Celebrating One Year of Awesomeness!

Can you believe it? Well I certainly can’t! It has been one year of lulz and happiness; one year of thrills and squeals; one year of gags and bounds; one year of animal abuse and cannibalism.

Well, believe it or not, folks, it’s that time of the year: it’s WRA’s birthday!! And we’ll be celebrating how? WRA style, of course! Naturally, you are all invited to share with us in the jubilation, so let’s break out the booze and get so wasted, you can’t tell apart your wife from a police officer!

We’re a couple days late, but it’s a party, people! And we’re gonna tear down the roof! Build a new one…and tear it down again!!

You should see him when his skirt is up @__@

It feels like it’s been almost a century since the break of IRA, yet I remember the day like it was only a few hours ago. While most of us shed cyber tears over the sad news, the rest of us got to work on a fresh, clean leaf: the start of a new awesomeness. And that home was WRA.

From that day on the 8th of June last year, under a new name but with the same unshakable spirit, our little big family of bloggers and manga lovers has persevered. And now, one year later…we are STILL awesomeness!!

No doubt a family cannot exist without its members; likewise, we’d be nowhere, chillin’ with Courage, Mureal and Eustace if it wasn’t for you: the readers, commenters and stalkers. You are the real shiz in our toilet bowls. You are the real awesomeness!

Nice Gai pose! 😀

I took the liberty to have a little chat with a few of us: see what they thought about the year, and what they considered their favorite bits.

(Warning: The following may contain scenes inappropriate for children and those with the presence of mind to string together a complete thought. Viewer discretion is totally not advised. @__@)

Subject #1: The Incredible Marksman

Pickles: Hello, Marks, how are ya?

Marksman: I am fine, thanks. You?

Pickles: Very well, thank you. So it’s WRA’s birthday!

Marksman: O__O Really?

Pickles: Yes, you nub! -_____- *slaps*

Ahem, sorry, I have this behavioral disorder. I may also jump you mid-sentence and demand a cupcake.

Marksman: …

Pickles: …

So what were the highlights of your WRA year?

Marksman: Hmm, well…not being eaten by Tenrai.

Pickles: Wow! That right there is a feat!

Marksman: I know T__T

Also, Captain Pickles becoming the new Naruto breakdown writer of WRA. ^^

Pickles: Aww, shucks, you flatter me. *slaps*

Marksman: Aye ^T_T^

And my favorite…the breakdown that involved me, Supertrek, Tenrai, and yourself

However…the greatest note of the year that I would like to personally point out is WRA’s ability to survive as a successful blog after IRA’s unfortunate end. Through all the hardships, WRA has survived.

Pickles: Yes, yes…so you must really like tasers to the arse, don’t you?

Marksman: I believe that’s Supertrek’s department. >_>

Pickles: I believe so, too, Marks…<_<

Subject #2: Supertrek89

Pickles: Hello there, Super, how are ya?

Supertrek: It’s all in he name. But for the One Piece and Franky fans out there, I’m doing SUUUUUPEEEEEERRRRR!!!!

Pickles: That’s great, Super. Next time we need a man for our furniture ads, you’d be the first to get a call.

So WRA just turned one! How exciting.

Supertrek: That’s right. In just one year, it has learned how to walk, talk, make strangely perverse jokes…all it needs now is potty training and it’s set! Lol jkjk, I think WRA has grown to be a respectable blog this past year.

Pickles: And what can you say was the highlight of the WRA year for you?

Supertrek: One Piece chapter 574, ’nuff said. The final FMA chapter would come in close, though. *dodges rocks*

Pickles: Urgh…(censored)…I wish he’d come back to life, so I could kill his sleezy ass again. -______-

Supertrek: SPOILERR!!!!

Pickles: Pfft, spoiler? I’m afraid I have no idea what you’re talking about. >_>

Supertrek: Yes…no spoiler at all…<_<

Pickles: May I ask why you were dodging rocks earlier?

Supertrek: They were from FMA fanboys since I didn’t put it as my #1 moment.

Pickles: I hear ya…fanboys are wanted criminals…

Supertrek: Pfft, Sasuke impersonators are everywhere…>_>

Pickles: HA! In America, for you to want to be a Sasuke impersonator, you’d have to be drunk, overweight, and unemployed.

Hmm…ok, I concede your point…>_>

Lastly, what are you looking forward to with regards the blog?

Supertrek: 1,000,000 hits.

Pickles: Uuuh, that’s a big number. I’m sure we’ll get there soon enough.

For now, you may get off the hot seat while I unplug it from the central heating system.

Thank you for your time, sir!

Supertrek: Sure thing! *puts away WRA self destruct button*

Pickles: O__O

Subject #3: Tenrai Senshi

(Special note: We at WRA advise if under extreme circumstances, you are forced to come within two meters of the above subject, pray he had a big lunch…I’m talking pregnant Fat Albert big)

Pickles: Hiiii, Senshi-pooooo!! Welcome to the party!!

Tenrai Senshi: O_O

Pickles: I’ll have you know I am currently completely doused in poison.

Tenrai Senshi: Oh… *puts away knife and fork* T__T

*Notices Marksman walking behind the scenes* O_o

Pickles: Oh, we just finished doing him. He was fun, too.

Wait, that didn’t come out right…>_>


Errr…so it’s the blog’s birthday!

Tenrai Senshi: YAY!!!! Does this mean we get cheesecake? @__@

Pickles: I’m afraid not, but it’s a party…which means lots of humans…@__@

Quite a lot has happened since IRA went bye-bye, but what can you say was the highlight of your WRA year?

Tenrai Senshi: Well, mostly just all the great people I have met, the fun I have had writing for the blog and everything I have learned. It has been a great experience.

Then there was all the great food…^ ^

And that love triangle thingy was quite fun to pull off. But we better not talk too much about that, people might think it’s weird. O_o

Pickles: That would be best…>_>

So who do you consider your eternal rival?

Tenrai Senshi: Definitely Marksman. He was the first person I had a really heated debate with on the blog and since then, we have considered each other rivals. He also keeps running away and screaming when I try to eat him… T__T

That’s what you call fast food… <_<

Pickles: *makes mental note to assassinate Marksman, my new rival in love*

Tenrai Senshi: Is it just me, or did it get colder in here? O_O

Pickles: Errr, the heating was switched off >_>…

So we know there are two types of anime characters

The bright one with the colorful hair that wants attention

And the dark one in the corner; the ladies want to eat his body parts, and the guys want to rip them apart and mail them to random addresses

Tenrai Senshi: O_O

Pickles: Which would you say you are?

Tenrai Senshi: Since I am normally the quiet, calm type, unless it involves food like cheesecake, I think I am more towards the second one.

Which is now sounding very bad for my health insurance scheme. O_o

Pickles: Hmm, I see how it is…

*makes more mental notes…I’m gonna be busy tonight*

So it is my understanding that you have numerous female stalkers lurking in your shadow

Would you like me to dispose of them?

I mean…would you like to talk about it…>_>

Tenrai Senshi: Yeah, that’s a long story. Firstly, there’s this girl who read one of my fanfics, who thinks she is in love with me. Then there is Deathcon4, who uses me as a rug in her living room. Then there was that time I was put on auction in WRA chat… even Super was bidding for me… O_o

But he is a guy, so I can’t explain that. <_<

Pickles: GASP!!

You were for hire?! O_O

Tenrai Senshi: Actually, I was just being sold to the highest bidder.

Then a fight broke out and Deathcon drove over someone…

It was messy…


Pickles: Hmm, so we’re talking men for hire, blood everywhere, and big messes…

Ladies and gentlemen, Deuce Bigolo has gone cyberspace…

That’s all we have time for now, unfortunately!

It’s been a pleasure…really @__@

Tenrai Senshi: Thank you very much. ^ ^

*Eats Pickles*

*Dies from poisoning* T__T

Pickles: X___X

There goes the South African gigolo ;___;


So do you wanna know my favorite part of WRA’s first year? No? Well, I’m gonna spam it in your head anyway! It actually happened yesterday. I was bored and looking over the blog stats under ‘Search Engine Terms’ used to find this site. And what did I find? GOLD, baby!

Masochism: You'll know the height when you see it...

Be honest with yourself. If you know, you’re one of those that ran a search for the last one, I know a really good shrink. He can help you.

Not enough? There’s more…lots, lots more…

What was that? Who’s this hottie, Perona, you ask? I’ll show you! 😀

Doesn't she just turn you on like a light bulb...X__X

*looks around to see all the males in the room are either dead or in a coma…all but one*

I…Is that…?

Tenrai Senshi: Crap, he spotted me…*is making frantic movement around his face…as if he were trying to clean something off*

Pickles: Y—You’re bleeding!…From your nose?!!

Tenrai Senshi: Dammit…he knows everything…

Only one thing can be done now…

*Eats Pickles*

Tenrai: Don’t worry everyone, he probably enjoyed that, as disturbing as that may sound. <_<

Well, now that Pickles is snugly tucked away, this gives me a chance to say a few words as well!!! ^ ^

Marksman is the one with the fuzzy brows, running away screaming. <_< (Credit goes to Avenue0Pein for creating this motivational poster.)

Firstly, I would like to say that for many of us, I think WRA has become a home of sorts when we have nowhere else to go, and every person we have met here has become family to us. A lot of the great people I have had the great privilege of getting to know both here and on IRA before, have become very close friends to me, some of whom I have now known for well over a year already.

When I started writing for the blog, it really felt like I had earned a place with you all and it made me really feel accepted and appreciated and really happy, something I haven’t felt for a long time in my life. So I would just like to give out a very heartfelt thank you to all of you who have made this blog so special, from the readers to the authors and all the friends. You have all brought so much to this blog and made it into a great place for everyone who has found there way here.

A place for friends to gather and a home for all who just need to feel accepted, I think WRA is just that for many people here, myself included. I will never forget the people I have met here and I hope to continue remaining here for a long time to come.

Here’s a song just for the occasion! ^ ^

Long live WRA! And may it bring all of us many more years of fun and friendship to come! ^ ^

*Gets a tissue and blows his nose. Eats everyone as comfort food.* T__T

Seeing a glimpse of hope and warmth in the future is what keeps us moving forward, but we never have to walk alone when we have friends walking by our side, hand in hand, smiling or crying with us all the way.

*Pickles finds way out of stomach covered in gastric acid*

Good thing he doesn’t chew his food.

So…anyone want a hug? *crickets chirp*


*Super steps in and washes Pickles with a hose then hands him a towel*

Sorry about that but I’d just like to say a few words and the acid was eating away at your clothes. There’s nothing more awkward than talking while standing next to a naked pickle. >_>

I’m not a man of many words when it comes to speeches though I can rattle off on any given debate forever and ever and ever and-, but that’s besides the point…>_> I’ll keep this short and sweet. ^_- I would just like to thank every single author and commentator who has ever contributed to this blog. Past and present we have all made the blog into what it is today and I feel it’s a heartening community I am very proud to be a part of. I got this e-mail from a reader yesterday, June 23, and I would like to share it with you all.

“Hey, I have been reading WRA for as long as it has been up since taking over from IRA. For this whole time i have never thought to say anything to anyone. But while reading it today i got to thinking “it must require a lot of work to keep this under control and running as smoothly as you keep it running”. So I just wanted to express my gratitude towards you and the entire WRA staff of writers a and say thank you and please keep up the work i spend way to much time reading this and waiting for this and it’s totally a huge part of my life. Thanks again.”

A True Fan,


That’s what it’s all about and that’s why we do it. ^_^ I hope he doesn’t mind me sharing it with you all. >_> Thank you all and keep up the awesomeness! 🙂


*Pickles dries off*

*starts getting wet all over again with tears, this time* ;_____;

*suddenly feels the pressure of an extremely powerful presence*

This isn’t Aizen! It’s worse…way worse…

OMG! OMG!! It’s…


This is…Ibiki Teishi…

…with a little Birthday Card for my favorite one year olds!

*startles awake* WHO DISTURBS MY SLUMBER?

*looks around confused and reaches for bull whip*  No, I mean, who the fack woke me up?!

*jumps to feet, cracks the whip in one fluid motion*  I’ll beat you each apart!  I’ll tear you both together!  Because I’m over 9,000!

Oh…it’s YOU.  *lowers the whip*  Well, for you I’ll yawn and stretch and make the best of it.  What time is it?  Oh…THAT’s why you woke me.  WRA is a year old!  I don’t have to burp you anymore, baby, you can manage that on your own…can’t you?  *grin*

It’s been an eventful year, and the crazy just goes on.  Y’all are a regular cyberspace institution (you know that’s where they keep dangerous nut jobs, right?), and I’m glad to have a little white room to call home when I get to feeling lonely or…*glances around, all shifty-eyed*…senile.

Just think, you’re a toddler now, WRA.  One big candle on a digital cake (sure, you’re not a fire hazard yet, like me, but give it time, all things age and then they get better like fine wine or really old photos or well-loved sneakers or…holey-a$$ed IRA t-shirts).  One burning candle beats a lit fart any day.  But I digress.  In the last year this site has grown from nothingness to a regular anime/manga mishmash of crazy, awesomeness.  Crazy.  That’s a term of endearment, you know (someone hand me a tissue, I’m going all Sakura).

Oh, and speaking of Sakura, can you believe how Kishi turned her potential to complete suckage this year?  So I protested!  Somewhere out there, friends, are pictures of your own Ibi in pink hair, cosplaying a fully blossomed Sakura (uh, that means no longer a pirate’s dream of sunken treasure chest–sorry Luffy) in fishnet and a hokage hat.  I guess we all have to vent our own manga frustrations in our own way, WRA is just evidence of that, and (forgive me for getting all serious for a mo) I’m so proud of you all for keeping it going…keeping it real…keeping it…tarded.

Wishing you the best in the future, WRA readers and commenters.  Hoping for the best from the admins and authors.  XD  Wake me whenever you need someone to jump out at you and say:  that was awesome!  Happy 1st birthday WRA and many more to come.

Ja ne (unless I see you first),



*Pickles stops foaming from the mouth and regains consciousness*

Well guys, it looks like the party is almost over. I’m stuffed, woozy, and I think I popped a blood vessel somewhere. X__X I can still manage a few words, though.

You know, sometimes, I feel it isn’t my place since for as long as I’ve been a member of this blog, there are a good many who have been before me and have stuck with it through this entire wild odyssey. Yet still I thank them still.

To the newer ones: welcome to the family. If you didn’t already check your sanity at the door, I’m pretty sure it’s already gone by now. Enjoy your stay!

To the ones still to come: I seeee youuu…@___@


You know, for every existing entity, there is a limit established and enforced by Mother Nature herself to the amount of awesomeness which it can possess. But luckily for us, WRA exists outside the realm of reality, and our awesomeness level? Over 17,000!!! That’s 9,000 times 2, right?…Right? X___X

Someone had one too many Mountain Dews.

Well, guys, the time has come, and this bash is at its end. Here is a little something I made to further commemorate this moment. It isn’t a lot, but I felt it spoke to the message the others and I are trying to put across.

We are family, we are friends, we are WRA. And love it or hate it, we are here to stay.

*raises glass*

Viva la awesomeness!

And in the words of the D.C. Audience Killer:

“Keep on living, fuckers.”

*falls on face and dozes off*


~ by Captain Pickles on June 25, 2010.

44 Responses to “Celebrating One Year of Awesomeness!”

  1. FIRST!!!!!!!!!! Happy Birth Month WRA!!!! ^ ^

  2. Segundo

  3. third…. this blog is awesomeness… especially the naruto and one piece sections, not so much bleach… but i think thats cuz the manga itself is deteriorating

  4. Happy birthday, WRA nut jobs–and by that I mean the world could use more like you, an army of awesomeness.

    (Psst…Supah, if you want a million hits, you must show some tits. It’s just that simple.)

  5. Awesomenessness ^_^ Happy Birthday!!

  6. Graaatz WRA!
    Awesome this blog is still running as it is =_)
    Now for 1 mill hits then hope it will be 2 million by the time this turns 2 years 😛
    *goes spamming Site*

  7. LOL

    long live wra XD

  8. Happy Birthday WRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    May the Awesomeness live forever!!!!!

  9. *notices I’m in the poster, right beside Kisu and dynamicentrance*

    Wait a second Pickles!!!!

    Super is on top of Tenrai!!!!! X_X

  10. ROFL! Happy Birthday WRA, now lets get drunk and forget what happened when we wake up 😀

  11. hahaha Tonight I drink for WRA!!!

  12. Yayz! Happy One Year!

    Hey, I was told a few months ago that I couldn’t ask to join WRA before one year has passed since it was created, so I was wondering…Could I join? Or is it only for people that were apart of IRA chat and have long, developed history into the founding of IRA and WRA and have contributed to so much throughout the years? T_T

  13. *realizes I’m either in the poster, or someone else has the sage naruto avatar* WOOP


  15. That was awesome. Happy Bday WRA! Awesome poster XD

    This is by far the best manga discussion and appreciation website i have ever joined. Thank you all for making it such a cool environment to share ideas and a common interest, (I’ll go as far as saying LOVE :D) for manga & anime.
    And thank you to those who started WRA.
    Once again, HAPPY BDAY WRA.
    Hahaha YEEEEAH

  17. Yeeeeeeeeeyyyy!!!!!

    Happy birthday WRA! Glad to be a part of the family (even with my horrible english words constuction :D). And glad to see my avatar on the poster. :crying in joy:

    I am going on holiday tomorrow but I will be back in two weeks. 😀
    Two chapter of Naruto and the rest of the manga when I come back! Woooho!

  18. lol almost forgot



    And my thanks to all of you (yes, including me) who help make this site the awesomeness that it is!

    May it last forever…

    *WRA notifies Prawl that they’ve sold off the page rights*

    OH NOES! it’s Schy-IRA-Jeremiah-no-jutsu!!!!

    *WAKES UP*

    Thank god! it was only a nightmare!

  20. Ok, now for fun, name everyone based on their screen avatar in the WRA motivational poster!

  21. We gotta show some tits!? Great idea Ibiki! O_O Quick! Someone get the Perona hentai! It’s obviously loved. 😉

    Lol, Happy Belated Birthday WRA!

    @Naru: Anyone can join WRA at anytime, so no worries.

    @Prawl: I can do the top row easy.

    Pickles, Accordionninja Nagashikage, Alec, Amaterasu, Pumpkinbread, Jeremiah, Noneatencookie, Me (Super), and Kushina. 🙂

  22. I a big boy so I won’t cry, but I been here since the end of IRA and the beginning of WRA and must say, I have some heated debates from Marksman calling me up saying I need ur help defending Kakashi to being on of the only ones believing that Obito was indeed Madara and nothing was like reading something that Tenrai wrote that made you believe in the human race again.

    So to Supa Dupa, Tenrai, Pickles and Marksman who put me on to IRA and WRA. Thanks for this blog, I’ve had many laugh with you all.

  23. Happy birthday wra. Awesome post pickles

  24. O_o …. If WRA created on June 25….. why does it says that the frontpage was posted in June 10 2009?

    This doesnt make any sense >_<
    You probably want to read the post first.

  25. ok so sorry. Nevermind that I just said. LMAO at Pickles and Tenrai’s conversation. Happy Late Birthday WRA. Hope the awesomeness will stay in forever.

  26. i just remembered something the first breakdown on wra was a bleach one !!!! lol and if i remember correctly it was done by elf (sorry if im wrong .-.)

    And kushina if the front page says it was made in june 10 then the day the site was made has to be before it because as far as i remember the front page was made “later on” and the breakdown went online the same day if not the next … hmmm

    Yes!!! i wasnt wrong the first post indeed was the breakdown by elf and its dated 2009/06/08 so technically its 8 june.

    2009/06/08 got it confirmed further the day ira was closed is the date i wrote behind this sentence

    So its official guys !!

    8th june 2009 was the day wra was created and bleach was the first breakdown to be done here and it was done by elffaren 😀

    Now if super can merge the comments >_>

    Don’t worry, it has been done – TenraiSenshi

  27. Happy Birthday WRA!!!!! *eats cake before Ten* And… I do remember that I bought you Ten, yes my bid was highest @_@ …. but somehow you fled away from the cozy cage I put you in O_O And for some strange reason I was for sale as slave O__O *Great memories*

    Sadly the chat died T_T I miss you all AWESOMENESS people ^_^

    And isnt it scary o see me here? O_O *poof* *poofs back* I forgot my cake O_O *waves* *Poofs away again*

  28. Happy Birthday WRA! *raises glass in a toast* May you have many more!

  29. hey… i’m up there in the motivational… that’s awesome!
    ehhm… HAPPY BIRTHDAY WRA! keep up the good work guys!

  30. Awesomeness breakdown of WRA (if you could call it breakdown). Happy (belated) birthday made of pwnsome awesomeness of the awesome’st. 😀

    I was probably here just before IRA got turned down and etc. etc. etc.

    Liked the pictures and the music a lot. There were a few I feel that could have been better, but it’s been so long and there were so many good pieces of absolute awesomeness that it’s easy to overlook them. 🙂

    Loved the discussions and guests as well. ^,^

    Indeedlit! 😀 We all are awesomeness. ^,^ Even the ones that don’t get shown for sure. 🙂


  31. I can do some of the rows…

    Top (DOESN’T COPY off of Super >_> <_<) Pickles, AccordionNinja, Nagashikage, Alec, Amaterasu, Pumpkinbread, Jeremiah, Noneatencookie, super, and Kushina

    2nd Row: IDK, IDK, Me (Naru), IDK, IDK, IDK, IDK, IDK, TenraiSenshi, IDK

    3rd Row: IDK anyone from 3rd Row

    And other people I recognize: Marks, CC, Prawl, Kisu, Dragon, BB, Tai, Kabuto, Ace, Avenue, Super and Mandi

  32. Oh, and I came up with a song for WRA to commemorate the occasion (just don’t let me, Tenrai, Pickles or Kisu sing it @_@):

    We. Are. Awwwww someness!
    …We. Are…Awwwwwwsomeness!
    We are cool, we are bright, we are perverts (well that’s just super, and mandi tooooooooo)

  33. @supah: moobs, some nice man cleavage. You know, barechested Kakashi would get all his fanbois raving…jk. Although I bet a Hinata cosplay girl would be just the thing.

    @Ahsan: I could have told you all that without looking, but I’m glad y’all didn’t throw a party that day. This works out nicely, because I’m able to celebrate you all. Hope the next year is just as fun.

  34. happy birfdays guyz! guys have done a great job here, keep it up…

  35. Wow! It’s been a year already??? time sure does fly fast!

    !C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S A N D H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y!

    long live WRA!

  37. oh yah im in the pic XDDDD awesomeness incarnate xppp

  38. Yeah 1 year of Awesomeness!!!
    Yeah me,i’m in the poster ^^
    Would like to know where you can see how many clicks this Blog has?

    @authors:Great job,keep it up.
    *thumps up and getting ready for a high five…still waiting…makes a kage bunshin and gives himself a high five*

  39. Wow, a year has flown by so fast…i remember staying on WRA 30 minutes before i had to go to work(which took almost 30minutes to get there lol), now i barely have time to check up on the breakdowns… 😦 DAMN YOU JOB!!! but i digress…Congrats on to those who helped keep this place running through all the hilarious breakdowns, to the awesome amv tributes to the fallen…Moment of silence for those guys…Itachi, Pervy Sage, Ace, and those bleach guys lol…and most important…TINY!!!!
    May WRA be as awsome as Chuck Norris, Captain Planet and Swayze combined forever…because its already OVER 9000 !!!!!!!

  40. …oh that was me with the searches….but im not saying which one lol…jk

  41. yay! I was in the mosaic!
    If anyone doesn’t know/remember, i’m the creepy simpson-esque guy with the perverted smile on his face…Happy B’Day WRA!

  42. well i’m a bit late, but i wanna comment so feel free to eat me 🙂
    it’s only one year old? it feels like this blogs been a part of me all my life 😀
    though i dont post that much here anymore, but i’m feeling right in the mood for my crazy theories =)
    it made me happy reading something from mollie again and above my post is harshy the ol frigg *_*
    only jeremiah missing XD
    well let’s hope we can egt the 1kk hits this year! and no, u cant have my tits 🙂

  43. YAY! I be in the last Demotivational Poster! 😀 😀

  44. Wow. Some of these memories litter ally bring tears to my eyes. And we are still here. Wra lives on through us.

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