Bleach Chapter 511 + 512 – Farewell of Flames and The Bleeding Rain


Awe all and welcome to another Double Bleach Breakdown. We have been given a few things to think about, and although no chapter has been heavy in information there are still clues and theories lurking within the small bit and pieces of information given. I must say before getting into the content of the chapters, I would like to comment on the quality of the artwork some pages seemed like works of art and not what one would find in a page of a weekly manga. The attention to detail, given and the amount of time it would have taken to draw these pages seems overwhelming.

One flaw in Bleach lately is I feel like each chapter gives us so little information where currently Naruto and Fairy Tail (the two other manga’s covered on WRA) have been filled with details, explanation etc etc, that when I read Bleach I find myself asking the question. “Is this all, was it a short chapter?” etc. More so in Chapter 512 then 511 though I can forgive it with the quality put into making Ichigo look awesome.

If the massive strike in the previous chapter wasn’t evidence enough of the Commanders death, the chapter beginning with a Flash back would probably be the nail in the coffin here.

… The Monster …

The beginning of this chapter was brilliantly done, we get given a colour page of Yamamoto with R.I.P followed instantly by a Flashback. the flashback shows an old painting that a young Shunsui discovers, Mistaking it for a Fire God or mythical creature. Kubo doesn’t go much further here and only has Yamamoto state that this was a monster, saying that it appeared when Soul Society was in a mess and created more chaos and destruction. We are left to think could this be Yamamoto or Juhabach. The end though touched me when Shunsui asked “What would happen if that monster returned?”

The flashback abruptly ends showing only the sollom face of Yamamoto and continuing to his body falling, Kubo has always been able to draw and depict things perfectly in my opinion, his pacing and general story sometimes suffer but when you read a chapter like 511 and many before (Especially in this Arc) you feel for every person that is killed. The way he would dedicate 2 pages just to the falling of the Commander and only leaving the words “Then… I probably wont be coming back…” it left me with chill and allowed me to connect with the moment and its meaning more.

The reaction of Shunsui is noted and gives a true perspective of what this means to Soul Society, with their leader gone it would seem things begin to fall apart quickly. Even the way in which the Captain Commander was killed leaves a sad feeling to it, he stood in his position for Thousands of years and now he still stands even in defeat he is left broken, cut down like Soul Society.

Jahabach has truly become a villain of note, even surpassing Aizen in pure cruelty. The way he treats the Captain Commanders body and still ‘spitting’ insults at him far after his death was excessive though it gave us a lot of information on the old days of Soul Society and the character of Captain Yamamoto. The Captain still fights even when dead doing all he can to hold down Juhabach, leading to Juha revealing the Captain’s true flaw and maybe a deeper route into their relationship.

Stating the true reason the Captain wasn’t included in the 5 Warring Potentials, which is now consistent of Ichigo, Kenpachi and Aizen the other 2 seem to be a mystery. Kisuke would probably be one or Ichigo’s father but cannot be 100% sure there. Though what is interesting is Yamamoto’s flaw, him not healing his arm and even wanting to involve Ichigo had always just seemed stubborn of the old man but it seems he completely wants to keep Human’s out of the affair of Soul Society.

This could be because him and Juha at one stage worked together fighting the Hollow’s which eventually caused the crumble of the balance between the world, he learned then that he must rely on his own power and not just use any tool he could to defeat the threat of hollows and Vasto Lordes.

Juhabach reveals who the picture truly is that opened this Chapter by describing the divisions before the Gotei 13 as a group of “Murderous Thugs” who were hell-bent on winning no matter what the cost, killing and using any pieces needed to obtain victory. The Silouette alone got me excited with the potential of seeing these warriors in battle soon and gain a greater perspective of the Soul Society of old.

Though it all changed when the Quincy were killed, this seemed to have hit home for Yamamoto as it seems to be his true changing point from the monster to a man obsessed with rules and protocol. I also question the existence of this “Soul King” and when ever we are given information on this ‘being’ or the past. I begin to wonder how he or it came to being. How the Zero Squad was really formed etc.

Juha uses all his powers to completely destroy Yamamoto’s body and leave nothing but sacred earth where one of the most feared characters in Bleach was defeated with relevant ease. Stating that Soul Society was defeated when the Quincy was destroyed.

… Enter the Stormtroopers …

With the arrival of the Soldat. (Soldiers) the Soul Society strength is quickly disintegrated in a matter of minutes, not only is the Quincy overwhelming in strength but their numbers also seem superior to that of Soul Society. I guess they need to establish a reason to bring in the Zero Squad. Even Juhabacha seems concerned of the Squads appearance. I believe the squad is made of the initial captains from a thousand years ago and I am excited to see each one appear and how they will react to the rest of the Captain and most of all Ichigo. Who seems to arrive right at the end…

Chapter 512 was an almost empty chapter, there is beautiful art work and a short bit of info explaining how the Lieutenant of the Research Squad helped bring Ichigo back to Soul Society shortly before his death.

I think Kubo used chapter 512 as a form of filler, he wanted to show Ichigo’s reactions of the battle and his emotions to the Shinigami and friends that had been killed or lay defeated in the chaos. Feeling of hopelessness and the understanding of the pain that has been brought to Soul Society and the responsibility that has been laid onto him as their savior.

Byakuya is shown to be alive though only briefly, I don’t think he will die now though, I think Kubo will bring him back some how. Byakuya places all his hope and all the responsibility on Ichigo’s shoulders. Showing the complete change from the character we met in Soul Society Arc and now. Even though Byakuya had changed he had never lost his pride while now he pushes all that pride aside and asks Ichigo for help.

I saw a few of this page coloured but I thought as it was is epic enough. It gave me a very, “Dark Knight Rises” feel all we need now is for Juhabacha to say… “Once Soul Society is in Ashes… Oh wait that has already happened… You have my permission to die!” Hope you all read that in Shaun Connery after a carton or cigarettes/Bane’s voice 😛

The Chapter ends with Ichigo facing off with Juha, my prediction is his subordinate will step in here while Juhabacha leaves as he had planned to do or Ichigo will be completely pwned and Zero Squad will step in. I don’t really see Ichigo being able to land a hit against Juha that will be effective enough. Especially with Juha having The Captain Commanders Bankai.

Well people that is all for this weeks reviews… Not much crazy theories but most of the chapter was pretty self-explanatory not too much “MYSTERY.”

^:___:^ Pein Out!

~ by pein0avenue on October 24, 2012.

19 Responses to “Bleach Chapter 511 + 512 – Farewell of Flames and The Bleeding Rain”

  1. First… not that this is a feat on a bleach breakdown =P

    Yeah I wonder just how badly Ichigo will get trolled in the next chapter, since I can’t see him being at Yamamoto level skill or power and look how fast he was taken down.

  2. 2nd, It’s out

    I can’t believe I read 20+ pages in 3 seconds, :)) Kubo you troll, I’m not kidding when I tell you guys, in anime this chapter won’t me more then 1 min, tops.

  3. @iamnotreallyhere

    Shame, I think that might have burned Pein a little. <_<


    Thanks for another breakdown Pein. Even though I don't really follow Bleach, I still appreciate all your hard work. @__@

  4. Holy Crap! Something happened in Bleach O_O

  5. @ Chapter, I have to admit I have no idea how kubo thinks this things up. This chapter was more of an enigma then last week’s chapter. And finally hos mothers linage comes into play.

  6. Amazing!
    There are actual people posting actual opinions in here =P

    Bleach chapter was interesting but I figured that his mother would be brought up sooner or later. Good chapter non the less.

    Also my previous comment was in no way reflective of the quality of the breakdowns for bleach, just a comment that very few people comment on the breakdowns for bleach =P

  7. first shinigami, then hollow, vaizard, fullbring and now quincy . . .
    powerups and more powerups . . .
    at this rate ichigo could be the king of soul society . . .

  8. ichigo has some serious ego issues….

  9. Why does bleach get so few comments?

  10. @Felixnaga

    Because you weren’t here to comment on it?

    Lol. I’m just joking, but in all seriousness, it may have something to do with the state of the series as it is right now. I can’t be 100 percent sure but it would be nice to have a bussier Bleach section.

    And welcome to WRA. I don’t think I’ve seen you on here before.

  11. ichigo will probably become the captain commander eventually.

    Im just interested in where aizen will come in to play and oh he will eventually, interesting that juha beatch didnt decide to kill him and even more interesting is that aizen tricked him with time somehow, as if aizen also wanted him dead.

    i think this isnt the last we have seen of the hougikyou or however you spell it, aizen will probably teach ichigo how to use it and obviously not to let it consume him like it consumed aizen pretty much.

  12. WHAAAT! Bleach got more the 10 Comments Sweet 😉

  13. ive always wanted to chat about bleach but it never seemed like anybody is interested 😦

  14. i have honestly enjoyed this arc so far. i’m not a fan of how kubo was killing off some of the main characters n then now he’s bringin em back to life. cmon man stick to your guns! haha..

  15. well atleast we know the captain commander aint comin back some time soon lol although i would have rather had byakuya die than the captain commander, oh well atleast zaraki is alive, his ego must be shattered…

  16. I think its possible that Kubo could troll us again by bringing the captain commander back from the dead. They never found his body, so it might me possible. btw i have been following this site for a long time. Just finally decided to join in on the comments

  17. NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! why does the zero squad look so lame 😥

    I was really hoping they look like a bad ass band of almost sinister looking destruction machines now we have from left to right Adele, Some guy that looks the part atleast, wadeen from the dictator, some woman who looks the part and lenny kravitz…. sigh

  18. Is that the thing the Arrancar are modeled after? The Vasto Lorde or something like that

  19. I like where bleach is going and that they are taking time to explain the events. i think this new story is coming full circle for ichigo, he has always struggled with himself and his power. once he gains his power back i feel like he will be at top performance and unstoppable.

    ichigo will never be a captain let alone captain commander he’s en elevated being and is an over all protector. the current captain commander shunsui will be permanent, however i am hoping to see some new captains and new bankai.

    favorite parts of the arc
    1. kenpachi battle
    who knew unohana was so bad ass ^_^
    2. isshin revealing the truth
    finding out the full story behind his defection. BOSS
    a death of most epic proportions

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