Naruto Breakdowns & Summaries

‘Naruto’ tells the story of a young ninja name Naruto Uzumaki, who has grown up in one of the many hidden ninja villages in the world known as Konohagakure. Despite his cheery disposition and his efforts to strive to be the villages number one ninja – known the Hokage – Naruto holds a dark secret that has cast a suffocating shadow over his life. On the day of his birth, a powerful, nine-tailed demon fox attacked his village and threatened to destroy it. The current Hokage at the time of the attack, sacrificed his own life to seal the fox into a newborn Naruto, forever sealing the boy’s fate as the carrier of the beast, a burden that would affect his life for many years to come.

Despite being shunned as the container of the demonic fox by his fellow villagers – who often see him as the fox itself – Naruto strives to prove his worth to those around him and to gain their acknowledgement. Little does he realize that there are more threats to his dreams than he could have ever imagined…

Naruto 701 – 703 Manga Breakdown

Naruto Shippuuden 285 – 287 Breakdown

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  3. I’ve been following you guys since you were IRA back in 2009!!!

  4. @ Bragdish Ramachandran, welcome to WRA, we’re glad to see so many people are stopping the lurking and finally starting to post on the blog after so much time, we really need you guys to keep this place going. Hope to see you in the breakdowns sections from now on taking part on the discussions and most of all try and stay away from Tenrai, he tends to eat newbies as well as old members to establish his Alpha Beast Status! Cheers.

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