Naruto Chapter 604 Breakdown: Cross my heart and hope to die. Stick a plotkai through my eye?

Greetings one and all and welcome to yet another weekly Naruto manga breakdown. However, before I start the breakdown, I’d first like to inform everyone that we have an awesome new author who will be covering the Naruto anime breakdown, and that author is none other than Ajd, who graciously volunteered to fill the role. Please show your support by reading and commenting on his breakdown when you all have a chance so we can get that section back to full speed.

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Moving onto the latest chapter itself, well, all I can really say about it is that it was a real heart-breaker…

He may look like a soft-serve, but what he’s about to serve is anything but soft. @__@

Okay, I lied. In truth, I can say a lot more about it, though if I were to be completely honest, most of the chapter was just a build-up to the rather climactic ending. Even still, there were quite a few details worth noting for those who payed attention, a few of which I am going to mention here.

Firstly, I’d like to say that the colour pages were a nice little addition to the chapter as a whole. Although the celebration for the 600th chapter of Naruto is a little bit late (by four chapters, to be precise), I suppose this is a case of “better late than never.” In particular, I liked the page showing the contrast between the older and younger Obito, where the older version almost seems to be standing under the pressure of the forlorn and perhaps even judgmental stares of his former peers, which stands in stark contrast to his younger years where he was once part of a greater whole.

Where there were once accepting smiles, there are now only weary frowns. Where there were once unity among friends, there is now only disparity.

In a sense, you could say that this contrast reflects someone who underwent a significant change regarding his outlook on the world as a whole (well done captain obvious), after all, to abandon all that you once knew and loved must have taken quite a traumatic event indeed, which is most certainly hinted at in this chapter.

But in the moments leading up to this potentially life-changing event, we are given other visual clues that may or may not hold any amount of significant meaning in the story as a whole. The first one I noticed was the similarities between how Obito looked while wearing Spiral Face’s body and how Zetsu looked when white and black Zetsu were still merged together – or as Naruto calls them, Aloe Vera.

So that means that if you apply Zetsu daily, you too can have beautiful, healthy skin. @__@

I’m not sure if this visual similarity was intentional or not, but it may serve as a clue that gives us some indication of where black Zetsu came from and how he might be related to Obito directly.

It’s also at this point in the chapter that Obito decides to leave his former underground prison, while giving Madara his regards for saving him and saying that he wouldn’t be back. Madara, however, assures him otherwise, which makes me question whether or not Madara knew precisely what was about to happen to Obito, or if it was simply a case where his own already bleak outlook on the world assured him that it was simply a matter of time before some form of tragedy occurred that would open Obito’s eyes.

Back massages? Oh… you mean… back massages… <_<

Either way, Obito decides to ignore Madara’s warning and so makes his merry way to where Kakashi and Rin are. This, unfortunately, is where the chapter falls into the realm of lethargy, with no truly meaningful dialogue to help hold any particular degree of interest in what was happening at the time. The only remotely interesting things that did occur between the time Obito left his cave and the time he arrived at his destination was that we got to see a few explosions that hinted at a large battle occurring and a moment where Obito seems to share some form of vision with Kakashi’s left eye.

Breast implants: You’re doing it wrong…

I found this revelation particularly interesting, because it makes me wonder whether or not there have been other instances since this moment where Obito has shared his vision with Kakashi – who has his left eye – or whether he has learned to link their vision at will. No doubt such a skill would be useful for the purposes of spying or even in battle, and it may even go as far as explaining how Obito managed to stop Kakashi’s Kamui when he tried to rip Gedo Moza’s head off (by taking direct control of the eye and deactivating the technique himself).

An even more interesting topic would be whether or not this ability could work the other way around. Perhaps Kakashi could use it to see what Obito sees and thus give him a way to predict our counter Obito’s techniques. It may be Kakashi’s only trump card for defeating someone who would otherwise be considered a particularly overwhelming foe.

All these observations aside, we all know the real meat of this chapter was found in the last spread, and that everything else I’ve said up until this points is just a desperate attempt by me to make this breakdown seem much longer than it should have been, a fact that you, the readers, are completely unaware of. So, here it is!

The real reason Obito hates the world, as Reflex puts it, is because Kakashi stole Rin’s heart before he could.

And so we arrive at a moment that has shocked many a WRA member, a moment where mountains came crashing down and where oceans were frozen over. It was a moment where a single, unanimous thought vaulted through all of our minds…

Everyone’s minds: “Wth?”

Okay… so maybe not everyone. I’m sure when Super saw this he went “Hell yeah! That’s my boy Kakashi!” but for us normal people… oh wait I don’t think there’s anyone like that here. <_<

Now the only question remaining is, “why?” Why did Kakashi kill Rin? Although there are a multitude of possible explanations that I am sure many of us could come up with that may shed some light on this strange phenomenon, first I think we need to take a really good look at what little evidence has been presented to us.

If we observe the screen above, the first thing we should notice is that Kakashi is in fact crying in his left eye, the same eye we first saw him crying from when Obito was left dying under a boulder. This tells us that he is most likely well aware of what has happened and knows full well that he has just killed Rin. The real question, however, is whether or not he was aware of it only after it had already happened or whether he was aware of what he was doing beforehand. The latter option would no doubt have far-reaching implications.

This also brings up a few other questions, such as where the Mist ninja that Kakashi and Rin were meant to be battling had disappeared to and why a battle for survival ended up becoming what could be perceived as murder in cold blood. I personally don’t feel that Kakashi willingly killed Rin though and there’s one particular page from a few chapters ago that supports this sentiment.

I swear it wasn’t me! She just fell onto my Chidori I tell you! T___T

If Obito saw Kakashi kill Rin right in front of his very eyes, then why did he say “you let Rin die” rather than saying “you killed Rin?” Is it because Obito is already aware of the fact that the circumstances behind Rin’s death were far more complicated than they originally appeared at first glance? Perhaps Obito has already since become aware of the truth behind the matter and knows that Rin’s death is not technically Kakashi’s fault, but that he still blames him in the sense that Kakashi still wasn’t able to protect her as he had promised. This also makes me wonder if Obito is aware of foul play on Madara’s part, which might also explain why Obito seemed reluctant to bring Madara back in the first place.

In fact, if you look back a few chapters, when Kabuto first summoned Madara using Edo Tensei, Obito not only seemed shocked by it, but he also called Kabuto a madman.

All of these inconsistencies leave us with quite the mystery on our hands, but if I had to hazard a few guesses as to what has actually happened, they would be as follows.

1: It’s possible that Kakashi was ordered or tricked into killing Rin by Konoha’s higher-ups in a similar manner to how Kabuto was tricked into killing his “Mother.” Perhaps Rin knew too much information about something and thus, was considered a liability that needed to be dealt with. This might also explain why Obito was more than happy to let Sasuke exact his revenge on Konoha’s elders and may even by why he told Sasuke about Itachi’s story in the first place. It would also go a long way in explaining why he attacked Konoha with Kurama under his control.

2: Madara may have been using white Zetsu clones to match Kakashi’s and Rin’s features and chakra to fool Obito into believing that Kakashi killed Rin. If Obito later discovered this plot, it may explain why he was reluctant about sticking to the plan whereby Madara was meant to be resurrected.

3: If we consider that killing someone close to you may be the only way to awaken the MS, then there is a possibility that Rin willingly asked Kakashi to kill her so that he could acquire the power needed to defeat their foes. Perhaps Konoha as a whole was at risk and desperate measures were needed to save the lives of many at the cost of one person.

4: There is, of course, the possibility that Kakashi was simply unaware of what he was doing, perhaps even thanks to a mist technique that trapped him in some sort of illusion and made him believe Rin was an enemy. This seems unlikely to me though because Kakashi has the Sharingan at this time and thus, should be able to see through genjutsu.

Unfortunately, that’s about as much writing as my mind will allow for at this point in time, because I’m sure if I come up with any more theories about what happened in this chapter, my brain will implode in a rather spectacular fashion.

With that in mind, here is last week’s bubbliton contest winner.

Thelaughingwiseman: I’ve just started playing Borderlands 2! :3

So have I… so have I.

And here is this week’s Bubbliton.

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Yes, that’s right, I put the bubble in there myself, because I don’t think we could possibly use any other page for the bubbliton contest this week other than this one. It just wouldn’t be right.

In any case, you can use the bubble for either Kakashi or Rin (even though it’s pointing more towards Rin) or, in extreme cases, even for both if you feel it works better. Just have fun as always.

See you in the comments! ^ ^


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  1. BUBBLE: How;s my penetration?


  2. I think those kids were being kids, if you catch my drift. They were trying something new and well, you know… it didn’t go as well as they expected. HAHA I think Tobi is blocking out images. I think he is seeing something totally different because he doesn’t want to see the Truth, that Kakashi and Rin were getting it on. I think that’s what he meant by “You are responsible for Rin’s death” I think he meant his view of Rin lol

    Segueing into my Bubbalation: “This is not what I meant when I said penetrate me…”

  3. I don’t know if I can do anything silly with a scene where the silence of the bubble, “the frozen moment”, where it seems like the moment feels like an eternity is broken by a bubble, it steals the horror of Obito’s realization and the absolute surprise of dreadful awe and confusion invoked in the reader.

  4. Four is DEATH!!

  5. Fifth…is dying?

    Great breakdown for what you had to work with. I’m thinking a mix between higher ups order and MS.

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    Awesome Breakdown!

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    Rin: So… this is what mom meant when she said that… I should wear protection…
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    Rin: Shot through the heart! And your to Blame!
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    Bubble( Commerical narrator) : Shock your sparring friends with your ferocity. Follow the Ultimate Martial Art Rule, Punch through your Opponent!

    Caption: Kakashi took his training way too seriously!

  12. Come to find out that Kakashi was just filming for “How to be a Ninja “series( I mean he’s the Copy Ninja, the ninja of a thousand techniques. Don’t know why he’d be strapped for cash though….) to be distributed among the Five Nations and Obito stumbled across Kakashi having an on set sparring accident with Rin

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  15. Kakashi is…the most interesting ninja in the world. haha

    Well, the way you put it, I think it would have to be to attain MS to save more lives. I really hope it’s fake, but worst case I want to still remember Kakashi as a good guy. You know, hopefully not part of the corruption.


    Rin: Prego, Kaka-
    Caption: In Kakashi’s defense, I hate when people speak Latin too.

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  21. There are some really good entries out there. This is way more interesting then this weeks past chapter!

  22. Welcome to WRA mantisguy (sorry if you’ve posted before and I’m just stupid.)

    Yeah, this is going to be a pretty close competition for which entry wins…

  23. HAHAHAAA, Ajd, you’ve been gone for so long that you don’t even know Mantis. Glad to have you back on the blog and thank you very much for taking over the Naruto anime section, that was a great breakdown.

    Also, Ahsan, glad to see you back, it’s been some time since I last saw you post.
    And last but not least Great breakdown Ten.

  24. Yeah I’ve been here a while…reading long before I posted. 🙂 No worries! I need to get an avatar lol….

  25. Well this is awkward…I’m pretty sure I’ve read your comments before too…I should sleep more often XD

    Anyways, I’ll just search names next times. I’m glad I added the extra bit about me being stupid. At least my bases were covered…lol

  26. @Ashreignited, Just remembered for some reason! The reason your bubblition entries weren’t going through a couple days ago was because wordpress blocked them as spam. I still can’t figure out why it did, but I thought you should know. Anyone else having that issue, I’m sure we’ll take a look at the spam contents sooner to resolve comment problems quicker. That is all…


    Read it and enjoy everyone

  28. *SPOILER?* Who was the one last week that made the prediction that both Obito and Kakashi would receive the three tomoe and Mangekyo Sharingan at the time Rin was killed? Right on!

  29. One question answered and more questions remain… sheesh… and were those Leaf Anbu? I couldn’t tell…

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  31. I was right! They did both activated the MS at the same time.
    Bubblition: So this is what rejection feel like.
    Caption: Friend-zoned: it’s so painful you feel like they ripped a hole in your chest.

  32. This is interesting it looks like kakashi killed rin because the miss ninjas were after her… My head will explode if rin just comes out of obitos space time jutsu having survive that lol but thats unlikely but then again so was obito being tobi after the time skip lol

  33. I seriously don’t think any guy would turn to a deal with the devil for someone he stalked. Ehh, I’m not liking the explanation so far. Kakashi was the one who unlocked the MS for Tobi, not the other way around. Kakashi was the one who killed rin, he was the one who felt that pain first hand. She was his responsibilty. I don’t like Tobi’s behavior after a chick that didn’t even like him or know him that way (based on flashbacks). That’s putting the pu### on a pedestal x!00

  34. SPOILER!

    So, after discussions…Rin had 55-60 mist ninja (that look like hunter-nin to me) all frustrated with her death, and desperately trying to recover her body. Just who is Rin? What mission was Minato on that was too important? Why was it only Kakashi and Rin out there?

    Things are not adding up. Rin is a far more important character than we realized. This almost seems like a national effort by mist to clame Rin’s body at least. That leads to one thing: Genetics. She must have something crazy hidden within them.

    Also, What a bloody masterpiece of mayhem! Obito is amazing in combat!

  35. ….shit

  36. @ Chapter, this sure was a disturbing chapter, and the way Obito unleashed himself was f&*king epic. The dude went str8 to the mokuton release whit instinct alone.

    Also the wood spikes he used to crus all the Mist Anbu were awesome, they reminded me a little of Kimimaro.

    Also, why was Rin the target, and why did kakshi risked it all on taking out Rin instead of using the sharingan to take the advantage in the battle.
    Let’s be honest, Anbu are cannon fodder, they never were much good until they take there masks of (like Yamato).

    It’s my guess Rin was either a spy for the mist and the Mist were trying to recover what she learned, or she had some hidden bloodline (Uzumaki seems to be the new IT bloodline).

    I hate Kishi for his stalling but I have to say this chapter was really enjoyable and I don’t hold anything against him for prolonging the series like this, in fact this is the best part about the manga.

    And Kakashi was a f^*king troll if you ask me, he just got the MS, the motivation was there and the dude just fainted from chakra overuse. The was the moment were he should have been killed if not for Obito.

    So this chapter is the remake of the last scenario Kakashi and Obito had together, i\yet again Obito saves his ass only this time it’s a the cost of Rin’s life instead of damage to himself.

    Will rage more on this later, in the mean time I’ll take a look in Tenrai’s stomach and see if I can find Captain Pickles, Supertreck, Totalitarian and Kisu.

  37. the mist ninjas wanted rin’s body so bad . . . was it orders from madara . . . or does rin have something inside her ? ? ?
    also kakashi fainted . . . ms was too much for him
    tobi spamming mokuton and kamui at the same time . . .
    damn only if kakashi was an uchiha or at least some far off descendant of uchiha . . .

  38. boy that escalated quickly. obito managed to use the ems because he has the chakra to control such power while kakashi didn’t. and then he blacked out and then snapped. he realized madara was right all along that the world he lives in is really hell where you things don’t go as you plan.

  39. P.S. I just counted the number of mist shinobi from the 3rd page and there’s about 60+ shinobi there, so you can assume that this was a pretty big mission for this guys and the main objective was to get Rin at any costs.

  40. Here’s a theory. What if Rin was the current host of the 3-tails before the third Mizukage? That would explain why she was such a huge target for the Mist and why Kakashi might have had to go through the extreme act of killing her.

    Dun, dun, dun! @_____@


    Continue on with your meaningless existence now

  42. Bubble: Kakashi, are you sure this is what they do in 50 Shades of Grey…?

    Caption: The reason why Kakashi switched to good old Ero Sennin grade of soft core porn.

  43. We have two veterans commenting twice in a row. This must be a good sign. @__@

  44. I CALLED IT!! I F’N CALLED IT!!! In 603’s breakdown, I predicted that this was no illusion and that the sight of Kakashi killing Rin, in conjunction with Obito’s close proximity to Kakashi, would cause Obito to both fully mature his normal Sharingan AND awaken his Mangekyo Sharingan in both himself and the Sharingan in Kakashi! And just as such, Kakashi will have a fully matured Sharingan, but be unaware and/or unable to properly activate his Mangekyo Sharingan until after the time skip.

    I had a feeling that Obito’s face would be covered before Kakashi could see him. In any case, I called it.

  45. @Todd Sturner: It was me who made that prediction.

  46. Funny thing, I always though, before learning Tobi was Obito, that Kakashi achieved the MS after his firs encounter with Itachi when he fell under Tsukuyome.

  47. Now that we can see what Obito can really do when he gets worked up, I’m a bit worried for our heroes! He gets pissed off, and everyone will be sprouting trees from their backsides!

  48. Add another power up to Tobi, no big deal… @ Eugene, in all fairness I think Kakashi was the one responsible for activating the EMS for both he and Tobi. Kakashi was the one doing the killing, and the power of the Sharinagan was amplified with both around.

    So, to some it up, the battle between Tobi and Kakashi/Gai is far from over. I think Kakashi is on his last legs, since he’s used Kamui afew times (unless he was in a hyperbolic time chamber) Gai dossn’t seem as tired. Isn’t there a way for Kakashi to get some of Naruto’s chakra energy?

  49. Remember Zetsu mentioned something about experimental bodies. Must have something to do with Rin.

  50. @Tenrai that would be a great explanation for why Kakashi killed Rin. If she was the host for the 3 tails killing her would’ve been like the Raikage’s justification for killing Naruto. I mean why else would he kill Rin? Information? the 58 Mist retrieval team seems to mean something bigger tha her being a spy. anyways… whatever it is must be important because Kishi is keeping it in the dark.

  51. Rin was definatly with the miss since they did were so worried about the enemy getting the girl this could also explain why kakshi had to kill her

  52. Spoiler: manga is out:

  53. Not to spam or to spoil but it is understandable (with this week’s chapter) as to why Kakashi is still so bummed these days about Rin. I would be…

  54. @Tenrai – If Rin was the host of the 3-tails, wouldn’t she be a little harder to kill by a Chidori through the chest?

  55. @Harshyt *head explodes seeing Harshyt’s comment*
    @Chairman *Head explodes again*
    @Tenrai *head explodes because that is the most solid theory I could think of*

    This is getting interesting in all cases. It makes me happy when the comment section booms like that.

  56. @Todd well we aren’t sure if when Naruto survived Sasuke’s Chidori through the shoulder , if the healing ability maybe unique to the nine tails, remember the nine tales seems to affect the Zetsus, Yamato and Hashirams cells, we don’t know how the other tailed beasts would affect the host. We just know there’s some weird life energy to the ninetales

  57. that life energy maybe unique to the nine tales

  58. Also with the surprised look on Rin’s face, it seems that kakashi got her before she could go 3 tails… he moved pretty fast or unexpectedly

  59. I for one think Sam Smith saw things better:
    “Remember Zetsu mentioned something about experimental bodies. Must have something to do with Rin.”
    I’m not sure if it’s the 3 tails they were trying to experiment with but either way, letting Rin leave would have brought serious danger to the Leaf.

    Also you have to keep in mind that in this time frame Yagura is the Mizukage and Tobi has yet to take control over him. So it would be right to assume Yagura has the 3 tails under his control.

    And taking into consideration the fact that it’s a hard thing to become friends with your bijuu you can deduct from this, that Yagura is the mizukage with the 3 tails sealed inside him and he’s probably been so for some time.

  60. Eugen we know that Obito was older than Yagura and that when he took over Yagura and controlling the mist from the shadows( Kisame’s memories) Yagura didn’t have the three tails or it wouldn’t have been wandering around the countryside. Pein wouldn’t need to have the Akatsuki go looking for it. So we know that sometime after Obito saw Rin die that Yagura became Mizukage. He gained the nine-tails and had it for a short time then either gave it away or commited suicide because he didn’t have it on him…..

    So sometime between Zabuza’s attempt to kill him and Tobi’s arrival he did something with the tailed beast…. Rin is a possibility.

  61. My point is that the timeline about when he became Mizukage and when Tobi showed up is very vague but we know Yagura did something with the three tails or someone removed it from him before Tobi arrived or Tobi wouldn’t need Pein to use the Akaksuki to find it…

  62. @ ashesreignited , Yagura was actually older then Obito and was Mizukage from before the attack on Rin. You can be sure of this for the simple reason that the Bloody Mist term was used in Yagura’s dynasty and teh shinobi that came after Rin spoke of themselves as the Bloody Mist ANBU.

    Long story, short, Yagura was already the Kage and he still had the 3 tails. Maybe the real Madara was behind his lose of self control but one thing to be sure of is that Yagura is the actual Mizukage and has the 3 tails under his control.

    Also don’t be fooled about Yagura’s childish looks, he’s much older then he looks, Just like Toshiro from Bleach, so Obito is actually a lot younger then Yagura.

    I know you guys are anti- narutopedia- but some info is actually accurate so this might clear things up a bit.

    “Apparently the people of Kiri feared that Yagura was being manipulated, a fear which was confirmed by Ao, who saw through genjutsu with his Byakugan, later identified by Kisame as the work of Tobi’s Sharingan. However, before Tobi took control of Yagura, the village was reputed as “Bloody Mist”,meaning someone else controlled Yagura or Yagura himself was a tyrannical ruler. He eventually died under unknown circumstances.”

  63. @ ashesreignited, how do you know he didn’t have control of Yagura with the Beast still inside him. Remember, there’s now chance for a Jinchuriki to survive if his Bijuu is extracted, so most likely Yagura had the tree tails sealed within himself until the time of his death. Maybe he made a last ditch effort at the end and found a way to set the 3-tails free from Akatsuki’s hands.

  64. hmmmm.. i think there is more to this story. zetsu said to obito that he was chosen by madara. for what??? did madara knew that obito was the harbinger of death and that he was capable of such feats? and i think this is the event kakashi was talking about when he stood infront of that grave “what would you do.. eh.. obito?” i think rin asked kakashi to end her life right there instead of being abducted by the mist. if you look at it kakashi won’t be able to do something. it was a lose lose situation that’s why kakashi was already crying and rin didn’t even resisted.

  65. @chaps017, One thing is clear, kakashi knew what he was doing and he felt like biggest scum in the world at that point. He couldn’t even bring himself to look into Rin’s eyes. This can also be a double edge sword if you think about it:
    1. Either he was asked by Rin to finish the job so the Leaf would be safe.
    2. Kakashi knew he had to put the Leaf above his relation with Rin and decided to finish her at the cost of breaking his vow to Obito.

  66. @Eugen

    Yagura seemed to friendly when he was talking to Naruto to be someone who created the Bloody Mist. If you ask me, it’s quite possible that Obito killed the current Mizukage at the time and then used Yagura as both a host for the three tails and as a pawn to control the Mist.

    Whether Yagura was older than Obito is irrelevant because it wouldn’t necessarily determine when he became Mizukage. He could have become Mizukage before or after the incident with Rin and, likewise, he could have become the host for the Sanbi before or after as well. Because Kishi hasn’t given us any detailed timelines, this is still a very clear canvas where he can paint any picture he wants to.

    Also, we need to consider the six tails as well, seeing as how its Jinchuuriki, Utakata, was also associated with the Mist and was probably around the same age as Naruto I believe, if maybe a bit older (that was the impression I got from the anime). Someone would have had to be the host before him at the time of this flashback with Obito (seeing as how it was before Naruto’s birth) so there’s also a possibility Rin may have even been the previous host for the six tails.

  67. @ Ten, i not trying to deny your theory or anything but to me the timeline isn’t in Obito’s favor or Rin’s as well. Why would the Leaf house the Sanbi when they were the keepers of Kurama and only it belonged to the Leaf.

    Not sure what or who Rin is but a jinchuriki is a good theory but not for me, considering yagura was the one who had the Sanbi at exactly this time in the story. Maybe for some other bijuu it’s possible but not for the 3 tails or at least that’s what I think from the info we already have,

    Funny thing, that’s what a lot of people said about Tobi being Obito :))))

  68. @Eugen I don’t doubt there are a number of possibilities that explain the three tails wandering the country side but logically the only three are , self- release( and transference… Rin?!) , extraction ( and then posssibly tranference) , or Yagura commited suicide or Martyrdom( dying to save the village or the tailed beast). I’m just saying that sometime before( whether seconds before or minutes or hours) before Obito arrived in Mist, or even at the time of his arrival the beast wasn’t in Yagura anymore. I’m just asking you to consider the possibility (not that it has any evidence.) We don’t have evidence for her being a spy either. We just know Kakashi killed Rin.

  69. Maybe the Leaf didn’t know they were housing the Sanbi, maybe Rin was sent off to protect the 3 tails

    @ Eugen We also thought Tobi was a number of other things besides Obito because we had little to no evidence, not enough to even exclude other possibilities… and figuring out an identity by exclusion requires more evidence than if the author comes straight out and says it. Obito is the example

  70. If Tobi was the one controlling Yagura then it’s possible that Rin was the three tails jinchuuriki before him. Considering Obito’s age and all.

    I haven’t read all of the posts, but this is what I’ve discerned.

  71. The way I see it, Bloody mist really wanted Rin (or her body even). The two were surrounded, and Kakashi would not have been able to escape or live while keeping them from capturing Rin. Rin has something vital to the village, and Kakashi had to go as far as killing Rin to prevent them from capitalizing on it. Genetics is a less likely route, since her dead body would still be usable and thus killing is not a good answer. However, killing Rin to prevent a tailed beast from falling into enemy hands is very much a good reason.

    I’m not saying it’s true, or that I have evidence that points fully to that, but either Rin was trying to spill some vital information, or she had a tailed beast. Again, just my personal view of what is logical.

  72. it could all be just madara’s doing to get obito to turn into tobi and rin may be just a pawn
    but if rin turns out to be a jinchuriki then we should give entitle Tenrai Senshi as the great sage of wra community

  73. Wow! I fell for one of Kishi’s biggest trolls… D: Anyways… I guess I should give props to Tenrai. I will never guess historical facts again because it seems to be more unpredictable than the future. *tips hat in Tenrai’s general direction and jumps*

    Is a jinchuriki’s body valuable after they die?


    Did anybody notice the black rods in Obito? Any thoughts????


    Rin: I have your Icha-Icha in my fanny pa-

    Caption: Don’t EVER get in Kakashi’s way!

  74. @ Visionary, about the rods, I actually wanted to mention those a while back and like many speculated I think they will be the byproduct of Black Zetsu’s creation.

    Maybe Black zetsu is the result of Obito’s dark side taking life with the help of the spiral zetsu attached to Obito right now. Maybe Black zetsu is in fact the spiral face Zetsu taken over by the darkness Obito let out and possessed from then on.

    I can’t actually call this one since many predicted something like this in the past. but it might be a veritable scenario.

  75. “Bubblition:

    Rin: I have your Icha-Icha in my fanny pa-

    Caption: Don’t EVER get in Kakashi’s way!”


    As for Rin being a Jinchuuriki, I seriously doubt that.
    When A Jinchuuriki dies the Bijuu dies as well and than respawns in time. So there would be no reason for the mist ANBU to retrieve her body.
    Notice they said Kakashi got them when Kakashi killed Rin? And then they said they should at least retrieve the women (Rin). They obviously did something to her or Rin was a mist kunoichi who infiltrated the leaf to get a sharingan or two. Or both.
    Notice the mist ANBU said they worked so much to get ‘it’.
    Now unless ‘it’ is related to ‘that jutsu’ or ‘them people’ (you know, the ones Sasuke wants to speak to) I’m gonna go ahead and guess they were talking about Kakashi’s eye. Or rather Obito’s eye… Which they don’t know about… As did we, when we lived in bliss….

    Those were the days….

  76. Bubblition

    Rin: That’s not what I meant by “Reach around”

    Caption: Error-Sennin

    One thing we can know for sure is that Obito awakened his MS while connected to zetsu which is connected to both Madera and the Gedo Mazo. Anything is possible. As far as Rin is concerned, I’ll bet that she’s wanted for some type of summoning or possession. That’s the only logical answer I can think of…

  77. Bubblation
    Rin: and I just met you
    And this is crazy
    But here’s my number
    Caption: you deserved that!

  78. Bubblition
    Rin: I said, step step turn dab not step step turn stab
    Caption: when will we learn canceling America’s got tAlent prevents wars!

  79. This perfectly describes what I thought at the time.

  80. Can’t anyone acknowledge what I said? I said that I predicted this outcome, that both Obito and Kakashi would collectively awaken the Mangekyo Sharingan.

  81. I don’t believe that Rin is or was ever the host for the 3-Tails.
    Because, if that were the case, there’s no way in hell Konoha would ever let her out on that Third World War mission in Kakashi Gaiden. Remember Naruto’s missions before he powered the hell up? Yeah.

    And, even if they miracleously had put the freaking Sanbi on that mission only because of Minato’s presence, then there’s simply no way that Minato would ever let the Sanbi and her team fulfill the mission by themselves, and thus critically endangering them (Yellow Flash jutsu kunai or not). The would-be Sanbi’s team further underlines my point, I believe;
    A no-good Uchiha without an awakened Sharingan and a son of a “war criminal” with a suicide wish (the unfinished Chidori). And even though Kakashi was a (very new and rookie green) jounin at that point, I really don’t see how that would make any sense for Konoha to do (sending the 3-Tails out on a dangerous mission). Especially not with the approach they chose in regards to the Kyuubi and it’s yellowhaired host.
    No sir.

  82. @kevinphoenix: You are acknowledged. But I think the reason I hadn’t responded earlier is because Tenrai and I predicted the same thing when we were trying to figure out why Kakashi would kill Rin. And I think a few more people were on board with the theory before we saw your comment. Have any predictions on what’s up with Rin?

  83. @bret And Kevin I was the one to make the prediction before the Rin stabbing incident.
    Bubblition: You grabbed too hard
    Caption: unfortunately, that’s what happen when they’re too small.

  84. Bubble:
    Rin: You broke my heart. You broke my heart…
    Caption: and your rib cage, and let’s not forget that lung either…

  85. @kantonkage: That’s an awesome prediction. Though, I wasn’t saying we were the first – only that we did.

  86. @kantonkage: Maybe so. But I still made that prediction 100% on my own and without any outside influence or suggestion. I didn’t see anyone else mention it either, but then again I could’ve been wrong there.

    It’s not normally like me to say something like that. It’s just for the first time ever, I actually called a vital moment in the series before it happens so I was caught up in the excitement of being right. It felt soured by the lack of acknowledgement, however subtle or simple.

    @Bret: Truth be told, I don’t have a clue about Rin’s sudden importance with the Mist ninja. I don’t see how her being the host of the Sanbi, or any of the other tailed beasts for that matter, has anything to do with it.

    Frankly, my ambition has been brought down several notches by recent events. Though I do appreciate you kindly reciprocating my request, even if it was a bit selfish. And on the topic of selfish, it doesn’t matter to me if anyone else predicted it before or after I did. To me, what mattered was that I MYSELF predicted it entirely on my own and that it happened. That’s never happened before.

    So while some might think it’s a petty thing to get all worked up over, perhaps I like to take pride in even the simplist of things and experiences. Nothing wrong with that, I would think.

    Anyway, the whole thing has come and gone now I suppose. I’d like to be on good terms with everyone. I just desire some acknowledgement to feel like something like accurately predicting an outcome carries weight. Guys like kantonkage are well known around here already and are well known. It’s not the same with me though.

  87. @kevinphoenix: I agree. And don’t worry, I was just giving you a possible reason why no one said anything. You’re getting to be well known, so just keep posting good comments. I’m not even sure that people know me all that well either – I recently changed my user name (it used to be Gavin) to Bret (my real name).

    I think more than any other time in Naruto history there have been more reasons to predict possible events. First, a lot of us stuck to the notion that Obito was the guy behind the mask. Then there was the question of when Kakashi got his MS. Then there is the question of the nature of sharingan and rinnegan. Then there is the question of why Rin is important. And what’s more, all of these things seem to have answers that might be coming up very soon. Also, some people predicted the ninja war when I didn’t think there was ever going to be one! Boy was I wrong on that one!

    Although, the one prediction that I stuck with until the end was the prediction of Naruto becoming ‘friends’ with the nine-tails. I knew from very early on that it was going to happen – and even when people saw Bee’s relationship with his biju, people still didn’t think he was going to. But sure enough – Naruto is now friends with the Kyuubi.

  88. @bret and Kevin: Sorry I said like that. Kudos to us(forgot the cheesecake)! Now, here comes the plot hole why didn’t Kakashi activate it when fighting Itachi? Also does Obito Darth Tobi have EMS?
    Bubblition: Why you reject me?
    Caption: Nothing spells rejection like a Chidori to the chest. Just ask Naruto or Karin.
    Rin: I only wanted to go on a date.
    Caption:Chidori the friendzone no jutsu.

  89. @kantonkage: Yes, kudos to all who came to that same conclusion, I suppose.

    I had already mentioned in my original prediction comment that while Kakashi’s Mangekyo Sharingan had been awakened, it wouldn’t be until after the time skip that he would learn how to activate it at will. So when Kakashi first fought Itachi, he was still unaware he even had the Mangkeyo Sharingan. And even if he did, he still didn’t know how to use it at the time.

    As for Obito not having the EMS, I would say it’s because he has no blood siblings who possessed the Mangekyo Sharingan, with which to transplant eyes from. After all, for all the attention the MS has received, it remains a rare dojutsu. There’s also the apparent fact that Obito is able to use his own Mangekyo Sharingan more often than the others and with less strain to his vision.

    I’ve noticed how Kakashi seemingly hasn’t been suffering from deteriorating vision from his use of the MS either. Perhaps them each using only one MS eye reduces/slows down the cumulative side effects of its use. Who knows. Their situation is quite unique.

  90. Kakashi’s non-deteriorating vision is probably because of his very moderate use of the Sharingan, and very very very moderate use of his Mangekyou. And whenever he uses it, he has the tendency to either pass out or well, y’know… die 😛
    This limits his usage a hellalot. During the manga, he has used it, what, 7-9 times? Compare him to Sasuke, who burned through his MS in what felt (for me) like less than a month or so in the storyline.

  91. Isn’t the simple answer to Kakashi’s non-deteriorating vision that he has one good eye? Doesn’t he often cover his other eye anyway? Or are you guys arguing that his sharingan eye can still see?

  92. @Bret: Kakashi not being a Uchiha might be reason enough for him to not lose his vision. I think it’s more of a chakra thing that he keeps it covered, but I could be wrong…

  93. I just don’t see why that should be a factor. It doesn’t effect his usage of it (besides him not having enough chakra to use it a lot), so why should it effect the eye’s characteristics? Nah, I think it’s simple;

    Sasuke = uses his MS alotlotlotlot! thus the eye detoriates quickly.
    Itachi = uses his MS often! thus the eye detoriates with time (9 years or so)
    Kakashi= uses his MS rarely! thus the eye detoriates very slowly.

    Although, Kakashi’s comment to Itachi in Part 1 about how Itachi’s eyesight must be detoriating, also makes me wonder if Kakashi hasn’t been effected by this detoriation in some points?

  94. It’s all about Senju DNA. Kakashi is most likely a Senju so that is probably why his eyesight hasn’t degraded as much.

    Just look at Obito. He’s been spamming his Mangekyo ever since he got it and still hasn’t gone blind. Why? Because he’s basically 50/50 Uchiha/Senju.

    Senju DNA is the answer to everything.

  95. Let’s not forget Senju DNA gives the user the ability to spam. I believe the reason Obito can’t do Susanoo is because he doesn’t have both eyes. Also, if I am not mistaken, Amaterasu requires the left eye which Obito doesn’t have either.

  96. As an Obito is Tobi aka Darth Tobi theorist, i love how this story is becoming and how its all trying up with Obito hating the Mist but there is deff something holding him back from just killing Kakashi, can’t wait for the outcome.

  97. Correction people, it’s not simply Senju DNA it’s Senju Hashirama’s DNA!

  98. @godlikeduderoo – About Kakashi’s comment – his eyesight has probably deteriorated a bit, since Itachi hinted that only Mangekyo users knew about the vision loss (through experience), but he also has one non-uchihax eye so regardless he at least has 70%-ish vision at all times.

    I predict that, somewhere down the line, Obito is going to sacrifice himself for a last redeeming moment. Kishi’s is very cliche….

  99. Chapter 606 is out…

  100. To ntg, immnotreallyhere and really the chat forum Anons….. Called it! Literally the whole manga…. Called it! Well asked it, but it was the whole thing in order which means I think,I predicted next week too…. Boom

  101. I mean it was on the chat not the forum so I need a back up or two for this but I may have mistakenly, predicted the next 2-3 chapters verbatim as well as the overriding theme…. Also credit to Ian and visionary who guided the prediction like a lot too

  102. Well, it looks like Madara did give Nagato his eyes after all and obviously Obito claimed they were his when he acted the part of Madara. Most of my theories before Tobi’s reveal seem to be correct, lol. Of course, they weren’t just mine, many others were also thinking along the same lines.

    All-in-all, that was a nice and informative chapter, so I really enjoyed it. It’s also interesting that Gedou Mazou is actually the shell of the Juubi’s body that was originally sealed in the moon and now that the connection has been made, it does give us some visual clues as to what the Juubi may have looked like going by the silhouette we saw before.

    Anyway, I reckon the flashbacks may be over for now, at least temporarily. There’s still a lot we need to learn, like why Obito attacked Konoha and why Kakashi killed Rin, but I believe the matter will come up and I believe both may be related to one another.

    P.S. Sorry I’ve nbeen absent these past few days and failed to produce a breakdown for the previous chapter. I’ve just been swarmed with work.

  103. Ok on rereading it was collaborative but ill take moderator credit at least, sooo know the next few chapters or at least the over riding theme, aces you two… Aces

  104. Ten if your still online head to the chat

  105. Bubblation
    Bubble, I hear visionary knows why your doing this?
    Caption: beans as: iamnotreallyhere: as visionary: totally called it literally, well a half hour ago

  106. I like that everything is getting tied together but am I the only one that now seeing what made Obito go darkside feels a tad disappointed? He doesnt even know why Kakashi killed Rin before believing in Madara’s words. I can understand that the longer he’s on that evil path, the more he’ll learn about the village’s shady history and policies, thus having more of a legitimate reason for helping Itatchi kill the Uchiha and releasing Kurama on the village.. I just thought that he would either be very pissed and confused with Kakashi until he quickly found out the situation was more messed up than what he saw with his own eyes. Instead he just sort of doesnt give a shit about Kakashi or the world because this. one. girl. died… Granted it was in a very messed up way. but still.

    At least Madara is around to be the big bad. That mofo is resonating death and destruction.

  107. @ultimatesage

    Well, I think Obito kinda felt detached from reality after Rin’s death. So, he doesn’t care about a reality he believes he will ultimately change in any case. In a way, you could say that to Obito, as long as the Moon Eye plan works, then Rin isn’t really dead and nothing bad ever really happened. It’s a bit of a messed-up mentality to be sure, but to him it probably makes sense.

    Still, I think more will still be revealed. I don’t think we’ve hit the right note just yet because we still need to learn why Obito attacked Konoha and why he seemed reluctant about Madara’s resurrection.

  108. Anyone else think that a flashback is coming where Kakashi explains to Obito why he HAD to kill Rin? And should that go over well, Obito will fight on the side of team Naruto? Going by this flashback, Obito doesn’t have much time actually in contact with Madara. His ties are stronger to Kakashi, and if Rin’s death is justified to him, I think we could see him turn against Madara. Leaving Sasuke to Naruto.

  109. So here we go again with a night of madness for anyone using a sharingan. I remember sometime it was pointed out that the big events that happened around an Uchiha were in a night of full moon. The attack of Kurama on Konoha, the end of the Uchiha Clan, and now this. Is it related with Gedo Mazo being sealed there previously? And Im very interested in how the “will” of Madara is going to be part of all that is happening, I mean that black stick wich Madara called “his will” it appeared out of Tobi (white Zetsu maki-roll face XD) in chapter 605 when Obito unleashes his MS. I remember that what we knew it before as a chakra transmitter. Obito might have been all crazy and he snapped to Rin´s death because of this too, he was disturbed by Madara´s influence in him, right? Oh so many questions!
    BTW Im new but Im a big fan of WRA ever since last days of IRA XD

  110. Technically speaking, shouldn’t kakashi be able to do amaterasu? It’s a left eye through and through and he has ms… lol!


    Rin: Sorry, but my heart belongs to WRA

    Caption: And so do ours…

  111. Im kinda taking tenrai job but welcome to WRA pepe….What i want to know is one thing what did obito do to rins body? Also i want to know how Obito got so strong it really hasnt explain anything

  112. This chapter was well welcomed for my part. I felt like too many pages were devoted to what was essentially Kakashi raming Rin through. I would think otherwise if we at least after so much knew the reason. I found the prospect of Madara giving Nagato his eyes pretty unlikely since he told Obito that if he got away from the flower he would die or at least not last long. I don’t know the likeliness of this being the case, but could black Zetsu be Madara’s will? The rods are, thats for sure, but I feel like he completed White Zetsu’s missing half in one of the panels. At any rate, was “this” Zetsu the one that was dramaticized by another Zetsu to Sasuke when he asked him if he had killed “that Zetsu?.” The Zetsu that Sasuke used his EMS was definitely special from the others, I think the one that was forged with Madara’s will was killed.

  113. Sorry to double post. I have always thought Rin was from the Inuzuka clan. Mainly because of the band-aids on her cheecks.

  114. wow obito is a real RUH-TARD for a main villain. if you really want to live in a world with a random childhood crush and no pain, just live in a genjutsu by yourself. no need to kill innocent people and force everybody to live in your genjutsu against their will.

  115. Im SO much waiting for 606´s breakdown so everything that has happened is explained! It felt like a Bleach chapter!
    By the way, @Pein I promise Ill someday read those breakdowns, too lazy ATM :p
    Kakashi: SURPRISE!
    Rin: ??¿¿?¿? I… just… wanted… a… normal… penetration…
    Caption: This is Naruto, no “normal” in here! (At least he yelled surprise, XD)
    Thanks for the breakdown Ten!

  116. @Visionary

    Different eyes seem to acquire different MS techniques. So far the only ones we know of that can use Amatarasu are Itachi and Sasuke and they may share that ability because they are blood brothers. Besides that, we have never seen any other Uchiha using it, or heard of them using it, including the likes of Madara, Shisui, Obito, etc.

    I reckon each Uchiha gets unique MS powers when they awaken their Mangyeko sharingan and the only time those powers are similar from one Uchiha to the next is when they are directly related by blood (like Itachi and Sasuke). Even Susanoo seems to take a different form and have different powers from one Uchiha to the next (like how Itachi got the Yamata mirror and sword of totsuka, while Madara got his weird curved blades, etc).

  117. @Tenrai

    It was primarily a joke as it would be downright silly if Kakashi could do amaterasu. It would also be an insult to the manga. I also noticed, of course after I posted, lol, that Itachi used his right eye for amaterasu. There goes that possibility, but in light of what hppened in the flashback, if MS was unlocked when those Obito and Kakashi were next to each other, whose to say that something else wont be unlocked this time around?

    Imho, one white zetsu is the same as any other white zetsu as the black can split off from him, but who knows…

  118. Sharingan abilities probably have a lot to do with the bloodlines within the Uchiha clan. Sasuke’s familly line probably had others that had Amaterasu as well, as I don’t see kakashi and other people knowing it so well if only Sasuke and Itachi were the only ones to ever have it.

    Another line of thought is that there is a core set of Mangekyo dojutsu that most Uchiha get when activating their MS, and that it’s the rare individual that acquires unique abilities. This could explain why Tsukiyomi is so prevalent amongst sharingan users.

    All just speculation though.

  119. Bubblition: Did I just become a plot device?!
    Caption: Yes you have Rin. Yes, you have. Well it could be worse. Kishi could have said that you were his favorite female character (Anko) or that he like your design and named you Tenten. Also be grateful for having the unfortune of having a Uchiha god fall for you

    Bubblition: Did I just become a plot device?!
    Caption: Yes you have Rin. Yes, you have. Say hi to Konan for me.

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