Naruto 500 Breakdown: The big five-oh-oh! *can’t think of any Pickles-esque long title that makes no sense and serves no purpose other than to take up sidebar space and make WordPress mighty unhappy*

Hello and welcome to this grand fest! What fest, you ask? Silly goose! The big Naruto chapter 500 celebration ceremony extravaganza extraordinaire, of course! Your friendly neighborhood Deathcon had the idea of doing a rather ‘special’ breakdown this time ’round in tribute to that. So I said to her “Hush, woman, get your ass back in that kitchen!” Special note to the guys out there: if you’re going to go medieval on a lady with a name like Death…don’t.

*noodles away at new prosthetic limbs* ;____;

500 chapters…(minus the pilot, Golden Weeks, the occasional bundle of joy, and self-implemented holidays -___-) that’s about 3,500 days of the Naruto manga: roughly ten years. That’s almost how long in advance you have to book Jonas Brothers tickets these days.

Strange distant angry voice: “WHAT DID YOU SAY ABOUT THE JONAS BROTHERS?!!!!

*runs away screaming with his hands in the air*

*Whips out her rocket launcher, aims and hits Pickles as he runs away* NEVER MENTION THE JOBROS IN MY PRESENCE AGAIN!!!!

They trigger my upchuck and murderous rage reflexes….*ducks behind the blast proof glass as the rocket blows Pickles into relish*….bwahahahahahahaha *grabs the prosthetic arms and awaits the retaliation*

Anywho, MzMandi here with my portion of this awesomeness…..

So, Kushina was the Jinchuuriki before Naruto…damn. Imagine her PMS! I wouldn’t wanna be Minato during that time of the month. Say one wrong word and she’s going six tails on your ass >.<

Give me chocolate and no one gets hurt!!!

Honestly, it’s probably not such a good idea to use women as Jinchuuriki, I mean we are emotionally unstable at times and tend to make bad decisions when the hormones are raging….If I had the 9 tails there would be a lot less annoying people around me. *Looks at Tenrai eying her chocolate cheesecake* Back off boy-o!

Ehem, all joking aside…I’m all for equality and all that, but to use a female for a Jinchuuriki is just not a good idea. I mean, look at what happened with Kushina. The seal weakened when she was giving birth, and someone stole it. If a man had been holding the 9 tails, the likelihood of that happening would have been slim. I’m not saying it’s her fault, I just don’t think a woman holding the tailed beasts is such a hot idea.

Well that’s my say on this chapter, sorry it was so random and off topic.

*Super casually walks in*

Super: “You all like my Sasuke pic?” 😉

*Super explodes in a burst of flames and Mandi puts away her rocket launcher* X_X

Mandi: “You looked like a Jonas Brother…” >_>

YOSH!!! Well, now that I’m dead I can give my opinion on this chapter without fear of retribution. 😛 I thought this was a great and nicely informative chapter. Many people were right when they said Madara would take advantage of Kushina’s pregnancy to control the 9 tails. This chapter showed exactly how it was done. Also, it was confirmed, or perhaps reiterated, Naruto had the whiskers on his face before the Kyubi was sealed inside of him. Giving more fuel to the fire of Naruto being part Kyubi and the reason for his naturally large chakra capacity. Not part Kyubi because the Kyubi was sealed into him, but part Kyubi because Kushina’s womb mixed with the Kyubi’s chakra perhaps. Also, we now know Naruto was not the first person born to a Jinchuuriki because Mito also gave birth while possesing the 9 tails. Makes me wonder if there was anything special about Hashirama’s and Mito’s son or daughter…

Anyway, the most exciting part for this chapter for me was the prospect of Madara possibly revealing his identity soon. It really caught me off guard but I was happily surprised. I don’t believe he’ll reveal himself in front of Minato because he sure had no clue who it was when he talked with Naruto. Though, he had the appearance of the rock n’ roll Uchiha star of 16 years the face should be the same and Minato would have told Naruto if the “masked man” had revealed his face. If Madara revelas himself it’ll put to rest many theories or confirm them. Finally enlightening us on who is the man behind the Moon’s Eye Plan. Yeah, remember that thing? The only thing we can do is wait and debate. 😉

*floats off before someone calls the Ghostbusters*

Tenrai Senshi is now reporting for duty! *Eats everyone* @__@

*Starts to play epic music for the 500th breakdown celebrations.*

*Jumps off inexplicably placed diving board and into center stage.*

*Lands in an epic, earth shattering, belly flop.* X__X

*Get’s up after being comatose for 30 minutes and points a finger angrily at Pickles.*

Tenrai: You jerk! Were supposed to catch me!!!!

Pickles: Really? Oh, I thought you were just being exceptionally emo today. And besides, it’s hard to catch anything with these short, stubby prosthetic arms. <_<

Tenrai: And here I thought he loved me. *Gasp.* But no-one is supposed to know about that, so pretend you didn’t hear it!!! O__O!

*Notices eerie silence and awkward stares from audience.*

Ahem!!! So, anyway, if I’m one of the big five, does that mean I get to be a lion? I mean, they do get to eat the most people. ^ ^

*Looks over towards Pickles and licks teeth.* Meow! *Cough!* I mean… grrr… <_<

Omg… Somehow I don’t think this is helping me at all. Maybe it’s time I just got on with the show. T__T

A heart filled with love has no room for hatred.

Anyway, weirdness aside *hears laughing*, I think this chapter was really quite interesting. We got to learn a lot about Naruto’s heritage both in the Uzumaki clan and in regards to the night of his birth as well. For those who had their suspicions about Naruto having Senju blood in him, those theories have now been laid delightfully to rest, seeing as how we know now that the Uzumaki are distant blood relatives of the Senju.

This also explains why Madara saw Hashirama and the fires of the Senju in Naruto as well.

But more importantly, Naruto is given something he really has needed for a long time. A lesson in love. When Kushina explained how a vessel must be filled with love, before it can contain the beast of hatred that is the Kyuubi, I think it had a great impact. I believe that Naruto has never really understood the concept of love, mostly because he has never openly received it before. In fact, the first time anyone had ever said those three all important words, it was during the battle with Pein when Hinata tried to protect him.

I want her to save me as well. T___T

Pickles: *makes mental note to assassinate Hinata, new rival in love* >_>

The only other time he has heard it was from his own mother just a few moments ago.

I think the reason he could never return those feelings, was because it was something he was afraid of. I think in a way, Naruto saw himself as a monster and maybe, deep down inside, he felt he didn’t deserve happiness or that he would hurt those close to him. When Kushina mentioned that even a Jinchuuriki could be happy and loved, I think that may have finally been the answer he needed all this time. Maybe now he can face those feelings without fear.

*Hears squeaking from prosthetic limbs coming from the bushes.*

*Looks behind back, only to see Pickles disappearing into the shadows.*

Love can also be very scary, and so can stalkers. <_<

Remember kids, if they don’t yell surprise… you will be traumatized for life. T__T

Nothing like being embarrassed by your parents in front of your girlfriend. X__X

*Super jumps out from behind corner and raises both hands in the air.*


*Runs up to super and eats him and then runs back into the bushes again.*

Supertrek89: X__x *Fatality*

*Pickles spots Deathcon from a distance*

Pickles: EEP!!

*tries to run, but finds self in an endless loop going nowhere*

Pickles: Genjutsu?!!

Deathcon: No…it’s the new MakeHimSuffer 5000 treadmill. Comes with a complementary 7-foot matching whip

Pickles: No…no! You couldn’t…

Deathcon: Yes…I could. *snickers* I am going to make you do your section of the breakdown and burn calories at the same time…

Pickles: You evi-

Deathcon: *whips* Run, b*tch!! MUAAHAHAHAHA!!!


...With his best friend, Patrick Triangle

I thought chapter 500 was great. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much in the way of action going by the last chapter’s ending.

More and more light is thrown on the more obscured fields of the manga including the Uzumaki clan and especially Naruto’s past: where everything began; that being the bit I love most. It’s also pretty cool to see so much screen time on Naruto’s parents who had been completely in the dark up until now.

*gets whipped*

Deathcon: Minato isn’t in the dark! He’s sexy!!

Yes ma’am. ;____;

I get the feeling this flashback will bring out many more unspoken or dark truths of things established and unestablished.

Some truths we have known all along...>_>

There is a reason I’m especially fond of the new development on the events prior to and immediately following Naruto’s birth. Frankly speaking, for the much larger portion of the entire manga, we’d known hardly more about Naruto than his being a Jinchuuriki, and the fact that you only touch his ramen if you have a death wish. Since, we have only been told the story in bits and pieces: some of that even false.

This would have to be the most disastrous disaster movie yet. X___X

So then, what is the whole story behind this entire manga? Ah, there’s the million-dollar question. And if you stay tuned long enough, you just might make bank. 😉

He's not pretty...he's HANDSOME!!


Here are last week’s winners.

5) Tenrai Senshi



4) Kantonkage

Bubblition: Take this Aura Sphere err no. Ok then Spirit bomb no wait I’m too evil for that. Terra Destroyer ok where did that come from.

Caption: The trial and error of naming attacks.

3) Tai Night


Kyuubi: Prepare for my BIG BANG…… ATTACK!

Caption: Its not copyrighting if you put like in the middle.

2) Gavin

BUBBLITION: Say everyone have you seen my balls?

CAPTION: They’re big and salty and brown.


And the winner…

There’s only one person capable of such greatness... The sage of the six paths of Pain, justice, law and order… That’s right, the Texas Ranger.

Congratulations to Redbaron!

Now for this week’s material. Naruto’s first words…what will they be? *snickers*

Insert possible caption here.

Deathcon: I’m done with you, you can go now. *puts away whip* *evil laugh*

*Pickles rubs butt as if it hurts*

Little does Con know that his behind is also prosthetic so it knows no pain. His legs are prosthetic too, so they know no fatigue.

Moral of the story: Brains > Deathcon4



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    Well, technically, it isn’t totally MY post. >_>

  2. NINDAIME (Kishi doesn’t care about meeeeee! Despite being the coolest-looking) *dodges random projectiles from other Hokage Fanboys/girls*

  3. Sandaime!!!

    Even though it probably doesn’t count… T___T

  4. @tenrai it doesn’t plus and you are too slow. * does victory dance*
    Epic breakdown.
    Bubbletion: Forget Breastmilk give me Ramen.

  5. Bubbleton:

    Bubble: Waaaaaaahhhh-ttebayo!!!!

    Caption: some habits start from birth. <_<

  6. Anyone suspect that Madara/Tobi is actually Sasuke’s dad after this chapter? Only person Kushina had contact with on her way to giving birth was Mikoto. Mikoto then told um….her husband(iono name) about so and so. Makes sense in a way. He could have trained Itachi. If I remember correctly he was going to turn on Konoha along with the Uchiha clan. He could have faked his own death by using genjutsu on Sasuke and making him see his dead body….. Although I still do like the Madara/tobi= Obito theory 😀



    Caption: Sorry Kyuubi, you can run, but ya can’t hide O.O

  8. Kakashi… i mean Rokudaime (hears Ahsan shout whoop whoop) awesome chapter and AWEsome Breakdown ^_^ Think it was a good team effort!!! I can’t wait for the next chapter, think it will explain a lot 😀

  9. whoops lots of comments happened between mine O_O


    Why is it Sasuke is calm chilling and as i am born all I get it is my butt smacked…


    The theme of Naruto started from this point Sasuke chills while Naruto get smacked !!

  10. At the ripe old age of one minute…hehe…it’s good to see madara still has some sense of humour. You would think with his expressionless mask and his preoccupation with obtaining the perfect body he would have forgotten what a laugh seemed like.

  11. Bubble:
    Waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Why In The Ninja World Do I Still Have These Ugly Whiskers!!!!!

    That Just Makes No Sense At All

  12. Great breakdown!

    BUBBLE: Waaahhhh!!! Sasuke’s prettier than me!!!

    CAPTION: Naruto. Sasuke pwns him even as a baby.

    OR: Sasuke. He pwns Naruto even as a baby.

    😉 at supertrek. XD

  13. By the way, Kyudaime!

  14. Just for Super

  15. Pickles! You got… the Iron Butt

    Super Special Chocolaty Sugar Coated Awesome Breakdown!!!!

    I said it once and I’ll say it again! Minato should kill Kushina 🙂

  16. Assuke is gay look at his face (Warning this will scar anyone who looks at it)

  17. I say Orochimaru should have killed Nagato.

  18. “I say Orochimaru should have killed Nagato.” Yep that would have been the smart thing to do.

    But I have my reasons for saying Minato should have killed Kushina. Kill her, the Kyubi dies, Madara’s plan is permanently foiled, and the other 7 Bijus dont mater becuz we know there are powerful ninjas that can make quick work of Bijus (E, Bee, Jiraiya, Oro etc).

  19. @kisuzachi

    Always trying to solve problems with killing. I mean, we’ve seen great examples of how killing people has averted harm in the past, like killing the Uchiha, or killing Pein’s parents, etc. (Sarcasm)

    Let’s face it, if it isn’t the Juubi, or the Bijuu, or the MS, then it is something else. There will always be something that is endangering the world in some way or another, whether it is war, or some cosmic entity, etc…

    You can’t just solve those problems by murdering people and there are no excuses for taking a life in cold blood. The more logical and humane solution would have been to leave the Kyuubi in the previous host, and allowing it to pass on with her when she died of old age.

    That way, you don’t have to murder someone and the Kyuubi is no longer a threat at the same time. The only reason the Bijuu are still around, is because of that human desire for power. There were countless opportunities to let them pass away with their hosts, and yet people just kept them around for their strength. The only failure here was human greed and desires.


    Once again, I will say that murdering someone in cold blood, especially a child, doesn’t solve anything. You can’t solve a problem with the same level of thinking that created it, so you can’t solve death by killing people. When people start to suggest killing children as a solution to a problem, that is when I start becoming worried about our humanity.

  20. @tenrai True, ironically I actually came up with a saying that “Monsters are never born, they are made”

  21. @Kantonkage’s image: …OMG.
    O_O I should have listened to you and not look at that image. Transexual Kabuto and Orochimaru… *shudders* X_X

  22. Sweet breakdown.

    I’m pretty excited for these next couple chapters. hopefully we’ll get to see minato and madara square off. ahhhhh that’d be awesome!! seriously, i want more of an idea what minato can do

  23. @dish11

    If there was ever a time to see Minato’s full power, this is now it. I think Kishi will definitely give us a good performance from our Fourth Hokage to show just why he earned that prestigious title.

    Actually, the first thing I expect to happen in the next chapter is for an incredibly angry Minato to appear right next to Madara in the blink of an eye to deliver an attack faster than the kidnapper could have ever imagined. Madara would probably be forced to drop Naruto and phase out of existence to avoid the damage, after which the real battle would begin.

    Of course, then Madara would take control of the Kyuubi to gain the advantage. It would be epic to see a full scale battle between Minato on Gamabunta and Madara with the kyuubi.

  24. your breakdown had too much outside info not relating to Naruto at all.
    i lost track of what i was reading as it felt like you just wanted to spew out your personal quotes and random jibberish.

    for an ultimate count for the 500th issue, i was expecting a breakdown of higher caliber.. seems i was greatly mistaken..

    makes me not want to talk towards the manga here..

    *goes to IRA*

  25. @spill7

    Ouch…. Someone needs a waffle. O__o

    Actually, we wanted to have some fun for the 500th issue to make it unique. It only happens once every…. 500 issues? All the authors put a lot of hard work into their breakdowns and they do it for absolutely nothing in return, so give us a break.

    There is no need to make us feel bad about it.

  26. 1010 i understand the hard work, i see it, i see that its also catered to a younger audience.. but realistically it felt like its penmanship is the same something read on a myspace page.. honestly the manga itself is not written at this level and im turned off by it..


  27. Well Spill, I’ve wanted to say this to you for a long time…Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.

  28. @Tenrai- Hell. Yes. haha that is exactly what i’m talkin about man.

  29. @Tenrai, no, the ideal thing would have been to for Hashirama to make the Biju fire Menacing Balls down each others’ throats. I blame him for all the bull. And yeah, these people are ninjas. They sign up to lay their lives down fro their village, so killing Kushina (and the fox) isnt murder, its her doing her job. After all, Jinchuriki are just weapons, and when a weapon is about to be unleashed on its owner, its best to shut it down. Think of all the non-ninjas in Konoha that died because of the Kyubi’s attack, THOSE are the innocent people and it isnt fair for their leader to put his family above protecting them. But lets just sit back and see what he does when 501 comes out 😀

  30. @kisuzachi

    Murder is murder, no matter how you excuse it. If someone needs to be sacrificed, it should be a choice they make themselves. They have a right to speak for their own lives, taking their lives into your own hands against their will is murder.

    Kushina sacrificed herself already to hold the Kyuubi for everyone else’s sake. I think it is selfish to just regard humans as objects that can be killed on a whim and who are seen as nothing more than objects or tools.

    Think about it, if that was your wife, would you be able to just kill her on a whim? Or any family for that matter. You have to see things from Minato’s perspective as well and ask yourself, if it was your family, how would you feel about it? It’s always easy to say killing someone is the answer, but people rarely walk the path the so easily describe.

    Waaaaaaah! Mommy will be sad now that her ‘vessel’ is empty!

    CAPTION: Don’t worry Naruto, she’ll be dead before the post-partum depression sets in.

  32. BUBBLITION: (caution!SICK-factor of OVER 9000!)

    Waaaaaaah! I’m the result of my parents creampie video

    Parents, if you’re going to make porn, be sure to hide it from the kids

  33. ok, last one for a while


    WAAAAAH! I dreamed I was a character in One Piece, where even main characters die.

    CAPTION: Shut up Naruto! At least you’re not in GANTZ

  34. “If someone needs to be sacrificed, it should be a choice they make themselves”

    Actually, every ninja makes that choice the moment they join the ninja Academy. The point of no turning back is when they become Genin.

    “Kushina sacrificed herself already to hold the Kyuubi for everyone else’s sake.”

    Even more reason to get rid of her. She’s a liability. Think what could have happened if the Kyubi escaped, think of all the lives that would be lost, think of all the destruction, and most importantly THINK OF RAMEN SHOP! Oh wait, all that DID happen didnt it? 😉

    “Think about it, if that was your wife, would you be able to just kill her on a whim?”

    This would be pretty hard to do. But once I think about all the innocent non-ninja that dont know a kunai different from a shuriken, I would take her out for their sakes, for their childrens’ sakes and for the future’s sake. These people dont even get to choose their leaders but they always get stuck with Hokages that dont have the male genitalia to do what it takes to ensure their safety. Hashirama distributed the Biju as opposed to wiping them out. Hiruzen let Oro run free (and that same snake bastard came years later and claimed the lives of innocent people) when he had the chance to kill him. Minato let the Kyubi attack when he could have killed it. Tsunade let the emo bastard Sasuke escape and instead of sending Anbu to assassinate him, she sent a rescue team? WTF? How can u rescue someone that ran away on their own? Look where that decision has caused (The Raikage’s arm, Danzo’s life, and the lives of at least 13 Samurai). Her taunting Pain also caused the entire village to be destroyed. So yes, I would do it for the little guys that dont have a say in who leads them.

  35. Since the Senju and Uzumaki clans are related, doesn’t that mean the First Hokage married his cousin?

  36. Awesome breakdown!!!

    Humor is apparently not for everyone, right Spill7?

    Anyways,…. Haha, first in the bubble, awesome!… Now then,.. what did I win?!?…. Nothing?!?!…. *follows Spill7 to IRA*

  37. *Appears out of nowhere like a goddamn magic show*


    I couldn’t leave after I came up with this Bubble comment




    In Soviet Russia Baby births YOU!!… Not that it explains how a one minute old boy can speak… >__>

  38. Wooo!

    Bubble: Mommy? Why you screaming, “OMFG-TTEBAYO”?

    Caption: When giving birth, never curse in japanese slang, or your child will be as messed up as the Ugly Step Sister…we don’t want that

  39. @kizu If the Rikudo Sennin couldn’t do it I doubt that Hashirama could. Minato trying to kill Kushina would fail because :one because who would kill their pregnant wife…. oops just because the fourth Kazekage did it doesn’t mean everybody that cruel to kill a woman who just gave birth a few minutes ago, two Kushina’s Seal is weakened and she would be EXTREMELY PISSED OFF at Minato that he chose the village over Naruto. The result the Kyuubi would still be released and then Konoha would be leveled instead just the shinobi casualties. You forced me to say this but I have to blame Itachi concerning Sasuke because he was naive into believing that Sasuke would do the right thing when he Mind Raped him into a avenger and being Mr. Gullible he believed the bullshit that Madara said and he also clearly said this and this He basically said I helped kill your family. Sasuke being the idiot that he is said OK, I’ll join you and we’ll destroy Konoha.

  40. oops that was supposed to be a one

  41. @kisu: plz stop reading naruto NOW, u dont seem to understand the whole thing naruto stands for. hes not somebody who makes decisions like one or the other, his decision is to decide for both sides. and not only these 2 sides (wife/innocent ppl) he even thinks about his enemies in order to crush the circle of hatred.
    if u can accept that u can go on reading.

  42. @the breakdown: personally i didnt like it this time, hands down, this is a blog with lots of users, not everyone can laugh about the staff making random jokes that only the inner circle may understand. but we all can laugh about jokes related to the manga. it was a very important chapter and there’s not that much info about it.
    i think its ok for u cuz it was an exception, but if u want the blog to mature u should post an EPIC breakdown, if I say EPIC i mean EPIC with MUUUUCH infos and summaries of some story plots that may be important now.
    and if u tell me now: BLAH THEN DO IT ON YA OWN1
    i just answer: lemme do it 😉

  43. @salamiyo, oh no I’m just presenting facts and showing the logical way to move forward. If Naruto or Minato would allow the Kyubi to kill thousands of innocent people becuz they lack the guts to kill some1 close to them, then they dont deserve to lead anyone. Think about it, if you were just a civilian in Konoha and your leaders’ blunders constantly let the village get destroyed, get invaded and many of its ppl die, would you give a crud about their “Will of Fire” mumbo jumbo or their pacifistic peace manure? Itachi killed his clan and stopped a possible ninja war, and he wasnt even Hokage, so he wasnt truly obligated to lol. I find the reasoning of this manga a tad funny after Kishi introduced Nagato and gave him a backstory. Kishi screwed himself in that regard. Its up to him to give Naruto a truly convincing answer to Nagato’s question, and I doubt Kishi can find the answer that ever human has failed to find. The peace he’s selling to kids cant be achieved because there will always be at least one greedy person in the world, one person that just wants more. The only way that peace could exist in our world, and in a world 1000 times more volatile than ours (Naruverse) is if we were replaced by emotionless robots. Yeah, I’m that much of a cynic 🙂

    Woah, got into a bit of a rant there. Let me sum it up in one sentence. Naruto’s peace has never worked, he never truly answered Pain’s question, he has not figured out a plan and the Hokages are terrible leaders (well except maybe Tobirama becuz so far his tenure as Hokage has had no consequences). Tune in next time and you’ll see me tell orphaned children that Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny arent real :D!

  44. @asiankun, a lot of in-breeding happens in Naruto. I wouldnt be surprised if Hinata marries Neji!

  45. @kisu ,and how do you that would turned out most likely the Kyuubi would have still been released watching her newborn son get killed IS THE ULTIMATE TRIGGER. Madara said Key word step away from Kushina or he would kill Naruto. Minato attempting to kill her would he be faster than Madara because the minute Naruto get killed it’s HELLO KYUUBI and BYE-BYE KONOHA.
    When you think about what is the difference on Nagato’s “Peace” and I use the term loosely that wouldn’t have work either because the survivors would live in fear thinking their next to be slaughtered by the Bijuu that Pain has collected for peace.

  46. *sniffs* It’s so touching to see the sparse Sasuke support out there. Most people just don’t understand and will never try. T_T

    Ah, and thanks, truly, for the breakdown comments both positive and negative. I’ll count the negative as constructive criticism and hope for those who didn’t like it will enjoy it next time. Though, of course certain things could have been said in a less assholish way. ^_^ You can take that as constructive criticism. 🙂

    Getting back to Naruto did anybody notice this?

    “10 years ago” (this flashback happens when Naruto was 13 so 10 years ago would make it around the time Naruto was…3) the 3rd Ninja World War was ended. That’s the flashback of Team Minato’s mission destroy the bridge right before the 3rd Ninja World War ended. I thought it ended before Naruto was born, not when he was 3 years old. Maybe I’m misreading something and am just confusing myself. Can anybody clear that up and make sense of it for me?

    And to end on a happy note. Sometimes it’s just required.

  47. Awww, baby sasuke SOOO cute…Too bad he became a selfish, emo-sharingan devil-whore who seduces DeathCon in his free time…

  48. hey!!!!!! whats this???? i wrote way more than that!!!! seems these 2 smilies were kinda hiding or erasing it so… (u can remove the comment above.)
    i try it again:

    @kisu: the answer to naruto is kant and his categorical imperative: “Act only according to that maxim whereby you can at the same time will that it should become a universal law.”
    its hard to find out 😉

    @super: sorry if i sounded that way to you, i didnt imply that, im analytic and…german.
    i just mean, u see i compare it to music, in most famous and successful bands theres somebody like a creative head who writes the great stuff, the others just work and play their instruments. if many ppl wanna give their own sauce to everything… well then u get the jonas brothers >_>
    plz dont do jonas-brotherish breakdowns oO

  49. @Super it all happened before Naruto’s birth, but The Gaiden Arc explains 10 years before then that it was Chaos.
    So the Arc is representing what happened at the end of it all, so after the War there woulf of been peace then Naruto is born so Kakashi must be like 30 years old.

  50. @Salami: It’s alright, I’m not trying to dissuade you from your opinion or anything. o_o

    @Kantonkage: “I have to blame Itachi concerning Sasuke because he was naive into believing that Sasuke would do the right thing when he Mind Raped him into a(n) avenger” (Kantonkage)

    LOL! You think!? XD Are you saying the best method for raising a responsible young citizen of society is not to mind rape him and lead him down a path of hate and darkness? o_o All kidding aside though, I do believe Sasuke is only using Madara for power and will kill him later.

    Just like Sasuke used Orochimaru to gain power then disposed of him after Orochimaru’s use was up. Of course Madara probably knows all of this and is planning one step ahead for Sasuke’s eventual betrayal.

    @Blackburstboom: Ahhhh, ok thanks. Yeah, Kakashi is 30 years old and the 3rd Ninja World War ended when he was 13 (age he was promoted to Jounin). Doing the math then the 3rd Ninja World War ended…17 years ago. 1 year later then Naruto was born. Coolio.

  51. theres one general problem i have with tobis technique:
    it seems he CANT materialize or something, he can only send his body parts or others into another dimension, is that right?
    we’ve seen sasuke and tobi (i always say tobi and NOT madara, i doubt that too much), what would tobi do if he was attacked in that other dimension?
    cuz i believe that dimension is the same dimension where tsukuyomi is used, u know what i mean? remember when itachi sent kakashi into that dimension. that must mean he has to travel to a point in that dimension to another, in this dimension the times much denser so 1 second is like days, i think this is the way how his space-time jutsu works.
    that means 2 ppl can defeat tobi, 1 has to be in this dimension, the other one outside (in the real world).
    maybe its the answer to his long lifetime, maybe hes living in this dimension somehow.

  52. damn im too much into my theories, heres my next one: (lol)
    hirayshin, how does this jutsu work? or kuchiose?
    its simple! i think its this way:
    the jutsus use that same dimension tobi uses. the seals just works like “wormholes”. 1 entrance and 1 exit, i think the body will be sent through this dimension (maybe the user is unconscious in that time or maybe the other dimension changes somehow with this jutsu).
    that would explain a lot and maybe the difference with tobis jutsu is that he can “travel” between this dimensions at will and control his “coordinates” or maybe he got a sharingan technique allowing him to SEE where he would be in the “real world”…
    damn im overthinking it too much <_<

  53. @Salamiyo: There are quite a few things you need to understand about these breakdowns, but I’ll leave that matter…can’t please everyone.

    @Kantonkage & Super: Whoa whoa whoa! Ya’ll need to lay off that Haterade. Given the circumstances, I think Itachi did what was best for Sasuke. The kid just had to take it one step further, didn’t he? Still, Itachi FTW, jo!

  54. @kisuzachi

    So if someone enrolls into the army, does that give the government the right to just shoot them if they feel like it? And even if it did, does that make it right just because they said so?

    There is a difference between what is right, and what is the norm, you need to understand that. Human morals go far beyond the way society obviously seems to perceive it today. People kill over things like land and oil and money, which seems to be the norm. Does that make it morally correct? What good is there in saving humanity, if there is no humanity left so save?

    There is nothing worth saving if people act like nothing more than animals.

    I see comments like yours and it makes me understand why the world is in the state it is, because instead of fixing our problems, people just make excuses for them. I don’t know how considering killing someone as a solution to a problem is suddenly acceptable, especially when you are killing in cold blood. What kind of humanity is that? That kind of mindset disturbs me, quite frankly. Once again, I ask, would you be able to kill a loved one with your own hands for the benefit of others? Could you just do that on a whim? If your answer is yes to that, then there is something wrong.

    In any case I am not going to debate you on this subject anymore. I get upset over these kinds of subjects, so I won’t subject myself to that anymore.

  55. @tenrai – i agree with u that its extremely tough to deal with these problems, and a normal person would find it extremely difficult to kill a loved one for the benefit of others. I think what kisu was trying to say though is that, sometimes one most sacrifice certain things for the greater good. In other words, if you have to choose between saving 10 people close to you, or a million people, which would you choose and although the logical answer to the question would be, the million people, actually acting on it in that way is a whole other story. So yes killing people is not or ever will be morally correct in my view, but I am also of the opinion that often times there are tough decisions to be made, where regardless of your decision, people will die, and you have to choose the lesser of two evils

  56. and so im sorry to say this, because it sounds terrible (no offense to kisu), but I’m going to have to agree with him. A good leader has to know how to make tough decisions. Does it mean you should eliminate every clan that opposes you, no it doesnt. because eventually u’ll only have enemies within, and the people will essentially revolt. But it does mean that at some point, if its people are beginning this war, force is necessary (but not a preemptive strike, wow i sound american). The point is, its difficult to be a leader because there are tough decisions out there, both in the real world and in the naruverse. Unfortunately, Naruto’s solutions can only work in a Utopia, because you will never make everyone happy. People aren’t that trustworthy, in the real world, not showing revenge to a killer won’t make him say… u know what, i was wrong lets all be friends. You can’t side with everyone, because as pein so amazingly demonstrates with his speech, interests are always at odds between nations. The true answer to this problem, is that there is no solution that will benefit everyone, because in the real world there is no black and white. So yes Kisu, the previous Hokage’s made wrong decisions that cost them a lot but not easy ones.

  57. @ Kizu – I agree there will never be peace as long as a person has an opinion, beliefs, greed, pride.. there will always just be death, but if you believe that maybe u should look at Naruto from Tobi/Madara point of view his whole ideal is to create peace by eliminating differences forcefully, Pein ideal was very similar to create fear. Minito wasn’t strong enough to kill the people in his life he loves most, I wouldn’t be able to either, if a man comes to my house trying to kill my family I will give my life to try stop them, not sacrifice one of my family members to protect the rest. Its just I wouldn’t be that strong. All the Hokage’s of the past made their mistakes and in the end show me one that hadn’t paid with their lives and maybe shouldn’t always judge people by the bad they did but also the good and their actions overall for the villages… Thing is Naruto has been an example of how he is able to create friends and allies not by brute force but more by understanding, and giving out a few beatings 😉 I still believe Pein wasn’t an idiot he knew when he died he never truly had the answer and although he knew naruto hadn’t found it yet he was light years closer to it then he will ever be… Peace ^_^

  58. sorry guys for so many posts, but as i read all the comments it gets me riled up, now i kno why people are at the naruto blog instead of one piece, we’re having a philosophical debate here. anyway, the last thing i wanted to say on kisu’s behalf (though im not as cold-cut, killing everyone is the solution type) is that everyone here likes to use personal examples to make their argument more compelling, with things like “Would you kill your mother/wife/anyone you love in cold blood to save others” and that makes everyone go like… oh shit, i dont want my mom to die, holy crap thats too intense. But flip it around. lets think about this broadly. i know its not the case, but lets assume the people in this blog are from the US, all of them. so, if you have this crazy ability, where they tell you, either you kill this terrorist or the entire nation will get blown up, where do the morals go? Your mother, father, brothers/sisters, and everyone you know and love will die. where do you draw the line. is it kill him or he kills ur family, neighborhood, city, state, country, continent? at what point would a leader have to stop paying attention to a hostage? is it like any criminal can hold an american hostage and bring the US to its knees to comply with all the needs. I think not. I promise i won’t post anymore for now LOL

  59. @omar: The right choice would be to kill the terrorist and I know it’s not a good thing to say, but it would be relatively easy because you don’t know who that person is and you don’t have any ties to them. Maybe that person has a family and killing him might leave his children orphans, but you don’t know that. “Ignorance is bliss”. 😉
    It might not be morally correct, but you have to kill that terrorist because if you didn’t then millions of people would die.

  60. @ amar101990 – I think the difference is if I have to kill a murderer who is trying to kill me to save my family, I would do it, but is it right for me to kill an innocent person to save other innocent people, when will it end. If an organization said if you don’t kill 1 person ever X amount of time we will blow up a city when will the sacrifice be enough, in ancient time it was custom to sacrifice a person who is pure for crops or good luck or something, this is in general the same concept is it alright to kill an innocent person if it means the rest benefit from it, cause in the end where and when will it end, there will always be someone out there trying to gain what they want and most will do it by force, I don’t know appeasement never works cause the more u give in the more greedy people become and every time the cost of this “peace” will grow… If terrorists say kill someone and we won’t blow up 10 major cities in USA, if you kill that person do u truly believe the terrorists will stop they will just know your limits and keep pushing them until u have to take action. The world is far from black and white, there is no such thing as peace there will never be. So in the end each person must choose for themselves what is most important and how to act… I mean Naruto could sacrifice himself now kill the Kyuubi but just cause of being born a host does he not have an equal right to live, just by being the host of the Kyuubi is already a sacrifice. Why can’t each person stand up and try work together to protect each other instead of relying on others to sacrifice themselves for their own selfish happiness..

    Just look at apples… for the price of apples to remain stable the Supply must be close to the Demand, yet every year an excess of trenches full, (some even get dumped in the ocean) are just thrown away with no feeling cause people need to make money, and all these apples are wasted, and while this happens thousands of people in Africa starve to death everyday!!! Same with Diamonds, the world with holds them to create the impression that they are rare, and in the end people get greedy and most of the diamonds in the world with their beauty is paid for by the blood of others!! Its not fair and it will never be fair as long as people have greed, pride, anger. (sorry for ranting)

  61. “All kidding aside though, I do believe Sasuke is only using Madara for power and will kill him later.”

    How?!? No attack works on Madara. Even if Sasuke tries Madara will just tell him that jutsu’s don’t work on him and that will be the end of it. Face it, Sasuke is Madara’s little bitch right now. But maybe Kishi will gift Sasuke another random, high level, jutsu that somehow does work against Madara. That will be really cheap but highly likely seeing as how every jutsu Sasuke knows has been gifted to him.

    @ Tenrai,

    Kisuzachi knows it’s morally wrong, he’s just picking on Kushina and Minato because he hates Konoha for disturbing the peaceful *cough* *cough* little village called Amegakure and is upset about Naruto smack-talking Nagato and Naruto raping Pain.
    My opinion? Let’s kick off this 4th Great Ninja War in the center of Amegakure. The Great nations are familiar with the surroundings and the Amegakure people are familiar with dying. Everybody wins. Hehehe.
    About peace: There´s no peace. That´s not being cynical, that´s being realistic. Humans have more emotions than animals. Animals only fight over territory, leadership and resources. We add so much more to that list. Religion, skin color and origins to name a few. There´s no way humanity can resolve all those differences.

  62. @ redbaron – No attack works against Madara/Tobi, so I guess no point in a series, I don’t think Sasuke would fall for gullible no jutsu like Kakashi he still tries to use Chidori on Tobi and failed (so did Naruto with Rasengan) Plus Sasuke now has EMS so its not out of this world that he will develop some new jutsu, its like saying Naruto won’t have any new powers after taming the 9 tails, Gifted Jutsu’s hmmm I do recall Sasuke unlocking his own MS and different forms of Sasoono etc. Itachi was also then gifted these techniques, if you live by the same logic 😛

  63. Great job guys and a really great effort on the breakdown, and for the people who don’t like it, that’s your problem and u should be less of a critic with peoples hard work.

    I see Kisu started a 1st great WRA blog war here, I say this, find a way to save all people and set them on the right path. Got that from a blond kid in a manga I’ve been reading for a while now.

    Our world may be harsh to a lot of people but effort is being made all around us for the greater good and the most important thing for us to do is to take part in that effort, because just like in Narutoverse, here we’re the younger generation and we are the ones who are going to change this world for the better.
    And trust me every little bit of help counts a hell of a lot.

    As for happier things I bring u guys a:

    !!!! SPOILER ALERT !!!!!


    SPOILER #1
    CREDITS: agony

    Minato grabs naruto back and send him back home instantly by using hiraishin.

    madara extracts the kyuubi out and kushina dies.

    The 9 tails goes crazy

    evryone’s looking at kyuubi and minato is standing on a tree carrying kushina.he sends kushina back to his house and wears the hokage shirt and goes out.

    special moment:itachi is carrying baby sasuke,looking at the moon and felt strange.

    SPOILER #2
    CREDITS: satoshii

    :Anyway, Minato looks cool.

    :In an instant, (閃光 = Flash) Minato retrieves baby Naruto from Madara’s grasp.

    :Minato teleports [Naruto and himself] back home (using his special kunai technique)

    :Madara extracts the 9tails from Kushina.

    :Kushina’s breathing is faint

    :The 9tails goes wild.

    :Everyone can see (the rampage) clearly.

    :There is a scene of Minato on top of a tree, holding (pos. hugging) Kushina.

    :Minato takes Kushina to where he took Naruto earlier.

    :Minato puts on his Hokage cloak (hells yeah!) and leaves.

    Itachi senses something is wrong (Iyana-kanji, lit. bad feeling). He is looking up at the sky whilst holding baby Sasuke.

  64. !!!!!!!!! SPOILER ALERT !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SPOILER #3
    CREDITS: satoshii

    And just for fun:

    795 :ohana ◆IR7jauNn4E :2010/07 /07(水) 18:34:10 ID:L4FouL5UO


    :This new cell phone makes it (providing spoilers) pretty hard. I made mistakes (酉 = ? No idea, lit. means rooster/cock)


    : Simply put, Minato is just so cool.

    表示は 赤ちゃんサスケと赤ちゃんナルト

    :Baby Sasuke and baby Naruto are shown.

    501 九尾襲来!!

    :501: Attack of the 9tails!!


    :I’ll use my PC later.


    :Madara is terrible!


    :Baby Naruto has tags (for Hiraishin? Idk) attached to him, and [I don’t understand this part]. [ ほう means cheek(s), so i’m hoping it has something to do with Naruto’s whiskers, but i have no idea. haha ]

    [edit: someone says that could be ‘explosive tag’, so i’m not sure if it’s something Madara did].

  65. “Itachi senses something is wrong”

    Uchiha.. senses… TINGLING!!!!

  66. I love, and/or try to love Sasuke a little too. :l It’s just hard, and I dislike him a bit. <,<; But he also chose his own path, even if I don't agree with it. So yeah, I still love his character too.

  67. By the way (and sorry for the double post), I was thinking about it all of a sudden when reviewing the pictures, and I noticed that Sasuke is something of a feathery naga, and because of this, he has a physically taller stature, which represents his extended maturity and understanding over Naruto, who is slowly growing as well, sometimes in spurts, but nonetheless.

    Whereas Naruto is a sort of orange, amphibious frog with some fox traits, fur, and whiskers. Because he would be on all fours, he’d appear smaller, but at the same time, it would symbolize how he was lowest among everyone else, but then slowly grew up, became bigger, and although he’s still on all fours (which is very symbolic), he can see things from a more grown-up and higher perspective.

    Sasuke is a feathery naga because of the hawks and snakes. Sasuke is reptillian and avian while Naruto is amphibian and mammalian.

  68. @Pickles: What? Itachi is an ass? o_O I know, I know already. ^_^

    *sips and walks away*

    @Redbaron: No attack works on Madara!? O_O Oh God, then the only way to ever defeat him is to send in Naruto and talk him to death right!? X_X

    @Omar: I think it’s due to the fact of Naruto having a lot more people following it…>_>

    *sits back and watches philosophical debate with popcorn in hand*

  69. By the way, I couldn’t stop thinking somewhat unfortunately, but I was thinking about how mammal, reptile, avian, and amphibian relate. Amphibian, otherwise a frog/toad, is basically the personification/animalification of the concept of change. Because they jump and hop, never really walk, and they also metamorphose, similar to caterpillars and the like; changing from a swimmer to a land-dweller.

    I suppose Sakura’s supposed to be an insect and fish or
    something. Or maybe Hinata is the fish? I can’t tell.

    And orange’s drive just seems to scream change, so I can see how that’s the case, yet at the same time, like orange sorbet ice cream, it can be laid back and enrapture your senses with its flavor, similar to how orange is seen as lascivious or sexual in nature, which would just keep fitting Naruto even more.

    Even though I think Sasuke is more like following in a darker version of Itachi’s footsteps, or, rather, the footsteps of multiple people, I think blue and maybe black or something fit Sasuke the most. Similar to a bruise come to think of it, as Sasuke’s whole life is sort of bruised in some way or another, and because of this he doesn’t really know how to live in any different fashion (like a cripple who’s gotten so used to getting around a certain way it feels weird and uncomfortable when they start walking). Which would be very similar to his vengeance.

    It’s sort of like yin and yang, they’re taking their paths for one reason or another, but I think Naruto’s is better because his free will is less influenced by external sources. Maybe that’s because of who he is, or maybe it’s a more supernatural kind of aid (holy spirit anyone?) But Naruto can be a sort of grey as well, he’s been in both areas, but has strived for light, rather than darkness, as Sasuke sooner or later ends up doing. Both of which end up ramifying many different people in the process.

    Why are they given the power to ramify people so powerfully? Why them? And why does all this drama need to happen? I suppose those are the questions that need sating for now. Perhaps it’s all for a greater purpose. But that’s like Danzou’s personification. Is it really right to sacrifice the few for the many?

    I guess it’s in situations like these where belief in a happy after-life are essential.

    I also remembered that while thinking on the four-way (no, not sex thank God, even if I am a furry(generalization) (I admit it)), that it almost resembles, potentially a figure eight? While at the same time, depending on the animal, a lot like Yin and Yang, it can go in either direction. If it was a figure eight, that would be like the ‘S’ for spiral, and figure eights can be turned into spirals and wossing (crossing) whirlpools.

    This probably makes no sense to any of you, and I’m probably just digging a grave for myself, especially with my admittance.

    Either way, what are your guys’ thoughts? Girls too. Especially that Kushina lately, and any other new people.

  70. @Andy: I like your animal and metaphoric comparisons between the characters, the animals they represent, and the way they behave. It really all makes sense. Naruto the frog and the fox. Sasuke evolved from the snake into the hawk. Sakura the slug… I really have nothing more to add besides good job and I’ll just ignore your “admittance”. o_o

  71. By the way, I’m probably pushing it, but I really did hear (probably from a comment on e621) that slugs actually feel good on the skin.

    It’s probably dependent on perspective though.

    And thanks for combining my posts super. I appreciate it. ❤ as person.

  72. For the ones that think Madara is invulnerable,

    Now that would have been the end of madara right there if he hadn’t cut off his arm.
    So don’t go saying stupid things like he’s invulnerable, cause all he dose is a better version of Minatos’s FTG.

  73. @Andy: No probs.

    @Eugen: Whoa, wait a sec. I don’t think anyone here sees Madara as “invulnerable”. Pein0avenue pointed that out already, I was being blatantly sarcastic in my post, and I’m sure Redbaron knows Madara isn’t invulnerable too.

    Edit: Or maybe not…>_>

    @Anyone: I have someone else in mind for being Uchiha Madara and I’m sure it’d make Dro happy…>_> (will explain later)


    Here are some links for you, Super. You might like the last two, if I remember correctly. Maybe you’ll also enjoy the first two. I don’know. *Shrugs.*

    They’re Naruto-related music videos. I don’t want to give much away, sorry.

  75. “No attack works on Madara!? O_O Oh God, then the only way to ever defeat him is to send in Naruto and talk him to death right!?”

    You’re finally catching on. Naruto is gonna smack-talk Madara and Sasuke back to the day when Uchiha’s were around in abundance and considered nice little pets for Senju children. They’ll be begging Naruto to kill them.

    @ Eugen,

    I find your lack of faith disturbing…

  76. @ super, I actually think that the key points in the “who is madara debate” are:

    – Did he rally die by Hashirama’s hands, if not good for hi, and the one holding Naruto now hostage is probably him.

    – Did obito really survive and got reconstructed by Zetsu somehow and now claims to be Madara in order to achieve his goal.

    – And when the mask’s were switched, I’m talking about this ones:

    The fact that Tobi?Madara had the long specific hair when he met Itachi somehow proves that he was indeed Madara, but when we see him whit the new mask he has the Obito looking hair, sure he could have just cut it off but that doesn’t happen that much in manga, a sort of a rule that only breaks when a character achieves something dramatic in his life or something like that, so what happen’d in the time the two masks were switched is crucial and so is the time Madara supposedly died at the valley of the end.

  77. @ baron, what lack are we talking about here, cause from what i remember this is what i posted last and is far from faith lacking as u say:

    I see Kisu started a 1st great WRA blog war here, I say this, find a way to save all people and set them on the right path. Got that from a blond kid in a manga I’ve been reading for a while now.
    Our world may be harsh to a lot of people but effort is being made all around us for the greater good and the most important thing for us to do is to take part in that effort, because just like in Narutoverse, here we’re the younger generation and we are the ones who are going to change this world for the better.
    And trust me every little bit of help counts a hell of a lot.

  78. It really does Eugen, because without that little bit, we would not have the great amounts. Because if everyone left it to someone else, no one would be doing it. And if one person leaves it to someone else, someone probably won’t do it.

    Of course we’re humans and imperfect, and I don’t know about you guys but I have a hard time ALWAYS trying to help.

  79. @ Eugen,

    It was a reference, never mind if you didn’t get it. >__>

    On a serious note than, I know Madara isn’t invulnerable.
    It’s gonna be tough nailing him with a counter though and attacking is not an option. That only leaves genjutsu as a good attack but we have no clue how genjutsu effects Madara.

  80. Everyone remember how clones weren’t Naruto’s strong point? And how he doesn’t like to read? I think like the shadow clones, and like Jiraiya’s book, Naruto’s going to end up finding a new form of genjutsu to use – one that requires way more chakra.

    He’s probably going to make things a reality using his chakra, to some degree. Oh shi- Rather than JUST influencing the mind and its chakra pathways.

  81. Issues of morality and ethics are very much relative and delicate. We each have a conscience shaped and molded according to our actions and decisions. The lives we lead and the experiences we live through determine our standing in any matter. That’s what makes every one of us unique. That’s why we each have opinion. The way I see it, there are only so few things that are ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. There will always be variables.

    All I’m trying to say is, we want to debate on matters supported by fact and logic rather than personal inclination. That way, everyone’s happy! Yay!

    Kisuzachi: I beg your pardon! My butt is far more firm…I’ve got buns of steel! >_>

    @Andy: You know, it wouldn’t surprise me much, if Kishi had most of that in mind in making his characters. From what I gather, his storytelling tends to have quite a bit of symbolic significance.

    @Super: Uchiha Shusuiii!!

  82. I love starting up debates 😀

  83. yeah it would make sense somehow if tobi would be shisui but how did danzo have his eye and arm?
    the discusission we have is the same about sakumo hatake. was he a hero or a douche?

  84. @salamiyo, for screwing his village over, a douche 😉

  85. Its out!!!

  86. Damn you MADARA!!

  87. nice chap ! ^-^

    and its only the beginning…

  89. I can’t wait until next week. This chapter didn’t really reveal anything new to me. I knew Naruto would survive and I knew Madara got the Kyuubi out of Kushina… And thats all this chapter basically showed.

  90. u knew naruto survived?
    WHO TOLD YA? 😛

  91. Awesome chapter because Minato is a straight badass! We’ll finally get to see what happened in the fight between Minato and Madara. The fox knew who Madara was btw. Recognized him even and there’s only one Uchiha the Kyubi would know that I can think of…

  92. @salamiyo I hope I didn’t spoil it for you but Naruto did make it past the ripe old age of 1 minute.

  93. I’m really looking forward to itachi and how he got involved in the events

  94. nah that was no spoiler for me 🙂
    i only hope minato and kushina survive =)

  95. but dont tell me!!!!
    i was getting mad on that guy who told me that the titanic will sink before i watched the movie!!

  96. @Noom: What events? These ch.500/501 events? Itachi had no involvement with them. He was a little boy. He didn’t find madara until he was already a mature badass:

    @super: I’m pretty sure the Kyubi recognized him because of the fights b/w himself and hashirama (when hashirama used the kyubi against him) that happened before Kushina’s period as the host, as in here and here

    Were you confirming that madara is in fact only madara or were you implying someone else?

  97. I also wished that they would have got this flashback out of the way, as sweet as it is, before they went and showed us Naruto all lookin like the sage of 6 paths. These good writers are good salesmen too. They keep us on the hook!

  98. yeah and i dunno but i felt like watching the first episodes of the anime again :3
    its somekinda sad how it all turned out, i mean naruto is so lonely… he woke up alone, theres no one waking him up or making him some food, instead he was eating his cup of ramen alone in the morning, happily looking forward to his first day as a ninja…
    its weird but it rly touches me somehow, even when konohamaru says “everyones not respecting me as an individual, they only see the grandson of the sandaime hokage”, naruto is the son of the fourth hokage, its crazy, maybe they would treat naruto the same if they knew hes the son of the yondaime hokage.
    theyre rly the same in some way 🙂
    i like how kishi is telling us this story, though no one ever expected the story to be that much difficult, i dont think kishi ever implied that in the first place…
    well now i wanna see how they defeated zabuza, see ya laterZ 😀

  99. is anyone but me upset that Kushina didnt die right away? Anyway, looks like I was right. If Minato had killed her when he had the chance, then the Kyubi would be dead too, but since he was too weak to do that, now just his wife is dead. Silly, silly Minato. Seriously, the only real ninja in this entire manga was Zabuza.

  100. I hate to spoil it for you, but Minato sealed the Kyuubi in Naruto so as to give him extra power to defeat Madara, because he realized that Madara would end up being an extreme problem in the near future. To the village and to the world.

    If Minato had killed Kushina and thus the Kyuubi, Naruto would not be getting this extra power. Things would most likely not go the entire way they were supposed to, and he might not be able to see Sasuke as a sort of friend/rival before they went onto the same team.

  101. if this was star wars, everyone except zabuza would be on the dark side… lol (not to be confused with who is evil or not) because everyone acts based on emotions and are unable to let go… not to say it isnt hard, but they signed up for that as ninja

  102. @kisuzachi

    Actually, you don’t know that the Kyuubi would have died. The seal is what binds a Bijuu to its host, and it is that bond that causes the Bijuu to die when the Jinchuuriki dies.

    In Kushina’s case, the seal was weakened, so killing her may have just released the Kyuubi regardless, seeing as how the bond between them was near severed.

    Just to let you know, Kisu, valuing life isn’t a weakness. Wanting to save a life isn’t a weakness either and wanting to protect those you love isn’t a weakness either. A leader who does not value life is weak and a leader who just sacrifices others around himself for the “greater good”, before looking for an alternative first is also weak. Zabuzu also mentions that Shinobi are human as well, as much as they may try to deny it, but maybe you forgot that. He also loved Haku, so how was he any different?

    Minato also based his decision on his knowledge at the time. Remember that he didn’t know about the Moon Eye plan, or the Juubi, or the threat the Bijuu posed, so what exactly do you think he was supposed to base his decision for killing Kushina on?

    Did he just absorb that information into his mind through osmosis and gain eternal enlightenment, thus knowing exactly what Madara was planning and how to stop it? Psh… <_<

    As Andy mentioned, he decided to seal the Kyuubi into Naruto to give him the power to deal with Madara in the future. He did that based on what he knew at the time and that was that the masked shinobi he was facing was stronger than himself and that he needed to give him son something to help him defeat that threat in the future. Remember "that jutsu" that Jiraiya mentioned Minato possibly wanting Naruto to complete? maybe "That Jutsu" is the only thing that can defeat Madara.

    Of course, until we know what it is exactly, all you are doing right now is speculating that killing Kushina was the best choice. Minato wasn't being a weak leader by sparing her, he was simply basing his decision on what he knew at the time instead of acting rashly and stupidly. A weak leader is one who makes a decision without thinking about it carefully first. For all we know, it might have been the best decision he could have possibly made, depending on what "That jutsu" actually is. Maybe it is a completed form of the Hiraishin, that will allow Naruto to effectively combat Madara's own space-time jutsu or resist it.

    in the end, you are just being incredibly cynical. Maybe I should just eat you, but then I am afraid I might be infected. <_<

  103. @kizu nope it’s just you and your asshole self Note: I’m only going by what you said since you did call yourself an asshole.
    If Minato could kill Kushina in cold-blood in other words losing his whole family. Then what’s stopping him from becoming a total psychopath, his loyalty to the village, I think not.

  104. i imagine a situation, i would talk to the yondaime as villager and ask him “hey it must be hard to safe this village, isnt it?” and he said, “well i had to kill my wife and give up my son, so u all can live in peace and happiness *SMILE*” id look this way: o_O and i just doesnt want to live that way or with such a leader…

  105. @Kisu

    I find your disregard of human life disturbing.

    Seeing as Tenrai covered most of the philosophical part I would like to ask you a question. What if this was your wife, or girlfriend or someone you love. Would you be so quick to kill them. I think not. It is very easy to make decisions when you are not the one to suffer the consequences and you don’t have something dear hanging on the line. Think for a second how Minato must have felt knowing his wife would die, yet he went on to fight Madara, leaving her alone with Naruto. He did what was needed to defend the village and gave his life for it. If that wasn’t for “the greater good” I don’t know what is. Calling him a coward is a disrespect for everything he did and to everyone who had to do this in the real world.

    And besides, what does the greater good mean, eh? If it is the welfare of the village’s people how is sacrificing them doing them any good? Any leader who sends the people who trusted him, who looked up to him, to their deaths is a pathetic coward who only defends his own position of power rather than his people. We already have many such examples in world history and don’t need more.

    I really hope you were just joking with that one, but I rather doubt it.

  106. Anywhoo, as for Naruto’s whiskers, I just thought about it a bit.

    The thing is, the manga itself even refers to them as whiskers (on the one cover), so they definitly aren’t just an odd facial feature like Itachi’s weird lines.

    They must have some relation to the Kyuubi. In fact, a lot of Naruto’s features and behavior can be associated with that of a fox’s. He is cunning, mischievous, and uses trickery a lot (shown in his pranks and in battle). His whiskers are a more physical manifestation of that relation, but their are abstract references well.

    Like the colour of his clothes matching the colour of the fox’s fur. Even Naruto’s white collar in part one is similar to the white fur often seen around a fox’s neck area. In Japanese legends, Kitsune (which were mystical foxes that grew multiple tales in accordance to how long they lived) would also often turn into beautiful women to trick and deceive men, which can also be related to Naruto’s Sexy Jutsu.

    I guess Kishi just wanted Naruto’s character as a whole to take on the likeness of a kitsune, so that is where the Kyuubi’s relation to him comes in. I think that maybe it was because of the fox’s chakra shared with Naruto while he was in his mother’s womb. That may have affected his growth and given him some of the fox’s traits, as mentioned before.

  107. i dont think the kyuubi had any influences on narutos character/behaviour, he is naruto 🙂
    i think its just a symbol that they would be a great team 😀
    2 foxes 😉

  108. Awesome Chapter
    I somehow think Minato will do his sealing jutsu via Hirishin jutsu using Kushina as a catalyst to Seal Naruto becuz she got the Hirishin jutsu on her that would explain her Chakra being used for the Seal, her entire chakra body will proberly be absorbed by Naruto for the seal, Poor Kid 😦

    The Seal that Kyuubi was pinned to did anyone feel as if that represented the Moon and Earth in the Back Ground also those pins were Kinda like the Good version of Pains Rods.

    Also if Naruto in Time has the Kyuubi Extracted somehow like Kushina did because he Absorbed Kyuubis Raw power for Life would that Up his chances of Survival, cause hes got Sage Mode as his next Healing Factor if Kyuubi were extracted??

    If so would that also increase the chances of Reviving the Juubi, I think with Kyuubi’s Raw Hate it would most likely be its Will that Dominates the Juubi??

    Next 3 Chapters cant wait hope they just as Good, I thought Minato was ranked higher when it came to speed agaisnt Tobi with his Sharigan and All or was that him just manipulating the outcome of events??

  109. Also I rekon Itachi must of discovered the Identity of Tobi due to this Event, Maybe even awaken his sharigan in the process of the discovery connecting him deep in the Uchiha Conspiricy.

  110. in this events itachi mustve been a child… hes a REAL genius if he figures somethign like that out.
    i think im reading more about kitsune, theyre kinda interesting and resemble a lot of narutos character AND ability.
    maybe the name of THE JUTSU will be Inari xD

  111. ah just to explain whats so funny about “Inari”: its a kami closely related to kitsune in japanese mythology but the young boy in the first anime episodes (im re-watching again) the grandson of tazuna this bridge constructor is called Inari too^^

  112. Kisu, has anyone ever told you what a sick fuck you are? Seriously, seek psychiatric help asap

  113. I also noticed Kushina’s seal seemed to be very different from Naruto’s. Even the way it kept the Kyuubi trapped (In chains as opposed to a kage) was completely different.

    Maybe Minato changed the design not only to allow Naruto to access the Fox’s chakra more easily, but also to make it harder for Madara to free the Kyuubi again like he did with Kushina. Not that Naruto is going to give birth any time soon…

    At least, I don’t think he will. O_o

  114. @Ms. Mandy

    LOL, I love your sincerity! 😀

  115. @ Tenrai – I think Itachi lines are from lack of sleep, he was raised during the worst part of ninja and thus I feel he always had so much pressure on him that this lead to show his burden that way (or its genetic)

    Brilliant Chapter though I do not agree with kisu what I don’t understand is why did he waste time taking Kishina back to naruto she was gonna die why waste the time, though the sentiment behind it was good and probably important later he may have spared a few lives if he had only started the battle then, also I have a feeling the 3rd Gonna show up soon, so Minito can explain the whole protect naruto etc

  116. @pein: i think kushina will have a role after this, i always remember what jiraiya said: the most important things hokages did was right before they died and somehow i consider kushina as hokage too, since shes the wife of minato and the mother of naruto.
    sandaime? i dont know his role, but remember tobis words: danzo would be able to control the kyuubi too, maybe he did something behind the scenes.

  117. @salamiyo – yeah it worked out in the end that he did do that since Kushina sealed herself in Naruto too and that was helpful, I just feel Minito couldn’t of known that or maybe he had already thought with the 9 Tails out he would have to seal it in Naruto since he is only a child now and apparently that is when the sealing occurs??? I am not sure though and he could of known he himself couldn’t both seal the beast in Naruto and be on the battle field, I think he will somehow transform that energy to Kushina and she will in turn seal it in Naruto perfectly…. I wonder will the sealing tech work on madara??

  118. @pein: i dun think that minato thought “hey maybe my wife can be useful so lets try to safe her too!”. its more like he wanted his family to stay alive, remember his teachings: “dong not the right if you not it is right is the cowards way, every soldier is a strong soldier under a valiant commander.”

  119. darn it shouldve been: “doing not the right thing if you know it is right is the cowards way.”
    i think this sealing affects tobi somehow, i think the chakra needs to be connected somehow when tobi uses genjutsu to control the kyuubi.

  120. @salamiyo – though he must of known she would die regardless, its supposed to be that fact when the Kyuubi is exracted the host dies, Kushina was able to stay alive cause she was “something special” but I do not believe it will be forever also the Death God Sealing Tech is supposed to draw the person into the users stomach yet the 4th some how sealed it with in Naruto, so some sort of transfer must have happened, maybe he teleports back to Naruto and asked Kushina to transfer the seal while she can giving the beast to naruto not cause he had to but to give him the power to defeat Madara/mask man… What is interesting although Itachi is still young he is looking after Sasuke, why is this highlighted how will this effect his ideals etc. I do think maybe Itachi will figure out something big about the Uchiha, and also why did tobi tell Sasuke it was an act of nature.. he basically told Sasuke he helped kill his clan but he won’t tell him his involvement here… ?

  121. @pein: the sealing of the kyuubi happened with 2 seals, 1 was the shiki fujin, sealing the dark and evil side of the chakra away and the second was the four element seal.
    tobi had to tell it to sasuke this way so that he believes konoha blamed the uchiha out of ill-will and they didnt have proof that the uchiha were behind this attack so. tobi implies that konoha justified the massacre of the uchiha this way, based on lies, so that tobi is the good and misunderstood guy and konoha were the evil guys making itachi kill his whole own clan except the most precious “thing” in his life: sasuke. remember, sasuke wants to revive his clan, not only take revenge.


    Are those all Tobi’s eyes and if they are WTF is going on in the last one O_O I mean that not MS is it ?? and if it is its none we seen yet?>

  123. no… its a picture that tobis sharingan is overwhelming the kyuubi, remember manda had sharingan eyes too when sasuke controlled it.
    but tobi got a sharingan collection of over 100 sharingan-yes, we dunno their purpose yet and we havent seen it until now.

  124. @ Mandi (in response to your comment directed at kisu) – Amen!!!

    Thanks for having the guts and the bluntness to tell Kisu what many of us have been thinking for months 😀

  125. @Tenrai Senshi: “Not that Naruto is going to give birth any time soon…

    At least, I don’t think he will. O_o”

    Ahh… Mpreg.

    Also, you’re right about the possibility of the seal being so weak that it wouldn’t kill Kyuubi; although I think if anything it would end up actually just taking away some of his chakra permanently? Seeing as the seal IS still partially there. But yeah, you’re quite right.

    @xIReFleX: I wasn’t thinking it. I thought it was ballsy of her to do that though; although at the same time I just feel that Kisu has his own opinions on things for whatever reason. Besides, I’m pretty sure he’s not making any important decisions that involve the well-being of others as a priority. Which is pretty much all the time.

    @pein0avenue: Your comment, because I misunderstood it, made me remember the lockers filled with Uchiha eyes, and it makes me wonder if perhaps the Mangekyou Sharingan is not so eternal after all. That, or maybe he’s preparing to revive his clan in a different fashion, with him as the sort of savior of it? It’s possible. And seeing as he lied before, he might’ve been lying about the MS being eternal. Then again someone might’ve mentioned earlier that MS was eternal if taken from someone else. Etc. etc.

    You know, when I think about it and let my mind get off track, I’m glad that Kishi put Ao into the series, with his battle-earned Byakugan and all. That was really cool.

  126. Lol! OMG, the bombardment is too much! I must deend Kisuzachi!!

    To save money on food production and thus better our soceity, I think all babies below the age of 2 should be used as farm tools!!

    *picks up random toddler* Now you’re my hoe. >_>


  127. Hot damn, did I miss something? It’s like an old fashioned witch hunt in here…

    Well Kisu, I would back you up if you were making any sense but…

    All I can say is for people not to judge others off of the discussions on here. It’s a manga discussion! Discussion about about people and events that are not real. Just because someone’s opinion differs from yours on this fictional story doesn’t mean there’s something wrong. Just because you think the differentiating opinion is wrong doesn’t mean you should judge the person based solely off a discussion about a manga. It’s not like we’re debating war and civil rights here. It’s about Kushina and Minato and Madara and a giant chakra being they call the Kyubi. ~_~

    @Chapter: I just noticed Madara basically took control of the Kyubi’s complete and full form without the Mangekyou Sharingan. He just used his regular sharingan which is odd. Either Kishi messed up here or Madara is just so powerful he doesn’t need to whip out the MS to take over the Kyubi.

    @Pickles: LOL OMG! That’s so wrong! XD

  128. @supertrek89

    *Puts down pitch fork*

    Does that mean I can’t eat him? T___T

    But seriously, it isn’t so much the comment as it is the idea behind it. There are some things that will always be sensitive subjects, no matter what context they are discussed in. It’s the same as racism. Just because you discuss racism in a story, doesn’t make it a subject that is any easier to discuss, even if you are not using real life context, and if someone says something offensive even in that context, that doesn’t mean people will just ignore it and say “Oh, it’s just a story, so his comment means nothing.”

    I won’t hold any grudges, but there are some subjects that are just very personal. T__T

    Anyway, as for the manga…

    Madara’s Sharingan did actually go kinda weird when he started controlling the Kyuubi. The tomoe disappeared and stuff until all that was left was the red around the pupil, so maybe something different was happening.

    *eats Pickles*

  129. I think madara is where orochimaru learned his reserection jutsu….And quite possibly could be the Uhciha that went missing before the massacre. Itachi could have been understudy to Madara. Like kabuto to Orochimaru. Or even an experiment of Orochimaru like Danzo. He could quite possibly be a “frankenstien”, type of deal….Orochimaru picked over the Firsts’ corpse like a buzzard. so who’s to say there werent more of the powerfull corpses he picked over and expierement on?

  130. Tobi bad guy rating went up by a ton in the last two chapters. He is filling the void of supreme which has been passed around alot but he is no Aisen. Naruto has needed a an epic bad guy for while and Tobi been on the back foot too many times for my liking. Bad guys need to get away with some stuff and now we are finnally getrting a true reason to resent him. Come on who do dislike more the guy locked away for attempted murder or serial killer. Tobi Ftw (will bet on it).

  131. I think the problem here is very simple. You guys aren’t thinking in the context of this manga. The people in this manga have ZERO regard for human lives. Genins are taught to leave their friends behind to die (as opposed to our world where no one gets left behind), children idolize people who kill for mere money and people prefer to fight rather than to talk. So in the context of this manga, killing Kushina should have been the FIRST thing to come to Minato’s mind. This isnt our world ppl 😉

    “Would you be so quick to kill them.”
    I answered this question up above actually. I said “This would be pretty hard to do. But once I think about all the innocent non-ninja that dont know a kunai different from a shuriken, I would take her out for their sakes, for their childrens’ sakes and for the future’s sake……”

    “He did what was needed to defend the village and gave his life for it”
    And a lot of Villagers’ lives got TOOK for it as well eh?

    “As Andy mentioned, he decided to seal the Kyuubi into Naruto to give him the power to deal with Madara in the future.”
    And in doing so, Minato has endangered the world. If he had killed the Kyubi Madara’s plans would have been filed forever and he’d have to go to war with 7 Biju, and there are many Shinobi that can beat Biju these days.

    “Actually, you don’t know that the Kyuubi would have died”
    We dont know if it wouldnt have died as well (even though all past evidence points to this). But what’s the difference to her being killed in an attempt to kill the fox, or her being killed after the Fox got extracted? I’ll tell you, one of these options has the possibility of saving the lives of many innocent people (not ninja, no ninja is innocent).

    “Kisu, has anyone ever told you what a sick fuck you are? Seriously, seek psychiatric help asap”
    Yeah actually. You told me that the second or third time we met on chatroll 😀

    Now I may be a asshole, but assholes have a tendency of knowing what they’re talking about (examples, Dr. House, Dr. Cox, and other less notable ones)

  132. @Ten, it wasnt Madara’s eye that was acting so weird, it was actually the Kyubi’s

  133. @Kisu: But Tenrai already brought up the point that Kyuubi, because the seal was weak, probably would not die all the way. Another point he brought up is that Minato knew none of Madara’s Moon’s Eye plan.

  134. @andy, common knowledge was that if a Jinchuriki dies, so does the Biju. So even if the Kyubi wouldnt die (highly unlikely), that should have been the 1st action he took. As for the Moon’s Eye plan, I doubt he’d know about that. But what he DOES know is that people want Biju, people fight for Biju and people kill for Biju, so why not just kill the frikking thing and ruin whatever plan Masky Mcmaskalot has?

  135. I just went and seen the New PREDATORS! Movie It was So Kewl..
    10/10 I recommend for everyone to go and see it it stays True to the Prequals.

    Come to think of it however when Minato Seals the Fox he does it with Naruto strapped to him ontop of Gamabuntan facing the Fox I dont think it was mentioned that Tobi was there otherwise people would of known of a Masked Villain. Because its Fact from the First episode Im wondering if it will stay True to the Battle scene shown in the first Chapter.

    @Pein: I think Tobi telling Sasuke the Fox attack was a act of Nature was because if he told him what really happened then Sasuke would of chose the right path. And also Naruto told his friends to stay out of the fight and they did maybe Sasuke would kill Tobi for even trying to kill Naruto, My Enemys Enemy is my friend well thats how It should end up anyway In my Opinion.

  136. @kisuzachi

    “But what he DOES know is that people want Biju, people fight for Biju and people kill for Biju, so why not just kill the frikking thing and ruin whatever plan Masky Mcmaskalot has?”

    He also knew something that we still don’t, like the fact that Naruto needs the Kyuubi’s power to defeat Madara for some reason. So yeah, he could have just killed the Bijuu in whatever manner you have suggested, but then he may have left the next generation without any means to defend itself.

    You can’t just make decisions based on such simplistic analogies. If you want to take the right course of action, sometimes you need to be patient. You can’t just think “OMG, there’s a bad guy! Let’s kill my wife quick in case he is after the Kyuubi!”

    That could lead to more harm than good, especially when you don’t know the enemy’s goals, which, of course, Minato didn’t. For all he knew, it was Madara’s plan to kill Kushina, so killing her for him would have been helping him. Just remember, it wasn’t Minato’s choice to make Kushina a Jinchuuriki, so he also had to act within accordance to the wishes of others. So its not like he could just choose to kill Kushina, whether there was a threat or not.

    People fight for land, does that mean scorching the earth is the solution to stop the fighting? Taking away everyone’s food and leaving them all to die?

    You are solving a problem by taking away the solution. And in this case, Minato saw the Kyuubi as the solution to defeat Madara. By biding his time, and letting Kushina live to use her chakra in the seal, he may have saved countless more lives in the future.

  137. LOL poor Kisuzachi!
    By the way, I know where you can find a psychiatrist… *gives him a card with the address of a serial killer, but he doesn’t know that* >_>…

    Seriously, like Kisu said, if you look at it from a ninja’s view, killing Kushina would have been the right thing to do because it would have saved lots of people’s lives and foiled the Moon’s Eye plan, but many ninja like Sakumo Hatake, Minato and Naruto wouldn’t kill someone they love to save other people. They aren’t the type of people that would sacrifice someone. 🙂

    Surely if they were people that would let their friends die to complete a mission they would have no problem killing Kushina or all the Jinchuurikis. 😉

    Like other people said, Hashirama should have killed all the Tailed Beasts when they weren’t in people because killing an animal (or a chakra monster) is completely different from killing a person. 😀

  138. If Danzo was in Minato postition, he would probably finished off Kushina, wife or no wife then fled like he did all manga did before assuke had his way with him (no homo). Although Minato tried to do what was best for his family the village did suffer greatly for his actions. It kinda goes with the theme that the ninja life is too hard.

    I find it funny how 4th went down as a legend and Kakashi pops was tomented to the pont of suicide when they both took risk that could affect the village. Hey it seems leaf is pretty fickle because the only difference is 4th died to protect those close to him and Kakashi’s father survived but still out his life on the line. Or maybe the secret of the night was only known to those in the room and 3rd. Even still do think the village would despise 4th like they did Haruno?

    If I was 4th I would not have sacrificed my life so freely for the Leaf villager as society there is cruel and unforgiving at times. I can see why the divide between the village happened. I would of fled with my child and wife but being Hokage he signed up for it as it is part of the job. Tsunade was right, Hokage is an idiot position. I think almost all the Hokage have died prematurely and I’m sure 5th time will come too. I’d rather be Anbu assination, sounds like fun too me and less paperwork.

    On second thought all of the villages seem pretty mess up. Cloud deeds in the past seem border line evil, rock/stone or whatever they are called kage seems danzo esc, sand is quite simply creepy desert folk who seem kinda emotionally removed at times and mist is corrupt with tons of in-fighting. I would of choosen to live in whirlpool after that description but that got erased from the map. Seems one of those crappy filler villages would be the place for me as being samuari means instant death on confrontation.

    Don’t watch the last post as I really can not type. try and piece it together. oh well

  139. I meant hatake sakumo, jeez i need to work on this posting thing

  140. Can someone direct me to the page where it says the bijuu dies when the jinchuriki is killed?

  141. @Tenrai, exactly. It wasnt Minato’s choice to make her a Jinchuriki. They selected her and she went with it, in other words, she accepted it. She could have slit her wrist if she didnt want to be a Jinchuriki. Becoming a Jinchuriki means giving up your status as a human to become a weapon. She was a liability. Also, even someone with half a brain could tell what Tobi’s plan was. He just happened to show up when the seal was at its weakest? And just happened to demand the Jinchuriki?

    Also, just because Minato couldnt beat the Masked Man doesnt mean someone else couldnt. Nagato is stronger than Minato, so was probably Jiraiya, A the Raikage, Itachi etc. Hell, if the Kyubi had been killed right there then Nagato would have no reason to even create Akatsuki which means all the countries would still probably have their Biju because the homicidal maniacs of akatsuki would probably have never met. See how many possibilities taking out the Kyubi presents? Having a Beast of Ultimate Hatred doesnt seem like a smart idea, because after Tobi’s gone, someone else will want that power etc.

    Silly sill Dragon, serial killers are terrified of me. 😉

  142. To add, if Biju could escape corpses, why would Akatsuki need to take Jinchurikis alive? And if they can only escape corpses when the seal is weakened, why wouldnt Akatsuki kill the Jinchuriki and weaken its seal (since many Akatsuki members come from the same Villages as Jinchurikis)? Most importantly, why would Madara go through all that trouble instead of just pushing a kunai thorugh Kushina’s head? Jinchuriki dies = Biju dies.

  143. But why would the kyuubi threaten sasuke about killing naruto? If the kyuubi dies when naruto dies then the kyuubi would have been terrified by sasuke and not threaten him instead or atleast have a “oh shit” look on his face.

  144. Off topic, but i really hope the Fourth pulls out a rasengan at least once…it was his technique afterall. Even though he’ll pass right through Madara, like Naruto did. Or maybe the fourth connects once while using his thunder god tech, and thats why Madara is now always completely covered up cause his body got messed.

  145. If Minato had killed the Kushina and in doing so possibly destroying the Kyuubi that could have led to the destruction of the leaf because if Nagato had not had a reason to create Akatsuki then the other villages would still have their Jinchuriki leaving the power out of balance and causing the next ninja war. But in this war the leaf would not fair so well because other villages could use their Junchuriki against it without fear of equal retaliation.

  146. @rnsinha, but if killing Naruto would release him then he would have let Sasuke kill Naruto from the Valley of the End now wouldnt he lol? We still don’t know the relationship between the Kyubi and the Uchihas so maybe that’s what the Kyubi was talking about

  147. @thatwhichisbored, and that’s where it all goes back to Hashirama.

    Kisu 1, Hokages 0

  148. I still don’t understand how the blame falls on Hashirama because if he had destroyed all the chakra monsters then there would have been nothing to stop the war because the fear of large scale retaliation was what stopped the fighting. Their continued existence might cause more trouble in the long run but at the time distributing their power to bring peace was probably the best course of action.

  149. I actually think that this whole, kill the jinchuriki and the bijuu dies, is a load of crap, if a bijuu is extracted then the jinchuriki 99% of the times dies, so that leaves the beast alive, what’s to stop the monster from surviving after a host is killed.

    It’s only logical that it will survive, even break out of the jinchuriki once he’s dead, cause that’s what would have happened with the sage of six paths, and it’s the only piece of info we have on the matter.

    It doesn’t matter if the juubi was 10x stronger then it’s divided beast forms, the actual bijuu are still the biggest masses of chakra out there and they are just as potent as the juubi would have been when the time for breaking out of ones body came. The only thing keeping them at bay is the seals that the jinchuriki are branded with, and once the jinchuriki dies the seal would lessen and the same thing that happen’ed with kushina could happen to anyone.

    It’s actually more logical thinking they will break free then die, being masses of chakra I doubt the can die altogether.
    Even if we saw that they can take a lot of damage, like the hachibi when raikage cut off one of his horns, but the tails even if sasuke cut one off, it still had all six when Bee met with Naruto.

    As for this chapter, it was awesomeness, Minato was a total badass, and Tobi is really a powerful dude, can’t wait to see the next few chapters, I can already see great things to come.

    Oh and as for the whole ” what happened to Madara’s eyes witch in fact were the kyuubi’s eyes just as kisu pointed out, what happened actually is, if you look closely the tomoe of the sharingan get dilated a lot and u can barely make out a bit of the end of them on the far edge of the pupil. I hope I spelled that wright.

    I’me guessing it was just like what happened to Manda.

    Yet this is more like the sharingan genjutsu on manda’s eyes seem to vanish like there effect on the snake is over, witch is actually what happened, not quite like Tobi, and from this I gather the MS is not a necessity in trapping either a summon beast like Manda nor a tailed beast in genjutsu.

  150. The bijuu are basically chakra monsters, how can you “kill” chakra?

  151. I meant to say the hachibi had 8 tails when bee met up with Naruto in stead of the seven it would have had prior to Sasuke’s amputation.

  152. @ rnsinha, my thoughts exactly.

  153. I hate to say this, but as far as we know, genjutsu is one of the most potent jutsus out there.

    It can manipulate a tailed beast, it can put a stop to death (IZANAGI), it can torture u for a long period of time in a short amount of real time, it can alter all your senses and make u divulge all your secrets, and it can trap Pain.
    Plus many other things we still don’t know about.
    What if Sakura, being a genjutsu type as she is, starts training in genjutsu and becomes a better user of Genjutsu then Itachi.
    Now that could be her new achievement, seeing as how Sasuke has the EMS now, and Naruto is the new Sage of Six Paths, Sakura should also gain a super power-up.
    I’m not a Sakura fan but that would make me really happy, to see her achieve something like that, and it would even out the balance between them a bit.
    Cause just like the sannin were close in power, each with ther own specific style, so should there students be.
    The path to filling in the shoes if you will.

  154. @ Kisu – If Leaf lost their Bijuu the balance of power would of been lost, do you think USA will destroy all there nukes and hope the rest of the world do the same, its called M.A.D = Mutually Assured Destruction. The Peace now is a forced Peace, think about it.. Pein wanted to create peace through fear, the only reason there was peace now is cause the people feared the consequences of a war. and even that was risked by the Sand and Sound.. Chunin exams… if the Kage’s first meeting ever was caused by Bee kidnapping/running away can u imagine how much they hate each other, except certain villages seems to ally…

    @ Eugen – Sakura do something useful… what have you been reading 😛 Genjutsu better then Itachi, I will be so pissed off 😛

  155. “Madara Uchiha’s ultimate plan, the Moon’s Eye Plan, involves recreating the Ten-Tailed Beast through the other tailed beasts, become its jinchūriki, and then project his Sharingan onto the moon to cast his “Infinite Tsukuyomi”: a worldwide-scale and perpetual genjutsu which will allow Madara control every living being on the planet, uniting them under him and creating a world with no war nor hatred, and making himself the ruler of the world.”

    Kizu… Root for him since this means Peace


  157. “there would have been nothing to stop the war because the fear of large scale retaliation was what stopped the fighting.”
    And is this any different from Pain’s philosophy? Pain’s is only on a much grander scale. I love when you guys help me prove my points :D.

    “What if Sakura, being a genjutsu type as she is, starts training in genjutsu and becomes a better user of Genjutsu then Itachi.”
    Please, never use the words “Sakura” and “better than” in a sentence unless they’re separated by “is not” -_-‘

    @Eugen, so far its never been outright stated in the manga. But all evidence points to Jincuriki dead = Biju dead. Unless you can find a reason why Akatsuki needs all the Jinchurikis ALIVE (which makes it infintely harder to capture them), why the Kyubi was terrified when Kabuto nearly killed Naruto, why they needed a new Jinchuriki when Mito was about to die, why the Kyubi heals Naruto’s injuries, why the Shukaku prevented Gaara from killing himself, and why the Kyubi even gave Naruto chakra back when Jiraiya pushed him off the cliff. All Kishi needs to do now is to just come out in the open and blatantly say it. Jinchuriki dies, so does its Biju.

  158. the First Hokage didn’t want to destribut the power of the beast to ensure peace just for the leaf but peace for all the nations between themselves if the Leaf kept all the beast they would not be touched by the outside cause with about 9 beasts I think its fair to say they would be too powerful, but maybe they didn’t want to have the surrounding nations in a state of constant war, be it for trade etc

  159. @pein, nah, Madara’s coolness took a severe drop by him having the Sharingan, and took a serious nose dive after he saved Sasugay… I hate Sasugay. I’m indifferent to Madara, he’s kinds cool, but Sasugay makes him kinda lame. I’m not for his plan though. People need to come to peace on their own (Pain’s plan would force everyone to be peaceful) and not be mindless peace zombies with Madara as King.

  160. Everything I said is pretty much the reason why my favorite Village is Kirigakure. Those guys are/were real ninjas. Killing to graduate, not hesitating to kill deserters, putting the mission above all else, killing secretively rather than huge conspicuous battles (no wonder Kisame didn’t fit in lol), 7 cool swordsmen with 7 cool swords, guys with sharp teeth, Zabuza, Kisame, Kimimaro…yep, Kiri is awesome.

  161. @ Kizu – lol Pein wanted to inflict the world of pein on people first and every now and then destroy people to force the peace, though this is a forced peace it was still more of a choice… PEIN was just awesome anyway


  163. @ kisu – lol and who was in control during this awesome time in Kirigakure! Madara ^_^ dude I love it when u contradict 😛 he is the leader you always wanted 😀

  164. Kisu I know what u say is wright, but consider this.
    What if when you kill a jinchuriki the contrary to what I said happens and the seal that’s placed on them traps the Bijuu inside, only to be released by someone that knows how to open the certain seal.

    I’m just speculating as we all are, and to me it’s silly to think that u can throw your best jutsus at a Bijuu and not kill them, but when u kill the host it dies as well.

    And as for Sakura, as I said I’m not a fan by far, but u have to think in perspective here, and realize the fact that kishi will try to even up the scales here and not just with Sakura but the whole Konoha 11, we were show’en a little bit of improvement from some of Naruto’s friends in the Pain ark, but due to Katsuyu’s insistence we haven’t been show’en what the can really do.

    It will be to pointless to have Naruto and Sasuke have an all out Goku vs Buu fight and the rest just keeping to themselves.
    Especially now when Kabuto brought back almost all the akatsuki members back to unlife.

    I’ts common sense that the ones resurrected are gonna be dealt with by the konoha 11, gaara, bee, kakashi and so on.

  165. @eugen: no one said that these guys stand a chance against THIS summons, we dunno what theyre capable of, cuz madara wants to use the power of his biju, otd be great to see them with the power of a biju 😉
    naruto and sasuke are the most special between the special people, even with sage mode alone naruto is in a way different league than the others. i woudnt like to see such a powerful sakura.

  166. @Pein, >_<! GAH! You almost had me there. It was YAGURA! And yes, Pain WAS awesome :D. I became a fan right after he delivered his monologue. Before that, Kisame was my favorite…sad I know

    @Eugen, I'd cry myself to sleep if Suckura re-kills NAgato T_T

  167. @kisu:
    we know 3 things about yagura and the time he was mizukage:
    first: he was manipulated by someone
    second: madara is called mizukage by kisame
    third: ao fought shisui uchiha back then, we know shisui had the ability to control people.

    strange circumstances.

  168. *reads Salamiyo’s comment*
    *quickly realizes I’m losing*
    Err…Madara BACK THEN was a good leader 😉

  169. @Kisu: Yagura was in charge during that period, BUT someone was controlling him… That someone was Madara!
    I think only a few people knew that, the Kiri village elders and the missing nin Swordsmen of the Mist, explaining why Kisame said that Madara was Mizukage, because he pulled the strings and payed shark stew to do his dirty work.

  170. Bah! That means nothing. Kiri was still awesome…..and then I met Chojiro T^T There goes the ONLY ninja village

  171. well yagura was the host of the sanbi too (strange on this famous jinchuriki picture, the background always reminds me of tobis mask…) and until today i miss something… for example: how did mangetsu hoozuki die? or why does this yukimaru filler guy look sooo much like yagura and why did the crystal women had the mission to kill yukimarus mother? oO
    maybe just coincidences?
    but to say that a guy like zabuza, called demon, killing hundreds of students in cold blood without regret and mercy, even wanted to kill yagura and be leader himself, that mustve been a hard time Oo
    but i dunno how shisui is involved in all this, his mission was to watch over itachi, its too strange, why did ao have to fight him, shisui mustve manipulated someone, but why? and whos the good guy???
    obviously shisui was with akatsuki BEFORE itachi was… i just dont get it…
    SUPER HELP ME!!!! >_>

  172. If you look at Pains solution to find peace and what Hashirama did they do have some similarities however the difference lies in who controls the power, and that powers intent.
    In Pains solution you have a single person/group that contains massive stores of power with the intent of using it to frighten people. So that means in Pains solution that power will be used and since no one can stand against the power it could eventually be abused.
    In Hashirama solution you have the power distributed so that no one group is too powerful. In this solution the power does not have to be used at all every group just needs to know that the other group has that power and if one group were to abuse the power they were given the other groups could come together and stop them.
    Neither solution is perfect or even that good but Hashirama’s solution is the better one because it gives people a choice.
    Hokages 1, Pain 0

  173. the only thing i want to say regarding the kisu-tenrai debate as i think it should be named, is that peins argument was that “to protect your friends, you have to kill mine.” Now i agree with the majority of you, that Minato should not have killed Kushina, and that a life is a life and you can’t be like, i will kill 999 people to save 1000 cuz it doesnt work that way, you want to protect everyone. So, i get it, that killing your wife is like holy shit, ur a psycho, just like itachi. we all think he’s somewhat psycho, but when u look back on it ur like, holy shit, he saved konoha. My point is, i would agree with Kisu completely, if Kushina was turning into something evil, or if she was like Gaara where she had no control over her bijuu and was killing people left and right. then yes kill her. but since she had control over her bijuu, and was not in any way an evil person, you can’t kill her. I mean in the world of Ninja, technically he shouldve, just like Sandaime shouldve killed Orochimaru. when you’re a ninja, trained to be a tool and ruthless and emotionless, its your job to kill for the greater good. Not for a normal person like any of us. Now that i think of it, KISU = AKAINU!!!!!!!! ABSOLUTE JUSTICE

  174. @thatwhichisbored, the problem with hashiramas as opposed to pains is more war. So either choose prolonged war, or immediate destruction and cycles of peace and war. I chose hasiramas obviously, but one thing you missed is that with pein, one group is in power. with hashiramas, 5 groups are in power, and all the little nations (like where pain was from) are destroyed…

  175. The biju dies with the jinchuriki. Remember when in Chapter 168 when Naruto was about to die… The Kyubbi was about to die too. If whenever the host dies the bijuu breaks free than Kyuubi wouldn’t be wondering why he is losing power, if anything he would be excited because he would finally be free.

  176. “Silly sill Dragon, serial killers are terrified of me.”

    No I’m not. *Adds Kisu´s name to “the list”*

    I do agree with you on Kiri being one of the ‘cooler’ villages. Why?!
    Reason 1;
    Reason 2;
    Every shark-man is just pure awesome and Kisame is a badass to boot!! Who else would say; “it will be a pain in the neck if this kid makes a run for it… maybe we should chop off a leg just in case.”
    Reason 3; Water. Water is cool and therefor one of the first things I long for nowadays. Man, it’s hotter than super’s love for Sasuke out here.

    About the manga;
    Man, Madara is seriously uncool. Minato is Subzero cool on the other hand. Even cooler than Itachi… Oh yes, I said it. And that’s not easy seeing as how Itachi constantly kicked the shit out of Sasugay for a magnitude of Awesome Points. The only thing that could have made Minato even cooler is if he’d said “I’ll be back in a flash” to Madara.
    I can’t wait for the breakdown on this one and the next chapter.

  177. “In Pains solution you have a single person/group that contains massive stores of power with the intent of using it to frighten people.”
    Not completely true. Pain said he’d GIVE the countries the weapon to use. Then the fear of the devastation it would cause would prevent war from breaking out again. Well, until the pain is forgotten, then they’d use it again etc… Pain isnt the one targeting countr5ies and blowing them up, the people of the world would do that for him…

    Seems I generated a nice debate here 😀

  178. Lol @kizu but Pain first objective would wiping out entire villages as well and everyone in it including the civilians.

  179. whatevs… pain is still the coolest naruto character ever… followed by itachi

  180. kisu is a homunculus <_<

  181. i just wanna show this again, cuz i believe in sakumo and minato and all their decisions they made, sometimes the higher good is just doing the right thing for someone, maybe thats the real “highest good”.

  182. “Man, it’s hotter than super’s love for Sasuke out here.”

    It’s that hot!?!?! That’s pretty damn hot. I hope you had some of Itachi’s special lemonade you love so much. 😉

    For anyone confused about whether a Biju dies with its host let’s do this by the book…or the manga.

    Before we start claiming things like a Jinchuuriki dies 99% of the time when a Biju is extracted let’s look at the fatality rate of a Jinchuuriki after a Biju extraction.

    So far it has a 100% fatality rate. The Biju and its host are connected. Yes, Kushina didn’t die “right away” (that’s the key word) but she is dying because the Kyubi was extracted and she ends up dying in the end. I think the only logical thing she could have done at this point was to give the last of her special chakra to help form the seal or place herself inside the seal on Naruto. She was headed for death the moment Madara extracted the Kyubi from her.

    Now does a Biju die just because its host dies? If the Kyubi so desired to be free why wouldn’t he just let Naruto die and burst loose instead of saving him so many times?

    Right? If the claim is that when a host dies then the Biju is free to go on a rampage then the Kyubi would have let Naruto die a long time ago. Further evidence is the Kyubi fading out along with Naruto’s life in his fight with Kabuto.

    Then of course there’s Akatsuki, who want to collect Biju, capturing the Jinchuuriki alive instead of killing them which would have been so much easier.

    So we can take all of that evidence pointing towards a Biju dying with its host or we can continue to speculate otherwise…>_>

    @Salamiyo: I’m actually working on a post with Shisui Uchiha and timelines and…stuff having to do with Uchiha Madara. @_@

  183. @superdude, in all honesty I was waiting for you to post the links >_>

    Well it looks like i was right. Kushina should have been killed. Now she’s gonna die anyway and the fox’ll still be alive lol

  184. but do u know it would solve the problem?
    dying? i dun think kyuubi would die, rather than disappear into another dimension or something.

  185. @Kisu: It’s a shame how people with differentiating opinions from the majority get treated so I thought I’d add a little something. I know how tough it is to battle an entire blog but it’s all in great fun. 😉 To bad some people can’t be less serious. ^_-

    I’m not saying I agree with your viewpoint though. I’m not for Kushina get a rasengan in the face. xD I’m just throwing out some information. Anyone can use it or it debate it at their own will.

  186. im tellin u super… kisu’s viewpoints are like akainu when he destroys the ship full of evacuating civilians to make sure no scholars are aboard…… u killed Ace!!

  187. @kisu

    You are still basing your debate and all your speculations on your own point of view and not Minato’s. You say that killing Kushina was the most obvious thing to do, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

    For all Minato knew, Madara might have been there to kill Kushina, so Minato killing her himself would be doing nothing more than furthering his enemy’s goals. So tell me, how is someone in a situation with no information as to what is going on supposed to make the decision to just kill his wife on a whim?

    Killing someone you love isn’t a decision anyone can make lightly, so I have no idea how on earth you expect someone to make that decision based on scant ideas or speculations of what MIGHT be happening. The thing is, judging from all the comments you always make about wanting to see “this” character die or “that” character suffer, it makes me think you just enjoy seeing suffering and that it is that reason alone you are suggesting that Kushina should have died.

    If everyone in the world was like Pein, everyone would be dead. Then everyone could just rest in peace, I suppose.

    You accuse Minato of being weak, and some others have also even tried to give their own views on the matter, but can any of you give me one example of a real world leader, past or present, who has killed their own family in cold blood for the greater good? I doubt it, so those kinds of words are empty at the end of the day. Until someone here knows what it is like to have to do something that extreme, all you are doing is talking without any understanding of your own words.

    If any of you has ever lost someone very close to you, you would know how incredibly painful it is and traumatizing it is. I am not sure how it is so easy to just suggest killing family in this manner and, amine or not, it is that mindset that disturbs me. If you can kill those you love with no hesitation, then what is stopping you from committing genocide or just sacrificing everyone? How is that making you a great leader? I can’t wrap my head around that way of thinking, because the thought of murdering someone who can’t defend themselves, regardless of reason, makes me feel sick.

  188. @supertrek

    Remember, it was also common knowledge that a sacrafice was needed to seal a bikuu into a host and that a host would die when that bijuu is exctracted and yet we have now seen examples of both of those being misproven to a degree. So clearly even things we consider facts may be disproven within accordence to plot changes. These ninja are not all knowing, they are also just human. So even for them, what they know may not be correct.

    I based my idea of the Kyuubi surviving even if Kushina died on the idea of the seal being weakened to the point where the kyuubi was already trying to free himself regardless. If the seal is what binds a bijuu to its host, then it might also be the seal that causes the bijuu to die when a host dies. If the seal isn’t there, then the bijuu can seperate itself from the host and free itself. In the same vain, if the host dies, the bijuu may or may not be affected.

    At the end of the day, it is just a theory. That doesn’t make it rightn but it doesn’t mean it is wrong either.

  189. @Omar: Nani!? You can’t bring One Piece over onto a Naruto discussion! This is absurd! *avoids Omar’s points* >_>

    @Tenrai: That common knowledge was only common knowledge in Konoha and Sunagakure while there were 3 other nations and 7 other Jinchuuriki with unknown and varying sealing techniques. Which is why I never believed someone else “had” to be sacrificed to make a Jinchuuriki nor that that it “had” to be done at or before birth because that was only going off of a slice of the pie. Kushina is the only Jinchuuriki that has not immediately died after extraction but her life is only temporarily and she’s quickly dying. Ultimately the rule of dying after your Biju is extracted still applies. Afterall, no one said it was immediate, just that you’d die.

    Besides that, I’m not saying your theory on the Kyubi living even after its host dies is wrong. Hey, maybe the Kyubi would live because the seal was weak despite the fact it was still in Kushina making her its host. I’m not even saying a Biju is guaranteed to die with its host. I’m just reading what the manga says. ^_*

  190. @ Tenrai/Super – I think if the Host dies and the seal is still at its strongest then the Bijuu will be alive still (since it is just chakra, but will be trapped in the hosts body and as the host decays the Bijuu will slowly deteriorate and disappear eventually. The Soul Reaper seal doesn’t kill the victim but traps the 2 user and victim in an eternal battle, maybe its not the link that kills the host or bijuu but instead the Seal (kills the Bijuu) and the physical trauma of the extraction kills the host?

    @ Everyone else – PEIN/PAIN is awesome… and just cause his methods may seem a bit extreme, it was born from the acts of Konoha, and other stronger Villages…

    @ Kisu – I think in the end if your idea’s where true I would be so pissed off cause there would be no Naguto/Pein Orochimaru would of just killed them as children… Though if he did it may have sparred a few lives :O

  191. @supertrek89

    Yeah, I was also reading what the manga said when I believed that a sacrifice was needed to create a Jinchuriki. Clearly, that same manga now seems to suggest otherwise, especially with Mito, who sealed the Kyuubi into herself without dying.

    So circumstances may differ from time to time, making things that may have been otherwise impossible, possible, like Kushina surviving an extraction. She may still be dying, or she may have eventually recovered, who knows, but we can’t really guess either way in the end without someone being able to debate the point.

    Oh and on your point about the debate, at the end of the day, I guess people become passionate about certain subjects. It doesn’t mean they hate each other, it is just a difference of views. Just because their are different odds or majorities, doesn’t mean we are trying to attack one another, it just means that a different amount of people believe in different viewpoints.

    If the entire blog was all for Kisu’s viewpoint and I was the only one who stood by my own beliefs, I would still debate to the death, because I don’t allow odds or majorities to change what I believe in.

    Next week, we will all be debating about something else, and a few weeks later, we would have probably all forgotten this debate took place in the first place, so it isn’t like we are all just going to hold grudges or hate each other. And by the looks of things, Kisu seems to be proud of his own controversy and the debate he has started.

  192. @ Supertrek – GTFO

  193. Man an awesome debate like this and no one told me?

    I believe Minato dropped the ball on this one. He should of taken care the issue of the Jinjurikken first. Whether it be protect/save or kill the threat. Since it was an extremely top secret mission, everything should have been planned out(not being ambushed, but the kyuubi being release.) The fact that his son was used as a hostage should have made him realise whats at stake. THE VILLAGE, not his kid, but the village. His first priority should have been to either fight Madara head on long enough for Kushina to get out of there(granted she just popped out a kid) and stall long enough to have some assistance or just flicker out of there. He could have had a shadow clone grab Kushina, while he went for Naruto. The fact that Madara still found out the location even though it was a supertop secret mission ment that it failed so there was no reason to try and do it himself. He basically followed Madara’s plans from the get go.
    @Tenrai: the fact the Kyuubi is sealed inside Kushina does mean they are tied together. Infact it now makes the Kyuubi and the host a symbiotic relationship. If they weren’t connect what would be the point of the taming those things like KB did if it didnt matter if the host lived or not because he could always find a new host or roam free like or whatever. Seals just help the host from being taken over and putting the bijuu in check.

  194. @shinobi: i dont get your point, in the end minato saved the village.

  195. @Tenrai, lets look at the situation. The masked man just happens to show up when the seal is at its weakest and just happens to demand the Jinchuriki. It’s blatantly obvious that he wants the Kyubi. The stranger also had the Sharingan. The first thought that should have come to his mind is “protect the villagers” then the next thought should immediately be “kill the Kyubi and foil his plans”.

    “can any of you give me one example of a real world leader, past or present, who has killed their own family in cold blood for the greater good?”
    Actually many leaders did that. To name 1, Caligula. Genghis Khan killed a man that was like his brother from childhood to adulthood in battle. Why? He did it for those who followed.

    “If everyone in the world was like Pein, everyone would be dead”
    No, if everyone was like Pain there would be no wars. Pain shows he’s willing to talk on several occasions, but in each case they “spit” on him and tell him to “piss off”. In a world where everyone’s like Pain there would be no pain as everyone would understand each other.

    “If you can kill those you love with no hesitation, then what is stopping you from committing genocide or just sacrificing everyone? How is that making you a great leader?”
    What’s stopping a person like that? Simple, the people don’t need a genocide. A good leader would do whatever it takes to protect his/her people, and in that regard, only Tobirama was a good leader. Everyone else made huge blunders (and im sure that the longer this manga goes on the more we’ll see about Tobirama and eventually he’ll fall into the failure group as well.)

    And instead of teleporting to a shack to tuck in Naruto, he could have teleported to Hiruzen’s house and give some Anbu his kid to hold on to, then confront the masked man with the Third (THE THIRD!!!!). Minato puts his family above those who elec- sorry, average people dont even get to elect their Hokages- he is supposed to protect

  196. @Kisu: Sounds like a nuclear weapon. Thankfully some people just seem to have a little sense, so we haven’t had any nuclear attacks yet, despite the tension.

    ““In Pains solution you have a single person/group that contains massive stores of power with the intent of using it to frighten people.”
    Not completely true. Pain said he’d GIVE the countries the weapon to use. Then the fear of the devastation it would cause would prevent war from breaking out again. Well, until the pain is forgotten, then they’d use it again etc… Pain isnt the one targeting countr5ies and blowing them up, the people of the world would do that for him…”

  197. @kisu.

    The difference is that Minato, as Jiraiya said, didn’t do things without reason. Why kill someone when you can fight to save them? To me it sounds like killing people to prevent a problem is just an easy and convenient way out. Minato wanted to find another solution first that didn’t involve killing his wife and there is nothing wrong with that.

    I the same breath, I am debating you on him killing Kushina, not on anything else, so I don’t know why you are bringing up other factors in the furst place. I also find it funny how you use a leader like ghenkas khan, who was notorious for his ruthlesness, as an excample of a good leader who nmade sacrafices for good. In the end, you an I will never agree, so I guess there is no point in continuing this debate. I am sorry if killing someone who can’t defend themselves sounds a-okay to you, but I just see that as murder. We have enough of that in the world as it is, clearly we are not lacking in that regard.

    As for pein, he was willing to just kill people on a whim, often for no reason whatsoever. Any instance of him talking or negotiating was just so he could say “ket me kill you and don’t resist.” So yeah, that point of yours was a bit empty in the end. What my point was actually in reference to was that if everyone in the world was willing to kill the person next to him to further his goals, everyone would be killing each other off and there would be no compassion.

    Well, that’s all I have left to say on this issue. You can reply in any way you want and I will read what you have to say, but I will never believe in that way of thinking and quite frankly, there is no point arguing about it.

  198. @Tenrai: “It doesn’t mean they hate each other.”

    Where in the world did that come from? o_O Surely I never said anything about people hating each other… You’re mistaken about something else too. People are attacking each other. You can just read some of the comments and tell that much. No need to sugarcoat it and some of it is actually quite blunt.

    I’m all for different opinions. I just can’t understand why people have to be…what’s the word? Assholes. Yes, have to be assholes sometimes to others just because someone doesn’t agree with them. Anyone can be as passionate about a subject all they want. When one turns into a passionate asshole is the problem.

    Right Reflex with the estranged sense of humor? Why so serious? ^_-

  199. @kisu well at least he like naruto

  200. @Superdude, bah. It’s just a debate. We should be glad that people are this passionate about Naruto…well at least Kishi should be (rich bastard).

    @Tenrai, well at least Genghis started a country eh? *handshakes Ten* Good debate my fine sir.

  201. Lol, Kisu I don’t care about the debate. XD I’m talking about R.E.S.P.E.C.T! >(0_-)><(^_-)< Unfortunately, I'm starting to see the respect people show for others slip in these debates and if anything, that really ticks me off.

    But anyway, I’m just generalizing and making too big a deal about it at this point so I’m going to not talk about it anymore until I see another case where I’ll just (ab)use my admin powers and start busting balls. >_>

    Lol, jkjk…I think… ^_^

  202. Each should be in title to there own opinion and by all means, they should stick to there comments and thoughts, but from my point of view, when a subject of a sensitive nature is discussed and makes a lot of people angry it should be common knowledge to drop the subject just out of respect for everyone else.

    I’m not saying we should restrain ourselves from exposing our point to it’s fullest, but we should do it in a manner that doesn’t affect so many people.

    You can’t try and convince a buddhist that Jesus is his god when it clearly isn’t for him, and so in the same case if we agree to disagree on something it should be done without the so much resent for the others opinion.
    Not saying we should agree with the majority but if I’re told that the subject you are enforcing is offending in nature it’s only good manners to refrain from continuing the discussion.

    Sorry if I offended anyone with my comment on the matter and personally I like to have my freedom of speech as well and I wouldn’t like it if someone told me to keep my thoughts to my self , but if I’m confronted with a situation were my view on a point is unwelcomed I would drop the subject out of respect for the others.

    And about the whole bijuu, jinchuriki issue, I agree with you Super and I am fully aware of the points u have made, all I am trying to say is that for this past years all we’ve known from the start slowly started to change with time’s passing and so could this situation.

    I know the jinchuriki are to be captured alive in order to extract the bijuu. But think about this what if the bijuu can’t be extracted from a dead jinchuriki because the seal closes it inside for ever.
    There are so many things yet to be said here and a lot have been said only to be untrue.

    Remember the first time Gai said how the Chidori worked, it was a load of shit, and had nothing to do with nature and shape manipulation at all, a fact that a jonin must have been well aware even one that doesn’t use ninjutsu like Gai.

    All variables point to dead host=dead bijuu, but kushina ain’t dead yet because she’s an Uzumaki, and my guess is if she didn’t gave her chakra to Naruto for the seal she might have pulled trough, that’s why I said 99% of the time a jinchuriki dies.

    U said a jinchuriki doesn’t have to die right away after the beast is extracted, but Gaara did die right after, so did Yuugito and so did Utakata, and this is not speculation, after the beast was extracted they fell dead on the ground with no sign of them being even unconscious.

    Say what you will but as long as Kishi won’t say it himself the subject will forever be taboo and it could go either way.

    From what I gather, if your body is really really strong in order to resist the blunt trauma from the extraction, you might have all the chances to survive the ritual with your life.

  203. Random statement: Jinchuriki extraction reminds me of liposuction.

  204. I’m truly enjoying the Minato/Kushina back-story. We’ve been waiting a long time for this. Finally, we get a full picture of the event that set this entire manga into motion. Naruto now has a mental image of his family. He gains the knowledge that his parents’ love was so strong that they would give their lives so that he could survive. He now also has a better understanding of his blood line. And more importantly, the honorable duty of being Konoha’s Jinchuuriki does not preclude a happy life.

    Hopefully the next chapter will answer a longstanding question. Was Minato a Sage? Although Minato might not have enough time to gather natural energy, Kishi might reference it during the battle. Regardless, it should be epic.

    Something in this last chapter put a wrinkle on my brain . Minato’s comment to Kushina, when he rescued her from Kyuubi, was rather odd. She asked about Naruto’s safety and Minato said, “I hid him somewhere safe.” He didn’t say “home”, or the “meeting place”, or “Hokage Tower.” Instead he uses an ambiguous phrase like “somewhere safe.” Could that “somewhere” be a safehouse that only Minato knows about? Kind of like the Uchiha’s secret room where Sasuke discovered the connection between Sharingan and the Kyuubi. Could Kushina provide Naruto the “key” to finding that room? Could Minato have left scrolls there for Naruto? Surely, the Hiraishin no jutsu must have been left from father to son. It seems like a logical progression, although Naruto will have to put a quirky twist on the technique to be able to master it.

    @Super- I read the “Death to Kushina debate” and it felt a little like de ja vue. I recall a similar debate over Itachi’s slaughter of the Uchiha clan. He exterminated an entire clan for the POTENTIAL to prevent a world war. That too was fodder for a lively debate. I’m pretty sure Godwin’s law was invoked in that debate. 🙂

  205. Naruto is getting more and more like Harry Potter. 🙂

  206. I dont think Kushina is dying… is indeed she is then it would involve more line for Minato before leaving and not just the words, iL be back. I think Kushina’s actions later would be very interesting.

    @jdb44: I like your theory about a place where Naruto would learn more about his ancestors just like the Uchiha room. I hope there is more to that.

    I think the masked man was Sasuke’s Father.. Hahaha sounds absurd but with the secrecy about the child-birth and everything i think he may have to most “hate” against Konoha.

  207. i know its a bit off topic but does anyone of you read bakuman ?_?

    its by the same guys who made deathnote annd what can be better than a manga ABOUT MANGA 😀

  208. p.s im with kisu @_@ pein FTEW

    i hope he hadnt commited suicide , how the big nations killed tiny (TINY NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO) he should have gone in each one and done a full power SHINRA TENSAI 😀

    imagine the raikage, bee , and the other kage’s flying away , who can stand up against god anyway ? 😉

  209. Here’s a mind-breaker for you, what if Hidan was a Jinchuuriki and got his Bijuu extracted. Would he die from it?


    “I’m starting to see the respect people show for others slip in these debates and if anything, that really ticks me off.”

    Yeah, it’s strange how someone who suggests murder is the best answer to war doesn’t get any respect. >__>

    It always got me a lot of friends. <__<

    But seriously. The only reason Kisu started his rant was because he hates Konoha and its characters. I would be pissed off too if my favorite characters got smack-talked back to the stonage. But that's never gonna happen because one of them is the title character, and the other two are dead (one is dead-ish).
    But I understand why Kisu keeps ranting well past Pain's talk induced death. What I don't understand is why he takes it out on Konoha and its residents whereas he should be taking it out on Kishi for making Pain/Nagato look like an invincible, immortal God and than killing him off by letting a 16 year old boy talk to him for too long.

  210. @jdb44- If Naruto Learns the flying thunder god technique no doubt he will find some way to use his shadow clones in order to make the Jutsu his own. Maybe make it to where he can send out a thousand clones to find someone and the one that does find him can auto-summon him right to the place.

    This chapter may be a foreshadow of the nine-tailed fox being ripped out of Naruto but Naruto not dieing from it being ripped out for some strange reason. Also did anyone notice that Madara mind raped the Kyubi without even having to use Mangekyo Sharingan? That brings up a question in my mind, since we have never seen the entity also known as Tobi use the MS does he even have it?

    Epic chapter and can’t wait for the breakdown =]

  211. @redbaron, I actually only hate Konoha and its characters because they act like they’re above the world and are the good guys when they do the exact same thing every Village does, try to survive. That’s my only complaint about them actually 😀

  212. @Jdb: Lol, that is correct. xD Itachi murdering his entire clan, women, men, elderly, children, and all is looked at as a necessity to prevent a potential calamity. “For the greater good” I believe is the argument people tend to use. It’s funny now how I read this discussion and “for the greater good” doesn’t seem to be a valid argument anymore. XD People love Itachi, I suspect people would still love Minato no matter what he did. 😉

    @Iamnot: Yep, noticed that bit. The thing is…we’ve never seen Madara activate the MS, EMS, or turn his sharingan off.

  213. @jdb Note: Madara whoever he is had a hand in it as well but Itachi is still a douche because of him that the reason we have Assuke the obsessed revenge gullible Emo.

  214. “I actually only hate Konoha and its characters because they act like they’re above the world and are the good guys when they do the exact same thing every Village does, try to survive. That’s my only complaint about them actually”

    Well your wrong about that too but atleast it explains your mindset and your strange, fascistic rant.

  215. @redbaron, question. Before Pain showed up, didn’t u think Konoha were totally pure and were the good guys? I sure did. but then after Itachi’s truth came to light and when Pain showed, it was basically Kishi showing us that ALL villages do the same thing.

  216. 216th

  217. @reflex wtf roflmao
    @kisu I have mixed feelings towards Konoha because look at Naruto’s childhood for one. I for hate the Third. He is the stupidest Hokage ever.
    Anyway besides Orochimaru and the sound village none of the villages has been designated as evil.
    Maybe Kumo with it’s chronic Kidnappings of my favorite characters. Regardless they’re still awesome.

  218. 218th…Sorry, had to -_-

  219. Oh, sorry, didn’t see I was copying Flexorz…

    Anyway, to make my comment actually have a point other than spamming, I’m going to say:


  220. Since a couple of you guys gave us noobs the chance to see a really good argument here’s your reward =).

    ps: i dunno if this is against some sort of rule or anything but i found this set of pictures extremely funny and i felt like spreading the lolz =)

  221. Also, i believe the Asian girl in the last picture of the first link is talking about us hahahaha

  222. 1st YEAH! BA+DATTEBAYO 500

  223. *can’t stop laughing*

  224. I’d love to see Naruto & Hinata, Shikamaru & Temari, Choji & Ino, Gara & Both Filler Episode Girls all have a child together in the “present Shippuden Universe”. Yes, bad me. I want to see all the couples have an unplanned pregnancy…..I’m sure they’ll prove good parents!

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