One piece chapter-720 the gladiator prison

Yo was up everyone hope you guys have been good. I know it has been a long time since i have done a one piece breakdown. I most apologised for that i barely have time to do anything any more. But this few chapters have been so epic i have to talk about them.


I want to start with a little recap of what has been going on in the few chapters. First Of we see that nami’s group has been turn into art. They are fighting some of trebol’s minions. However their weapon’s do not work.  We also got glimbs at law and how he is struggling to get away. Zoro and franky are at the flower field and sanji and the samurai are on their way there.

It is finally the end of C block with luffy ending up the winner.  I believe he could have won a long time ago but he was just having fun. As luffy is leaving the arena and going to the locker room to rest  cavendish attacked him. Luffy catches his sword in between his hands and does not let go. This little skirmish proves to us the difference between luffy and cavendish.

Even though luffy was tired he still managed to block cavendish’s attack. While also restraining any more use of his sword. Making him look like just another person. As luffy and cavendish have their little skirmish don chinjao wants to thank luffy for giving him “the key to his treasure” back.

Reading on we see that bartolomeo is actually luffy’s number one fan. He basically came out to sea and became a pirate because of luffy and that incident with buggy at loguetown. However he is not just any fan his admiration and love for luffy would put all beliebers in shame (justin bieber fans). As shown when he crush some guy for talking bad about luffy.

Moving on we see that don chinjoa was bowing down to luffy but accidentally send an attack that let luffy sneak away. Here we find out that he wants his grandsons army to join luffy’s crew. Which i am going to speak of more later on in this breakdown.

As luffy makes a run for it rebecca suddenly grabs him and drags him to a place were the can be  alone and he can rest. On the way to this place luffy see’s burgeess talking to BB. He stops and tells them they will never get aces devil fruit. To which they laugh. It seems BB is confident that burgeess can beat luffy. I will give you a reason later on in the breakdown as to why i think he is no were near luffy’s level though.

Before luffy got there burgees was talking about how he does not trust aokiji. This was one of those slap in the face WTF moments. I could not believe it. Freaking akoiji is doing business with BB. Or worse is in his crew. When i read that what was going through my mind was WTF oda don’t fuck with me. Akoiji better not be in BB’s crew i was just starting to like the bastard. However this is something im sure no one expected, which speaks volume to the quality of one piece and the type of manga it is. It will still surprise you even after 720 chapters.

Well anyways moving on rebecca and luffy finally reach a place were luffy can rest. When all of a sudden hands grab luffy and tell rebecca to attack. Luffy makes simple work of the situation( while eating lunch i might add) and rebecca and the gladiators tell him a little about dressrosa and the Colosseum.

Now on to the things that been on my mind all day. Rebecca  and Nami sure look-alike. After scratching my head over it i finally came up with a decent excuse for this. We do not know much about nami’s pass before arlong. We know that nami was rescue and raised by a marine. So if what i said is correct and my memory is not playing tricks on me. Then i could say that there is a possibility of rebecca being nami’s twin sister. But i could be wrong. Thought i hope not.

The second thing that has been on my mind is this whole haki thing. As the story progress we will see a lot of people having CoC (conquerors haki).  Now so far we know that CoC can knockout weak opponents. It can also create a sort of pressure around you as seen when shanks stepped into white beards ship. just look at the ship its breaking.

But the idea of CoC have not been fully explored yet. When i here conqueror i think of someone who has a lot of followers. The leader you know. So far everywhere luffy has gone he has made a lot of people follow him. When we were first introduce to the concept of haki it was said that only those ment to rule had it. So the reason luffy has so many followers and people can easily trust him  is because his haki is so strong.  I believe that in a subconscious level luffy’s haki comes out and affect those around him. It’s not like it brain washes them into following him.

One Piece 720 - Page 22

technically 598

But it shows the how strong and honest he is which makes them want to follow him. The concept of CoC can have a lot of different possibilities and i think luffy is just scratching the surface of it.

It’s kind of hard to explain but i hope you guy’s kinda get what i am trying to say. Anyway’s back to Burgees and luffy i believe IF they fight luffy will beat burgess. SInce they got into the NW luffy has not been challenge in any of the fight his had. I believe that IF him and burgess fight it will not be any different.  The only way we should see luffy go all out is if he fights and admiral in my opinion.

Well this is the end of the breakdown i apologised for the absent but life gets in the way. I’ll try to start doing it every week but i will not make any promises.  But i do promise i will not stop doing a breakdown if i have free time i shall do it. But anyway’s this is the end sadly until next adios.

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18 Responses to “One piece chapter-720 the gladiator prison”

  1. Kool breakdown and welcome back!
    It seems like those with CoC indeed influence the people around them and turn them into followers although not brainwashing. This is basically what Ivankov and Mihawk said during the war of the best aswell.

    Hmm I really doubt that Luffy will be taking down burgess easy.
    Don’t forget that they have been training for 2 years as well and he might even have a Devils fruit now.
    He’s seen Luffy nearly to his full extend last fight and doesn’t seem very impressed.
    I suppose Luffy can beat him but I doubt it’s gonna be easy at all.

    I wonder what relationship ao kiji and BB have, although i doubt kiji has joined there crew. He is still an ally of justice.

  2. *Eats Antony before he can run away again.*

  3. Haha sorry bout that leave I was not managing my time well
    @live aid I get that they been training also and their is probablyva 85% chance that he has a Devil fruit but I still believe luffy should beat him not easy but he also shouldn’t push luffy to his limit. The fact that Burgees wasn’t impress by luffys power is because his a cocky bastard. He tried to fight ace before BB told him he could not handle him…He should b a little tougher than done chinjao since he was kinda easy for luffy to defeat he didnt really hit lufy he just kept on getting back up from luffys attack…BTW what did u think of the chapter I been hi on Rebecca lately and I really hope she gets the fruit and becomes a Strawhat but its looking like she will be the Vivi of this arc. Oda should have made the chapter about law I really dislike flashbacks

  4. thanks for the breakdown antony. i really can’t see myself fortelling an event in one piece since oda is pretty much unpredictable. all i can say right now is the mugiwaras will have plenty of new members after this arc. and yes.. rebecca might be the vivi of this arc because after this arc dofla would have fallen and the kingdom would need new a leader and that would be rebecca since she was once a princess. anyways.. it’s really scary to see that almost all of luffy’s enemies would somehow help/aid him with the real battle and that is with the WG.

  5. @chaps I only think one person will join the crew the others will be Ally’s kinda like whitebeard

  6. honestly i think kinemon and momonusuke would join the crew. trafalgar law would be his true ally though right now it was made official i still see them fighting sometime in the new world but who knows.. before one piece ends.. everyone he met through his journey would stand beside him when he fights the world government and the marines. but there might be a twist in this chapter.. if vivi stayed i think rebecca might not.. there is a high possibility that a new female crew member joins since that is highly needed.

  7. I agree with what u said I believe oda said the next crew member is a women…after reading ur comment the idea of vivi coming back at the end of this arc just came to mind since she only stayed to help rebuild her country and its been almost 3 years since then so I’m hoping she takes her place in the ship

  8. I really like the balance of power levels in this series. Sanji blocking Dalfamlingo? That is going to be crazy battle. I really think Dolflamingo is too dangerous to keep alive. I think Sanji might have to take him into the sea. I hope that battle last a few chapters. I want to see what Sanji can do

  9. God Damn! this last chapter was fkin epic.
    What the fuck is big mom doing there.
    does that admiral have golden leo shiki’s fruit?

    Man i don’t know what to say, it’s been a while since i’ve read such an epic chapter in a manga. any manga that is.

    Is it because momosuke is the first succesfull artificial DF user that he is so special?
    I’m buffled.

  10. Sabo’s back!

  11. yes!

    And koala the slave girl, from fisher tigers ship.
    Oda never forgets 🙂

    Awesome chapter! I guess Sabo will be taking the fire fruit then?

  12. i completely agree with you liveaid.. sabo would defenitely take the mera mera no mi.. i bet he’s stronger than ace and luffy.. looking at how he trained under dragon for all those years..

  13. Who knows if he is stronger then ace and luffy, he has always been the smartest of the three (and stronger then luffy), but the former two both have/had conquerers haki which means a great power up.
    No doubt he got a lot stronger, but i’m sure his strategizing has developed even more.
    I Liked franky going all out this chapter, next chapter is garantueed to be full of chaotic fights!

  14. you know what.. i was also thinking that sabo was really a tactician and that’s the reason i don’t see him joining the SH. he really belongs to RA. hahahaha!.. and i also think he has conquerors haki.. anyways.. the scary thing about franky is that he is underrated.. he is really a force to be reckoned with and it really concerns me everytime i remember the time franky burned the pluton blueprints.. i’m definitely positive that pluton is the going mary..

  15. thousand sunny i mean.

  16. where’s the breakdown when we need one 😀 seriously.. the last chapter went from epic to FTW EPIC!

  17. I only just started reading One Piece recently so this theorizing is probably completely wrong, but…

    Given how it’s stated at one time that there’s a theory that the devil fruit is from the devil himself or whatever, and how Gold Roger left it in one piece (that’s the impression I get from it) that it might ultimately be under water.

    Since Naruto’s getting so close to finishing I thought I’d start getting into One Piece.

  18. Hey guys been a long time. Whats it been 2 3 years. Actually not that long.I will try to do a breakdown tomorrow when the chapter comes out. Since im on vacation all this week.

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