be put out of commission due to the heavy aftereffects of using such a strong Sharingan, so Sasuke paid him no mind. But Sakura? Damn! I think it’s safe to say that I speak for a lot of people when I say that this girl has abuse issues. She’s the kind of girl we good guys don’t like, the kind that always wants the bad guy. Even when she is treated like crap by that guy, she still pines for him.

OK, so Sasuke stabbed Orochimaru in the back (or rather the front, I should say), yet after being brought back by him, Orochimaru chose to support Sasuke with his only goal being to witness where Sasuke’s new destination led to. And then there was Karin, another person who cared for Sasuke, only to be tossed aside like used baggage when he used Chidori Spear on her just to kill Danzo. And yet she too is so quick to forgive him. But Sakura just takes the cake. Already, she was badly burned (no pun intended) by Sasuke not once, not twice, but three times including now. She keeps thinking that if she pleads and cries to him enough, he’ll finally just go back with her. You would think that she would have gotten the message the last time when Sasuke very nearly killed her. But instead, she’s badly misguided in her perception of Sasuke’s own feelings. That’s not to say her feelings towards him aren’t genuine. But considering the past encounters; if Sasuke hadn’t made it clear by now that he just isn’t interested in her, I’d say he finally got his message across when he genjutsu stabbed her. And with it, he brought that message full circle by saying once more that she was as annoying as ever.

Well, Sakura finally got penetrated by Sasuke.

Well, Sakura finally got penetrated by Sasuke…

And so with nothing left to say, Sasuke tells Naruto to follow him to a more suitable and familiar battle ground. Naruto takes the opportunity to impart upon Kakashi the promise he made way back, the promise he swore he would keep no matter what: to bring Sasuke back. He didn’t need to reiterate what his ninja way is, because he has told it enough times now that anyone who knows Naruto knows it: He never goes back on his word. This is the moment of truth where we’ll see if he can finally make good on that promise. With Naruto taking off after Sasuke, Hagoromo talks of how the mistakes of the past aren’t about history repeating itself, but a lesson to the current generation to learn from it and succeed where past generations have failed. Instead of love becoming hate, he hopes that this time, hate will become love once again. And in those words, I feel as if we’re being given a vague hint that perhaps maybe we’ll see the true power of Naruto’s talk-no-jutsu and whether or not it works on Sasuke. I sometimes think that the talk-no-jutsu is THAT jutsu that we’ve been told about throughout the series, perhaps.

But one thing is certain, in order for the Inifinite Tsukuyomi to be dispelled, it requires both Sasuke’s Rinnegan and the power of the tailed beasts. It had already been agreed upon that they wouldn’t be necessary as Naruto’s chakra would be sufficient. But what we should realize is that Naruto wouldn’t be able to just kill Sasuke because he needs him to do that as he has the only Rinnegan left in the world. But there’s nothing holding Sasuke back from killing Naruto, since he already made it clear that he can just use the chakra of tailed beasts themselves to undo that jutsu rather than Naruto, before killing them off afterwards.

The chapter ends with the two arriving at a familiar place, a place that was shaped by Hashirama and Madara way back, and the place where Naruto and Sasuke had their first big battle: The Valley of the End. It’s quite fitting, actually. The Final Valley (what I personally like to call it) seems to represent battles of this sort of scale where two friends battle over differing ideologies. Of course, we know that the battle won’t start quite yet as Sasuke has some explaining to do as to what his version of a Hokage is. But that’s for the next chapter.

As for the winner for the Naruto vs Sasuke debate, I think the answer was pretty near unanimous:

Naruto! (Who would have thought?)

Naruto! (Who would have thought?)

This breakdown was bought to you by KevinPhoenix. Aka, last night’s dinner.

~ by Tenrai Senshi on October 8, 2014.

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  2. Doesn’t count! *Steals Kevins First*

  3. *Eats Kevin and Pein and takes first*

  4. *steals Tenrai’s powers and eats pein0avenue, securing his long coveted First* Anyone else want to try and take my first and probably last First? lol

  5. Anyone interested in seeing chapter 695 early in raw format, can check it out here:

  6. Just so everyone knows, Pein and I are doing a double for chapter 694 – 695.

    I’ll start on my half once the new chapter is out.

  7. Looked like a whole bunch of nothing and many overused and overseen flashbacks. So…..four chapters left to tie up everything and make it a meaningful ending

  8. Its out guys –

  9. @KevinPhoenix
    Y No Bubbliton Contest ??
    but regardless great breakdown πŸ˜€

    I don’t prefer how the hole “fight” is over but I liked how Kishi stated that the old ways are being changed with a metaphore of Hashirama’s statue being crushed.

  10. @Drice

    Actually, I believe there are five chapters left. Hopefully they’ll be very long chapters. XD


    It was good, but I’m concerned that the battle part might be over already. Hopefully it isn’t, and that there’s still more to it. One thing I did notice is that it mentioned that there are only a few more chapters left until the, and I quote, “shocking conclusion”, which seems to suggest that the ending might very well be an unexpected surprised. Perhaps it won’t be as predictable as we thought, or perhaps they do intend to end it in a more open-ended manner, so as to bring it over to the final movie and conclude things more solidly there.

    I guess only time will tell…

  11. I wonder if Sasuke realizes that, in order to break the eternal struggle between brothers, he has to die (no more Uchiha to reincarnate into), so he’s pushing Naruto to kill him.

  12. @Ten I hope so because Kishi has been building this up for about a decade and it’s disappointing to think that the fight we’ve been waiting for will be less chapters then fighting haku and zabuza.

  13. Even Tenrai can’t predict these next few chapters even with the end in sight πŸ˜›

  14. @Nisam: Honestly, I couldn’t find any panel that would’ve made for a good Bubbliton.

  15. leave it to Kishi to have a flashback of something that happened 5 seconds ago in Naruto time!!! What the junk man! No more talking? And yet we get 2 or 3 pages of Flashback or more talking? This fight is looking dull already.

  16. Thank you for a great breakdown Kev it was a really good read. As far as the latest chapter is concerned, I actually liked it, sure, the flashbacks were a bit of a let down, but that’s just Kishi being Kishi.

    We have 5 chapters left, and if they aren’t at least 30 pages per chapter this is going to end like crap. I want to see lots of new jutsus, I want to see blood and skill and power and growth from both of this guys, we have seen a lot of fighting ever since Naruto and Bee rushed to the battleground but to deprive us of the FIGHT we’ve all been looking forward ever since Naruto proved he can land a scratch on Sasuke’s forehead protector at the cost of winning the fight.

    I don’t know how good the last movie will be and honestly I don’t give a damn, all I want, actually all WRA wants is to see this fight done right because we have been waiting a hell of a long time for it.

    This is very suggestive for the last fight, maybe even a little spoiler if you thik about it:

  17. @Eugen: where is that video from?

  18. @KevinPhoenix Well done, Kevin. Excellent breakdown.

    No talk-no-jutsu, but lots of double-page spreads to go in this chapter. Pretty nice. Five more chapters to go – but at least Kishi isn’t drawing this battle out like he did with the entire war…

  19. I have an idea for the last breakdown – if we have something like that. Maybe it will be the last chapter breakdown, or maybe a last naruto manga post after the last chapter breakdown. I think we should ask people for a last word or last comment and see if we can get anyone out there that has been lurking here to finally post something in celebration of the end of the manga. Maybe a bunch of thoughts of remembrance of people here and all the drama that has happened as we’ve all grown up. I think… I might have been reading these breakdowns for 5 years or more?!?

  20. C’mon, deep down, everyone knows that Ten Ten will show up with the sealing jar and seal Sasuke with his most common word, “avenger”. In doing so, she will nearly die due to the great amount of chakra required. This accidental act of self-sacrifice will launch her to Hokage status with the villagers. The end.

  21. @ Cecilie, the clip is a OVA (original video animation) that came out, I think, last year during the winter holidays.

    @ Gavin, I think it’s 6 and closer to 7 years, it would be nice if we made a banner with all our photos (real and avatar) and to try and include old members like Jeramiah, Supertrek89, Totalitarian, Kisuzushi, Peni, Erosanin, Prawlkage, Dragon, and everyone that has been a part of this blog since the IRA days.

  22. @ WRA – Been looking over some old posts, came across this gem…

    and this old theory post –

    and there are so many more!!!

    @ Gavin/Eugen – I think that will be a good idea, get everyone’s opinions on the ending though it may be difficult to control will have to ask Tenrai how best to do it and maybe the banner can be done to replace the banner for Naruto at the moment on the blog… but it will be a lot of images cause at the end of the day so many people have worked together to make this blog what it is today!

    and I believe that with the talented writers we have here we could keep it going for a while longer just change focus to manga in general and specific series…. just the monster we would need to deal with… Time @___@

  23. @ Kevin – Awesome breakdown, very well written, most breakdown writers have this major pitfall in writing out what happened in the story, this happen then this happened breakdown writers but I am impressed with the way you kept the humor there while still going deeper into the themes and points of the chapter and not just simply repeating it.

    If there is another manga that you are interested in an may interest the rest of WRA to debate and discuss should think about doing breakdowns for it πŸ™‚ I would definitely read it… Unless of course its a Shojo manga… that I just couldn’t do πŸ˜›

  24. I have an idea. Why don’t you guys wait for the final chapters to come out and then do a mega breakdown of the finally. There is only 5 chapters left. You can wait for all the chapters to come out and then have like a week or 2 to digest the ending and then just release the break down in parts or in one Giant-Mega-Awesomeness post of Awesomeness (So, nice I had to say it twice). In the breakdown of Naruto with a BANG! It would be the ultimate analysis and I would not enjoy a breakdown any other way, to be honest.

    What do you think of that idea, Ten? Just wait for the rest of the chapters to release and then just make one grand finale of a breakdown.

  25. @thelaughingwiseman: Yeah, even better – we can sort of put together a mega breakdown that includes opinions of regulars and anyone who want to participate.

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