Naruto Chapter 698 – 699 Breakdown: Now that’s taking the term “brothers in arms” to a whole new level.


It’s a word that has seen it’s fair share of attention over the course of Naruto as a series, and likewise, one that has been a catalyst for a number of debates and discussions on our blog. During this war arc in particular, the theme of “destiny” became a matter of contention for many readers, and I think this sentiment stems from the fact that while in Part One Naruto was someone who had always defied his fate, in Part Two – and in this war arc in particular – it might have felt to some as though he had somehow become a slave to it.

However, I’ve never personally seen it that way. I’ve always seen Naruto as a character who was able to break through the molds and cycles that had trapped the world for so long. Despite being given titles such as the “Destined Child”, and despite the prophecies looming over his head, I think Naruto has always followed his own heart irrespective of what others believed he was destined to achieve, whether they foresaw his greatness or his demise.

As if to reinforce this particular sentiment, whereby Naruto could be seen as a catalyst for change, Kishi presented us with an eerily familiar scene in chapter 698 during the battle between Naruto and Sasuke, one that very much reflected a similar scene that occurred during Naruto’s battle with Neji during the Chunin exams.

It seems destiny is quite accustomed to receiving a beatdown from Naruto.

It seems destiny is quite accustomed to receiving a beatdown from Naruto.

What makes these two scenes so relatable, aside from the anti-emo uppercut that Naruto seems to have mastered on both occasions, are the similarities between Neji’s and Sasuke’s views at the times these battles took place.

During the Chunin Exams, Neji believed that all Shinobi were bound by a particular destiny, preordained from birth. He preached that while some individuals were always destined to be strong or to lead, others were likewise always fated to be weak and fall beneath them in an unchangeable hierarchy of predetermined prestige. It was with his powerful eyes, clouded by arrogance and shrouded in darkness, that Neji looked down on Naruto and saw him as something of an inferior being that was destined to lose to him. Much in the same manner, Sasuke also looks down on Naruto during their battle at the Valley of the End and even remarks on how, with the power of his eyes, he was destined to be the victor between the two of them.

On both occasions, Naruto proves his oppressors wrong by showing them that it’ is possible to break free from one’s own fate and change it, not only for himself, but for everyone else as well. I think, in a way, this was Kishi’s way of symbolically acknowledging how Naruto was able to pull Neji out of the darkness, as well as Neji’s words to Naruto during the Sound Four Arc with regards to his efforts to try and do the same for Sasuke.


In other words, go slap the emo out of him!

Now, in a way, we’ve come full circle and much as he did against Neji in the Chunin Exam arc, Naruto has once again risen above the ceiling that others have tried to enclose him in.

Overcoming all odds, and after years of suffering and strain, Naruto finally managed to put an end to the battle between himself and Sasuke, not only for the two of them, but for their predecessors as well, leading all the way up to the spirits of Asura and Indra. I think for us readers as well, it was a moment we had been looking forward to for a long time, and for better or worse, we were finally able to witness it at last. Now that the dust has cleared and the damage has been done, all that’s left between the two, who were bound to each other as both brothers and enemies, was whatever feelings were left remaining, whether agonizing and hurtful, or simply peaceful and content.

What follows is a moment of inner self reflection for Sasuke and one of the few moments, if not the first, where we got a glimpse of his true, unadulterated feelings regarding his friend, Naruto.


So basically, Sasuke’s always behind Naruto. *cough*

What I found most interesting about this moment of insight into Sasuke’s feelings, was just how aware he actually was of Naruto’s suffering and how he formed a link between the two of them through that sense of shared pain and understanding. It also appears as though Sasuke was mindful of how Naruto was treated by their fellow villagers and even though he might not have known exactly why, he was well aware of the fact that Naruto was ostracized.

Sasuke even admits that when he saw Naruto suffer, he started hurting as well, in a similar manner to how Naruto also admitted that he hurt when he thought about Sasuke’s intentions to be alone. It does make me question why, despite knowing about Naruto’s suffering, Sasuke still contributed to it further and tried to cut him away – to the point of trying to kill him – but perhaps it could be written off to the idea that Sasuke just didn’t know how to deal with it in any other way. Or perhaps he saw it as a form of mercy towards Naruto, to end his suffering while taking up the mantle in order to suffer alone himself.

Either way, I think this moment of self reflection, for both Naruto and Sasuke, was one of the most compelling and emotional moments in the manga for me personally. It was further intensified when at the end of Sasuke’s myriad of thoughts, we’re given a simple yet picturesque image of the two of them lying there, bathed in the warm, radiant rays of the early morning sunlight. Despite the visage of their battered bodies, they appear to be resting peacefully, as if both were simply content to lie there in each other’s company regardless of whatever future was left in store for them, even if that future was death.

Aw... that's cute...

Well, they certainly needed their beauty sleep at this point.

Chapter 698 certainly wasn’t without its harrowing and emotional moments. You could say that the chapter itself was a roller-coaster of both beautiful and yet haunting scenes, which visually reflected the bitter-sweet nature of this moment shared between two spiritual brothers, whose lives were locked in an endless cycle of bloodshed and conflict.

The double page spread at the end of the chapter, where you see both Naruto’s and Sasuke’s severed arms and the the blood that connected them together, was probably one of the most shocking and impactful scenes in this manga to date. It was further intensified on a symbolic level in chapter 699, when the scene pans out and you get a glimpse of the hands of Hashirama’s and Madara’s statues with their fingers wrapped around each other, as if holding each other in a gesture of friendship and understanding.

    They say a picture is worth 1000 words, but this one tells the story of an entire generation.

They say a picture is worth 1000 words, but this one tells a story that spans entire generations.

Whether it was through exceptional foresight or shear coincidence, I think it’s amazing how Kishi used the two statues of Hashirama and Madara, who were facing each other poised for battle, in such a manner to visually represent the the change from hatred and conflict to friendship and understanding. Where their predecessors failed, Naruto and Sasuke have succeeded in reaching a point where the endless cycle of conflict between Ashura and Indra can finally come to an end.

I also think it’s symbolic that the hands of the statues that were held in a manner so as to represent seals for gathering chakra and casting jutsu, are now being shown as a means of bonding with others. In a way, this also ties back to the original purpose of chakra, as well as the creation of Ninshu, which Hagoromo intended for people to use to connect with each other and share their feelings as opposed to creating a destructive means to wage war.

I personally think it would be a powerful gesture if two new statues were erected in the Valley of the End to commemorate the battle between Naruto and Sasuke, much in the same way they previously symbolized the battle between Hashirama and Madara. Only this time, instead of facing each other with swords in hand and jutsu at the ready, it should show the statues with their fingers interlocked as we see above, both as a sign of the struggle that was overcome, as well as the marking of the dawn of a new era.

In any case, I know I’ve been pasting large sections of pages from these past two chapters showing Sasuke’s thoughts, but I really do think they’re important enough to highlight, given that it was with his thoughts that this part in the series came to an end. So, instead of writing too much about it further, I thought I’d just show the entire scene – with all of Sasuke’s inner feelings – and let everyone interpret it in their own way and give their own meaning to it.

The end of a long journey, for both Naruto and Sasuke, and us readers.

The end of a long journey, for both Naruto and Sasuke, and us readers. What a sweet but sad moment indeed.

I know that we still had chapter 700 following in the wake of this, but I think in many ways, chapter 699 marked the end of Naruto as a series in itself, because it was the true end of the journey Naruto underwent to bring back Sasuke, and that is why I decided to end this breakdown here for now, as opposed to doing a triple.

I also think Sasuke’s words brought us back around full circle once again, back to what it means to be a Ninja, and that someone who “endures”. Through the pain and hardships, the smile and tears, the struggles and triumphs, a ninja always endures and strives towards the future. We don’t have all the answers now and sometimes the pain may seem unbearable, but there’s always hope as long as we stay steady on our path and take one step at a time together.

In any case, that’s all from me for now. I hope you all enjoyed the breakdown. I’ll still do a breakdown for chapter 700 in a week’s time, but for now I’ll leave you with what may very well be the last Bubbliton Contest we ever have for this series. I hope everyone get’s involved and takes part, and who knows, you might be lucky enough to take what could be the last “first place”.

*Insert caption here.*

*Insert caption here.*

Good luck!

I’ll see you all in the comments! ^ ^

~ by Tenrai Senshi on November 17, 2014.

57 Responses to “Naruto Chapter 698 – 699 Breakdown: Now that’s taking the term “brothers in arms” to a whole new level.”

  1. First to post First!!!!

  2. Bubbliton 1

    Bubble: That’s the last time I’m going to listen when you say “pull my finger”…
    Caption: When Naruto pranks go horribly wrong…

    Bubbluton 2

    Bubble: Well… I guess this means we both have to get girlfriends now…
    Caption: The disadvantages of losing your dominant arm…

  3. Bubbleition: “Naruto…. I really think you should let me redesign our secret handshake.”

    Caption: Maybe replace the Bijudama with… I dunno a short game of thumb wars?


  5. Bubble
    Sasuke: must have been one hell of a night…..
    Caption: cocaine is a powerful drug

    Great breakdown. These two chapters really drove home the story and definatly should have been grouped together.

  6. Bubble
    Sasuke: Hey, wanna be blood brothers?
    Caption: I guess that’s one way to do it.

  7. I think we should all take a moment to analyze Sasuke’s words regarding how not everyone can do what Naruto did. It might demonstrate a bit of what Sasuke was looking for on his journey of atonement. It’s even possible he tried to spread peace through Naruto’s method by doing it. That or he just lingered in the darkness and watched others, always keeping his connection with Naruto alive.

    Also does anyone know what the symbol on the back of Bolt’s jacket is? It can’t just be an arrow, can it?

    Also, Sasuke’s follow-up comment about how things will just get harder the bigger they get… Maybe that’s foreshadowing to a possible sequel. I’ve been thinking for awhile now that it’s possible Bolt might end up taking a path against the kages. Like, to make a world without leaders maybe? It’s kind of a dumb theory at this point, but I thought I’d share.

  8. @Andy

    I think Sasuke’s words are a reflection of the fact that Ninja always face challenges greater than themselves. In Naruto’s case, his challenge is to try bring peace to the world and end the cycle of hatred, and it may even be an insurmountable task.

    But, as has been a running theme in this manga, ultimately, a ninja endures. No matter what gets thrown at them, or how great the challenge is, or despite their suffering or pain, to be a ninja is to endure all those things, and to surpass them. At least, that’s what I got out of it.

  9. Let me do the bubblition first. Hope this works!

    Bubble: Don’t worry, Naruto. It’s only gay if we’re actually touching.

    Caption: Kishi throws a last moment bone to NaruSasu fans.

  10. Here’s another one:

    Bubble: Good fight, Naruto. High fi…thumbs u…good fight.

    Caption: Awkwardness levels…rising!

  11. Bubblition #3:

    Sasuke: Duuuude, I totally fisted Sakura! She was asking for it.

    Caption: Naruto’s too high to respond. Drugs are bad, m’kay?

  12. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. It’s clear though not everyone has as strong a will as Naruto does. I mean look at Kiba at the end. He was lying about being chosen as the seventh hokage when “Naruto stepped down.” The whole hiding his fangs thing.

  13. that’s kiba being kiba…

  14. @Andy & Chaps

    I actually have a feeling that was a translation issue and that Kiba was actually referring to the 6th Hokage (Kakashi) stepping down. But, then again, this is Kiba… so…

  15. Nice Breakdown Tenrai – 2nd Last O_O for Naruto T__T

    Though, I believe I have debated a couple of times that the Naruto vs Destiny switch up from the Chunin Exams to now, has always been one of my most annoying points in the manga. While you do disagree it is one thing I cannot see around. If Naruto wasn’t destined to end the cycle bring peace etc. How is it a old toad that had no real knowledge of Naruto as a person predicted the ending sooooo perfectly. Yes prophecy is a double edge sword in that most of the time it is vague enough that any similarities can be taken as proof. *The end is nigh people*

    Here is how I see Naruto vs Destiny part 1 vs 2

    Bloodline Part 1 vs Part 2 – In part one Neji believed his superior bloodline meant he would defeat Naruto with his “eye’s” being a result of said blood line. At this point (and for much of Part 1) Naruto’s bloodline was never mentioned with esteem. While there where many moments for it, his vitality was related to the Kyuubi not really to his heritage. It was only in part 2 that we where told, far after the fact and during the “Destiny shift” that Naruto was in fact part of such a proud Blood line, in fact its symbol was represented on all leaf Jonin… Being one of the last Uzumaki’s should of made Naruto nearly as rare as Uchiha Sasuke…. He was not like Sakura or Ten Ten part of unknown clans but one of the founding members like the Hyuuga are to the Uchiha…

    So when Neji in part 1 believed he would win, it was also a point of arrogance (much like Sasuke) they believe their Dojutsu is stronger than Naruto’s body and ultimately, under estimated how intelligent he really was. (Digging the hole underground/leaving Kurama portion to gather chakra)

    Naruto at this point (in part one) an unwanted orphan with no link to his parentage. In part 2 we see he is the son of the 4th Hokage and the child of the previous host, also tying him to 2 powerful shinobi’s from birth. This was always the case but in part one but we never knew it, and neither did Neji. Him saying that Naruto was born a looser was in fact fair given his knowledge if said to non essential clan/background character this would be a fair assumption that he was born with an advantage over the other, if presented with the full knowledge that A) Naruto is the Jinchuriki, B) a full knowledge of his parentage and C) A moment shown that in that time the Uzumaki was a revered bloodline in line with the Senju (even just a “hey isn’t the Uzumaki linked to the Senju” would of been enough for me to say it was common knowledge that the Uzumaki was in fact a blood line of note… )He may not of taken the battle so lightly in the first place.

    This of course doesn’t prove that Naruto didn’t fight destiny by doing exactly what was expected of him or had been foretold, it just gives him the Harry Potter complex, he was told his destiny and thus did it, if he was told he would have failed that would of been better a story over all in my opinion.

    Why is it that almost every other character would not be able to complete the prophecy? If Naruto did a little bit better in class he may of been in a different squad and not become friends with Sasuke, if Obito didn’t go dark would the prophecy still be relevant? As the prophecy was made before then?

    Naruto’s early weakness and being a ‘looser’ actually fitted perfectly with the destiny Narrative.

    In the end all of it had to fall a certain way for this outcome, call it chance or destiny one thing is for sure to me, Naruto fighting it ended somewhere after the Chunin Exams. Rock Lee is the only character to me that was always told he would fail and had no blood line, tailed beast or secret parentage to power him up and by only working hard became a great fighter. Naruto had odds against him at first but after a certain point things began to fall into place (and really it was always there he/we just didn’t know it)

    *Rant Over*

  16. @pein0avenue

    You’re forgetting one important detail in the whole Destiny debate, and that is that the prophecy itself did not depict a singular path. In fact, it stipulated that the destined child could either destroy the world, or usher in a new era.

    So, basically, as I’ve mentioned before, the prophecy itself depicts multiple paths with multiple outcomes. For all intents and purposes, it suggests a choice as opposed to simply stating that the outcome is set in stone. Ironically, the prophecy is almost self defeating in a way, because it’s stating something rather obvious, that people can make choices that lead to either good or bad outcomes.

    Also, we don’t even know for certain who the destined child was. Was it Naruto? was it Nagato? Was it Minato? Perhaps it was all of them, and perhaps each represented a different path or choice.

    Also, I think you put too much weight on Naruto’s heritage. Yes, we do discover that he’s part of an ancient clan with a prestige on a level of the Senju or Uchiha, but as was stipulated quite clearly in this latest arc, just because one’s parents are special, that doesn’t mean the child will be special. This is shown in how, despite Naruto being born from two prodigies, he was actually quite a klutz as a ninja and had to work very hard to achieve a similar level of power to other Ninja who acquired it naturally. In this sense, he is actually similar to Lee or even Gai. Yes, Gai became super epic in the end, to the extent that he could even compete with Madara, but he got there through hard work, not just because of blood or heritage.

    Likewise, we’ve seen members of other similarly prestigious and powerful clans like the Uchiha, Senju or Hyuuga who, despite having a strong heritage, were weaker than their peers. Examples include Hinata, who was at one point considered unworthy as a Hyuuga heiress, and most of the Uchiha who seemed to be pushovers for Itachi (many never even awakened their sharingan). So it just goes to show simply being born from powerful parents or being born into a strong clan does not necessarily mean you’ll be strong.

    Lastly, the reason I saw Naruto as someone who had always fought against Destiny, even after the Chunin exams, is because he had to overcome the cycle of hatred that the world was fated to repeat, as well as overcome the destiny of bloodshed between Indra and Ashura that most of their successors inherited. Even then, his goals have never altered, and his main mission was always to bring Sasuke out of the darkness. He didn’t suddenly just veer off course because of what someone else said he was meant to do, he’s always just done what he felt was right.

  17. Got to remember that Jiraiya’s choice was also likely a very important factor in how Naruto chose to go about things.

  18. stahp! just stahp with this arguments… i haven’t even move on to the fact that there will be no more chapters of naruto… 😥

  19. @Chaps

    We’re not arguing. Pein and I debate like this all the time. It’s quite a common thing really. 😛

  20. @Ten, Pain WRA: I’d like you all to meet the REAL hero of Naruto

    Just THINK of how naruto would have turned out WITHOUT the shadowclones. He could have all the same personality traits, blood, parents, drive etc, but he simply would not have gained the exp necessary to catch Sasuke and become the ninja he is at the end. I think the tip of the hat should go to the guy who allowed naruto to learn THAT jutsu, the real saving jutsu.

  21. Guys! I hope I’ll see more Bubblitons before the next (and last) chapter breakdown! You don’t want to miss your (possibly) last chance to get first do you? >_>

  22. Bubble:

    1) “Dude, we so emo we bleed ink”

    Caption: Darkness has a new name….

    2) Sasuke: I knew you couldn’t hand-le me

    Caption: Pot Kettle <__<

    3) "Looks like we gonna have to start treating the women in our lives better…."

    Caption: loosing your dominant hand can give you a change of heart <____< X___X

    *Head explodes rushing trying to think of bubbles….* I wanna win!!!!!

  23. Great breakdown Tenrai. It’s been such a pleasure to read your breakdowns of Naruto.

    – Was it as good for you as it was for me?
    Caption: That’s what he said…

  24. Chapter 701 is….oh wait. Nevermind. *sighs*

  25. Bubblition

    Sasuke: Somehow I don’t think we did it right!
    Caption: A blow job gone very wrong!!!

  26. Bubbelition 2-
    Sasuke: I lost my hand…..
    Caption: doesn’t matter had sex

  27. Bub 3-
    Sasuke- I’m sorry Naruto but it had to be done…
    Caption- what would you dooooo for a Klondike bar…

  28. Bubblition: And now you know why we Uchiha are emo.
    Caption: Fun fact Uchiha smiles can lbe “disarming”.
    Second Bubblition: Damn, I should have known to not use Chidori to cut myself.
    Caption: when wrist cutting goes horribly wrong.

  29. Bubbilition:
    bubble: That was definitely worth it.
    Caption: Never try to falcon punch at the same time.

  30. Bun 4-
    Sasuke- at least it can get any worse right? I mean Kishinev could have done some bullshit empty page saying “the heart”…..
    Caption- you know Sasuke is changing when he is looking at the bright side…

  31. Bubbliton:

    Sasuke: I told you grenade beats rock…
    Caption: From that day onward, the game of rock, paper, grenade would never be the same.

  32. Bub 5-
    Sasuke- but moooom we were just playing around……
    Caption- it’s all fun and games until people lose arms…
    Bub 6
    Sasuke- war, war never changes….
    Caption- card games can be brütal

  33. loved this weeks bleach … so whats the news about the new manga breakdown that was being discussed … is it going to happen ?

  34. @Kenpachi

    I am just a bit busy this week, hence why I haven’t released my last Nartuo breakdown yet. After that, I was going to start the new series with Nanatsu no Taizai, but only if enough people are interested in it. I’m just a bit snowed under at the moment.

  35. @tenraisenshi – I will be interested 😉

  36. Guess I should get in my take on the penultimate chapters. I really liked the way it wraps up the entire Naruto/Sasuke series-wide arc with a bow. This entire time, Naruto had worked ceaselessly to bring Sasuke back. There had been a few key moments along the way that helped shaped that inevitable conclusion. And we all knew that one way or another, those two would battle it out one more time.

    The battle, which somewhat abbreviated, was actually done well. It still felt epic and ended with a bang, no pun intended. Seems like it took the loss of their arms to finally come to terms, which I certainly didn’t see coming. But nevertheless, it really drove the battle home. The symbolism with where they lay at the end pretty much spelled out said end to their long battle, both on the battlefield and in between.

    Guess Sasuke ended up being succeptible to the talk-no-jutsu in the end, after all. It was also quite interesting how he decided not to accept a replacement arm. But it’s been pretty much established that it was his way of punishing himself in his own way for having strayed so far off the right path. In any case, I was actually mildly surprised that he had been fully pardoned for all the things he did before.

    When it comes down to it, Sasuke had been extremely lucky. Not only were his crimes literally forgiven, but he is still alive. Any number of the people he faced could’ve killed him. Even Naruto could’ve killed him. But what’s more, after several blunt “rejections” of Sakura, she still loves him. Now THAT is unconditional love! It was about damn time that Sasuke noticed that.

    And while there is one chapter left, this feels indeed like the end to the mainstream series itself. And what better way to end it than with Sasuke’s headband returned to him at last.

    Rest assured, I’m going to miss this series. Of course, there’s still one more chapter to go over and the upcoming movie, which looks quite exciting! ^^

  37. Bubblition: So this is what happens when Talk-No-Jutsu fails.
    Caption:And you thought Naruto was a pacifist.

    Bubblition: Now I see why everybody else uses a energy beam.
    Caption: Rule number 18 of fantasy battles use long ranged energy clashes to avoid amputatio… Naruto &Sasuke: NOW YOU TELL US!!

  38. Bubblition 7-
    Sasuke- I don’t understand, we both tried to do it at the same time!
    Caption- rules are rules- if you don’t yell surprise you get your arm cut off….

  39. I live.

    I’m quite glad Nardo is over.

    Group hug, guys and guysettes.

  40. Tenrai I’m interested in the Seven Deadly Sins breakdown!
    Another suggestion would be Boku no Hero Academia, as Eugen had suggested before. If it stays in serialization, that is.

  41. Hey Kisu! Where have you been!? >_<


    Yeah, I have read Hero no Acedemia and it is really good as well. We'll see how it develops. Hopefully it remains popular in Japan because it's a good new series I'd hate to see die young.

  42. @tenraisenshi – I really enjoy the Hero one but the only problem is the lack of scanners and translators on a relatively unknown manga O_o means we get heavy delays ….

    @ wra – Which manga’s do you own? Like gone out and bought the hard copy and which manga’s are you planning to buy?

    Just for interest sake….

  43. “Hey Kisu! Where have you been!? >_<"

    More like where haven't I been!

    I pop in occasionally. On occasion. Occasions. Fun word, occasion is. Glad to see you're still around, Ten.

    @pein0avenue, I own the Bleach manga starting from the volume: The Six Fullbringers. Funny how I used to hate Bleach so much, but now it’s my favorite. H-ha-ha.

  44. 700.1 is out… kind of 🙂 basically a handbook with many of Kishis drawings with the designs of our beloved characters as young adults, buuuut page 40 “after the last” might be worth translating

  45. @ Kisu – Bleach is dead to me at the moment, odd how things change lol. But since Kenpachi vs Omnipotent creator mini arc, I just haven’t been able to take it seriously and actually follow the Quincy arc properly.

    They need a few deaths to thin the characters and of those it needs to at least be some of the main ones not just characters introduced recently….

    but think I need to break away then read a few in a row will be better then I believe….

  46. Oh great place,never knew it existed till it appeared on shannaro.

    NB:drive out douchysachi before he kills the blog

  47. Here’s a slight treat for everyone, that I stumbled across:

  48. This is probably the same way Naruto learned to be a good father.

  49. Merry Christmas to everyone and their families.

    A very Happy and Healthy 2015.

  50. Merry Christmas eve!

    Also, sorry guys, I know my breakdown for 700 is really late, but between work and now holiday stuff, I haven’t had much time to focus on it in a way I want. I’m going to sort the blog out in the new year once things settle down and things get back to normal.

    Until then, I hope everyone has a great holiday!


  52. Happy Christmas. 🙂

  53. Happy new year!

  54. Umm..okay not sure if you guys will remember who i am/was (shinobimadness ) but i’d like to get back into helping out and writing. Any chance that could help. One Piece is getting awesome, and its time to hop on board guys. Also i missed this place.

  55. @Fiasco

    I’m always welcoming new authors to help out. I’m first going to try sort out the blog and refresh it a bit and then I’ll be making a place for all the new authors or manga breakdowns, for whoever wants to take part.

  56. @Tenrai no problem. School’s been keeping me busy so take your time. *fingers crossed* I just hope i can do something concerning OP. Perhaps maybe i could start on a up-to-date piece (pun intended lol). Like i said i’d really like to get back into this

  57. I may have a new computer soon. So I may start contributing to the blog as well. The Dbz Multiverse fanfic has my attention.

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