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Welcome to the WRA extras section. Unlike most of the other sections on this blog, this page will be constantly updated every time a new ‘special’ post is published, which means only a select few the latest and greatest will appear here at any given time.

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Naruto & Goku

In a WRA extra special, we find out about some of the eerie similarities between Naruto and Goku – both famous characters created by completely different authors, but who share some striking and deep connections with one another. The link between these two characters isn’t the only connection we make, however, nor is it the only mystery we reveal…


Ah yes. There are some people out there who just aren’t happy with a story the way it is. They feel compelled to change it in whatever way they can to ensure their visions of how things should roll are realized. Some choose to turn the Kyuubi into a girl with maternal instincts. Others make Luffy shoot lazers out of his eyes. There are even some authors out there who have even gone as far as turning Aizen into a guy (Oh wait, he was one already? O_o). Enter the weird, the wonderful and the often mind blowing realm of fanfictions…

3 Responses to “WRA Extras!”

  1. who would win in a fight to the death…

    Gaara from Naruto


    Crocodile from One Piece

    both are killers in their own right and both control the sand..

    just wondering what you guys think on who would beat who down into the dirt..


  2. gaara would win. he has better control over sand then crocodile has. I mean look at the fight between gaara and deiadra he made a high dense shield to protect his village from the explosion that would had destroyed it. Plus when he fought naruto he freaken transformed into a full blown shukaku. that enough should make him win

  3. Since Berserk has no place on the other sections, I’d just like to say this manga is awesome. I’ve recently started reading it and man, it has such a great hero and story that it’s mind boggling. I didn’t start reading this until I was sure i was able to handle it. Just wanted to say that is all.

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