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Greetings traveler, and welcome to WeAreAwesomeness, our humble community of manga and anime lovers from around the world. For those of you who are visiting us for the first time, WRA is a community-driven blog that thrives on the contributions of all the users who have become a part of it. We focus on Anime and Manga breakdowns for a few selected series we cover, as well as discussions on their most recent releases, or even just for some random and often zany fun in general. We also have a spoiler section where you can look up the latest spoilers for upcoming manga releases.

Although most the visitors on our blog come from many different parts of the world, we have a strong sense of unity and friendship that has become a defining feature of WRA. It isn’t just a blog, it’s a community, and we always welcome any new additions into it. So, I hope you enjoy your stay, and maybe we’ll be seeing you around from time to time.

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Many people have their idea of what a ninja is supposed to be. Naruto challenges that idea by presenting the premise in a new and exciting way, as it follows the story of a young misfit ninja living in a world full of adventure, hardships and turmoil. With great character development, a unique and immersive plot and stunning action sequences, you simply can’t go wrong with this series. (Artwork by DEIVISCC).

One Piece

If sailing the seven seas has always been your dream and pirates are your thing, then One Piece is definitely for you. This highly acclaimed series is not only full of fun and laughs, but a lot of heart as well. You can also join in on the action with our breakdowns and discussions too!


They say that death is only the beginning and that the afterlife holds a new journey that awaits us all. With Bleach, that saying couldn’t be more true for the residents of Soul Society, as they try to preserve peace for the residents of both life and of that which follows. Enter here for breakdowns and discussions on both the Bleach anime and manga.

Fairy Tail

Tired of looking to Hogwarts for your daily dose of magical mayhem? Then why not join Fairy Tail? The biggest group of misfit mages ever crammed into a single guild! There’s laughs, there’s fun and there’s more than enough collateral damage to keep a smile stretched across your face.

Spoiler pics and summaries

Can’t wait for that new weekly manga release? Want to see what happens next before it happens? Then why not take a peek at our spoilers section and get one step ahead of the game? All the answers you are looking for are waiting inside here…

WRA Extras!

Here you’ll find posts that don’t quite have a place in any of our other sections, such as competition posts, theory posts, fanfictions or even just a few fun, random extras for the hell of it. Enter and enjoy!

15 Responses to “The awesomeness starts here…”

  1. Awesome new look…

    I think the new spoiler section is the best >_>


  2. How do u do the bubbiton?

  3. @Gear3

    I take it you are referring to the bubbliton contest. Basically, it’s a contest were we take a panel from the latest manga chapter and leave the speech bubbles in it blank. The idea is for everyone out there to try to come up with the funniest dialogue to fill the bubbles with based on what is happening in that scene.

    You can also place a caption for the image as a whole if you like, but it isn’t necessary. The winner gets mentioned on the next breakdown when it comes out.

    All you need to do is submit your entry in the comments section under the manga breakdown. You can also read some of the other comments there to see their entries, if you need a better idea of what to do.

  4. At least we know Kabuto is about to kick the bucket….with this much flashback action and fighting itachi, who just does.not.die even when you kill him, I don’t see any way out for our slithery friend.

  5. @ wra: a couple things….what do you think Tobi means by a piece gives you the same power? Also i think that sasuke is going to fight madara, i really think he is turning good now and is going to protect the clan and the village by stopping madara, a person that wants to destroy both. Lastly, i think the “human” that knows everything is the S06P and that ori figured out where his body was. If you could edo him back, you would rule the world. He knows EVERYTHING there is to know about jutsu.

  6. @Drice

    I think you posted in the wrong place. <_<

  7. lol why so it seems…i dont know how that happened

  8. So what happens if kabuto did accept his fate huh? He will still live right? ….

    Jumping over to Tobi, does he think he is Madara or what. Cause he keeps telling People “I am Uchiha Madara”

  9. Oops wrong place

  10. I knew it was an bad week to take a vacation, but to come back to this, it’s a bit over the top. Kishi, not taking us through loops and not giving us a taboo story about a puppy called Tiny, and just throwing it on the table like that was a bigger surprise then I could have imagined.

    “Who would have thought” Obito is actually Tobi, or at the very least he’s using his body. The main theory, the most obvious, the perfect piece, the most taboo, the wrong timelines. It’s actually come to to this.

    I know Kishi will bring No 600 with at least 2 extra pages in witch I would like to know almost everything there is to know about Obito’s ascension to the dark side.

    The main thing I learned from this latest chapter was the fact that Obito was a really great shinobi, who trained really hard, almost like Itachi or Sasuke ( with efficience ), but had bad luck every time the situation he needed to prove himself came.

    That doesn’t excuse the fact that this kid at only 14 years and chunin level towards jounin (judging by the fact that Kakashi was at this level and so must have the group been, seeing as the dudes in a team are almost at the same level) and managed to infiltrate the barrier where Naruto’s birth was, managed to steal Kushina and set loose the Fox while keeping it under control and also perfect a MS jutsu to the point where Minato had to go all out in order to stop him.

    Please Kishimoto, on behalf of all your faithful readers, give us a great story or I might just visit Japan sooner then I thought.

    PS, Tobi actually looks cool to me scared like that. He’s gt a really badass look to him.

  11. @Eugen you posted in the wrong place 😀

  12. I still can’t understand why Tobito would attack Konoha with Kyuubi, just to lose it. I mean if his motive isn’t to attack Konoha, but create a new world, why not keep the Kyuubi and get the other tailed beasts?

  13. Ok, I am thinking perhaps this isn’t the best place to allow people to comment. <__<

  14. HI there..

    @tenrai im following this blog since IRA days, since the days that was only jeremiah writing the breakdowns.

    I really do enjoy reading your breakdowns, just as someone said, reading this and the following comments its like a 2nd chapter in the week.

    unfortunately im not realy the type to write comments or for the debates itself. But i feel what your saying, writting without feedback demotivates anyone, saying this and because i dont want WRA shuts down im going to try out comenting every now and then. (Despite my english is not perfect)

    And an ideia for the lack of comments could be that since u put chat online the comments have decresead substancialy.

    For this chapter, epic battle between the 2 godlike shinobis, (nine tails with susano’s cloak :O ) and ime looking forward for the history between senju and uchiha’s

    That technique hashirama used at the end was the same technique Tsunade used.. not the sage mode..

  15. Now would be a perfect time for Orochimaru to summon Kushina.

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