Naruto Chapter 691 – 692 Breakdown: The final test of brotherhood.

For a few days now, I’ve been contemplating things a bit. Dangerous, I know, but I suppose it’s necessary all the same. I’ve thought about Naruto as a series and how, over the years, it has bought me and many other readers times of both enjoyment and laughter, as well as times of sadness or frustration. It has been a journey with many ups and downs, and many twists and turns, but for me personally, it has always been a journey well worth taking, to the point where I almost don’t care what the destination is anymore, or whether that destination even exists at all.

Now that we’re nearing what could be the end of that journey, I cannot help but feel somewhat bittersweet, and perhaps there’s no irony in the fact that this was precisely the kind of sentiment that chapter 691 exuded in waves.

It's always tough to say goodbye...

It’s always tough to say goodbye… so… goodbye Sharingan…

You could say that chapter 691 was a chapter of endings, and perhaps a chapter of new beginnings as well. It represents a transition in the world, as if the responsibility for its fate is passing hands from one friend to another, or, more pertinently, from one generation to the next.

But it isn’t just the fate of the world being exchanged here, it’s also dreams and ambitions, goals and desires. One particular topic Kishi explores here in earnest, is something akin to Hashirama’s philosophy regarding the Will of Fire. It’s the idea that dreams can live on so long as there’s someone to inherit them. Even if you aren’t able to fulfil your wishes in your own lifetime, they do not simply die with you, but rather continue to exist in the future generations that have inherited your will.

In this manner, it’s possible for many to achieve what might be impossible for anyone individually. It’s somewhat like passing on a beacon of hope, a fire that lights the path no matter how long or dark the road of life becomes, a light that never dies so long as someone is left to kindle the flames.

We don't need no water, let the will o fire burn!

We don’t need no water, let the will o fire burn!

In a way, you could say that in Naruto, there are a lot of prevalent themes that tend to carry across the series, and one of the strongest themes is that of brotherhood. However, we’re not just talking about brothers in a physical or biological sense, but also, in a spiritual sense as well. Whether it’s A and Bee, Sasuke and Itachi, Hashirama and Madara, or even Obito and Kakashi, this war arc really has thrust the concept of brotherhood into the fore, and here, at this moment, we see a lot of final words being shared between those who in all likelihood, consider each other brothers to some degree.

However, what stands out in all this, are the final words between a parent and a child, or in this case, the final words between Naruto and Minato, and it was in this moment that I felt that chapter 691 was able to truly shine. There are few moments in any manga that have ever bought a lot of emotion out of me, but this was one of those few.

Dem feels...

And now for your birthday hug! Oh wait….

One thing I have to give credit to Kishi for here, is the way he managed to capture emotion through facial expressions. In a way, you could just see how tremulous this moment was for Naruto just by looking at his face in panel 4 above, with that uncertain mix of both anxiousness and longing in his eyes. It’s as if this moment for him was both joyous and painful at the same time, and to be honest, I couldn’t personally imagine it being any other way, especially considering that Naruto knew that this was the last moment he’d share with his father.

It also makes me wonder what was going through the minds of everyone else present, witnessing this scene. It’s the first time any of them had really ever seen Naruto interacting with is father and it’s a side to him that had never been shown to them before. In a way, it gave them a glimpse of Naruto’s more vulnerable side, and in particular, I wonder what Sasuke felt knowing that much like him, Naruto also had parents that he ultimately loved and lost. Did it remind Sasuke of his own parents, when he heard Naruto pour his heart into his final goodbyes? Did part of Sasuke pity Naruto, or did he at the very least relate to his former friend’s plight?

I guess it’s hard to tell what Sasuke is thinking at any given time, but I know I was certainly moved by Naruto’s final goodbyes. I decided to post the entire scene here, despite its length, because I truly do think it was one of those defining moments for him in this series.

*Blows nose on Kantonkage* T___T

*Blows nose on Kantonkage* T___T

I wonder if Naruto’s mention that he hasn’t found a woman like his mother is a hint at a NaruHina future…


Moving onto chapter 692, I’ll have to admit that my coverage of this particular chapter won’t be as thorough as the last, mostly because it’s a lot more straight forward. One thing I can say is that despite the rather emotional chapter that preceded it, the story takes a rather dark and sinister turn at this point.

What is the source of this sudden wave of emoness, you ask? Why, what else could it be?

Well... crap... >_>

Well… crap… >_>

I spoke about Kishi’s great use of facial expressions to convey emotions earlier, and so it goes without saying that Sasuke’s expression above certainly achieves results, at least if the aim was to creep the hell out of me. If ever there was a poster child for unadulterated emoness, Sasuke would certainly be a prime candidate for the position.

However, I must say that I’m actually very pleased that the story has progressed in this particular direction. Ever since Naruto’s and Sasuke’s first battle at the Valley of the End, I think many of us had been waiting for the moment when the two of them would finally clash again and bring an end to the rivalry and conflict between them, and for a moment I was even afraid that Kishi would bypass it altogether and leave us hanging. However, it seems as if he’s finally going to pull through and give us the battle we’ve all been waiting for, and it’s about time too.

One thing I would like to point out though, is that Sasuke’s reasons for Naruto have changed, as many of us originally suspected they might. Rather than revenge, Sasuke uses the term “revolution” to justify his actions, and although it seems blatantly cold of him to attack Naruto after having just witnessed his heartfelt last words to his father, it seems that Sasuke is certainly out for blood, Naruto’s blood.

And, in keeping with the theme of brotherhood, it seems this battle will indeed be the one to end the age-old strife between Ashura and Indra, one way or another.

You'd have thought Sasuke would have learned his lesson about trying to kill his brothers, but oh well...

You’d have thought Sasuke would have learned his lesson about trying to kill his brothers, but oh well…

Well, that’s it from me for now. I hope you all enjoyed the breakdown!

Instead of having a Bubbliton Contest or anything of the like this week, I’d instead like to propose a battle debate of sorts, and what better contestants than Naruto and Sasuke? I’d like to hear your thoughts on who you believe has the upper hand in this battle and why. It doesn’t necessarily have to do anything with who you believe would win, as it is often proved that the underdog pulls through in this series, but rather, it pertains particularly to whom you believe is currently the strongest between Naruto and Sasuke from a holistic perspective.

Unfortunately, I can’t add a poll for the sake of gauging the general consensus, so I’ll be going strictly by your debates in the comments section.

A blood feud between brothers. Will history repeat itself, or will hope blossom into a new dawn?

A blood feud between brothers, filled with anguish, sorrow and pain. Will history repeat itself once more? Or will hope blossom into a new dawn?

I’ll see you in the comments! ^ ^

~ by Tenrai Senshi on September 23, 2014.

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  1. I’m definitely giving Sasuke the edge here. Naruto doesn’t have the Tailed Beasts with him at the moment so he’s going to have to rely on Sage Mode and whatever chakra he has left from his fight against Kaguya. (He’s been fighting nonstop the entire day while Sasuke just jumped in at the end so Sasuke definitely has the edge in chakra) Sasuke took out all of the Tailed Beasts with ease and we don’t know just how much his eyes have evolved. I don’t see Naruto winning in a fair fight. (But since the manga is called Naruto, I’m not expecting a fair fight…..)

  2. @Dreager1

    I honestly think the only reason Sasuke took out the tailed beasts so easily was because his Rinnegan lets him place them in a genjutsu. Much like Madara, Sasuke is able to pacify and control them, so it’s hard to gauge where that puts him on the power scale, especially considering the Bijuu were helpless to resist his Chibaku Tensei. That aside, Naruto still has half of Kurama inside him in addition to his Sage powers (spheres of destiny, chakra rods, the ability to fly, etc) as well as his chakra cloak, enhanced speed, sage mode and his sensory abilities. I definitely think the battle won’t be one-sided in any respect.

    However, in saying that, I do think the battle will be somewhat similar to the battle in the Valley of the End. I think Sasuke will have the perceived advantage at first, but it will continue to swing back and forth between the two as the fight goes on and each levels up a bit. I think Naruto will be on a bit of a backburner for some of the reasons you mentioned (being tired from fighting Kaguya, etc), and that this will give Sasuke an edge, but overall, I think their power levels are very similar, and if we were to take things like fatigue and such out of the equation, they might be pretty on par with each other.

    I guess I’m a bit of a fence sitter here, mostly because I don’t want the battle to be too one-sided. I actually want to see both sides get pushed to the limit trying to overcome the other, because it’s only then that this battle will truly shine.

  3. 2nd or 3rd not sure if Tenrai counts. ..

  4. 4th is death.

    How is Sasuke going to be put under Izanami jutsu? Will Naruto “bounce” it off of Madara’s fan and back at Sasuke?

  5. @arpotu: I think you might be on to something. It would be interesting to finally address if Naruto can truly fend off genjitsu from a tsukyomi. Itachi was able to dominate him with it. Naruto needs to show he can finally dismiss it somehow.

  6. Can’t Naruto have one fight where he completely outclasses his opponent every which way from sun down? I’m tired of Sauske’s character swaying like a woman who’s PMSing all the time. Sauske needs to see he is not the strongest, and his will for “Revolution” is fathoms below Narutos Will of “Awesomeness”. Naruto still has some chakra of all the Bijuu in him (stated by the Sage in the recent chapter). He can use different elements to try and break down every defense Sauske has. I think the Acid and Magma Rasenshuriken can have major effects on Sauskes Susano’o.

    All I see from Sauske is Rinnegan powers (which Naruto has defeated), Mini-teleport, and Amerterasu. I’m not worried about the Susano’o avatar of his because Naruto will most likely have Ashura’s avatar. Amerterasu can only work on the object Sauske can see. You really think it’d work well in trying to catch Naruto? I think the Black rods that Naruto can manipulate can actually counter the Amerterasu flames. The 3rd hokage, when analyzing that stuff against Obito, said it was like the 3rd Tsitukages dust release but more potent. I think Sauske wouldn’t even be able to touch Naruto. He can’t absorb Naruto’s chakra either because it’s mixed with Sage chakra (remember how he and the Fox can actually merge chakras). Sauske should be turned into stone, but you know Kishi, he will find a way to have Sauske be able to absorb chakra and be able to control the sage chakra he intakes.

    I just would like to see a full on beat down, one that will actually knock Sauske in to sanity. He thinks he’s all high and mighty because of what he was able to do. How basically his path was sat up so he can always succeed. Time for the Naruto hammer to come down on him hard. That is the only way for Sauske to see how dumb his logic is. He needs to face an earth shattering lose.

  7. hey havent commented in a long time. @ laughingwiseman I totally agree. however, I think kishi purposefully withheld sasukes full abilities. I think the real question is whether naruto wins with talk no jutsu.

  8. @thelaughingwiseman: I see you’re still hating on Sasuke. Let’s face it, he has great analytical ability. And granted he’s been pretty emo through most of the series, you can’t deny his badassery. lol

    I personally hope that he’ll somehow completely come back from that darkness and return to the village, even if it’s as a prisoner, as Naruto wanted all along. Guess we’ll see.

  9. I wonder what Sasuke would encounter if he took the same waterfall test as Naruto did (where he encountered his “angry other” self on the turtle). I mention this because it might make a significant difference with Izanami; Naruto has reflected upon (and embraced) his other self, but has Sasuke yet reflected upon himself?

  10. Thanks for the breakdown Ten.

  11. Great breakdown Tenrai!

    You are completely right about how this series manages to draw out emotions of all kinds from the reader.

    I would also add as well that this war arc comes across better in the anime than reading. I feel the music and voice acting has been brilliant

  12. If I’m not mistaken, Naruto still has half of Kurama inside of him except this time its the half that was originally with his father. I wonder if that connection with Minato will play a role during this battle in some way.

  13. It’s out guys!

  14. OMG what a fail 😥 It isn’t out I got confused by mangapanda’s overlay 😥 sorry 😀

  15. @Nike

    Lol. I think we’re all waiting in anticipation. 😛

  16. great breakdown ten.. about your debate between naruto and sasuke..

    sasuke can’t win this battle no matter what.. this is just like the same battle hashirama and madara had.. but the ending would be different.. naruto won’t drive a sword onto sasuke’s heart.. but just like TLL’s thought… this battle would be completely one sided favoring naruto..

    i think it would come down to this.. naruto beats the living hell out of sasuke.. tells him.. you can go back to konoha or you can be the emo that you are and leave.. but whatever you do.. i can always stand up against you and you can’t do anything about it..

    that how i saw hashirama when he was battling madara.. and that’s the reason madara never really won… hashirama was always 100 steps ahead of him.. the only reason i think he stabbed madara was that he was really really full of him.. they’ve been battling since kids…

  17. There seems to be some SPOILERS out but if they are true this weeks not gonna be the battle… Kishi *cough* Tenrai *cough* wants us to debate who we believe is stronger longer 😉

    I think Naruto will edge it here, not that I don’t believe Sasuke is powerful and the battle will swing etc but there is something about Naruto’s attitude that doesn’t scream shock or surprise, almost like he imagined this and he has something up his sleeve to stop the Bratty Uchiha… Maybe its “that” jutsu again and when the Sage Frog told him he would face an Uchiha he knew it wasn’t Obito or Madara but Sasuke.

    Sasuke vs Naruto

    Chakra – Tied – Naruto has a vast well of Chakra and would normally win this hands down but he has used a lot of his Chakra taking out Kaguya while Sasuke seemed to hold it back, but even so I believe Naruto’s Chakra pool is so large even with using more they would still be pretty equal.

    Taijutsu – Naruto – Sasuke really hasn’t shown any affiliation to Taijutsu relying heavily on Sasunoo and ninjutsu to fight, while Naruto uses Taijutsu complemented with Shadow clones etc. So he would be the obvious choice here.

    Genjutsu – Sasuke – Sasuke will win here but Naruto is now pretty much immune to your regular Genjutsu thanks to being a perfect Jinchuriki… However Sasuke has shown he can neutralize the Kyuubi with his Genjutsu aswell so if he is able to cast the genjutsu on both Naruto and the Kyuubi simultaneously then we will have a great battle on our hands.

    Ninjutsu – Tied –

    Sasuke ultimate Dojutsu with great ninjutsu thrown in, Naruto perfect elemental abilities and some kickass Rasengan’s to boot 😉

    Speed – Naruto
    Strength – Naruto
    Defence – Sasuke

    So by going by my breakdown, Sasuke would seem to be far weaker overall, though if we did this with Kakashi vs Gai we would probably have Gai win one of the area’s and yet in battle Gai would kick Kakashi’s ass now, so will it be enough that Sasuke is a specialist in one field or will the more balanced Ninja Naruto win it out… This is a shonen manga so it is unlikely Naruto will loose flat out (or this won’t be the end if he did).

  18. This is just a random thought, but what if Naruto’s that jutsu has something to do with sealing hatred or evil.

    He could only perform the jutsu once he became one with the Kyuubi, now what was Naruto’s first ability from the Kyuubi besides the enhancing of his already present abilities.

    He could sense malicious intent which could be the beginning step to sealing it or recognising it. He also been given extreme vitality in that he effect his surroundings turning the ‘evil’ zetsu into trees etc by reacting to his chakra this could hint at him being able to change the nature of things from bad to good just via influence.

    Now what if the jutsu on the scroll would allow him to Seal the darkness in someone’s heart, when Minato battled the ‘masked’ villain he didn’t know it was Obito but he may have sensed darkness in him and giving Naruto the “good” side of the Kyuubi hoping that someday by controlling it he would be able to use this jutsu like a massive light in a dark room and push out darkness.

    First by recognising it, then by using the Chakra and finally being able to control the chakra, almost like Inzanami Eye jutsu… This could explain why even before Naruto has had this effect on people with the chakra in his Uzumaki Kyuubi mix actually gives off a positive feeling making him charismatic…

    But I am probably wrong here anyways just thought it may be a good theory 😀

  19. @pein you might be on to something.. the spoiler did say that kurama would be complete.. and considering that in the last chapter.. obito did turn into a tree.. it may seem like that something happened which gave naruto a little bit of kurama’s yin chakra..

    i’m still in with the one sided battle favoring naruto.. that last picture of naruto at the last page of the chapter which tenrai posted on this breakdown definitely tells that naruto knows that this would happen.. we were also given hints and tenrai pointed it out on his other breakdowns..

  20. its out!

  21. And so everything comes around full circle, back to the Valley of the End. It seems fitting and I can’t wait for the battle to take off! XD

  22. So it seems Kishi played with the idea of someone (Naruto) trying to break the incredible loss and sadness in the uchiha’s heart after the loss of something precious with a more powerful love.

    Not to be a homophobe, but what dose Naruto have to do to erase the evil in Sasuke’s heart, when the Emo got free pu**y from Karin and Sakura and he turned them down. @_@

    Anyway, it’s nice to see that Naruto will whoop Sasuke’s ass really bad, and I can’t wait to see what both of them are bringing to the table.

    One thing that comes to mind, one of them might try to steal chakra from all the people trapped in the Infinite Tsukuyome, this will probably be a huge power boost, for either of them, when the balance is uneven throughout the fight. Either Sasuke will steal the power, or Naruto will unite with the world to convert Sasuke to pure and Happy feelings.

  23. @Pein

    I don’t think Naruto has the ability to seal hatred per say, but I do think he has a special personality that allows him to change people’s hearts. Now in this latest chapter, even Hagoromo has pretty much confided in why he chose Naruto to end this curse, and it’s because Naruto was able to change Kurama, who was a mass of pure hatred. If he could change Kurama, then it also meant that he could change Sasuke and bring an end to the cycle.

    Actually, to be more specific, it’s not Sasuke himself that Naruto is changing, but rather, he’d be changing the hatred itself into something else, possibly love. We’ve seen Naruto do this in a lot of people, like Tsunade, Gaara, Neji, Nagato and Kurama and it’s probably why Naruto has the best chance at bringing peace to the world and ending the cycle of hatred that created the Shinobi system in the first place.

    What I’m most interested in now, however, is what exactly Sasuke’s view on Hokage is. His explanation could go a long way in establishing just how good of a villain he turns out to be, because the action means little if the cause is shallow.

  24. It’s about time! Chapter 693 is finally out, and for real this time!

  25. @Debate

    One thing this chapter did confirm for us is that Naruto still has the Bijuu chakra inside of him. Even Sasuke said that he has basically become the Jinchuuriki for all the bijuu now, which fits in with Hagoromo’s sentiment that Naruto would be the spiritual meeting place for all of them. So, I think with that in mind, we can surmise that Naruto will still have access to the powers of the Bijuu and their elemental manipulations. That might sway the debate a bit.

  26. Debate

    Why Naruto:
    Naruto is a tactical genius on par, or even beyond Kakashi’s battle-smarts, this is also mentioned by the likes of Tobirama. Naruto is able to plan 3,4,5 even 6 moves ahead of his original idea and he has fail safes for every scenario.
    Naruto’s raw speed is great enough to avoid Amaterasu (Raikage’s level), this was Naruto’s speed pre-war, now I can say without a doubt that he can move faster.
    Naruto has the ability to sense danger and evil intentions and can react very swiftly in that regard, he fought Kaguya and Madara with his Limbo clones using this skill and he managed to stop Madara and avoid Kaguya in the process.
    He can also use everyone of the unique Bijuu skills (Lightning, Earth, Water, Acid, Fire, Lava, Magnet, Yin, Yang, Yin-Yang) and incorporate them into his jutsus, mainly the rassengan

    Other skills include a huge list of jutsus, great chakra control, sealing jutsus, Hashirama’s Gates that locked the juubi (and the kyuubi, in Naruto’s case).
    Naruto is also well versed in Taijutsu, being able to use great combos through his use of clones.

    And lets not forget Sage mode, this great skill, used at the same time with the chakra mode made Naruto the strongest player in his fight with Sage Obito.

  27. As far as Sasuke goes, I would like to see just how much he’s learned in terms of using his new eye. I don’t doubt the fact that he held a lot back in the fight against Kaguya and now we’re about ho have a great surprise.

  28. I wonder if Naruto can wake the tailed beasts from the genjutsu somehow, and free them from Sasuke’s control. Perhaps by using their real names?

  29. @Arpotu, Kurama did break the Chibaku Tensei Pain caught it in. So at least him and Gyuki have the power to break through, taking into account Kurama was only at 7 tails then and manifested only till the muscular level.

    I think Naruto can break them out easily but he intends to teach Sasuke a long and overdue lesson in humility, even Sasuke knows Naruto is stronger then him, he ascended past Sasuke ever since he took control of the perfect Sage mode and after that he kept on getting stronger. The only true power Sasuke can come up with is, or better said, are techniques he might have copied from Madara and Kaguya like the Limbo and Kaguya’s space time jutsu.

  30. Sorry for the double-post, but has anyone ever explained yin and yang chakra to Naruto? If he knew that, could he perhaps come up with a counter-jutsu to the “sealed heart” jutsu (used by Madara/Kaguya)? Perhaps a “release sealed heart” jutsu?

  31. Interesting, Eugen. So you’re suggesting that when Naruto told Kurama to “just hold on a sec”, Naruto could have freed them all? Hope that’s true!

  32. How very fitting that the two would go back to The Final Valley (yes, I prefer the English dub name). With the level of power Naruto and Sasuke are at, they could very well reshape that valley. Those statues might even get destroyed.

    Guess Sasuke never changes. Though it was a bit extreme to genjutsu her like that. And it seems apparent that Kakashi is not going to be able to do much either. This almost feels like a filler before the main event.

  33. @Tenrai: Please let me do the breakdown on this chapter. I said I was wanting to do at least one more, and this is as good a chapter as any.

  34. @Eugen, the time that Kurama broke out of Chibaku Tensei during the Pein arc, he wasn’t under genjutsu.

  35. it’s really funny how things turned out… sasuke still thinks he can out duel naruto.. he battled the 6 paths of pein.. defeated obito.. beat the living crap out of madara.. and if it wasn’t for sasuke or the others (basically defending them).. naruto might be somehow capable of out dueling kaguya… he only has the rinnegan ffs.. naruto is already the embodiment of strenght and power combined with all the awsomeness available.. if he had cheesecakes.. he might not even duel sasuke..

  36. @tigerpalm, right you are, but Kurama did show a great deal of resistance to Sasuke’s genjutsu, being the only bijuu able to speak and ask Naruto for aid.

    It goes without saying that all the tailed beasts might be trapped in the jutsu until the end of Sasuke and Naruto’s fight.

  37. @eugen the other aspect I’d like to point out, is that during the pain fight kurama was not the epicenter of chibaku. This time he and the other breasts are. It’s the same tech they used to seal kaguya but more powerful than what nagato used. Again, with the chibaku nagato cast, all the rocks and ground flew to a different point and naruto got pulled towards that point. Here, kurama is that epicenter so I don’t think he can get out

  38. @Drice & Eugen

    Well, as Eugen mentioned, you also need to keep in mind that Kurama was breaking out of Pein’s Chibaku Tensei without being at full strength. It only managed to reach an 7-8 tailed transformation at that stage.

    I think if it were normal circumstances, Kurama would be able to break out of Chibaku Tensei, and it’s possible the other Bijuu could have as well. I also think that’s precisely why Sasuke used Genjutsu on them first, to reduce the risk of their escape and to keep them pacified. Sure, they might have struggled to get out but I don’t think Sasuke wants to split his power between trying to contain them and fighting Naruto, so he thought it best to put them under a Genjutsu.

    In saying that, I also don’t think Naruto needs to break them out yet. He still contains their chakra and is connected to all of them directly. He may even still be able to keep in contact with them subconsciously. It’s not just a case of trying to teach Sasuke a lesson, it’s also strategically sound to deal with Sasuke first and then try free the Bijuu afterwards, as apposed to trying to free them first, and leaving himself open to an attack from Sasuke (it’s better if his attention is devoted to the most dangerous element right now, and that is Sasuke).


    I suppose it’s alright for you to do the breakdown, but just keep in mind that we need to give a general consensus on the Naruto vs Sasuke debate and see which way it’s swaying. So far, it looks like most people are favoring Naruto.

  39. @ Iamchaps – I think you really under estimating Sasuke here quite drastically here. I like Naruto to win this battle of course since it is Shonen and his development has been “shown” much more than Sasuke… Sasuke has done very little in way of improvement even from when he awakened EMS to now but to say Naruto has “beaten the crap out of Madara” When did that happen? Madara only real challenge was Gai in the entire battle…

    ‘Defeated’ Obito – Again no, Madara had a hand in that.

    Kaguya – was a team battle to be fair Naruto helped everyone but he was also helped. Though he spammed Shadow Clone to its max we don’t know how the battle would of gone if Kaguya could focus solely on Naruto the entire time.

  40. @ Drict – That seems pretty acute, I didn’t notice it but where Pein would create a ball of gravity and things would be pulled to it. Sasuke has been able to make the Tailed Beasts each of them a separate source of gravity. Being themselves that ball makes it almost impossible to escape as the probably panic and fight the force keeps pulling the rocks back…

    @ Tenrai – I agree Naruto has a cool personality, but I would like more of a reason for people suddenly just changing because of him. He has a never say die attitude and stays true to his word but can that really be all there is to it. To change peoples hearts just so simply by being who he is… I just think Naruto is the embodiment of love and life, I think there must be something else there that helps him affect so many people.

    I wonder as well Naruto’s ability to sense malicious intent? What is malicious intent. When two people fight, each has malicious or ‘evil’ intent to kill the other person. Who is right? Which will Naruto sense

  41. @Pein

    Well, I do understand what you’re saying, but what I was kinda trying to get to, is that the way Naruto changes people isn’t by removing hatred from the situation (aka, sealing it away) but rather by changing it into something else through a sense of understanding.

    To me, having a power to seal away emotions is kinda like cheating. It’s no better a solution than sealing people in a permanent Genjutsu, because it’s ultimately superficial, and involves tampering or even controlling people’s emotions. That’s not achieving true peace, it’s just controlling people and creating a fake peace under the guise of a lie.

    I think when we look at Hagoromo’s words, the general premise here is that hatred is, in many ways, born from love. Or rather, it’s a situation where love is transformed into hatred. People kill and take revenge for the sake of those that they love, or if someone they love hurts them, that love turns into a volatile bitterness that eventually gives birth to an even greater hatred, like what happened with Indra. I think Kishi is exploring the idea that if love can turn to hatred, then surely the opposite can also occur. So, he’s set up Naruto as the catalyst for that kind of change. Naruto never forces anyone to change per say, but he does seem to have a way of making them see things from a different perspective, or to see themselves as they are. In a way, it’s almost like the Izanami, only with no jutsu involved and just a kind of unshakable sincerity in its place.

    It also helps that Naruto now has the power to connect people emotionally, as shown during his battle with Obito, and because of that, he can understand them and help them understand each other and even themselves. I think this gives him the best chance at changing things, not because he’s a good talker, but because he genuinely has a unique power that allows him to get right to the heart of the issue.

  42. “Love leads to Fear, Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”
    Master Yoda.

  43. @Tenrai: That’s fine. I can start on the breakdown itself. And when the time comes near to post it, I can then add the general concensus of that debate.

  44. Here is my own interpretation of what will happen in the final battle. I haven’t read any of the other comments, so none of them have any influence on this.

    I think that indeed we’ll be getting a similar battle to their last one at first. Naruto will get some hits in, but then Sasuke will finally cut loose and proceed to really put Naruto against the ropes. However, he won’t be hesitating anymore or holding back. Naruto will use his Sage Chakra mode and the two will be virtually on par with each other.

    I have a feeling that Naruto will ultimately win this fight. But then that’s where it’ll get emotionally charged. Naruto will try one last time to score a successful his with his patented talk-no-jutsu and try to convince Sasuke to have faith in the system, especially considering that the Kage HAVE changed. And though they may have contributed to the sins of the past, they’ve since changed for the better. The whole shinobi alliance is proof of that.

    It won’t be an immediate convincing though as Sasuke will probably still insist that all ties to the old ninja system must ultimately be severed before true change can occur. But then that is where Naruto will remind him in some way that he’s prepared to make good on his word that they will die together if it comes down to it. Not sure how at this point, but Naruto will finally get through to Sasuke, be it with words or with fists. But it’ll be necessary for the latter to willingly help dispel the Infinite Tsukuyomi AND choose to find a new path in life while leaving the tailed beasts and the other Kage alone.

    I have a feeling that Sasuke still won’t go so far as to come back to the village. But perhaps he’ll instead go on as a sort-of drifter, allying himself to no one and pretty much doing his own thing. It certainly seems certain that Sasuke and Sakura will not happen, as in that ship has sailed. I do hope that Naruto and Hinata do happen. It would be the ultimate cop-out if it doesn’t. Naruto has no idea how good he’s got it with someone who is technically the next head of the Hyuga clan. We can only hope.

    But yeah, my money is on Naruto. It has to be. Sure, Sasuke will get his fair share of hits in, but Naruto has to win this.

  45. FOUR IS DEATH!!!! Silly pein statistics don’t matter when a Uchiha is involved.

  46. I have to say Naruto will win but for Sasuke’s sake i’ll choose him as victor and here is why. First the rinnegan, let’s be real Naruto just beat a worn down Pein after destroying the village and most of its heroes and Naruto just barely defeated him with alot of help just to add. So yea he knows alot of the Rinnegan but not of Sasuke’s but the one move shown, which means Sasuke possibly has seven or more moves just from one eye that Naruto has to count for.

    2nd would be Sasuke has just as much or more chakra then a worn down naruto(maybe not) because the first Hokage and 6 paths gave him much more chakra and some Sage chakra to fight against a beast named Madara.

    3rd Sasuke’s on par or better than Naruto in Ninjitsu(better) and taijitsu (par) because of the Sharigan. Sasuke has better summings with both snake and hawk, surikin juts, flame, lighting, in which the latter can all be shape min, and last (that we know) is his doujitsu with amatsaru, genjutsu, saasuno, and one we don’t know with his EMS. Taijutsu is great plus with Sharigan hard to beat cause he is on par with the speed of almost all nins now and even back to the Rinnegans abilities with tenrai senshi and the most feared jutsu we awhile back debated on the FLYING THUNDERGOD tech he pretty much can use now from observing the fourth(unlikely) but his swap ability with objects like throwing a shuriken and bam a sword in your back with black flames if Naruto counters it .
    Thats it for now for why Sasuke will this but one more thing Sasuke will kill and Naruto won’t.

  47. I just want to say I think its kind of crazy that naruto and sauske have enough energy to fight right now. Usually after the protagonist beats the main bad guy of the entire series he’s wiped. These guys are askin for round 2. It kind of cheapens the whole thing for me.

  48. Thank you mordi! I agree! I hate it when they make it like this, why does everything always have to be a fight between worn down guys in the first place? Can we never get a proper full power fight? This will spark centuries of debate because of the worn out factor. It really feels as if kishi just suddenly decided, screw all logic lets just wrap this shit up and that really cheapens it for me too

  49. @Sageone

    I personally like that someone is taking Sasuke’s side in the debate, because it makes it much more interesting, however, I wouldn’t make the mistake of comparing Naruto as he was against Pain, to what he is now. The vast power difference from then and now is simply staggering and I reckon if Naruto were to fight the six paths of Pain again, even in their prime, unexhausted state, he would pretty much wipe the floor with them.

    You also need to consider in your arguments, that Naruto now holds the chakra of all nine Bijuu, something Sasuke again confirmed in the previous chapter. With that in mind, he has access to a variety of chakra elemental natures, and physical enhancements beyond his normal ninjutsu arsenal, so I’d say his ninjutsu and taijutsu are at least on par with Sasuke’s. In fact, as far as shape and nature manipulation goes, I’d say Naruto is clearly superior to Sasuke as he showed in his battle with Madara and Kaguya. However, Sasuke does have unique jutsu with the Sharingan and Rinnegan, so that brings him back up to par, I’d say. I wouldn’t go as far as saying he’s superior though, not until he actually shows his power and gives us a reason to believe otherwise. Also, it goes without saying that Sasuke will not be able to copy most of Naruto’s jutsu with his Sharingan, because even if he did, he does not meet the conditions to use them (being a Jinchuuriki, etc).

    The speed debate is difficult, because you’re comparing the fastest shinobi to the shinobi with the greatest perception and the insta-swap no jutsu. It’s hard for me to tell who’d have the advantage in that case.

    Lastly, it seems as though I became a Jutsu. Lol.

    “and even back to the Rinnegans abilities with tenrai senshi”

  50. @ Debate – Though I stated I believe Naruto will win, this is the safe bet, this is a Shonen manga near its end and it makes sense for the protagonist to win in the end but the overall look of the blog seems to believe that the battle we all been waiting for well 2nd most after Ten Tens rematch with that stump from the Chunin Exams… will be Naruto’s complete dominance or at least saying this battle will be won purely by Naruto’s superiority though, I enjoy a good debate so lets play devils advocate here and list why I think Sasuke could win this battle…

    Sasuke is in a sense a wild card here. Naruto is playing poker with 2 Ace but he has shown us his hand. While Sasuke hasn’t really, he has done enough to stay alive and focused mostly on staying alive… It makes sense now why he was such a d^%k in the arc almost wanting Sakura to die (and others). Maybe he knew he could beat Kaguya with Naruto’s help if he fought at full strength… and also explain why he was so pissed that Kakashi got the upgrade not cause of jealousy but because that would of been another threat..

    Lets take a minute to think of what has happened to Sasuke since we last saw him at full strength fighting. Danzou battle I believe.

    He has gained EMS and complete control of the Black Flames, his Susanoo has gone near Madara level perfection and he can fuse the two making him near untouchable. He has seen both Inzanami and Inzagi used. (Which means he could copy them) He is close to being the Sage of 6 Paths as he is the only living person with both Senju and Uchiha cells inside of him meaning he may be able to summon Gedo Moza. (Kabuto infused Hashirama’s cells into Sasuke to heal him)

    He is able to use the Rinnegan abilities meaning Naruto can have the Bijuu Chakra but in effect all ninjutsu is useless to him, and if Sasuke has improved each of the Rinnegan abilites like he has “Tenrai Senshi” 😛 he could use more than one at a time or even allow the Rinnegan abilities to work through Susanoo (Kakashi showed this with the MS). Madara has to switch from one to the other while it looks like Sasuke can use EMS and Rinnegan at the same time.

    If Kakashi went from basically useless to super badass by having a little of the Sage chakra and MS lets just use the same scale on Sasuke…

    Sasuke has insane perception and while he may struggle to keep up with Naruto lets look at it this way, that he has studied Naruto now and should have a good idea of his fighting style so Naruto may be forced to change approach with Sasuke. For Example Sasuke won’t fall for the “I am the shadow clone” trick, he has seen it a couple of times now, and if he does, he is an idiot lol.

    Deva Path – Attract and Repel
    Human Path – Read minds and steals souls
    Asura Path – Basically a human weapon
    Animal Path – Can basically summon anything
    Petra Path – Absorbs ninjutsu
    Naraka path – Summons the king of Hell…

    These are the known abilities of the Rinnegan… Now use any of these fused with the Sharingan at full strength.

    So basically we have a far more even fight if not tipped in Sasuke’s favour but this is a manga, it wouldn’t be a final battle if Naruto didn’t come back from behind to take the win.

  51. Guys, I’d just like to reiterate that this debate is not about who will win the battle in the end, because if it was I think Naruto would be the most obvious choice and the debate would be incredibly one-sided. Rather, as I mentioned in my breakdown, the debate is about who you think is currently the strongest going into this fight. Do you think Sasuke has the upper hand right now or Naruto?

    Keep in mind that Naruto has defeated stronger opponents before, who at the time out-levelled him (Like Neji, Gaara, Pain, etc), so it goes without saying that even if you believe Sasuke is stronger, Naruto can still win the fight. However, we’re just measuring who we think is strongest, not who we think will win because of plot reasons. Pretend this is a normal battle debate and not a story prediction debate.

  52. Its out

    However page 13 is blank

  53. scratch that 13 is fine now

  54. That was quite a deep chapter, and in some ways, surprising.

  55. @Chapter

    it was intense i felt, both exchanging their reasons and 100% committed to their words. I feel like th SOT6P is a bit of an idiot for allowing Sasuke to continue on while he was basically describing being an absolute dictator.

  56. @Gendoikari

    I actually understand why the Hagoromo did that. The mistake Hagoromo made in the past was to choose one son over another, and that is what gave birth to their endless strife through the ages. Now he’s chosen not to play favorites and instead let his “sons” decide their future for themselves.

    Had he instead decided to devote all his attention solely to Naruto, and ignored Sasuke, then it would only cause that bitterness to grow even more, and the spirit of Indra’s hate for his family would escalate. And, even if Sasuke died, Indra’s spirit would simply be reborn again, even more resentful than before, and the cycle would continue in the next generation.

    I think Hagoromo has realized that the issue between the two brothers can only be resolved permanently by them, without his interferences or personal bias.

  57. @Tenrai

    Thanks for explaining, makes complete sense. Are you sure you are not Kishi?

    So thinking about Sasuke’s words some more it reads a bit like Lelouch but i liked him and really do not like Sasuke. I guess it is their approaches to achieve their goals.

  58. As far as Sasuke’s reasoning goes, he’s a IDIOT. If you have been schooled by the likes of Orochimaru, Itachi, Hashirama, Tobirama, Kakashi, Obito and even Hagoromo, and you came up with a retarded plan like that, you only deserve to die a slow and painful death for your stupidity.

    Sasuke, right now, is just a Upgraded fusion of Obito, Nagato and Danzou with a little bit of Naruto on the top. I say Naruto as well because Naruto also wanted to shoulder the pain and burden of the world by himself, Sasuke on the other hand wants to be the public enemy No. 1.

    To want Naruto’s death in order to start a new era is the greatest load of crap I’ve read so far, maybe Sasuke saw that through Hashirama’s eyes when he finally decided to kill his best friend(Madara) in order to secure piece for his beloved village.
    Anyone can say what they will to me but just as Mordi and Bakakage pointed out, Kishi is rushing to much into this final showdown and he’s not going i fully prepared, both Sasuke and Naruto now exhausted, both have seen a lot of combat, especially Naruto, who has been fighting non-stop since he ran away with Bee to the front lines, that’s right people, ever since then Naruto has fought A, a bunch of white Zetsus and Edo summons witch included former Kages and Rinne – Sharingan Jinchurikies, after that it was a battle with Obito and the Bijuu’s under his control, after that it was Naruto vs Obito and Madara, after witch the Juubi joined the fight, if that wasn’t enough Obito became the Juubi jinchuriki and after that it was Madara’s turn, only for this whole thing to turn into a fight against Kaguya.

    Now please tell me, who the Hell is this kid still standing?!?!?! I know Naruto is over 9000 but c’mon. All that effort and all that pain and loss and sorrow and self improvement, all of that concludes with this scum of a character called Sasuke Uchiha and his F&*ked up mind.

  59. @Tenrai

    Thanks for some of the love and from others to see Sasuke’s value of power in this fight especially with and the hope of use of ALMIGHTY PUSH hahahaha and Ten bad example of showing Naruto showing strength towards Pein’s Rinnegan but didnt want to say Madara with one eye almost killed him. Just stated that Rinnegan is boss and Sasuke might show why.

    The only thing is i dont’ think Naruto can land those tailed beast fused attacks with a mastered Sasanoo of sasuke. And lastly again a great and storied chapter till epic.

    and @Ten you didn’t know you and your breakdowns are the ultimate Jutsus haha keep all the great work and some time SHINRA TENSEI all the rest of bs hahah

  60. @ Eugen – I think you a bit harsh on Sasuke there, I mean his answer to the cycle is no less ridiculous then Naruto’s “I will do it somehow” answer to Nagato.

    In the end Sasuke hasn’t gotten to know the other Kage’s or people, he doesn’t understand their feelings or how they act. He only knows, 1 that the Kage’s have gone to war, caused 3 Great Wars, there was Zabuza and the Blood Mist village… All he know is Itachi was used as a scape goat for a genocide the higher ups in the village approved… If this happens again and it isn’t loving Naruto as Hokage but old A what do you think he would do if a small portion of his village was beginning to rebel.

    The Hokage’s aren’t innocent and no way you paint this story its about death and politics, wanting to destroy that isn’t right but its not exactly “Stupid” its just miss informed really. Naruto has seen the broader picture (like us the audience) but Sasuke is looking at this from his perspective and reacts appropriately to it.

    Also I am sort of happy they not at full strength… I am so tired of this is the most extreme jutsu vs extreme jutsu…

  61. @ Pein, words of wisdom yet again my friend. I guess I did over react a bit, but for me it’s very frustrating that a person as Susuke, who has seen a lot in his short life has come at such a distant point of view from Naruto.

    If we look at Hashirama and Madara, both have strive’ed to achieve the same goal, a place where they can keep all the people they cared about safe. Sure, Madara’s main objective was to keep Izuna safe, the same can apply to Hashirama, but even when Madara accepted the deal with the Senjuu and the village was formed I truly believe it was from the bottom of his heart, of that I’m sure, the only thing that clouded his judgement was the whisper in his ear from Black Zetsu and the misinforming Uchiha Stone Table. This was the pivotal point in their relationship, from the moment Madara unlocked more information on the tablet he thought that was his true goal when in fact he was brain washed, the same as it was for Obito and Nagato alike.

    Madara was, simply, fooled into thinking it was all his grand plan, Sasuke on the other hand knows everything and is still falling for silly tricks, many might argue that this is his true path, one he finally chose himself, but if we waited so long for him to do as he thinks, a decision made from his very core, then this was a great let-down for me.

    I would have loved it if Sasuke came and said something like: “I really can’t stand all your faces and I’m going to kill you all for that”. That is the making of a great bad guy, someone who you know is evil, people like Madara, Aizen, Orochimaru, the sort of people who you can point out in an instant and say, that dude is BAD. Maybe that’s exactly why Sasuke might be worth saving, because he doesn’t really seem evil at all and in fact he’s just pretending.

  62. It’s out, by the way.

    Edit: Whoops someone already posted it! My bad!

  63. I think the most interesting thing about the chapter is that Sasuke confirms what he thinks of Naruto, and he pretty much holds him in the highest respect. He also said he wasn’t alone because of him. That’s something that provides a lot of closure to the rest of the story. It something we can look back on other chapters with and say, “somehow, through all of that he still thought Naruto was the closest thing to a best friend he’s had”

    Someone already said this, but it should be repeated. Sauske’s ideals are totalitarian. It’s a dictator’s role. In fact, it would be a situation where Sasuke was special – and the only one that could withstand the darkness he’s talking about. However… some people – maybe even some friends of mine would think this is a good thing. All of my christian friends might like the idea if it wasn’t such a blasphemy.

    Sasuke, with his current idea, would become a totalitarian dictator, fit for worship because he is taking on the sins of the world. It’s no different then the Jesus story. If you ask me, the story just got religious in a not very subtle way. It’s also clear that Naruto is secular and is trying to make sure the world moves on without delusion.

    In one way or another, the ‘bad guys’ have always wanted to ‘fake it’ for some reason. They want to make the world better by fooling everyone into peace. Naruto clearly wants to achieve a real peace, without the delusion and fakery of characters who had forced their version of peace on them before.

  64. @ Eugen – This quote comes to mind when thinking of evil…

    “Most people are good and occasionally do something they know is bad.
    Some people are bad and struggle everyday day to keep it under control.
    Others are corrupt to the core and don’t give a damn as long as they don’t get caught…

    But Evil is a completely different creature,
    Evil is bad that believes it’s good”

    I will discuss more when im not on my phone as to why I believe Sasuke can make a good guy and why characters like Pain are my favourite in manga normally above the heroes 😉

  65. @ Gavin – I must say I don’t agree with you at all, it is nice and all to see that Sasuke still believes that Naruto is a friends but his ideology is far from the Christian Bible Jesus story, the story as I understand it is about taking the hate of the world into ones self and being sacrificed for that. This is by far the opposite of taking all the hate and evil of the world onto oneself and sacrificing others for it. If you really want a parallel to this look into Stalinism, a economic system created by an atheist in which he destroyed all opposition so that he could create a Cult of Personality around himself and rule as a Dictator under the pretence of “Revolution.”

    Christianity is better paired with old Naruto, the one that got beaten for the crimes of another.

    I don’t think the bad guys “fake” it for peace, at least not all of them.

    Orochimaru – He wanted Knowledge and is more like the joker than an actual believe in good villain.

    Akatsuki – Each had their reasons Religion, Money, Peace, Truth etc…

    Nagato – Believed in Peace through M.A.D Mutually Assured Destruction (Basically what kept the world from going to war during the cold war)

    Sasuke – Form of Stalinism or peace through control!

    Naruto – More Buddhist I think, peace through understanding…

  66. @pein0avenue: This might be a difficult argument to get into with me since I’m an Atheist. Not because I’m entirely educated about these subjects, but because what you seem to be addressing right now is a fundamental difference between what you and I think of Christianity.

    Let’s go through what ‘faking it’ means. I said that most of the bad guys tried to fool people into peace.

    Orochimaru never actually had a clear political agenda. He wasn’t one of the villians I was talking about.

    Akatsuki had multiple people, therefore different points of view. but the main characters here would have been Nagato and Tobi. Pein wanted to rule by fear, which Naruto said was a false peace. Tobi wanted Madara’s moon’s eye plan, which literally fools people into a fake peace. So lump in Madara in there too as an example.

    Sasuke inexplicably wants to take everyone’s darkness upon himself which is a direct metaphor for sin. Not only is Sasuke trying to be Jesus, but he’s going to be God too. Not only is he going to take on everyone’s sins, but he is going to decide who lives and who dies, and solve the problems of the world himself. Sounds like the Christian God to me. Just bring on Sasuke’s ten commandments. You say that Naruto got beaten, but clearly Sasuke is proposing that he can endure the pain of taking on everyone’s ‘darkness’. Do you really think Sasuke is less of a Jesus figure than Naruto?

    But I just happen to believe the Christian God is also a totalitarian leader that convicts you of thought crime while you are asleep and will not leave you alone even when you die. You mentioned Stalinism, but Stalin was also thought of as a sort of demigod by people in Russia who worshiped him. So in that way, I basically agree with you on Stalinism. But I would argue that there are similarities between the Christan God and Stalin.

    Naruto sounds like the most secular person. He had built up his own beliefs naturally over time. Most of his ninja way comes from within. He mostly was able to do what feels good to make his moral decisions. He takes things at face value.

    Anyone comfortable with chiming in on this?

  67. @_@ Hmmm debates involving religion…… better grab my cheesecake and take off.

  68. I won’t join the debate in that fashion because I know people are easily offended by religious points of view, me myself, I’m a orthodox christian but my beliefs are far from what the Bible states. ” If you own the Bible you’re a good Christian, if you read the Bible you become a devoted Atheist”

    My thought on the subject are as stated in a previous post, I consider Sasuke to be blind and stubborn to have reached such a conclusion and solution to reshaping and saving the World.

    I agree with Pein and Gavin on curtain aspects but for the answer is easy, Sasuke is too full of himself and needs to see yet again how it feels to be kicked back down in the dirt. Reality will be a great “cold shower” for Sasuke when Naruto will show him that the power of Many outweigh the power of One.

  69. P.S. be prepared for a Naruto version of the Spirit Bomb (a final attack on Sasuke done with the help of every person trapped in the Infinite Tsukuyome)

  70. @ Gavin – That is slightly unfair we are standing at two points while I believe that you have a point, it is not fair to say Christianity falls into the blocks that you set out, when in fact the theology of the faith is actually completely the opposite. To compare Sasuke wanting to be a God taking in darkness to rule and be cruel, can fit many a mould not just the Jesus story, and when we look at the Jesus story as a whole not just the end, you will see that it bears far less relativity to Sasuke, thus the ending cannot be looked at as a vacuum alone but as part of the whole.

    Christians are humans and thus each is imperfect, and in a large group people can begin to fall into a mould even if the original teachings are otherwise good, just look at history. Communism exiled the Church for being evil but evil still continued and in ways became worse, Nazi’s believed that they where Christians and perfect and yet they where evil. This does not mean the source material is evil, it simple means that in religion or any belief system people can manipulate the reality to benefit themselves and become close minded. Thus when I do encounter someone who is Atheist instead of arguing, this or that. Lets just say this, Christianity is not Christians, Christians are meant to be representatives of it but we all fall short and thus when I look at it from my own religious point of view is, I obey the two most important rules. “Love your God with all your heart and Love your neighbour as you do yourself.” The rest is part History and part theology but if the Bible says hate this or that already it should be null and void as the first 2 laws forbid it. In the same way our legal system has laws that overlap but in the end the court will find in favour of the most important laws first.

    E.G – It is illegal to kill a person but It is legal to kill someone in self defence or in war. Does this mean that ir is good to kill? No, only that you can make sense of killing in certain situations.

    I am a difficult person to argue this about 😉 as I have a good knowledge of theology of Christianity and even to a degree Islam and Judaism but I also understand that we would of gotten to the two points of viewing Christianity from our own personal experiences and my belief and yours stems from that and I will not argue that you are wrong but I will argue to try and show you as a Christian that this is what I believe and this is what the source material states. You believing one way doesn’t change the facts to me, as my beliefs wouldn’t change yours.

  71. *Steals Eugen’s cheesecake and runs like crazy*

  72. It looks like to me that Sasuke is trying to go for a zero percent approval rating while at the same time he’s trying to lead the world. Also can someone explains what Itachi did for the village because I don’t see it. *trips Pein, takes the cheesecake and runs away*

  73. Man, the animators of the opening and ending themes of Naruto, are really shipping NaruSasu (yes Naruto-Sauske) hard. It’s to the point where I would not be surprised if the Anime version of Naruto took creative liberties and Naruto ends up with Sauske….

  74. Curses foiled again by my lack of mobility and gravity…

    @ Wiseman – Wait they not getting together at the end of the series… All I know is a lie!!! I thought this whole series would end with them saying together ‘two halves make a whole and you complete me.’ Or was that a really bad fanfic… <__<

  75. I will say one thing for you pein0avenue. You at least don’t argue like you are offended. That’s rare when talking about religion. Maybe it’s a sign of the times.

    To your first few paragraphs, I have to take issue as an atheist about how nearly you describe the golden rule. I think it was interesting that you said: “Love your God with all your heart and Love your neighbor as you do yourself.” It is so close to: “Treat others as you would want to be treated.” But with a subtle difference. Under your rule, I have to love people I don’t know. I consider loving someone that I don’t know to be a creepy concept, and probably is one of the reasons I stopped going to church.

    I had to point that out, but I’ll try to stay on point. What does this have to do with Naruto?

    I still maintain that Sasuke’s idea of peace is nearly religious. He has at least already said that he will be the great decider. He will be a dictator. He will run a totalitarian society that will rely on only him to provide every solution to the big problems of their time. It is the same way almost all religions have a god given moral code, which I might add, has people believing that they couldn’t BE moral WITHOUT religion – and that’s probably the greatest insult of all. Sasuke will be taking away people’s right to decide what is morally right for themselves.

    He has also said that he will take on other people’s hatred and darkness and endure it. It is a main aspect of Christianity, that the son of god will take on the sins of humanity. Can you deny that this is a Christ-like attribute? Even though I am pin pointing one aspect of Christ – is it not one very large central pillar of what Christians believe? When Sasuke talks of taking on the darkness: how does one not immediately think of ‘sin’?

    I’ll take off the table all the speculation about worship, but I would maintain those two major points. I think with these two points alone, I can safely say that Sasuke’s ideas are at least religious and in no small part Christian.

    Let’s not forget Nagato and his god complex (also deeply religious, there was even an angel with paper wings). Sasuke is now able to take that mentality to the next level. This is all about someone or some ‘thing’ claiming to know what is right and what is wrong about what is best for people. This is about peace, and how these villains have tried to achieve it. Naruto has instead given people their freedom and their right to find out what is best for themselves – which I think is beautiful and secular, honest and true.

  76. I’m gonna try to get the breakdown for chapter 693 done over the weekend. Things have gotten rather crazy for me since last week.

  77. Remember, “Only wind can defeat lightning.” And – “Wind can make lightning stronger”. I wonder if that discussion will have any play here.

  78. No @arpotu!!! Wind makes Fire stronger!

  79. Eh, it was a while back, and I’ve got a feeble brain 😉 So it’ll be wind and fire?

  80. Hey so I was watching the latest anime episode and remembered that naruot gave his chakra to sasuke. Though it might not be visible in sasuke anymore, do you guys think naruto kept it going inside him and do you think it will play a role in connecting to sasuke to save him? After all the SO6P wanted to link everybody by chakra so they could understand each other. That is what naruto has done if he’s kept it going in sasuke.

  81. @Tenrai: I feel embarrassed asking this again, but what’s your email again? I can’t find it. Plus I need to ask you something important before the breakdown gets posted. Please let me know asap. I’ve finished making it, by the way.

  82. @Kevin

    If you’re ever wondering about my email address, it’s in the introduction on the home page.

    Also, as I’ve mentioned before, anyone who wants to chat to me directly can add me on yahoo messenger or skype. My skype ID is tenraisenshi. You can add me on YM using my email address.

    All I ask is that if you do try to add me, just tell me who you are in the invitation message (eg, hi, it’s Kevin from WRA), because I usually ignore unknown requests).


  84. @ WRA, as Gavin just posted Naruto will be over by the 10 of November so that gives us just 6 more chapter until the END.
    I would like to express my thanks to this blog and the people who came here daily to enjoy this great story, it’s been a real honor knowing each and everyone of you but is seems like we’re going to have to continue with a new story starting next month.
    Thank you Kishi for all the greatness you’ve brought us.

  85. @ Gavin – Thanks, I don’t get offended easily lol. If something isn’t true to you doesn’t mean that it isn’t true to me and visa versa. We each live and gain our beliefs and understanding through experiences. I can tell my side and you can tell yours without us being offended or even get angry, that to me is how one gains understanding religious or not. 🙂

    lol, I understand what you mean about the “love” aspect that is why I say, love others like yourself. At the end of the day we each look out for our own best interest, we respect ourselves and we care for ourselves. Where the line is drawn is that we do not ‘want’ ourselves… Well not all of us :P. Treat others as you would want to be treated though is probably just as good.

    I agree, Sasuke’s ideology is very religious, similar to Light in Death Note, etc. I think that is a massive theme in manga actually and in many ways I will admit Christian, however my biggest grip point is, it is not inherently Christian, this being that it doesn’t tick all the blocks to be that. Taking on the sins of others and darkness, judging good and evil check, but miss out on the forgiveness and love which is a massive point in the belief. Similar to my saying that there have been dictators longer than there has been Christianity there has been a powerful figure judging other as well and that is why I argue it is not Sasuke = Christianity, but Sasuke = That portion of nature that wishes to control and this does include the Church which has controlled people for centuries but in many was the Church is not Christianity, just like the American government doesn’t always = the American people. If you every have a minute read the poem Ozymandius.

    The idea of morality only being Christian is non sense to me even, people can and have been good way before Christianity. That is why I enjoy studying other religions maybe not formally but through talking to others. Islam, Buddhism, Secular and even African tradition of Ubuntu, which roughly means, “I am because we are.” I cannot be happy if others are unhappy and through my good deeds to others I become happy…. but the problem is, in all these things there are Good and there are bad.

    “This is about peace, and how these villains have tried to achieve it. Naruto has instead given people their freedom and their right to find out what is best for themselves – which I think is beautiful and secular, honest and true.”

    True, that is secular however in any society secular or not, there are laws and how are the laws created by a majority of people believing it is good or it is bad. This is of course great if the society is good at heart but look at Nazi-ism, Hitler didn’t take power but was elected into power by the majority. If the majority think something is good an right doesn’t mean it is so you need a balance. Naruto will balance it out but what will he do if there is economic strife and starvation leading to war, where will he stand then… We have not often seen him have to fight in an actual “war” that wasn’t against storm troopers. When will there be a time when two people with equal claim stand next to each other, will he judge then? or allow them to kill each other. When it is not Black and White who will decide, or will he remain neutral an ineffective?

  86. @Eugen

    Well, if you guys all want a new series to follow, the one I am most interested in writing breakdowns for is Nanatsu no Taizai (The Seven Deadly Sins). I truly think that this series will be the “next big thing”, and when we considers its booming popularity in Japan, that may not be an unreasonable prediction.

    It’s also nice that it’s still a relatively new series (just approaching 100 chapters) so it’s easier for new readers catch up to. I’m sure others are still interested in following FT, or OP, etc, but I am personally not interested in writing breakdowns for those series. If someone else is interested in doing it, they’re welcome to. XD

    Personally though, I don’t want WRA to die. I’ve enjoyed getting to know the people here and I’ve loved this community, so after Naruto ends, I’m going to do a bit of a rework of the site, and restructure and reorganize it. Maybe a fresh start is exactly what we need, so this is a good opportunity to make WRA a site we can all still enjoy for years to come. If anyone is interested in getting involved, or who wants to assist me, please let me know.

    @Gavin and Pein

    Usually, I’d advise against religious debates online. When it comes to individual beliefs, it’s usually quite hard for people to relate their views or consider the views of others, without it becoming personal.

    Just be aware of your tones when addressing particular belief systems, or each other, so as to not create the impression of contempt. I believe in respecting the beliefs of others, so long as they do the same for me, and I’d hope everyone on WRA would do the same.

  87. @ten

    Yes i love the seven deadly sins and would love to read one of your breakdowns on it haha

  88. It really is saddening to see it confirmed. We all knew it was coming but to see it confirmed gives me a strange feeling.

    This blog has been nearly a daily visit for years and years now starting with its original incarnation IRA. Thanks to Ten for keeping it going and all the insightful breakdowns. Also all the commentors for the lively debates and some of the funniest things i’ve read online.

    I started Nanatsu no Taizai after reading Tenrai’s recommendation post and i rate it highly. It has great action, good humour and very interesting characters. The anime also starts this month so definitely worth tuning in now.

  89. @ Eugen – Yeah its gonna be sad to move away from Naruto a series that’s been around for a large portion for a lot of our lives, this community also kept the passion for the series going with the epic debates. Kakashi vs Itachi was probably one of the most intense I recall…

    @ Ten – Yeah Seven Deadly Sins will be EPIC!!

    and I don’t think me and Gavin will ever get into a bad argument over religion now if he said Sasuke is a better villain than Nagato things might get intense 😉

  90. 5 more weeks of Naruto. How are they going to wrap up all the loose ends in 5 weeks? Are they really going to let a 1 hour 30 minute movie tell the rest of the Naruto story? What about Yamato? The Sage Tools? The reawakening of all the people from the Infinite Tsyuki-no-mi? And is the destined fight of Naruto vs Sauske really going to be less than 5 chapters?

    I really hope these next chapters are going to be at the LEAST 30 pages each. But you know that aint going to happen.

  91. @Ten, as long as you keep creating new content, I will be around. Even if that means starting a new manga for the sake of keeping up with the conversations

  92. @pein0avenue: To your last point: I’ll just say that if Naruto is propped up as Hokage, then it will only be because the people have spoken and vote him in. I’m not sure it would come to a vote because it is pretty clear that Naruto should be that guy. So, yes, there is a question about where Naruto will stand, but I think people are going to prop him up because he is so agreeable. So whether it is solutions coming from Naruto, or one of his advisors – I’d say when he is in power, as much as possible, the solutions are going to be from the people.

    Although, if Sasuke can be given a dose of humility – then I wouldn’t mind both Naruto and Sasuke ruling at the same time.

    Seems we agree on lots of things too.

    On Sasuke I can make a compromise and say that he does seem to take from only the worst of Christianity. Or maybe even more to the point, he is the worst kind of Christian. No, I don’t think Sasuke equals Christianity.

    I have my opinions on what is good and bad about Christianity – but to bring the back and forth to what seems like a good close, I’ll forgo that and have my last word be my last point above.

    @Tenrai Senshi: Normally I wouldn’t press anyone for a debate on religion on the internet, but pein is a somewhat known entity, and people on this site are nice. For me, I think I wanted at least one more good back and forth before Naruto comes to a close. Though, it seems like the time for speculation is over. No more predictions from me probably. Just want to ride out the rest of the series and see how it all is going to end.

  93. So, what can be done in 6 issues to wrap this puppy up? Sasuke sealed in jar?

  94. @ Gavin – Fair enough think its a good a place as any to end that portion of the debate. One thing that bugs me about Naruto ending now is it may have that feel good peace for 1000 years feeling. We never getting to see Naruto truly challenged. What will his economic policy be? If there is peace who needs ninja to run missions which was a massive part of the nations income will Kakashi be a wheat farmer. Do they demilitarize and have a risk of a small nation or group of bandits begin gaining strength. What will Naruto do as a leader if faced with the Uchiha dilemma or the Hyuuga dilemma when the lightning tried to abduct Hinata. Naruto makes a great action hero but like Robert from a Song of Ice and Fire how effective will his rule be… who will advise him… All this may be tossed aside for the “happy” ending and actually the person to thank is in fact Obito since he was the one that changed everything more than Naruto did and if wasn’t for his war the nations would still be divided completely

  95. @pein0avenue: I think it’s fair to ask the question, “What is Naruto’s ‘answer’?” Referring to the often asked question, “Naruto, if you don’t like my way to achieve peace, then what is your answer?” Naruto could be seen as dodging the question, seeing that most of his answers don’t include an actual plan – at least, not as much of a plan as, say, the moon’s eye plan. I think showing what things look like under Naruto’s rule would be interesting. Or will he walk the earth as a perverted hermit?

    @arpotu: Maybe there are a few questions left after all? Will Sasuke be killed, dealt with, jailed, sealed away, or even allied with? Sasuke’s fate is still in question and is still up for debate I would think. Maybe the prophet Naruto is right that they will both have to die somehow? Or was that already dealt with in the battle against Madara/Kayuga?

  96. if either of them die, doesn’t the reincarnation cycle start again? In that case, I think death is not the long-term answer. Then again, removing Sasuke’s eyes and jailing him would only make Sasuke more bitter.

    I don’t know what Naruto’s answer will be but, yeah, that’s a long-standing question I would like to see answered.

    I kinda hope he takes the hermit sage path 🙂

  97. @Gavin

    It could be interpreted as Naruto dodging the question, or it could be as simple as seeing it as him humbly accepting that he doesn’t yet have an answer, and quite frankly, that would show his wisdom if nothing else.

    I mean, let’s face it, has any villain so far given a real answer to peace? One that doesn’t involve either mass genocide, or controlling the free will of others in a dream world? Those answers do not lead to true peace, but rather, a false peace based on a lie.

    It seems to me as though Naruto is the only one willing to admit that there are no easy solutions when it comes to the question of peace and that, rather than trying to find it on his own, the answer must be found by everyone moving forward together, not just by one single person trying to dictate to others their vision of peace through control.

  98. @wiseman I agree, I think wrapping everything up in 5 chapters seems rushed. I think Kishi wants to just end it. So that means that whoever wins this fight, will preform a smack down like we haven’t seen. I’m thinking two chapters. One after chapter and two to bring closure/ release infinite tsukomi

  99. Also, I saw an interesting theory that Naruto was intentionally planned to end on 699 because of this Foreshadowing maybe? Will Naruto sacrifice himself so that peace can be brought? The younger brother has never killed himself for the older.

  100. @Tenrai Senshi: You’re absolutely right. I like that interpretation even better. Although I was only suggesting Naruto could be seen as ‘dodging the question’, it seems a far better answer to say he doesn’t know yet, and that other ideas that have come up don’t fit yet or don’t feel right.

    It’s another secular view, kind of – to know what you don’t know.

  101. @Gavin

    Yeah, it’s alright to admit that you don’t have all the answers. The only way to fix a problem is to approach it realistically and to understand that the solutions aren’t always as straight forward as you’d like them to be. Sometimes you have to search long and hard for them.

    If you work with others though, searching for the answers becomes easier. Where one might fail, many might have a better chance of succeeding and I think that’s the approach Naruto is trying to use now. The main flaw with all the major villains of this series so far, which is something even Itachi pointed out, is that they tried to do everything on their own, fully believing that all they could do was compromise on true peace and come up with their own superficial, cheap answers, while remaining unwilling to accept the feelings of everyone else.

    I know people tend to see Naruto as the idealistic one, but in reality, I think Sasuke is the idealist here, believing that he alone has the power to govern the world and come up with an answer for peace without the aid of others.

  102. The way I picture Naruto in a not so distant future is as a Hokage who connects with people either through Ninshu or him going out in the word with a few 100 clones in disguise to hear what people really like, dislike, feel and want from the world.

    That to me is a true leader, one that connects with his people and treats them as equals.

  103. I know there are already many jutsu that prolong life in the Narutoverse but is Sasuke really considering to live forever ?

    What I want to say what happens to Sasuke’s plan when he dies ?

  104. Hm… Orochimaru’s plan was immortality.. perhaps Sasuke will now willingly give himself over to Oro, so he can obtain the same…

  105. Chapter 695 raw is out!

    There’s certainly battling going on, starting with some basic attacks. But they quickly bust out their Susanoo and 6 Paths Chakra Modes and begin really tearing it up. Not sure if there will be more pages as of this posting, but it currenty shows them mirroring their final clash of Chidori vs Rasengan from their first battle there, only this time with Susanoo and Kurama using what looks to be an enhanced Chidori and a tailed beast ball respectively for the final clash.

    This battle may very well span just this chapter, leaving those remaining five chapters to adequately tie up loose ends. This is sooo gonna rock! XD

  106. Yep, there’s more pages being released as I speak. The statues look like they get obliterated by the resulting shockwave, probably the entire valley for that matter.


    Its Out!!!

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