Naruto Shippuuden 168 breakdown. Watch out for the fangirs!!! @__@

He is so grounded for life. T__T

Hello everyone and welcome to yet another weekly Naruto anime breakdown!!! I’m your host, Tenrai Senshi, bringing you the…

*Sees Deathco4 running towards me along with an army of juvenile girls.* O__O


*Get’s jumped from behind, bound, gagged, pummeled by the army and then finally thrown into a dark closet.*

Deathcon4: No-one is allowed to so much as look at Minato, drool over him or even mention his name except for meeee!!!!

*Army of fangirls led by Deathcon marches away again, searching for more unsuspecting victims.*


We cry when we hurt and we cry when we laugh. We cry when we are lonely and we cry when we are reunited with those we love. It is through those tears that our emotions are given life, and although they may sometimes feel like a tormenting curse, at other times they are our greatest comfort.

*Finally frees myself from closet and crawls out into the open.*

If there is one thing we can all learn from this, it is that you should never mess with fangirls. Especially fangirls with steel baseball bats and, dare I say it… feather dusters. T__T

Alas, it isn’t safe to linger too long, lest the crazed mob should return to savagely torture me again, so I guess it is time to get on with the show. Firstly, to start things off, I think it is safe to say that this episode is one of those that many people wanted to see in the anime, because it showcases that all important meeting between Naruto and his father, the famed Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze. Much like with the rest of this arc, expectations are high and emotions are brimming, and for a good reason as well.

The real question is, did the anime do justice to such an important scene? I think it is safe to say yes, for the most part, although it was not completely without its disappointments.

*Puts on random breakdown music.*

Naruto, you punched Minato. Now the fangirls will be after you as well. *Sniff* T__T

Right from the beginning of this scene, from the moment Minato mentioned that Naruto was his son, you could already feel a bit of the emotion coming through as the music picked up, as well as through the visuals, which is to be expected. It is one of the definitive factors that separates the way emotions are conveyed through the manga and how the anime interprets them in a much more vivid way, and it is also one of those factors that make such scenes feel that much more tangible and complete.

However, there was still something that was bothering me despite all that. My real gripe with this scene wasn’t with the emotion or music, or even the animation, which was actually rather pleasant this time around. Instead, what disappointed me somewhat, was the fact that this scene still felt mostly incomplete in terms of overall content.

You would think that after leaving his son to live alone for 16 years of his life with a curse that literally made his childhood a nightmare, Minato would have a lot more to say to his son than simply giving him an apology, followed by a breakdown of the nature of hatred. I understand that time was short and that the pressing matter at hand was to give Naruto the advice he needed to deal with Pein, but I still hoped that the anime would add a bit more to this reunion to make it feel more solid.

Naruto’s reaction to his father’s appearance felt believable and tangible at first, but it feels like the animosity he felt due to the circumstances of his life just disappeared far too quickly to seem completely realistic and even despite a long monologue about how difficult his life has been living with his curse, Naruto seems to let go off those negative feelings rather suddenly and abruptly.

Sorry Naruto. It looks like blond hair and blue eyes were the only things you inherited from your father. <_<

Other than that, this scene was still great regardless of these flaws. For some, it was even emotional enough to bring tears to the eyes.

*Hands Mandi a tissue.*

Moving further along, to the other half of our episode, we find Naruto once again facing off with Pein, only this time with new found resolve thanks to the strength offered by his father’s words. Personally, I preferred the first half of the episode which involved the reunion more than I enjoyed the end of the battle with Pein, but it was still enjoyable regardless.

I too... will have an army of fangirls. Kisuzachi is simply the first of many. @__@

Sorry Kisu, it must be the avatar. People get confused, but if it makes you feel better, the same thing happened to Haku. <_<


I think the most prominent change I should mention relative to the previous episode’s battle, is the animation, and many of you will be delightfully pleased to note that things have returned back to normal again. I did prefer some of the fluidity of the previous animation style, but there wasn’t much that I could find to complain about this time around, save for a few odd camera tricks and frame rate issues.

For the most part, the battle delivers right up until the very end. The only part I had a bit of a gripe with was the scene where all the Naruto clones appeared out of the rocks and debris littering the battlefield.

It's at times like this, that I wish my watch was a few seconds fast. X__x

I was hoping for a bit more oomph during this scene, but the animation seemed to make it feel more awkward than anything else. I just kept imagining this moment to appear so much more epic in the anime, but instead it looked more like a collage of frames that were simply stuck over one another as opposed to real animation. In addition to that, all of the cut and paste clones were moving in different and sometimes even absurd directions that really didn’t make any sense at all.

At the end of the day, the animation just seemed to cheapen the overall effect a bit, although it was still mostly impressive regardless. The only other thing I can say is that five seconds in the anime feels more like five minutes, another fault of the inconsistent pace that often translates very poorly from the manga panels, where time and pacing is largely determined by the speed at which one can read.

In the end though, I would say that this episode left me with mostly positive feelings, aside from a few nagging flaws, which were mostly insignificant in the big scheme of things.

This is for destroying Ichiraku's!!!!!! >_<

Well, that’s all from me this week. I hope you all enjoyed the breakdown. I know this one was a bit short relative to my last few, but hopefully it was still alright.

Here are last week’s caption contest winners.

2nd) Kantonkage: That Emo-chidori wound never did heal properly.

Iaregerman: My bellybutton can see into your SOUL!!!

Unfortunately, there were only two positions this week, mostly because I am too lazy to try and sort the rest into any order of preference. <_<

Here is this week’s screen.

*Insert caption here*

Oh yes… I did indeed. <_<

Well, let’s see what you guys can come up with for this one. Hopefully the entries wont involve any personal fantasies of any kind, but with the crowd we have, I am sure that is an empty hope.

Good luck to all of you! I’ll see you all in the comments section!

Cheers! ^ ^

*Gets ambushed by fangirls and dragged away.*

Save me!!! T__T

~ by Tenrai Senshi on July 19, 2010.

42 Responses to “Naruto Shippuuden 168 breakdown. Watch out for the fangirs!!! @__@”

  1. 1st !!!!!!!!!!! Hokage was coo

  2. Ore-sama no Shodaime

  3. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. @kantonkage


    You seem to be stuck as the Nidaime. Kishi STILL doesn’t love you. πŸ˜›

    Edit: Omg… I still can’t stop laughing!!! 8D

  5. stop laughing *takes out large scythe and chases Tenrai*.

  6. Awesome Breakdown Tenrai, bad luck Kantonkage, least we slowly finding out how cool Tobirama actually was ^_^ so 2nd not too bad πŸ˜‰ plus third πŸ˜€

    Caption: “when one surprise isn’t enough”

  7. hahahaha…

    Caption – Hey look there’s Kantonkag, no not there in the front, that one second πŸ˜›

  8. Shodaime!

    Great Breakdown Tenrai! Now THIS is the animation we’re used to πŸ˜€

    @Kanton, it sucks I know. Kishi just throws random techniques your way T_T

    Edit: Cripes I meant Sandaime. Epic Fail no jutsu πŸ˜€

  9. Great breakdown Tenrai! I always loved your breakdowns! (I am yours fangirl ;))

  10. Just wanted to mention the Naruto Episode 169 subbed has been leaked on the internet for almost a week now. I wont put up any links but you can google it if your interested.


  11. @Kisu it could be worst you could be a few second too slow. T.T

    Caption: Ready set Fuuton: Fart cannon.

  12. Don’t Worry Kisu you not alone of your Fan Girl love for Pein, its burns brighter then a thousand suns O_O

  13. @pein, *sigh* the life of a fangi- err, fanBOY isnt as easy as some people think T^T

    Girly Szayel Avatar FTEW! πŸ˜€

  14. yeah one again^^
    @pein:avatar gender misinterpret fail or win you choose

    Ladies and Gentlemen.We present to you…*smoke clears up*
    The Naruto pants with improved Durability.They come together in a Bundle of 3 Kage Bunshins..If you transform into a natural Desaster that detroyed the City you love 16 years ago, these pants will not even have a hole.The Naruto pants are over 9000!!!!If you buy them now you will get 2! and i mean 2 talking frogs.Even though one is currently dead.So buy now and you will get 1 Pants ,3 Kage Bunshins,and 2 talking frogs.

  15. @tenrai senshi: “We cry when we hurt and we cry when we laugh. We cry when we are lonely and we cry when we are reunited with those we love. It is through those tears that our emotions are given life, and although they may sometimes feel like a tormenting curse, at other times they are our greatest comfort.”


    Hope you don’t mind if a steal it =)

  16. Great breakdown Tenrai!

    @Iaregerman: Lolz.

    @Episode: I was impressed, can’t really complain about anything besides the method Naruto used to resist Pein’s Shira Tensei. It just looked dumb in the anime and I swear 5 seconds past while Naruto was catching his breath and talking about not giving up. Then they had to throw him but whatever… Pein got owned by a rasengan and that ends the action. The Pein battle as far as action goes is over! What’d you all think of the battle? I give it a B+. Would’ve been so much better if they didn’t screw around with the previous episodes.

    @Pumpkinbread: Oh snap! I don’t look into things like that but now that I know I’m going to search for it. xD

  17. Epic breakdown Tenrai.

    @ Supertrek: I have to agree with you. Overall, i feel the anime peeps could have done alot better with some of the pain arc.

  18. CAPTION: just because you make can a hundred of them, doesn’t change the fact that they all still have your small penis…

  19. @Tenrai
    awesome breakdown! that song was really mellow, I liked it! ^_^ who sings it? XD
    I thought the fight scene in this episode was a huge improvement, overall I was very pleased.

    The only way this screen shot could be better is if those Narutos were three Minatos instead.

    yep I said it. XD

  20. The Pain arc has only a few fails

    1. Kakashi vs Pain: they could’ve added filler scenes because a character as important as Kakashi shouldnt be defeated in less than 25 minutes worth of action (a lot of the episode was just kakashi thinking).

    2. All the changes in animation. The Kakashi fight had really cruddy animation, then they changed the style again in the next episode. Then 166 and 167 had completely different animation. All these random changes left me feeling alienated because its not the style I’m used to when I think of Naruto.

    3. Naruto vs Pain is THE single greatest fight in this series so far. The anime team once again decided to add NO filler content and stuck directly to the manga, and in some instances just colored manga pages and threw it in, creating a feeling of awkwardness. Then in episode 168, the anime team made 5 seconds feel more like 5 minutes, in this instance the manga beats them. They could have made things move faster, perhaps making Naruto fail to get Pain in those 5 seconds more than he did in the manga, just to show how small that interval of weakness was, as well as showing the determination Naruto used to hook us on this manga.


    1. Nice pacing (could have been nicer with more filler content though)

    2. Good music (although I felt they spend too much time on the music and forget all about the animation, its not called MUSime, its called ANIme)

    3. They made the Anbu seem useful! (I hope they give the Samurais the same treatment against Sasugay)

    Overall, I give the Pain Arc a B-. Hopefully, they add some filler to Nagato’s flashback. I imagine Yahiko was at least as strong as Kakashi, especially considering that Salamander Hanzo didn’t just kill him instead of such a convoluted plan. Anime team, make up for your crap and show Yahiko kicking some ass!

  21. I always thought Kisuzachi’s avatar looked male.

  22. @holydemonandy

    Yeah, it was more of a joke in reference to the gender identity crisis many anime characters have, especially in Naruto. lol!

    I mean, just look at Haku, Orochimaru, that weird filler character and Sasuke. ^ ^


    The song is called “Say (All I need)” by OneRepublic.

  23. lol I thought Kisu’s avatar was Sakura, nah im just kidding I knew it was that crazy dude from Bleach, *cough*

    @ Kisu – pffft Kakashi an important character πŸ˜› what anime/manga you been reading, the age of Kakashi’s Gaiden are over, and I still believe they did that more for the 4th and Obito πŸ˜› *throws smoke bomb and disappears*

    *cough cough* that didn’t work O_O

  24. Great breakdown Tenrai. The episode wasn’t bad but it wasn’t anything special either.

    pumpkinbread21 is right on this one but the quality of the leaked episode is so horrible it isn’t worth it at all. It’s better to wait for the 720p version or at least the 480p one if you’re that impatient.

  25. I love more dark animation. The one when Minato and Naruto talking to each other…. More shadows and dark-grey colors are always make screen more cool and mature.

  26. Caption:

    You can do the cancan too… x___x

    Caption 2:

    It’s not rape if… Ah, who am I kidding? <_<

  27. @cumulusbg – That is why all dark scenes etc are reserved for Sasuke battles πŸ˜› Though I think Naguto’s flash back will also be more dark animation which will be awesome ^_^

  28. Caption: I got two words for ya Suck It X3

  29. I read there might be a 40 minute special next week entitled ” The search for the fourths legacy”… hopefully will be a good filler with laughs or new epic battles…probably just the laughs though

  30. “Unfortunately, there were only two positions this week, mostly because I am too lazy to try and sort the rest into any order of preference. <___>

    Liked the breakdown though but that just made my eyes go crossed…

  31. What the fuck happened to my post… My eyes are really crossed now.

    Here it goes again.

    “Unfortunately, there were only two positions this week, mostly because I am too lazy to try and sort the rest into any order of preference. <_<"

    O.K…. If you don't like reading the Captions why the hell ask us whether to keep the Caption contest going or not?!?

    Liked the breakdown though but that just made my eyes go crossed…

    It happens after a particular combination of the “>_>” and “<_<" faces and everything in-between is removed after posting. I learned that from experience after having a one-page comment chopped down to two lines. Life's just a prick like that. X__X


  32. O.K. Thanks for the info

  33. @Tenrai
    oh, thank you! ^_^

    oh gee thanks for reminding me we still have to go through Nagato’s flashback X___x

  34. “that weird filler character” what, filler characters arent ALL weird? Ur gonna have to be a tad more specific there Ten πŸ˜‰

  35. Nagato flashback will be probably have 2 episode.

    I hope that anime will just continue to the “4 kage meetings” arc. Hate to see new filler.

  36. @redbaron

    Actually, I did read through all the captions, and truth be told, there weren’t enough entries to actually make a top ten list, without leaving someone in last place and making them feel stupid. You ask me why I asked about the caption contest still continuing if I wasn’t going to bother reading through the captions, when that actually has nothing to do with it. The fact is that, I put the poll up because, much like last week, hardly anyone is taking the time and effort to make captions, so the poll was for you guys, to see whether you even wanted the contest anymore, not for me.

    If it truly was the case that I couldn’t be bothered, then I wouldn’t bother putting up a caption every week in the first place, yet I still take the time to do so, because apparently people still want to see it carry on, even though 90 percent of the people who voted don’t seem to be posting captions. My own captions don’t count either.

    So please, don’t be too quick to jump to conclusions. I am not THAT lazy (and that was more of a joke anyway), nor was I trying to avoid work (Otherwise I wouldn’t be writing a breakdown now would I?). I was actually just trying to be considerate of people’s feelings and no-one likes to feel like they came in last place.

  37. @kisu

    I meant that one from the most recent filler, the one that looked like a girl but definitely sounded like a guy.

    But I guess most of them are weird. Lol.

  38. I voted “no” for caption contest.
    It was fun at the beginning but, people don’t have any more good ideas. It all comes to “Over 9000!” and “It’s not rape if you yell suprise” jokes. Not everybody offcorse, some people still have good imagination and sense for funny, but I think we need a break. Caption contest is good but meybe we should replace it with some other contest for a month or two and then return the “caption contest” back.

    But that’s only my opinion. Most of the people voted “Yes” for caption contest, so I presume that people are still not bored with it.

  39. @ Tenrai,

    Ah I see. I misunderstood what you meant. Never mind. >__>

  40. New ep was good! Except for the moment when Naruto was entering the paper tree…what was with his face/eyes??! “Hey, would you guys mind if I let my rabid ferret draw this frame, I think he has potential” lol


    The ending song is translated here. Naruto Shippuden’s current ending references a SasuSaku relationship, and I can’t help but wonder the reason Sakura met Sasuke as well. Perhaps it’s supposed to be about change, or perhaps it’s to be like the line that lures him back? Who really knows? XD

    New episode was pretty awesomeness. πŸ™‚


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