Naruto Chapter 573 Breakdown: A dark shadow arrives…

It seems a dark and ominous shadow has indeed finally arrived, one that chokes out the sun and casts the land into a cold and foreboding darkness.

For those of you who have heard the news, you might have already realized that I am not just talking about events that have transpired in the latest Naruto chapter, but rather, an even that has transpired in the real world that may affect many manga readers on this site in particular. That is, of course, the news that Mangastream – a site many here use to read their favorite weekly manga – has ceased in its efforts in hosting a number of its manga series from here on out due to pressure from VIZ Media, which holds licenses for those series now being dropped.

For more information straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak, you can read the news at the link below, provided by Kantonkage:

For many, this is very ominous news indeed, and it throws into question the future of not only sites like Mangastream, but also sites like our very own, where various anime and manga series are reviewed and discussed. I know this isn’t the first manga streaming site to bite the bullet as far as this type of scenario is concerned, and this case in particular reminds me of Onemanga, which years ago was another site that stopped streaming manga – perhaps even because of similar circumstances or pressure.

All I can really say is that we’ll keep moving forward until we simply can’t move anymore, and until then, we should all enjoy the ride as best as we can. As a point of interest, I’d like to know from all of you, how you feel about this news, and whether you feel it is fair or justified.

Every day brings us closer to the end of another journey. We say goodbye to old friends, give a heartfelt farewell to those who leave us, and one day, even we ourselves shall depart as others say farewell to us. Until then, all we can do is move forward, ever closer to the next demise, ever closer to yet another dead end...

Moving on to our latest release, I have to say that the somber news of late has put a bit of a dampener on the excited mood left by this last chapter.

As far as Naruto chapters go, this one was actually quite… calm, so to speak, almost to the point of feeling peaceful in a way. There was no action, no epic battle sequences, no mountain destroying jutsu, no bouts of inexplicable humor and no real signs of mischief. Instead, this chapter was more about reflection. Reflection on the war as a whole and the battles that have come to pass. A reflection on thoughts, feelings, emotions and bonds, from things as simple as names we take for granted, to feelings hidden deep within a person’s heart as they drift to the surface.

It was a bridge that spans far and wide to close the gap between the final moments of this war as it has advanced up to this point, over to a new and even darker chapter that creeps ever closer with the coming of a foreboding storm.

It looks like Tobi's beginning to get a little hot under the collar.

What I found interesting near the start of this chapter was how unsettled Tobi seemed to be by Naruto’s confidence. Although he was hard-pressed to admit it, I think even Tobi has realized that Naruto is more than what he seems. His last words, “it matters not one bit what Naruto really is…” suggests that there’s even more to this mystery, as many of us have already theorized, and it makes me that much more excited to get to the point where we finally start getting some solid answers.

Another point that was interesting was the nine strange markings that appeared to flow around Naruto in the third panel on the top left and the chakra like flames that seem to envelop him. These nine marks could be a sign of Naruto using Kurama’s power, the nine-tails himself, or it could even represent the nine bijuu as a whole, who may have given Naruto some of their chakra (although Shukaku’s part in it is questionable at best).

We don’t get much time to dwell on it though, because before much can happen, we’re whisked away to the Shinobi Alliance HQ, where we get a glimpse of the efforts of the communications team as they relay the details of Naruto’s struggle to the rest of his allies out in the field. What follows is a somewhat dramatic, yet truly heartfelt moment as Naruto’s friends rush to his aid. We also get a glimpse of all their thoughts and feelings during these few moments, and each of them is inspiring in their own way.

In every mind, is a wish or a desire. In every heart, there is a dream for the future. As steps once taken alone now fall side-by-side, their will is strengthened by the feelings they now share.

For the most part, it was this moment that took up most of the chapter. I can’t say it was a waste of panels, because each word had hidden within it a story of its own.

Each one was born from a history of rivalries, friendships, grudges and in some cases, even love. Each one shows a form of growth in every character that has been affected in some way or another by Naruto, from Hinata’s desire to walk side-by-side with him, to Sai’s new-found understanding of bonds. Each carries a lot of significance and weight, and, in a way, they all seem to give a strange sense of finality to this struggle, as if this was the last big push over the greatest hurdle left standing.

And then, after those moments pass, we arrive at the end of our chapter. It was a bit startling at first, when I came across three pages dedicated purely for the sake of showing sets of footprints in the mud and at first, I couldn’t quite contemplate why Kishi would dedicate three pages to such simple and archaic content. It was only after a moment of though that it hit me, where the true symbolism of those pages became clear.

In the first spread, we see a great number of footprints gathered together, side-by-side. They represent unity, friendship and trust and in a way, you could say they represent the path Naruto has chosen to walk.

Rather than forsaking those around him, Naruto chose to reach out and to let others into his life despite his hardships and he gained their trust and their friendship through those efforts. Now he walks side by side with others, towards the sun and towards a brighter future.

Then we arrive at the next page…

Over here, on the following page, rather than seeing many footprints gathered together, we instead find only a single set of footprints dotted along the ground, crawling alone across the darkened, rain-swept landscape. This single set of footprints represent loneliness and isolation. They ultimately represent the path Sasuke has chosen to walk.

He has chosen to forsake all others and rather than reaching out his hands and letting those who tried to help him into his life, he instead pushed them all away until there was no-one left walking beside him. Now those lonely footprints lead into darkness as they encroach ever further into the raging storm, neglecting the sun and neglecting all hope – embracing the cold emptiness. At the end of that path we find Sasuke standing alone, enshrouded in darkness, peering out of the shadows with eyes that hunger for death and destruction.

These waking, only see darkness...

It’s this symbolism, that truly shows the contrast between Naruto and Sasuke as characters and how they have each now grown to be complete opposites of one another.

One day those two paths shall finally meet again, and only then will the final clash between darkness and light truly begin.

Well, I guess that’s it from me this week. I’d give you all a winner for last week’s Bubbliton contest, but there were no entries, so that was a complete fail. Either I made it too hard for you guys, or you’re all slackers. Either way, I’ll still give you guys a bubbliton for this week though, because I love you all and I’m soft that way. <_<

*Insert possible caption here*

See you all in the comments. ^ ^

~ by Tenrai Senshi on February 14, 2012.

56 Responses to “Naruto Chapter 573 Breakdown: A dark shadow arrives…”

  1. First did you just called a horse *fires a laser gun at Tenrai*

  2. @Kanton

    I am sorry. Your sentence was a bit broken and therefor, I couldn’t quite understand the question. <_<

    Do you need some sleep? 😛

    *Deflects light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation beam using newly polished and shiny shoes.* @__@

  3. Balls about mangastream. Again thanks tenrai, for the breakdown

  4. Yondaime!! 😀

    I think that the nine markings around Naruto has got to do with SAGE MODE with Kurama’s chakra/power. That’s the first thing that came to my mind when i saw it.

  5. @tenrai apparently I did. Now, did you just call me a horse? *Shoots Tenrai with a flaming cannonballs.

  6. Godaime! I think…

    @Kanton – I reread Tenrai’s statement above. He definitely called… mangastream… a horse. Not you.

    “Wilbuuurrrr… come in the roooom…”


    I can only hope that will continue to post until they get shut down… That might help in getting through the next set of “what’s gonna happen next…” storylines…

  7. Lucky 7!

  8. Viva La Revolucion!!!

  9. As my greatest hero, William Wallace, would say “Freedaaaauuuumm!!!!” *then faints because of all the pain he endured while being tortured by the English, ruled under Long Shanks*

  10. Brave Heart reference 😀

  11. Wonderful review of the chapter. Made it that much better.

  12. Does anyone think that Sasuke sees the Bijuu’s balls exploded?

  13. Bubble: “Can’t… stop… watching… virtual porn.”
    Caption: 2012, The end of humanity with this new technology.

  14. @Lazebrowneyes

    Thanks, and welcome to WRA. ^ ^


    “From the horses mouth” is an expression that suggests you are hearing something from the source, basically. I was referring to Mangastream at the time though.


    The way I see it, if everyone got everything for free and no-one bought any manga or anime, the industries that produce them would go under and all their hard work would produce naught income for them. This would obviously mean manga and anime would cease to exist, so, it isn’t enough to simply say that it’s alright to just take things for granted (as you hinted at). I fully believe in supporting these industries by purchasing manga volumes when they become available in your location, especially if it’s a series you love and enjoy reading. It seems only fair to me.

    However, in saying that, if it weren’t for sites like mangastream, I think it would be safe to say I wouldn’t even know about half these series to begin with, so in a way, they actually create awareness for many out there about series they may have otherwise never learned about. In that regard, one could say that sites like Mangastream help promote the awareness of manga series, and therefor contribute to their success.

    Mangastream has often stressed that readers support the different publications they released by purchasing manga volumes when they become available, however, I believe the reason why VIZ media is taking the arrow to the knee, so to speak, is because they release a digital publication which has licenced some of the series they’ve asked Mangastream to stop posting. Obviously, a paid for digital release will be overshadowed by free online streaming, so VIZ media sees it as a loss of income caused directly by a form of destructive competition that they simply cannot beat – short of taking legal action anyway.

  15. @Wiseman

    P.S. I was replying to your comment on the previous breakdown. <_<

  16. Caption: See? Works just fine! Absolutely no brain damage-damage-damage-damage…

    About the mangastream debate, I can absolutely understand viz’s point, but what if you can’t buy copies in your region or not the way you want them?
    As far as I can see, they don’t seem to have done much in the online department, while mangastream was far more professional about it all. They brought the manga to millions of fans, not viz.
    IMO the best solution would have been mangastream and whoever respnsible striking a deal of sorts. Woth all the success the site had, you could still kind of call it a huge gathering point for fans.
    Sooner or later they ought to get it that you can’t defeat the internet, you can, however, make it your ally and boom the whole thing may just bcome profitable.

  17. Yeah, I double-posted, so what? Sue me!

    Please don’t sue me!
    Also the entry above is meant for the bubble not the caption, silly ol’ me!

    Bubble: Pff, juice-master 3000! Bet you that thing couldn’t squeeze a grapefruit! Here, lemme show ya!
    Caption: Famous last words…

    Also, I am by no means an expert on the topic. Feel free to rip my previous statements apart!

  18. bubble: wait did Tenrai just say he was to soft????
    caption: valentines day fail for tenrai

    ok that one my cut deep (we all know tenrais crippling porn addiction)

    bubble: No, not again for the love of god stop looping THAT song!!!
    caption: We’re no strangers to looove. you know the rules and sooo do iiiii

    yup i just rick rolled the bubblation

  19. *ok that one may cut a bit too deep* stupid not good typing hand to be good not typing at

  20. Bubble;

    Will it blend?


    Unless you’re Chuck Norris, yes…

  21. Nice breakdown Tenrai!

    As far as mangastream goes, I’m not gonna stress the issue. There was a manga provider that proceeded them that was great quality as well. So don’t worry. Sites like them pop up when others go down. Thankfully there are people dedicated to feeding our Naruto addiction 🙂

    Here is some other food for thought to cheer you up:

    I did some research on the unique weapon that Tobi has on his back. It is called a Gunbai (Gumbai), Gunpai (Gumpai) or Dansen Uchiwa.

    This historical war fan was used to order troops and protect against arrows in times of war by high ranking officers, but it also serves a purpose in modern days. It is used by referees also known as gyoji in sumo fights. The gyoji points the fan at the victor. If this is called into question and the shimpan (umpires) hold a consultation, a decision to uphold the gyoji’s judgement is announced as gunbai-dori, literally meaning “according to the gunbai”, while a decision to overturn it is gunbai sashichigae, literally meaning “gunbai miss-pointed.”

  22. @tenrai – pretty awesome breakdown especially your analysis on the last three pages.

    Bubble: You can’t get a nosebleed which too much porn.
    Caption: Porn in 3D is another matter!

  23. Holy shit guys I just noticed that Naruto has six whisker marks.



  24. BUBBLE: Fucking Naruto, using his harem no jutsu again.

  25. @wra
    Reopening the debate, to die or not to die that is Kishi’s question. Someone important is most likely going to die, now last week everyone was debating which good guy was going to die. That is still open but what about the chance of Tobi or Kabuto going down? As a special spice to the mix, don’t forget that Orochimaru always wanted to shove his big snake in Itachi’s face. Itachi is on the battlefield and kabuto-maru is a hybrid. Orochimaru already pulled one reappearance in the Sausgay/Itachi fight… any chance this comes up in some way? Itachi going down and Sausgay going ape shit all over orochi’s snake perhapse?

  26. At least i refrained from a two ninja one jutsu reference 😉

  27. I whole-heartedly agree with you @Tenri. I really love spending money on the things I enjoy. I also loved what Mangastream was doing. The way I saw it was like letting my friends barrow the new games I get. They the recent chapters posted and took off chapters that were older then a few weeks.

    I just like going on the internet and looking at new stuff to see if I like it or not. I am not going to just download a song from the internet and keep it. If I really like it, I would buy the album. I would definitely buy the chapters of the series I thought were worth buying. I consider Naruto one of them. That’s what I tend to do once the series is over (i.e. Eureka 7, Neon Genesis and some of the Ghost in The Shell.)

  28. @ breakdown: I hope to finally get to see Neji vs Sauske! Or is Sauske going to flame out and just battle the Kage again? A La Rematch

  29. bubblation: “I can’t believe how far the internet has gone. It is now a virutal reality. And, Hinata looks so life like…!!!”

    caption: The internet will keep getting better!!!

  30. @Redbaron

    *Points at Baron* Where the hell have you been!? >_<


    I'm definitely sure Tobi and Kabuto will have to die at one point in this story. It's only really a question of when, not if. As for Orochimnaru reappearing, somehow I doubt that will happen for some reason. I don't know, it just seems like killing a character off "twice" is enough as it is, so I'm not sure about it happening a third time.

    In saying that, I do believe that Kabuto will have enough reason to take revenge himself, so I can definitely see a Kabuto vs Sasuke match in the near future. Who knows, maybe he'll interupt the battle between Kabuto and Itachi?

  31. @ten
    Ok for the sake of argument I’d like to know what wra thinks a three way between the walking dead, the emo boy and the man with the big ‘snake’ would look like… hmm that sounds wrong, lets go with how do you think an Itachi/Kabuto/Sauske meeting would look like. Also how does the scene change when the order of arrival changes ie. sauske meets Itachi then kabuto shows up or Itachi meets Kabuto first ext.

  32. Perhaps Itachi knows where Tobi’s hideout is?

    Here is the war map:

    @Coolbeans: Oroch was sealed by Itachi’s sword, remember?
    I’m wondering what we’ll see in the next chapter though, as there are so many possible things to see: we have the remainder of team hawk going to Oroch’s hideout(in leaf territory?), the kage-madera fight, naruto vs. Tobi, kabuto doing the edo in the woods near tobi’s hideout, Sasuke and Itachi on the move, and the shinobi alliance heading towards the naruto fight. Did I miss anything?

    @Wiseman: A rematch against the kages would be a great way to show Sasuke’s new growth!

    You guys should READ my EARLIER POST!
    (It’s about Tobi’s FAN – a.k.a – DANSEN UCHIWA or Gunbai)
    I posted wiki links… very interesting… 🙂

    Bubble: “Oh God Noooooo! These are my parents!
    Caption: Parental porn may be hazardous to your health!

  33. @Visionary

    It was a very interesting and informitive post indeed. Thank you very much.

  34. @visionary, Kabuto used orochu’ cells and they specifically said his chakura is trying to take Kabuto over. That was the first thing said when they reveled kabtomaru. But you make a great point, that is something I overlooked. as far as the Gunbai i will have to go back and check my facts but I’m pretty sure Madara is pictured with it previously and I’m sure it will have a big power of some kind but that will pose as much a problem as the other artifacts. So about 1 chapter of “oh man that looks cool and bad for us!” “na its good we squashed that, lets go beat up some of the white clay noobs, these guys are done”

    @ Ten, I’d like to think your right and I will also say i wasn’t really pushing for orochi-rivial-mark-3 but I do consider it a very plausible thing for Kishi to bring out not for it’s shock value so much as it ability to open new subsets for Sauske’s outrage or several other


    Spoilers are out, now we just have to see where we’ll read the chapter.

  36. Naruto is out.

  37. It looks like things will be going slow for a couple of weeks, only after Itachi and Sasuke meet, will we see the action coming back to the scene.

    I wonder what Orochimaru’s twisted and genius mind was trying to achieve and Suigetsu stumbled upon ?!?!

    Also Sasuke’s new Susanoo Amaterasu combo isn’t as badass as I was expecting but I guess we’ll see a lot more good things coming from Sasuke.

    I actually liked his calm and the fact that he was so reserved in his conversation with himself and the zetsu. But will Itachi’s will and the reality of things be burned into Sasuke’s heart as well. I guess not because if it will, what would be the point of his and Naruto’s reunion.

  38. Looks like Sasuke is doing a roundabout U-turn(ahem I was right). He also remembered his promise to Naruto in which he promised to not hurt anyone from Konoha until their one-on-one fight. Unfortunately, though, Sasuke is nuttier than a fruitcake.

    @Tenrai: I realized that all this time I was analyzing the manga from my perspective as an American and not what a Japanese person sees. So I did some research on Japanese folk lore and religious views. Rather than one person is a Buddhist or one person is christian, a popular view in japan is the appreciation of all religions(well not all but most). Another thing I realized is that the reason its good to read more than one version of the manga is that the Japanese written language is mostly symbolic and so the pronouns get mixed up where one person may read, “I gave it to her,” while another may read, “She gave it to me,” or, “She gave me to it.” That can cause a lot of confusion. So I started looking up all kinds of stuff and stumbled upon the war fan. I’m sure many people assume that it is some type of wind weapon, but knowing how Kishi likes to be unpredictable, maybe its either a mystical army or a powerful way to genjutsu a jinchuuriki since he was able to control the 4th mizukage and he was a jinchuuriki as well.

  39. @Visionary

    It may also purely be symbolic. Perhaps a sign of power or rank. Tobi probably sees himself as a war leader, so he probably dressed for the occasion. There’s no reason to assume the fan he is carrying is necessarily a weapon.

    Maybe he uses it to fan himself when the sun comes out. Lol.


    Sasuke is spamming Amatarasu, a jutsu that would usually exhaust even the best shinobi (like Itachi) after a single use, and you don’t think it’s impressive? O_o

    Sure, he’s not going “all out” but I mean, it’s not like there’s a reason to in this particular situation. Kishi won’t give away too much until the time is right. Lol.

  40. Actually there was something really strange about sasuke in this chapter IMO.
    Before the war at the team 7 reunion and even before that he was that crazy nutjob who just wanted to kill anything moving.
    Now he seemed much calmer, more focussed, actually not even that evil.
    If it hadn’t been for the death threat to Naruto at the end I would have said that Itachi’s eyes influnced Sasuke somehow. Maybe they even have.

    He still didn’t throw around hate filled speeches. That just shows that he listens to Naruto. Naruto gave him a perspective in all this overwhelming hatred: to kill him.
    And now, that Sasuke finally knows what he has to do, he seems really relaxed, at peace even.
    Maybe all of this fixation on Naruto gave Sasuke an exit of the self-imposed goal to kill Konoha that could have bothered him a bit deep down.
    Both of them probably have just realized that it is their destiny to fight each other and whatever happens, happens.

    Also, yeah, I know it’s obvious, but Sasuke has the same eyes as Itachi, so he can finally step before the “real” Itachi, no lies, just the meeting their fight wasn’t. Well, you get what I mean

    Aaaaand there I go with the overprediction of the day.Tell me what you think, guys.

  41. @dmaxx – awesome analysis. I was wondering why Sauske was acting calm. That offers up a really good explanation. That makes me wonder what the situation was like when Madara took his brothers eyes. I guess it’s just speculation on who Madara was before and after he took his brother’s eyes.

    defeating the EMS: It has been done before. The 1st was able to defeat Madara when he had the EMS and Kyuubi. But was Madara really defeated or did he lose the fight on purpose? It’s going to be one crazy battle being able to see Naruto vs Sauske.

    Tobi: I don’t see why he doesn’t attack Naruto. I think Naruto exceed Tobi’s expectations. He still thinks he knows Naruto’s limits but he’s just fulling himself. He didn’t take into account Naruto’s ability to interact with the other Bijuu. He is getting Aizen syndrome, where he thinks he can still beat Naruto no matter how much stronger he’s gotten. Tobi called Naruto, Sauske’s stepping stone, I’m still curious about that…

  42. ya know what i really don’t want to happen…is when naruto n sasuke finally fight for them to start off with their strongest techs right away. both of them have been goin stright into their respective (for lack of a better word) “super saiyin” modes a lot recently. i understand their testing new powers n fighting strong opponents, but i’d just like to see a good ole fight at the start n then gradually get into their stronger repertoires

  43. @dish, i like that opinion. its like their original battle at the valley of the end. It was a knock down bare knuckle fight that was a huge crowd pleaser and it ended with an awesome chidori/rasengan clash that everyone had been waiting for, i hope it goes something like that

  44. @ Got nothing to do with any debate or topic going at the moment <_<

    Check out these amv's… This is what war is @__@

    Really got me amped for manga and anime… @__@

  45. @pein, wow those are some well put together clips, awesome post man!

  46. @ Coolbeans – If you follow the links there is an awesome one for One Peice, I know you wanting to take over that section so maybe a nice way to start it off?

  47. Unfortunate the case with Mangastream. Also got me to remember Onemanga. Just like someone mentioned, they deleted older chapters and reinforced the good faith message to purchase the manga whenever available. Nothing but respect to them.
    Now to the Naruto, I found it interesting that Sasuke killed the “Original” white Zetsu. I wonder what the ramnification of that is. Also, was Suigetsu being ironic when he said that about the “gift” for Sasuke? I wonder what he found. @ Tenrai, very nice work on the BreakDown. Really helps when i really don’t know what the hell is going on in a panel, or pages.

  48. Well, its “obvious” that what Suigetsu found is a way of unbinding the Impure world resurrection, maybe a way to access control over the original caster. Well at leats IMO, XD.

  49. @ Maiden – I believe Sasuke’s true intentions are still blinded slightly, when they speak of him, Jugo and Suigetsu it almost seems like the events had been planned, maybe its just translation errors. They speak fondly of Sasuke and maybe playing a game to get closer to the elders of Konoha (Karin).

    Why else would Sasuke kill the Original White Zetsu? Maybe he is destroying Tobi from the inside hoping to destroy him and take over his role as most powerful villain @___@

  50. If Sasuke learns about the edo on Itachi he may get pissed…. =o

    If Sasuke learns about the genjutsu on Itachi to protect Konoha… =D

    @Pain & @Nike: Maybe Suigetsu + Sasuke = Sasuke with Rinnengan? Of course Edo Tensai is possible too. From what we know, there isn’t much else that could help one person change the war. Usually when someone finds something awesome they think of it forthemselves, so why did he think automatically about Sasuke? hmm… Also Suigetsu did say he likes to split things apart(Sasuke V Tobi).

    White Zetsu is a Joke. He is a CREATION OF Dark Zetsu which explains why he always needs explaining. I will reiterate my pet theory: Dark Zetsu is SPLIT! One half you see joined with White Zetsu, But where is the other half?

    The OTHER HALF of Dark Zetsu is in TOBI!

  51. uggg Sasuke is back. : /

  52. I just reread the whole nine tails attack flashback with minato and kushina. that was probably the best flashback we’ll ever read in a manga.

  53. @ Visionary – Black Zetsu was covering the earth with the Mizukage, I believe he was killed/attacked by that young guy with the sword etc.

  54. @visionary I’d expect him to activate the Rinnegan when he finds out or is beaten within inch of his life.
    bubblition: No I was not memorizing the three sizes of every Kunoichi. Also, I am not subtly trying to wipe my nose.
    Caption: Inoichi after getting caught by Shikaku

  55. @pain: Black Zetsu is pinned down to the ground. Also please note the he can create trees. I haven’t seen regenerative abilities in White Zetsu, i.e. if he gets wounded he DIES or TURNS into a tree. Whereas Black Zetsu MAKES trees at will…

    @Kanton: Absolutely! All Sasuke needs is some Zetsu power to get SSP!

  56. I see we’ve took a turn towards Zetsu theories. I for one am a little reluctant in joining a discussion about zetsu because we don’t know exactly what he can really.

    My guess is that either Madara or Tobi created Zetsu using the Rinnegan: yin use for his design, so to speak, and yang to breath life into it also using Hashirama’s cells for his base DNA. Other then that I won’t speculate because that’s pretty much what all the evidence points to.

    The fact that he can use the same jutsu Tobi uses to go into the ground means Tobi must have incorporated Zetsu a long time ago into his body. We already know Tobi uses the Zetsu like material from that strange flower that’s in his hideout in order to regenerate himself, as far as his identity goes he might be anyone, even Obito but from what I gather he’s more of a split personality guy with more identities and his brain formed one conscious mind that followed the path he’s on now.

    The fun thing is that Kishi made a great choice in hiding his real ID from us because we will keep on guessing who he is until Kishi will mind fuck us yet again and Tobi will turn out to be someone nobody would have thought of.

    Sometimes it turns out to be just the 1st choice we think of, like the secret coffin in witch Madara was, it was one of the fist things that popped into our minds but we later disclosed it for being too obvious and it actually turned out to be him.

    All in all I’m looking fw to see what will happen this wednesday and I hope we get to see how Naruto will look now that he has 6-7 bijuu chakras inside him and also I’m really looking fw to seeing how the Kages are faring against the awesomeness that is Edo Madara, witch I might add is now my favorite bad guy just for the fact that he’s so confident and calculated and also arrogant as hell, witch is a great way to make a main antagonist.

    Goes back into Tenrai’s stomach to talk to Super and Prawl and also to convince Kisu to come out of there.

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