One Piece Chapter 599 IS OUT + Chapter 598 Breakdown And Discussion. Seriously, It’s Real…

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-One Piece Chapter 597 Highlights Below-

YOSH!!! Welcome WRA to a breakdown! A One Piece Breakdown! Yes, I know, I thought they were extinct too… Thank God I found a lost island full of them! Let’s go!

I sorta, kinda, definitely neglected the chapter 597 breakdown. Whoops. Well, here are the highlights!

1.) The cover page is pure badassedry!

Legends unite!

Whitebeard and Roger posing side to side as two friends even with the intense rivalry between the two that had them fighting constantly while they were both alive. They set an example for all the future generations of pirates to come. It truly is the end of a great era. R.I.P. Edward Newgate and Gol D. Roger.

2.) Zoro bows to Mihawk.

I wonder if he learned how to make Mihawk’s sammiches just how he likes them. Tch, obviously I’m not too big a fan of Zoro training under Mihawk but both men do have some balls.

Zoro: “Teach me so I can grow stronger and take your head.”

Mihawk: “Whatever.”

3.) Rayleigh trains Luffy and the 3 types of Haki.

Remember, he attacked Rayleigh first...

A.) Haki to sense “presence.” The Haki with the “color of observation.” This is the Haki that allows you to predict attacks and sense others around you. It’s called Mantra on Sky Island.

Alright, that's enough Rayleigh.

B.) Haki of “fighting spirit.” The Haki with the “color of armaments.” This Haki allows you to deflect attacks and effectively hit DF users that can’t be hurt by normal means! You’ll get yours Logia users!!! This power can also be imbued in weapons increasing their strength.

This is borderline animal abuse...

C.) Haki of “intimidation.” The Haki with the “color of the conqueror.” A very rare Haki that only 1 out of a million people possess. This Haki allows the user to…well…intimidate the opponent. Trust me, I’m making it sound much more underwhelming on purpose. This Haki can not be strengthened. It’s only measured by the user’s spirit. The user can only be trained to control it properly.

We learned a few good facts about Haki this chapter. For one thing everyone has the first 2 types of Haki lying dormant their beings. It’s really a matter of realizing it and pulling out this ability. Most people can’t, won’t, or don’t do it. Lastly, most people gravitate to one color of Haki they’re naturally skilled in.  The more you train your Haki the better the possibilities they will provide

4.) A little bit o’ Strong World canon.


Luffy is to train on an island full of animals that are incredibly strong and would give even him a run for his money. Animals he couldn’t beat even if he went Gear Second or Third because Rayleigh specifically said he couldn’t beat over 500 animals on the island in his current condition. His injuries were healed by then. Before the movie ‘Strong World’ I couldn’t imagine there being an island of animals that would give our protagonist Luffy trouble in battle. I think ‘Strong World’ gave believability to the animal challenge provided on that island. Also it was credible foreshadowing. Of course, there’s also this.

Dact Green keeps the animals away.

5.) Oda never forgets.

Are those the three scratches from Buggy’s attack 579 chapters ago?

If the hat was stretched out when Buggy attacked it and then later stitched together by Nami (which it was) then it probably is.

Fast forward 4 weeks!

-One Piece Chapter 598 Breakdown Below-

Yay~, we’re all caught up now! I know after all this time we’ve grown stronger from this long wait. Thank me later. =)

And so begins the real breakdown!

Now I don’t know how resistant straw hats are but that’s one resistant hat to resist the elements of weather on that island for 2 years. 48 seasons in a year and the seasons change once a week. Not a sign of wear or tear damage on the thing. Shanks must have imbued that hat with Haki. >_>

Luffy commands animals and denies marriage proposals from beautiful women. GAR!

Luffy is done his training and actually learned all the basics of the 3 types of Haki 6 months earlier than planned. That’s 1 ½ years of training with Rayleigh who then left because he had nothing more to teach him. What was Luffy doing on that island alone for 6 months then? Training of course but what? Basic strength, honing his Haki abilities, developing a new Gear? ^_^ But that’s all unimportant, I know what you all want me to really talk about. LUFFY’S GAR SCAR!!!

It’s freaking beautiful (no homo)!!! *_* I say that in the manliest gruff way possible. *takes a shot of apple juice*. Remember he got that scar from Akainu’s attack on his chest while Jimbei was holding him. Wow, not only did Akainu kill his big brother but he scarred him for life, marked him! Akainu is making sure he makes his MARK on Luffy’s life, eh? Lol, ok enough of that. Of all the appearances though I do like Usopp’s change the best. I think he turned all of that fat into pure muscle and awesomeness. Robin looks as beautiful as ever and Nami grew some in her own lovely way, oh yeeeaaah. Brook and Chopper really didn’t change much, besides a change of clothes. What happened to your purple pimp cane Brook with the sword in it!? That was freaking awesome! Oh well, awesome shark guitar will have to do. Sanji manages to look even more perverted with that goatee, lol, and his LEFT EYEBROW swirls to the right! XD Do you have any idea how this makes Sanji look? Both of his eyebrows go in the same direction! No wonder he always covers one eye, that unlucky bastard! XD

I saved Zoro and Franky last because we haven’t seen them in the recent chapter. Honestly, we can’t really judge them fully just from this cover page. We can see their changes clearly but it’s only one picture and it may not tell the whole story. Zoro first, he did not lose his arm! *gives Kisu the evil eye* I don’t think he even lost his eye. He just got a manly eye scar and his badass bandana is now just wrapped around his left arm which is covered by Luffy’s body. Really looks like a young Rayleigh. Lol, remember this? Yeah, his scar should definitely be healed by now. ;P Last but not least…Franky…*sigh* Oh Oda, what the hell did you do to Franky? His hair…i-it’s not…SUPEEEERRRR!!!!!! T_T Franky is not Franky without the hair! Its been 2 years so surely he’s not still growing it back so that means it’s short on purpose. What happened to his arms!? They’re huge-er than normal!!! Does he still have those stars so he can go SUPPPERRR ^(0_0)^? If you can’t tell already his change of appearance is the only one I don’t like. The only good change I like about his is the number 37 on his shoulder! Which is a nice homage to his other 35 Battle Frankys and his old body (the 36th Battle Franky).

Fake and or gay.

Holy crap, we haven’t even gotten to the meat of the chapter yet! Not to worry, I’m going to summarize the hell out of it. ;D When I first saw the “Straw Hat Pirates” were recruiting I thought it was a method of distraction. Like they were going to gather up all of the recruited in one place and while the Marines busted that place the real Straw Hats would make their escape on the Thousand Sunny. But alas, they’re just asshole fakes.

It'd be funny if Brook just used the guitar to bash people over the head.

As the chapter goes on we get updates of the crew members who have made their way to Sabaody Archipelago. Brook is now a famous rock star of soooouuuul music! LMAO!!! If Brook didn’t have the best change of appearance he surely wins best reappearance. From singing in cages to singing on worldwide stages and making his captors millions. I can’t wait to see how people react when they find out he’s on the Straw Hat crew. One thing I’m confused about is the quote, “The TD sales are at their highest right now, in the millions!” Does TD = Tone Dials? If so how are their millions of them? I thought those artifacts from the sky were extremely rare.

Moving on to Sanji, HE’S NOT AN OKAMA, yahoo~! In fact he flips off the rest of the okamas, lol. That’s the second middle finger we’ve seen in the series. I love the okamas but Sanji isn’t Sanji unless he’s perving on girls.

That's a scary opponent right there.

Over at a bar we’re reintroduced to Nami and Usopp but not before we meet the fake out Straw Hat crew who are recruiting pirates with at least 70 million bounties on their head. Now I don’t know about anybody else but the Sogeking and Vasco Shot fusion creature looks the most dangerous to me out of the bunch of fake outs. Even more dangerous than the Caribou brothers with their 210 and 190 million bounties. I think the reason why they have such high bounties is because they’re known for killing Marines, it really doesn’t measure their strength.

*tap* *tap* *tap* You hear that? Countless NamiXUsopp fanfics are being made all across the world right now.

Anyway, they start messing with Nami, who looks sexy in her long hair, and Usopp busts in to her unneeded rescue. His new attacks are awesome but did he attack without the use of any sort of slingshot? Did he throw the pop green? XD I like you’ve gotten stronger Usopp but bring out that Kabuto Slingshot, don’t throw things around like a monkey slinging his poo. ~_~ Overall, I like how Nami is still strong willed and unafraid of threats especially when it comes to joining someone else’s crew. Think of her stances against Enel and Bellamy. Lol, and I like how Usopp is still…Usopp.

Usopp: “Sogeking why!?”

Usopp: “Luffy!?”

Rayleigh and Shakky are like Duval's two assholish parents. xD

Back to Sanji he reunites with Rayleigh, Shakky, and Duval who still sucks hard at winking. But I think he improved a little in the 2 years. Shakky reports the order of returns, 1st Zoro, 2nd Fra-wait what!? Zoro got here first!? Maybe he headed back 2 years ago… Anyway, 2nd Franky who has been working on the Thousand Sunny for 10 days now, 3rd Nami, 4th Usopp, 5th Chopper, 6th Brook, 7th Sanji, 8th Robin, and last but not least Luffy! I’m guessing on the arrival of Robin but since she didn’t check in with Rayleigh and Shakky I say she arrived 8th.

Did you do the Macarena?

Speaking of Robin I really like that new look! @_@ Every crew member will have a new and exciting story to tell. You know what Robin’s will be?

Robin: “Luffy, from now on you have to call me mommy.”

Luffy: “Ok.”

Btw, Robin was hanging around Grove 12, the same area where the Straw Hat crew was dispersed 2 years ago.

What has been seen can't be unseen.

Finally we have Chopper! “KAAWWAAIIII~~!!!!” AGH! Back off fangirls! *waves stick* There is so much wrong with that cucumber scene and every time I look at it I laugh and shudder.

So what was Chopper doing for 2 years? He was searching for that STICK of course! XD

Good call there bub...

Let’s talk about the G1 Branch. Remember Smoker is at the G5 Branch. In the bar scene with Nami it was mentioned that the locations of Marineford and G1 were switched meaning Marineford is now in the New World and G1 is where Marineford used to be. It looks like Momonga is in charge of G1 and I don’t know if he has a new position so I’m still calling him Vice Admiral. Speaking of new positions there is a new Fleet Admiral, in place of retired Sengoku, and I wonder who it is. Did Aokiji get the position or was it handed to Akainu? Let’s find out Oda did a complete “WTF” and made Kizaru the Fleet Admiral. Anyway, Momonga starts to gather up the forces to handle the Straw Hat pirates who are “recruiting” in Sabaody Archipelago. Good job guys on being discreet.

The most innocent rape face you'll ever see.

Last but not least Luffy makes his way onto the scene with a giant pack of…meat? Most likely not but it’s funny to think about. I see a rape coming on!

That ends this week’s breakdown and believe me I know it’s long. I wrote it. ;D Just a few questions I have.

1.) Why didn’t the World Government seize the Straw Hat’s ship, The Thousand Sunny, while it was sitting in Sabaody Archipelago for 2 years? Surely Duval and Shakky could not have protected it from the WG. This is where Kuma comes in, I bet he had something to do with the WG’s lack of involvement with the Thousand Sunny.

2.) Speaking of Kuma, what happened between him, Shakky, Duval, and the Thousand Sunny?

3.) Regarding Zoro, seriously if he made it back to the Thousand Sunny first who escorted him? Mihawk or Perona? Perona…

4.) Regarding the bar scene again the “Yonkou” were mentioned. After 2 years the term Yonkou (The 4 Emperors) is still be used? What does this mean? Was Whitebeard replaced? Did Blackbeard finally take Whitebeard’s position?

5.) After these 2 long years have 3 new pirates replaced Jimbei, Crocodile, and Moria as Shichibukai and if so who are they? Speaking of Moria, what happened to him?

Alright, that be all. I’ll be around WRA more often to comment and do these breakdowns. Here’s this week’s demotivational poster! Comment, predict, and enjoy! 😀


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  1. FIRST even though i’m reading chapter 140 something.


    That’s odd, despite everyone caling for your head Super, no one has commented yet.

  2. Second? anyway ITS FINALLY OUT! I CANT BELIVE IT! nice breakdown, but i have to disagree with you on Franky. His new look is kickass! i think it will be good for the strawhats to have one large guy on their crew, like the Admirals and Blackbeards crew, who all seem to be larger then normal humans. besides this is franky, when the crew asks him about his hair hell probably press a switch and it will pop back up or something!
    Anyway, i will bet my nonexistent internet money that Blackbeard became a Yonkou. i mean come on he had two years to fully master the gura gura, he must be unstoppable by now! I’m not even going to try and guess about the new fleet admiral. Oda is so unpredictable that it could be any of the old three, though i hope a logia replaced whoever it was that got promoted. somehow i feel that the admirals all need to be logias. Fake Strawhats must die. Like now. i hope luffy breaks that guy in half next chapter. was anyone else slightly disappointed by chopper? all that changed was his hat (where did Hirulks hat go?) and he is still naive and guilable!

    Prediction: i somehow get the feeling this will escalate into a clash between the forces the fakes have and the real crew. somehow it will lead back to Brookes concert(which will be playing live around the world), with them beating down the fakes onstage. Brooke then finishes his last song, and announces to his audience (and the world) that he is ending his career to re-join the straw hats. the world is stunned, many Lolz faces ensure, and the marines are facepalming that they had a strawhat under their noses this whole time and did not know.

  3. 3rd!!!???

  4. @Kantonkage: It’s normal for One Piece breakdowns to get a few comments and stay low key. They only get a lot when I least expect it, or after I let one sit for about 4-5 weeks. 😉

    @Takashid: NANI!? Franky looks kickass!? He looks like a balding human/gorilla hybrid with blue lego arms and red twizzler hands. What happened to his human looking hands and his awesome hairstyle? What happened to his SUPPERRR stars?

    I’m hoping those arms are just attachments and his hair does grow back. I’m really hoping you’re right about that hair switch. As I said in the breakdown I don’t think it’s fair to just judge either Zoro or Franky from this one cover page so I’m reserving my full judgement.

    I’m with you on Blackbeard being a Yonkou though. He’s the most plausible and Shanks made it pretty clear what would happen.

    I bet at least one of the Supernovas became a Shichibukai, either because One Piece was to hard to obtain (not likely) or to further their goals. Maybe if one does become a Shichibukai that was their goal. Speaking of Supernovas what happened between Drake and Kaidou!?

    Too many questions… I’m betting Akainu is the new Fleet Admiral, I’m sure I mentioned this before.

  5. WHAT IF….WHAT IF…!…the new Yonkou is……some character we’ve never seen before? Anticlimactic, I know.

    A breakdown of epic proportions.

    *pays fangirls to mug Superdude*

    That’s for saying Zoro has both arms >_>

  6. The new Yonkou will be a group of rabid fangirls. Genius Kisu!

    Btw, new poll. I noticed some new people were getting into One Piece. I always recommend starting off with the anime because the beginning scantalations and translations for One Piece chapters are absolutely horrid. Plus, the anime is just epic to me. That’s how I got into One Piece. The OST and seeing the fights and crew interactions animated made me the fan I am today. I do admit the fillers aren’t all that great and the pacing recently has been terrible. I didn’t notice any pacing issues when I was watching the anime though (before I started reading). Anyway, anime or chapters folks?

  7. @Superdude, I think its best to go with the anime when you just begin. To this day I’ve yet to read all the chapters of Naruto or Bleach, or even Dragonball. I can’t just start reading a manga willy nilly. The anime gives all of the characters voices and more colorful personalities. So when I’m reading Ichigo’s words, I’m thinking he’s talking with Johnny Yong Bosch’s voice, same with everyone else. Watching the anime first puts things into perspective.


  8. awesome breakdown supa dude … The chopper part was roflmfao xD.
    What i think

    -Buggy will be a shichibukai
    -Akainu = fleet admiral
    -Marco has replaced whitebeard as captain , and he is strong enough too . Regeneration + logica + haki = awesomeness incarnate
    -zoro did not loose an eye or arm , thats what i hope for actually = (
    -the ghost girl must have brought zoro here and she will join the crew

    Thanks again supa dude for writing an awesome breakdown

  9. OMG it only took you 6 weeks to write =P
    Well worth the wait though, your break downs usually are =]

    I actually got into one piece with the 4kids dub… but that was before I got internet. It is a testament to Oda’s awesomeness that even 4kids couldn’t crap it down enough for it to loose too much of it’s awesome =P

  10. …arc.

    Oda has apologize for making a mistake on the color spread. Zoro’s scar was supposed to be on the other eye.

    As for Franky’s hair, I’m certain there are some plans for it. My best guess is it’ll grow out when he powers up.

  11. thank you super!!!! FINALLYYYYYYYY!!!!!


    Epic breakdown! I also dont like Franky’s new look but the rest are awesome XD

    Start with the anime peoples! You wont notice the pacing issues unless you read the manga. The anime is amazing

  12. gunslinger47: can you link a source to that info? seems strange oda would mess up the scar placement when he had four weeks to make that spread.

    Super: i started with the manga, and did not watch the anime till the CP9 arc. i dont know what the early anime was like, but by that point the pacing(except for robin’s flashback, because they couldnt insert filler in there) was horrible. only thing i could enjoy was the Lucci vs Luffy fight. i say manga everytime. the anime has its good points( like Robins “I Want to LIVE!” and luffy beating lucci as two examples), but overall, its not as good. look at the whitebeard war, in the manga every chapter was filled with awesomeness, in the anime now, the episodes are dragged out to the point that only one or two important things happen per chapter. As for Franky, yes he looks kickass! he looks like he could break you in half with one hand! i was never as attached to his hair as all of you apparently were, so i dont mind the cut, it makes him look more badass with his shades. as for the stars, he probably still has them, they just arent shown here. I didnt think that luffy’s scar came from Akainu, i dont see it in the chapters before the skip, but it would make a kind of sense. still, i think that its from his training not Akainu. like i said, i dont see it or any bandages on his chest as he talks with rayleigh.
    A supernova as a Warlord makes sense, but none of them seemed to be on that level two years ago except Kid and maybe Law and they dont seem the type. maybe Bonny was brainwashed and became a warlord similar to kuma is now?

    P.S Lego’s are Badass…

  13. I have been thinking, i dont think Luffy is really good with the color of observation, cause if he was then he wouldn´t have bumped on the fake Luffy he would have like evaded him right?

    Also I would really want to see Zoro fighting Luffy, when they meet up, as to reassure the pact they made years before, and see if they are still worthy of each other, like the “wannabe Pirate King” and the “Wannabe the Best Swordsman ever”, I do see Zoro asking for this, not that I am saying it could actually happen but it would be awesome!!

  14. @takashid: Here is the link for that info

    Oda really messed up!!

  15. otepgarra: thanks for that. i prefer that eye anyway.

    lol those pictures… See Super, franky still has the stars 😛 i still love his look, i think he modefied himself to use pacificta tech, but i bet you arent gonna like his look…

  16. @takashid I do prefer that eye also! Zoro really looks badass, can´t wait to see his new techs and fighting style, it’s gonna be epic, and not onlyZoro all of the SH’s!!!!

  17. ok ok…. I’m calling this right now!


    just saying. XD

  18. Guys, read the manga again. the new fleet admiral was Aokiji.. -.-;

  19. Awesome breakdown Super!!!


    Dont tell me I didn´t warn you, If you keep reading is under your own risk…

    ONE PIECE Chapter 599: The Nine Pirates

    Fake Luffy fires his gun at Luffy
    Luffy uses haki to dodge the attack
    Fake Luffy is unconcious, everyone in the area is astonished

    A marine reports the Strawhats are gathering at 46GR, as they look at the fake Luffy’s recruit poster
    Sentoumaru appears.

    Sanji is muttering about how Zoro got there first, but he still ended up getting lost


  21. Awesome breakdown super..

    Slightly Spoilerish

    lol at Oda’s mistake.. seriously.. how could such a big one happen??

    It definitely seems as though zoro lost one eye, thank god he has his arm.. But the strength or usefulness of any body parts is questionable in one piece .. (eg) Sanji never uses one eye, Shanks lost his arm and became helluva lot stronger.

  22. And as for the anime or chapters thing, I am not a good authority to say cuz I haven’t seen even a single episode.

    But nothing beats manga in my opinion.. And there is the speed factor to look too.. If you start reading chapters now you can come up to speed in 3 days (my record) but anime time is a whole different order of magnitude and also you have to go through the pain of downloading..

  23. Awesome breakdown twas a hard choice between knowing what happened between kuma and 1000sunny or why the hell this breakdown took so long T.T
    for One Piece people should defenitaly start off with the anime the only series ive started with the manga rightaway were Hajime no Ippo
    and Historys strongest disciple. didnt like Ippo that much at the start but ah well, and hsd was kewl actually.

  24. Thanks everyone, I’ll see you all in 4 weeks. *walks away*

    So from what I gather if you start with the chapters the pacing of the anime seems too slow. For people who started with the anime and didn’t read the chapters until much later on everything seemed fine. So start with the anime and you get the music, the voices, and the color! 😀

    Also, there are some things the manga just can’t provide. Brook’s song, the ringing of the Golden Bell in Skypia, voices, sound, everything in color, and music! The openings and endings to One Piece are wonderful and every time I hear them it sprouts a fond memory. When you’re reading the manga most of the above is left up to the imagination and while this isn’t a bad thing I’m just glad I started with the anime.

    I see most voters recommend starting with the chapter, so that’s an important note to take away from all of this. I wish we had more people speaking out for exactly why though. Takashid has given many good reasons for the manga starter outers but I see no other voices.

    @Ralphmikhail: And where in the manga might it say Aokiji is the new Fleet Admiral? Sengoku recommended Aokiji to take his spot but since he didn’t order it it’s safe to say the decision is not his. Aokiji has a great chance of becoming Fleet Admiral thanks to that recommendation, but Akainu and even Kizaru have a chance too. Oda hasn’t revealed anything so nothing’s definite.

  25. In japan, losing a body part makes u stronger/more badass. examples:

    1. Future Gohan after he lost his arm protecting Trunks
    2. Shanks
    3. Kaname when he was blind

    I guess overcoming your disability improves your strength >_>

  26. @super.. I agree that manga does not provide the effects you mentioned..

    But I generally have a very bad opinion of people converting good written work into movies ( Naruto anime, Harry potter movies, etc,) .But I found LOTR good. (I watched movie before reading)

    So my theory is if you read something and imagine it while you read, more often than not, the visualisation of other people is not very appealing.

    So I’d say what you are getting is not opinions on what is better, but votes on what people started doing.

    @kisu.. lol yeah.. I wonder what would happen if that were true in the real world..

  27. new chapter

  28. Awesome! the new chapter is awesome
    I loved the way luffy used his haki to first predict the bullet then to take out the whole crew xD
    seems we got an answer about zoro’s arm and eye.
    and i predict that his other eye is fine aswell,.. but i might be wrong @.@
    Also the star on frankys arms its like Oda did that for you super lolz

  29. GAAAahh-h! I’m already impatient for the next one!

  30. same due to this slow pace the manga has right now, because they all have to meet up again and stuff, i feel like i read only 5 secs of the story line lol

  31. NO!!! I’m definitely not liking Franky’s new look. I think now that I’ve seen the whole thing it just got worse to me!

    I WANT to like it, he’s Franky after all, but I just can’t. I shouldn’t have to force myself to like something anyway.


    I just hope it grows on me. Maybe when Franky does something awesome and after seeing his new body enough times I’ll get used to it and eventually I won’t even care. Then far in the future…I’ll actually like it. o_o

    Well, that was the only blemish on the chapter for me. Everything else was spectacular! Zoro cutting the galleon like his rival/master did hundreds of chapters ago! That’s how they first met. Luffy using Haki CoO (Color of Observation) and CoC (Color of the Conquerer) Haki on those damn fakes! Now that’s how you should come back after years of training! 2 Pacifistas and Sentomaru are going to be showing up soon and after 2 years of development you know those Pacifistas are going to be stronger! I’m hoping for a crazy chapter 600 brawl coming up. ;D

    Chopper, stop being silly and get with the program. ~_~ Can’t wait until next chapter!

    @Fear: The star and the speedo are the only things keeping me from banging my head on my desk.

    *sniff* T_T

  32. @supertrek89
    How many people liked what Franky looked like immediately after he showed up? Popeye wih a speedo with a double-cleft and blue Ace Ventura hair? For me, it took a little while before I was able to accept and later love him as one of the crew. He somehow looks even more perverted than before, but I feel confident that Oda will make it work.

    As a side note: Did you notice the coat Sentoumaru has over his shoulders?

  33. I think I’m finally gonna be able to like Franky now 🙂

    Hey does anyone think the Strawhats are gonna finally stop being dirt poor? I think so, Brooke’s stinking rich.

    Also, that page with Zoro making his badass entrance has him looking too much like Smoker for my taste. That level of awesomeness is reserved for Cigaretteman only 😡

  34. @Gunslinger: I don’t know about the majority but I had no problem at all with Franky’s first look. I thought it was weird but it was definitely fun and original. I liked it right off the bat. There was nothing to get used to because that was the Franky we were introduced to.

    I know I’ll warm up to his new look eventually when I concentrate less on his square wrists, bulbous shoulders, and his hair…loss…

    In the meantime Franky is still Franky so that’s all that really matters.

  35. so this chapter was awesome! i still like frankys look, i think im going against the majority here though. luffy using his haki was so friggen epic, and btw everyone, im sure i wasnt the only one who noticed fake luffy mention a 400 million belli bounty!?

  36. Don’t you guys think only a 100 million rise in the bounty of Luffy is pretty small considering all that happened… hitting a Tenryubitto,… entering Impel Down,…. causing a ruckus IN Impel Down,… escaping Impel Down,…. participating in the Summit,…. being the son of Dragon,… I can’t remember if there could be another but i think this reasons are worthy at least a couple hundred million Belli, AT LEAST!!!! I think it is pretty insulting, not that Luffy would care though… ¬_¬

  37. otepgaara: but you see the thing is, except for the tenryubito thing, luffy was getting his ass kicked during every single one of those things. seriously, he was getting smacked around the whole time. the bounty is given for danger to the WG, and luffy still isnt that big of a threat, he has the potential to be a threat. besides, if you think about the arlords former bountys, oda isnt going to make luffy THAT much higher then them.

  38. @takashid and @otepgaara
    I was expecting Luffy’s bounty to be a little higher as well. If we look back you’ll notice that after the strawhats defeated the CP9. Luffy’s bounty went from 100,000,000 Beli to 300,000,000Beli. So him defeating Lucci was worth 200,000,000Beli. But punching a tenryubito (who are the descendents of the WG, protected by the marines, and are supposed to be all high and mighty) is only worth 100,000,000beli? idk… I would have thought with how sacred the celestial dragons were portrayed, that actually hurting one in any way would by more than 100,000,000….
    so im slightly disappointed. 😦

  39. Great chapter again..
    As for Franky’s appearance, is it just me or is Oda making a statement??.. Franky said this was his first and probably final form. The “final” part was absolutely unnecessary.

    I think a lot of other people(editors and stuff) told him to change Franky’s look, and he is defying them..

    Or it could be just that I am reading too much between the lines .. 😛

  40. @tahashid: did you JUST SAY that luffy is not a threat to the world government? What do you think makes people like shanks, whitebeard, rayleigh and the kuja princess strong? Their HASHOUKU HAKI. Luffy has that. Except, of course, you’re saying he was not much of a threat before. But even then, during the battle at marinefold, the marines realised luffy’s threat after seeing his potential with haki, and realizing he was dragon’s son, so much that even akainu wanted him dead.

    What a great chapter. Kept screaming when i saw zoro cut the ship in half. I reckon brooke is able to hypnotize his opponents with his music. Chopper has seemingly developed variations of his monster appearance, perhaps could even control that colossal, huge appearance he initially found difficult to. I reckon robin has a message from luffy’s dad. Looking forward to the next chapter.

  41. totalitarianhypnosis: please. two years ago luffy was vice admiral level at best. he couldn’t even control his haki, and got his ass kicked all through marienford and impel down. he was definatly no threat compared to people like shanks and whitebeard. and what the marines were afraid of at the marinford battle was luffys POTENTIAL. thats mentioned several times. and as for akainu, he seems to have some history with dragon. i got that feeling because he always refered to luffy as “Dragon’s son” and knew he was dragon’s son before it was announced. seemed like a grudge. so, no luffy was not a serious threat back then. now, on the other hand…

  42. I don’t care Luffy should be at least 500,000,000 million or 600,000,000 million… hehehe

    @takashid: Probably you are right and back then Luffy wasn´t a big of a threat to the WG when it came to strength, but i must say he was and always has been a threat to WG, even if he got his ass wooped from here to there… he broke into on and must important broke out of the so called “unescapable prison” that only one person in the world had ever acomplished to do that, I think is reason enough, also @bbgurly14 made a great point in the tenryubitto, after hitting the tenryubitto he should be the most of the most wanted person in the world!!!!!, another thing, the fact that he actually freed Ace, not Whitebeard, not Marco not anyone else, but Luffy should also be reason enough, now then if Ace died minutes later well that was just miscalculation hehehe ~_~…

  43. Luffy’s bounty has gone up according to what he could do during the Impel down breakout, and the war at Marineford. I don’t think punching the Tenryobuto had much impact on his bounty because I think the world government only keeps them around as symbols/figureheads. Personally I don’t think the WG would too terribly much if he had killed him instead of just punching him out, mostly because you have to know that the upkeep on those spoiled monsters has to be quite a burden. The only real reason that they seem to take offense at them being attacked is that they are a symbol of the WG and an attack on them is symbolically an attack on the WG.

    It’s also possible that it only went up so much because of the fake Luffy, whom seems to have fooled quite a few people. I have my suspicions about him too, as my current theory is that he is a WG stooge set up to ruin/deteriorate the real Straw hat pirates reputation. I know what some of you are going to say, if that’s the case why are the marines readying to attack them? Well if they aren’t in the loop about him being a stooge then they wouldn’t know, that or they capture him every once in a while so he can escape or something, this is pure speculation however. Either way I think Fake Luffy has at least something to do with the lack of a really large bounty increase.

    Franky by far underwent the most drastic change, but then again I think it was a necessity. Compare old Franky to the other Straw Hats, now while Franky was far from a one pony show as far as Offensive abilities went, he was rather specialized in his range of attacks. That and with his cybernetic body it’s not like he could just work out to get stronger. He had to take drastic steps to become as strong as he could possibly make himself. I would also be willing to bet good money that he has a much more varied collection of armaments at his disposal. Most of which probably wouldn’t have fit into his old chassis, so his drastic change was inevitable in my mind.

    The Crew member with the least amount of visible changes is Chopper, his only appearance change seems to be the hat. His hat now has a blue extension which most people have written off as purely aesthetic. Me I have another theory, I think it is what will help him control his super powered beast mode. My theory is that under certain circumstances ( like increased body from his super powered beast mode or something) it will emit an incense like aroma therapy that will help him keep from going berserk when he goes big beast, thus allowing him to use it to it’s full potential. Pure speculation on my part I know, but still…

    Anyways I have rambled enough for now.
    As if anyone is actually going to read this long arsed post anyways =P

  44. @Takashid: I’d say when Luffy defeated Crocodile and the Gorousei took notice of Luffy he was a bit of a threat. Then when he declared war on the World Government and tore through Eneis Lobby and escaped he was a bit of a threat. Then he defeated his second Shichibukai Moria and the Gorousei sent Kuma himself to take care of the SH.

    I agree, in the bigger scheme of things he wasn’t really that BIG of a threat to the World Government as say…his father or any of the Yonkou (though they’re just chilling it seems). he was more like a big thorn in the World Government’s side. For him to be a true threat he’ll connect with his father and head over to the New World getting closer and closer to One Piece.

    Bounties represent how much the WG cares about you really. Luffy’s 300 now 400 million bounty shows he’s up there but he’s just a rookie. He’ll show them soon enough though.

    @Iamnotreallyhere: It seems the Fake Straw Hat crew appeared the same day Luffy, Sanji, Brook, and Robin arrived on the island. As soon as they started recruiting and made themselves known the Marines jumped right on it. I don’t think the fake Luffy had anything to do with the bounty in other words because he wasn’t known. As soon as anybody fitting the description or impersonating Luffy showed up the World Government would have had them in jail long ago.

    I think Franky will have some awesome power ups – ah my ride is here! X_X
    Breakdown will be out tomorrow morning!!!

  45. @Iamnotreallyhere: I did >.<

  46. Wow supertrek, this new breakdown looks startlingly like the last one =P

  47. @supertrek89
    We learn more about Franky’s hair in chapter 600.

  48. What has happened to this forum not discussion at all!!! 😦 Sad thing…

  49. I agree, more One Piece Discussion is Needed!!!

    Personally I think the pace needs to pick up a bit, I know we have much to learn about the Strawhats new powers and all but I think it’s being stretched out a bit. Probably to see how people react to things as they are revealed, but that’s just supposition on my part.

    Aside from that I am happy with everything else, even Franky’s new look =P


    As is the new breakdown.


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