Naruto Chapter 696 – 697 Breakdown: Heart to heart, fist to fist.

Hey guys. I decided to do something different for this double breakdown. So, instead of writing the normal banter I’m sure you’re all used to by now, I decided to write a short story based on Naruto’s perspective, as a hypothetical look as to what might have been going through his mind as he clashed with Sasuke.

I hope you all enjoy it. ^ ^

From Naruto’s POV:


At first, that was all I could see. It was a blinding light, purer and whiter than any other that had ever met my eyes, though strangely, despite its radiance, it lacked any sense of comfort or warmth. I gazed into it, trying to search for him, but the attempt was as folly as looking into the very sun itself, and only served to bring pain-filled tears to my eyes.

I squeezed my eyes shut, blinking the tears away, feeling the gentle tingle of their warmth as they streamed down my cheeks, a sensation that contrasted starkly with the coldness that seemed to emanate about me. Part of me wondered if it was only the light that brought those tears, or if it was something else entirely.

It was only in that moment, enraptured by my own wandering thoughts, that I noticed the absolute silence that had enveloped me. It was as if the entire world and everything in it had suddenly fallen away, leaving only the sound of my beating heart as any proof of my existence as it raced frantically in my exhausted, anxious state.

I felt… alone… and at the mercy of such a hopelessly familiar sensation, the tears stinging at my eyes threatened to fall once more.

“Quit being so loud, would you?”

My thoughts were jarred by the sudden interruption and I opened my eyes, noting curiously how the once blinding light that had met my gaze before had now become a soft, gentle hue. I blinked away the water that clouded my vision and there in front of me, looking as despondent as ever, was none other than my life long friend and rival, Sasuke.

“We’re no longer kids,” Sasuke spoke again, breaking the silence once more. “I… understand what you’re doing and you understand me too, don’t you… Naruto…”

I knew it was more of a statement than a question, and yet in my mind, I couldn’t help but question it myself. Did we really understand each other? If two people truly understood each other, then surely there would be no reason for them to fight. If they understood each other, then…

‘No…” I thought to myself. “It’s because we understand each other that we have no other choice but to fight.’

In my heart I knew it was true, that our battle was inevitable, but part of me still hated being trapped by that inescapable reality. And so I questioned it and I questioned Sasuke. I questioned our need to fight and the purpose of his goals, but the more we talked and the more he answered me, the more it reaffirmed the cold, bitter reality that my heart had already long since foretold.

“Then are you planning to stay in that hell, all alone for the rest of eternity, being hated by all?” I finally asked, as if grasping at one last, tattered thread of hope.

Sasuke’s answer was absolute. “Well, that’s what being Hokage means to me.”

With only those words left ringing in my ears, the white light that had enveloped us was suddenly swept away. In its place, a vivid stream of colours flooded my vision, accompanied by a fierce buzzing sensation as the jutsu Sasuke and I had clashed with only moments prior dissipated in a final, brilliant explosion, pushing the two of us far apart.

Clash in the Heavens

For a moment, I was overwhelmed by the torrent of sensations that enveloped me, and by the thoughts of Sasuke’s last words to me as they raced through my mind. I shook my head vigorously in an effort to bring myself back to my senses and after some struggle, I somehow managed to reign in my anxiousness and lose myself to the nurturing embrace of the elements that surrounded me.

The soft, gentle caress of the wind was a welcome reprieve as it brushed over me, tickling the bare skin on my arms, face and chest, and the warm rays of the sun soaked into every fiber of my being, as if reinvigorating my senses. Slowly, my nerves began to calm and my mind became clear again. I took in a deep breath, savoring the sweet smell of the air and relishing in that final moment of calm that I had been afforded.

I knew it was not fated to last.

I felt a pang of pain in my chest as I watched Sasuke draw the last remnants of energy from the trapped Bijuu that I had long since come to call friends, knowing that to him, they were nothing more than tools to achieve his ambitions. Still, I knew I couldn’t afford to hold back, and so I formed a familiar hand sign and summoned clones in the hopes of tipping the odds in my favor.

Kurama Clones

“That Jutsu is nothing more than a sign of just how lonely you are!” I heard Sasuke shout, his face distorted in an arrogant sneer.

His words were like a knife cutting deep into my chest, and yet despite it, I could find no argument to counter them. I truly did feel alone at that point, and as much as I was struggling against Sasuke in a clash of both strength and will, I also felt like I was in a battle with my very own self. The emotions I was trying to desperately keep at bay began to overwhelm me once more, and it was all I could do to simply keep fighting on.

It wasn’t long before the two of us clashed once again. Sasuke was relentless in his assault and spared none of the power he had afforded himself. It almost seemed as though he had fallen into a state of desperation in trying to kill me, as if he were rushing against his own resolve with the fear that somehow, if given long enough, it might act to betray him.

From that moment onwards, everything was a blur. I can’t remember how long we fought or how many jutsu we hurled at each other, but to me, it felt like an eternity. Still, even as strong as we were, with the avatars of our power showing in the forms of Susanoo and Kurama, neither of us were capable of maintaining our momentum indefinitely, and after one final, violent clash, we were both brought out of our sovereignty in the heavens, down to the gritty, hard earth below.

It was as if we had fallen into hell itself…


I felt my body crash against the rocky dirt with a resounding thud. The air was knocked violently out of my lungs and I felt as if I was choking as I desperately heaved in an attempt to alleviate my burning chest. Every bone in my body ached from the force of the impact and for a time, I even pondered on the idea that many of them might have broken.

The faint sound of soil shifting nearby reminded me that I did not have the luxury of wasting my time on such thoughts, and so with an agonized grunt, I shuffled up into a kneeling position – being too tired and sore to even stand – and looked over the dust filled clearing before me.

Naruto battered

“Dammit, you’re still alive,” I heard Sasuke huff, as my eyes met his.

He didn’t sound happy that I had survived the fall, and yet strangely enough, I found myself overwhelmed with relief that he was still alive. However, I wasn’t completely dismayed by the fact that he did not look much better off than I felt. At the very least, it meant that I still had a chance to beat him.

It was clear, however, that as much as I was desperately trying to save Sasuke from his own darkness, he was just as dedicated about killing me. The dark, suppressing flames of Amatarasu were more than enough to eradicate any thoughts I might have had to the contrary, as they threatened to engulf me whole. I was lucky that Kurama’s cloak was enough to ward of the attack, but I’d soon learn that hope was a fickle existence, one that could be snuffed out with as little as a single breath.

We were both spent, and any attempt to use jutsu from then onward proved to be futile, with both of us lacking the energy to carry it through. Still, neither of us was willing to give in, and so our battle that was once marked by the thunderous sounds of clashing jutsu, gloriously lighting up the sunlit sky, quickly devolved into a clash of fists, muddied by the soil of the earth and stained with the blood of our flesh.

Blow by blow

I lost count of how many times I got hit, or how many times I hit Sasuke. All I know is that with every exchange, I grew that much more numb and exhausted. Each blow I received was accompanied by a painful crunch or a gut-wrenching splat, as bones broke and blood vessels ruptured. My vision became strained as my eyes began to swell and I could feel the dull ache of bruises beginning to form all along my arms and chest, which had since lost the protection of my jacket. Despite that, I carried on swinging hopelessly, investing every last bit of will and strength I had left into my fists, even as the bones in my knuckles began to shatter from the punishment they endured. Even then, those last vestiges of resolve were too eventually spent.

It was already nightfall by the time we had exhausted ourselves completely. The full moon, which had once been an ominous sign of doom the night before, was now simply a tranquil observer to our silent suffering, passing through the sky and sharing its gentle light as it reflected in the shimmering water beneath us. Sasuke and I were both kneeling in a small stream, the last, insignificant remnant from the once mighty river that marked the Valley of the End. We both leaned on each other for support as we heaved in short, sputtered breaths. My fist was connected to his forehead and his to my stomach, neither of us having the energy to move and yet both hoping that our last, pathetic blows might somehow leave their marks.

The pain of tranquility

I could feel the cold night wind gently caressing against my back through the fishnet shirt that I wore, causing my skin to curl and my hairs to stand on end. Part of me welcomed the soothing relief it brought to my burning cuts and aching bruises, and yet it could do nothing to alleviate my overwhelming fatigue. I was so utterly spent that I didn’t even have the energy to shout out in anger, yell in frustration, or to even cry in sorrow.

‘Is this it?’ I thought bitterly to myself. ‘Is this all I have left? Nothing…’

But there was still hope. I could feel it. Kurama had been waiting patiently, and despite my suffering, my actions were not without some measure of purpose. Each moment I held Sasuke at bay, was another precious second afforded for Kurama to restore his own chakra. I could feel its warmth welling up in the pit of my navel, spreading throughout my body, slowly revitalizing me. I knew that with it, I could finally put an end to this battle once and for, and to all the battles that might have followed.

“Just hang in there!” The great fox growled, as if to reaffirm my thoughts. “Just a little bit longer and I’ll be done preparing my chakra!”

I readied myself, using every last bit of will I had to get my arms and legs to move in preparation for the final attack. I felt a sense of warmth fill up in my heart, knowing that this was the chance that I had been waiting for, that I’d finally be able to bring Sasuke back, but just when I thought that everything would finally be resolved, a horrible, sickening sensation overcame me. It started at the pit of my stomach, but soon my entire body was overcome by it. I could feel Sasuke draining my chakra from the place where his fist had connected with my body and with it, any last vestige of strength I had remaining left me altogether.


After relieving me of my power, Sasuke then stood, pulling his hand from me and leaving me to fall into the cold water below. Without any support left to hold me up, it was all I could do to simply raise my head to meet his gaze, only to see him staring coldly back at me in my pitiful state. It wasn’t long before the signs of my impending doom made themselves known, with the telltale hiss and crackle of lighting emanating throughout the air and echoing off the nearby cliffs. Looking over to his left hand, I could see Sasuke preparing his Chidori to strike me down and in that instance, my heart sank heavily.

I guess the only birthday present I was getting today, was another chidori to my heart…

Hope… it is a fickle existence indeed. In just a moment, its bright light can be taken away from us, leaving us trapped in an inescapable despair. Yet, even in the face of certain doom, I could still feel something gnawing at my aching heart. It was an uncertain feeling… and yet… somehow…

Perhaps hope was not dead just yet… or perhaps…

“Farewell… my one and only… friend!”

Lost Hope

Well guys, that’s the end of my story breakdown! I hope you guys liked this fresh take on a breakdown, even though I picked a strange time to try it, being three chapters from the end of the series and all.

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    Sasuke, however, is another story altogether. Unlike Naruto, he doesn’t have any super regeneration powers. However, if Naruto ever got his seal back, it’s possible he could regenerate Sasuke’s arm kinda like he did Kakashi’s eye.

    @New story discussion

    I’m honestly not interested in any gaidens or any past stories. I don’t want to see Minato’s life, or Tobirama’s life, or Hashirama’s life, etc, because no matter what, it will always feel like just a stepping stone in the path to the true story of Naruto. Likewise, I don’t want to see stories for the other existing characters like Sasuke, or Konohamaru, or whatever. Once again, it will just feel like another case where we’re seeing the story of those who were in Naruto’s shadow, and not really the main attractions.

    If there is anything else beyond this ending, I’d want it to take place in the future, with new characters or heroes succeeding Naruto’s generation, much like Pein has suggested. I don’t want to feel like I’m going backwards, I want to go forwards.

  62. i’m really excited about naruto and hinata 😀

  63. Guys, do you know how cool it’d be if the regular fuuton rasenshuriken had water in it? It would be so destructive I think. Water droplets that can cut through anything being sprayed EVERYWHERE. Small amount of damage, but tons of it.

  64. @ Andy, Check out the Biiju Rassengan from the 3tails (the top row, 2nd from the right). That one is basically a Water Rassenshuriken.

    To me this is the coolest jutsu out there, 9 rassenshurikens each one with cool bijuu powers:
    Shukaku: Magnet Release and sand
    Matatabi: Blue flames
    Isobu: Water Release
    Son Gokū: Lava Release
    Kokuō: Steam
    Saiken: Acid
    Chōmei: Unknown (By the looks of it, it’s Wind x9000)
    Gyūki: Ink
    Kurama: Standard Rasenshuriken

  65. Thanks Eugen! 😀

  66. Are we getting two chapters next week? 699 and 700?

  67. @Tenrai: The breakdown for the final chapter really deserves to stand on its own rather than a dual chapter.

  68. @Kevin

    Unfortunately, I’m quite snowed under right now, so I haven’t even been able to do a breakdown for the current chapter yet. I was going to do a double with 699, but I didn’t realize 699 and 700 would be released together (if they are, then that means Naruto ends this week… X___X).

    So, it’s looking like a triple. I’ll decide how I do the breakdown depending on the content on the chapters themselves.

  69. @ Tenrai – If you need a hand with breakdowns must let me know, I am also currently snowed under its one of the busiest times of the year but if you need a “hand” can always try make a plan 😉

  70. I’d certainly be open to contributing to the last Naruto chapter breakdown, if you ever need the assistance.




    Guys, what if, if these spoilers are true, then the last movie is about how Hinata and Naruto got together? But we get to see what happens after it!?

  73. those spoilers are true.. and you shouldnt bother thinking about those.. whats important is/are the rumors about the next chapter for naruto.. i guess the “the last” was about the manga having the title of “naruto” and some say that kishi is planning on another chapter after this one which would somehow tackle other shinobi’s. hope i got that right

  74. @kishi/tenrai whats the title of your next manga? hahahahaha! i think we would still see each other here when 2015 comes

  75. All I know is, after these last chapters, I am not going to be reading anymore Naruto. This is the last bit of Naruto for me. I’m moving on from Naruto after this. I will still want to take part in the discussions but only dealing with Part’s 1 and 2. Maybe once the 3rd series finishes I’ll read it in it’s entirety. Until then, I am going to look at the other manga you guys suggested. And I’m still holding in how I feel about these last few chapters too. I want to get the whole finale out of the way to start discussing with you guys.

  76. So it seems next year, a new series that follows the next generation will start. Yay!

    I’m not sure how long it will be, but it seems I’ll still be writing Naruto breakdowns for a bit. Lol. XD

  77. I look forward to a long continuance of this site.

  78. @tenraisenshi – And here I was looking forward to your 7 Deadly Sins Breakdowns 😦

  79. And I was really looking forward to One piece after all this time, well who says we can’t have both 🙂

  80. here have a bolt and another chapter of the one shinobi wearing a headband (konohamaru) :))))

  81. i’ve been raping the refresh botton for hours..

  82. :))) I know that feel Chaps, I can’t wait for this one to come out !!!!!!!!

  83. cant wait for that 60 pages.. LOL



    It looks like We get to see Naruto become Hokage after all. I’m really glad. I thought it would be cool if Naruto became Hokage and Sasuke became the new leader of Root. That way one controls the light and the other the shadows, both ensuring the safety of Konoha, while both still fulfilling their own personal ideals of what a Hokage is.

    In fact, Sasuke heading root would make him very much like Itachi and would fit in perfectly with his description of how a Hokage should watch the world and protect it from the shadows. It would also kinda be an iconic reflection of Hiruzen and Danzou, who were ultimately friends and allies at the end of the day, even though they didn’t always agree on how to protect their village.

    On another note, it seems that the Last Naruto Movie will actually detail the events between the end of the war and the end of the series were we see the gang grown up, and will focus on some of the romances and how the developed (so we’ll actually see Hinata and Naruto’s relationship form, hopefully, as opposed to just seeing the end result).

    I’m also excited about the kids and what they’re like and the series that follows them. Going by the spoilers it may only be a short series (though who knows, it may grow longer if popular), but I wonder if Naruto’s kids can use the Byuakugan at all. They both seem to have normal pupil eyes but that might be from Naruto’s side. They might still be able to use the Byuakugan regardless, just with their eyes changing.

    Also, genetically speaking, Naruto’s children will have the blood of two among the most powerful clans in the ninja world and, going by their whisker marks, some of Kurama’s chakra too. They’d be epic. XD


  85. ITS OUT!

  86. SOUND THE ALARMS! WE HAVE LIFTOFF! *Flies away to read chapter*

  87. I think Mangareader is dying from the sudden influx of readers because the pages aren’t loading properly. D:

  88. where the hell is chapter 700~!!

  89. well, i’m done reading.. and hey.. that was one hell of closure if you ask me..

  90. I did hear 700 would be out… do we have to wait? Or is this it? I like what Sasuke did with Sakura. There was a hint of something there. He’s acting pretty damned cool.

  91. he could have said “i love you” but no.. that douch just said thank you.. LOOOL

  92. @Gavin

    The beginning of 699 did say it was ending in a double chapter, so 700 will likely be out shortly. Scanslators probably thought it would be best to release 699 when it was ready rather than making everyone wait for 700 as well. It will definitely be out though.

  93. anyone seen the tribute and thanks between oda and kishi? 😀 it was so nice of them to give each other something from their own mangas

  94. Oh, and just for clarification, is that Neji’s gravestone?

  95. yep it is

  96. @Chaps

    Yeah, I saw that. It’s nice to see that the mangaka are good friends and rivals for each other. It kinda reminds me of Bakuman (anyone who hasn’t read that series definitely should).

  97. It’s out on mangapanda.

  98. again!

  99. Wow, just finished reading the chapter for the 3rd time. It was really great and I’ve spotted a few things, one of witch is Kakashi’s headband, why did he pull it down if he no longer has the sharingan?

    The 2nd aspect that’s very important is the access to Hashirama’s cells that Tsunade now has, this will affect both Naruto and Sasuke (when he gets the prosthetic arm implanted) and also their children, Naruto and Hinata will basically be the union of the Uzumaki, Senjuu and Hyuuga clan in one, if you think about it even more the child or children will basically be a fusion of Hagoromo and Hamura I.E Kaguya.

    3rd aspect, Sasuke mentioned to Kakashi and Sakura that there was still something that bothered him, I’m really curious to see what that was, because it might mean that there is still a enemy out there and the only ones left that can hold the torch are Orochimaru and Kabuto.

  100. @Eugen

    Kakashi probably pulls the headband over his eye as a force of habit. He’s been doing it for so many years that it has probably become second nature to him by now.

    As for Naruto’s kids, they will essentially already be a mix of Uzumaki and Hyuuga blood, with a bit of Bijuu chakra thrown in. Even without the Mokuton thrown in the mix, they’ll already have a lot of potential as far as genetics go.

    I do, however, wonder if any of them will ever become Jinchuuriki. It would have been interesting of each half of Kurama was somehow passed down to either of Naruto’s children, with the Yin half in one and the Yang half in another. Lol. Or perhaps just Naruto’s son could inherit one half.

  101. well kurama is out.. probably eating and sleeping all day long.. guarding the village for possible enemies.. 😀 nice to see naruto become hokage and that Pirate strawhat at the end.. it just shows that kishi just acknowledged oda in gaining the top spot in wsj

  102. so what’s this takujou no ageha kishi is talking about in the last page? i know its the next manga that he’s going to do.. but what does it mean?

  103. i just dieded a little bit inside #tearsfor15years

  104. The way they drew all these characters was just perfect.


    IT’S OVER! T___________________T

    *Burst into tears and eats everyone on WRA as comfort food*

    Thank you Kishi for providing us with such a great manga for the past 15 years. Naruto was a big part of my life for a long time as a series, and I’ll always remember it.



    I believe that note about the other manga is Jump’s way of announcing the new series that will fill the spot that Naruto leaves. Whenever one series ends another begins. Also, I don’t believe that one is by Kishi, it says it’s by Itsuki Furuya.

    As for Kurama, I don’t think he’s out. He agreed to Hagoromo’s proposal to remain inside Naruto and I think that’s what he did. Also, so far as we know, him leaving Naruto would still kill him. It looks like he’s still sleeping though, so perhaps he’s still recovering from giving all his chakra to Naruto. He did say he’d sleep for a while but I didn’t think it would be for 15 years. XD

  106. My super long “NOOOO!!!!” didn’t even fit in the comment… >_>

  107. And for the final time!

  108. LOL! well Ten.. bolt did say naruto was unfair when he used the FTG.. so… we could say that kishi really didn’t disappoint everyone..

  109. you know what’s funny? tsunade not growing old.. and that means.. Sasuke just married a lady which doesn’t age by looks. LOL.. one lucky bastard..

  110. Damn, this feeling is truly overwhelming, 15 years and 7 of those were spent with great people such as yourselves, I thank you Kishimoto and I thank you IRA and WRA for all the great times we had. This has truly been a day of days and I will remember this for a long time.

    Embraces Tenrai’s maniacal rages and organizes a huge bonfire inside his stomach with cheesecake and Oreos for every member that has ever watched, read, posted and lurked on this blog.


  111. Ya know what? For those who haven’t read it yet, go here instead, guys!

    The MangaPanda server is bogged down greatly right now and pages are barely loading, if at all. I had to refresh a page 5 times before it would display the image.

  112. I’d also like to thank everyone at WRA for all these years of reading and discussing Naruto together. You have all been true champs, and great friends. I hope we can continue that in some way, shape or form.

    You’ve all been awesome!

  113. Thank you IRA and WRA for all the great time even though I was one of those guys that were mostly in the background stalking O_o (if you yell surprise…). I can’t begin to imagine how I would of lasted those tough times when we all thought Naruto jumped the shark (and then made a spectacular comeback) without you guys. Life w/o Naruto won’t be the same but this was a fitting end! Thanks Kishi-sensi, Jeramiah, Tenrai (you had a great fanfic-EoaBS), Super Trek, Ibi, Kevin, marks, eugen, champs, pain, Dragon, Darks, Mimi, and so many many more… Thanks! Stay awesome! (Can we get Jeramiah to do the last post-circle complete style)

  114. I’m going to wait for the last breakdown to be posted before I say anything at all about the final two chapters. I’ve got mixed feelings about them and I have a lot to say about em. That is all for now.

  115. The biggest tear-jerker for me in this last tow chapters was the panel from 699 when Kurama looks and smiles at Naruto, I saw Jirayia, Nagato, Kurama and everyone that has ever doubted Naruto could save Sasuke in that panel and all the emotions of such a great accomplishment and determination came at me all at once.

    Also, by the looks of the ground Kurama is sleeping on in the last page of 700, he’s inside Naruto after all, it looks exactly like the greenish yellow water inside Naruto’s mind and there are also water ripples under Kurama’s hand due to his snoring :))

  116. @Bijugami

    Thanks, and even though you might have been a background stalker, it’s nice knowing you were there, enjoying the content on this site. 🙂

  117. Just so everyone knows, I’ll be doing my breakdowns next week when I’m a bit quieter. It will be a bit strange doing the last breakdowns for the main series of Naruto but I still plan to do some other Naruto related posts as well.

    I may also do a bit of a redesign of the blog after that and rearrange things a bit to prep for possible new series if anyone’s interested. it all depends on how many readers there are.

  118. hey ten just a suggestion… uhhmmm do you think we could make a facebook page or something?

  119. I really thought Naruto would name his kid Jirayah…

  120. I only have one regret, and I hope this gets corrected in the Last movie. We never got to see Kakashi’s face :))

  121. I found these last two chapters absolutely amazing. Very satisfying in every way. Pretty cool actually to see the so6p’s tools being used after all!!
    Also great how we see Kakashi really became hokage. It may have been only for one chapter, but it’s not like we’ve witnessed Naruto wearing the title any longer than that either 🙂
    Funny how somebody is faster clearly faster than Bolt, albeit in a different universe 😛
    Sorry, I really don’t know what to say 😀
    It’s been awesome all these years lurking on this blog. I’ve seen how the breakdowns evolved through it’s many stages ranging from serious to downright dirty, but all the while they’ve been awesome.
    Thanks for everybody contributing to the blog for all these years and to Kishimoto for a great manga.

  122. @ Frank, thank you for posting, I’m a bit sad that you and the other lurkers didn’t take part in posting and commenting sooner, but I’m glad to see you did it non the less.
    Welcome to WRA Officially !!!

  123. What a journey it has been… Goodbye Naruto!

  124. Just to put this out there. The Blog isn’t going anywhere, we’ll just be covering other things with our breakdowns. Not entirely sure what things but will most likely include the manga: Nanatsu no Taizai.

    Just thought I would put that out there. Will reserve comments on Naruto till breakdown comes out.

  125. It’s over *sniff*
    At least there are still some anime episodes to look forward to, and the movie.
    I was very pleased to see that NaruHina happened though 😀
    But some of those names on the kids of the new generation…. Yeah, could have used some more thought imo.

  126. Wow. The end of an era. The end of waking up every wednesday or thursday with excitement at the new chapter. I started following the manga back when sasuke fought deidara. Now here we are. Just a few things that I wish we could’ve seen. Firstly, an acknowledgment of Jiraiya. He was so monumental in Naruto becoming who he is, I wish Kishi would’ve shown Naruto meditating over his former teacher. Secondly, I would’ve liked to know what happened to Orochimaru, suigetsu, Karin and Jugo. Thirdly, kakshi’s face please. That is all. At least the anime is still ongoing.

  127. Also, none of naruto’s kids have the byakugan? kinda a let down/

  128. So wait, Ten Ten and Rock Lee?


    We make our rare appearances and disappear in a flash.

    NAAARUTOOO is finished? , oh Lordy lord HAVE MMMMERCY.

    Sorry Eugen for not sticking around and posting, but i always get caught up with things. . I kinda regret not posting -___-‘ <—– an apology on behalf of all lurkers

    You may not remember, but I used to post a while back.. but shout outs to my fav posters : Tenrai Eugen Wiseman Marksman Trek Arpotu iamnotreallyhere and dem demon

    Special thanks to the breakdown writers and Tenrai AWESOME story bReakdown! ! Twas indeed magnificent. .

    Ahem.. with all that being said. . I shall fade back into the shadOws once again. . Only never to return. . It's been swell guys!

    Datteba- oh God i think Ima shed a tear..

    Tenrai could never eat us lurkers !!

    Us lurkers are proud to announce we've never been eaten by Tenrai.

  130. … Woah, these chapters caused me feelings that hit me like a truck. Anyone else feel kinda empty inside now that Naruto is over?

    Anyway, it’s been a long time since I commented here. Life and sad things got in the way for a long time but I came back during the summer, lurking. I really wanted to comment now since this is the last chapter.

    I also really want to thank the entirety of WRA, the authors (especially Tenrai: your breakdowns are captivating and incredibly thought-provoking) and the commenters, for creating such a great community. Of course this isn’t goodbye, right? By the way, I should start reading Nanatsu no Taizai; I’m iffy about the first episodes of the anime (it’s getting better now, though), but the manga is probably better.

    That was an awesome ride, Naruto. There were moments which I really didn’t like (the one-dimensional character that is Kaguya), but also many amazing chapters and well-developed characters. Hopefully The Last Movie will be a good side-story (can’t really call it a continuation or ending) and I’m eagerly awaiting the new manga next year. Looks like Naruto will still we with us for a while!

  131. I don’t know why exactly, but the way they drew Naruto was just about perfect. He had that fatherly figure look to him. He looked experienced. Loved the short hair.

    And wow Hinata looked good. I think I’ve read the chapter 5 times over so far. Can’t wait to see the movie.

  132. Alright, a few things…as I saw them.
    1) Looks like Ten-Ten did something minor and helped Darui free Samui and Atsui.
    2) Kakashi…Why the hell must you keep your mask on for the monument carving?!
    3) I know its wrong, but when Sasuke was leaving Sakura, I was kinda hoping he would knock her out and leave her on a bench again…for old time sake
    4) Sasuke can’t seem to turn off the rinnegan.
    5) Bolt…
    6) Anko nnnnnoooooo…wait, looks like she definitely lived. Yeeeaa-
    -Chouchou, Inojin, and Shikadai…huh…
    -someone see Karui and Choji soming? Left field…
    7) Naruto’s daughter’s name not important enough I guess.
    8) Ten-Ten is just as successful at sales.
    9) Garaa looks…BRING BACK SPIKY HAIR!
    -Temari looks great tho
    10) Kiba looks like a BA, but Akamaru…looks in pain. Let him go.
    -Who’s his wife? Made up civilian? Ramen chick Ayane or something?
    11) Looks like Asuma had a daughter. Apparently, the name wasn’t important…
    12) Translation could be wonky, but it looks like Tsunade is in the cloud now. Aye’s probably a good reason.
    13) Leaping leptons batman, look at him one hand that Lapto-…wait, what?
    14) Like the character designs for Shikamaru and the others…Udon should still have the snot hanging out tho…
    15) Great scene between Naruto and Bolt. It’s like a Konohamaru/Naruto hybrid.
    16) Would you like some Salada with your Bolts? Taste like Shaannaroo! Also, an Uchiha with glasses…and apparently shy and unpopular. Feel like this is a rip of some obscure fan-fic.
    17) Safe Kage choices, since those were the only ninja we saw from those villages >.>
    18) Skyscrapers above the monument…Maybe I got drunk one too many times, but…what?

    @WRA and IRA members: Judgement day has wrapped up and Naruto has ended. All that concerns me at this point is what major crisis will come for the future and will it be compelling enough to keep the story rewarding? I could do with a little team building/development, but hopefully they stray away from dragging it out and being redundant in training.

    The fan-fic I wrote 5 years ago still realistically holds up! (Scratch the whole dead Neji thing…and well…) Ney, I called enough events to be satisfied…yet somewhat disappointed that I was able to call so much that long ago. Very unimpressed with Kaguya and “that” jutsu and the overall effectiveness of it, but still managed to pull out an absolutely amazing ending. We’ve been in the actual war arc since 2010, 4 years exact, and man that makes me wonder where that time went.

    I’ll take a more in-depth look at it in when the next breakdown is out. I’ve got to continue letting the end of Naruto sink in…

  133. It’s been an amazing journey since IRA. I sure enjoyed it.
    I was here since Naruto learned of Jiraiyah’s death, in chapter 405 or so. I was 14 then, and now I’m 20.

    It was great to see Naruto become a sage
    It was great to see Naruto defeat (or rather convert) Pain
    It was great to see Konan fighting Tobi over Nagato’s eyes
    It was great to see Naruto learn to accept Kurama
    It was great to see Sasuke beat Danzo
    It was great to see Edo Itachi fight with his little brother against Kabutorochi
    It was great to see Obito’s story, and to see him become the jinchuuriki of the juubi, and then to see Naruto help him overcome that.
    It was great to see this ending chapter, too.

    Who knew this:
    would lead to Inoji?

    I tried to (re)read the entire manga in time for today’s final chapter, but I only made it to chapter 358. I still think the most important chapters were those at the Valley of the End, chapters 218 to 234 (especially chapter 229, when Sasuke showed a sign of respect to Naruto by putting on his forehead protector). Just look at the final 10 chapters of Naruto: how much did they reference those earlier chapters?

    A special thank you to you, Tenrai. I looked forward to your breakdown of the chapter every single week. Every breakdown revealed to me something I didn’t see when I first read the chapter. It’s clear you put in a lot of work into these breakdowns, because you deliver.

    And thank you all for these amazing years. Let’s hope it continues with something new!

  134. So it’s finally over let’s celebrate with some fireworks *puts up stacks of TNT and blows up everything* MWAHAHAHA!! Still on a fresh note what ever happened to Orochimaru.

  135. Asuma and Kurenai’s daughter seems to be the most skilled shinobi compared to other siblings…she already in hokage escort missions at such a young age….

  136. Wow bijugami, lousytv, mordi, My bro Cannon, Dragon, Ajd, Anon and Jenny.

    Thank you for taking the time to share this final chapters with us, it has been a really long time since we all came together on the blog, I wish everyone would come back one last time so we could do a proper Kakashi vs Itachi debate so the whole blog can blow up :))

  137. Some awesome old Faces reappearing 😀

    Man this manga was a real journey, can feel in my chest this hollowness at it ending so soon. I do feel the early chapters where the best. The finale was great but the war was a bit of a let down overall but It was a great journey overall and I can admit tears have fallen on a couple of occasions. Too many great moments to list them individually but I think the real turning point for me was the Chunin Exams introduction to characters like Lee, Neji and Gaara really got me into this series and the moment that I will never forget will be Jiraiya’s death cannot read that without getting teary.

    Thanks guys for all the memories, all the debates and all the theories. It really has been Awesomness 😉

  138. @ ADJ – WHHHAAAAAAATTTTTT!!!! The war arc started in 2010 @___@ that seems impossible!!!

    lol an unpopular Uchiha, yeah well if they do teach history I think it makes sense for her to be a little unpopular and well Sakura is her mother… so yeah… Fanfics FTW

  139. Any one wanna hazard a guess to what the new series will be called and what would be the best way for it to begin??

    I think the most important part of that final chapter was Sasuke’s 2 pages. There is definitely something following him and his location is strange and unknown. Second most important to me is the rapid urbanization of the Shinobi world it seems. There is Naruto and there is Sasuke, the two major forces that is left in the world but like a knife it dulls if it isn’t used the shinobi world is in a state of perpetual peace.

    If a villain like Oro or someone else could eliminate Sasuke and Naruto it would mean the power balance would be restored.

    The story could follow an Amon (Legend of Korra) beginning where rapid improvements in Technology even the playing field slightly and a force rises up to bring an end to Shinobi systems but if there is basically peace it will be difficult to continue.

    Reading the final chapter something in me just kept saying, “This is the end of Naruto” there is no where left for him to go. He has achieved his dream and become an awesome Hokage, but then… Why have the Kage meeting is it because its mandatory now or was there something else on his mind… If Naruto disappeared, what would happen then.

    I am feeling like there are so many theories out there that it could be epic… only thing I worry about is the similarities in the characters. Especially Ino-Shika-Cho and INO and SAI @___@ didn’t see that coming…. He is like a Sasuke lite so makes sense 😛

  140. Wow, it’s so great to see so many old faces again. Hey everyone!

    I agree with many of the sentiments being expressed here. Now that Naruto is over, I do kinda feel kinda depressed. I think it will only really sink in next week though, once the final breakdowns are out and we go without a new release.



    Pffft. Let’s be honest, the Naruto vs Itachi debate was probably the longest, most heated debate on the blog, ever. Lol.

    We should do that one again. Though, I’d vote on Naruto definitely. 😛

  141. @ Pein, It did leave us in a bit of a cliffhanger, and to be frank, we could have at least have a glimpse at Kakashi’s face.

    All in all the story wrapped up about 98% of what needed to be said and done. I guess everything else will most likely be shown in the last movie.

    @ Tenrai, The Itachi vs Naruto debate was the biggest and bloodiest debate in the history of WRA, it dragged on a lot and we almost got together to beat each other up :))

    No doubt, now, Naruto is unmatched, in his current Hokage form I doubt he can be matched, this guy beat a more rested Sasuke who had the Rinnegan and the chakra of all bijuus and he would have kept going even with a blown-up arm.

    He can move faster then his dad and probably ha knowledge of jutsu that far exceeds what any other shinobi knows. The only one who are more documented right now might be Sasuke, Orochimaru and Kabuto, who by all right studied all their lives. Plus Naruto now has acces to the scrolls passed down by the former hokages with all sorts of hidden ninjutsu and kinjutsu.

    So Naruto and Sasuke should never be included in any debate except with each other.

  142. @ Longest debate – I think Naruto is disputably the most powerful ninja in all of history. There is no way that he will fall to any opposition. It is annoying to admit cause you can’t have a decent debate with him there, I think a lot of power levels went through the roof in this final arc and created a top 2 mentality, 1st Naruto 2nd Sasuke, then we have all the shinobi after that.

    1 thing I will say is, neither Sasuke or Naruto seemed to go completely full out… There seemed to be hesitation on both parts and poor planning from Sasuke (using lightning instead of fire against Naruto’s wind jutsu).

    Naruto > ALL Shinobi 😛

  143. I honestly thought the final battle between Naruto and Sasuke would be a bit more of a “battle” than that. It felt so short. Swing your fists a couple times and then both go super saiyan…it feels so bratty to say it haha but for real we’ve been looking forward to this battle since the first Valley of End fight and it just came and went so fast for me.

    I don’t have a problem with the way it ended in the least bit. I really did enjoy the last couple chapters, especially the glimpse into the future, just thought the battle was gonna play out longer than it did before coming to that end.

    I’m the same as a lot of y’all in here. Naruto is the reason I’m into mangas like I am now. I’ll definitely be re-reading this from start to finish to fight off the inevitable end though.

    Y’all are the best. IRA/WRA forever.

  144. So Naruto has ended, quite a ride and It’s been fun discussing it here with all of you guys 🙂 I did find the final chapter to be somewhat lacking though, perhaps it’s just the realization that there will be no more chapters like ever ._.

  145. @pein

    Small correction

    Kakashi > Naruto > ALL remaining Shinobi 😉

  146. I love and hate lurkers, but would be awesome to see many more, let’s hope for many surprises on the last breakdown.

    Fingers crossed!

  147. @ Ahsan – Small Correction…

    Ten Ten > Sakura > Kakashi > Naruto > Everyone else 😛

  148. Don’t know what we will do one Wednesday!! The feeling knowing no Naruto is being released is still not settling in yet… Got this knot in my chest. @__@

  149. Just so you guys know, I do intend to get breakdowns out this week. First, I’ll be doing a double breakdown for 698 and 699, and then after that I’ll do a separate breakdown for 700, because it takes place after a time skip and I feel it would be better on its own.

    My double I’ll write tomorrow and have it out hopefully tomorrow or Thursday if my plans go well. Then I’ll give a bit of time for comments and discussions and release the final. x___x

  150. Just started a new manga for who’s interested, it’s only 6 chapters and IMO it’s really great: Boku no Hero Academia.

    It’s about a kid in world of people who are born with superpowers yet he has none and he want’s to become a hero, naturally he receives powers and will most likely become the savior of the world 😀

  151. @Eugen – link?

  152. @ Pein, enjoy:

    I think this will replace Naruto for me in the future!

  153. @Eugen

    Let’s hope it lasts. I’ve seen a good few promising new series die a few chapters in because despite being good, they aren’t popular. It’s always those first few months that the risk is at its highest. X__X

    One that comes immediately to mind was a new series called Iron Knight. It got off to a really good start then poof, it’s cancelled. T__T

  154. @ Ten, I know I read Iron Knight and besides a great story, the art was incredible, and I think it only went up to 12-15 chapters before it was done. Shame.

    Also Ten, i can’t wait to read your latest breakdown.

  155. @Eugen

    I still think Nanatsu no Taizai is at the top of my list as far as “manga that will fill the void Naruto leaves” are concerned. But honestly, nothing could ever completely replace it.

    Also, thanks for the support. I’m starting my breakdown as we speak. XD

  156. That hollow feeling, knowing there will be no “Its Out” this week… T__T

  157. @eugen thanks for sharing that great manga! I enjoyed it tremendously.
    @tenrai I agree Naruto is irreplaceable.
    Back @eugen I liked that the main charechter of her academia has a unique trait that makes him likable- his desire to save people. It reminds me of Naruto’s empathy. Naruto is unique not because he suffered or because he tries hard. He is unique because he shares people’s pain and he knows how to forgive. That (despite what shallow fanfics will have you think) is not Naruto being a pushover but Naruto being able to conquer himself. Naruto learned to pull himself and others out of loneliness (symbolically represented by him giving everyone kyuubi chakra and sharing his burden- thereby making it no longer a burden since it is shared by everyone). Pain shared is pain halved- that is what Pein didn’t understand. He thought he needed to give pain to others so that they understand-not share the existing pain . That is what Sasuke didn’t understand he thought that one person needs to carry it all. Naruto represents the alternative- peace through cooperation and understanding. That is his answer. Naruto is the bridge that connects between people (he also has a bridge named after him). That is why Naruto becomes less and less lonely while Sasuke gets more and more lonely (he goes from being within a Konoha family to having the smaller Oto to the smaller still hawk. Until he ditches them as well). That is also why Naruto undoes the Tree jutsu WITH someone else-not alone.

    Rant over.

  158. Hey guys. Now that the manga has ended (even if only temporarily,) do you guys think the very first ending song in the anime fit? Wind by Akeboshi. Do you think that and the animation for it still fit a young, struggling Naruto?

  159. @ Bijugami, glad you enjoyed the manga, but just like Tenrai said, a lot of great mangas have started and ended just as fast, let’s hope the really good ones keep going forever :). Also I agree with you 100% about Naruto, he did overcome all the hardships and with the knowledge passed on by Jirayia and Itachi Naruto learned that he must do everything with the aid of others and try to connect everyone instead of doing things on his own, unlike other people @_@ (Yeah Sasuke, Nagato, I’m looking at you).

  160. @eugen fingers crossed

  161. Aha, today is the first week post naruto. i had a hard time reminding myself that there are only 2 mangas and not the regular 3. I would hate to see this forum be left idle, something like bleach revival would be nice. All readers of naruto are bleach readers as well (atleast most i hope).

    BTW, was kyoraku going to meet up with Aizen, in today’s issue ????

  162. @ Kenpachi, I was thinking the same thing, Aizen might bring back the hax more powerful then ever.

  163. @Kenpachi

    I’m actually looking at starting Nanatsu no Taizai breakdowns after my final Naruto posts are out. If you haven’t read it, you really should take a look because it is epic.

    But if any other authors want to cover other manga, I’d be more than willing to accept the extra help.


    Sorry, I know my breakdown is a bit more delayed than I would have liked by I’m just snowed under here. My double is about half way complete and I’m looking to get it out as soon as I can.

    Thanks for waiting patiently! ^ ^

  164. @Tenrai

    No worries man, eveyone has real lives too. Just waiting on tenderhooks. Can’t wait to read your comprehensive view on the ending.

    Nanatsu no Taizai is a great manga and recommended to all. Good story, good fighting, good mystery and good mythology with powers and linking to a more western theme.

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