Naruto Shippuuden 179- Snoozefest 2010 PLUS the winners of the Strongest Jutsu Contest!!!

HELLO EVERYONE! Miranda here with this weeks breakdown and the winners of the strongest jutsu contest. I’m here this week because Tenrai is very busy at work and he asked me to step in. Unfortunately, this post will probably suck donkey nutz…just like this episode. This was a very important part to the plot, and well…I just couldn’t bring myself to have the enthusiasm to give a crap…

This kitteh agrees with me…

Honestly, I think I might have dozed off during this episode. The meeting to choose the new Hokage…a pivotal moment..boring as hell to me. I remember thinking the dude with the hat looked like a missing member from Village People. Danzo talking crap about Tsunade, the Third and the Fourth really pissed me off in the manga…here, not so much. And when he declared himself the only person worthy of Hokage I should have been livid…but i wasn’t. It was all just, hohum boring crap. BLA.

You know an episode is bad when the characters look just as bored as you do

The episode continued to get crappier with the assigning of teachers and the rehashing of the Sauske/Naruto kiss. Jeesh, these fillers really do suck. I mean it’s nice to get some background but really guys?! Come on. Honestly this episode was so full of fail I can’t even stand to talk about it.

I'd have to say this episode was somewhere between Sauske and Deidara in the fail department

I’m sure there are those of you who don’t agree with my feelings on this episode…but that’s ok. I would have rather spent an hour bashing my head against the wall than watching this ep. Nothing like watching things you’ve already watched. Ok so we’ve concluded that this episode was full of suck and I hated it…so lets just move onto the winner of the Strongest Jutsu Contest.

Ten tapped me to judge so we could have an unbiased opinion since I didn’t participate in the poll or the debate. Basically I’m Switzerland in all this. This was judged based on the poll votes and your debates. I let what you guys said convince me that where the poll placed them was where they actually belonged. So…here’s the winners!

In 10th place is Shiki Fuujin

9th place goes to Amaterasu

8th is Chibaku Tensei

7th belongs to Kage Bunshin– I didn’t agree with this one. Personally I don’t think that Kage Bunshin is more powerful than Chibaku Sensei, but i’m just the judge. You guys decided it, not me.

In 6th place you guys voted in Edo Tensei

This one was my judgement call. There seemed to be alot of votes for this one, but it wasn’t an option on the poll. So fifth place goes to Deidara’s C4.

4 th place- Susano’o

3rd- Rasenshuriken- Again another one I didn’t quite agree with, but ya’ll didn’t prove to me that it didn’t belong there.

2nd place belongs to Shinra Tensei


(this should come as no surprise)


Personally I didn’t agree with this being the strongest jutsu in all of the Narutoverse. But the votes and debate for it were overwhelming. So there is your line up! Feel free to debate and tell me i’m wrong 🙂

Oh and before I forget, the winner of last weeks caption contest. Congratz to peinavenue!!!

A watched bomb never…. *explodes* Kettles bombs not the same thing O_O

Well that’s it for me this week. Ten should be back this week. Hopefully the episode will be better, but i’m not holding my breath….



~ by Miranda on October 6, 2010.

23 Responses to “Naruto Shippuuden 179- Snoozefest 2010 PLUS the winners of the Strongest Jutsu Contest!!!”

  1. first

  2. Second!

  3. Third?

    Thanks for the breakdown Mandi! Hated this episode..

  4. AWWW, I liked this episode 😦

  5. Oh by the way, loooovvee the Fail Scale! Could’t stop laughing! If anything, this episode had me wondering if Minato was ever a peeping tom. Perverted tendencies, much in the way of jutsus, have clearly been passed on from one generation to the next; from the 3rd, Jiraiya, Kakashi (the books, oh his books!)and his own son. Surely it can’t have skipped a generation. Something to think about. ;P

  6. 4th

  7. Hiraishin FTW!!! It destroys you on all planes of awesomeness. I’m still catching up on the Naruto anime…and One Piece anime…and Bleach anime…so I have no idea what this episode was like. Great job nonetheless!

  8. You forgot Ino, since she fails to be useful in the series in it’s entirety aka anime/manga/movie.

  9. I rather liked this episode – the background was nice.

    Also Rasenshuriken combined with tons of other things is the most powerful jutsu alive. Especially if combined with Hiraishin.

  10. Lol @ the fact that noone thinks Madara’s jutsu, the main villain mind you, are worth putting in the strongest jutsu list :/

    Just goes to show you that mostly everyone liked Pain as a villain more than Madara atm

  11. Btw that’s Deidara’s C0

  12. oops my bad…i’ll find a new pic…later when i’m not dead to the world 😀

  13. @ Kanton – Ino fails so much she isn’t even worthy of the Fail Chart…

    @ Pumpkin – I think there are a lot of powerful Jutsu missed, Inzagi??? and Hashirin thing is poweful but limited too… I mean I don’t see how Chibaku Tensai is weaker then Shadow Clone Jutsu (You litraly making the moon O_O) I mean Naruto used Shadow Clones since Genin!! Outer Path: Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique or just the normal Outer Path “It has control over Life and Death. When used by the Naraka Path, it’s used for interrogation and rejuvenation”

    I think this was more fans favorites then actually sitting back and looking at all the options of abilities. Cause the yellow flash seemed more like a reverse summoning.

    @ Episode – I haven’t seen it yet so can’t comment, breakdown though seems like not worth watching… oh well…

    Pain should of had most powerful technique not runner up 😦

  14. @pein – I don’t think it was fan favorites (in the debates at least). If you go back and read through, you’ll see alot of comprehensive arguments given for the top ten, especially hiraishin, shinra tensei, kage bunshin,etc. And arguments were also made for why jutsu like Izanagi didn’t make the list (can you assume that the user has an unlimited supply of sharingans? cuz if not he can only use the technique twice and then he is blind. That doesn’t sound like an very effective jutsu in the long run).

  15. Thanks Mandi for helping me.

    Anyway concerning the top jutsu for the contest, I had stated in the post itself, reasons why some jutsu never made the list, either because we didn’t know enough about them, like Tobi’s space-time jutsu (which we never knew how it worked) or it didn’t meet the parameters for the rules of the competition.

    One of those rules was, only ninjutsu and no genjutsu or taijutsu. That means genjutsu like the Izinagi and Tsukyomi are automatically out.

    I also stated that the debates would count as much as, if not more than, the votes and gave everyone a means to vote for jutsu that I did not even list. The fact that Deidara’s C4 made it into the top ten is evidence of that, because a lot of people included it in their comments or their top ten list.

    In any case, people debated against impractical jutsu like Chibaku Tensei and Edo Tensei, which I assume is why they are further down the list, so if the jutsu you think is the strongest isn’t as high up as you wanted, the only question is, where were you in the debates?

    Anyway, thanks everyone for participating. It was a fun post and I am glad people got so involved. Thank you all.

  16. @ Tenrai – oh alright Genjutsu was then out <_< sorry I unfortunately hadn't had internet at the time the debates where going on, or it was very limited at the time 😦

    Though I am sure then most of the flaw of Hiraishin was probably said in the contest, but I just thought since it is in a sense a complementary jutsu is not the most powerful, it is a space time ninjutsu too so technically no different to teleporting, if their is no follow up Tai or other ninjutsu I don't see its effectiveness at all, though one can say the same about many other jutsu in the purest sense though most jutsu can work alone, Amaterasu is Amaterasu, its not only effective if one uses it and another jutsu or Taijutsu? So unless the strongest jutsu is running away I don't see it being the best… but saying that its was up to the WRA community to decide and I will respect that choice, I just wanted to take part even if a little late 😛

    It was a great idea and seemed to get a lot of people talking ^_^

  17. @pein – yeah there were a lot of parameters that needed to be set mid-debate. We were trying to debate the most effective jutsu, so people began saying, for example “a ninja who could only use chidori would beat a ninja who only used kage bunshin”. But then, the person arguing kage bunshin would say, for example, “no way can a chidori user beat a kage bunshin user. All the kage bunshin user needs to do is make 1000 clones and then wait for the chidori user to use up his chakra using chidori on those clones”. There, as you can see, we started debating the chakra levels of the users, not the jutsu themselves. So essentially we had to assume IF the kage bunshin user had Naruto + Nine Tailed Fox level chakra to make 1000 clones, then the chidori user should, to be fair, have the same chakra levels. Just like an Amaterasu user needs to have the Mangekyou Sharigan and the Shinra Tensei user must have the Rinnegan.. So then to fairly compare the Amaterasu user and the Shinra Tensei user to a hiraishin user, the hiraishin user should also have a Mangekyou Sharingan or a Rinnegan. Just like you said, hiraishin wouldn’t be nearly as effective if the user wasn’t also skilled at Taijutsu, but as you can see from the examples above we needed to assume that the two battling jutsus were used by users with the same degree of skill in Taijutsu.

    So for example 1: The Hiraishin user has NO skill in taijutsu. Then, we must assume that the other user has no skill in taijutsu either. Therefore, if the hiraishin user teleports behind the other user, he will still have the same chance of defeating the other user as if you were assuming both users WERE skilled in taijutsu, because BOTH users are unskilled in taijutsu. Let’s say the hiraishin user teleports behind the other user and swings his kunai to attack. Since the hiraishin user is unskilled in taijutsu, his kunai attack is clumsy and easy to block. BUT since the other user is ALSO unskilled in taijutsu, he doesn’t know how to effectively block the attack and gets killed or injured.

    Now in example 2: Both the hiraishin user and the other user are skilled in taijutsu. The hiraishin user teleports behind the other user and prepares to attack with his kunai. This time the other user is skilled in taijutsu, so he knows how to block the kunai attack. But the Hiraishin user is ALSO skilled in taijutsu. Thus, his kunai attack is confident and fast. The hiraishin user is able to kill his opponent before he turns around (since both users MUST operate at the same speed as well).

    The past two examples show that when comparing the jutsu, your users must have the exact same ability in every other skill (clones essentially) and it shouldn’t matter exactly how skilled they are (the clones could be anywhere from genin to kage level as long as they are the same as each other). So using this premise, the hiraishin technique, although not a killing technique in and of itself, puts the user in an unparalleled and uncounterable, advantaged position to kill the other user. This is why Hiraishin was a favorite in the debates, it is unmatchable in escaping the other user’s technique and countering by putting the user in the position to kill. Many members also debated that hiraishin’s abilities solely as a supporting technique made it highly effective as well.

    In the end, the variety of situations and uses provided by techniques like Hiraishin and Shinra Tensei put them at the top of the list while more situational techniques like Kirin, Chibaku Tensei, Shiki Fujin, etc. dropped on the list.

    And all of which I wrote doesn’t even get into the consequences of using a jutsu over time. Do we judge the most effective jutsu in the time frame of one battle, or over a lifetime of battles?? Because the more you use certain eye techniques like Amaterasu and Susanoo over time, the closer to going blind you become. And eventually the Amaterasu user won’t be able to use Amaterasu anymore, while the Hiraishin user can still use Hiraishin. So many people dropped Amaterasu and Susanoo lower on their lists due to the consequences on the user.

    Ok, I’m done typing now. I hope I was coherent XD

  18. Pfft, I’d rather have Shinra Tensei. It doesn’t require much thinking, and that’ll save you in the long run


    It had some flaws, but nonetheless. 🙂

  20. I skimmed through that episode. It was boring. Who cares about Inari?

  21. @kisu i found it interseting. I hated the new op.

  22. They weren’t anything spectacular but the new opening and closing were pretty cool in my opinion as well. 😀 It’s nice to see ’em training for one thing, and I also like the abstract art for the opening. XD

  23. Happy Birthday Naruto-kun!hahahaha

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