Naruto Shippuuden 159 Breakdown.

Hey everyone, it’s Tenrai Senshi here again with another weekly anime breakdown. For many, this last episode was one to definitely look forward to and I know for one thing that I was one of those people who were eagerly awaiting the battle between Kakashi and Pein, even though it was fairly short in the manga.

The episode also serves as a good indication of the quality of the battles we may come to expect throughout the rest of this arc and, to be honest, it was a very enjoyable episode in most respects.

However, the real question is, was it good enough for the fans?

*Notices a horde of Kakahsi fans led by Ahsan moving in this direction and runs away with hands in the air, screaming.*

'Ame Demolition Experts Inc.' now open for business! Don't worry about the hassle of booking with us, we'll call you. 😉

*Catches breath again and stands upright, before adopting a formal, even tone again.*

Every now and again, the anime arrives at a very important episode in the eyes of the manga readers who follow it, an episode that depicts a particular event, scene, chapter, or battle that really grasped us in the manga and one that we hope is equally enjoyable, or even more so, in the anime.

For the most part, these episodes involve some of the more epic battles we have witnessed so far, such as the fight between Sasuke and Deidara, or the engagement between Jiraiya and Pein. I must admit, I always become nervous when such mentioned episodes finally arrive on our doorstep, because I always have this lingering sense of dread that sits in the pit of my stomach and makes me wonder if I am about to be disappointed.

“Will it live up to our expectations?” I always ask myself.

For the most part, many of these episodes have, much to my joy, lived up to our expectations, while others have unfortunately fallen short. Now that we have arrived at what many consider to be one of the most, if not the most, epic battle arcs in the series so far, expectations are running very high and disappointment comes just as easily due to that excitement.


This episode manages to alleviate some of those fears and delivers in both excitement and action, while the animation has been somewhat smoothed out for the purpose of the battle at hand, giving it a slight edge over the last few episodes we have seen. It isn’t quite on the level as we have seen in similar battles in the past, such as the one with Kakuzu and Hiddan, and there are still some moments that seem a bit awkward, but the improved quality is still welcomed regardless.

Of course, the sound production is just as good has come to be expected, with Pein’s theme music really setting the mood for this confrontation, while the more somber melodies really help the more personal or emotional scenes near the end of the episode deliver their feeling in an more tangible way.

GAH!! You jerk! You made me break five nails! Do you know how long it took me to paint them all? Don't even get me started on the costs of a pedicure! X__x

Past that, there isn’t much one can really say for this episode outside of the bounds of what we have already seen in the manga. There are a few brief extra snippets that we haven’t seen before, but they are very short and mostly non-consequential in terms of the bigger scheme of things. However, in their defense, they do help somewhat in adding to the overall pace and excitement of this episode while really giving us an idea of Deva Path’s abilities.

However, even despite the fact that there is little filler content, or the fact that this episode actually only covers about two or three chapters from the manga, it still doesn’t feel slow or stretched out in any way, so much as simply fleshed out. Some may be a bit disappointed in the slight lack of extra content in the battle itself, but it still manages to deliver on almost every level despite that small shortcoming.

In fact, if you only watch the anime, it couldn’t even be considered a shortcoming at all.

Black holes... Make sure you stay far away from them. X__x

Once the other Konoha shinobi, including Choza and Chouji, join the fray, things really pick up a notch. Seeing a group of ninja attacking Pein all together, only to watch the scene shift into something that looks like it came out of the matrix, was a nice touch overall.

Of course, this episode isn’t only just about the battle. It also has a lot of heart in it as well. The sights, sounds and atmosphere help the more emotional scenes carry across that much better, and you can’t help but feel somewhat saddened by Kakashi’s brave sacrifice for the sake of the village.

R.I.P. Kakashi-sensei. At least, for now...

In the end, however, even a great hero such as Kakashi finally finds himself succumbing to Pein’s power, just as Jiraiya had before him.

The ironic part is that they both died trying to fulfill the same purpose, which was to pass on information about Pein so that others might use it to defeat him. Information that would later be used to great effect, which shows that his efforts were ultimately not in vain.

Those who watched the most recent filler arc will understand. <_<

Well, that’s it for this episode. It seems a lot of my steam was taken out of me from doing the manga breakdown just before this, so I apologize if the quality has suffered because of that, but I hope you enjoyed the breakdown.

Here are last weeks Caption Contest winners.

5th) Katz747: Konan and Co. Fine Coffin-makers since…..well….NOW!

4th) Safe Sex. That’s Konan’s shinobi way.

3rd) Nagashikage: … Is it in yet ?

2nd) To63to: Unfortunately Konan’s impersonation of the Alien was not as successful as she thought it was.

Naruruler12: Whoa, lady, you gotta take me to dinner first!

Well done to everyone who entered. I thought this would be a tougher one, but you guys have shown me that you definitely have a lot of… creativity… to say the least. O_o

Here’s this weeks screen.

*Insert caption here*

Well, that’s it from me. All that’s left is the preview for the next episode, followed by this weeks extra motivational poster.

And here is the poster. ^ ^

That missile might just get lost in there... X__x

See you all next time! ^ ^


~ by Tenrai Senshi on May 10, 2010.

34 Responses to “Naruto Shippuuden 159 Breakdown.”

  1. Great breakdown Tenrai. The mob is still coming. >_>

    I must agree with you on some parts, espcially the lack of filler in the episode. I was a bit disapointed to say the least. Had it been sasuke vs pein, the battle would have stretched into 3 episodes of epic fillers lol. But as we can see, kishi bias stardards of created content lacks only when his favorite emo isnt involved.

    Hopefully he doesnt do the same with naruto’s battle shortly to come agaisnt pain.
    I must say i did enjoy how the eploited the use of his sharingan at the end. I am looking forward to his return. R.I.P Kakashi.

    Great breakdown and way to impress. Looking forward to your next epic work Tenrai Senshi. ^^

  2. SECOND!!! 😀

  3. Yay, some random number depending on who posted before me. 😀

    Great breakdown Tenrai, the poster is a real killer.You just gotta love Chojis’ face.

    Pain:” Stop in the name of…oh shit…”

  4. Fourth!!!

  5. Great job Tenrai!

    The Obito, Rin, and Minato flying away in blue sparkles part was kind of dumb but I greatly enjoyed the rest of the episode. I really didn’t have many expectations and expected it to follow the manga and be over with quickly just like with the Itachi vs. Sasuke fight (which was way to short in my opinion).

    Besides that, Kamui FTEW!

  6. Whoa. I got in the top 5 twice. Master Yoda will be most proud.

    The way they portayed Kakashi’s Kamui powers was cool, and the part where it was following the missile … and the way they did Kakashi’s death was cool, when they showed him at the very end with his body stuck in the ground, face up. I also like that part when Pein was about to get attacked by shuriken, kunai, a wind-style gust and a giant fist, & they showed each weapon one-by-one matrix style until he just said the words.

    I just think that the animation is a bit off … it looks fanmade at some points. If only they could get the anime artists that do FMA … then Shippuden’d be REALLY fun to watch.


    1. “GET OVER HERE !!”;
    Pein’s audition video for Mortal Kombat 9.

    2. “I’m not touching you, I’m not touching you !”
    Powers of God, mind of a child.

  8. Caption
    ” Luke finally used the force”

  9. @Nagashi, made it into the Top 5 you have. Most proud am I 😀

    The Breakdown was better than the episode. They better up the animation for Pain’s huge shinra tensei and his fight with Naruto or ELSE (i do nothing)! IS it just me or has the quality been on a downward spiral since the Hidan and Kakuzu Arc? Compare this episode with Chiyo and Suckura vs Sasori and you’ll see what I mean >_>

  10. CAPTION:

    The quality of animation has truly suffered here…

  11. CAPTION:


  12. CAPTION:
    LAZYNESS – they didn’t even draw Pein’s piercings, or Kakashi’s leaf logo

  13. YES! I WON >__<

    Caption: Do the Michael Jackson! Pein: Give in to me, Give into me…

  14. Caption: The purple will consume you

  15. Caption: Come to the color purple.

  16. caption: Purple has more magnetism.

  17. Good breakdown.

    I liked 159 animation especially Kakashis use of the Kamui power it showed True MS qualitys with the Red sky and all. unlike his first use against Diedara I guess it was incomplete though now its completed.
    The Kakashi vs Pain fight was cool the artwork was good but imo whats always missing from a battle scene they could of extended is always Taijutsu and 1 or 2 nature jutsu.

  18. nice breakdown, tenrai. marshmallow reference FTW 😀

    really good and proper ninja-style fight. this is what fights in NARUTO were SUPPOSED to be. lots of taijutsu, high-class ninjutsu, and very little and unique genjutsu. oh, and minimal use of the stupid sharingan…..enjoyable fight. and the matrixstyle slowdowns were epic. PAIN PWNS ALL MUAHAHAHAHAHA @_@

    btw, RIP kakashi T_T……at least for a few chapters..>_> <_<

    CAPTION: Necrophilia. admit it kakashi, it draws you in O_O

  19. CAPTION:

    “They don’t call Kakashi “Pervy hedgehog” for nothing.”

  20. Caption:

    Pein: “Wait!!! Hold the frame right there!!! Doesn’t anyone else find the way Kakashi is flying towards me a bit disturbing?” O:_:o


    Pain: Now… where is the nine tailed fox? Wait, what are you doing? Stop stop stop Stop STOOOOOP!!! GAH!!!!!


    “Be like pain and say “NO” to perverted sex attack No Justsu*


  23. CAPTION: It’s not rape if you use Shinra Tensei.

    CAPTION: It’s not rape if you’re as awesome as Kakashi.

  24. CAption: Ninja padde ball it the newest craze.

    Caption: turn it 90 degrees to the left and you have ninja yo-yo.

  25. Caption: Wow Kakashi you’re pretty fast there don’t you think? At least take me to Dinner first -:_:-

  26. Great breakdown, Senshi!

    I liked this episode better than most of the recent ones. I loved your joke about the recent filler arc. ^^

    I agree with Kisuzachi, they better up the animation for the next like three episodes.

    Well, here’s my Caption…

    Caption: *Screaming Fangirls* OH… MY… GOD… It’s… CHIBI KAKASHI!!!!!!!

  27. Caption: Hey if can’t beat em throw yourself at em

  28. episode 160 was interesting, and the Anbu people in it really made a decent showing of themselves which was a real shock. A lot of it was not in the manga though.

    Won’t spoil it for any of you

  29. yeah it was pretty good showing of what Anbu can really do and why they are really Anbu I have a lot of respect for the Anbu now… cuz at first they seemed useless and like “They don’t seem to be that strong…”

  30. After watching 160, I guess Anbu arent so useless after all. Now i can let them watch my cat without worrying 8D. And Ibiki was just great! But once again, Pain proves why he….err…she(?) is Kami!

  31. All I’ll say about this Anbu-filler-jutsu business is that ripping a hole in space time in the sky and having mud pour out is the most retarded jutsu of all time… Really, I thought the animation overall in 160 was extremely lazy… Anybody else lol when the Anbu make a frikin oven for godsakes?!?

  32. don’t read if you haven’t watched the
    @adakias: yeah! it was so stupid, an OVEN! the whole in the sky was pretty lame too…i mean, earth release should be from the ground! and how did she summon the bird out of ibiki? and one last thing- how can ibiki feel her body heat with gloves on…? anyway, i was not expecting ANBU to be so useful. they even managed to scratch the summons. XD
    It’s not that i found this episode to be boring or bad, i just think some of the filler things were pretty strange/stupid…but i hope there are more!
    pain is just too powerful. i loved how animal path broke out of the torture chamber. and her voice was pure awesomeness!

  33. @truepainYeah, wtf was with that Ibiki jutsu the Iron maiden and the top of the torture chamber.
    @adakias I lol Biscuit firing jutsu.
    Caption: hey don’t touch the purple. I can’t help it it so beautiful.

  34. @ Supertrek – from like 28 posts up…

    You didn’t like the magic blue sparkles???
    It PROVES that Minato, Rin, and Obito are MAGICALLY DELICIOUS

    Also, as a crack-theory it Proves that Madara is RinMinatObito!
    – Dont ask how… I have no real reason

    *gets Kamehameha’d by Super for magically dumb joke*

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