Naruto Chapter 700 Breakdown: The end of an era and the beginning of something new…

I remember the first time I first came across Naruto as a series. I was in high school and although I was somewhat into anime at the time, manga was a largely unexplored medium of entertainment for me.

I was introduced to the series first by a friend in one of my classes, after a discussion we shared and the subsequent discovery of our mutual tastes in Japanese entertainment. I think like most people who find themselves first introduced to the world of anime and manga, I started my journey in Naruto first with the anime. Suffice to say, I was immediately smitten and being as impatient as I was at the time, with an eagerness to know what happened next, I eventually jumped from the anime to the manga, which was further ahead from a story perspective.

There was no turning back.

The beginning of a life changing journey...

The beginning of a life changing journey…

Here, I was introduced to a world of wonder, with young Ninja striving to become something grand, and with a boy who, even as an outcast, dared to shine above all others. But more than that, I felt an emotional connection to the characters that was unlike anything I had experienced before, and I think that, for me, was what truly made Naruto as a series something special that stood out above anything else in its time.

It was my very first manga, a step into a world of wonder and imagination, and of joy and sorrow. It was, for all intents and purposes, a series that defined a decade of my life, and perhaps even more of who I am as an individual than I might realize.

Team 7. From children to adults, they have grown up beside us for many years.

Team 7. From children to adults, they have grown up beside us for many years. They’ll forever live as heroes in our hearts.

Oddly enough, it was because of my heated pursuit of the manga, and my search for spoilers regarding upcoming chapters, that I first discovered IRA, which is a tale I am sure many of you fellow readers can relate to. It was there that I found a true community of others who shared my interests, whom with I could discuss the series I had fallen in love with.

It is now with a mixture of both joy and sorry, that the long journey that I and numerous others have partaken in over the course of many years, has finally come to an end. And boy, what an end it was.

Team 8: From cute or creepy, to cool and collected.

Team 8: From cute or creepy, to cool and collected.

In a way, I think it was fitting that we got to see what the future had in store for Naruto and his friends. Many of us were children and teenagers when we first started this series, and much in the way we have grown over the years that we’ve followed it, we’ve also had the chance to see the characters that we’ve fallen in love with grow as well alongside us.

From mere genin leaflings, they’ve bloomed into fine adults with children of their own and though some of their respective fates might seem surprising to us, for the most part, I think everything turned out quite suitably in the end.

Team 10: You know it's all about those goatees...

Team 10: You know it’s all about those beards… though Ino seems to begrudge the fact she never got one…

I will admit though, while some of the future pairings we were introduced to made me giddy with joy, I did find some of them surprising as well.

In particular, Chouji partnering with Karui threw me for a curve ball, mostly because there were no prior signs that would have led one to believe that such a relationship was possible. Still, I suppose when the only alternative, Ino, has already been swept up by Sai, you’ve gotta start trying to hook some of the other fish in the sea, and see what bites.

Team Gai: Though one of them is no longer with us, we'll never forget the culmination of passion, rivalry, baddassery and the uselessness this trio managed to bring us all at once.

Team Gai: Though one of them is no longer with us, we’ll never forget the culmination of passion, rivalry, badassery and the uselessness this trio managed to bring us all at once.

A few of the pairings I did expect, and ones that I am glad finally came to fruition, were those between Naruto and Hinata, and Sakura and Sasuke respectively. I could almost imagine the unanimous cheers that must have chorused throughout the masses of NaruHina fans across the world when their dreams finally came true and I have to admit that I was cheering along with them. I don’t doubt that there will be some NaruSaku fans who loathed this turn of events, but in my personal opinion, it was the only natural outcome where everyone would be happy.

Still, I’m sure there are many people out there who might have changed things up a bit if they had the power to. So, what are your thoughts on these pairings as a whole?

The Sand Siblings: From former enemies, to trustworthy allies to close friends, Naruto's journey wouldn't have been the same without this trio hailing from the desert plains.

The Sand Siblings: From former enemies, to trustworthy allies to close friends, Naruto’s journey wouldn’t have been the same without this trio hailing from the desert plains.

To build on the relationship discussion, it’s only natural that through the union of love, something else would eventually be born.

And indeed, the true highlight of this final chapter for me, was seeing, for the first time, the new, younger generation that had been birthed from the older, and whose journey was now beginning anew. It truly did feel like we were witnessing a fresh start, like a culmination of new beginnings and endless possibilities, and even though we might not know what their futures may hold, simply seeing them take those early steps was enough to reinvigorate that sense of adventure that had gripped my soul for so many years.

A new generation begins, a generation of excitement, wonder and adventure, in an ever changing world.

A new generation begins. A generation of excitement, wonder and adventure, with each trying to find their place in an ever-changing world.

The other exciting thing about being introduced to all these new, young characters, is that it very much opens up the doors to new opportunities as far as sequel stories and adventures are concerned. Although this chapter marks the end of Naruto as a series, it also acts as a starting point for new possible series in the future, set in the same universe though perhaps under a different name.

It’s already been hinted that we’ll be getting a mini series that follows the the adventures of the new generation, and in particular, I think Bolt could make for a very interesting main character given his lineage, his parentage and the possibility of mixed bloodlines from both the Uzumaki and Hyuuga clans. I also think it would be very interesting to see what roles the older generation now fill, whether as instructors, mentors, leaders or even as new villains.

For me personally, I’d like to see Konohamaru acting as a Jounin sensei for a genin team consisting of, perhaps, Bolt, Salad and Lee’s child (I think Bolt’s sister, Himawari, would be too young to be on the same team as him). I guess only time will tell what’s in store for us though, if anything.

We finally get to see Naruto wear that hat...

We finally get to see Naruto wear that hat…

All thoughts and theories aside, ultimately, this story was about one character in particular, and that character is Naruto. And although his journey may have ended now, I think it’s only right that we pay homage to him and his grand adventure.

It was an journey that bought us smiles, tears, excitement and even, at times, sadness, anger and frustration, but I think I can speak for many of us when I say it was truly an honor to have been on that journey side-by-side with Naruto as our guide. I’d also like to say thank you to Kishimoto for giving us something so special and unique, and for all the years of joy and entertainment. I know we readers aren’t always grateful, but if Kishimoto were to ever read this some way, somehow, I’d like to convey my gratitude to him and let him know that Naruto is a piece of work that he can take pride in.

I’d also like to encourage anyone who enjoyed this series, to support the author by buying volumes for it if they are available in your region.

Well... I guess now they'll have to call it the Village Hidden in the City...

Well… I guess now they’ll have to call it the Village Hidden in the City…

Lastly, I’d like to thank everyone here at WRA and even IRA before it. You guys have shared this journey with me for many years and have become my friends. I can’t tell you how fulfilling it was, through all those times we shared discussing this series, having fun debates, and just doing general, crazy stuff, but it was a blast.

Naruto wouldn’t have been the same without you all and I hope that we can take more journeys together in future.

Sayonara Naruto... :')

Sayonara Naruto… :’)

Well, that’s it for my last Naruto breakdown. I hope you guys enjoyed it. I’m sorry it was so very late, but things have just been a bit up and down on my side and every time I’d settle down to work on it, something would come up (no, not that you naughty children) that would end up distracting me.

As far as the future of WRA is concerned, this may be my last Naruto breakdown, but it certainly won’t be my last post involving this series. I plan to do more, fun posts that include, but are not limited to, favorite hero and villain posts, arc breakdowns or discussions, and more.

I’m also exploring the idea of following a new series, as I have mentioned before, so I’ll try a few breakdowns and see how well it is received, then move forward from there. If there are any other authors interested in covering series of their own, please send me an email and let me know, and we can discuss an arrangement.

Anyway, here are the winners of the last Bubbliton Contest!

5th) Kantonkage

Bubblition: So this is what happens when Talk-No-Jutsu fails.
Caption:And you thought Naruto was a pacifist.


Bubble: Looks like we gonna have to start treating the women in our lives better…
Caption: Losing your dominant hand can give you a change of heart.

3rd) Tigerpalm

Sasuke: Somehow I don’t think we did it right!
Caption: A blow job gone very wrong!!!

2nd) KevinPhoenix

Bubble: Good fight, Naruto. High fi… thumbs u… good fight.
Caption: Awkwardness levels… rising!

Iamnotreallyhere: Maybe replace the Bijudama with… I dunno a short game of thumb wars?

Iamnotreallyhere: Maybe replace the Bijudama with… I dunno a short game of thumb wars?

Well done to Iamnotreallyhere for his winning entry!

Thanks guys! I’ll see you all in the comments! ^ ^

~ by Tenrai Senshi on February 5, 2015.

28 Responses to “Naruto Chapter 700 Breakdown: The end of an era and the beginning of something new…”

  1. FIRST!!!

  2. I’ve been waiting to see this for three months. Thank you so much!

  3. Heh, three has always been my favorite number so I’ll gladly take THIRD!!

  4. Come on Kanton…. We need the death <__<

    Awesome Breakdown Tenrai! Been waiting a while for this one that is true. I think the problem with Kishi continuing the story immediately it may ruin a bit of the mystery. I think a small gap in time will be needed and to be honest I would like it if Naruto wasn't around anymore which will in a sense make, Bolt etc not the main characters or they could have Naruto die but overall I am happy with this ending and to spoil it now with 'new' plots will just diminish it for me. So either Kishi do a massive jump forward or a new IP 😉

  5. wow! finally hahahaha

  6. still brings me to tears.. them feels

  7. Thank you Tenrai for this final installment of breakdowns. If there is a way to beam you a cheesecake of your choice, let us know.

    Looks like we will be seeing some more of Naruto Universe in Aug 2015 according to the blog:

  8. FIRST! …. crap I ment to send that 2 years and an entire final arc ago

  9. FOUR IS DEATH!!!!

  10. Didn’t like the ending. It didn’t feel like an ending. I hope there is some type of book that comes out that explains a lot of stuff. I hope it’s the next Naruto data book. I ain’t going to be watching or reading any new manga/anime from this franchise. I’ve had months to stew, and it didn’t sit well with me. But it’s the author’s decision. And I have saw fit that Naruto ended differently in my had. This author has given so much information about the series that I can continue it how I see fit in my own way.

    Needless to say. It has been a damn find pleasure getting to know you guys. I don’t know if any of you guys visit here anymore or not. I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you Tenrai, thank you commentors. You guys have brought me joy when I was feeling sad. You guys gave me something to look forward to on weekly basis’. I hope to God that we continue on as friends in one media or another. Years of me have been poured into commenting on this site, and I don’t regret a single second. Awesome community. We ARE Awesomeness. And I have learned to that I ARE Awesomeness thanks in part to this site.

  11. “You guys have brought me joy when I was feeling sad. You guys gave me something to look forward to on weekly basis”

    Hey, that’s the same as me! In fact I would sometimes look forward to this breakdown even more than the chapters themselves!

    Well, if anyone’s still reading, best of wishes!

  12. Ja ne, Gs. It was one hell of a run! Any plans to write up The Last Naruto Movie? I’d love to take a crack at it–for old times’ sake. Wishing you all peace and good journey. Thanks for all the laughs and fun. -Ibi

  13. Ibiki, if you come in and write it I’ll certainly read it. along with everyone else here I bet. I think I still have permissions on here? You might be able to send your work my way and I can put it right in. I think you might have my facebook info.

  14. Hey Ibi

    I think it might be a fun idea for you to write the movie breakdown. It might be nice for everyone to see an old face returning with a great post. XD

    Just let me know if you are still interested.

  15. Heya there!

    Long time no see, its been fun reading the breakdowns although I wasn’t much of an active poster I’ve been reading ‘m since the old IRA era 🙂

    @Tenrai, Movie breakdown would be nice, although i haven’t watched it yet, i would definitely watch it and enjoy the breakdown.

  16. Naruto Gaiden thoughts?

  17. Love the concept that Kishimoto is starting something new with the children of Konoha and I really like the idea that Sarada could be the daughter of Sauske and Karin.

  18. And, it looks like I’ll be starting Naruto breakdowns again starting Monday. XD


  20. yahoo!!

  21. yayayayayayayy, lets she who is the first comment on gaiden 😀

  22. Sorry for the delay on the breakdown guys. It seems every time I plan to do it, something comes up and eats up my time. T__T

    I’ll try get it out as soon as I can.

  23. <__<

    Seems Naruto is back… Kakashi's face was revealed and disappointingly he didn't have massive lips… Looked kinda normal…


    New chapter and I’m loving it ^_^

  25. Anyone else Notice the Akutski Cloak on the on who I am guessing will be the new villain?

  26. Anyone else getting tired of doujutsu?

  27. I’ve hated dojutsu ever since the Rinnegan. The movie said that Orochimaru would be the villain.

  28. I will admit I kind of looked forward to the idea of Naruto’s children getting the Byakugan and what they might be able to do with it with enough creativity and skill. But all the sharingans are back and ugh. At least if Orochimaru’s the villain then it’ll be a little better.

    Wonder what happened to Kabuto? Did he ever get to go back home when he remembered where his home was?

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