YOSH!!! One Piece Chapter 601 IS OUT + 599 Breakdown! Ok, I Promise I Won’t Do Anymore Late Breakdowns. Alright, See You In 2 Weeks.

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-One Piece Chapter 599 Breakdown Below-

Artwork by Itahs

YOSH!!! Welcome WRA to the Chapter 599 One Piece Breakdown! 599!? You know what this means? 1 MORE CHAPTER UNTIL 600!!! I’m going to do something special that day, like strip naked and run wild in the streets. Yes… Look out for me in the news!

Here’s this week’s Short One Piece Funny and BOPP!

The funny chemistry between Usopp and Luffy is just priceless. 😉 One Piece Funny Short by Mafuuru. Badass One Piece Picture by Elsevilla!

On with the breakdown!

Isn’t it nice how Oda is taking requests for what he should draw on the cover pages? Isn’t that lovely rainbow in the background nice? Isn’t it nice carnivorous sheep are eating meat? Wai- what?


Vista has some sexy competition.


I admit Boa made me laugh hard when she pulled that fake nose and mustache stunt. Lol, I mean the seriousness of her actions is was what really got me. She really thought that would be an appropriate disguise. xD Ah, good times Boa but sadly we must say goodbye. This may be the last we’ll see of her for awhile guys and girls. From uppity spoiled Shichibukai empress that no one liked to uppity spoiled Shichibukai empress that became likable and fell for our hero’s heart. You’ve come a long way Boa Hancock and never forget, no matter what you do, you’ll always be forgiven. No, not because you’re beautiful, but because you’re actually a likable character. Actually this isn’t a goodbye! This is a “See ya later!” Right Luffy who never says goodbye? Luffy never says goodbye!?




Hmm… I guess it is so…  That’s very admirable of him. =) Now what do we have here?

Ah, dammit! -_- Well, I’m sure there’s a deeper meaning behind what he said. Like when he says his farewells he never means to part forever. He’ll see you again in the future and he doesn’t believe goodbyes are meant to last. Maybe it’s just a translation error. I never trusted those old chapter translations anyway.


*whistles and walks away*


Now let’s get to serious epicness! Some people may say Luffy’s character has really developed here when the fake Luffy is bothering him and Luffy decides not to fight or make a commotion. Some people…but most remember Luffy in a small bar of Jaya when Bellamy and his crew picked a fight with him and Zoro. What did they do in response? They took the beating and decided not to fight. This is no different from what Luffy is doing 2 years later on Sabaody Archipelago. Not fighting a useless fight. Well, that is until fake Luffy pulls out a gun and it’s a wrap from there! Luffy doesn’t need to raise his hands or even take his hands off his backpack straps. Putting his 2 years of Haki training in action he uses Color of Observation to predict the path and velocity of the bullet and dodge it (maybe he even predicted when fake Luffy would pull the trigger), then Color of the Conqueror to overwhelm the fake Luffy’s spirit and knock him out. KABLAM! And that’s all she wrote. Don’t forget the most important part; Luffy’s badass nonchalant walk away as if nothing happened. 😉 Now that’s how you come back after 2 years of training! I’m so proud of you Luffy. ^(T_T)^

(Note: While we’re on Haki I’ll let you know I made a mistake last week when I said CoC can’t be improved or become stronger. It does grow stronger, with personal growth. It grows with the hardships and experience the character goes through in life. It’s just that you can’t “train” it to grow stronger.)


Lol, what? Don't even ask...


We move on to the Thousand Sunny and Franky. Ah, I missed you Thousand Sunny but I’m still wondering… WTH happened between you, Kuma, Duval, and Shakky!? I’m also excited to see what new weapons Franky put in you.


Awwww, that's mean. =( *chuckles evilly*


GAAHHH!!! What is that!? From what hell spawn of a madman’s laboratory did you crawl out of and once found defective banished to masquerade as a man in the eyes of humanity!? Franky? =( Nah, that’s too harsh. Lol, you know I think I’m getting used to his new look oh so slowly. I just stare at it for 2 hours every day until my mind accepts it for what it is or my eyes begin to bleed. Apparently, Oda deals with Franky’s appearance in chapter 600 from a little spoiler I read. >_>


Fear the pissed off fat man with the axe.


Hmm…Chopper is acting too naïve for my liking but at least thanks to him the Marines “confirm” the fake Straw Hats are their targets. Franky comments on the possibility of Brook not coming back. Yeah…sure… Oh snap, Sentoumaru!!! I even missed you! For a long time now I’ve thirsted for Luffy’s vengeance on you. I don’t hate you Sentoumaru, far from it. You’re a cool character and you blab a lot giving us a lot of information. I just want you to get your ass kicked so we can truly test Luffy’s improvement. Alright, so maybe you won’t get your ass kicked but at least bleed! BLEED! *_* I love that guy. He takes two PX’s with him and after 2 years of development I wonder how much Vegapunk has improved his human weapons.


Brings back memories.


Lastly, we’re reintroduced to Zoro! Oh, the smug bastard… Why are girls all over the world fainting at Zoro’s presence? He was gar before but with that new scar it seems he’s reached a new level of hotness.  Do scars really make you that hot?

*scars himself*

*gets institutionalized as a suicide risk*

Dammit… I blame this on Zoro and his Mihawk like ship cutting skills.


Ohhhhh....looks like Zoro is still pissed off about that one.


I just want to make one last note. I don’t think we’ve ever seen the cross on the blade of Zoro’s sword (Shuusui) before. It seems Mihawk influenced so maybe we’ll get a story on that.

That ends last week’s breakdown! Here’s your demotivational poster! Comment, predict, and enjoy! 😀


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  1. First !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. You all can use this breakdown to discuss chapter 600 and wonder where I am with the chapter 600 breakdown. >_>

  3. Second!! Awesome breakdown super.. Sentomaru’s Sharingan made me go lol.. I think he is a vice admiral now..

    I might just have to use my colour of conqueror’s Haki on you if you delay chapter 600 breakdown.. 😛

  4. Third!

    By the way, I think what the translators wanted Boa Hancock to say was “I want you to leave without saying goodbye” and Luffy answered “But I don’t say that to anyone!”. What he meant was that he never left without saying goodbye, so he’s saying he’s never NOT said goodbye to anyone. Get it? O_O
    At least, that’s what I think he meant. Maybe it’s a bit too complicated. I’ll just say the translators made a mistake. <_<

    I read the !!!!!SPOILERS!!!!!
    And THANK GOD Franky’s hair can come back if you press his nose. I guess Oda saw how much everyone hated the buzz cut so he decided to add the nose button.
    *celebrates with Super and Franky’s hair fangirls* XD

  5. Great breakdown(if a bit late) of a great chap ^^

    I realised a couple of days ago what Hancock really is. Shes a clever parody of fan shipping in manga. Think about it. Just like shippers can use a hug or even just someone saying a name as an excuse for shipping, so does Hancock think all the same things equals love to her from Luffys side. Not to mention that many Luffy fan-girls would like to replace themselves with her. xD

    Anyway, i liked the parting between them.

    Luffy using haki = ownage!

    I like the introductions of Franky and Zoro and i like their new looks.

    I cant wait to see the crew in action!

    Oh and Sentoumaru was pretty awesome aswell for the few panels he had.

  6. I can clearly hear Luffy saying “Ja ne!” (later / see ya). I hear him using his stupid voice and drawing it out. I think he says it quite frequently in the anime.

    Vice-Admiral pauldrons are blue (dark colored), while Admiral pauldrons are gold (light colored). The coat over Sentoumaru’s shoulders is unshaded.

    That’s very unlikely. Firstly, there hasn’t been enough time. Chapter 598 was published in WSJ on October 3rd, which was only 10 days ago. Secondly, this is Oda we’re talking about. When I first saw Franky’s hair, I had no doubt that Oda had further plans for it.

    credits: Ohana@2ch
    verification: Confirmed
    translation: Aohige_AP

    ONE PIECE 600 再出発の島

    表紙 ゾロが片手に1t 右手にワニ持って 素振りの練習 ワニ泣いてる

    そこのウソップがチョッパーを見つける ナミもチョッパーに抱きつき喜ぶ
    ナミ 船長のルフィの名が売れたから仕方ないわ

    偽サンジ 偽ゾロ走ってチョッパーを探すが、走りすぎて歩きに
    ルフィ やっぱろハンコックの言うとおりヒゲはつけとくべきだな 騒ぎを起こすなと言われたし
    偽サンジ 偽ルフィが探してるマント小僧(ルフィ)じゃ…

    ゾロ おれは海岸へ行きたい 釣りをしてエんだ
    サンジ 駄目だ!!クソ野郎!!
    サンジ 直全員集まるから黙って おれと船に来い!!
    ゾロ 全く7番が1番に偉そうに言いやがって
    サンジ 何来た順番でランキングしてやがんだ 奇跡的に1番だったからって調子こいてんじゃねエぞ!!!

    46G 麦わらの一味集合地
    偽ルフィ ここに集めたのは他でもねえ このおれをどこぞの馬の骨が侮辱した!!犯人達はこの諸島のどこかにいる!!おれの眼の前に引きずってこい!!
    そこに、偽ゾロ 偽サンジ ルフィが到着。
    ルフィ 2年たったあ ずいぶんかわるもんだな~お前ら無口になったんじゃねえか?そんなに仲良かったけなー
    偽サンジ ルフィが本物の麦わら一味なんじゃないかと焦りだす。
    偽サンジ 船長 あの本物のペットは見つからなかったんですが アンタの探してた男はコイツ(ルフィ)では?

    アンコールがなるブルックライブ そこに海軍が来る
    ルンバー海賊団 加えて現在は麦わらのルフィの仲間であるという情報も入っている!!逮捕する!
    そこにブルックのマネージャーが来る。 通報したのはブルックのマネージャー
    ブルック 海賊麦わらのルフィは生きている!!いずれ世界の海の王になる男!!最後のソウルを聞いてくれ!!

    17G サニー号停泊
    フランキーの体が凄いと喜ぶチョッパー ウソップ
    シャッキー 軍の通信を盗聴したから間違いないわ 偽物のモンキーちゃん一味を本物だと思って大きく動きだしてる ブルックちゃんにも電電虫で状況は伝えてああるわ
    レイリー ナミちゃん コーティング千の操作を覚えろ
    ウソップ なんだか急に緊迫してきたな ルフィがまだ…
    レイリー ルフィなら上陸している
    フランキー サンジには子電電虫を渡してある 今ゾロと一緒だ
    シャッキー 海軍はすぐそこよ 連絡が付かないのはモンキーちゃんだけね ビブルカードを渡しておくわ。彼はこれを頼りに来るでしょ?
    レイリー 海岸に面した42Gがいい そこに船を回し 全員を集めろ 少々慌ただしいが それぞれの2ねんかんを乗り越えて いよいよ再出発の刻だ!!!


    ONE PIECE Chapter 600: Island of Fresh Start

    Cover: Zoro is holding a 1t weight on one arm, and the other is holding an aligator (or crocodile, same word in Japanese)
    He’s practicing his swings.  The poor gator is crying.

    Chopper is running around looking for Robin
    Usopp finds him and Nami hugs Chopper in joy.
    Chopper tells her he’s glad to see them, but Robin is in trouble.
    The three get on a Sabaody bike, and Nami tells Chopper that Robin is fake.
    Nami says becuse our captain’s become famous, this kind of stuff can’t be helped, it happens.

    Fake Sanji and Fake Zoro are running around looking for Chopper, but they got tired and started walking.
    Luffy approaches them.
    Luffy says he should put on the fake stache afterall like Hancock said, since he’s supposed to stay put.
    Fake Sanji realizes this man is the “kid wearing cloak” his boss (Fake Luffy) said to look for.

    Zoro says he wants to go to the coast to fish.
    Sanji tells him hell no, shit-head.
    The usual argument starts
    Sanji tells him everyone’s getting together, so just shut up and come with me to the ship!
    Zoro tells him he was the 7th person to get there, how dare he orders around the first.
    Sanji argues back why in the hell are you ranking people in the order they came!? Just because you were miraculously the first, don’t get cocky!

    second half of ohana

    Fake Luffy’s crew are gathering here. Lots of new pirate faces.
    Fake Luffy: The reason why I gathered you all here is because some shmuck insulted me!! The perpetrators are somewhere on this archpelago!! Bring them in front of me!!
    Fake Zoro, Fake Sanji, and Luffy arrives at the scene.
    Luffy: You guys changed so much in 2 years! You became quiet too! I don’t remember you two being buddies like that
    Fake Sanji starts wondering if this man is a real Strawhat
    Fake Sanji tells the Captain they couldn’t find the real pet, but isn’t this the man you were looking for?

    Brook’s live concert is in an encore. Marines arrive at the scene.
    Marines: We know you’re a Rumber Pirate, and we also have information that you are a crew of the Strawhat Luffy! You’re under arrest!
    The fans start crying
    Brook’s manager arrives. He’s the one that told the marines.
    Brook: Pirate Strawhat Luffy is alive!! He will one day become the King of the entire sea!! Guys, listen to my final Soul!!
    The marines attempt to stop the live, but the fans stop the marines to listen to the song!

    17G The Sunny
    Chopper and Usopp are amazed at Franky’s body.
    Everyone’s enjoying the reunion.
    Shakky and Rayleigh arrives.
    Shakky: I’ve wiretapped the Marines’ communication, so I’m sure of it… They think the fake Monkey-chan gang to be the real one, and making a big move on it. I’ve told Brook-chan about it with a den-den mushi.
    Rayleigh: Nami-chan, you have to memorize how to operate a coated ship
    Usopp: Things getting tense all of a sudden… and Luffy’s not here yet…
    Rayleigh: Luffy’s already on the island.
    Franky: I’ve already handed Sanji a den-den mushi, he’s with Zoro
    Shakky: The Marines are already close by. So Monkey-chan is the only one we can’t get hold of? I’ll give you the vivre card. He’s coming towards that, right?
    Rayleigh: 42G is good, it’s facing the ocean. Move the ship there, and gather everyone on it. We’re in a bit of hurry… but you’ve all gotten through this 2 years. This is the time for a fresh start!!

    The new Journey begins!

  8. I really thought Oda had something big down his sleeve, like really awesome for the 600th, but it looks like he treated it like another chapter, pace is going a bit slow don´t you agree?

  9. One Piece is out!

  10. great chapter im allready liking franky better xD
    luffy sure is stupid

  11. i thought this episode was awesome… and i think the pace is just right… i mean the whole point is that they don’t want to make a scene on shabondy… so i mean we can’t expect them all to go all out…

  12. sigh, this went nowhere 😦

  13. I missed it! I missed it so much! The crew interactions in this chapter are so damn reminiscent of why I got hooked onto One Piece in the first place. The characters, and it’s taking me back. It is moving slow. That’s One Piece! It takes time to build up and develop, and give each moment its shining grace. I for one I laughed my ass off this chapter between Zoro calling Sanji #17 and Franky growing his hair back (SUUUUUPEEEERRRRRRRR!!!!)! Usopp and Chopper goading him on just made it all the better. xD

    Brook is freaking EPIC! Throwing a concert while the Marines are trying to capture him! The man has balls even though he’s just a skeleton *insert perfunctory laugh here*. Luffy is dumb but at least he’s the same. Since he’s at Grove #46 where the Marines are headed and the fake Luffy is about to confront him, prepare for a fight people.

    Also, the Marines are at Grove #42 too where they’re moving the Thousand Sunny so we should be getting some confrontations there too. Badda bing badda boom.

  14. I agree Super…my biggest fear was that oda would turn one piece into another DBZ where its just epic battle after epic battle…. thats not what one piece is… its about character development and awesome friendships…

  15. i just realized that i really hate on dbz… damn… not my intention lol… i mean to say i prefer db over dbz… and i hpe one piece can b closer to db than dbz..

  16. @omar: I prefer Dragon Ball over Dragon Ball Z too… I found that out after reading every chapter of the whole manga a few years ago.
    Dragon Ball was about Goku growing up and creating relationships with people like in OP. There WERE fights and they were awesome, but it wasn’t ONLY that like in DBZ.
    Plus, DB was way funnier! Goku’s innocence made me LOL lots of times and there was more comedy than DBZ.

  17. “its about character development and awesome friendships…”

    I can only tolerate a set amount of friendship, heart of the cards nonsense per week. Yu-Gi-Oh! 5ds uses all of it up. So I’m not big on characters or picky when it comes to them, just premise, action and plot.

    “I prefer Dragon Ball over Dragon Ball Z”

    What!? I couldn’t watch DB with the same enthusiasm as DBZ because everything they were doing was just so weak compared to what I’m used to in DBZ. When I saw Tao beat up Goku, I was like “lol, in DBZ Gohan was just playing with Tao and destoyed his entire criminal operation”

  18. YOSH great chapter! also chapter 600 has made Franky awesomeeeeee! or should i say SUPERRR ! ;D

  19. Chapter 600 was great, but not exactly what i expected(thats Oda for ya, lol)

    It was good to see that Chopper got some changes afterall. I wonder how the rest of his forms have changed

    It was also great seeing all of Frankys stuff(his hair wasnt lost afterall ^(T.T)^ )

    Brook channels the power of MUSIC! Hes unbeatable! If his music doesnt enthrall u his fans will kick your ass!

    It was good to see that Oda put personalities to the minor villains ^^ (cant wait to see them beaten to a pulp)

  20. i agree kisu… yugi-oh and other manga have like mushi friendship tidbits… but i feel that in one piece… the friendships seem more natural and almost like fraternal… and as dragon said… i mean db had cool action in it too… i liked db cuz it made it seem all possible within the context of that universe… once dbz started…all villains could blow up a planet at will, but never did… and everyone was always revived…. too predictable.. one piece has view very emotional moments… but they are all really powerful, the rest of it is a bunch of pple actually growing up together and becoming stronger and stronger..

  21. I have to say that this chapter was great eventhough it is going a little bit slow compared to what we have been seeing since the whole thing at shabaody, so I kinda got use to fight fight you know what I mean, buuuut and i have to say here a big BUT super you are right about why a started to like so much about OP is the integration between the crew that makes thus manga so awesome!!! The funny personalities and stupid ways they have that makes us go nuts, I just have to switch back to the old mode… By the way after reading the chapter now I understand why this getting started again is inthe 600, it was nicely done…

    About Franky at first he felt strange but now a I like him a lot and with his hair back even more hahaha we sure are gonna get a lot of funny stuff out of him, I am really happy to see the crew back together T.T it makes me wanna cry!!!!

    I am really looking forward to see some asskicked in the next chapter!!!!

  22. yeh brook is awesome and im definitely enjoying the slow style OP has atm, but now every chapter i read feels as if ive only read 3 pages.
    Anyways a little debate, the whole crew still hasnt seen luffy, i still wonder how they’ll react will the Death of Ace be brought up in the conversation i really wonder how Oda will advance with it

  23. I admit when I started One Piece I just flew through it so I’m not fully adapted to the usual pace. When I caught up to One Piece, manga wise, I started out on Sabaody Archipelago so things were already a bit crazy. From there we had Amazon Lily, Impel Down, and Marineford, so basically it was non-stop action for me. In fact, I’m still getting used too the pace even after Luffy’s flashback and catchup chapters with the other SH’s.

    Anyway, Brook for me is being highlighted the most by Oda. He was the 2nd SH introduced after the timeskip and the 1st SH to encounter the Marines on SA. He’s throwing concerts and he’s famous worldwide! This is great because he’s the latest member to join the crew and has been shown the least. I’m still waiting for him to get his epic 1 on 1 battle but until then this is good enough.

  24. @Superdude, I get you. Like I’ve said countless times before, I still havent officially caught up. I just don’t have the attention span or dedication to read every chapter from the end of the Skypiea Arc up to the beginning of Amazon Lily. In fact, I only watched the Skypiea Arc (yes, the anime, all 43 episodes in two days) because this Enel guy looked cool, and I only watched the amazon one because Boa looked hot (plus I read the chapter where she kicked Smoker and I got curious about her). Hopefully I get some cool spoilers about Moria’s and Lucci’s arcs that would make me wanna watch them 😦

    By the way, what ever happened to Superiortrek? You know, the guy that was superior to you in every way 🙂

  25. im baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak 😀
    lol hello everybody ive been quite busy with stuff and things <.<… ill just leave it at that *burns the getaway car* well ive missed commenting and contributing to this chat it really brings a tear to the eye *buries the body bags in super's backyard*. finally to the chapter of which i love, one piece's story line is just getting into the groove again sooner or later they are going to get back on the waters and and take out the rest of the world government xDDD. and props on noticing the giant sharingan on Sentoumaru… speaking of which… what if zoro tries to pull a kakashi on us and whips out a sharingan :OOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL i would have to see if bleach didnt change the name of their manga to one piece xDDD

  26. damn you Kubo!!!! how dare you attempt to combine all three of the mainstream manga’s into one. You can confuse people in pleach but let oda be on this one xD… <.< i feel like this has been discussed b4 *looses train of thought and follows butterfly out of the room*

  27. The older Karibou brother has a Rinnegan

  28. Well I have to say when I first came up to know the existence of OP I wasn´t really interested in it, and refused myself to read it, eventough i heard a lot that it was a great manga, a year and a half ago I gave into the temptation, to see what was all the fuzz about, and, I am not lying, I read about 400 chapters and a lil but more in three days non stoping, it really became an addiction per se… So for all who hasn´t read all the 600 chapters it is doable believe me it is!!!!


  29. @kisu:lol, that’s the first thing i thought of when i saw him.

    i agree with super and fearvano…these last few weeks reading the chapters has left me feeling like i read 2 or 3 pages, not 20…

    I love choppers look!!! he’s a legit reindeer now ^___^ He’s so much fluffier now! XD

    Overall, pretty good chapter. I was hoping this chapter we would get some kind of a glimpse of brookes new power… but no 😦 maybe next time.

  31. @kisu
    You should watch the thriller bark arc just for comic relief i dont know how the manga handled that part im sure its funny aswell, however with voices and stuff its all prolly much funnier!
    I didnt like the fighting scenes in that arc that much but for comics its hillarious.
    As for the arc with lucci, its kool with character development and stuff also i thought it was epic to see how luffy entered gear second for the first time ^^
    hope that convinces you a bit? otherwise you should look up some amv’s on youtube 😛

  32. Shouldn’t the CoO allow Luffy to realize that the persons he think are Zoro and Sanji are in fact FAKES?? I dunno i think it should, and this is like a proof that Luffy is not quite good at CoO…

  33. CoO only helps determines where a person/object is or where a person/object is going to be. It doesnt help tell a person what someone else is thinking at all (although I suppose in a sense it does as you see where they are about to attack and therefore infer their line of thinking, for instance, but it doesnt let you hear a person think in their head ‘oh man we better be careful not to blow our cover because were not actually zoro or sanji!’) or tell them who they really are.

    So in other words, CoO doesnt replace luffys stupidity at all 😛

  34. If you want further proof of this, just look at Enel, who may have the strongest mantra/CoO out of any character we’ve seen yet. He was able to locate virtually anyone on the island, but he wasnt able to tell exactly what people were thinking or if they were lying to him because of his CoO

  35. zoro and sanji will show up and beat all these rookie captains , luffy would not need to fight. then the marines show up and maybe luffy fights too = )

  36. Pfft, all these pirates suck. Everyone knows the next Pirate king is……CAPTAIN BUGGY! Brownbeard-sama decided he should let the younger guys fight for the crown, he’s content with just being the most powerful man alive 🙂

  37. @gangly369 well i wasn´t refering that Luffy or the CoO could make you listen to what someone is thinking, but as far as I know CoO allows you to notice the presence and strength of the persons surrounding you, so if Luffy used the CoO he could sense the presence of his nakama and their strength and tell the difference between the real SH’s and the falke SH’s.
    You can see how Rayleigh is able to know taht Luffy is already on the island not by knowing what he is thinkin but by feelin his presence and strength, maybe, or something else within the CoO makes Rayleigh know actual Luffy is on Shabaody.

  38. or maybe hancock just informed him?

  39. I am confused now.. are the pieces of vivre cards supposed to point to the person or the bigger piece of vivre card?? I thought it pointed to the person, but Raleigh speaks as if it points to the (bigger) vivre card..

  40. Hmm..an interesting turn of events. I see some talk on brooke is going on here and there, so let me share my speculations with you all..

    It seems, from the look of things, that brooke can now hypnotize people with his music. He can make them do or feel how he wants them to, and that’s not all. Seems he can also trap people in an illusionary world where he is the ‘king of devils’ or ‘satan-sama’ as he was referred to in that island in chapter 592. In 592, with the ‘power’ of his music, he was able to make the once seemingly defenseless inhabitants of the island pick up their weapons and fight for their freedom, freeing the captured girl in the process. I reckon brooke has only developed and harnessed this power even further, but time will reveal.

    Again, he was transferred to sword mountain island, so we can assume he has essentially improved on his sword fighting skills.

    In luffy’s case, he was able to learn everything rayleigh had to teach in a year and half. This could mean he had the remaining 6 months to polish his personal skills on the colours of haki, improve on his personal growth thereby strengthening his colour of the conqueror. He might have even had some additional time to work on his Gomu-Gomu ability, perhaps a gear fourth or a controlled version of the gear third.

    What ever the case, luffy’s crew, especially luffy, are exceptionally powerful now and can handle any tough situations without having to depend on the other. Can’t wait to see the modifications franky’s come up with, the ‘truth’ behind zoro’s scarred eye, sanji’s development, chopper’s rapid increase in size, nami’s control of the weather ball, usopp’s use of the pop greens, robin’s encounter with dragon and what message dragon might have for luffy, and of course my confirmation on brooke’s ability. TIME WILL REVEAL.


  41. i wonder if theres gonna be a breakdown ^.^

  42. @fearvano

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    One Piece is out!


    Edit: And yes, I will highlight chapter 600 and do the chapter 601 breakdown.

    @Confusion: Hmmm….that is weird. A vivre card is supposed to point you towards a person not another vivre card… At least that’s what I thought too. It was Shakky btw who said Lufffy should be following the the big piece of vivre card in chapter 600.

    @Totalitarian: Yep, but Brook already had some hypnotizing powers with his music which we saw when he put people to sleep with it. He also rallied the people of Harahetternia to fight back the Long Arm Tribe with his music. Now it seems his powers have grown quite nicely though and it looks like he can now control emotions to a higher extent.

    Also, the island Brook was on wasn’t actually called sword mountain. That was a mistranslation. I explained it here in this comment.


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    @Supertrek: Yep, point taken. Aarigatou gozaimasu. I also reckon with brooke he is able to put enemies into a trance like state with his music thereby creating an impression of himself in a way he would want the enemy to view him. For instance in that trance like state he could choose to be “Satan-sama”. I reckon this is where the coincidence of being called ‘satan-sama’ in that initial island becomes destiny.



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    Another thing i discovered is the inscription on franky’s arms, ‘BK-37’, is a 37mm(1.46in) ant–tanker/bomber autocannon and it was used on the world war 2 luftwaffe aircraft(wiki). Perhaps that might just be a disturbing clue as to a fraction of franky’s ability? The strawhats have come a long way, and it seems this is all designed because they would from now on meet incredibly powerful opponents.


    Oh and yeah, i almost forgot to add…..please anyone reading this chapter, whether for pleasure during a second read or for the first time should please listen to the track “Worthless” by the artiste(metal group) “chimaira” and the album is “Resurrection”. You would love it, especially at the point where sentomaru smashed the fake luffy’s head. I almost had an orgasm at that point listening to this song. It’s pretty self-explanatory, really.

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  55. Sorry for the double comment, and this particular forum could use some little activity. Anyone reckons what luffy actually sis to px-5 was a violation of his human rights? I mean i’ve been trying to find the appropriation/term for that devastating schoolboy bullying and that’s what i could muster.

  56. spoilers

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    The One thing I dread is Oda pulling a kishi/George lucas on us and having an army of pacifistas (more than 1000)..

  58. toomuchconfusionism: dont worry dude this is oda. we already got an army of pacifistas before, and there was a pirate army to face it. if we get something like that agin, im sure it wont be something unreasonable, like 1000 pacifista’s vs luffy or something, there will probably be a big group to face them. btw , THEORY TIME!: everyone is talking like the pacifista’s are already insignificant thanks to this chapter, but did anyone notice they were exactly the same as two years ago? ill bet anything these are the old models the keep around “paradise” and shabody to keep the pirate numbers down. i mean think about it, two years and vegapunk made no advancements on them? no way. ill bet there are new improved models, in the new world or headquarters, that are still a big threat.

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    Come on people, it’s time to throw away the “i’m shy” pill and make this place bubble.

  66. Enel Vs Blackbeard: ENEL wins but only because he would obliterate Black Beard before he could do anything.

    Shanks vs Aokiji: Shanks because he was supposedly able to stand up to White Beard and WB was more than a match for any one admiral.

    Ben Beckmann vs Kizaru: This one is too much a toss up, we’ve seen more of what Kizaru can do than Beckmann, so I cant really call it without knowing more about Beckmann’s abilities.

  67. iamnotreallyhere: no way would enel win that, id have agreed with you if it was before BB got the Gura Gura fruit, but now theres no way. for one thing, blackbeard’s darkness would absorb enels lightning. in fact during his fight with ace he even says that he can absorb lightning:
    plus, we can assume that he knows haki, maybe not Haoshoku like luffy, but he was on whitebeards crew for years, in the new world. he probably knows the color of armaments one at least(not that he needs it with his cancelling ability anyway) which means his attacks would hurt enel. So for me, Blackbeard would win.

    Shanks vs Aokiji: same as iamnotreallyhere said, shanks might have a hard time, but he would eventually win

    Ben vs kizaru: who knows? all weve seen ben do is beat the hell out of mountain bandits.

  68. @Takashid – I say that because Enel has color of Observation as strong as it gets, also Blackbeard can absorb lightning if he activates his Shadow Shadow fruit in time, but lightning is faster than most people could possibly react to. Assuming they both know about each other’s powers Enel would rain lightning down on him from afar which he can do, BB’s power has a range limit to it (at least that we have seen so far) so all Enel would have to do is stay out of range then it would be a draw.

    Assuming they have no idea of what each other’s powers are, Blackbeard has not once shown even a small affinity for COO haki, BB not knowing of Enel’s powers he could easily use his incredible COO haki to predict his movements, and strike him down when his guard is down. BB has been shown to be a bit full of himself at times so I can see him letting his guard down long enough to let Enel get a good hit in, and one good hit would be all it would take.

    Now then a real interesting match up would be Kizaru vs Enel(Lightning vs Light)
    Or Enel vs Eustass Kid vs Enel (Lighting vs Magnetism)

  69. actually one good hit from enel didnt kill anyone of strength in the skypeia arc

  70. @omar & iamnotreallyhere i agree with you there omar , actually i believe enel doesnt stand a chance against the “new world”

    @ total

    ENEL VS BLACKBEARD = blackbeard , eary victory i might add 😉
    SHANKS VS AOKIJI = have to give it to shanks 😉
    BEN BBECKMANN VS KIZARU = if im right ben is the dude who came with shanks to save luffy , the one that had the gun ? hmmm if so id give this to kizaru though if ben has some sort of Haki coated bullets it’d be interesting 😀

  71. @takashid: for one thing, blackbeard does not need haki, or he should say is strong enough not to need it. I reckon then, that if a character as strong as blackbeard does not have haki then there’s some trick to haki we don’t yet know about. That’s gonna be interesting then. I would personally say, even though i’m a little biased where enel is, that enel would give blackbeard a run for his money. His mantra, coupled with his speed would come in handy when fighting an opponent like blackbeard, even though blackbeard has whitebeard’s powers.

    @ahsan: i know shanks is powerful, but what i need to understand is the stuff that makes shanks the person he is. I love to think it’s not just haki and his sword fighting skills, because people like vista of the flowered swords might just put up a better show in that department. However, if it’s just haki and sword fighting that makes shanks the person he is, then there’s definitely more to haki than meets the eye, and that would be a huge plus for luffy because rayleigh would be best suited to teaching luffy. Anyways i wanna say shanks would ‘flog’ aokiji with his sword, but i’m a little eager to see more from shanks….which is why this debate is up because anyone with suitable info on the subject had best come out and add.

    Ben Beckmann vs kizaru…..hmmm….well kizaru did recognize ben beckmann and actually stopped on his tracks when ben beckmann asked him not to move. Now that sounds very interesting…haki? an ability that makes kizaru his natural enemy..as luffy is to enel? i guess it’s about time all this was revealed.

    By the way, is it just me, or does anyone reckon that next week kishi would be taking a break from the strawhats and would be showing us more on the other characters in the new world and also how the marines intend to move? sounds interesting.

  72. blasphemy… u mistook GOda with Kishi terrible

  73. @omar101990- I never said it would kill him, but it would end the fight as in KO.

    @totalitarianhypnosis – where does it show tha Blackbeard is that strong? The only battle he really won was that against Firefist Ace, and he won that one because of his hax powers and because Ace wasn’t out to finish him off in one blow. If Ace had gone in two fists blazing, trying to burn him to a cinder from the get go then he would have won. That and his capture was important to the plot.

    Remember when he faced off against Magellan, he got pwned and fast because he couldn’t counter Magellan’s DF powers fast enough, the only real reason he didn’t die there was because Shiryū of the rain saved his fat backside. Same thing applies for Enel, if BB is caught off guard then he can easily be pwned. Even with the Gura Gura power it is not a certain victory for BB, Have we ever seen an instance where that power was used against a logia user? yes, it was used against Aokiji. It didn’t precisely end the fight there, and didn’t really inconvenience Aokiji all that much.

    BB vs WB is another example, even half dead BB got pwned and had to get the help of the rest of his crew to get the job done. BB’s powers may be great, but he has yet to prove himself competent in a real fight.

    I still say Enel Vs Blackbeard -Enel Wins

  74. @iamnotreallyhere: oh yes, if you followed my comments closely you’ll find i quite concur. I root for enel, but you can’t tell me that blackbeard who has somehow attained the capacity to eat two devil fruits is not strong. In the one piece world, the mere fact blackbeard was able to eat the devil fruit was defying the laws of physics, and that is strength in whatever best way it can be explained. But i understand exactly how you feel. Personally i think blackbeard is a sissy, and luffy’s going to pound him like he did the pacifista.

  75. Oh..and whoever said enel doesn’t stand a chance in the new world probably just hates enel and should get to like him. He’s cocky, but it suits him, and just him. A logia who has mantra doesn’t stand a chance in the new world? Ok wait….crocodile can stand the new world but enel can’t? common. Enel is not just a logia, his goro goro no mi is one of the most powerful logia devil fruits there are as confirmed by Robin- speed, agility a wide range of attacks, an ability to heat and reshape objects(like his staff), his 200000000 volt Amaru transformation is just epic. It also improves his mantra. Common, a raigou would mess up anybody in the new world, even shanks would have to be on full guard. Luffy was just lucky because he’s rubber.

  76. new breakdown?

  77. @total

    it was me xD

    anyway i may have over said a little but i still consider enel to be a “not so big thing” as you said his personality is cocky similar to sasugay which halts him from actually training / growing etc [ unless ofcourse your creator has some GAy’ish love for you as in the case of sasugay] secondly crocodile isnt newworld yet he is far from it . the ascend of of the sh to the newworld was shown pretty clearly a pasificta in one hit each ? thats new world . yes luffy was lucky but that was the pre new world luffy without haki ? guys like marco ,rookie 11 [ now not rookies though lol] , bb , shanks They are the new world .


    WHERE @_@ O_O

  78. @ahsan: yeah i get ya…it’s just crocodile made his intentions to move to the new world, with das bones opting to come along. Besides he(crocodile) was a shichibukai, and once a level 6 prisoner in impel down. Anyway my point is there are so many people enel would absolutely pawn in the new world. Of course the new world has a reputation- enel does as well. Mantra with goro-goro no mi and the speed it provides and his transformations, that spells power for me. On his good day, enel can contend with just anyone.

  79. People still read this?

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    Just letting you know I’m not dead folks, just extremely horny.

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    I swear your comment said that you were “busy” not horny before someone edited it!
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    Anyways great chapther i thought it was kool how luffy apoligized at the end. and i wonder what hes gonna tell the rest of the sh crew.

    Blackbeard vs enel: i would say enel would take this one.
    however it would be a close call although we havent seen all that much from blackbeard except ace vs him.
    He really is awesome and gave Shanks that scar Before he had his df!
    and shanks wasnt caught off guard. Now he has 2 devil fruits which makes him crazy strong.
    Its just enels df is killer + mantra, and i cant see someone surviving what luffy got through against enel

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  86. i just cant see blackbeard losing now that he has two fruits. he took shots from white beard and sengoku, and laughed them off and you think he couldnt take a hit from eneru? besides, his darkness could absorb lightning. i dont think eneru would lose easily, but when youve got one of the most dangerous logias AND the most powerful paramecia fruit, plus a ridiculous ability to take hits, i dont see blackbeard going down to just a logia. i admit that enerus mantra is impressive, but i dont doubt that balckbeard has haki as well. so thats just my opinion on that fight.

  87. @takashid: I understand what you mean, which is why I chose those two because they seem ridiculously strong. As it seems now, blackbeard’s gone out of control. However one that would be able to stand up to him might as well be one who’s also outta control. Enel lost against luffy, so would blackbeard eventually- it’s just a matter of time. Enel also has his speed working for him.

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  92. totalitarianhypnosis: yeah, i know blackbeard will go down eventually, i just dont think it would be to enel. so lets just end this debate here for now, and agree to disagree.

  93. oh btw as for one thing to add to the debate,..
    foreshadowing for a bb vs enel fight?
    another thing : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blackbeard
    Edward Teach or Edward Thatch anyone think this has something to do with commander thatch of the wb crew? mayb even related with BB having 2 fruits?

    As for Kuma yeh hes awesome to bad he sold his soul to the devil
    I dont like the caribou guys i have a feeling there gonna be stalling chapters so that itt will be longer untill the sh’s actually get to fishman island. And i wanna see Caimee!

  94. fearvano: yeah, White beard got the “edward” name, blackbeard got the “teach” name, and Thatch got the “thatch” alias for real life blackbeard. so see, since blackbeard has killed both whitebeard and thatch, he has become the real Blackbeard!

  95. @takashid: you seem to take things a little too seriously, don’t you?

    @new chapter: good release. Now i can’t wait to see luffy pummel those brothers. Since it turns out the “wet hair caribou” is a logia, one who seems to control water(seemingly, i stand to be corrected), it would seem the deep blue is his turf. However this would be a good chance for luffy to test his haki on a logia, and the ‘wet hair’ shite has just offered himself for that.

  96. hypnosis: nah, that was just something i read on tv tropes looking at the character page. sounded interesting, so when fearvano mentioned thatch, i thought id post it.

  97. I always knew that hat had a connection to Gol. D. Roger. Seems it was a gift to shanks from Roger, which begs the question: If roger saw it fit to pass on the hat to shanks, is shanks a D, like Roger and Luffy?

  98. @takashid: Well good, i’m glad we understand each other. Cheers.

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    Can’t wait to see how luffy will fight that weird logia user guy. With his haki abilities he should be able to touch him. Now its just a matter of how will he get one their boat? XD

    and damn! sanji needs to be fixed of this lady problem… its worse now than ever. What if he ever comes up against another girl fighter (like that cp9 chick), he would be KO’ed from bloodlose before a punch is even thrown T___T

  100. Now this is my kind of place! Yo, WRA-One Piece Forum!

    It’s been awesome chapter after awesome chapter since the month long break that Oda-sensei took. Shanks’ strawhat-WHOA! That was Roger’s? So it’s like the passing down of the baton so to speak. What in god’s name is luffy’s connection with Roger already? I’m half inclined to believe that he’s Roger’s reincarnation or something. I reckon we’re gonna see some more Strawhat action next week. Man, I hope they kick those caribou brothers’ ass! And by the way, Sanji’s nosebleeds are just getting more and more epic that I fear for his death when the dude finally gets to F.I. The blood drive bit is just f*ckng awesome! 🙂

  101. allright im gonna call it now,
    Caribou is a man who impragnates all women!
    He has the jizz jizz no mi

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  106. @ANYONE
    anyone watch the new one piece episode? it was kinda slow, but towards the end it was AWESOME!!! Luffy looked like a badass. From next episode on, things should finally pick up ^___^ I CAN’T WAIT!

    LMFAO!!! XD where did you find that! that’s hilarious! hahahaha!!

  107. Quick question. Taking into consideration how far luffy’s come(training, determination, e.t.c), and witnessing luffy’s level of power and strength and also the fact he had at least 6 months to hone and polish his skills to his taste after rayleigh finished training him, does anyone here reckon he’s strong enough to take on at least an admiral?

  108. @hypnosis
    Yeh i think hes on even level and could keep up with either kiji or kizaru, it wont be anywhere near easy tho. but im pretty sure he could fend off one if needed.

  109. hypnosis: tough question. we still don’t know the full extent of Luffy’s new abilities. i think he could definatly survive now; it wouldnt be such a one sided curb stomp battle like his first fight with Aokiji, but… Win? No, i dont think so. the Admirals are really up there, all three of them fought evenly with Whitebeard in the war. none of them beat him, but they didnt lose, which shows they can fight Yonkous and not die. luffys not quite that high yet. i think that luffy and the whole crew together might be able to take down one admiral if he was alone, like the first battle against a pcifista, but luffy alone? no, though i think he could escape now.

  110. @takashid
    You might be right its not a easy things but hes had 2 whole years of training now he honed his Haki gear second skills we havent even seen him go gear 3rd yet and maybe he has even more (gear 4th?) but lets assume he hasnt.
    he pwned a pacifista with only jet pistol, he dodged a laser beam from a pacifista and said it was “slow”.
    Honestly i dont see Luffy getting much stronger anymore ofcourse he might even train his kd a little better.
    If he has good control of both the mantra haki and the armoured haki and on top of that his kd i dont see an admiral beating him.
    (not saying its an easy job for him)

  111. Hmm…interesting. Lets see…luffy spent some time learning more control over his gear second, as he can partially activate it now, and imbue it with haki. I’m trying to see the use to partially activating the gear second though, perhaps if it allows for more efficiency, pin-point hits, accuracy, e.t.c. I hope though he’s learned more control over his gears and even added one or two more- gear fourth and fifth.

  112. Yeah, anyone remember sabo? luffy and aces childhood friend? If i recall, last time they fought sabo beat ace 24 times and ace returned the favour 26 times. Luffy never lost against sabo or ace, and sabo is technically Luffy’s ‘brother’, just like ace. Any chance sabo might meet luffy?

    And i’ve also been thinking. If garps left the marines, or at least still has some sort of affiliation with the marines, any chance garp might try to find even ground with luffy on ace’s death by at least training him further or giving luffy some tips on how to become stronger/achieve his goal? Technically garp’s not ‘with’ the marines, and garp at least still felt ace deserved to live if he’s vindictive against akainu for killing ace. TIME will TELL.

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    Ive been reading your blogs forever, they`re freakin awesome and im kinda disappointed that its taken so long to make a new one, cause ive been waiting forever. Anyhoo, (not adressing Super anymore but anyone that will listen) about one piece, As of right now, i`d say Luffy isn`t quite at admiral level, though i don`t think any vice-admirals can match up to him either, maybe one or two special ones. Luffy would be at that stage between ranks where they would have to have a special rank just for them, kinda like Magellan. Also, can`t wait till he finally does fight an admiral though, my hopes are that it will be Luffy v Akainu (to avenge Ace) Zoro v Kizaru ( cause that would be awesome and Kizaru knows how to use a sword) and Sanji v Aokoji( wouldnt it be awesome if diablo janbi melted through aokoji`s ice).

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    Now i feel much better.

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    Nothing significant really happened besides Caribou being left behind and them running into the Kraken. RELEASE THE KRAKEN!!! Ahem…yep, just a transitional chapter basically.

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    @truepain, meh, Karibou will get his coolness factor back eventually. I was kinda impressed that he was plotting how to take them out despite being a rookie and grossly outnumbered. Lets hope he doesnt get Aizen’d >_>


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  130. hypnosis: take a chill pill man, this sort of thing happens once the pacing slows down. they cant all be epic chapters like the ones from the whitebeard war. this is needed to explain how things will work from now on. a large part of oda’s audience is young boys after, its shonen. lots of his readers probably dont know all that stuff about currents and temperature. now we can say One Piece is educational lol. anyway, for me the crew interactions, plus seeing mohmo again (NEVAR FORGETS) plus the kraken clifhanger at the end was enough for me.

  131. *Ahem* Hello One Piece!
    First off, allow me to beg your indulgence as I go about in my first “official” post in the OP thread. (The one made in my previous account-elatedpuppy-doesn’t count as it was made in my absence. seeing as I’m now locked out of my email and all other online accounts i’m forced to make new ones.) Aaanyhoo, as I’m new to One Piece, this might be a bit long-ish so read it, don’t read it, I won’t care. All I ask is for you guys to not flame me for it.

    Let’s see, where do I begin? Ah, how about the story when 9 years ago I watched the first episode of OP and thought it to be juvenile, cartoonish and just about the shittiest anime I’ve ever had the misfortune to see. I can’t really be blamed having seen such a thing at a time when I was having my first bouts of adolescence. It didn’t help that what I saw was, I think, that famed 4kids abomination. Well, here I am 9 years later and the most overused cliche known to man (Don’t judge a book by it’s cover) proceded to give me a bitch-slapping I’m not likely to forget-and then some. Regret in having read a manga that’s well on its advanced stages of decay is one thing but regret in NOT having read a manga that goes well beyond th borders of Awesome, Epic aannd Suuuppeerr! is quite another matter.

    Even if I were to be at my most eloquent, I doubt any words would do justice to what OP really is. Never has a shonen manga made me laugh as much, cry as much nor has left me wanting more, more, MORE as much as OP has. Manga has always been my one refuge when books, literary or otherwise, became too tiresome. It was genuinely a surprise that it didn’t feel like I was reading a manga at all but rather sort of a modern day Epic. Nostalgia too played a key part in my falling in love with OP, remembering all those childhood nights spent on reading Swift, Scott, Defoe, Stevenson and my favorite Arabian Nights. I was pulled into worlds crafted entirely from the authors’ imaginations and Oda’s world was every bit as alluring. I wasn’t even the least bit sorry to have added an unnecessary load (10 bound copies of printed scanlations) to my pack when the basic mantra in any field work is to travel light just so I could continue reading it every night after work. Yep, OP became my nightly fix just as those books have.

    I love how Oda integrated bits and pieces of our own world into the manga. Our myths and legends, prominent figures in history, and yes , social and political issues that were cleverly infused with other elements in the story one would think that it’s limited to the OP world. But one of the things that further convinced me that Oda-sensei was indeed a master of the story-telling arts was the one about the Tenryubito affair. It was a history lesson in the guise of a manga, told the One Piece way. When I first heard of mermen, I never would’ve imagined that they would be connected with slavery so that part made me understand the meaning behind Arlong’s hostility towards humans. I was reminded entirely about what the Africans had to endure under the hands of the “whites”, how they were treated as if they were little more than cattle and derided for their appearance. That bit about what Arlong said about mermen being physically superior to humans and what Pappag said mermen being the fastest swimmers all came rushing back when the truth about their species was revealed. Hasn’t it been globally acknowledged that black (Pardon me if I offend anyone from this but I don’t mean any disrespect. I just don’t know the proper political term anymore since it seems to change constantly but I’m by no means a racist. I was raised to loathe such despicable ideologies)people are natural borne athletes and that they in fact have the fastest runners? It was with a start that I was showed a colored picture of Pappag and of the bonnet he was wearing. Really, the parallels are astounding.

    Ah, the cast. I read OP expecting, dreading even, to find at least one member of the crew to hate and true enough, there was Nami and Robin. But then came the Arlong arc and the CP9 saga and I was begging to appologize. Oda creative such extensive and rich backstories for the crew that its hard not to love them all. I haven’t been this much attached to any one cast since..well, since Ippo and that I hold in a different regard sice it’s from a different genre altogether.

    Yet another thing I love about Oda-sensei is how he catches you off guard and bring back characters you’ve met way, way, way back in the manga. That and the fact that even the tiniest detail can be of great importance to the storyline. That thing with Luffy’s lineage blind-sided me as well as Ace’s. I always fancied Luffy was Shanks’ son or something. Still, I guess being Dragon’s son is cool enough. That hat originally belonging to Roger came out of nowhere yet it’s one of the things that’s so engaging about OP, it’s unpredictability. Nobody can call it an “asspull” or a “plothole” or any such blasphemous things. It’s like the 1st Law of One Piece: “Thou shall not question Oda!” I shall not indeed. It’s hard to do so when the man clearly knows what he’s doing. And the thing with Mohmoo? Oh Oda.. He’s like an elephant you know, he really doesn’t forget anynthing. Let’s see, we’ve had Coby, Helmeppo and Hachi, ones who’ve had mini-stories at the beginning of chapters. I’m waiting for the appearance of Wapol, Enel, that spider-head priest from Skypiea arc who now runs an onsen resort and of course CP9.

    I’m still pretty much in a daze after reading the last 5 chapters but oh, it’s so wonderful to see the entire crew together again. Romance Dawn in a New World was done beautifully to parallel its predecessor what with the Pacifista in lieu of the sea monster and of course our boy’s declaration of being yes, The Pirate King. I don’t have much to complain by way of their appearance except maybe Franky having to look like a mechanized version of Dr. Frankenstein’s (I wonder if Franky’s name is a homage to the good ‘ol doctor’s name) monster. And does Oda like messing with Sanji so much? The curled eyebrows (how in hell do you curl an eyebrow?), the poster, landing in the rainbow lala-land..I just finished watching that episode of Sanji in Kamabakka land becoming an Okama, something, if not for a bet, I would never have watched because I swear a part of me just died! What in the world happened in that place to have made him into this blood spurting idiot at the mere sight of a woman? I feel like Oda’s dying to tell us but is deliberately saving it for another time. (Still, at least that episode didn’t want to make me shoot someone like that musical Kisu posted on the Bleach thread.) I don’t have much to say in the way of Luffy and the crew’s growth because these chapters have left me much like a love struck puppy and are a welcome change after the previous arc that I think has left a lot of people raw.

    Oh crap, I think that’s about it for now. As much as I would enjoy the challenge of breaking Smurf’s record, fingers are complaining. Oh and by the way, how in the world is super gonna do a..single,double, triple, quadruple..Quintuple breakdown?! Is that humanly possible? 🙂

  132. yo super… i mean i love your breakdowns generally … i think ur definitely like 50% of the awesomeness on this blog for me at least… but if you cant do the breakdowns due to stress you should ask some1 else to do it…

  133. orangeorange87: Nice first Post! its always great to have someone else discover the awesomeness of One Piece. Im kind of wondering about why you didn’t like Robin and Nami at first. Nami i could understand, i thought she was annoying till the arlong arc, but for me, robin was just a great add to the crew, right from the start. i loved her powers, and she had been a cool villain in Barqoue works so i loved her from the start. Seems like im one of the few people here who actually likes Franky’s new look. i like the hair, it makes him look badass, and the body looks even cooler then before! really, my reaction to seeing new franky was the same as luffy’s. As for Oda using stuff from the real world, YES the tenryubito are an incredibly exaggerated case, but other stuff, like the fishman racism is so effective. he did it before with the sky island arc; natives who’s land was stolen from then when they were attacked by white people? remind you of anything? anyway, great first post, welcome to the One Piece thread, although you may have noticed it has stagnated a bit. sigh,… a quintuple breakdown? yeah, i dont know either. i think we need to start some search parties for a missing supertreck, not seen with a new breakdown in over… is it a month now? geeze.

  134. wowah great first post, i agree with you on almost everything on the start i also felled Nami was just an ignorant and annoying brat.
    but over time shes become an awesome member.
    As for Robin i kinda liked her at first but within the cp9 arc she cried a little to much, however if i look back at it, that was a great arc aswell and it showed part of her weaknesses and history.
    I love the tenryubito and I think there gonna play a great part in the future of OP not there battle skills or anything more there influence and what they did too luffy.
    Now when will dragon show up goddammit!

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  136. http://mangastream.com/read/chopperman/29836601/1
    i wonder what thats gonna be but i dont have the feeling its gonna be worth reading lol

  137. kisu: why? he was one of THE most boring villains in this show, just an arrogant prick with guns who didnt even have a real power or skill. honestly, i liked kuro more then krieg, at least kuro had style. what did you like about krieg?

  138. I liked the fact that he pwned the East Blue despite his crew being so weak (according to Luffy) and that he was a force to be reckoned with just because he used weapons right. Basically, I like any character that uses cunning, cruelty (like an antihero) and technology/weapons to kick other ppls asses 😀

  139. @kisu , I agree with you, Don krieg was waaay underated, everyone forgets that technically he fought luffy to a draw since lufffy had to fall in the water. Also, his right hand man gin beat sanji and gin said they would meet up again in the grand line. I kinda expect to see them soon, I hope Oda doesn’t disappoint but Oda has no plot holes (cause he`s Buddha reincarnated, or at least Jesus) so i doubt he will………also, where the hell is our breakdown 😥



  141. @Takashid & Fearvano: Thanks! It’s really a shame that it took me this long to pick up this manga. Yup, the Native American-Aztec-Maya/Shandora parallels were pretty obvious. There’s too Rudolf, Wapol-practically Santa’s antithesis, Cobra-King Solomon, Pinocchio, Aesop’s fables, Dante’s Inferno..Practically a whole lot of other stuff wrapped up into this enchanting piece of work.

    As for my disliking (I suppose “hate” was too strong of a word)..Well, right you are. Nami did get on my nerves at first but that completely vanished by the time Nojiko told her story. Robin, I liked as a villain. Well, she wasn’t that much by way of a true villain but all the same, for she was more likeable as Baroque Works agent. When she joined the crew, it didn’t matter if she was there or not. If she’d left, I wouldn’t have cared. She just didn’t have that much of an impact on me. But then like I said, the CP9 saga came. WOW. “I’m sorry” just couldn’t have been said enough. For me, at the end, that was the part that Robin really joined the crew. After that, I was perfectly fine with her dead pan expression or her occasionally voicing out morbid thoughts. It’s just so..Robin.

    Still no breakdown huh? Hmm..Have you people tried looking for Super in jail cells? He did say he was gonna run around naked when the 600th came out. He may have gotten himself arrested you know and just waiting to be bailed out.

  142. @Chopper-OP-spinner-thingy: That was..weird? I dunno if it was the stress, the coffee buzz, this damn budget report or a combination of all that but my mind just kept ending up in the gutter with that one. Did the thing he was holding..? Was what he has saying sound like..? Aaah, gutter, gutter, gutter, gutter, GUTTER! lol

    @Kisu: Hey, you changed your gravatar! I liked that other one better. I read Kintoki. It was good, not that epic but good. Classic Toriyama! Although looking at that kid, Snoopy’s pet/bestfriend kept popping into my head. I believe Woodstock was his name. That marriage bit just had to remind me of Bulma and Vegetta – the most Whisky-Tango-Foxtrot moment ever!


    Orange: yeah that makes sense. i felt the same way towards robin, she was cool, but did not have a lot of emotional attachment to the crew till CP9 arc. the chopper man thing was just weird, i dont know what it was supposed to be.

    Kisu: i read kintoki, and thought it was decent. the kid is weird but cool, though the girls outfit is strange. only thing that i didnt like was how the old super guy looked exactly like Dr gero from dbz once he took of his glasses. All in all though i wouldnt mind seeing more of that series.

  144. Hey i just had a thought after reading through the cp9 arc agian. remeber the giraffe dude referring to zoros asura(the 3 headed technique thing) as haki? would this mean that he uses the COA around his body and shapes them into asura? would this mean that when he uses this technique he could hit logia users and it makes his sword strikes incredibly powerful(maybe even a type of unique haki(or speciliased)?). and if this is true would sanjis diablo jinbe(the fire leg thing) also be a type of unique/speciliased haki or COA made set on fire/made hot. it this a subjective idea or am i just talking outta my ass. ur thoughts?

    jetpack out

  145. hello friends, I come bearing a blasphemous pile of horse manure (this is the main reason I didn’t like One Piece -_-)

  146. this video helps too

  147. @orangeorange: From your write-up, i’m guessing you’re either a history student, have a strong affinity for history or studied history. Possibly a history student who enjoys his subject, or a graduate of history. I think i’ll stick with the former. Your method of keeping and filing records and recalling dates possibly buttresses on that. Again, from your manner of writing, there’s a slight suggestion you enjoy writing, or love to see yourself as a potential writer, with particular emphasis on striking a command, a presence. You hope, of course, this show of skill could be rewarded with a role in filling/writing breakdowns. Quite possibly. You’re patient, and it seems you’re prepared to wait long for that. Funny you stress on the “whites” more like you’re claiming innocence for not coining the term, however, your passionate mention and description of the ordeal of Africans during the slave trade makes me believe you’re African, possibly West African from the way you describe it(Ghana and Nigeria come to mind, not entirely sure). Also, from your writing, i see a lot of pronouns instead of nouns(i mean it’s a narrative so there probably arises the need to use them) and this makes me believe you’re female(though i might be wrong about this like i explained). Possibly in your early twenties, maybe 20 years. From your writing, you seem to be one with a camouflage ability to fit in most situations, which makes you easily adaptable. And that being the case, your emphasis on independence(self-dependence) seems visibly strong. Impulsive, with a good sense of judgement, there is a rather odd emphasis on your dual personality. Seems to love adventures and you either travel a lot, love/hope to travel a lot at the first chance you get……

    Anyways, what a way to welcome you to One piece awesomeness, but welcome. I was one of those who ridiculed the last chapter but i did that in good fate and acknowledgement of kishi’s writing ability. Seems i expected more…

    I look forward to reading more of your comments, and good luck to achieving your ambition of writing a breakdown here.


  148. everyone ignores me 😦

  149. holy shit!!!

    this means that they’ll most likely get a 10th crew member (and no, thousand sunny isn’t counted as a crew member) its written on the bottom right of this page:


  150. @Jetpack-To be fair I just read through your comments so I never ignored you =P. Your ideas are intriguing, though sangi uses friction to make the heat for his Diable Jambe, there is room for haki to be implemented in it, Zoro though probably uses Haki for his Asura attack, and may very well use it to some extent for some of his other attacks.

    Wasn’t impressed with the one time spin off. It seemed like it could have been much better, but was way too short. I guess even Oda has off days.

  151. @jetpack: Yeah, that sounds entirely plausible, especially with Zoro. Not too sure about sanji though, but it just might not be too far-fetched. Anyways, Kishi has introduced new story-lines as the story progressed.

  152. @total You keep calling Oda, Kishi



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  157. kewl chapter not the best tho,
    I thought it was awesome to see the new abbilities and stuff and sanji indeed stole the show with his walk ^,
    however, i thought the ending was a bit lame and i feel like Oda wants to speed things up to go to fishman island, i hoped to see what happened with the kraken and stuff but maybe the fight hasnt ended yet, i also hope atleast zoro, luffy and sanji are together and share there stories a bit or sumthin theyve been seperated for long enough ^^
    hmm caribou with the weaker members of the crew worries me a little bit although he wont be able to overpower them alone xD

  158. Caribou is a pretty cool guy, he yells at enemies and doesn’t afraid of anything 😀

  159. @new chapter

    Sanji was cool and Luffy’s Elephant Gun was awesome!
    Zoro’s new technique disappointed me… It looks and works like the techniques he had before the timeskip… Nothing new for me. 😦

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    I have to admit, I was joking there. But Oda did it.

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  169. @ Amar – no me personally but I know some people that have still seen Super about, on yahoo’s etc but yeah it is a long time for our leader to be gone…

  170. @OP followers, remember Captain John? Remember the mutiny that killed him? I say u stage one…at superdude >_>

  171. i support this mutiny, though killing is a bit much for our favorite one piece reviewer, what say we leave him on an island with a pistol with a single shot? 😛

    seriously though, I’m in college, so i understand that this is a hard time, finals coming up. don’t know what super’s situation is, or if its similar, but its been over a month now, without even a post that might say that he was taking a break from doing breakdowns. maybe he’s finally gotten tired of this site?

  172. maybe he got a gf, and yea, i’m applying to medschools right now and its a bitch… but i’m selfish and i want my op breakdowns as a stress-reliever lol

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    this was what mangastream said on twitter its gonna be a long wait on the next chapter
    Mangastream: The next OP chapter will not arrive until 1/19/11. If you have any problems with that, take it up with Oda or Santa.

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  186. come on man… this is getting really annoying… if super can’t do the breakdowns, Kisu? do you want to… i mean bleach doesnt really require breakdowns anymore cuz it kinda sux…. do the one piece ones, at least until super returns… this blog is like slowly dying…

  187. @omar101990, i hate to agree with you, but ima have to kinda agree with you, the one piece blog is kinda dead now, which sucks cause one piece is the best manga and its reaching a new peak, one of the only things that got me through waiting for a new chapter each week was super’s blogs and the discussions, but now we literally haven’t had a new blog since last year. Super’s awesome, but he its been like what? 3 months? at least have someone take over till he gets back, someone that knows and appreciates the fine details of the manga, someone that’s knows Everything since about Enies Lobby i’d prefer. Kisu’s, like you said, would be a suitable candidate but he might have his hands full with Bleach. Point is, we’re steadily losing people because most have probably assumed the OP breakdown’s are dead. Someone please respond and heed my call, we need someone smart, someone great, someone awesome….someone Super.

  188. @people waiting for breakdown.

    I’ll look into a substitute writer this week for the OP breakdowns and I will discuss it with Super. I’ll let you all know what is happening asap.

  189. @Omar, I know my awesomeness leaves people craving for more, but I just dont feel I can do OP justice. I can substitute for Bleach and Naruto because I’m fully caught up, but I still only have a vague idea of how Franky and Brooke got in the crew lol

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    What do u guys think will happen will Luffy meet an old enemy or sumthin? why will he be fking shit up on fishmen island.

  194. i feel that somehow, oda will make it so that destroying fishman island will be a good thing for the world… like his destroying fishman island will free some1 or something of the sort…

  195. I’m really sorry guys, and I have no good excuse so I won’t bother with any. Just know you all deserve more than late and ignored breakdowns. I’ve been a bad writer. =(

    I won’t be able to do chapter breakdowns for all I missed but I will do something… To be honest I didn’t really like the latest chapter all that much so while I will touch on chapter 610 I’ll be something a little more. Thanks everyone for your support and honesty on my absence. It’ll keep me on my toes.

    Pumpkinbread I’m going to contact you because I definitely do need substitutes every once in a while for One Piece breakdowns. Now enough talk, I have much work to do. ^_^

  196. Super, your alive! Glad to have you back. Why did you vanish man? These breakdowns are just good fun, and of course real life comes first, but next time you need to post something telling us your going to be gone for weeks and weeks. otherwise you end up with, well.. a huge Fing list of comments all bitching about no breakdowns and a missing author.

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