Bleach Breakdowns & Summaries

In the world of Bleach, there are two types of spirits. One is known as a Pulse, a human that has died and who now wonders the world alone. The other is known as a Hollow, a manifestation of anger, despair, loneliness and pain, which attacks living spirits in order to consume their souls. Between the two exists an order of powerful beings known as the Shinigami, whose duty it is to purify and lead the Pulses to their resting place in Soul Society and to eliminate the Hollows that plague the human world and who threaten all life and that which follows.

Our story follows Ichigo Kurosaki, a high school student with the ability to see spirits, who is thrust into this battle between good and evil, life and death. Due to a set of exceptional circumstances, Ichigo is inadvertently given the powers of a Shinigami, and now the mission has fallen to him to protect his friends and all of Kankuro Town from the threat of an ever growing number of Hollow’s. But even more sinister dangers lurk in the shadows…

Bleach 511 – 512 Manga Breakdown

Bleach Anime Breakdown

Currently, the last Bleach episode was 366, aired March 27, 2012. We are watching closely to see if Kubo brings the anime back for this final arc once it’s finished. Only time will tell, so please be patient.

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