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eyes of the broken soul

They say that when someone is sad, or when the heavy burden of grief claims their heart, the arrival of rain is a welcome solace to hide the tears that fall from their eyes. Storms that bring life-bearing water to the very earth below also hold the great promises of new beginnings, fertility and times of joy. Yet, even still, one cannot deny the harm and destruction they are capable of causing just as easily…

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The unbound tournament

Crashing through the cusps of tree branches, leaves, and broken crockery was a weary Naruto, trying desperately to regain his sight. He soon found his body smacking against the ground back first, his breath knocked right out of him. What the hell was going on? Nothing was working against this guy. The multi-shadow clone technique had failed epically, each clone being turned into little pieces of gum. That’s right, gum of all things. Was it magic?

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It had been nearly three weeks since I left. Three long, tortuous weeks since I’d made that terrible choice and cut myself off from her. I ran, moving too fast to focus on any object I passed. The lack of visual stimuli accompanied with the constant whooshing sound of the wind helped to clear my head.

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in a galaxy far far away

“Sasuke…” Huff, huff. “I am your father,” the dark man wheezed. The heir of the Uchiha clan stared at him for a full ten seconds before his face broke out into a beaming smile.

“Daddy!” he squealed. “I thought you were dead!”

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Orihime In Hiding

A fan-fic revolving around Orihime and Renji, mostly taking place in Brooklyn, Michigan. The fic is well written and 26 chapters from start to finish. The setting is before Aizen could take Orihime to Hueco Mundo. Soul Society recognize the potential of Orihime and the risk that ensue if she fell into Aizen’s hands. They decide to assign Renji as her protector and locate her far from home.

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Letters from Soul Society

“That must have been some party…”

He shook his head, but it refused to clear.  The clean scent of a familiar pine forest felt like sake in a tea cup–reassuring and completely wrong.  Adrenaline punched his gut as recall awoke from stupor.  The last thing he remembered…Nagato ‘s eyes, just escaping death and then… and then…

“Wh-where am I?”

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The Hope of A New Dawn

Having grown up under the cruelty and discrimination of his fellow villagers, Naruto has always lived a hard life devoid of any love or attention and the boy is often the target of Konoha’s ire. Then things take a turn for the worst when Akatsuki manages to capture him at a young age, threatening to end his life before he has even had a chance to really live.

However, in a startling twist of fate, help comes in the form of an unexpected guise when some of Akatsuki’s own decide to escape with Naruto and free him form his captors. After that, the real journey in his life finally begins.

See Naruto as he grows up under the protection and nurturing of his new misfit caretakers, with all the hopes and dreams of a better life now resting on the unexpected bonds he makes, whose hands now offer him the chance of a brighter future.

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