Naruto Shippuden 282 Beakdown: Bee Breaks It Down As Naurto and a Raikage Freestyle; demotivational poster included!

Yo WRA, this is my first official post here and it promises to have potential somewhere between the lines and images. I promise; you may even find semicolons in the mix!

But you’re not just here to say, “OMG it’s a post by AJD! I’ve heard rumors about him still existing.” This is also a revitalization of the anime breakdown section! Now, most of our audience is predominantly manga readers, and I’m aware that the anime is not going to have much going as far as surprise factor, but it’s worth a watch. If you are a manga reader, please try to refrain from spoiling anything too badly. Remember: If you were catching up in Naruto and someone said, “Did you get to the part where ‘X’ character dies?” just as you were watching ‘X’ confront a strong enemy, wouldn’t you flip your keyboard?

Besides, the anime is doing an excellent job of showing us fight scenes in more clarity than the manga. Combine that with outstanding music, voice acting, and overall fluent animation; Fox New’s Chris Wallace portrays a formidable argument here:

Right away the episode picks up where it left off. Naruto was able to convince Iruka allowing him to fight was the only logical soluti- wait what? The last episode was about Konohamaru and the moms of Konoha fending off a circus and sumo wrestlers? You say it ended with Konohamaru being tossed in the air in celebration after using a rasengan to defeat all the wrestlers? …Well, lets just continue the theme of clean slates,  starting with a new intro.

This intro did what the other one didn’t do well. It managed to tell a story to good lyrics while not putting in any unnecessary dancing skits. It doesn’t really take you long to realize it sets the tone well for where the anime is right now: War.

Now, where is this episode starting again?

Only the finest ninja are qualified to make these statements.

Oh yeah, boobs conflict! Bee and Naruto are trying to make a beeline to the battlefield when the supreme commander himself prepares to stop their advance. At this point, the bond between jinchuuriki is becoming more apparent. The amount of isolation and fear they have both received is something only they can share in common. They know the only thing that has separated themselves from monsters is the friendships they have forged. Bee pleas with his brother-from-another-mother to allow them passage.

However, the Raikage and Hokage must stand their ground. In terms of Chess, Naruto and Bee are the king. This whole war has revolved around safe-guarding them to prevent the world’s destruction. Allowing such important pieces to fight on the front lines is foolish, no matter what the cause. When Naruto preaches his belief, the Raikage is quick to cut him off, declaring, “Don’t try to talk your way out! You will not pass!” So, Naruto tries to literally pull a fast one. Unfortunately, the fastest shinobi in the world isn’t the right person to try that against, and swiftly thwarts Naruto.

At this point, Naruto appeals to Tsunade. She mentally acknowledged how strong Naruto is, but verbally rejects his pleas. Our blonde hero shows maturity at this point, understanding the position she’s in. I’m personally happy that Tsunade didn’t become too soft here. Naruto almost always has his way with her, but for him not to press it further  That’s a welcome development for Naruto. Time to think of an awesome plan, Naruto 2.0.


Raikage is not screwing around. He remarks that the Fourth Hokage was the only ninja able to surpass him in speed. In this segment, the supreme commander shows a lot of respect towards the Fourth, going as far to state he believed no one could ever defeat him. Then, he focused on why Minato wasn’t around. The Raikage figures that Minato failed his mission when the Kyuubi attacked, resulting in his demise. These words really hit home for Naruto.

The moments forgotten in time. The mission his parents entrusted to Naruto.

Naruto effectively silences the Raikage, declaring they did not fail. His resolve is strengthened, and if you think he was joking around before, you know he’s dead serious now. The Raikage seems to feed off this, stating that if Naruto will not comply, he will kill him. Tsunade objects, as it is a radical conclusion. However, can you blame the Supreme Commander? This moment really strikes the touchy subject, “The needs of many out-weigh the needs of few.” If one sacrifice will save the world for a longer period of time, isn’t that worth considering? The Raikage seems to think he has the right to decide what’s best. That’s when his morality of the situation becomes compromised. Why only target Naruto, and why can’t he understand Bee anymore?

This triggers Ay to remember when he first met Bee. Slated to be the next Raikage, several candadates were lined up to be his tag-team partner. Only someone capable of performing a double lariat maneuver could be the Raikage’s personal guard. The issue they find that even when Ay holds back, his strength is unmatched by nearly every participant. However, the final shinobi up managed to match Ay and behead the practice dummy. Bee makes an energetic celebration and Ay properly greets his future brother.

when a high five is too little, but a hug is too much.

Now we progress through the shared memories between the duo. Bee is shown to be amazingly talented, which warrants some troubling attention. In a creepy campfire scene, Ay’s cousin and current Jinchuuriki states that Bee will likely become the next vessel. While he was in control, the looks and feelings others had towards him made him feel empty inside. Ay was told that that emptiness needed to be filled. It didn’t matter with what, and his cousin didn’t seem to understand what it was himself, but said it was the only way to be differentiated between human and monster. The jinchuuriki presses him day in and day out, and without something to drive you, the constant fear of death makes you wish you were dead.

Unfortunately, Ay’s cousin dies, and Bee becomes the new Jinchuuriki. What helped Bee was a moment when him and Ay were alone. Ay informed him that he would become the Jinchuuriki, but no matter what, Bee would have to tell him everything. Bee was very special to Ay, and they shared another fist bump. I think this scene was important in several regards. Ay really shows a caring side and willingness to hear Bee out on anything. This, in turn, would help Bee fill the hole in his heart. A little care goes a long way even in our lives. It gives us something to drive us forward, even when times are tough.

Finally, the flash back enters it’s climax. Bee and Ay meet Minato on the battlefield. Ay presses Minato with his blinding speed, but is still no match for the Yellow Flash. Before Minato can take out Ay, a tentacle gets in the way of the stab. At this point, the signal for Konoha’s retreat was given. Minato compliments Ay and his family as he leaves. However, the future Raikage doesn’t want to let him off that easy. After ensuring he’s accounted for every kunai, he  charges forward again. Unfortunately, Minato didn’t become the Hokage for nothing.

When you get into a stalemate with Minato, just consider that a win

When he cut the tentacle, Minato was also able to plant his seal on it. Bee is ready to trade lives, but despite being foes, Minato likes Bee. Now, the flashback comes to an end, Raikage still staring at Bee.

That, my friends, brings us to the closure of the episode. The next episode will likely continue the speed struggle between Naruto and  Raikage. This addition to the series really showed how much Bee and Ay cared for eact other, as well as the recognition and skill Naruto’s father called for on the battle field. Bee really did always look up to Ay as a brother and that’s what has filled the hole in his heart. Even out of protection, you can’t restrict your brothers freedom. It hurts to be held back by the ones you love, but it can also be hard to tell them your feelings. However, this is war. Is the Raikage right, or is Naruto right?

Well, that about wraps things up here. Slip me some feedback in the comments if there’s something I left out or didn’t expand enough on. I look forward to continuing the anime breakdown, so be prepared for more shenanigans in the future. If you’re wondering where Naruto’s collage in the fourth picture came from, it was my first attempt with Photoshop. That being said, I have nothing more to rant about. Look forward to the next release and you may get surprises along the way. Don’t worry, I’ll get better at this, I promise O_O.

~Peace Out, ajd

~ by ajd on October 8, 2012.

20 Responses to “Naruto Shippuden 282 Beakdown: Bee Breaks It Down As Naurto and a Raikage Freestyle; demotivational poster included!”

  1. Great breakdown buddy. I think the Anime shows a lot more then the Manga does. I’m glad for it. One of my favorite moments was the Pain vs Nine-tails Naruto. That was drawn out so surreal!

  2. Hey! I guess I can shout second in this case. ^ ^

    Anyway, this was a good breakdown, although I still need to watch the episode to which it pertains. I also laughed in quite a few moments too, so good job and welcome to the ranks of wra’s authors. @____@

    *Gives Ajd a cheesecake.*

  3. “Only finest shinobi…” Ha! I love it.

    Also yes the dancing was weird in the previous Naruto Opening. I’ve never thought Kakashi would ever “skip” like a ballerina, just so out of character

    Good job!

  4. 4TH IS DEATH!

    Nice Breakdown, Will comment more when I have a gap @__@

  5. Great breakdown. Excellent work on the photoshop picture.

    With the filler over, we are now back in the war again. I don’t recall in the manga that Naruto mentioned about enemy disguising themselves as allies.

  6. Thanks for the comments everyone. I plan on getting better with Photoshop so I’m not always throwing the same thing out there. There will probably be a caption competition as well when enough people get involved.

    @Tigerpalm, I’m not sure I know what you mean by Naruto mentioning the enemy disguising themselves by allies. As far as I know, there hasn’t been a mention in the anime about it either.

  7. IF THERE’S NO UNNECISSARY DANCING ITS NOT AN INTRO!!! I’LL BURN THIS SECTION DOWN AND WHOEVER IS WRITING IT… i didn’t catch the name because I had to rage type before the third paragraph! Also no one starts with the anime first….. Totally not me on every manga I ever read….

  8. I love you too coolbeans

  9. Love you too bud hope all is well at your end

  10. Btw adj ill have to figure out how to get the chat page to work on an iPad because I totally wouldn’t troll the chat with you like the old days while the other moderators sleep 😉
    Stupid technology not doing everything I want all the time!

  11. lol, I look forward to the day you can. I guess until then, I’ll remain king of chat. We’ll have to chat on yahoo or something soon.

  12. Soooo sad, I’m one unknown ap from showing you up. But here I am on the comments shaking a fist!!! At least crack a beer in memory of past argument glory good sir

  13. Well…I do have all this beer…

  14. *Sets fire to all the beer.*

  15. You’ve burned all the food, the shade, the beer! But why is the beer gone?

  16. @ajd: I really appreciate you doing the anime breakdown. Keep up the nice work!

  17. O_O, np Loustv. I don’t think I’ve seen you comment in a LONG time. I’ll be sure to keep going!

  18. @ajd
    In the beginning (first 20 sec) of episode 282, Naruto said “The enemy is disguising themselves as allies”.

  19. It’s definitely worth noting that you are correct Tigerpalm. The confrontation occurs on chapter 540 page 16, and Naruto never stated anything about enemies disguising themselves as allies. The whole chapter revolved around the reader learning that detail. Nice attention to detail, I didn’t even notice ;p

  20. @ajd
    I really enjoy watching the anime even though it is a little lagging behind the manga but I have found that many time it foreshadow interesting things that will happen in the manga in the future. Of course, the foreshadow maybe intentional or unintentional!
    Keep up the good work with the breakdown because we need someone to do the anime as much as the manga. Although you do have your work cut out for you since Tenrai do such a bang up job with materials that have been covered.

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