Naruto Chapter 694 – 695 Breakdown: It’s a Pein0Avenue and Tenrai Senshi collaboration!

Chapter 694 – Naruto and Sasuke (1)

Never noticed till now... Hashirama is Left Handed and Madara was Right handed... I mean, this wouldn't of worked if they where both right handed...

Never noticed till now… Hashirama is Left Handed and Madara was Right handed… I mean, this wouldn’t of worked if they where both right handed…

Awe WRA. It’s bittersweet this week as it has been confirmed now that the Naruto as we know it will be over in just over a month. This being my last official breakdown on Naruto makes it feel so final, a series that has been in our lives for a long time and for me personally a series that I felt I grew up with.

I think WRA can survive though, this is a site that thrives on manga readers and debates and discussions, but there is a great new group of manga making their way up. Seven Deadly Sins was mentioned and Attack on Titan has been a revelation to me in the ‘darker’ manga category. In the end the survival of the community will not depend on Naruto but on our members. When I first arrived, Pickles, SuperTrek, Kizu, where the three covering the Big 3, Naruto, One Piece and Bleach. FMA had just finished and Soul Eater was getting a breakdown every now and then.

So to those of you that haven’t begun, now is as good time as any to start Seven Deadly Sins 😀 and this is also your time to shine WRA, give suggestions of good manga that aren’t currently on the map and let’s start discussing it and getting others to read it…

Now finally to the actual breakdown.

Naruto and Sasuke

The chapter is dubbed, Naruto and Sasuke… and this is a clear distinction to me. The two are going to fight, but there is no hatred or jealousy that was so prevalent in their first encounter. It’s almost as if Kishi wants us to understand that this is not just the battle we have all been waiting for since the end of part 1. There is something deeper here, the distinction of saying ‘and’ instead of ‘vs’ tells me that there may not be one winner and the other a loser. This is not meant to be final, but instead represents the two being able to understand where each one is and how each side’s experiences have led them to their answers.

They don’t seem to even want to battle, there is a feeling of unwillingness in it, even Sasuke’s tone just seems like his heart isn’t in it, or at least not truly. This of course may change but it does highlight what Hagoromo’s intentions, to not only focus on the one brother, but to give both equal power, which would remove that anger and resentment and would in a sense create the yin yang effect while maintaining a balance.

The True Hokage

…and the only Uchiha that didn’t go completely crazy… then again he did kill his entire family so crazy is relative here….. <___<

The ultimate question in the Naruto universe since the Pain Arc has been how do you stop the cycle of hatred. This is of course very difficult to answer, we had…

Nagato believe that fear would end all conflict and created a sort of Mutually Assured Destruction policy that would eventually become a system that would continually remind people of the effects of war and the suffering it brought.

Obito believed that people couldn’t be fixed and that the world he knew was much better than the one he was living in and believed that by controlling people he could create a utopia, but this would remove free will. To do this he was willing to become nothing but a tool to achieve his dreams.

Sasuke has taken these two approaches and tried to mix them together, that with his own idea of what a Hokage should be, has created this almost Dark Hokage mantel in his mind (someone that is willing to do what is necessary, not needing the peoples approval to do the right thing.) Now while this seems completely conceited and vain (which it is) I think sometimes we as the reader forget what type of world Naruto takes place in. The Kage’s are not super heroes, each one is a killer. The Bijuu aren’t just friendly portions of chakra but weapons that can be used to cause countless people to die. These are facts and while we have seen into the Kage and Bijuu hearts, Sasuke hasn’t and he is making his assessments from his own experiences, which have been tough to say the least. The Kage’s where on the brink of war not long before the 4th Shinobi war broke out and if it hadn’t been for Obito’s intervention there may have been a much darker turn to this story. If in fact, Obito allowed the Kage’s to continue their meeting and just push each more and more into conflicting against each other, there would of been a much more gritty war than the one against the faceless Storm Troopers white Zetsu.

So by using the powers given to him Sasuke would accept all the darkness in the world onto himself, make himself this hated figure that will live in solitude and can pass judgement on others. In doing so create peace through a totalitarian society. This is of course like trying to keep cool by setting fire to your surroundings, this would make your past cooler than your present but doesn’t really fix the problem since all it does is compound it. Sasuke will rule but in doing so may create more hate but what is your opinion? Would you trust people that literally trained from childhood to be killers to turn around and begin living in peace together. Weapons with almost unlimited power wondering around waiting to be captured. Do these really seem like ‘safe’ assumptions to make? It would be like leaving Nuclear weapons laying around trusting that the right people with the right skills wouldn’t come round to pick it up and use them for evil…

I will keep the remainder short and to the point. This of course being Hogoromo’s flashback and Naruto’s response to Sasuke’s dark Hokage. This was the best parts of the chapter to me, which is very strange for me, as I normally live for the villains monologues and dark ideology but as a fan of Naruto seeing his response to Hagoromo and Sasuke really showed how he has matured and yet stayed the same at the same time.

Firstly in his answer to Hagoromo he shows the old Naruto, with his almost child like faith in people and his unwillingness to give up on others and even more so, himself. It was of course touching to see both (Sasuke and Naruto) answers be similar while at the same time be so completely different. Naruto’s answer to Sasuke to me showed his growth through this war, when the war began and just before it. Naruto would try take up the solo hero mantle, being the person that would take on all the worlds problems alone and being the only one that can shoulder them. Over the course of the arc he has seen that he cannot do everything. He needs help and is stronger when others are stronger. He is not alone and by being part of a group they can all achieve peace. I just want to point out how completely different this view must be to him… He was completely cut off from society for being the jinchuriki, hated and despised by the world, yet he has been able to look past this and accept those that hated him from the start. He is not letting only his own experiences guide him (like Sasuke is doing) but instead learning from everyone’s flaws and weaknesses putting him in a better position to lead.

This of course all lead to the final moment when the two Yin and Yang finally crossed swords/kunai, the final battle is here and we can debate all we want in the end there is only 5 Chapters to go till it is finished. We will see some epic jutsu I am sure but for me personally, I am hoping that the two being weakened will mean that this battle is gritty and personal. Maybe they will gain understanding through that and like before only when two equals face each other on battlefield can they see into each others hearts. 🙂

Debate – Who is stronger entering the battle?

It was going to be Naruto but Sasuke pulled some jutsu out his @$$ so he is stronger. 😛

On your marks…. Get Set….. Go!!!!

I will leave it to Tenrai to propose a new debate or caption contest, though I think it will be tough to find bubblitions with the series coming to an end…

Thanks again for reading, it has been an honor knowing you all here and will miss the intense debates and laughs we had about Naruto but lets make the final 5 chapter memorable :D.

Kakashi vs Itachi? Who ever won that one…. <__<


Chapter 694 – Naruto and Sasuke (2)

I'm not sure who looks more creepy in this image. O_O

I’m not sure who looks more creepy in this image at this point.

*Notices everyone staring at me expectantly…* O__O

Oh yes… *Cough*

Well, I guess it’s my turn then. Thanks for that breakdown Pein, and for helping me cover for a double. It has always been a pleasure having you on this blog, helping me out and supporting myself and others every step of the way. Also, thanks to Kevin for the previous breakdown. It’s always good to get a fresh perspective now and then from other writers.

Oh yes, of course. Where are my manners? Hello everyone, it’s Tenrai Senshi here, covering the second half of this double breakdown! ^ ^

If this was a baseball game, Sasuke would be out.

If this was a baseball game, Sasuke would be out.

I think the most notable feature regarding this chapter, is that the battle between Naruto and Sasuke is in many ways a reflection of their previous battle at the Valley of the End, near the conclusion of Part One, only on a much larger scale. It also appears to be a very evenly matched battle from the offset, with both Naruto and Sasuke pulling out their big cards – from Susanoo to Naruto’s Bijuu cloak mode – pretty much from the get go.

However, despite this seemingly shallow, destructive mayhem, I did pick up on what could be a bit of symbolism in this chapter as well, hidden within the imagery.

For one, when I think back to very first battle Naruto and Sasuke had at the Valley of the End, I can’t help but think of how, during the finale, both took on monstrous forms that bought out the peak of their power at the time, with Sasuke’s second stage Cursed Seal on the one side and Naruto’s one-tailed chakra cloak on the other. This time around, it almost feels like Kishi is paying homage to those earlier incarnations of Naruto’s and Sasuke’s power, through the visual representation of Susanoo and Naruto’s Bijuu form. Susanoo’s wings are visually very reminiscent of his second stage Cursed Seal form, which also sported wings, while Naruto’s Bijuu form is obviously reminiscent of his chakra cloak.

In a way, this visual representation of power, brought up to a much larger scale, could be seen as a representation of the growth that both of these two “brothers” have undergone since the last time they faced each other in a battle to the death. In a way, it’s a reminder for us readers as to how far they’ve come, even following their own paths, and how, despite coming around full circle back to where they had first clashed with their lives on the line, they have come with hearts that have grown more mature and understanding of the world, and even of each other as well.

The final battle between light and darkness...

The final battle between light and darkness…

As we can see in the spread above, we also have a brief moment where Naruto’s and Sasuke’s fists clash, which also brings us back to a peculiar power that some Jinchuuriki seem to have, where they are capable of transmitting thoughts and feelings through fist bumping, as first displayed by Bee. With that in mind, this scene made me wonder what kind of emotions were flowing through Naruto and Sasuke at this time, and how they perceived each other. What did they feel or see within each other as their fists clashed?

In a way, we do get an answer to that question. What most people perceived as nothing more than a mere flashback, was, in fact, more than likely a visual representation of the emotions currently being exchanged between Naruto and Sasuke at the time their fists touched, and the memories of their individual pasts being shared.

To walk in someone else's shoes. To see as their eyes see. To feel as their heart feels. That is what it means to understand...

To walk in someone else’s shoes. To see as their eyes see. To feel as their heart feels. That is what it means to understand…

As Pein0Avenue mentioned in his breakdown as well, this also brings me back to how, in part one, Sasuke mentioned that when two master shinobi trade blows, they also exchange thoughts and feelings and can come to truly understand each other. At the time he said those words, Sasuke looked down on Naruto and saw him as someone who was beneath his own level of skill, so I don’t think he believed that Naruto could truly understand him at the time. However, this time around I think both Naruto and Sasuke are well aware of the fact that their thoughts and feelings are reaching each other.

In a way, I think Sasuke might even be glad that Naruto understands him now, as well as the reasoning behind his actions. Likewise, Naruto must feel that this strange phenomenon, where people can share their emotions, is his only way of truly getting his own feelings through to Sasuke as well. Having shared their thoughts and feelings, only the raw, emotional reality remains. Both know what it feels like to lose loved ones. Both have shared the agony of being alone. And as someone who understands that unbearable reality, Naruto believes he needs to stop Sasuke from walking a path that would lead to that hell of loneliness once more.

Sasuke is trying to cut his bonds again, just like he did during Naruto’s and Sasuke’s first clash at the Valley of the End. Naruto doesn’t want to allow that to happen.


Wouldn’t we all want a friend like Naruto? T__T

In any case, to avoid making this breakdown any longer than it already is, I’ll end on the closing note that it does, indeed, seem as though Naruto’s feelings have finally gotten across to Sasuke, going by the chapter’s rather abrupt ending. Even Sasuke himself admits that Naruto doesn’t have to be “so loud”, because he truly does understand what Naruto is trying to do for him. Likewise, he also finally admits that Naruto must understand him as well, which, in a way, is an admission that the two of them are now truly equals in every way.

The only question remaining is, what will Sasuke’s answer to that revelation be? I definitely sense a talk-no-jutsu coming up, but it will be interesting to see whether or not Naruto and Sasuke resolve this final clash of fists and feelings with violence, or with words. I guess only time will tell, but hopefully, whichever way Kishi decides to spin it, it will be a great ride all the way to the end.

They couldn't just settle this over a game of chess, could they? <_<

They couldn’t just settle this over a game of chess, could they? <_<

Well guys, that’s it from Pein0Avenue and I. I hope you all enjoyed this double breakdown, and thank you to everyone for riding out this truly epic journey with us until the very end. It really is a joy to finish this long-running, memorable series with friends that I’ve gotten to know here on WRA over the years, even dating back to the old IRA days.

I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way.

Just for the fun of it, and to commemorate the fun times we’ve had, I decided to include what will be one of the last Bubbliton Contests we might ever have for this series. It’s a bit of a tough one but I hope you guys enjoy it all the same.

*Insert caption here.*

*Insert caption here.*

See you in the comments! ^ ^

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  2. SECOND!! Haven’t had a second before either. lol

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    *Eats Pein and Kevin and takes top positions again*

  4. Can i do a double bubbilition?

    Bubbl 1.

    Sasuke: Damnit! I dropped my lucky penny!!
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    Sasuke: By killing you I can add nine-tails beef stock and a Naruto to the valley of the end.

    Caption: Sasuke will achieve peace through a giant bowl of ramen. Everything has come full circle.

  6. @Bakakage

    You can do as many bubblitons as you like. The more the merrier. 😛

  7. Soooo…what does Sasuke think will happen once he dies…he’ll leave a huge void of power….and the person oppressing the people will be gone…does he believe peace will still rein then?

  8. Bubblition:
    Crop circles? I knew it! You’re an alien!
    Caption: Sasuke finally realizes Naruto’s origins…

    Regarding the caption on the statue picture first in this breakdown:
    isn’t it rather Madara that is left-handed? He’s carrying his sword on his right side, meaning he would draw it with his left hand, and vice versa for Hashirama.
    I’ve actually practiced a bit of Iaido, I know what side to carry my sword on 😉

  9. Great Breakdown to both Pein and Tenrai! Thanks for all the time and hard work! Reading this blog has always been both rewarding and entertaining.

    Arigatō!!! 😀

    Sasuke: You are now inside what I like to call the “Uchiha family circle of trust”.
    Caption: Next episode in Naruto: Meet the Uchiha…

  10. Pein and Tenrai I second Visionary’s words. Thanks to both for all the breakdowns.

  11. @ Cecile – I thought the same but you normally cross draw your sword, therefore your sword will stand on your weaker side. If Madara attempted to draw his sword with his right hand and use it, it would be near impossible… Also the data book list Sasuke as ambi but stronger on his Left hand thus I take that as a parallel to Madara 😀

  12. AHHHH Wait now I see @___@ I got them mixed up :O

    I apologize


  14. Damn, this is just intense! Just when you thought they couldn’t take it up any more levels…

  15. @pein it can be hard to separate left from right sometimes 😀

  16. The question is, which one is right? Is left right, right? Or is right left, right?

  17. I just realized that Sasuke is taking a similar path to Orochimaru right now. He hasn’t learned from the mistakes of the past. He couldn’t even learn from Madara.

    Also I get the feeling Sasuke actually wants to die, like part of him welcomes death because he’s alone and has nothing left (otherwise why would he try to push Naruto into fighting to kill?) while another part of him wants to continue going. It’s also possible Sasuke is just trying to make Naruto lose his way and make him want to kill him. Which do you guys think Sasuke is doing right now? Does he want to die or is he just trying to screw with Naruto and make him a leader in the way that Sasuke thought to be?

  18. this is just a continuation of hashirama v madara.. but this one will have a different ending.. naruto wont kill him.. instead beat him to a pulp, thus proving that sasuke doesn’t stand a chance against naruto..

  19. It’s nice to see that both Sasuke and Naruto can replenish the chakra they lost, Sasuke, by stealing it from the Bijuus and Naruto gathering it from everywhere thx to Sage mode.

    Sasuke right now has great skill in taking full control of the Rinnegan, but Naruto has only just started to observe Sasuke’s skills. I’m sure Naruto is cooking something up as we speak. As you can see from the latest chapter, Naruto doesn’t make a single unused move, even when Sasuke struck him to the ground he instantly started to collect Natural Energy.

  20. I know this is late. But I wanted to thank Eugen, Todd Sturner, and pein0avenue for your kind words on the last breakdown I did.

    I was genuinely surprised that we were essentially faked out. I was led to believe this was a mirroring of their last fight there. But instead, Sasuke is like, “Your Jedi mind tricks don’t work on me. Your talk-no-jutsu doesn’t work on me.” and keeps the fight going.

    I still am hoping that either this fight ends by next chapter or so or we get a double length chapter or two towards the end to wrap it all up. I also have this feeling that we’re going to find out how Naruto gets his hand and forearm all wrapped up like that. One way I know of, though unlikely due to his experience, is using Rasenshuriken as a melee attack which has been shown to damage his chakra network around the hand, greatly risking permanent loss of ability to manipulate chakra from that hand.

    Then again, it may just be a fashion thing, kind of like how Rock Lee wears those bandages around both arms. Kishi has done a good job at making it surprisingly difficult to predict how this battle will play out. The only thing I can say for certain is that the Infinite Tsukuyomi will be dispelled and all will be right again, for the most part. Not sure what else to suggest on that.

    I really hope that the true end to this story doesn’t depend on the upcoming movie, but rather the movie being an added extension to that storyline.

  21. I for one just hope that Sasuke owns up for all he’s done over the years. He’s badly hurt the people who have cared about him the most on more than one occasion – whether it’s emotionally or physically – and he’s even tried to kill all three of his former teammates on various occasions.

    My main concern here is that he’s still playing the victim and might still be treated as such, when in reality, he’s been the cause of a lot of pain and suffering, of which others have been victims. He needs to accept that and not only give a true, heartfelt apology for what he’s done, but also make a meaningful effort to make amends and own up for his actions. I don’t want it all to just be brushed off as nothing happened.

  22. @ WRA – The hate for Sasuke is strong it seems.

    Look he is probably not many peoples favorite character but this is all playing out as it should… Sasuke showing all his power ups first, Naruto being the under dog will pop up and save the day. Now… When did Kurama split with Naruto to absorb natural energy… (Naruto is basically Spirit Bombing now…) and does that mean that the half of Kurama inside of naruto was split in half again so basically all that Kyuubi mode was done while at 1/4 power and tired??? but we will be lead to believe that Sasuke with a full 1/2 of Kurama and full power of the 8 Bijuu is equal or less than the natural chakra gathered by Kurama… As we don’t have a basis we only know that according to Kurama he absorbed “too much” <__<

    I am really bugged that Sasuke keeps using Lightning Style jutsu's against Naruto who is a known Wind user. I mean he could switch over his arrows to be flame powered or even better with Ame.

    Sasuke doesn't even seem to want to win tho, its like this whole facade he is putting on. He was all dark and evil when Sakura and Kakashi etc where around but since the battle with Naruto he just seems like he doesn't really want to win like there is something that is stopping him maybe even subconsciously.

    I believe Naruto will win the battle and be happy but Sasuke will turn around and say that the world needs a villain, there needs to be someone people can focus their hatred on so that they don't begin hating each other. Sasuke will then say he will play that part telling Naruto to tell others that he won but Sasuke got away and they need to stay vigilant or he may return… (Sort of like how Itachi framed the Leaf saying if something happened to Sasuke he would return… which he did… only to traumatize the poor kid and nearly melt his mind… Genius hmmm) Allowing Naruto to try maintain peace but if he failed Sasuke will pop up to get everyone scared and united and so the cycle will go on.

  23. @pein0avenue

    I believe that the Kurama split was a shadow clone. You’ll probably find when Naruto was knocked down he summoned another clone and left it down there, hidden by the smoke, etc.

    As the natural chakra debate and Kurama vs Sasuke with 9 Bijuu debate, it’s a bit less lopsided than you think. Firstly, you need to remember that the amount of natural energy absorbed relative to the amount of chakra you have, needs to be balanced relative to a certain ratio. This means that the more chakra and stamina you have, the more natural energy you need to absorb to achieve that balanced ratio. Now that Naruto has the chakra of the other Bijuu and Kurama being used together, the amount of Narutal energy he uses will be directly proportional and, thus, will be far greater than the amount he absorbed in the past when he used Sage Mode on his own. The power increase, thus, will be similarly much greater than before (You could see it as taking the power you have, and then doubling it). Basically, Sage Mode is a great transformation in the sense that its strength increases relative to the native strength of the user. It will never go out of fashion or be replaced, because it always supplements whatever other power you have and multiplies it.

    Also, you need to consider the difference between taking a Bijuu’s chakra by force, and cooperating with them, and that’s the main difference between Naruto and Sasuke. Naruto has earned the trust of the nine Bijuu, and thus they cooperate and share their power with him willingly. On the flip side, Sasuke has simply taken the power, rather than working with the Bijuu. To give an idea of the difference this makes, consider Naruto’s chakra form when he took Kurama’s chakra via a tug of war, to his chakra mode when Kurama cooperated with him. The latter was vastly superior. So, even if Sasuke has the original nine Bijuu’s chakra to call on, he’ll never be able to utilize it to the degree Naruto was able to by cooperating with the Bijuu. Even if Naruto has less chakra now than Sasuke does, he’s able to make the most of it thanks to cooperating with Kurama, etc, which, combined with Sage Mode, helps close the gap between his and Sasuke’s power.

    Lastly, I will agree that it is odd for Sasuke to use a lighting attack against Naruto. Naruto just threw what looks to be two giant rasenshurikens. For all intents and purposes, if these two jutsu clash and are at a similar level in power, Naruto’s will clearly trump Sasuke’s thanks to the elemental advantage. For Sasuke to ignore this either speaks of his overconfidence, or perhaps hints at the idea that he might not be putting his whole heart into this battle.

  24. @tenraisenshi

    This is the problem I have though. If it is a clone of Kurama/Naruto. Lets say that Sage mode does allow you to absorb an equal amount as the user but if its a shadow clone at most it will will be a 1/2 of Naruto’s strength and a 1/4 of Kurama, as the clones power is evenly distributed. This being after the entire battle Naruto had almost no time to recover really.

    So my problem is, if Naruto has a shadow clone he splits his own chakra and looses it, and if the clone can only draw as much power as he has then technically swapped the Natural for his normal… or that is how I understood it. Once a Shadow clone disperses it does not neccesarily mean the original user returns to full strength as that was the whole point of it being forbidden?

  25. @pein0avenue

    I don’t think he does it that way. I think he has the clone absorb enough so that when it dispels, the natural energy is still at the right ratio when it returns to his original body, otherwise he’d never be in balance and his sage mode transformation would never be as perfect as we’ve seen it (see Jiraiya’s transformation as an example for an imperfect version of Sage Mode).

    Aside from that, I’m honestly not sure about the technicalities of using a clone to gather natural energy, but if the natural energy does, in fact, return to Naruto when the clone dispels, we can assume that the chakra does as well. The reason shadow clones are forbiden is because the chakra splits in the first place, and if you don’t have enough chakra when initiating the technique, you could pass out or die from chakra exhaustion (the chakra remaining in the original body isn’t enough). Also, because clones can also use jutsu, or expend energy (stamina), using 1000 clones is like using up your chakra at 1000 times the normal rate, or running out of stamina 1000 times the normal rate (hence why when you dispel the clones, you accumulate their fatigue as well). For someone with a low chakra pool, using up chakra at even just 5 times the normal rate could be deadly, much less 1000 times. The factor of chakra exhaustion is the main reason the technique is forbidden for most people who don’t have insane chakra pools.

  26. Kakashi is gonna chidori Sasuke from behind when he least expects it. Remember, “Naruto can’t do it alone”.

  27. @Tenrai — I guess that makes sense but it erks me, it just seem like Kishi is saying infinite infinity plus infinity is basically Naruto’s chakra pool.

    Also there was no hint of Naruto’s clone being placed in the rubble, unless of course I missed it plus if you split once and run out of chakra the shadow clone would disperse giving you back your energy or at least portion of it so how is it a restricted jutsu put next to things like Edo Tensei??? It just doesn’t seem right that the risk/reward is so low. The chakra you give to the clone or half of your own is what the clone can use but so at worst it allows you to use a jutsu twice at the same time. If it fails you gain the shadow clones exp and your chakra back… Arggg my head hurts…. It just seems haxi and odd that it isn’t used by more people. I thought the risk of Shadow clone was that if you use it you loose that chakra especially since a Shadow clone isn’t durable enough to take much contact but if the chakra returns to the user, Naruto in effect could battle like the 6Paths of Pein and never be near the battle and would never truly run out of either clones or energy.

    Sasuke is strong but he can run out of chakra and has to fight himself, Kakashi is strong but has low chakra, Sakura is hahahaha, yeah no…. but that is my point, Naruto has no clear weakness and if he had created a shadow clone at the beginning of the battle Sasuke wouldn’t be able to know evidently, and Naruto could of basically just continually battled with clones only use up the chakra the clones use in battle but then make more clones to make natural chakra which he would regain to make more clone…. Its just too much X____X

    I thought that if Naruto only uses Natural Chakra when it runs out the clone disappears and naruto sage chakra is restored not effecting his normal chakra. This being also that the natural chakra is an external source over and above the natural chakra generated by a body it makes sense that only it can be sent via the clone disappearing as the excess would be given over…

    How I believed it works is like having two glasses one with water (normal chakra) other with soda water (natural) now both are 500ml full and you drink only the soda natural chakra as having Chakra > Natural Chakra is fine or even Chakra = Natural Chakra… Now you use all of the 500ml so your normal chakra is still full the clone disappears filling the 500ml Natural chakra bringing it back to 500mls… This would explain how Naruto can at a moment notice calabrate and has only used this technique when it seems he is out of chakra, as the Clones gather only the one side and he maintains the other, he knows how much the clone should keep inside him at any one time.

  28. Anybody else think that Sasuke’s tailed beast susanoo looks like an evangelion?

  29. My son and I were discussing the possibility of Susanoo being Kaguya’s husband. Note that Kurama says that Sasuke might become Susanoo’s vessel since no Gedo statues are around… Susanoo needs a vessel?

  30. Just wanted to put this out there, but my theory that Sasuke just wants to die is somewhat credited by Sasuke mentioning to Sakura and Naruto that he’s not sure why Sakura still loves him.

    @Pein, it’s nice to know I’m not the only one who notices Sasuke doesn’t seem to really want to win. He came to his answer but he seems hesitant to go through with it and would rather just die. Probably trying to deceive Naruto in the same way Itachi deceived him.

    It’s possible that he’ll never apologize for what he’s done, but it’s possible that he understands his actions and (given he didn’t understand why Sakura still liked him) just wishes for death.

  31. Thanks Gavin.

    I just saw the synopsis for the last movie. I’m suspecting that the moon’s current trajectory has something to do with Kaguya and/or the third son black zetsu.

  32. @holydemonandy: I was actually trying to be funny. I’ll fix it…

  33. Oh. XD This is going to sound stupid as fuck, but I thought you had fixed it. I was curious why there were three posts by me noted down. :I Either way, thanks Gavin, good laugh (even if I was laughing at myself).

  34. I honestly understand what Sasuke is trying to accomplish.
    An idea that everyone can recognize who ever was told by their mother or grandmother not to be bad because the boogie-man will get you. Sasuke is trying to be that boogie-man!
    But the main flaw of his plan is that he wants to motivate order with fear.

    To end on a high note

    Guess I know what I am going as this Halloween.
    Caption: If a Susanoo asks you: “trick or treat?” you better give him all your candy xD

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    You are in my circles now
    Caption: Even Naruto can’t escape Google Sasuke Hangouts

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    First, I want to thank Ten, Pein and Kevin (as well as others who I surely have forgotten, sorry about that xD) for all their breakdowns and all the stuff they have made over the years.

    I found wra just about when Ira died, and first lurking and then through bubblitions I grew to love y’all. Thanks to everyone for making this site a must visit when wanting to hear about manga.

    That alto goes for all the commenting dudes who’ve i had the pleasure of meeting. and also a bit for the lurkers, but those no so much ;D.

    I hope this concontinues to be a meeting place for us all.

    Thanks for all rhe years of fun!!

    Also, Naruto is stronger, and I have not a clue of what to bubble xD.


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    But seriously, that cliffhanger though. Now I’m going to have restless nights dreaming about what will happen next until next week. >_<

  42. Great chapter, very personal fight. I do find it hard to believe that with nine bijuu in him, they together can’t create enough chakra for naruto and why it’s just kurama. I do think it would be interesting if along with the kubi chakra sasuke stole, naruto snuck in a bit of sage chakra and defeated sasuke like he did one of paths of pein. Turning sasuke to stone would stop the cycle and nobody would be able to bring him back

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  44. That chapter was amazing. To see them go to their last bit of chakra and will.

    And Kishimoto really gave a huge effort. To see at the beginning the two most powerful techniques collide and therefor witnessing the aftermath of colossal proportions. In contrast to that, he gave us at the end a brutal beating between two best friend at the elemental ninja level, in a way satisfying every Naruto fan, no matter are you a basic Naruto fan demanding just to see a kunai throw and some cool ninja tricks, or are you a hole Naruto fan accepting the diversity of power and complex story-telling.

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    Gosh Darn Cliffhanger Aaauugh!!

  47. I’m gonna officially call it. I think Sakura will intercept Sasuke with a fist to his jaw, effectively stating that she’s through with him. This will create a vital opening for Naruto to defeat him. Note that I said defeat and not kill or finish. That said, this was really an epic chapter. I knew The Final Valley would get practically destroyed in the process. All that water…gone. lol

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  50. @ashesreignited – not sure about the statue itself but both heads are off on the ground (

    @everyone – Do you think it is possible that the Naruto getting pierce is a shadow clone and Naruto is going to do the same thing during Neji fight in the chunin exam.

    Thanks everyone for doing such an awesome job keeping IRA then WRA going.

  51. @tigerpalm well they both look spent I just don’t see naruto making it out of this one unless Sakura intervenes. I don’t think Naruto has anymore trumps up his sleeve.

    @ chapter If Sasuke wins this fight I will go all Deidara self-explosion. They will be picking up bits of my house in the next county over.

  52. @kev ur onto something.. i think it’s either sakura or kakashi or both.. 😀

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  54. I personally hope neither Kakashi nor Sakura take part in this fight, Itachi said he would leave Sasuke in Naruto’s hands and Kakashi also mentioned to Sakura that the two are having their final battle, so normally they should just let thing play-out seeing as they don’t really match up to Sasuke anyway.

    As for Naruto’s dire situation, I think Tigerpalm is right, Naruto always surprised us every step of the way, in the Kakuzu fight, in the fight against Nagato, and with Kaguya as well, he’s always deceived his enemy and he was always 2 or 3 steps ahead. It’s true, in this situation Naruto is literally running on fumes, he had Kurama’s built up chakra but Sasuke managed to steal that from him, so the situation is really uncertain.

    Dricedt also mentioned something cool, what if Naruto slipped in a bit of sage chakra in the mix that will cause Sasuke to go into a temporary paralisis ………..

    Or maybe….. Sasuke just stops! He realizes he can’t kill his only friend in the world and decides to turn into a good guy, and that’s when Tenten shows up and eats him releasing the Infinite Tsukuyome.

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    Naruto dissolves, and the real Naruto appears behind Sauske and tells him the first thing Kakashi taught Naruto! “A Shinobi isn’t suppose to be caught from behind…Baka” and then proceeds to do the Hidden Leaf Taijutsu Supreme Technique: 1000 years of pain! Looks like Team Sauske is blasting off again!

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    Who is that standing way in the background in the top panel to the right of Naruto? I never noticed that before.

  57. …it can’t be Sasuke.

  58. @Kevinphoenix has to be sakura. if you back up a few pages you can see Sasuke, Naruto, Obito and Kakashi. Amazing that you caught that tiny detail.

  59. Lol, Backgrounds….

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