One Piece Breakdowns & Summaries

Facing his imminent execution at the hands of the naval marines, the famous Pirate King, Gold Roger, announces that he has hidden his greatest treasure “One Piece” and that it is up for the taking for those who dare to find it. With countless attracted to the Grand Line by the lure of such a prize, the world is drawn into a new golden age of piracy.

A few years later, our story begins with a young, self-proclaimed pirate named Monkey D. Luffy, who is enthralled by the idea of sailing the seas as the captain of his own ship. Having met a motley crew of pirates at a young age, he accidentally eats a possession of theirs known as a “Devil Fruit” which gives him the extraordinary ability to stretch and distort his body as if it were made of rubber. The cursed fruit’s power, however, comes at a great cost and Luffy soon discovers that he will never be able to swim in sea water again as a result. Despite this, his dreams are not dampened in the very least by such a foreboding revelation, and so, after having come of age, Luffy sets sail with nothing more than a small boat to find a ship and crew of his own and to fulfill his dreams of becoming the next Pirate King, as well as finding the famed One Piece. Little does he realize the adventures in store for him, as he heads for the Grand Line…

One Piece 720 Manga Breakdown

One Piece Anime Breakdown

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