Naruto Chapter 689 – 690 Breakdown: Is this the end?

Well, it looks like we might have finally reached the end of what can only be described as, a “long ass war arc”, and what an end it was indeed. We got just about everything one could ask for as far as a finale is concerned, which includes, but is not limited to, epic jutsu, great teamwork, lots of flashiness, Naruto being his usual awesome self, feminist empowerment and… Kakashi’s delayed rampage.

Well, it's about damn time.

Kakashi has awakened a power greater than any other. The power to open plot holes…

And let’s face it, Kakashi was probably the real star of chapter 689, and it goes without saying that his impressive use of both Kamui and Susanoo was nothing short of epic.

But it does beg the question as to how, even with Susanoo and the Sharingan, Kakashi was not only able to go toe-to-toe with the likes of Kaguya, the incarnation of the power of the Juubi and the precursors to just about every blood limit and power that exists in the world, but was even able to push her back. Well, we did get an answer to that question it seems, although it only truly becomes clear in the mangastream scanslation of this chapter, and that is that Kakashi had also inherited some of the power of the Sage of the Six Paths. How did this happen, you ask? No, it wasn’t because Naruto healed him, but rather, was directly related to Obito himself.

We need to remember that Obito was not just a wielder of the Sharingan, but was also a container Hashirama’s cells as well. His body was, for all intents and purposes, almost the same as the Sage of the Six Paths himself, and Obito even had the Rinnegan and was container for the Juubi at one point. So, it stands to reason that, despite having the Juubi extracted and the Rinnegan taken from him, Obito still had both Uchiha and Senju power within him, and thus, when he passed on that power to Kakashi, the latter benefited from the acquisition of both as well.

That burn... even Naruto knows that Kakashi is more awesome than Sasuke right now.

Ouch, that burn… even Naruto knows that Kakashi is more awesome than Sasuke right now.

Once again, it still remains to be seen whether or not this power-up for Kakashi is only temporary or permanent, but one thing is certain, and that’s that he has now joined the list of people who are currently more impressive than Sasuke.

Speaking of Sasuke, I have to say that he’s found himself dealing with quite a dilemma at this point, and that is the fact that everyone else on his former team is outshining him. I will admit that I find this quite surprising, given that Kishi usually doesn’t hold back when it comes to flaunting Sasuke’s power, but the reality is that Sasuke really hasn’t contributed much to this battle as a whole. Aside from his ability to seal Kaguya, Sasuke’s eye power does seem remarkably underwhelming when we compare it to the recently upgraded Sharingan of Kakashi’s, and in addition to that, even Sakura has contributed more to the team’s success than Sasuke as a whole, and that’s saying a lot.

I can only help but wonder if this is perhaps an intentional setback on Kishi’s part in the hopes of pushing Sasuke even deeper into a corner of inferiority, perhaps as a means of creating a rift between him and his former team so as to create conflict. I’m still a fan of the idea that Naruto and Sasuke will end up confronting one another at some point, so perhaps this is the build-up to that confrontation.

It probably also doesn’t help that Naruto, whose own contributions to the battle have been nothing short of praiseworthy, also opts to continue to protect Sasuke, even perhaps to the point of seeming overprotective.

Did Sasuke just invite Naruto to a threesome?

Did Sasuke just invite Naruto to a threesome?

All-in-all, the real highlight of chapter 689 was definitely the teamwork. It was really great to see everyone coming together to take down Kaguya in the end, and I personally think it was a far better alternative than just having Naruto and Sasuke doing it on their own.

It was a truly triumphant moment, not just from a literal perspective, but also from a symbolic perspective as well, because, as Kakashi continues to watch his three students unify to save the world, he conveys a few thoughts that bring us back full circle, from the very start of the manga. In a way, it shows us Kakashi’s ever growing admiration for his team, which culminates over the span of a few years into this single moment, where he can at last show his true pride.

I'm not sure whether that's cute or scary...

Aw… :’)

Chapter 690 marks what appears to be the true end of Kaguya. I say “appears to be” because with this manga, you can never really tell when a villain is truly gone, or when they are really just hiding inside a sword while white Zetsu copies their chakra and dies in their place are just playing dead.

In this case, it’s interesting to note that the sealing technique that was ultimately used on Kaguya was none other than Chibaku Tensei itself, which makes sense when you consider everything.

If you're OP and you know it clap your hands!

If you’re OP and you know it clap your hands!

Not only did this mark the end of Kaguya, but also Black Zetsu as well, thank goodness. I was really starting to grow tired of that guy to be honest, so it was great when Naruto kicked him to the proverbial curb.

I also thought it was great how Naruto rejected Zetsu’s vision of what Shinobi was, and gave his own answer through his life experiences, as to what the true history of Shinobi entailed. Seeing all the people that influenced Naruto in his thoughts, was really a great moment, especially now at the end of all things.


Not sure whether he’s snot nosed, or just snot at this point…

One thing I was curious about, given that Naruto and Sasuke have managed to seal Kaguya away, is whether or not this meant that the power they had acquired from Hagoromo had been lost for good or whether they’ll keep that power. Given that each is the successor to Ashura and Indra, it makes sense for Naruto and Sasuke to still retain the powers of Yin and Yang respectively, but the chapter itself seems to give us conflicting visual clues regarding this matter.

On the one hand, when we see Sasuke in this chapter, he still appears to have the Rinnegan in his left eye. On the other hand though, when we pan back to Hagoromo a few panels prior to this, we see the sun and moon symbols on his hand either begin to reappear, or perhaps disappear. If they are, in fact, reappearing, it might mean that the chakra that was given to Naruto and Sasuke was returning to Hagoromo.

As far as visual clues go, this one seems to be leading us in circles.

As far as visual clues go, this one seems to be leading us in circles. @__@ *Gets eaten for lame joke.*

I guess we’ll have to wait and see whether or not Sasuke and Naruto have retained their powers, but even if they haven’t, technically speaking Naruto still has half of Kurama sealed within him while Sasuke still has the EMS, so they wouldn’t be left wanting either way.

And with them being summoned home by Hagoromo and all the previous Kage, Bijuu and all, it really does leave me wondering where things go from here. Team 7 has quite literally saved the world, but despite that, there are still some loose ends to tie, not the first of which is the fate of the Bijuu themselves.

Sorry, but the red slippers we gave you turned out to be duds, so we had to do it this way.

Sorry, but the red slippers we gave you turned out to be duds, so we had to do it this way.

When we consider that one half of Kurama is most likely still sealed away inside Naruto, does this mean the other half that had been with him all his life will opt to return to him, or will he remain as is, in the outside world? And what of the other Bijuu? Will they perhaps take up the role of guarding humanity in their current forms, or will they follow Hagoromo’s original prophecy and adopt a new form, with a new purpose? And how does Naruto fit into that prophecy as a whole?

The other, more pertinent question is whether or not this is the end of Naruto as a series. Given that Kaguya, the ultimate threat, has now been dealt with, does that mean this is it? Or is there perhaps more to come. I’d personally like to believe that Naruto and Sasuke will still have to settle matters between each other and that a conflict between them is still on the cards, but aside from that possibility, there’s also Madara. Now, I’m not sure whether he’s dead (given that most Jinchuuriki die when losing their Bijuu, or in Madara’s case, losing the Juubi as a whole), but if he somehow survived, there is a chance that he still hasn’t had his last say, though it’s questionable what he could achieve with most of his power stripped from him now.

Or who knows, maybe even Hagoromo was the real villain all along… *cough*

The future is uncertain, but what do you guys think? Now, this is usually where I’d insert a poll to get a general idea of what everyone’s thinking, but, it seems wordpress is being a pain in that regard, so feel free to pop your own thoughts in the comments section.

Why does Hagoromo seem so creepy all of a sudden? O_o

Why does Hagoromo seem so creepy all of a sudden? O_o

Well, in any case, that’s all from me this week. I hope you all enjoyed the breakdown, and I’ll see you in the comments! ^ ^

~ by Tenrai Senshi on September 3, 2014.

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  1. First

  2. Second! And great breakdown as always, Tenrai!

    Of course, wouldn’t it be typical if the war had to continue just a little bit longer so we see the true villain of the series appear… Tenten?

    Just kidding… 🙂

  3. Awesome Breakdown Ten – I see what you mean by making links I am sure many others wouldn’t, boggles me how your mind works 😛

    As I have stated before this war arc though had its moments was really, really tedious. Kakashi’s Rampage was of course the highlight but seeing his downgrade here at the end vs Kaguya was sort of a let down. I think comparing the Sage of 6 Paths to Kakashi is taking it a bit far, I mean he is great and all but he is no Kakashi 😉

    If Sasuke freaks out about being inferior to Naruto, Sakura, Kakashi, Obito, Hinata, Chouji, Ten Ten, and that is the cause of his “fall back to darkness” I will be so pissed off! Cause that is copy paste part 1.

    I am interested in seeing Madara’s new role as he is reborn completely not just an Edo Tensei which I believe will disappear. Being shown the error of his ways may have given perspective/

    I hope that they do not give us a happy happy ending now, the war is over and war should cause pain and sadness. I want them to deal with that now the dark part of it and a rebuild happening.

    Bijuu I believe will join Naruto either by allowing him to be their container or by following him. Hence the chat between Kyuubi and co at the end. Sasuke is a wild card and his wind with Oro and Team Hawk is really up in the air.

  4. Four is death!!!!
    Nice breakdown ten… I hope this isn’t the end. T_T

  5. @Mark

    Technically speaking, you’re third. 😛

  6. So Tenrai is death?

  7. I wonder what Gamamaru, the Great Toad Sage, has to say about all of this?

  8. Gamamaru is most likely stuck in the Infinite Tsukyomi.

  9. Nice job once again Ten, it was a great morning read.
    I wouldn’t low ball Sasuke as much as you just did, IMO he’s power was actually really great, to bad he didn’t extend it to his Susano’o in a manner similar to Kakashi’s Kamui Shuriken. Remember Sasuke’s fight with Madara, from what he learned there he might be able to make clones in the shadow world as well and make them stronger.

    If you think about it, the only 2 people who could stop Madara’s Limbo are Sasuke and Naruto, and Sasuke was the only one who could see the clones in the shadow world, Naruto could only feel their presence.
    If Sasuke copies and upgrades the Limbo he could do serious damage.

    All in all Kishi wrapped up a lot of loose ends, we got to see all the previous kages, even got to see some of them in action, the true powers of Hashirama, Tobirama, Hiruzen and Minato were a great bonus in my eyes, but I would have loved to see more from the 3rd, and I can’t wait to see the anime of this war as a whole.

  10. @Eugen

    I’m not the one that low balled Sasuke, Kishi did (oddly enough). I’m merely stating my own observations, and let’s face it, Sasuke’s contribution to this battle really was a lot less than one might have expected it to be from the offset. I mean, other than the actual sealing itself, what did Sasuke really do in this final battle against Kaguya?

    1: He didn’t attempt to save his allies when they were in danger, but was saved more than once by Naruto, Obito and Sakura.

    2: He swapped places a few times with stuff, which, although seeming like a nice trick, didn’t actually contribute much to the battle aside from keeping him alive and allowing him to position himself during the final sealing.

    3: He spent a large portion of the battle wandering aimlessly around a desert.

    4: He never once managed to successfully land an attack on Kaguya, save for the sealing right at the end.

    And that’s about it. Now, let’s compare that to Naruto’s achievements:

    1: Naruto healed multiple people including Kakashi (replacing his eye), Gai (stopping him from dying) and Obito (extending his life long enough for him to both save Sasuke and Kakashi, as well as give Kakashi a power-up).

    2: He saved his teammates (including Sasuke) multiple times with is ability to fly and carry them over dangerous landscapes.

    3: He single-handedly held off Kaguya on more than one occasion, both to protect his team and to buy Obito and Sakura enough time to rescue Sasuke, whose only contribution at the time was to be lost. He even managed to land multiple attacks on Kaguya, even going as far as cutting off her arm, thus separating Black Zetsu from her.

    4: He wielded the power of all 9 Bijuu masterfully, had the floating spheres of epicness, the ability to fly, super healing, perception that would make even the best sensor ninja jealous and even used Pain’s chakra rods to restrict movement and for offense (he used them to keep Zetsu trapped for the remainder of the battle as well).

    And now let’s also compare it to Kakashi’s achievements, who, despite being useless at the start of the battle, was at east epic at the end:

    1: Kakashi saved Sakura and managed to hold of the Juubi bunny’s chakra arms by using Kamui Shuriken to warp them away.

    2: Kakashi was able to both avoid all of Kaguya’s typically deadly attacks with relative ease, and was even able to retaliate and hit her with a Kamui Chidori.

    3: Kakashi managed to keep both Naruto and Sasuke from harm by using Kamui to stop Kaguya’s Suicide Ash bone attacks from hitting them.

    4: All in all, Kakashi showed a mastery of space time jutsu superior to Sasuke’s, managed to use a level of Susanoo that was on par with Sasuke’s, and managed to land more attacks on Kaguya, while also protecting his team, while all Sasuke did during the entire finale was to swap places with one of Naruto’s clone and put his hand on Kaguya. >_>

    I’d move onto Obito’s and Sakura’s list as well, but I think I’ve given the general gist of my sentiments. Let’s face it, even if Sasuke’s Jutsu has some really incredible uses, Kishi didn’t do a good job of showing them off. Maybe we haven’t seen the true extent of Sasuke’s power, but what we have seen was a bit underwhelming when you compare it to Kakashi and Naruto in particular. O_o

  11. Again, am I like the only one noticing that there’s still an Infinite Tsukuyomi to undo? A response would be nice.

    Also, to Tenrai, maybe you’re looking at Sasuke the wrong way. Rather than feel underwhelmed by anything new from him during the battle with Kaguya specifically, perhaps much of his tricks have already been seen at that point. His Susanoo is maxxed out, he’s shown masterful control over Blaze release, namely Amaterasu, and he DID protect the entire team from being caught in the Infinite Tsukuyomi with Susanoo.

    He is an excellent tactician as well. Granted he didn’t do much during the Kaguya battle, but nevertheless, he played a vital role in ending that battle. We’ve seen a lot of jutsu development from Sasuke compared to Sakura and Kakashi. Much of what Naruto brought to the table were mostly just more variations of the Rasengan and his shadow clone jutsu.

    I just think Sasuke deserves his fair share of the credit because overall, he did contribute to the war where it mattered. Even Naruto would’ve lost completely if it wasn’t for him. I look forward to seeing how all this wraps up. There’s still some loose ends to tie up after all.

  12. @Kevin

    Actually, some of the things you mentioned contribute to exactly why I felt Sasuke’s performance in this battle was underwhelming. As you mentioned, he has developed a lot of powerful jutsu, but the problem was that he didn’t really show any of it in this battle against Kaguya. He showed us a few chapters ago how his Susanoo could wield Amatarasu flames like they were putty, but he never once used that ability against Kaguya. All he did was swing his big Susanoo sword around and swap places with stuff, while outright ignoring just about 90% of the rest of his own jutsu arsenal. Where Naruto had no issues going back to his roots and using his capabilities to their fullest, Sasuke did the opposite and ignored most of his powers just so he could flaunt two new ones, to very little effect.

    As for saving team 7 from infinite Tsukyomi, while that is true, even Sasuke himself stated that it was only by chance that the rest were saved because they just so happened to be in the right place at the right time. Sasuke had no real intention of saving them though and I’m sure that if they had been but a few meters away, he wouldn’t have even bothered to put any effort into shielding them.

    I’m not saying Sasuke didn’t contribute to the war as a whole. His role in the battle against Obito was far more significant after all. But I am saying that in this particular battle against Kaguya, he was very underwhelming. When you compare how much he did before, to what he did now, it felt like a big step backwards rather than a step forward, and you’d expect him to be much more impressive after getting the Rinnegan.

  13. It’s out guys. Prepare to fend off tears.

  14. NUUUU! Eke beat me to it! T__T

    Oh well, time to read…

  15. Holy shat… when Minato said happy birthday… that got me bad… X__X


  16. Has anyone thought that maybe Sasuke will take control of the Infinite Tsukiyomi? We still don’t know what his plans are and it would be a perfect time. Naruto is tired, Kakashi has lost Obitos power up and Sakura is useless. The Kage are gone and I have the feeling the SASP will allow them to find their own paths to the future. Sasuke could end up as the real enemy here.

  17. I was thinking along the same lines, constantine. Sasuke could choose to “keep Madara’s dream” alive.

  18. I just noticed that a really good way to continue the Naruto series, whether it’s continued with Naruto himself or not, is to focus on Hagoromo’s brother and the Byakugan in general.

  19. Oh. And I feel it was also implied that part of Naruto’s becoming hokage in the future will require him to throw himself into his studies or something. He’d probably enjoy it more if he could do it with friends.

  20. Oh wow, the feels on this last chapter… T_T

  21. So…. Where the fuck is Killer Bee? I totally didn’t try and find the 8 tails when they kept showing the different Bijuu.

  22. Crap, would have liked to see jiraiya one last time ….

  23. Also would have liked to see a story on kaguya’s past, or rather her origins …. anyway, what the hell, i think we are maybe 2 chapters away from the finish ….

  24. Where did Kaguya come from. How did the tree form? How was Chakra created? Is there more like Kaguya? Who was the one that impregnated her?

  25. Wiseman – all of that, and more, will be revealed in the new series, “Konohamaru Shippuuden”

  26. Actually, as I was stating before I could see a sequel to Naruto coming regarding Hagoromo’s brother, the Hyuuga, and the Byakugan. And interestingly I could easily see Konohamaru being the main character of the sequel.

    A man can dream.

  27. Crap, even claymore announced its last chapter this week.
    Its kind of nostalgia, its been about 10+ years of eagerly waiting for these manga releases, and Wednesdays used to be a day of bleach / naruto / one piece and soon Claymore and FMA joined the bandwagon.
    it feels a kind of a void knowing that all of them are finished, except for maybe a couple of more chapters of bleach, (though i expect OP to go on for quite some more time now) …. … sorry for all that ranting …

  28. I know what you mean. I’ve been wondering for awhile now what I could possibly wait for after finishing Naruto. I’ve been thinking about getting into One Piece.

  29. @ Andy, you and me both bro. I’ve been trying to steer clear of One Piece for a while now and with the conclusion of the Naruto series I might just start with the Pirates.
    Also I just finished the last 30 anime episodes of shippuden this weekend, I was saving them for a while hoping to reach the Sage Obito vs Army fight but it seems like I stumbled right into a filler. Also the Kakashi Anbu ark was really cool, that’s how every filler should be IMO.

    Can’t wait to see what happens in the next chapter, it will be decisive in terms of how the story will continue.

  30. I agree fully and I can’t wait! :O

  31. 4 aspects still remain unresolved:

    1st What happened to Hagoromo’s brother (this would make a nice ark, showing the history of Kaguya, Hagoromo and Hamura, and what became of then, also the Indra and Ashura fights would be nice to see as well)
    2nd What will Kabuto and Orochimaru do after they are awaken from the Tsukuyome?
    3rd Is Konohamarau going to be the main hero after a time skip, or in another series?
    4th Will the Naruto vs Sasuke fight still take place before the last chapter?

  32. @ Eugen –

    1 – I think that will be better served in some sort of filler, or Gaiden arc that runs separately from the actual story as more flashbacks will almost destroy the plot progress and pacing of the manga. (unless Naruto ends)

    2 – They will be interesting characters I pray they don’t drink the cool aid and become leaf happy clappy shinobi but then again what is the alternative? Neither will be able to truly measure up to Naruto or Sasuke level… Maybe Orochimaru disappears and reappears in the new story following Konohamaru after Naruto’s death but again they can be classified now as B+ Class Villains (bet gonna get people disagreeing with that statement) 😛

    3 – I hope not, I find Konohamaru as interesting as paste, he is the likely successor to Naruto but where is his true downfall, Naruto was the Jinchuriki and was hated by the village. I hope if the story continues via time skip it will follow someone completely different. Although it has its issues Legend of Korra vs The Last Air Bender showed the potential when it comes to story that had truly ended pretty perfectly. They focus on a new protagonist and had a really good villain in the form of Amon and the equalists.

    4 – I think it will happen, Sasuke is a pretentious brat, but can it live up to the first battle? I don’t think so, and there lies the problem. The battle may be epic in scale but the first battle between the two was a gut wrenching fight and people could understand each side to a degree and hoped that Naruto would win out. Even the scratching of the headband was symbolic and well done. If they battle now, it will be who can use the biggest jutsu. Unless it becomes a Majin Vageta vs Undead Goku.

  33. We need to begin looking into new Manga soon <__<

  34. @ Pein, Agreed on all point, indeed the Legend of Korra was a great sequel to the Last Airbender, I was a bit disappointed to see just how fast Amon was taken out after his identity was revealed, compared to how strong he was during the series.

    Concerning the Sasuke vs Naruto fight, well I’ve just watched the last 30 anime episodes in 2 days and seeing the Juubi bijuudamas and the jutsus that were used by Naruto, Sasuke, Obito, Madara and Kaguya, I have to ask myself, is there really anything more this guys can dish out. My thoughts are, NO, making a final battle right now will most likely ruin the plot.
    It there is to be one it should be placed after a time-skip with a 20-30 year old Sasuke and Naruto.

  35. Am I seriously the only person who wants to see Naruto end forever? Even if they show a time skip to let us see Naruto finally become Hokage, it would make for a great wrap-up. But in all honesty, I’m actually approaching burned out with Naruto.

    Even if Kishi were to decide to do a spinoff Naruto series or simply continue the current one via timeskip, I think it would be wise for him to give it a rest for a while and let the anticipation build for it. I’d say a few months minimum oughta do it, perhaps even a year.

    In any case, that’s just my take on all this.

  36. Tis out and oh dear, here we go…..

  37. Looks like Tenrai will get what he was wishing for after all 🙂

  38. well played kishi.. or should i say tenrai… your going to get your fight and some cheesecakes.. its on me

  39. I had really hoped he had learned something from the last arc…
    Looks like a leopard can’t change it’s spots and an Uchiha can’t change their Emo though.

    I do have to wonder though just how much he held back fighting Kaguya. If he could do Chibaku Tensei could he have finished the battle himself? And if so did he hold back knowing that he would need the strength to defeat Naruto?

    I guess we’ll just have to see as things play out I suppose.

  40. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *Maniacal laughter*

    YES! My awaited battle between Naruto and Sasuke comes at last! I knew it was inevitable!

    *Eats Chaps and all the other naysayers.* @___@

  41. sinceyournotreallyhere.. sasuke’s chibaku tensei wouldn’t be as strong compared to what he did together with naruto.. it was about their chakras combining to perform a greater jutsu

  42. Gosh! At least chill eat some ramen, have a shot of sake and make out with your main squeeze before going all out again. I’m a little battle fatigued lol.

  43. Sweet mother of god, what an asshat Sasuke is.

    Can’t wait for everyone to comment on what they think of this turn of events!!!!!!!!!

    Give it all folks, we got two weeks ahead of us!

  44. Awesome chapter – really took a turn and went in a route some of us anticipated (Tenrai).

    Beginning of the chapter was exactly what I thought it would be feel, good happy, happy… Thought it was odd that the Sage was basically ignoring Sasuke till that point focusing on the “good” side of his inheritors instead of the more obvious “bad” side.

    Sasuke was pretty badass in this chapter but after all the battles and war etc this just seems to push our focus and caring too far…

    I mean if we chronicled this arc it would be insane. Kabuto, Obito, Madara, Kaguya and now Sasuke. Seriously too many “I am pulling a fast one” in one arc but I was happy to see that it looks like Sasuke purposely hid his true strength till now, showing he always had an eye looking forward. <__<

    This must truly be the end of Naruto

  45. KISHIIIIIIIIIIIII (Tenraiiiiiiiiiiiii) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, why did you make us wait 2 weeks to see how this develops…….

    I can’t say this last chapter caught me by surprise, Sasuke had a cold attitude for everything and everyone since he made his way to the battlefield, the only time I had my doubts about him, in a change for better, was when he caught Sakura right after she and Obito bailed his Emo ass out of Kaguya’s main dimension. Other then that instance Sasuke always had (………) over his head and a cold look towards everyone, and when he saw Kakashi’s power-up he must have felt really threatened knowing he’d have to fight him and Naruto in order to carry out his plan.

    All in all I hope Naruto doesn’t do his trademark speech in order to change Sasuke’s mind, and just whoop his ass.

  46. Remember Naruto’s prediction about the next time he and Sasuke fight?

  47. I have a feeling that naruto sasuke and the nine beasts are going to all be sealed away together in some alternate place. The biju cant be left alone or another attempt at the infinite tsukomi could take place or abuse of the powers. Naruto can’t kill sasuke or vice versa, and they can’t just die because the chakra will pass on to the next generation and the cycle repeats. Naruto did predict that they would kill each other BUT uzumaki’s were known for their sealing tech. That is not just a piece of info thrown out there. Naruto even mentioned his mothers full name. I think Kishi is foreshadowing that they will end up fighting, naruto will win and seal them both and it will take all the biju to seal them with him as well.

  48. Good theory Drice, but the infinite tsukuyomi also has to be shut off. I can see a seal being how Sasuke goes down inside of Naruto so he can call upon Sasuke’s abilities to free everyone. Still, that seems a little more complicated than Kishi would like to plan.

    The current mystery for me is whether or not Naruto is going to lose his naivette fully. As one to hope for happy endings, I’m hoping that, unlike the last two times, now there being a third part to the team will cause the balance to sway in Naruto’s favor. Naruto won’t die this time if only because of Sakura.

    I wonder if Sakura will try to heal Sasuke or Naruto.

  49. Sakura being the reason for Naruto’s win would also make sense, because it would show how through cooperation there is more power than just one person acting on his own. Sasuke’s teamwork skills are certainly lacking, and I don’t think he’d be able to trust anyone in his revolution of sorts.

  50. Also, it would show that Sakura has grown as a character to finally get over Sasuke.

    We all were talking about a point in the manga when we felt dread and despair. I think i just had mine. Think about Kurama and how he’s been the entire manga, he has been to proud of himself and his ability as the ninetails. He couldn’t ever admit, to other biju and event eh SO6P that he liked or missed naruto. AND in this chapter, we saw him do the impossible, he called to naruto for help. I think that is one of the most powerful things to have happened in this manga thus far. Never before have we seen someone create 9 chibaku tensi let alone simultaneously trap all 9 biju. It hit me hard to see Kurama yell out to his friend when he has never relied on anybody else before.

  51. sasuke will get his ass whooped. naruto just showed with the “exhale” expression that he would bring it to sasuke and i think we’re in for some super taijutsu coming from naruto. LOL i hate you ten!

  52. One thing everyone needs to bear in mind is that Naruto is not going to die in this battle. They’ve shown a teaser for the last Naruto movie and obviously Naruto is in it. They also released new concept art for the appearances of Sakura and Shikimaru. This means that the Infinite Tsukuyomi will be dispelled. The big quesiton is now, how will that happen with Sasuke taking control of things.

    I honestly have no idea how Naruto will exactly force Sasuke to do his part in dispelling it. But I doubt SO6P can do it, even with his Rinnegan, since he’s already dead and without a body. And Kakashi is obviously back to being without his Sharingan. Something tells me that this won’t just be a “stop him at all costs” battle. Kakashi and Sakura are still there. But I have a feeling that Naruto is going to insist that they stay out of it and perhaps go about trying to dispel the Infinite Tsukuyomi in the meantime instead.

    I also have a feeling that Sasuke is going to die in this battle. It seems he’s pretty much set on this radical course of action, but we all know that Naruto won’t be having any of it. And just like Sasuke won’t be changing his mind, neither will Naruto in stopping him, even if it means killing him. He had spent nearly four years now trying to reason with Sasuke.

    I think he’s finally come to terms with that fact that as much as he would much prefer to save the young man who would be like his brother, he will have to kill him for the greater good. This will most likely be an emotionally charged battle, I’m sure.

  53. those last 3 panels of the chapter.. i can really tell that naruto has grown a lot by the last panel… that look in his eyes shows resolve and he’s willing to do anything now.

  54. I can’t say I threw my prediction down like Tenrai, so kudos to Tenrai. Can’t say some of us weren’t expecting something like this though, eh?

    I’ll throw in my 2 cents. I think there was a foreshadow of this in their epic fight at the valley of the end. I think the odd chakra encapsulating them at the end of the fight may have been a sealing jutsu triggered somehow. I was always wondering what this was. And if they bring it up again in the end… well let’s say that I’d at least like to mention it before it possibly happens.

  55. I do think it’s possible Naruto will find a way to seal Sasuke inside of him. That’s my theory as to how the infinite tsukuyomi is going to be released.

    I also think some Uchiha are given the short end of the stick. It seems there weren’t tons of good Uchiha, but Itachi and Obito sure as hell tried. Just like Sasuke. Sasuke thinks he’s doing something good, but that’s probably because most of his life has been centered around destruction.

  56. I just thought of something distressing. What if Sasuke decides to swap places with Kakashi or Sakura during the fight and ends up causing Naruto to kill them? T_T But as someone said above, I suppose knowing about The Last Movie means Sakura and Kakashi will survive. Maybe Kakashi.

  57. @Gavin

    Well, we were certainly given a lot of clues during this war arc that Sasuke was eventually going to turn on Naruto, with some of those clues coming from Sasuke himself, like when he said to Obito “It’s not you, but I who will erase the past”. He said that while envisioning the memory of Naruto being cut in half, so that was a pretty big warning sign already.

    Quite frankly, given all those clues, I would be surprised if I was the only one supporting the idea of an eventual confrontation between Naruto and Sasuke, so it’s perfectly understandable and expected that others, such as yourself, would have come to the same conclusion. I certainly won’t take credit for the theory, after all, I was simply interpreting the clues I was given and I’m sure plenty of others did the same.

    That won’t stop me from finding a good excuse to eat people though. 😛

  58. Is it possible the Fan and Jug found by ten-ten will now come into play? Maybe the inhabitants will be released from the Jug and help Naruto? Maybe Susanoo will be trapped in the jug? Is Sasuke’s sealing word “Revenge”? Will Konohamaru surprise everyone with a Rasenshuriken?

  59. I can also see Naruto trying to talk Sasuke out of this using Itachi as an example, that such sacrifices in the name of peace should not be forgotten, and that it’s important to remember history so you don’t commit the same mistakes. And Naruto’s loved ones tend to live on in his memories. He doesn’t want to give up such things like bonds.

    Also, regarding what Tenrai brought up, Sasuke erasing the past seems like more of Sasuke’s unintentional youth, his unwillingness to look at the past and what caused it. After all, if Sasuke had just listened and not made past mistakes, he would not have killed his brother, hopefully.

  60. Is it just me, or did it seem like Naruto expected Sasuke to do this?

    1. When Sasuke said he was going to execute the Kage(s), everyone seemed stunned…except Naruto. The expression on his face was basically “So now it begins.”

    2. Remember the first time Naruto got control of Kurama’s chakra while in the chamber with Bee and Samehada? Naruto could instantly sense that Kisame was hiding inside Samehada because he could perceive the “intentions” of the people in the area. Just like in the beginning of the battle, when he as able to differentiate between the real people and Zetsu clones.

    3. I don’t think we’ve seen “that jutsu” quite yet. Naruto has seen Sasuke’s strength, but is still confident enough that he can stop him. He must have something else up his sleeve, much like Steve Jobs’ iconic “one more thing”.

  61. For some reason I think Naruto will end up sealing away Chakra itself. I mean before Kaguya nobody had it and it didn’t stop the wars so it has no real purpose except to make the wars even worse and make some people able to kill entire villages on their own. I also think something was passed down from Kaguya to explain the Emoness of the Uchiha and the goodness of the Senju. Or really just Indra and Ashura. Maybe what was really passed down was the Demon and Goddess parts of her and Indra and Ashura were just the first hosts. It also explains why it continues to exist as it can’t die until she does or until its passed back to her. That’s why Naruto said it felt like she had no heart, she didn’t. It was inside those two and it could explain her lacklustre performance. She really acted like an Emotionless android.

  62. @Tenrai: That’s very humble of you, but if it was just between you and me – credit goes to you for sure. I think some of us might have been thinking it. I even wrote a bit on it. But you predicted it for sure. Serious props to you my man, and this isn’t the first time you’ve done it either. 🙂

  63. tenrai’s theory was nothing but a way for him to get his cheesecakes.. LOOL! i was only against that fight because i didn’t want tenrai to get his cheesecakes..

  64. @Eke

    I definitely think that Naruto was aware of that lingering darkness in Sasuke. His behavior throughout his time fighting alongside Sasuke definitely suggests that. Also, it seems to me as though Minato was aware of it as well, because when he suggested that it was Kakashi who should deal with Obito, it also seemed to me like he was suggesting that Naruto would need to deal with Sasuke, which hints at him also sensing something off about Sasuke.

    I also think that Sakura and Sai were aware of it as well, to some degree. Sai had been questioning Sasuke’s true motives from the very start, and when Sakura smiled as if happy about Sasuke’s return, even Sai could tell it was fake, which suggests that even Sakura, deep down, knew that something was still off about Sasuke.


    It’s ironic that you bought up the demon vs god side theory, because in mythology, this was somewhat the case, only Asura were the demons who often fought against Indra, and the other heavenly gods.

  65. *Steals Tenrai’s cheesecake and runs like the wind*

    I do not believe that only a few should enjoy this cheesecake and because Tenrai is eating all the cheesecake he will get none… No longer will be live in a WRA where Tenrai eats us and we live in fear!

    *distributes cheesecake among everyone*

    Viva Revolution!

  66. i hope someone does a breakdown for one piece

  67. Accepts Cheesecake with childish joy from Pein and eats it, gives Tenrai a big stomach ache for not sharing the Godly Cheesecake.

  68. Distributing the cheesecake among everyone is just giving me an excuse to eat them all, isn’t it? X__x

  69. Your singular Madara/Kaguya/Sasuke mentality won’t work here, we are Naruto types we will work together to defeat you!

    Right Everyone!?

    *Stands in the front with dust ball rolling behind me*

    Right everyone…..?

  70. Stands behind a huge rock, hiding, looking towards Pein as he’s grotesquely devoured by Tenrai for his insubordination and rebellious ways.

  71. I just wanted to let you guys know that my breakdown will probably be out later this week. 🙂

    *Finishes swallowing Pein*

  72. Spots Eugen hiding behind the stone.

    *Uses Sasuke’s eye jutsu to swap places*
    *Laughs maniacally before realizing it didn’t work and is swallowed*

    I will be back!!

  73. Well, one great thing came out of this war, we got really great peak power demos from a lot of shinobi and debates will likely go much smoother from now on seeing as we now have tones more information.

    The only guy I’m curious to see go all out now, besides Naruto and Sasuke, is Orochimaru, I know that slippery child molester gained a great deal from Kabuto after he took back his chakra along with all the knowledge Kabuto amassed thus far, that, and the use of his hands witch he took back from the Shinigami would place Orochimaru 3rd in terms of power in the Narutoverse.

    I’s like the blog’s thought on the subject: who do you guys think come closest, in terms of power, to Naruto and Sasuke and is still alive. (Keep in mind Kakashi no longer has the sharingan)

  74. Tenten

  75. @Spavo, actually Tenten is stronger than Naruto and Sasuke together

  76. Lets not bring Kami Tenten or ultra lord Kiba into this that would be just too much!


  77. I wonder if Orochimaru or Kabuto will be bringing Edo Jiraiya into the game.

  78. Who is number 3? In my opinion there are a few candidates some obvious and others that may be a shot in the dark.

    Orochimaru – One of the most powerful shinobi jutsu wise and got his arms back. Problem woth him is he is inconsistent. The Chunin exam arc he was very threatening but lackluster when compared to todays standards. He also gained from Kabuto but ww don’t really know how much.

    Gai – he is obviously still one of the top shinobi though him being alive to me felt like a bit of a cheat to his overall story but he can easily be the strongest but I see slimmy regenerating Orochimaru being able to best him.

    Kabuto – Like Oro lite but with some improvements sage mode and edo will put him on par with Orochimaru but again we don’t know how much oro took from him in terms of healing cells ie when sasuke losy Orochimaru cells he lost sone of his abilities.

    Yamato – He can be seen as a dark horse if he kept some if the power up he had from the zetsu he could be extremely powerfuk almost a 1st Hokage lite. And was able to hold his own against 3rd and a large portion of the army…

    The 5 Kages – I don’t see them being in the top 3 eother of them they are almost like the greatest squad ever formed but individually they just dont seem to stack up. Gaara probably being an exception especially if he can get his tailed beast back. Though Raikage, Tsunade, The Old man and Mizukage are more specialist and not even to the degree of Gai.

    Kakashi rampage mode – We all know from the manga thag when Kakashi rampaged he technically won the war with his eyes closed that is why kishi had to re-revive alk the edo tensei just to keeo the story going so kakashi unlocking that again will put him on par with our top 2 kiba and tenten…

    Sakura – hahahahahahahaha, no couldnt even pretend here though if she tells one of the main characters she loves them it would result in a full on heart and panic attack which is pretty cool ability 😉

  79. My candidates for the third strongest living Shinobi outside of Naruto and Sasuke are…

    Gai: If we count his 8 gates, he’s probably easily the strongest outside of Naruto and Sasuke. The problem is that the power comes at a price – his life – so he loses a few points for that (you can’t call someone the strongest alive if they’re not alive to claim the title). He’s still right up there near the top though and is one of my strongest contenders.

    Orochimaru: Now that he has his arms back, there’s no telling how strong he is, but it stands to reason that he has killed Kage in the past and is definitely one of the worlds strongest Shinobi currently alive. He might be even stronger now after absorbing some of Kabuto’s powers. Speaking of which…

    Kabuto: After seeing him heal Sasuke, it seems he has still retained the power he had when fighting Sasuke and Itachi. This means he has access to multiple blood limits, the power of the sound four and Kimimaru, the power of the white snake and the Uzumaki recovery abilities, which also means his stamina will be off the charts as well. This is on top of his genius level intellect and near Tsunade level healing jutsu. He’s definitely a top contender.

    Sakura: Yes, I know most people will laugh at me for mentioning her, but despite how useless she has been throughout the series, we can’t ignore the substantial power-up she got right at the end of this war arc. Her strength appears to be on a level that is beyond Tsunade’s now (as suggested by Hashirama) and she actually contributed a lot to the success of Team 7 against both Madara and Kaguya (she managed to keep Naruto alive where most other med nins might have failed and she helped Sasuke escape the forever alone dimension, in addition to delivering a decisive blow to Kaguya, allowing Naruto and Sasuke to seal her).

    Gaara: I honestly think Gaara is the strongest out of the current five Kage. Not only did he prove himself by both defeating his father, a former Kage, and a former Mizukage who was considered a calamity on the battlefield, but he has also proven to be a tactical genius as well, both in his competency in leading the Shinobi Alliance armies as its main battlefield commander and in his individual battles where he managed to outwit his opponents and use their own strengths against him. He almost seems like Itachi in a way, as far as smarts go.

    Yamato: This is a bit of an unknown quantity. While being possessed by Tobi, it’s obvious Yamato displayed Mokuton jutsu that was almost on a level of Hashirama’s, but it’s unknown whether or not he’ll still retain that power after returning to his original self.

    Kakashi: Again, another unknown quantity. Now that he’s lost the Sharingan, it’s hard to measure his strength, but we can’t ignore the fact that he knows over 1000 jutsu, and that he’s a tactical genuis. He became a Jounin at a very young age even before he got the Sharingan, so I’d say he’s still a contender for the top, he just has to now develop his own inherent powers more. He could easily rise to a level of other legends like Minato, Jiraiya or Hanzou, all of whom became great without any eye powers.

    And last, but not least:

    Bee: There’s a good chance the Gyouki will choose to return to Bee after this last battle between Naruto and Sasuke, at least, he’s suggested that much. If that’s the case then we can consider Bee a strong contender for the top. He’s always been one of the strongest Jinchuuriki thanks to his strong partnership with Gyouki and he’s proven even in this war, fighting alongside Naruto, that he’s definitely a powerhouse to contend with.

  80. Suppose the best solution involves resealing each of the beasts into new jinchuuriki. Who should be the new containers? Of course, Tenten would get the 9-tails.

  81. To ten ten anything less then the ten tails would actually just be a hinderance

  82. I’d have to say, after reading Tenrai and Pein’s posts, Orochimaru, Kabuto, Bee and Yamato seem to have the versatility to match up and claim the 3rd seat of power.

    While Gaara, Sakura, Kakashi and Gai are truly strong powerhouses, they are more “specialists” as Pein stated about the 5 kages. Non of the above mentioned have a wide range of skills except Kakashi who could just become a great shinobi if he learned sage mode in order to up-grade his chakra pool.

    It’s a bit of a drag that Minato or Tobirama didn’t teach Naruto the Shunshin jutsu formula, despite Naruto having a power greater than Sasuke’s (in my opinion), the Flying Thunder God would have been a great sight to behold in order for Naruto to counter Sasuke instants Rinnegan transmission.

  83. I wonder if we’ll see the Hawk (or snake?), Toad, and Slug summonings during this final(?) battle?

  84. @Eugen

    To be honest, Naruto already has a counter to that, his overwhelming speed. He may not have space time jutsu but he’s able to move fast enough that it almost doesn’t matter, as shown when he was even able to dodge the Raikage’s fastest attack (he has since become faster and stronger).

    If you added space time jutsu on top of it, it would be a complete white wash against Sasuke.

  85. @ Eugen – Gai is a specialist but probably the specialist among specialist, though he is a one shot pony and would be third fight one battle and be dead (if its against any of the other contenders)

    @ Tenrai – Naruto is fast but this is not like Lee vs Gaara in difference in ability. If Naruto clocks 120KM/H then Sasuke would be going about 110KM/h, this wouldn’t really give Naruto this super advantage paired with his sensory abilities he is able to dodge also someone stated that Sasuke could if he wanted to change places with someone like Sakura etc which would mean if Naruto moves too quickly he may be put into a place where he cannot stop himself and hurt someone else. While if he had Flying God Technique he would have a seal on Sasuke and would appear where he is and not neccessarily where he thinks he is.. (if that makes sense @__@ )

  86. @Pein

    I don’t think Sasuke can move half the speed Naruto can. Sure, he is fast relative to other Shinobi, but Naruto is on a whole new level of fast. For an example, just look at the fight between Sasuke and the Raikage. Sasuke had a lot of trouble dealing with the Raikage’s speed and ultimately had to rely on Susanoo just to keep him from being obliterated by the Raikage’s attacks, while having very little opportunity to counter attack. In fact, the only time the Raikage got any meaningful damage during the entire battle, was when he decided to recklessly attack Sasuke while the latter was covered in Amatarasu’s flames.

    Sure, things have changed now and both Naruto and Sasuke have grown since then, but while Sasuke has developed his eye powers, his speed hasn’t seen any evolution at all, where Naruto on the other hand has just gotten faster. However, Sasuke does have a semi-counter to that in that his sharingan may allow him to read Naruto’s movements, even at high speed (though the question is whether he can move fast enough himself to react). We also need to consider that because Naruto’s chakra can move independently of his own body movements, it might give Sasuke trouble reading him, much like it did at the Valley of the End battle.

    All-in-all, I think the battle will be a good one, because both sides seem to have good counters to each other.

    – Naruto’s speed might be countered by Sasuke’s vision.
    – Conversely, Naruto’s speed counters some of Sasuke’s strongest eye techniques, like Amatarasu (Raikage managed to avoiding them by moving so fast, he created an afterimage of himself where Amatarasu would have landed).
    – Naruto’s strongest jutsu, on the other hand, might be countered by other the Rinnegan or Susanoo (absorption and the ultimate defence).
    – Sasuke’s Genjutsu is countered by Naruto being a Jinchuuriki working with his Bijuu, as shown with Bee. Kurama can snap him out of any Genjutsu Sasuke casts.
    – Both have ultimate defences (Naruto’s sphere’s of destiny and his bijuu chakra cloak and Sasuke’s with Susanoo and possibly chakra absorption via the Rinnegan) and both can take the battle to titanic, landscape changing proportions.
    – Both have enhanced sensory perception, Sasuke through his eyes, and Naruto through Sage Mode and his emo-sensor. So both are unlikely to fall for cheap tricks.

    All-in-all, I think this will be a great battle to watch. XD

  87. @ Tenrai – I think the problem here is comparing naruto and sasuke to when they fought Raikage is slightly counter productive as both hadn’t really adjusted to their powers. Sasuke literally unlocked susanoo in that battle and naruto had just gotten control of the kyuubi but why I believe Naruto speed although great wouldn’t truly make a difference is the battles they both fought in, Naruto has only shown enhanced speed over short distances which is the same limitation of sasuke thus there they could be equal.

    Coming to the joined battles Naruto and Sasuke where pretty much the same speed against obito and madara. With Naruto being slightly faster being able to dodge and sense while sasuke can only see forward making him susceptible to attacks from behind…. >__> that sounded dirtier than intended…

  88. Well it looks like Sasuke will also survive the final battle. He’s been announced as appearing in Naruto: The Last. So basically, this will probably be an emotionally charged battle to finally set Sasuke straight.

  89. I think Naruto’s And Sasuke’s battle will be interrupted by something.. Im just curious about Orochimaru.. If there’s someone out there that’s a sinister badass, it would be Orochimaru.. I think he’s just waiting for the right moment.. If freeing the previous hokages and half of kyubbis from death reaper is the content of that scroll sasuke is holding back then i think the manga will end soon.. if not.. what else could it be? Still Orochimaru has the evilest intent and I think he’s just waiting for his cameo.. Madara also lying seems to be lifeless on the ground.. He might get reanimated by Orochimaru again..

  90. @Pistol: How is Orochimaru able to do anything when he’s currently trapped in the Infinite Tsukuyomi like everyone else?

  91. @Kevin

    When Sasuke undo it.. I don’t see Orochimaru just gonna be like that easy to go back the Leaf..

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