Naruto 481 + 482 Breakdown: Double the Trouble, Double the Fun…UPDATED WITH CONFIRMED SPOILERS

Warning…this manga chapter is going to go emo on you, based on the spoilers.  And…we find out what we already knew – there is no hope for Sasuke:

Thanks to WOTG media –Penny


Wow, is this REALLY a Naruto manga breakdown? Yesh, yesh, it ish … Are we going to be doing Naruto manga breakdown stuff? Yesh, we will be … Can I have your babies? What?! No! … Come on, but it’s the month of luuuurv! Just one! We can even name it Supertrek89!!

Gee, how could I possibly resist? >_>

That’s right, folks! It’s little Cupid’s favorite month! And we’re gonna be kicking it off WRA style! …Regardless of the fact that it’s half way through <_<…

Sakura: " me...NOW!!!"

It’s true! Love is now by force! Forget romantic dinner dates! You’re gonna beat that sucka until he/she screams those three words through bloodied teeth! At least some people will have something to smile about this Valentine’s day. Others…not so much… Now if you will excuse me for a moment, I have some business that needs taking care of… *grabs a golf club and some rope, and puts on hockey mask*. Love hurts.

Alright! Hello, everyone! And welcome to this special edition double Naruto manga breakdown proudly presented to you by yours truly, Captain Pickles, the fast-becoming resident substitute WRA author (a title I’d actually be pretty damn proud of =P). I know a lot of us have been waiting in almost nail-biting anticipation for the summary, but unfortunately, Penny will be unavailable for a some time, and she had originally arranged for someone to substitute, but the person apparently is MIA, so I’ll be filling the crack for now. As usual, I can’t promise anything better than what you’re used to, but I’ll do the best job I can, while all you guys have to do is survive the ride to the end. Or you could decide to spare yourself and stop halfway. Your call, really =P. Well, buckle up and let the show begin!

Some familiar faces and surnames here. What do these shinobi from way back when have in store for us?

Well, well, somebody say epic? No? Errr, okay, then. Well, even if you weren’t exactly fond of these two chapter, you have to admit, it has gotten pretty interesting and twisted over the past few weeks. Events have finally occurred that many of us have been expecting, while others seem to have hit us straight from left field (one in particular). Danzo explodes in a giant ball of dark-colored goop, Sasuke is done walking into the Dark Side and is now at full sprint, team Sakura decides to take a power nap mid-mission, and much more.

We’ll begin with the infamous Douche Bag himself.

The title alone of chapter 481 crushes one theory that may have been lingering on in some of our imaginative heads. ‘Danzo’s Death’, as the chapter was dubbed, seemed a little too sudden for the lot of us. Many felt his reputation as a cold-blooded militaristic antagonist was hyped far too much only for him to bite the dust before his time (although one look at his wrinkle-infested face would have you asking just how much more time he had left…jeez, he looked like he could be older than Master Roshi’s grandfather…okay, maybe that was a bit too much >_>). Sasuke pierces his lightening blade through the decrepit old man’s heart. But Danzo isn’t done. He remains firm and is about to let loose his final suicidal strike (Emo no jutsu in action?) But first, of course, a flashback. Oh, how we just love those! What does Danzo recall?

One day, about six trillion years ago, when Danzo was 4, he and his six friends, Sarutobi Hiruzen (his arch-rival), Utatane Kohanu (aww, his little toddler crush…how cute), Uchiha Kagami (aka Emo-tastic), Akamichi Torifu (aka Donut, aka Pizza Stacker, aka I Want a Cheesesteak!), Mitokado Homura (aka E = MC^2), and Tobirama Senju (Second King of the Sandbox), were doing their thing out in the park when Tobirama spotted from afar the 20 big bag bullies from Waverly Place. He instantly knew there was trouble. He and his friends would soon be spotted and forced to hand over their lunch money for the next decade. After suggestions were made by the gang, he knew there was only one way. He was going to stall them so his posse could make a run for it. But before he performed this brave act of altruism, he had one final message for Saru: “You must protect those who believe in you, those who may get lost playing hide and seek, those that tend to land on their faces while playing jump rope, and you must train up those who still can’t hopscotch properly, those to whom you will entrust the next play bunch. Starting tomorrow, you will be…Third King of the Sandbox…the ultimate ruler of the playground” And so, courageous Tobirama embarked on his suicide mission (Uchiha Kagami had Emo no jutsu, too?!!!), never to be seen again, as he was forever propped by nothing but his tidy whities on a 200m high flagpole, forever to suffer the dreaded ultra-super-neutronic wedgie. Brave kid.

Where was I again?

Oh yea, so Danzo, after briefly flashing back to his past, releases his Reverse Four Symbols Seal. He is determined to end the lives of Madara and Sasuke for the sake of the Ninja World…or at least thwart Madara’s plans in the slightest, which he does. In his final moments, the old man thinks to himself in the most solemn of manner. He thinks about his rival, Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Third Hokage. He somberly acknowledges him as a man he could never catch up to: the leaves bathing in the warm sun; while he represented the roots groping forever in the darkness. His final thoughts resonate in his mind as he falls to the ground…

What really were you, Danzo?

All of that really got me thinking. Was Danzo really such a bad guy after all? Was he really looking out for the interest of the village and the world at large? Was he just going about it the wrong way like many villains (like Madara) have? Will I ever stop asking these questions? >_>

After that is over, Madara proceeds to Danzo’s corpse so he may retrieve Shusui’s Sharingan. I find it pretty interesting that Madara is so insistent on obtaining Shusui’s eye. Could this mean that Madara really does have just one Sharingn eye, that being the one visible through the hole in his mask?

Before he uses his toilet flush no jutsu on Danzo, he tells Sasuke he should go to the base and rest since he has already overused his MS (and we all know what that leads to).And he is in no shape to be heading over to the Leaf.

Madara: “You have to have patience in order to achieve your goals.”

And some more friendly advice: he tells Sasuke it would be wise for him to finish off Karin since she already has too much intel on them.

"The city never sleeps till they slip you with Ambien..." (Hope you guys listen to Jay Z =P)

“If you don’t have any further ‘use’ for this girl…then kill her.” I bet this wasn’t what Karin had in mind when she was flirting with that guy at the bar. Sucks for you, deary.

Following that, Madara ‘flushes’ himself into the same place he took Danzo. He learns that Danzo did, in fact, thwart his plans a bit. He crushed Shusui’s eye before he died. But something appears a little fishy about this little room…

I've figured out Madara's plan! He's going to become the new number 7 Espada!!

Ok, ok, is it just me, or does it look like right behind Madara is an entire bank of Sharingan eyes?

Alright, so we move along now. On to Naruto! And it’s a good thing he’s no longer eating snow or some of us may have been mighty pissed (yea, I’m looking at you, Super >_>)

So in the little hotel (or inn), Naruto bolts up from his pillow, and Yamato asks “You awake?” And I’m thinking “Well, wouldn’t you like to freakin’ know -__-…I mean, no friggin’ duuuuh.” Anyhow, Naruto asks what happens and learns that he fainted. He then asks where Kakashi and Sai are and I think Yamato explains. Yamato also says, and it wasn’t very much of a request, that he and Naruto are going back to Konoha. At this point I’m thinking “Yea, right.” This is when Naruto impresses us once more with his ingenuity…well, with a little help from Yamato’s…denseness. Naruto feigns an attempt to get out, but little does Yamato know that this blond hero is plotting his escape. Naruto lies that he needs to rest a little more before leaving for Konoha, and he goes back to lay down…like this…

Yamato, here's a little advice from me to you: when an adolescent boy has his entire body covered in a quilt, he's either cutting a hole through the floor with a knife, or he's...well I don't have to go into detail for the second part >_>...

Under the sheets, Naruto cuts a hole through the ground with a kunai knife he snagged from his man purse when Yamato thought he was trying to leave. A little while later and Naruto is home free! And in Sage mode! He quickly tracks down Kakashi’s chakra signatures and is hot on his heels.

So what about team Sakura? I don’t know, why are you asking me? -_-. Lol, joking, let’s see what mischief they’re up to.

Meanwhile, it looks like team Sakura is now within sniffing distance of Sasuke. Kiba finally finds him. Time for little miss pink hair to execute her plan. She tells everyone to stop quickly. First, she gets the exact location of Sasuke, and then she tries to put all of her teammates to sleep (naughty Sakura). But Sai is on to her. As Sakura is about to drop the bomb, he grabs her hand and foils her plans…or does he? He explains Sakura’s intetions to the team: she was going to confront Sasuke by herself. But Sai has a little something to reveal as well. Following Kakashi’s orders, he says firmly, he wont let anyone pass.

A little bout ensues. Sai uses his Chouja Giga, and after throwing a small, but still funny verbal jab Kiba’s way, Kiba then attacks, but is held down by Sai’s ink snakes, he is followed by Lee who moves in for the strike, but all of a sudden, and seemingly out of nowhere, bombs are dropped (literally). And before they know it, the members of team Sakura are asleep on the hard ground…everyone excluding Saskura herself who has a date with a little emo crush.

Not so far away, it seems Sasuke is taking Madara’s words of advice, and he is about to take Karin’s life in cold blood. Karin recalls what was quite possibly the first encounter she had with Sasuke a few years back. It is ironic, though. Back then, he saved her life, now, however, with blood-shut eyes, he is about to take it from her like it belongs to him. Yet, similarly, he blurts out the same two words he did to her that day…

What have you become, Sasuke?

It’s hard not to notice the difference between those two faces. They look almost like two completely different persons.

It looks all over for Karin now, and I now feel sorry for her, whereas, I previously didn’t really care.

In these last two chapters, I think Kishi has made it very clear what plans he has for Sasuke. From nonchalantly piercing his chakra blade right through his comrade’s sternum to attempting to murder them with no remorse or at least consideration, whatsoever, it’s hard to see him once again taking team pictures with the rest of team 7. Is it really over for Sasuke? Has he pitched his tent in the darkness with no turning back now? Or is there still a glimmer of chance?…Slim, but still a possibility. Is there still hope for this young avenger? What are your thoughts?

But at the very last minute, look who decides to show. It’s Sakura. And she has a little message for Sasuke…

What are you up to, Sakura?

The way things are shaking up, I have another question in my head…

I know a lot of us, reading that, thought “Wow, Sakura’s hair shouldn’t be pink…it should be another color…one with a name that starts with ‘b'”

But I actually believe she has a plan here. Sakura isn’t stupid. We know that. She has proved it to us time and again. And she is recently beginning to show her more sneaky, cunning side. I think there is far more to this than meets the eye.

But that’s for another chapter…and another breakdown =P.

So yes, that’s all for now, readers. Hope you enjoyed, and I will probably be poisoning your eyes once again very soon…so look out! >_>…<_<

Here’s le Bubbtion (bubble + caption…I know it’s bad, you don’t have to tell me) Contest picture. You can either post bubbles or captions or you could do both. Your material. Your call. Have fun with it.

Insert caption here...anything else is strictly prohibited >_>

That’s all, folks. See ya around.


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  9. YOSH!!! Great job Pickles and thanks for stepping in. We need more writers like that at this crucial time. 😉

    I agree about Sakura she isn’t dumb…sometimes and I believe she has a plan. Mainly what I said in the last breakdown, she’s only doing this to get closer to Sasuke and Madara. From there she’ll work something out.

    Even though Sasuke has perfected his Emo no Jutsu I believe there’s still a glimmer of hope for him and that’s Naruto! He really hasn’t done anything he can’t be redeemed from. He killed some samurai in self defense. Killed douchebag Danzo who’s still an ass to me. Almost killed Karin but in the end he didn’t! 😀

    So right now he can still be redeemed. I don’t know about the future him though as he slips more and more into the darkness…>_>

  10. Oh boy, what a chapter. Sakura, I think, plans to kill Sasuke, by way of “backstabbery”, if that may be a word.

    Lol, Pickles, you didn’t have to wonder whether there were Sharingan in all those cases, one was already shown up close:
    You can then barely see each one in that photo with all of them.

  11. Great job on the breakdown Pickles and well done. Handling a double breakdown couldn’t have been easy, but you did very well.

    I was hoping for a bit more insight into Naruto’s condition, but I guess it’s not so bad that things are moving along. Seeing him going after Kakashi in Sage mode makes me wonder if he will encounter Sasuke.

    If he finds Sasuke while he is in Sage Mode and they happened to battle, Naruto would probably win mostly because Sasuke has already been fatigued after his battle with Danzou. That’s why I have a feeling he and Kakashi will arrive just after Sakura and Sasuke have left. It may be too soon for a fight.

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    Kiba1: Outta the way Sai, Sakura’s right …
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    Sai: Bullshit, Kiba … I thought you said you wanted him dead because he’s the only known shinobi with a bigger wang than you.

    (Sakura: !!!)


  14. yeah! a breakdown and a good old fashion double hitter great capt.pikless defenetly funny.
    sasuke is bad ass in that pic no remorse or consideration after all those chakra filled hikeys and love bites.sasuke you dog.

  15. i was just thinking sasuke hasnt actually killed any characters who are good yet. they have all been S class missing nin odd how he isnt being thanked really because minus the 8 tails incedent all he has done is remove missing nin.

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  17. Awesome breakdown Captain Pickles, yet again.

    I really am curious what will happen with Karin and how will Sakura react when she finds out emo-boy is trying to off her.Also Naruto will either miss them by a margin or will try to stuff Sasuke’s face with bowl of swirling chakra but that, unfortunately, is unlikely.

  18. Great Breakdown Pickles!

  19. Did you think of the title of the chapter’s double meaning? “Sasuke… One more time.” O_O

  20. @Lousytv: LOL! XD

    WWSD? (What Would Sasuke Do?)

    I believe if we started asking ourselves that question for every time a hard decision had to be made we’d always end up with the same answer.

    ‘Kill everyone who gets in our way’ 😉

    that or

    ‘I’ll use Emo no Jutsu’ >(0_0)>

    @Chromer: Exactly, Sasuke isn’t such a bad guy after all. >_> Lol, he did kill a bunch of samurai (they’re not missing nin) but they attacked him first and Sasuke gave them a warning! Technically the missing nin he fought killed themselves (Deidara and Itachi). The other one Orochimrau was finished off by Itachi. Then the last person he fought, the temporary Hokage Danzo, also killed himself.

    See everyone Sasuke is innocent. People just keep dying around him. XD

  21. YOSH #2! I really laughed my ass off in your “introduction”, pickles, that was so great! *lol* And the rest was cool as well, almost perfect!! Kepp up the good work!

    @Trek: Of course Naruto is the glimmer of hope for Sasuke. I mean, the whole manga is about Naruto changing people, and his ultimate task is to change Sasuke. Of course that will happen, and it will happen very late in the manga, maybe almost as the last thing.

    @Tenrai: Hmm, I think that a simple meeting of Team 7 is still possible. Of course there will be no real fight because Sasuke is really worn out and Naruto is ready to go. But Tobi could be coming back every second and taking Sasuke with him. What is most likely to happen, I don’t know. Maybe Kakashi and Naruto will be to late, that could happen as well…

  22. Great breakdown capt. really funny man.

    This two chapters i think will be the start fort the next time-skip, the reason i say this is because like most of us speculated sakura will probably go with sasuke, naruto will finally catch up to kakashi and they’re gonna have a bit of a discution why naruto shouldn’t be there witch will cose them some lost time and in this time sasuke and sakura are gone.

    Well from here Sasuke will follow Madara’s ideea and rest a bit and probably take itach’s eyes hor himself, at witch point he will start traininga bit in the ems part of the sharingan and naruto will probably do as well…

    Actualy all i said isn’t gonna happen because in the kishi interview he said this is gonna be kakashi’s year so either he goes to konoha with naruto after they lose sasuke and sakura and kakasi becomes hokage, or he’ll do something really kakashi style and start trining naruto more. Either way the next few chapters are gonna be somewhat decisive for the manga because from here on we only have this scenarios of sasuke going after homura and koharu, kakashi the 6th king of the sandbox =))=)) and naruto training (either with kakashi or bee).

  23. Hmm, even though the fight is over and it doesn’t really matter any more, I wonder why Danzou didn’t use the “Crazy Weasel No Jitsu” he used before the Kage summit. I wonder if he was really going “all-out”. I mean, a crazy weasel has got to be worth *something* in a battle to the death, even if it’s a distraction.

    After all, if I flashed my weasel in the middle of a fight, it would at least cause a moment’s pause 😉

  24. Thanks a lot, people =). Me appreciate it a lot!

    @Nagashikage: Woops, silly me, I didn’t see the eye at the top-right corner of the page. Thanks for that.

    I’m really enjoying how the manga has been moving over the past few weeks. Apart from the fact that it’s moving really fast, it gets more and more interesting by the chapter. Hopefully it’ll continue to get better as we move.

  25. @Eugen

    it would be great to see naruto training with kakashi again as he gets great results but no1 can beat the j man.but i cant see a time skip just yet there is to much going on i dont think mandara would wait a few more years to catch naruto as it will be more difficult. and sasuke isnt going to wait any longer before he heads of to destroy the village.

  26. @chromer91

    I actually thought about a time skip too, but mine idea is a bit…well, shall we say extreme.I was thinking about something more on the line of maybe 40-50 years in the future where they all fight as cyborg ninjas.Naruto of course has become El presidente for life and is hunting cyborg emo-boy, who has a prototype sharingan bionic eye from Konoha R&D labs.

    Yeah, I know, it’d be awesome… 😀

  27. Hmm

    I am sensing a Naruto, kakashi and sakura vs Sasuke and Madara fight in the near future. But that would just be to good to be true lol.

    Knowing kishi things will be exactly how you guys say. Naruto And kakashi will get there just in time to miss sasuke and sakura.


  28. BUBBLE


  29. If there was going to be a timeskip now, I’d also bet on there being a fight between Naruto and Sasuke, kinda like right before the last timeskip. They fight, Sasuke goes blind and will use his brother’s eyes, maybe Naruto “wins” this time, evening out the score to 1-1 and when the anime catches up, they’ll insert a hundred-thousand more filler episodes…but I don’t see that happening.

    Then again, I don’t think I’ve gotten a single prediction right yet, so maybe it will…?

    Nah, it won’t.

    Oh and awesome breakdown…definitely one of my favorite writers on the site!

    1. C’mon Akamaru…just eat ’em!
    2. …Fine. I’ll do it.
    3. Choju Giga…Five Carnivorous Sperm!
    4. They’re…SLIMY, YET SATISFYING!!!

  30. Great breakdown Captain!

    I don’t think we will have a timeskip until Naruto has met with Raikage and Bee again, i just think that is something that has to happen especially in light of danzou’s death… BUT, i do think it will be soon… Konoha still needs to be rebuilt, and what a convenient way to make it like new again…

    My only prediction here is that if Sasuke asks Sakura why she wants to “follow him” (he could just try to kill her, idk, the dude has mood swings) I think she will reveal/confirm that Tsunade is dead or is definitely going to die… Then she will drop the “i love you” bomb on ol’ emo here, she’s quite fond of that strategy…

  31. @Metachi: Yea, I think that would be a bit unlikely, as well. But it would be funny, though. It’s like they’d be doing a best of 3 thing.

    Personally, I don’t know about a time skip happening, but if it did, it would be cool to see a Minato Gaiden…I know a lot of fangirls would flip over that.

    @To63to: Lol, wow, imagine 65-year-old cyborg Naruto using sexy no jutsu…*shivers*

    @Adakias: That’s actually a pretty good question. What will Sakura tell Sasuke? Another thing is that she isn’t fully aware of his objectives. As far as she knows, he has gotten what he wants.

  32. Oh, and Senshi, I think we both know where I’m headed with those materials ;).

  33. @supertrek89: wow, ur right.. i never thot of it like that.. Sasuke is innocent… he doesnt kill ppl.. they just die… he’s like James Bond… only sneakier!

  34. I posted this in the last breakdown, but i think it’s more relevant here so i’ll repost cuz i really want to know the answer!

    @ anyone: what was up with sakura on this page? —> she said : “is this really sasuke? it’s like he is a different person”. I was like huh?????!!!! and 0_o and @_@ cuz couldnt she remember that this was the same guy who tried to kill her, naruto and yamato after their 3 year separation? And the man she heard joined the akatsuki and did all those bad things? What was she expecting?? Didnt she already see that he was a “different person” a long time ago? gahhhh tell me please that was a typo cuz kishi made sakura look pretty stupid there :S

  35. @1angel2heart: “Stupid” is kinda the gist of Sakura’s central theme as of late.

  36. @nagashikage: LOL It really is.. its like Naruto’s never giving up thing.. only more determined..

  37. Even if Sasugay changes he still has to die for all his bullcrap >_>

    Didn’t Karin say chakra fluctuates when someone is lying? Didn’t Sasugay tell Deidara he can see his chakra? See where I’m going with this…? IF Sakura’s lying then Sasugay SHOULD be able to tell…….

  38. Bubbtion:

    Kiba 1: Its mating Season…you know what that means Sai

    Sai 2: For you or the dog?

    Kiba 3: ME! Surprise buttsex no jutsu!

    Caption- This is why you should get your pets neutered -_-‘

  39. @Kisuzachi: That’s an interesting point to note, but I get the feeling Sakura is, in fact, telling the truth. It’s most probable that she is intent on joining his side (but with ulterior motive than aiding him in his quest, or man hunt, if you will).

    On a side note, does anyone else think that entire stock of Sharingan eyes belonged to Danzo? Or maybe that one wasn’t his, but he still had access to one just like that? Madara did point out that he was present during the massacre. And that would explain why he so rashly used Izanagi at first, since he’d had a whole bank of the eyes to himself.

  40. @Captain Pickles

    You scare me sometimes… X__x

    *wonders if I should run away or hire someone to protect myself*


  41. @ pickles: i thought it was just Itachi and Madara at the massacre? Danzo was just the one to accept the massacre as a necessary evil for the sake of the clan.

  42. @Senshi: True love conquers all…>_>

  43. @Debito: check out this page:

    That’s where Madara reveals that Danzo was at the massacre.

  44. *pulls out popcorn and watches confrontation between pickles and Tenrai*


  45. 44th!!! 😛

    Damn, I haven’t been to this place in God knows how long!! It seems I missed alot though O_O (PICKLES DOING THE NARUTO BREAKDOWN!!!!! WTF!?!?!?!)


    *AHEM* … Anyways, maybe I’ll be returning to my role of WRA post spammer soon… i really dont know


  46. Nice pic flex. You choose the winning characters >_>

  47. Ha at least you’re not 45th Flex depending on how long it take me to finish this damn post.

    Hi guys it is Tai Night formally know as Black Ice here.
    Must say very entertaining break down Mr. Dead Man….I mean CP. So sorry about that.
    Plus the last two chapter have been very entertaining also. If you know me you know that I don’t like to read so I skip most…well all of the post but I know that you opinions was valid.

    Now this is what I think, Sakura had this whole thing plan out from the beginning, I don’t know about you but I still see her as the same old Sakura who told Sauske that she would do anything and she meant anything *Elbow Supa* you know what I am talking about, to stay with Sauske. So I think that she is still willing and able to trade on Konoha for the love of Sauske.

    Wait that would make a great dating reality TV show, I can see it now. Girl from the Mist, Sand, and the Leaf all fighting over Sauske. I shall call it “How Much You Love That Emo!”

    Supa quick, get the president of VH1 on the phone now, quickly before Mark get to them first. You know how he love stealing my idea’s.

    Now for my Bubble:

    Kiba1: Yes it is finally time for me to show what I can do.

    Kiba1: Thanks Kishi, nothing can stop me now!!!!

    Sai: What about Sakura drop sleeping powder -_-

    Kiba3: What!!! Like the hell that would happen, right Sakura!

  48. O__O that is a good idea.

    *plots to steal it while whistling innocently*


  49. @Chromer, Super, and Instalingrad: One thing you need to take into account is the fact that being truly malignant is almost just as much about the things you do as it is what you intend to or are willing to, and your frame of mind.

    Since he left the village, Sasuke has continued to develop such a disregard for the lives of others, including his own comrades. We’ve seen what he has done to them (Juugo and Suigetsu) and what he is willing to them (Karin) without even giving it a moment’s thought, all in the name of achieving his goals. We’ve seen what he intended to do with the Kages (and anyone else who comes within even the slightest distance between him and his goals), and would have done remorselessly if he was strong enough. He’s come a pretty long way from when he jumped in front of the bullet for Naruto during the Haku fight. So I think he’s already joined Darth Vader’s end now; it’s just a question of whether or not he can find his way back or can be pulled out.

    @Reflex: Oh, you wish I was dead. =P

  50. Awesome break down Pickles! loved the beginning XD


    @Anyone: Im going to make a prediction right now that Sasuke will take Sakura with him. Why you may ask? because he will still need to rebuild his clan even after he destroys Konoha. He might as well just take the girl that he knows likes him, it’ll make things easier in the long run. Plus he probably wont find anyone else… unless he… you know >_>

  51. Reflex is back!? Feels like olden times now. *rubs long gray beard*

    @Pickles: Since Sasuke left the village it’s true he disregarded his bonds with Konoha but afterwards he developed new bonds which he earnestly cared for.

    He even remembered the bonds he shared with his original team. It’s not like as soon as Sasuke left…

    “Since he left the village, Sasuke has continued to develop such a disregard for the lives of others, including his own comrades”

    It wasn’t until during/after the Kage meeting when Sasuke snapped that he truly started disregarding his own comrades. Also at the Kage meeting is the first time he killed so before then comrades and other people’s lives were still important to him.

    It’s true his dissonance has grown since leaving the village but he still had humanity left when he formed Team Taka. Heh, I still think he has some humanity left even now. 😉 He intended to kill Karin because she became a burden and needed to be disposed of. You gotta do whatcha gotta do. ^_^ Now of course I wouldn’t personally adhere to this method myself but I’m not Sasuke. Everyone is different and he’s cool for doing it his own way.

    @Ice: YOSH!!! Let’s run with the idea. Print it, cut it, sell it! 😀

    @BB: Unless he rapes people? o_O

  52. @ CP – Go die

    @ Marks – I chose this pic first -_-


    @ Super – Why the fuck would you have a beard?? O_O Is that the kinda thing NTG is in to??

    @ Tai Night – Who the fuck are you?? O_o

  53. Yep, that’s Reflex. Hell yeah, you know it! My long gray beard is the only reason why I got her! XD


    She has a weird thing for Gandalf and Dumbeldore but you didn’t hear that from me…>_>

  54. @Super: We’re actually on the same page here, Super. Note that I used the expression “continued to develop” to suggest that Sasuke’s decent into the darkness wasn’t all of a sudden, but poco a poco, he gradually slipped further and further through the cracks which has made him into what he is now. And as I said before, it’s a question of whether or not he can be recovered, which you feel is possible and that’s understandable =P.

    @BB: Pink-haired, neurotic, vengeful emos…that might actually work.

    @Reflex: Oh, you’re gonna have to wait a while before that happens…I still have a couple things I need to do before I go *looks at a certain someone* >_>

  55. @Pickles: Lolz, I don’t think we’re exactly on the same page here but fairly close. Seeing as how I feel it’s certainly possible for him to be redeemed and you question the possibility. 😉

    @Anyone: I wonder how long it takes for Naruto to get into Sage Mode. Depending on the time he took to enter Sage Mode, Sasuke and Sakura will definitely be long gone before he reaches them. That or Naruto will fall out of Sage Mode as soon as or before he reaches them if he didn’t spend a lot of time gathering Natural Energy.

    Maybe he left two clones behind to gather Natural Energy for him. That’d be cool. He doesn’t have to have that giant scroll on his back to disperse his clones outside of Myobokuzan right?

  56. I do not think it works that way super. Sage more only runs out when someone expends the chakra or energy. Atleast that’s what i thought. Seeing as how it took 2 rasen shurikens to wear off Naruto’s sage mode, i dont think sage mode will where off simple from traveling, unless of course, naruto runs into some unexspeted trouble.

    Ah, true enough. O_O


  57. Moreover, he HAS to have the giant scroll on his back. He has to re-summon the bunshins from the frog world and THEN disperse them. Like he did in the Pain fight.

  58. @Supa I am on CP side about this man. Sasuke is long gone. The darkness have taken over his body and it is no returning now. Karin still had purpose in my eyes. If it wasn’t for her Saskue would had died when he fought Killa B. Yeah sometime you do what you got to do but it is a way of doing it. These are people who put their lives on the line to help him achieve his goal but yet he easily push them a side like yesterday trash. Just face the Emo is fully gone now, and if Kishi some how try to make him redeem his self in the end because that’s his fav character, it would be bullshit. But I don’t see the light in his eyes no more.

    @Flex……..Don’t worry about who I be.

  59. Of course I wonder myself how Sasuke will be redeemed as I am sure he WILL be, because (did I say that on this page before?) the whole story is about Naruto changing people. With Sasuke being his ultimate task to change this guy.
    So, I am sure it will happen. But, of course #2, it has to be REALLY good so it can be believable and feel “real”. So Kishi will have to put a lot of effort into that. If it’s too simple, the whole changing will be bullshit, of course.

  60. @Captain Pickles: Well, Captain Pickles, if that is your real name!! i dont think that you’re taking into account just how emotionally unstable sasuke is right now and anything he does is complete null and void in a court of law.. furthermore i feel that your feelings conflict with the sanctity of your opinions and should thereby be struck from the records… but seriously… i really dont like sasuke and i’ll be laughing like a maniac when naruto feeds him his sharingan using friend killin emo-being ass (not sure how that wud work’s hoping!) and here’s hoping a hyena falls on that stupid sakura!!

    @supertrek89: Dont u see? sasuke had to kill karin… i mean.. somewhere along the way he realised just how stupid the name, Team Taka, sounded… i mean come on.. taka! TA-KA!! hahahha it doesnt even sound like a word anymore… pfft.. taka.. rofl…

    @Naruto: Dude… why’r u running? ur never gonna make it in time… or maybe u’ll get there to c Sakura french kiss him …

    @Kakashi: Dude… if u dont make it there in time… well shame on u… seriously…

  61. hey everyone. happy val. day
    man i hope for a team 7 reunion cause rigth now naruto needs to realize what sasuke has become with his own eyes and sasuke needs to learn that atacking konoha right now will be his downfall cause to me sasuke aint ready for a full streangt kakashi and less a sage mode naruto too strong a combo even madara coudent avoid a rasengan if it werent for his space time abilities so to me it woud put all on perspective to both as for sakura quit the lies pinochio u are not fooling anyone. and as if sasuke woud take you

  62. The old sasuke is def gone. like capt said he really doesnt care anymore. sasuke has missed or lost the jist of what being a konoha ninja means and that is protecting your comrades. He is not the only one who was sad or crazed by loss. The raikage was pissed off too but he didnt unleash a move that would take out his two attendants cause that evil and raikage dont play that. All im saying is of course sasuke will go back to the good side but he’s probably gonna have that last stand moment like danzou cause there is no way he can go back to konoha after killing danzou and becoming a high ranked criminal, would cause some more wars.

  63. @fuutonsavior lol i was thinkin the same thing. Maybe naruto will change sasuke in the final battle but it will result in him sacrificing himself to stop madara and the juubi although its a long ways off but i just cant see him going back to konoha now after that business with danzo, but who knows kishi loves surprising people, just like those damned people who sit on their front porches like statues on holloween with the candy bowl in their laps that grab your handwhen you take to many mini snickers *shudders*
    Ne ways i dont think we can base any Tobi is “such n such” therories off hair. I heard a few tobi is Yagami Uchiha posts on the last breakdown and im not sure if its been stated but in it shows madara with his original hair type during the uchiha massacre
    and judging by the pace of kakashi and the state sasukes in i doubt naruto will get their in time the next few chapters should be interesting though,and does any one know what happened to black zetsu did he say ne thing before he split? Maybe hes with kisame 😉

  64. alright i would say, regarding your poll on madara having one eye or two, he has one. because danzo showed us a way in this last fight that’s it’s possible. my guess is madara used izangi against the shodai hokage to fake his death. and in doing so caused him to lose his left eye’s eyesight. i mean he sure did know a lot about the technique when he explained it, so that leads me to believe he has personal experience from it. and it would also expalin why he wanted shisui’s eye so badly. whatcha think?

  65. i like your idea dish. after losing his eye, he probably wanted another one so he started collecting them. he must have taken all those eyes after the uchiha massacre. everyone’s after the sharingan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. Madara has, like, a truck load of sharingans.There is little logic in staying with only one eyes when he can easily have one transplanted.

  67. @Super: I kinda thought you were trying to say that Sasuke wasn’t all bad following the time skip (which I don’t contradict), but if there was some other gist in your comment, I didn’t get it. Sorry ;_;. The only thing I didn’t fully agree with was the Karin comment, but I chose to leave it.

    @Savior: Yea, I agree, he could have that last moment change of heart.

    @To63to: It’s very plausible that Madara wanted Shusui’s eye specifically because of its special ability. Plus, I kinda think those eyes belonged to Danzo (check out my previous comment). I know Madara still has access to them, but still…just saying =P.

  68. Caption: Kiba: COME HERE BABY! Sai: No Kiba: IT”S VALENTINE”S DAY! I RENTED A ROOM! AND AKAMARU…will be locked in the bathroom. Sai: Oh, all right…I can’t possibly ignore an offer like that.

  69. I think it will be a battle of naruto kakashi and bitch, i mean stuck up emo, i mean dumbass, i mean sakura teaming against sasugay.

    His ultimate emo powers have grown drasticall and fighting him one one is not wise. Unless of course you are someone like itachi, pain,madara, danzo exc

  70. Omg… I have a feeling someone is watching me…

    *notices rustling in the bushes in the back yard.* X__x

  71. ok i have 3 points to make here:

    1. What happend to mudshovel?!

    2. sasuke will say to sakura that the can join him if she kills karin to know that shes true to him (this will fit nicely in the sasuke kills no-one streak)

    3. AAhHHH another drawing error maybe? i noticed on this link that was posted earlier sasuke remembers naruto in a outfit thats a combination of his shippuuden outfit and his original naruto jumpsuit outfit, check it- vs.

  72. @Senshi: What on earth are you talking about? >_> *moves branch from in front of eyes* <_<

  73. @Pickles: Nope, you got what I was trying to say about Sasuke not being all bad after he left Konoha. That’s why I said we’re fairly close on the same page with one another. The only things we seem to disagree on are how far Sasuke has slipped and the chances of him being redeemed at the end. Oh, and that Karin issue but I could care less for her. 😉

    @Anyone: For all those saying Sasuke is absolutely developed in darkness and there’s not an inkling of light or hope left in him then you’re also saying Naruto is destined to fail in his mission. His mission of not only to bring Sasuke back but also his overall goal of becoming Hokage. It’s simple really.

    Sasuke can’t be saved unless there’s at least a slimmer of light left in him to give Naruto a chance. Something that Naruto can grasp on to or beat out of Sasuke. If there is nothing left and Sasuke has turned to the dark side completely then Naruto will not be able to save him. In all the past cases of Naruto turning people we know they weren’t completely evil (Zabuza, Gaara, Nagato).

    If Naruto cannot save Sasuke he will not become Hokage. As much as people would love to see Naruto just give up on Sasuke, lol, that will not ever be the case. Naruto said himself that if he’s not able to save a friend, if he’s not able to save Sasuke, he’s not worthy to become Hokage. Never give up, that’s his nindo.

    In conclusion, Sasuke is not completely evil and thus can still be redeemed.

  74. Truuuuuuuuue. Amen.

  75. ^^the reason kishi loves sasuke so much

  76. @ anybody reading this ^.^

    soooo it’s been awhile since ive posted , i didnt read comments but i will after i use “rant rant no jutsu”.
    OK!!! naruto gets shot in the back by a love arrow (who could be behind this i wonder ^.^) Saskue declares his atteaction to men and Sakura slash her own wrists…….Happy ending for everyone… >.<
    Danzo, wow that was crazy.As for the room he was taken to, who knows ,its prolly not eyes or BRAINS lol but to me it look like a morgue….meaning there are bodies in there. albeit for the eyes but still bodies. OK for what i think IS REALLY going to happen in the next 5 chapters. Kakashi and Naruto catch up to Saskue , they will prolly end up following sakue due to some arguement or sum debating about sumthing , they will end up disbanding when thery r attacked by tracker ninjas and Saskue's crimes come back to light…

  77. Bubbltion 😀

    2: I thought you enjoyed my snakes!?
    3: SHHHHH! not so loud!!

  78. lol ok ok i take it back . apparently , after readin sum comments , those arnt bodies in a “morgue” but as sumone stated already if u look closely at that pic u can see each individual eye in the chambers @.@ so i was wrong.

  79. @Captain Pickles
    Well, I too think Madara was especially interested in Shusui’s eye and actually was quite obvious but what I meant was that nothing prevents him from using one of the other eyes untill obtaining this one.There certainly is no logic in staying disabled when he can have such damage easily repaired.

  80. Here’s the spoilers for anyone who wants them. Kakashi fans have something to look forward to. Lol! 😉

  81. (spoiler)

    next chapter looks exciting sasuke doesent stand a chance against kakashi after that battle with danzo it would be to cliche for mandara to save sasuke this i think its gona be natruto who stops kakashi dealing a final blow.

  82. epic spoilers sound epic.
    YAY Kakashi my second favorite character after Itachi

  83. @To63to: Yea, I know that, I kept it in mind when I was making my post. See, villains tend to be very particular about what it is they want, even when they could very easily get an alternative. There isn’t very much of an impediment is he only ever uses one eye anyway which is the one seen in the hole in his mask. And obviously, he didn’t plan on doing any fighting himself.

    In addition, remember what he said to Sasuke: “You have to have patience in order to achieve your goals.” ‘Patience’ is le key word there. =P

    Anyhow, it’s all just a small thought I had.

  84. (spoiler)

    @chromer91, I agree, maybe if Sasuke was fresh we would have a Vadar/Obi-wan moment with Luke coming in to witness the final blow, but the guy is probably half blind and running on fumes. Glad I can now keep some respect for Sakura, thanks kishi

  85. @Captain Pickles
    Yeah, you might have a point there, besides, common sense isn’t that common among manga characters.

    Anyways I had a thought about Madara’s mask today.What if the sharingan allows him to see through the mask like a byakugan.So far we have seen him with an always turned on sharingan so he’ll be able to see like he wasn’t wearing one.That of course would mean he has two eyes and only wears a mask so he doesn’t freak people anymore that he already does. I mean, would you even speak to someone whose mask covers his entire face and yet he is still fully capable of walking or fighting.Also it covers his identity but that we already know.

  86. does this have to do with madara’s secret laboratory??
    this means that he might want sasuke’s eyes…

  87. Naruto confirmed spoilers are out…..

    …over on WRA…

    They are out pretty early huh?

  88. i have to agree with supertrek on this one. Sasugay is far gone into the evil, this is true. However, naruto is known to pull off amazing feets other then kicking ass.

    Lets not forget. Nagato had it just as bad if not ten times worse then sasugays state. He was the ultimate king of all emo’s @_@
    His killing spree was rampit and his frikkin name was pain for pete’s sake. If naruto can change PAIN of all ppl, then sasugay will be a simple task in my opinion.

    *glares at retired reset button jeremiah referred to* >_>

    Gee, i wonder if kishi is going to use this thing again?

  89. @dish11: Exactly!!!


    Does anybody find it a bit unusual that Sasuke is able to use up so much chakra and still be going strong? C’mon people!
    I’m still in favor of the “Dark Zetsu theory!” I’m saying Dark Zetsu is in Sasuke! I simply see Kakashi dancing with sasuke for a bit but then in comes Naruto! The question is will Naruto sense it right away? How would he be able to knock Dark Zetsu out of Sasuke? If we don’t anticipate this then we’re no better than those Hokages! LOL! J/K!!! Madera has tricked Sasuke into using his eyes way too much though… 😦 Poor kid! Never gets a break! Because of White Zetsu(Madera), that poor emo kid had to fight all of the Hokages AND Danzou!!! His eyesight will become dim and Madera probably plans on tricking Sasuke into coming back for Itachi’s eyes. Little does he know that Naruto will foil his plans again! aHaHaHa!

  90. Yes the link is necessary 😉
    Because i said it is ^_^

    Why should you care if i post a link to IRA anyways?
    It does not concern you what i do.

    Instead of complaining you should thank me for even bothering to post ANYTHING over here, afterall if it was not for me, you may have got the spoilers as much as an hour later 🙂

    IRA gets more hits, people here get a spoiler slightly earlier. We are all happy in the end because my link benifits us all, so chill man. 😀 😀 😀

  91. @ visionary the dark zetsu prediction is very good, i never thought of that but i guess it makes perfect sense since sasuke has gone all out from the fight against the samurai then with raikage and his bodyguards after that a round with gaara and the sand siblings, and after that a run around with the mizukage and mc hammer, and if that wasn’t enough he went up against the flying stone gomen barfing and his fat ass chunky cheese disciple, now that should have been the limit for most ninjas but sasuke went further, he gave karin a love bite and he was ready for the smackdown with danzou, who i might add was a bad ass old geezer with a lot of aces up his sleeve.

    Now my prediction is a bit different, I’me seeing sasuke weak from his overall exhaustion and kakashi moving in for the final blow (there’s probably gonna be a simpathetic moment were kakashi will hesitate) and just as kakashi is going for the haymaker naruto comes to stop them.

    And of course that’s when and i quote Sai “shit is about to get real”. And we’ll see if anybody’s gonna die frankly i didn’t expect the story to turn out like this but thank GOD he gave kishi such a wonderful gift.
    Cant’s wait to see what happens this past few weeks.

  92. @SCHY not to rain on your parade but we had spoilers way before your post…

  93. Oh well, we are all still happy in the end 🙂

  94. @Schy: Lol, I think you need to chill dude. Your comments are appreciated only when they’re helpful. We can do without all the pompous attitude though.

    “Yes the link is necessary
    Because i said it is ^_^” (Schy)

    LMAO, right…-_- I think I am pretty happy. ^_^

    @Tenrai: Thanks for the spoilers. >(0_0)>

  95. Wait…what?

    Where? >_>

    I dont see any spoilers….
    All i see are links, until Flex actually posts the spoiler…

    –Yo, the spoiler is up above; confirmed, too. Happy now???


    If you look 7 comments above yours Tenrai posted a link to the spoilers long ago. You should check for stuff like that next time and if you want to post spoilers you don’t have to post all they way over to IRA. It makes you seem kind of desperate for views though the blog already has enough hits. XD



    Heh heh…. I didn’t notice tentens spoiler post either…. but then again I dont really read the comments on this ghost town anymore, so “Meh.”

    All I saw was what looked like an attempt to get more views for IRA, so I responded with my normal flex-attitude…. Ahh well, at least now I’ll save people the trouble of clicking tenten or schy’s link, lol

    ~ ReFleX

  96. Sasugay attacked the world leaders, attacked an innocent man (Killerbee), killed 14+ guys who were protecting the world leaders (samurais) and took out one of Konoha’s elders. Even if he is “saved”{ he still has to pay for his crimes, and not just a slap on the wrist either. He has to die to make up for all the crap he’s done. Even Nagato (my favorite character) had to die and even in a wheelchair he was way cooler than Sasugay will ever be.

    @Super: T^T I dont even know you anymore. You actually *sniffle* think Sasugay’s cool *wipes tears*.

    I stopped thinking Sasugay was cool the first time I saw him, so I guess I never thought he was cool, but i respected his character, UNTIL the Haku fight. He totally showed off and acted like he was so cool only to be trounced and saved by Naruto (at that point Naruto became one of my favorites and right now he’s my 5th favorite). I find Sasugay to be a cheap knockoff of Vegeta. Vegeta is my favorite fictional character of them all and whenever I see characters like him my expectations go through the roof, needless to say, Sasugay’s off-screen development, and lack of manliness makes him an epic fail in my book. Most DBZ fans like Goku because he’s strong and unrealistically heroic, I like Vegeta because he never gave up and showed flaws like all of us have. Where Goku magically gets stronger with off-screen training we get far more details with Vegeta’s training and see that he indeed does train harder than the carrot. Sasugay is a Goku in my book, we NEVER see that emo bastard train, unlike Naruto never gives up and trains his ass off. *gets hit by a message in a bottle which says: “Stop ranting you douche!”*

    Whew, well that’s it. Now off to more important business *grabs a baseball bat* who threw that bottle? >8(

  97. @Kisu: Ah, Sasuke was attacked by the Kages, was attacked by Killer bee, killed 14+ guys who attacked him first and after Sasuke gave them a warning..

    Then Danzo killed himself. >(0_0)>

    Sasuke is just constantly being attacked the poor guy. He was just snooping around waiting to kill Danzo then Madara and Zetsu set him up. Not his fault besides the fact he was there in the first place. 😉

    The reason why Sasuke isn’t portrayed training is because he’s not the main character. No other character in ‘Naruto’ is portrayed training much besides Naruto himself actually, lol. We get flashbacks of people training (Rock Lee, Sakura, Hinata, etc…) and maybe a very small bit of a panel or two showing them train, but nothing serious as Naruto. We know though that all these ninja train the author just doesn’t focus on them because…well it’s he decides not to.

    Sasuke was with Orochimaru for 2 1/2 years so yeah he did train his butt off it just didn’t show it. He trained with Kakashi to develop chidori it just didn’t show it besides…in flashbacks. @_@ He trained sparingly with his brother Itachi and all the time by himself to impress his father but of course that was all covered shortly in flashbacks too.

    Kishi just doesn’t focus on training segments besides with his main character (Naruto).

    DBZ is a different manga and the author there decided to concentrate on his various characters training. I remember training montages for not only the main character, Goku, but also Trunks, Gohan, Goten, Piccolo, Yamcha, Krillin, and of course Vegeta. I don’t think Goku got magically stronger. It’s true he was naturally gifted but he trraaaiiiineeed like hell and it showed it to get where he was.

    When he was a kid along side Krilin, when he grew up and went in the capsule to train in intense gravity, the hyperbolic time chamber, the elongated time staying in Super Saiyan mode with Gohan, and much much more. I agree it did show Vegeta training harder to gain less results but by no means did Goku become magically stronger.

    Overall, just because Sasuke isn’t shown to train I don’t think he gets magically stronger or is cheap. Lol, because that would apply to everybody in ‘Naruto’ besides Naruto himself.

    *someone throws a bottle at him and it clonks him in the head* X_X

    “Shut the hell up Sasuke lover!”

    *grabs chainsaw and goes on a hunt* @_@

    Oh, on a side note it did kinda show Sasuke training when they were doing the ‘Tree Climbing’ (learning to control chakra in the feet). See, there we go Sasuke has been shown to train for a length of time and in real time too! 😀

  98. Thanks for that post super lol. To be honest if you werent going to post against the “Magically getting stronger” Reference, i was lol.

    Goku didnt magically get stronger. *points to supers post* read that!!
    And if you ever think otherwise then GTF *cough* i mean read it again >_>

  99. Sorry, i was think of someone before i said that T__T

    *glares at a certain character*

  100. @ Super’s edit ~ lol
    I typed “I dont see any spoilers….All i see are links”…
    And in your edit you go and point out Tenrai’s link, not a spoiler lol.
    That just helps support my point.

    You see technically WRA never had any spoilers until our good buddy Flex being the kind soul he is, kindly posted them, WRA just had links to spoilers. So from a certain point of view, my comment above this one that was a response to “to63to” is totally correct, because the words “to63to” typed were “we had spoilers” and technically it should have been “we had links to spoilers” 😉
    I was correct when i said i dont see spoilers, because there were only spoiler links.


    On a more serious note, there is a reason why i never post spoilers here directly…..

    …It’s basically because i CANT paste spoilers (or long pieces of text) on this site.
    Its kind off complicated, and i dont really want to talk about it at all…let alone with details, but long story short:

    I cant use my computer to look at WRA anymore
    I have to go on WRA using the PS3
    PS3 sucks at copying and pasting long pieces of text or multiple lines, thats because when you paste, the PS3 will place all copied content in 1 big paragraph with no spaces whatsoever (like a URL).
    It’s much much easier to copy an address on the PS3 because of this.
    So i post links on WRA, instead of spoilers.
    Obviously since WRA and IRA are connected i post links to IRA.

    Dont ask me about any details, like why i cant go on WRA with my computer, i dont wanna talk about it >_>
    Just know that the WRA computer thing is the reason why i have not been an active member on this blog and why i did not become an author when Super asked me…

    BTW super…why have you changed my comment into spam? 0_o
    If you did not like it, then simply delete it. Dont be a dick about it and make out im spamming, why would i want people to go to a freaking serch engine? The name of the link is funny and everything, i like it, especially because i never did anything particually silly that your aware of. But if you continue to keep that link there without some indication in the comment that you were the one that put the link there, then it looks like you are trying to make out i did something i didn’t do.
    If you continue to do that then i’ll edit and do the same to one of your comments, only i might not be so nice….

  101. this saturday at the cowboy stadium ITS ON!!!!!

  102. Dude, SCHY, shut the F up. Maybe you forgot why this site was made in the first place. It was for users of IRA that didn’t have any place to go after it shutdown.

    The first time I saw IRA starting up again and doing Naruto chapter reviews, I thought it was totally rude and felt like kind of a kick in the crotch. People have put a lot of work into this site. It’s sort of like how Jay Leno pushed Coco out of the tonight show.

    So SCHY – F you. If you want to post spoilers on here, do it right. And do it preferably before someone else has done it already. Don’t link to IRA like an A hole. Until everyone from the good ol’ days of IRA (what, like two years ago now?) gets together and shakes hands and put this stuff behind them – what you’re doing, SCHY, won’t be seen as anything else but disrespectful.

  103. @Schy: Lol, calm down the Schy! ^_^

    1.) I’m going to keep the link there because it makes me laugh. If you find it funny too then that’s a bonus. ^_^ It’s not spam it’s a joke and I’m glad you liked it.

    2.) I don’t know how you can edit any comments seeing as how you don’t have the power to do so on here. If you have the power to edit a comment you can just change yours right?

    3.) I did say, “Tenrai posted a link to the spoilers long ago.” did I not? ^_^ A link to the spoiler is a spoiler. No need to say otherwise.

    4.) I don’t know what seems to be bothering you but I suggest you move on. WRA has been posting spoilers long before Reflex came back which he only did very recently. As for your problem with logging on WRA I don’t see how this is significant. I don’t mind where you are (IRA, WRA, Deviantart, random porn site. XD) if you can’t post spoilers here easily then let someone else do it.

    Actually, just don’t worry about it Schy we have many people who are capable of posting spoilers if you have trouble doing so. ^_^ So here’s my suggestion. Don’t post anymore spoilers here (links or anything else) and we’ll take care of it. See, matter solved. Now let’s get back to Naruto. 😀

    @Sagemode: Thank you for the random commentary…>_>

    @Gavin: That’s probably going to upset Schy more, lol, but I guess some things need to be said? X_X Let’s not let this snowball into a bigger problem. I think everything needs to calm down. I say we all move on and if anyone wants to get something off their chest go to the WRA chat. I’ll be on for a little.

    On second thought I’ll change the link for you Schy. To something very useful.

  104. lol wtf is goin on here O_o

    Martians are invading now duck for cover. ^(~_~)^

  105. my prediction came true 😀

    “my future prediction for naruto manga
    kakashi v.s sasugay is on!!!!!
    Ahsan 阿赫桑 said this on February 11, 2010 at 1:50 pm”

  106. OMG TEH DRAMAZ!!!! And I have to say I agree with Gavin….VIVA LA WRA!!!

    >.< I shut up now

  107. I see spoiler links posted here every week, so I don’t know what this talk is about them only reappearing with Flex’s return to the blog.

    I also think it is unnecessary to create any sort of unneeded tension between WRA and IRA. If any of us from WRA decided to post links to our breakdowns, etc, on IRA’s discussions, I think it would be seen as rude and disrespectful, especially if it was done without permission.

    I think we have a great community here with a lot of people we call friends. There is no need to spoil that with any sort of childish competitions that only create bitterness.

  108. I also post links to spoilers, as apposed to the spoilers themselves because not everyone on the blog wants to see the spoilers.

    In fact, some of them avoid the blog outright between Wednesday and Friday for that very reason. I think if we take everyone’s preferences into consideration, posting the links is far more convenient. If people are too lazy to just click the link to see the goods, then sorry for that, but I don’t see how my links do not count all of a sudden, or how they are somehow irrelevant. O_o

  109. @gavin: That’s enough.

    @schy: You know what happens when you try to supplant a roman emperor and overthrow ghengis tron? posting IRA links over here is comparable to the attempts of the babarians to overthrow an empire as organized and as powerful as the roman empire. They cant be easily overthrown because they are a very strong institution with a strong, cohesive structure. WRA has grown in strength, and even i, a former, old IRA commentator, right from the time of jeremiah and ibiki teishi, have come to accept that. It cant be torn down. What you’re trying to do is only interestingly intelligent. I mean if it did work, and you managed to convince people to move back to IRA, you would be the brainchild.

  110. @supertrek: Danzo never killed himself, sasuke killed the old bastard. You’re not by any chance trying to deny sasuke’s achievement here are you? I mean i thought sasuke was your favourite character. Sasuke obviously stabbed him through the chest with a chidori blade, and the bastard activated a seal that drags people to his dead body, but the seal was only to activate when he was dying, meaning if he was ever killed by anybody the seal would activate itself.

  111. @Super, well Sasugay is cheap. He just magically learned Susanoo in mid-combat and his chakra supply makes Naruto’s looks like Kakashi’s. He’s cheap because he “develops” so rapidly, its just not plausible (same with Goku magically learning the kamehameha). Flashback training sessions are good, but Kishi will never do another one with Sasugya, simply because he’ll never be able to explain why the guy got so strong.

    Also, if i attacked an old man, then he gets a heart attack and die, i killed him. Sasuke has driven anyone he fights to suicide because otherwise he’d kill them (except maybe Deidara). The Stormtroope…….Samurais were only doing their job. A criminal bursts in the summit and want to kill all the world leaders then he tells the Samurai to back down……..its only logical they’d try to maintain peaces by attacking him. Think of what Sasugay’s actions COULD have cost. Had he killed even one Kage I can see another Ninja war because Konoha, more accurately, Tsunade would be to blame, more more accurately, the Third and Fifth would be to blame.

    well super, it finally happened. I’m actually interested in OP now. Ace’s death got me hooked (i hope he isnt really dead) T^T

  112. @Kisuzachi
    Yeah, Sasuke really is starting to feel cheap.First of all where the hell did he obtain those prodigious amonts of chakra. When he first used any of the MS jutsus he was about to drop dead and now he is trowing them around like candy. Furthermore, judging by the rate with which his eyes deteriourated after Killer Bee’s fight, he should be downright blind by now. Then there is the rate at which he masters the MS techniques-he mastered Susanoo in his second use, yeah right like that can happen. I am starting to think Kishi is rushing the development of his character just to give. Naruto an epic conclusive fight.

  113. @to63to

    im in total agreement with you sasuke has been given a power level over 9000 in terms of chakara and techs but even with all that he still comes close to loosing each fight.

  114. Just remember everyone, the only reason Sasuke’s chakra has lasted so long is because Karin keeps restoring it, not because he has Bijuu level chakra all of a sudden. When Sasuke bites Karin, it not only restores his chakra, but it also heals even the most severe wounds and restores his fatigue. Essentially, it’s like being given a few days rest in a matter of minutes.

    After the battle with the Kage, Saskue was completely wasted, but then he had some time to restore himself with Karin in another dimension place thingy. After that, he fought Danzou practically at full strength again and even then, he restored some of his strength, chakra and healed his wounds by biting Karin again just before Danzou took her hostage.

    If we look back a bit, you will see that Itachi managed to fight an entire battle against Sasuke, using Amatarasu and Tsukyomi during the fight and then still managed to fight the last third of it with Susanoo active against Orochimaru’s Hydra. All this was done while he was dying from an illness and with no means to restore his chakra. Sasuke does have a means to restore his and that is why it seems to be lasting so long.

    As for his eyesight, well that’s another story. I don’t think any amount of Karin’s aid could slow that kind of deterioration down.

  115. @Tenrai Senshi

    i never took that into concideration that karin heals chakara aswell as wounds, then the fight with kakashi may not be as straight forward as i am expecting it to be.

  116. I’m so lucky I arrived when the catfight between SCHY (who’s icon is a cat! What a coinkidink!), Super, Gavin and all those people is done! Phew! Anyway, don’t misconstrue me or anything, I love WRA and IRA and we have to admit that WRA is the roman empire, like IRA was before it, but @totalitarian: The barbarians actually made the Western Roman Empire collapse as the Ottoman Turks did to the Eastern Roman Empire. I hope WRA lives forever and I admit that it’s WAY more popular than IRA now. Btw, SCHY probably didn’t mean to cause this with his first post and he did have a pompous attitude like you said Super, but he might have felt attacked by Reflex.
    These are my two cents on this catfight,so don’t get mad with me just because I said what I think. Don’t kill your old neighbourhood friend Dragon. 😀

    @Super: Thanks for the chat link! I can’t wait to chat… *does Mr.Burns’ “Excellent” pose*

    @Sasuke and Kakashi fight: I hope Kakashi does beat Sasuke because it would make Sasuke a bit less god-like. He has fought Kages, almost died, and I know he got his chakra partially restored and healed by Karin, but he seems invincible!

  117. @Totalitarian: Lol, Sasuke my favorite character? Just because I defend the Uchiha doesn’t make him my favorite character. 😉

    It’s true what you say though, I guess Sasuke did kill that old bastard. Nothing wrong with that in my eyes. Konoha is better off with Danzo dead in the long run anyway. There’s a reason why Danzo wasn’t selected to be the Sandaime Hokage. He wasn’t a man of the people like Sarutobi was. His ideology was twisted and narrow and he was just a big hypocrite. Only taking action and saying things to further his own goal.

    @Kisu: Indeed, Sasuke was trespassing but he had no intention to kill any of the 4 other Kages, bodyguards, or citizens of that country in his mission. His only mission was to take Danzo’s head for what he did to his people. Madara and Zetsu set Sasuke up so that he was attacked and Sasuke ended up killing people in self defense. He ended up fighting the Kages in self defense.

    What his actions could have led to, Sasuke (a missing Konoha nin) killing Danzou (the temporary Hokage), is probably only Fire Nation related. Even if Sasuke, missing nin from one village, kills another Kage from another village would that really lead to war?

    When Orochimaru (Konha missing nin) killed the Kazekage a war didn’t erupt between the Leaf and Sand. Even when the Leaf failed to take care of Orochimaru afterwards the Sand formed an alliance with the Leaf. Mainly because Orochimaru tricked both Hidden Villages but also because they knew Konoha had nothing to do with the killing of their Kage. Same applies with Sasuke doing his own thing.

    Missing nins are freelancers and their actions do not reflect that of the village’s they hailed from. The village may be reprimanded but not once have the actions of a missing nin led to war between nations because they have no affiliation with any nation anymore.

    Ohhh, glad *CENSORED* death got you interested in One Piece but you probably just spoiled the manga for anyone trying to get into it right now. XD

    @Dragon: CATFIGHT WHERE!? O_O I appreciate your 2 cents for all they’re worth. Ah, and you’re welcome about the chat link. Maybe I will hop on there one day and see you. 🙂

    @Anyone: Sasuke isn’t cheap! XD He’s just a genius on the battlefield and develops quicker than most nins. He can learn techniques faster in what seems like a very short period because it’s just the way he rolls. His eyes are nearly blind now which Madara pointed out

    And he could summon a giant snake with no chakra left because…he’s Sasuke! Ok, he’s a little cheap but at least Kishi has shown he needs to rely on others to get anywhere…>_> He’s not that cheap if he needed so much help to get where he’s at right now.

  118. does anyone else think tobi could be kagami uchiha since we know tobi loks kinda old sorry if someone has pointed this out already havent read most of the post but i also think he could be.

  119. Okay then, i’ll stop posting spoiler links here completely, even if one day WRA does not have the spoilers yet and my link could be a benifit >_>
    Believe me i would like to post full spoilers here, but i cant.
    So i’ll just do as suggested and leave it to everyone else.

    Peopole seem to be under the impression that i dont like WRA, that im trying to destroy it or something and tell everyone to move to IRA, that is not true. I consider WRA and IRA as the same, they are extensions of each other. Therefore it should not matter if i link to IRA as its a part of WRA. They are the same in my opinion, there is no competition, i was the first person to actually point out that there should not be any competition.

    @Gavin ~ Right, so posting a link to an extesion of this blog, is disrespectful, even though im taking the time to do the only thing i can do in order to help people get spoilers. Now your just basically flaming me and you think im being disrespectful? Keep talking champ.

    @Super ~ When i said i’d edit your comment i was refferng to a comment on IRA not WRA, but forget aout it, there is no need to do that now, thank you for changing the link to something that has at least some level of relevence to my comment (even if it looks like i still posted something i didnt).
    Im out *poof*

  120. @everyone: Don’t ya know? Sasuke is the bait! “Oh! He made me blind! If only I had my brother’s eyes!” And who do you think he will trust the most with implanting them? Exactly! A match made in emo heaven! Those two are famous for going off with way too mush self pity. Yes I’ve come to the point where I don’t even want to say her name anymore. >_>

    Maybe its not limitless chakra we are witnessing in Sasuke? Maybe its more like he’s still moving forward aggressively and not showing any signs of strain? Maybe he’s destroying his body but he’s not feeling it…

  121. @SCHY

    Your earlier comments came across as very undermining. If you didn’t want people to think that you disliked WRA, then perhaps you should adress this blog and its users with more respect, rather than refering to us as though we are nothing more than trash.

    (Flashback to your earlier comment)

    SCHY: “Instead of complaining you should thank me for even bothering to post ANYTHING over here, afterall if it was not for me, you may have got the spoilers as much as an hour later 🙂

    IRA gets more hits, people here get a spoiler slightly earlier. We are all happy in the end because my link benifits us all, so chill man. 😀 😀 😀 ”

    (end of flashback)

    I believe that comment was your biggest mistake. If you have a problem with Flex, then take it out with Flex like a man instead of resorting to cheap and degrading tactics.

    To me, it sounded like you basically thought we were beneath you and that you were somehow “blessing” us with your divine grace by stepping on such unholy soil. Well, we are human beings and we don’t need to be made to feel less than that. If that wasn’t your intention, maybe you should choose your words more carefully.

    If we are too much of a “bother” for you, then you are welcome to stay away, seeing as how it’s such an inconvenience for you to come here.

  122. I’m going to say one thing on this then i’m done….Schy, we are not IRA anymore, and most of us having nothing to do with that site. It died when Jeremiah abandoned everyone, and it should have stayed dead. Just like Gav said, it was like a kick in the crotch when it was brought back. Doing nothing but opening old wounds. IRA is NOT an extention of WRA. To me at least IRA is dead no matter how many writers or viewers have. Do you see the reaction from the people to that link? Does it not give you a clue about the wounds that some of us are still dealing with? Do us a favor, DON’T post anymore IRA links.

    *Admin Mandi* And now that will be the last of this disucussion. If it is brought up again actions will be taken. Let’s get back to the subject at hand eh? Naruto….

  123. OMG!!!! What do you guys think? Instead of kicking Zetsu out of Sasuke’s body Naruto absorbs him or more appropriately pulls him out! LOL! I’m going way out on a limb here! ROFLMAO! Hey if I’m wrong, how about everybody just forgets I brought up this crazy Zetsu idea, hm? =_=;

  124. spoiler pics are out:

  125. @visionary: i’m convinced that your dark zetsu theory is completely wrong. i already told you why when you first pointed it out.

  126. Sasuke’s face in this image is so funny and freaky:

    What do you guys think? Return of Orochimaru? Or return of his evil laugh?
    Seriously, Sasuke is becoming the new Orochimaru. He’s crazy, freaky and disgusting.

  127. @pickles: awesome breakdown! Of course, you can be my resident substitute manga writer. I’d love it. That way, I’d KNOW I’d be covered…um, wait. Ah, hell…

    Regarding spoilers…anyone is welcome to post spoilers. However, given the fact that the manga translations appear to be coming much earlier than before you often see the spoilers coming out at the same time as the manga. Now, THAT would be good, wouldn’t it? Hmmm…spoiler WITH the manga. >.< Given that, it has been waaaaaay to tough to keep up with the spoilers. Edit: Penny I deleted this part, IM for your questions. –Mandi

    Another rumor to put a lid on: NEXT WEEK/MANGA I WILL BE BACK. I had three weeks of family issues and related travel to contend with (raising three kids long distance doesn't make my job easy, you know). Somehow writing a breakdown using my Blackberry during a layover wouldn't have been pretty >.< So, I got some help and I thank Captain Pickles for covering me in my absence.

    Last item – it is during times like these (a rapidly approaching family death) that you find out who your friends really are. Some have been pleasantly surprising, while some have been heartbreaking and disappointing. Apparently, I had one who is a regular contributor who has been trying to "find" me. To that wayward explorer trying to "find" me (and you KNOW who you are…), I've never been lost; you just never looked in the right places. I just have to say that if multiple email addresses, this blog and Facebook don't work to find me then…I'm not sure what to say. I cannot make international calls thanks to Verizon Wireless (I hear the moans from the UK crowd out there) so, there you have it. For me, there is something called Real Life…with an occasional escape into manga-land. 'nuff said.

    Now, the manga. OMG, Yamato is SOOOOOOOOO stupid in this one. This is a guy I am really disappointed in. If anyone is underestimating our yellow sage, it is his "handler." Gawd! Ya think that after umpteen chapters of being on the same team, you'd be able to know to expect the unexpected with Naruto. Apparently this so-called elite ANBU jonin hasn't gotten the message yet. No wonder Kakashi has to be nearby. Kakashi is the brains of this duo. Oh, and can anyone pass some No-Doz to Yamato? He's got this issue for needing sleep on the job.

    Sakura? I wanted to bitch slap her to the next galaxy. I cannot believe she would actually do this as a ruse but then…you never know with Kishi. It could be he is actually putting some "cajones" on Sakura and developing her into a strong female lead – though that disasterous performance in the lying area needs to be worked on. I was impressed with her technique of evasion, as was Kakashi. Problem is, what else is there besides superhuman strength and healing capabilities (which Karin would greatly appreciate about now). Her sudden "admission" that she STILL wants to leave Konoha and follow Sasuke anywhere he goes makes me scratch my head. However, it may be a way to gain Sasuke's trust so as to kill the emo bastard.

    Sai- you proved that you are indeed worthy of being on Team 7. The more I see you in the manga, the more I like you.

    Kiba and company – go back and fade into the background. I haven't figured out why Lee is there in the first place, other than some people missed him.

    So…one more week then I'm back. I promise, I'll be around in the meantime. Sorry for the long post but there is was a lot on my mind…Love ya guys! ❤

  128. @Penny: You’re great. No need to worry, I know how it feels to lose a family member and all the matters arising. I hope you don’t go in a pool of grief and if you do, I hope you make it out of it.
    Love ya too. 😀

  129. Welcome back penny. I hope all goes well with you. ^_^

    @ whoever said Goku Magically learned the kamahamaha. -___-
    Dude, it seems to me you just have something agaisnt goku lol. Everyone knows vegeta got screwd over as a character in the show becausehe never got the reconition and power he deserved, though as you pointed out, he did work the hardest for a period of time.

    You make it sound as though sasugay is the only one pulling new powers from under his ars with no training and nothing to show how he learned. Did vegeta magically learn the galic gun? Did naruto magically learn the multiclone jitsu? i could go one and on, and personally i hate sasugay. I want him to die already.

    i hate him, he is the emo bag of all trash and he thinks his problems are bigger then everyone else. He is an ass that needs to be killed so the show can move on and actually focus on the frikken main character naruto.


  130. @Gokuhaters: Goku learned the Kamehameha imitating Master Roshi’s Ultra Kamehameha on Fry Pan Mountain. It was, of course, WAY weaker and he trained a lot with Master Roshi to perfect it. He then trained with Kami and he created the super-strong kamehameha he was going to use on Piccolo Jr. before they told him that Kami would have died too. He then trained at King Kai’s planet and then at 100X gravity for five days. AFTER THAT, he trained for 3 years, then in the Hyperbolic Chamber for one year and then relaxed for 10 days, but actually learning how to use Super Saiyan without using energy. Goku’s training continued during the seven years before Majin Buu and he trained till he met Uub. If we know Goku well, he still continues to train with Uub.
    As you can see, I probably repeated the word “train” as in “training” at least 15 times, so Goku didn’t get magically stronger, he trained A LOT.

  131. Raw’s are out at Manga helpers dot com.

  132. 483’s out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  133. (Spoiler)

    Well, sorta. If you haven’t read the new chapter yet.
    I can’t wait until next week!!!! So much suspense!!!
    Master vs. Student!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    But seriously…I hope Kakashi doesn’t die. Sasuke’s always been kinda “broken” with the massive Jutsu he was given and the fact that he’s a main character so he won’t/can’t die. Kakashi’s pretty much Hokage now (and they usually die young) and he’s already died once before. Lots of people were still in denial even after he was roasting marshmallows with his daddy…I know I was.

    I guess I’m in the minority when I say that I didn’t mind the reset-button-jutsu that much…

    …cuz I got my Kakashi back 🙂

  134. Can Sasuke really fight on par with Kakashi ? I think using the Mangekyou in a fight against a Jonin (not to mention it happens to be Kakashi) right after fighting Danzo is gonna make him go blind … plus, Madara left, so I doubt Sasuke’ll be getting any support. Not that he was in the last fight. Sure Sasuke will lose, unless something big happens to alter the fight somehow.

    @Marksman: Relax … in all seriousness, Naruto wouldn’t be where it is right now without the support of Sasuke’s character. I have my share of characters I don’t like, but I didn’t know it was possible to generate that much hate towards a fictional character.

  135. damn good chapter guys, it was really cool to see kakashi saving the day like back in the day :)). (I’me rhyming better then bee)
    Anyways sasuke is going down, i can actually see it and just as kakashi is prepering for the final blow naruto goes and pull’s a kakashi on kakashi, at least that was my prediction from a week ago.

    Now the questio is will naruto fight as well or will he just help sasuke evade, that’s the part i wanna ses most.

    And by the way for all the DBZ fans and goku nonlovers 😛 except for goku and vegeta who trained hard as a motherf… the young generation had it the easyest i mean goten & trunks where SSJ by the time they were 7 i think where goku was almost 20-30 something when he went up against freeza, same goes for vegeta he acheved SSJ later then goku.
    While there dad’s were geezer SSJ gohan was SSJ 2 as young as 13 or 14.
    Let’s get it streight no one is getting stronger fast in dbz or naruto they all work hard for what they do except for Ino & tenten :)):))

  136. I love how Kakashi kicks Sasuke with perfect form, making him slide back, even when Sasuke is ready. Danzou was a punk compared to Kakashi – I predict Sasuke is gonna have at least part of his @55 handed to him before this is over. Maybe Sasuke will turn-tail and run in panic before Naruto gets there.

  137. For those who want spoilers, my point was proven today with the release of both the spoiler and the manga. Man, it sucks to time this all. Oh well…

    In saying that, it sure doesn’t negate the fact that this chapter is setting up a major battle here, which I am SO excited about. This one has been a long time in the making and it promises to be intense. IMO, Kakashi won’t die, though he does blame himself for “being irresponsible.” It’s going to be Naruto defending Kakashi at a near-death strike by Sasuke. I could also see that Kakashi is severely injured and Naruto goes on the hunt to defend his teammate and sensei. As Sakura has seen, Naruto will see that there is no hope for the buddy he has been pining for. That Sasuke no longer exists.

    FYI: I will NOT be writing this breakdown for 483 as I still have some real life issues to attend to. I will return for 484 – the chapter we are all waiting for (no, I didn’t time it that way but it sure doesn’t hurt…)

  138. @Tenrai Senshi Karin does not heal chakra she only heals wounds. Zetsu healed his chakra after the mizukage deal

  139. @Penny: Welcome back. I hope everything works out for you on the home front. Can’t wait to read your breakdown next week. ^_^

    @Anyone: For all those who think Sasuke is bad for trying to kill Sakura remember Sakura planned to kill Sasuke too. Sasuke was just the first to act and saw through her little scheme.

    As for next chapter I don’t see Sasuke winning against a fresh Kakashi. We already know Sasuke is basically running on adrenaline right now and he’ll soon find out when he gets into with Kakashi for real. He has barely any chakra left, his eye sight is nearly lost, and his opponent is a very experienced jounin with at full power. I wonder how Sasuke will get out of this one.

  140. Hi, I’m new here in the regard of writing but i’ve followed IRA till its end last year and found WRA soon after. I’ve wanted to contribute a more regularly so i made an account, and i’ll start by throwing in a prediction for the next few chapters and what may happen with the mysterious powers Itachi gave Naruto.

    It should be noted that Kakashi was brought back from the dead after the pain invasion and made hokage for a reason and it wasn’t just to have him killed by sasuke right now. He’s just wayy too important at the moment. This fight will either be a draw or end with sasuke fleeing or Naruto related. In the chapters right before, Madara stated that Saskue used his eyes too much meaning that he wont be pulling any serious Mangekyō techniques on Kakashi, well atleast he wont be able to use it successfully without bleeding to death(seriously tho, he’s been bleeding out of his eyes since he went up against Raikage -_-). Also if Naruto does infact show up i guarantee that Saskue will flee since Kishi is saving that epic battle till the very end. So I’m sure that this battle isn’t going to last long unfortunately since Naruto is going at sage speed and can track people through chakra. So he has no need to make a pit stop with Sai, Lee or Kiba since he’s locked onto Kakashi’s chakra.

    Now, I’m pretty sure Saskue is gonna bite the bullet and implant Itachi’s eyes very soon since he should be just about blind now. Here’s what i think is gonna happen.. Itachi has been shown to basically predict any outcome that would happen especially after his death because lets face it, he was probably one of the best chess players in Konoha (lol kidding) but yeah he thought of everything. *Ex. That Madara would seek out Saskue and show him his Sharingan. He even predicted that Saskue would probably attack Konoha during his conversation with Naruto. So, Itachi has most likely made sure the activation of the ability that he implanted into Naruto would only occur if Naruto looked into Itachi’s eyes, which would be Saskue’s new eyes. However the ability that is given is anybody’s guess.

    Sorry for the long post but this has been on my mind all day ^_^

    –Welcome to WRA! We are happy you’ve joined us. Keep posting! 🙂 Penny

  141. is it possible that we might find out what itachi gave naruto very soon?

  142. Itachi made Naruto eat crow 😉

  143. Hmmm…… I wonder if Kakashi will be able to copy any of Sasuke’s jitsu during this fight… That would be awesome if Kakashi got an eye upgrade 🙂

  144. @ultimatesage: Wow…that’s an awesome prediction, I never thought of it like that!

    “Itachi has most likely made sure the activation of the ability that he implanted into Naruto would only occur if Naruto looked into Itachi’s eyes, which would be [Sasuke’s] new eyes.”

    It makes perfect sense! Sasuke uses up his own eyes going on his killing spree–he most likely wouldn’t have burned out his peepers if he wasn’t–and is forced to use his brother’s! Another check (probably not checkmate) again from the big bro.

    It’s nice to see reasons why Kakashi wouldn’t be killed…but that would make it even more unpredictable if he was. Kishi=unpredictable! I’m probably just being pessimistic though.
    I really hope Sasuke gets his ass beat.
    He’s waaaaaaaay overdue

  145. well im glad kishi shows through the very first moments of this fight that kakashi will have the upper hand. if kakashi dies then i just dont see any hope for any character in this manga except naruto of course. but still madara better show up and get him out of there soon before he gets handle.

  146. I would like to point out what has already been pointed out regarding this arc ans Sakure and that point to me bade is that this has been…pointless. Damn u Kishi and your red herrings.

  147. @Trek: How will Sasuke get out of this one? Simple: M-A-D-A-R-A

    @everyone: I think it’s time to re-visit that poll that asks what power Itachi gave to Naruto. Was it truly crow or a mega-epic power that makes Itachi appear and say, “The force of the Uchiha is with you always” ?

  148. @supertrek89

    Super, I hate to tell you this, but Sakura tried to kill Sasuke because he is an internationally wanted criminal, is instigating a war and has fallen very far into darkness. It wasn’t a choice she made lightly and even when it came to the point of actually committing the deed, she still had second thoughts.

    Sasuke was going to kill Sakura just for the hell of it. He was also going to kill Karin, just for the hell of it. Just because he was distracted doesn’t make his intentions any less sinister. If I run at someone with a knife with the intention to kill, but someone stops me before I manage it, it doesn’t make my actions any less sinister, because I had every intention to kill. If Sakura didn’t arrive when she did, Sasuke definitely WOULD have killed Karin, a person who has done nothing but supported him all this time.

    We have no proof that Sasuke knew what Sakura was going to plan, so his act of trying to kill her was based purely on a whim until proven otherwise. His intention to Kill Kakashi, as well, also falls into exactly the same mindset. I believe his words were “I want to kill you so badly, I can taste it” and he said that even after Kakashi still tried to offer him a way out of fighting. If that doesn’t tell you enough, then I don’t know what can.

    Now, please don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to hate on Sasuke. In fact, I think the story is more interesting with this development because it makes Naruto’s choices more interesting and more meaningful as well. Sasuke makes a good villain and that is exactly what he is at the moment. I still believe there is a chance of redemption as well, but even I can’t deny the fact that as he is right now, Sasuke is evil and hateful.

    Unlike Pein (who’s actions I also completely disagree with), he isn’t even trying to do this for his own self perceived sense of peace, he is acting purely on hatred and revenge and even he admitted it. Madara himself said he took a gamble in telling Sasuke the truth and that Sasuke could have chosen to take up Itachi’s mantel, but he didn’t. Sasuke chose his path and he is accountable for his own choices right now.

    If you ask me, if anyone had a reason to be hateful towards Konoha, it was Itachi for the position they put him in. If he could still be compassionate after all that he had to do, including killing his own family, then Sasuke has no excuses.

    Sasuke went through nothing compared to Itachi, in my opinion. He still had people who cared for him and who supported him, while Itachi had to live a lie and be hated for a crime that was not of his own making. Yet, Sasuke is the only one turning on those who tried so hard for him, all for his revenge.

  149. @Supertrek89

    There is one more point I feel I should add to my case, and that is with regards to Bee. Now, even if you find a way to argue about the others Sasuke has tried to kill, you can’t deny the fact that his attack on Bee was sinister in nature.

    Bee had nothing to do with Sasuke, had never done anything towards Sasuke and wasn’t even someone Sasuke knew. Yet Sasuke was still willing to kill someone he didn’t even know for the sake of his revenge. He knew that by capturing Bee, he was ensuring his death, but that didn’t stop him. Even back then, I might have said he still hadn’t fallen as far as to say he was outright evil, but he has done a lot more since even that time.

    He killed Samurai, attacked the Kage summit, nearly instigated a war that could have caused the deaths of countless innocents and abandoned his teammates and tried to kill one of them.

    I think I have made my point…

  150. maybe the power itachi gave to naruto is him full form susano(susanoo) which sucks the life energy of the user thats why he said that he thinks that he does not have to use it. & i’ve a question.if danzo had uchiha shisue’s one eye then whos got the second eye? sorry for bad english.i’m lil bit unfamilier with this lang.

  151. I was thinking about the power Itachi gave to Naruto and here’s what I thought. What if Itachi gave Naruto sort of a switch-one that can suppress his own eyes in case Sasuke gets them. Sort of like Sasuke suppressed the nine-tailed chakra. That way Naruto would be able to fight Sashole on an equal footing. After all, one might asume Itachi can control his own eyes.

    As for Sashole(a more suitable name I think) he is beyond redemption in my eyes. A person willing to betray and kill his own friends has no place among the living. No matter what he does from now on,even sacrifice himself for the good of someone, he must die(preferably a horrible death).

  152. About the power Itachi gave Naruto – I really think it has something to do with connecting Sasuke and Naruto in some way. Someone else theorized that Sasuke was using so much power that the chakra had to be coming from somewhere else. Since we have so many space time abilities, why not a connection over long distances or even through another dimention like the one Madara has. It was very peculiar that Naruto hyperventilated at the time Sasuke was ramping up his attack on his opponent. I think he was using Susanoo or something.

    I’m not sure what Tenrai and Supertrek are arguing about specifically, but the question of whether Sasuke is really truly redeemable or not was hinted at last chapter. Sauske is telling Kakashi his rules for giving up his obsession with revenge. I guess what comes to mind is: Is Sauske validated for acting the way he is acting? It is addressed constantly in the story. So far, my opinion is that even if Sasuke is validated for being the person he is, Kakashi’s actions are valid as well. So if Sasuke wants to lash out and follow through with his agenda, then I think he’d be ready for the consequences.

  153. In the end, I think that the power Itachi gave to Naruto might be really something against Sasuke’s Susano’o. “I hope the time never comes where you have to use” would suit really well as Itachi hoped that they would never fight each other. Plus, Naruto really has no chance against Amaterasu: the only two normal ways would be running away and Kage Bunshins. But that doesn’t work forever.

    Of course I think as well that Sasuke is redeemable because he will be redeemed by Naruto, no question about that. Naruto WILL change him. HOW Kishi is going to present that to us, that is the most interesting question… besides the other interesting questions (Tobi/Madara, what’s behind his mask, what about Tsunade, what about the Juubi, what will be Naruto’s next training, what about the 2 love confessions, what about Konoha, what about Killerbee, what about the 4th ninja war…)

  154. Argh, not against Sasuke’s Susano’o, but against his Amaterasu!!! Argh!

  155. @ everyone I figured out that naruto has 2 very powerful very secret jutsus that we haven’t seen yet the first one is the power itachi gave him, and this can go two ways, it’s either a really good defense against the mangekyo or something really radical like striping sasuke of his power, or nullifying his power.

    The other jutsu i was talking about i the one the scroll frog has the key to and is related to harnessing the full power of the kyuubi and thus becoming a bee like ninja only stronger and less rhyming :)).

    Now for the chapter at hand I predict that a fight will start with sasuke being the underdog this time, kakashi will own the fight but from here i read from post’s above this following scenarios.
    1st Kakashi is about to land the final blow but get’s flashback’s and he can’t do it do to pity like sarutobi did to orochimaru.
    2nd kakashi is about to kill sasuke only naruto arrives just in time to stop him.
    3rd Sasuke is about to own kakashi and just as he is about to chidori kakashi’s head naruto saves the day

    the only thing is i don’t really see a way out for Sasuke from all these scenarios and so Penny comes with the answer M>A>D>A>R>A. ( que the cheezy music )

    And basicly the question on everyone’s mind is will naruto fight sasuke or not, I’me not saying prepare for the final fight just a little fight over the sandbox if u catch my meaning.
    Knowing Naruto he’s just itching for a fight with sasuke, just like Vegeta was with Goku.

  156. @Gavin

    I wasn’t arguing with super, just making a point about his stance on whether Sasuke is evil or not. If he wants to debate me on it, it would be a welcomed change of pace, because I haven’t been in a really good debate for a while. T__T

  157. @Super, Konoha never tried to assassinate Sasuke, which is what one should do to a missing-nin. Instead of sending out a retrieval team in Part 1, they should have sent out ANBU to kill him, but Tsunade being so sappy didn’t. So whatever Sasuke does is on Konoha’s head. And the Samurais’ mission was to protect the Kages, meaning Danzo as well. Now if Sasuke took out Danzo in front of the other Kages, Konoha was already wasted by Pain and would be in turmoil and another Village might just decide to invade, like Iwagakure (they were basically screwed by Minato), and what chance does Konoha stand then? All this because the Hokage wasnt carrying out her duty. -_-‘

  158. @tenrai: Good one. I am absolutely behind your impression on sasuke. Lets see the full effect of it.

    @aeris: I think, to be honest, that there is a lot about naruto that you’re taking for granted. I seriously think think that if after 3 years of training all that naruto mastered was a big rasengan then kishi would be very stupid. I personally do not think kishi is stupid, and i reckon he’ll show us just why he is not.

    @eugen: Perhaps this might just be a chance for naruto/kishi to shed more light on the sage/kyuubi combo? The whole idea of the sage/kyuubi combo os fusion. The same fusion he could have done with pa, the same fusion the kyuubi disallowed. Seems the kyuubi was trying to tell naruto “why would you need to fuse with this old frog when you have me?” and given naruto only gets in kyuubi state when he is enraged or needs more chakra, his emotions or his desire to get stronger, especially against an opponent like sasuke would be key to learning to master the sage/kyuubi fusion/combo. Just like sasuke’s emotions were enough for him to step up the notch with susano’o, naruto’s emotions should be enough to activate and control, to a degree, the sage/kyuubi combo. if that doesn’t work again, then kishi must have really dreamt of screwing someone, a man for that matter, who looks exactly like sasuke.

  159. Why hasn’t Sasuke used the spirit sealing sword that Itachi used on Orochimaru?

  160. @Gavin

    It seems that each Uchiha’s Susanoo form is as unique as the appearance of their MS. Itach’s one not only had different weapons to Sasuke’s but it also looked completely different as well. The most noteable difference was their armour.

    I believe each version of Susanoo gets unique weapons that are specific to that individual, so Itachi had the Spirit sword and the shield, while Sasuke had a shield that doubled as a crossbow.

    It makes me wonder what Madara’s might have been like when he still had his undamaged body. It would really be cool if we could see it.

  161. @Gavin
    Because Itachi’s sword and shield were unique weapons and Sasuke doesn’t have them, or so we believe.No one actually knows what happened to them but since it is not mentioned I assume they are gone along with Itachi. 😦

  162. @Tenrai, to63to: I was going to start a little theory that Naruto might have been given one of the unique weapons Itachi had. But now it just seems too far fetched. Naruto doesn’t use much weapons because he’s up close and personal.

    I’m trying to compile any hints in other chapters as to what Itachi would actually have that he could give Naruto. And because I can’t think of anything Itachi could ‘give’, I’m thinking it could be more of an unlocking of something.

  163. speaking of that power, since sasuke and naruto might meet up as enemies soon, you think it’ll come out?

  164. This seems like a fairly safe prediction, but I think Nartuo’s Itachi power will come out. The power he gave is just such a big mystery and how could he not use it now that Sasuke is evil…

    Wait… Okay, in the middle of that thought I realized that maybe the hurdle that Naruto will have to jump is to ‘not’ use Itachi’s power because maybe it means death for Sasuke. Naruto still wants to get his friend back. So maybe the power wont come out after all… hmm…

  165. @Discussion about Itachi’s gift to Naruto.

    Does anyone think that Itachi may have imbeded a part of his own essense or spirit into Naruto? Maybe in a similar manner to how the Yondaime is currently a part of him?

    I think it may be Itachi’s last trump card in case all his other plans to protect Sasuke fail. Maybe it would cause Itachi’s spirit to appear under certain circumstances so that he could adress Sasuke directly. It would also support his words when he said he hoped it would never have to be used, because if it did activate, it meant everything else had failed and an extreme measure had to be taken.

    It could have also been something similar to what he gave Sasuke, like an automated defense of some kind. Perhaps it protects Naruto from Genjutsu, seeing as how that is his greatest weakness and one of Sasuke’s strengths now that he has the MS.

    These are just ideas. The first one is a bit extreme, but not entirely implausable. The second one is much more palatable.

  166. @Tenrai: If the whole point of your post was to tell me Sasuke was evil, lol, I don’t deny it. In fact, I wholeheartedly agree because I always said Sasuke has fallen into darkness just not completely. I don’t know if you read it but in a former post I said,

    “In all the past cases of Naruto turning people we know they weren’t completely evil (Zabuza, Gaara, Nagato).”

    So indeed you’re right Sasuke is a very bad man. Just not completely evil because the main point of my former posts was not to say Sasuke isn’t evil, but to show Sasuke is still redeemable.

    Sakura was going to kill Sasuke. Sasuke was going to kill Sakura and he acted first. Yes, Sasuke is an internationally wanted criminal but does that mean he should lay there and let someone kill him? We all know Sasuke isn’t dumb, in fact he’s a genius, and while there isn’t any proof that he did see through Sakura’s scheme there isn’t any proof that he didn’t see through Sakura’s scheme either. So it comes down to the overall objectives. Sakura wanted to kill Sasuke. Sasuke wanted to kill Sakura. Mutual agreement.

    I addressed my position on Sasuke instigating a war by attacking the Kages in a post to Kisu. The actions of a missing nin does not reflect the actions of a village. That has been proven time and time again.

    And of course Itachi did have loads of reasons to hate Konoha, and so did Sasuke.

    As for Bee it was Sasuke’s mission to capture him which would eventually lead to Bee’s death. People are given missions to capture or kill all the time that doesn’t make them evil. I’m sure Jiraiya, Kakashi, Tsunade, etc… have been given missions to kill people that have never done anything to them before, and I don’t see a problem with that. They’re ninja, this is what they do. They may have different intentions (Sasuke for revenge) but that doesn’t make what other ninja do on their missions any better. I’ll go further into detail with that for another post. >(0_0)>

    Is Suigetsu evil? He was there to capture Bee too. What about Karin? Ah, and what about Juugo who hates killing people but during the fight with Bee he was surely in control of himself. Were they evil too as they were all accomplices of Sasuke.

    I’m just curious is all. XD

    @Kisu: Tis’ is true Tsunade was (is?) a kind hearted Hokage and never sent out kill orders on Sasuke’s head. That isn’t Sasuke’s fault though and his actions are still solely his and his alone not reflecting that of the village. How a village handles their missing nin does not decide whether or not the actions of the missing nin should cause a war.

    @Penny: Lol, true Madara may jump in at the last second to save Sasuke’s skin but I think Kishi played that one out a little to much by now. I’m hoping to see something different this time around.

    As for what Itachi gave Naruto whatever it is it probably hurts Sasuke. As Aeris pointed out…

    “I hope you never have to use it” which means Itachi doesn’t want Naruto to confront Sasuke with this power because it’ll probably hurt his little brother who he values more than the village itself. He also knows how much Naruto values Sasuke and wouldn’t want to see Sasuke hurt.

    @Tenrai again: Ah yes, the Itachi’s spirit in Naruto idea. I’ve seen that a few times in past posts including some of my own. I think it’s plausible. Lol, the best thing about that idea though is Minato and Itachi having a conversation inside Naruto’s head.

  167. @Souertreck89

    You know, it’s funny, but somehow I anticipated some of your points. It’s like I knew what you would say to counter me. X__X

    I can understand some of your points, but I disagree with your point about Bee. It was NOT a mission. It was an offer made by Madara in an exchange for power. Sasuke has no loyalty to Madara and Madara is not his comanding officer or Kage. Sasuke has absolutely no reason whatsoever to accept his orders and go hunting for him.

    Sasuke made that choice purely based on the incentive of gaining power and nothing else. I also said that even then, I wouldn’t have gone as far as to say he was completely evil, but it was just an example of his mindset. In other words, he isn’t just killing those he wants revenge against, but he is also allowing his actions to affect others who are innocent of those crimes.

    Another point to bring up is Sasuke wanting to destroy Konoha. Maybe he can’t instigate a war on his own, but the fact remains that he is willing to kill a lot of people for his revenge, even though only three people knew about Itachi’s mission, two of whom are still alive. So a whole village must pay for the crimes of three people?

    In any case, if you do say Sasuke is evil, then we really are on the same page, mostly. I just wanted a debate. T__T

    As for your point of him being redeemable, well lets just put it this way. Pein was redeemed and he killed a lot of people as well so I believe Sasuke is equally redeemable. I am just not sure if Sasuke’s redemption will be without consequences. It may have a price similar to Nagato’s.

  168. @Tenrai: Predicting what your opponent will say to counter your own argument. Lol, those are truly the signs of a good debater. ^_^

    What Sasuke was assigned may not have been an official mission handed down from a superior officer, but I still see it as a mission. A mission is,

    ‘A specific task with which a person or group is charged’ ( Oh yeah, online dictionary FTW! XD

    Not only did Madara assign Team Taka to go after Bee.

    But they were working together on mutual understanding.

    It’s true Sasuke was only cooperating with Madara to further his own goals but his mission was still to take down Bee and that’s what he failed at doing. ~_~

  169. @super, yes it does. If you’re a Kage and u let a missing-nin run free and that missing-nin comes back and kills my Kage, I would definitely blame you. Konoha has always let its missing-nin roam free, unlike my favorite Village, Kirigakure 8). Its like with Kumogkaure. The Raikage blamed all the Kages for being too lax, and I think they would blame Knonoha if Sasuke killed even 1 Kage. If he killed the Hokage, one of the Villages would have taken it as an opportunity to invade Konoha since they’re at a state of weakness (that’s y the Uchiha were killed, the weakened Konoha would have been invaded if they were allowed to carry out their coup). Plus, remember in Part 1 when Hinata’s dad killed the Kumogakure Head Ninja? They didn’t blame him only, they blamed Konoha and threatened to go to war if they didn’t get his head. So what does this say? Villages blame both the missing-nin AND they’re Village (or maybe this only applies to Konoha). AND Suna didn’t blame Konoha because they weren’t in a position to attack (Kishi has confirmed that Suna is the weakest of the 5 Great Villages), they had just lost a war which was in their favor, lost a Kage, were poor at the time, and recently entered a truce. They made the smart decision of sucking it up and moving on lol.

  170. @Kisu: I don’t believe Suna cares whether they are the weakest nation because they still attacked Konoha did they not? Military strength if that of opinion. Just because you have a smaller army doesn’t mean you can’t win a war.

    You may attack a nation because their missing nin isn’t under control but we’re not talking about our own personal opinions here. We’re talking about what has been shown in the manga thus far, and so far no nation has taken a stance of war against another nation just because they can’t handle their missing nin properly.

    Hinata’s dad was not a missing nin and the head ninja he killed was not a missing nin. Hinata’s dad killed an important ninja from the Cloud village so the Cloud village had an excuse to start the war back up between the Leaf village.

    Overall, the main example of a missing nin killing another Kage (Orochimaru killing the Kazekage) has shown my point to be true. Suna didn’t wage war on the Leaf just because they should have handled Orochimaru better. Akatuski is a group full of missing nins and no nation has started a war with another nation because some missing nin from Akatsuki took their jinchuuriki. >(0_0)>

  171. @ Anyone: I have one question about this new chappie: How does sasuke know that Sakura is a medic nin? Cause here he says that she WAS a “healer”—> But didn’t she train and everything with tsunade AFTER he left and when he met her last time I dont think she used any medical justus, unless just like the easy access to sharingan eyes, there is easy access to some kind of Konoha magazine talking about all your favorite nin (and u know sasuke likes to be in the know! lmao ;P) haha or maybe madara just told him…

    What do you guys think?

  172. @Naruto’s power from Itachi

    Always wondered if the power is the ability to make his shadow clones explode like itachi did when fighting the Kohona Jounin.

    Just imagine 1000 of those going off. lol. Or if this is a Jutsu based on making the chakra explode, then a sage/kyuubi clone, with four different energies balanced, would probably be like a miniture A-bomb. But even though this would be cool, don’t know if it would be something that would defeat Sasuke.

  173. Ok, if any of these points have been said already, I apologize. I got on an hour long phone call with my son on something else and I hadn’t finished this thought (I was being a parent for once ha ha ha). So…

    @Eugen: my answer of Madara getting Sasuke out of this latest battle came from the Kage Conference. Sasuke was practically dead when Madara pulled his Time Warp routine and saved Sasuke’s arse from being smashed by a block.

    However, as I type this, another thought comes to mind. Madara was trying to dictate that Sasuke rest himself and his eyes. At some point, Sasuke tried to deny that the two were allies and Madara warped off into his continuum. What could also occur is that Sasuke gets his arse handed to him by his former sensei – or even Naruto – and Madara does NOT bail him out. Why? It would be to make Sasuke realize that he needs Madara to achieve his goal of “crush the Leaf.”

    As far as the power that Itachi granted Naruto, I see three possibilities; two of which were hinted/mentioned by Eugen and Total:

    1) As I joked about above, I could easily see Itachi popping out and directly addressing Sasuke – essentially telling Sasuke to “knock it off” as there are more important things to fight about.

    2) To address Total’s point – and Eugen’s point about the “key,” I could also see that the power he was given would allow Naruto to go to Kyuubi form and be able to be impervious to the Sharingan. Remember that the Mokuton and Sharingan techs/Kekkei Genkai are the only jutsu out there that can control the Kyuubi, which is why Danzo handed himself over to Oro’s surgeon’s knife. If Itachi granted Naruto the power to access the Kyuubi and remain unaffected by Sasuke’s Sharingan, he would become a Jinchuuriki more powerful than Killer Bee due to the fact that his “tennant” has one more tail. (And, if you recall in the Battle at Unraikyo, Killer Bee was affected by the Sharingan…)

    3) To continue on the lines of item 2, remember this pic from his mano y mano with Pain (the one on the lower right side)?

    Sage Mode + Kyuubi eyes. Perhaps Itachi gave Naruto the power to put all of this together plus add a resistance to the Sharingan. Now, if you add all of that up, you’ve got a helluva combination.

    Ok, an hour later, this is finally done. Flame me for being repetitive if you wish but…I tried. 😀

  174. @kagebunshin3: That would be sweeeet. Even if it wasn’t enough to beat Sasuke, which I doubt it is (’cause he’ll just cheat with Susano’o), that’d be a cool addition to Naruto’s arsenal, especially that A-bomb idea.

  175. @supertrek89

    Alright, so if someone says they will pay me 100 000 bucks to kill someone I don’t know, does that make it alright? I could just say “Someone is paying me, therefor it is a mission and therefor my actions of killing someone else I don’t even know, are justified.”

    No, it doesn’t make it alright. Just because someone asks you to do something, or even offers a reward for doing something, does not make it a justified action.

    It is different when you are in the military and you are ordered to go to war, because refusing to do so can be seen as treason to your country. In that regard, your life and your actions belong to a higher chain of command.

    Madara is not a higher chain of command and Sasuke has no reason to give him any allegiance. In a sense, you could see Madara as a drug lord, asking some guy on the side of the street that he just met to go and kill someone for a nice reward of money. By accepting the offer, that person is incriminating himself.

    Sasuke DID incriminate himself by attacking Bee and yes, so did Juugo, Karin and Suigetsu as well. They became part of a known criminal organization knowing what they were getting themselves into, attacked someone without provocation with the intention to instigate his death and risked much larger ramifications.

    You can’t excuse those actions by saying it was just a mission, otherwise I could just go around killing any poor soul for someone else I have just met and just say “but they asked me to do it, therefor my actions are justified”.

  176. I predict that one of three things will happen by the end of this battle.
    1.Saskue dies
    2.Kakashi dies
    3.Naruto dies

    Now I can give reasons why. If sasuke dies then naruto would be angery not with kakashi but marada bc he believe marada has tanted sasuke. If sasuke kills sasuke then it would mostly likely mean saskue cant be saved and naruto would have to kill him. Now you may ask how I can say naruto the main charater can die but the answer is easy, he reckless. I predicted that if he died it would go a little like this; Sasuke go to deal the final blow to kakshi or the otherway around but naruto jumps into block it and the wound is fatal (like hakus death) bc we all know naruto would do something like that to save either of them,

  177. *If sasuke kill kakshi

  178. @jdizzlex212

    If Naruto dies, so does the manga, because he is the main character regardless of what anyone says.

    All i can say is that he won’t die in this battle and if Naruto ever does die, it will only be at the end of the manga. He isn’t the child of prophecy just so he can die before fulfilling his role.

  179. @Tenrai Senshi: maybe his role is to die. But if Kishi kills off his main character people won’t read his future works.

  180. @to63to

    How can he change the world by dying now against Sasuke? Kishi may like Sasuke, but even he knows that Naruto is the main character and that the story ultimately centers on him.

    People don’t give Kishi enough credit, because he has given us a great story so far and yet all we can do is complain all the time. He isn’t stupid enough to kill his own main character for any reason, because if he was that stupid, Naruto wouldn’t be as good as it is in the first place.

  181. @Tenrai Senshi
    I was being hypothethical.I don’t actually believe that Naruto will die at some point,current or future.There is too much work to be done and the only character with the needed qualities so far is Naruto.

    As for Kishi, I never meant to complain.I was just stating the obvious.I consider him a great writer and fully enjoy his work.That’s why you never see me at bleach for example.It became too dull and I stopped watching/reading it.Naruto has been becoming more and more interesting with every chapter.

  182. @to63to

    Sorry, I should have worded my post more carefully. I wasn’t actually directing my point about Kishi to you directly, but I have noticed quite a few people complain a lot about some of his choices with regards to his story and yet they still stick to reading Naruto like glue. All I can say to those people is that he created Naruto, it is his baby and to be completely honest, he can do whatever he wants with it. He has done a great job so far, better than most of us complainers could ever hope to achieve, so try to lay off a bit.

    We all read his story for free because of the convenience of the web and we all take advantage of Kishi’s hard work, with many of us never actually giving back to him by buying the manga volume when it is released. Then we complain when we aren’t 100% satisfied for a product we aren’t even purchasing. All I can say to everyone like that is if you aren’t happy (once again, this is not directed at anyone specific) then it’s easy enough to just stop reading.

    Yes, you are entitled to not like a chapter, or to think it’s boring from time to time, but degrading the author for those moments is unfair and a bit immature. If anyone thinks they can do better, you are all welcome to try.

    I am not sure where this sudden urge to rant came from, but I am glad I got that off my chest.

  183. @Tenrai: Lol, I guess it depends on who they’re paying you to kill. XD

    Anyway, you can give “war” and “chain of command” as an excuse for a ninja’s action just as well as I can give the word “mission” as an excuse for Sasuke’s action. In the end though people wind up killing those they don’t know, those that have never done anything to them, and those that may be innocent. I think I should expand on my earlier post like promised.

    Sasuke’s actions were selfish and for his own gain but he isn’t the only one acting selfish and causing others harm for their own personal gain. Was Konoha not selfish in the actions they took in war?

    Lol, but I’m sure what Konoha did wasn’t selfish right? They were looking out for their own people and interests all at the expense of the other countries, especially Pein’s country which got the brunt of the war they had no bid in.

    Is that not selfish? Yet, no one says Konoha is evil when they harmed those that have never done anything to them. You can say they never intended to hurt them but surely we know they countries chose that convenient spot to wage their wars. Surely we know that the 5 great nation’s leaders aren’t dumb enough to think no one (innocent lives) would get hurt in their wars. And yet they waged their wars all for their personal gain.

    I’m a strong believer in judging everyone by the same standards and equally. Personally, I’ve never seen Konoha has evil and I don’t see what Konoha did as evil. It was something they did in self interest, and it was selfish, just like Sasuke attacked Bee in self interest. Sometimes, I repeat “sometimes”, you have to look out for yourself that’s the way it is. Once again, I do believe Sasuke has slipped into darkness for other actions but for attacking Bee I give him a pass.

  184. @supertrek89

    Actually, I never said Konoha was completely innocent, however in a war, you are fighting to protect what is important. 😛

    And I never blamed Sasuke’s actions for him being evil, but rather his mindset behind those actions. Just remember, Sasuke is not doing what he is for self preservation or to protect someone else. Konoha was not a threat to his well-being and has only become one now because of a direct result of his actions. In other words, Konoha is only putting a death warrant on Sasuke now because he is a threat to them.

    If Konoha acted in self interest in any way, it was only to preserve itself from a threat. However, Sasuke doesn’t care about self preservation, nor is he acting in an effort to defend himself or anyone else against a threat. He is acting purely out of his own personal desire for revenge. He isn’t protecting anyone, or saving anything. He is just killing because of his own desires.

    I don’t see Konoha attacking other countries to steal their Bijuu just to become more powerful. In fact, Konoha was the one that gave them that power in the first place, or more specifically, Hashirama. I doubt Konoha instigated a war on by its own will to gain power, but it would have to defend itself if one was started.

  185. @Tenrai: Lol, Konoha was a waging war to protect it’s own self interests whether it be its people or borders. As a result another nation suffered greatly for it and lost its people. Equivalent exchange (Just finished catching up on FMA). 😀

    I’m just using it as a general example I know you never said Konoha was completely innocent. 😉 Konoha may have not attacked other countries to steal Bijuu but they still attacked other countries to gain power.

    As Sasuke attacked another individual to gain power. Konoha did it to protect its people at the cost of another country’s people. Sasuke attacked another individual to further his own revenge and get him one step closer to his goal. Now I’m sure we both agree Konoha’s overall goal is survival and they used the war as a stepping stone to reach that goal too. Just as Sasuke used Bee as a stepping to stone to reach his goal.

  186. @Super, observe the Raikage’s hostility towards the other villages concerning their missing-nins No one complained about Akatsuki because some of the Villages have been hiring them instead of training their own ninja. Now like I said before, Suna wasnt in the position for a war. When they found out their Kage had been killed they had already suffered heavy losses from their failed invasion and had already surrendered. The only reason they attacked the Leaf and thought they’d win is because they had Gaara, Orochimaru and Orochimaru’s Village to back them up. And me bringing up Hinata’s dad was only to shwo that Villages CAN blame a Village for the acts of one individual (like the Raikage did in BOTH cases)

  187. everyone in this manga is evil……….except Nagato 8)

  188. @Tenrai & Kisu: Lol, alright I give! XD I can see I’m outnumbered here, though they are two separate debates, and I want to talk about something else now, so I’m hoping Tenrai can say one more thing and we’ll be done with it. 😀

  189. @Gavin: Perhaps the reason the Sword of Totsuka was not given to Sasuke is because it was given to Naruto. If you recall that weapon is not an eye technique. Do you remember the quotes by Itachi? If you have to kill Sasuke to save Konoha what will you do? Naruto said he would find a way to save both. If confronting Sasuke activates Itachi’s power, I believe it will probably be some kind of get out genjutsu card, but more importantly it will be to rid Sasuke of Zetsu. Zetsu will see the one thing that can kill him, a spirit sword! He sees the sword coming and pops out just in time to save himself. Naruto being in sage mode can probably swing the sword real close which is good because Zetsu is probably very fast. If this situation were to pass it would definitely remind a lot of people of how Shikamaru defeated Hidan using trickery.


    And with my appearance it can only mean that it’s time for crack theories!!! So gather ’round children, and listen to an old madman! MUWHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!

    I predict a couple of things (as have many others)
    Kakashi dies… Sasuke takes his eye to keep from masturbational blindness!
    Naruto interrupts the fight at the last possible moment, And Sasuke flee’s with KakashObito’s eye! Kakashi is near death, Tsunade comes out of her coma just long enough to ‘Chiyo’ herself.

    Also, as a Meth-heaped-crack theory – how about this…
    We find out that Obito was Shisui’s older brother (ages might work on that, since I don’t recall a definitive age on Shisui, and he/she? was friends with Itachi.
    Sasuke kills Kakashi, and takes Obito’s eye.. which grants him similar powers to Shisui. Let’s take a moment to think about that – Kakashi has very slowly activated his sharingan abilities, so I think this is plausible

  191. ..One last thing before I return to bed with a comatose Tsunade…

    The words that sasuke said regarding Itachi’s eyes (paraphrased) “Those eyes see things differently than I do”

    If he were to take Itachi’s eyes, or even Kakashi’s eye, perhaps he would not be able to handle them, he’d develop a split personality, like Madara…

  192. Ewwwwww Prawl! There is NO way I’d allow you (speaking as Tsunade) to enter into my bed – comatose or not! Besides, isn’t there a mental illness of this sort? Necrophilia, I seem to recall.

    And, I noted that I put in the same idea as you – Kakashi is either hurt and Naruto interrupts/saves or Naruto merely interrupts the Sensei/Student reunion. But something is bugging me now.

    What is bugging me is the comment on how Kakashi now understands what Sandaime Hokage felt when fighting Orochimaru that resulted in his death. Will Kakashi see as his “duty” to do the same? Knowing Kakashi’s character, it is possible but, given his importance to the manga, it is questionable. And, given his popularity, Kishi would have a mass fan base riot. However, none of us saw Jiraiya dying either. It is hard to say for sure.

    There are differences in this scenario: first, Kakashi is far younger than Sandaime and even his own Sensei, Yondaime Hokage. Second, Kakashi’s skills haven’t weakened over time – IMO, they have gotten stronger, especially as he now has the MS. Third: Kakashi isn’t one to go into a situation without thinking it through first. He’s not one to throw emotions around in a fight. Sasuke, as has been proven, doesn’t care who gets hurt so long as he beats the crap and kills his opponent that is preventing him from his ultimate goals. And, last but not least, Sasuke is a major disappointment in the sense that is is SO impressionable. Even Naruto beats him there (remember who “defeated” Nagato?)! Although there are pros and cons going both ways on Kakashi’s second death, I don’t think it is likely that Kakashi will, ultimately, die. Naruto will definitely become involved and we’ll finally see what “surprise jutsu” Itachi gave to him.

  193. *gives standing novation* you guys, supertrek and Tenshi have just given the best debate i have seen on wra, ira in ages. I feel bad because we stopped lol. Perhaps we should have a good debate each breakdown because debating and reading debates, especially from too highly skilled debator like supertrek and tenrai, are fun to do.

    As for the Uchiha gift to naruto. I have to agree with Tenrai and all those that suggested simular. I believe itachi tranfered some of his essance into naruto so he could talked to sasuke directly if things got out of control, which they are now.

  194. The reason for Sasuke becoming so dark I believe is a combination from Madara’s influence and more importantly this.

    I think that has been the true catalyst for his downward spiral into darkness.

  195. @Penny: I think one message Kish wants to send is how Naruto’s generation doesn’t make the same mistake as the older generations or more specifically the Sannin. Naruto will deliver Sasuke out of evil. Kakashi will notice that Sasuke is pretty beat up and possessed by rage so he’s probably going to continue talking to Sasuke(to get intel) until he gets antagonized into delivering the final blow. And at that moment…when Naruto catches his attack, and maybe Sasuke’s too, the look on Kakashi’s astonished face will be priceless! But truthfully I don’t see Naruto interfering until maybe 2 more chapters though. Yes we all know that Kakashi is NOT slated to die and we also know that Killerbee goes rampaging in Konoha. The best reason I can come up with on why these two things would happen is because Sasuke is taken to Konoha!

  196. Sauske getting taken back to Konoha eh? I’d like to see that.

  197. Are you absolutely sure that Kakashi won’t die and Bee will rampage in Konoha ?
    Lol, ’cause there’s really no Konoha as of right now.

  198. @repairmanjack: If you’re saying that Sasuke still has some part of his body influenced by the cursed mark…

    I don’t know… I think that’s brilliant. If Sasuke is being influenced by something like that then maybe he is redeemable after all. It would explain a lot about his behavior.

  199. @Gavin: If you read when Sasuke’s darkness was first witnessed by Karin you will then see that she declares that the darkness that she had felt was darker and more sinister than the curse mark. So that means its got to be something else… >_> *ahem Zetsu* read my third to last post which i actually wrote to you.

    And coincidentally the containing chapter is called “Sasuke Under Siege.”

    Think about why Madera would want Karin dead. She is the only one who felt the change in his chakra. My only problem is that I’m having a hard time seeing Zetsu get defeated. This is because it seems that Sasuke has used up his Sharingan so if he doesn’t activate it then Itachi’s special jutsu won’t activate. Something tells me though that Naruto will only get a glimpse of what is really happening(Zetsu) and thus a new seed of determination will be born again in Naruto and Karin will help him piece together the puzzle on what is really going on.

  200. sasuke isnt under any influence, unless that influence is emo-ness
    then yes
    sasuke is being controlled…

  201. @ boyruns – Sasuke IS under siege… by MASSIVE DIAHRHEA! …and Emo-ness…

    @ Penny – LOL, I didn’t intend to imply that you (as Tsunade) were the comatose woman… nor did I intend to sound like I was going to do awful things to her while in that state… but I give you bonus points for joining the Dark Side! Muwhahahaa…

    *climbs into bed with Tsunade’s Twin… gets punched all the way through Madara’s moon-eye (yuck) and lands in soul society*

    Tsunade: DAMMIT PRAWL! WTF!?!?!

    Prawl: “But Tsunade… I’m actually a nice guy once you stop killing me and get to know me!!!”

    Tsunade: I DO know you Prawl… thats WHY I’m KILLING you!

    *world rejoices as Prawl dies AGAIN! *

  202. @super, this was Sasugay’s plan and we fell for it! He just wants us to debate about him so he can get more screen time GAH >_<!!! Btw, since we've called a truce, i paid a hobo to throw the bottle at u 8P

  203. @supertrek89

    Quiting on our debate, when I still had more fuel left in me. T__T

    Oh well, I guess it is done with then. We both got our points across anyway. Now we just need to find something else to debate about, like maybe a Sasuke vs Pein debate again, or something similar.


  204. @prawlkage, boyruns: You guys are wrong. Visionary1200 is right on the money. Always look at Kishi’s foreshadowing.

    @Visionary1200: The only thing wrong with Naruto having the spirit sword is the timing. If Itachi gave it to Naruto, then how did Itachi use it in battle? I thought this might have something to do with the sword being an eye technique and not an actual object, but Naruto doesn’t have eye techniques does he? How could an eye technique be unlocked?

    And about Sasuke… If Naruto is supposed to save him or bring him back, then the theory about zetsu or something else affecting Sasuke fits the best. Nice catch Visionary1200.

  205. Hey…um…was I moderated? 😦

  206. @Gavin: The sword is not an eye technique. It’s a spirit sword that must be summoned. So its just a matter of knowing the technique. 😉

    Zetsu noticed and remarked that the sword is not one of Itachi’s eye techniques. Also if you notice on the left ear of Susanoo is a white yang symbol. My guess is that this is because Itachi was essentially good and thus was also able to wield the Sword of Totsuka(which means being good MIGHT be required). I think the reason Sasuke has been able to wield the Yata no Kagami and more importantly Susanoo is because Sasuke drew it out with pure truth and honesty probably something required in order to learn how to draw out Susanoo(during a time of true vindication). The flesh and bones of Susanoo are manifested ultimately from the caster. This could explain why Susanoo looks different from person to person. I believe that the flesh and bones of Sasuke used to manifest Susanoo is tainted with Zetsu.

  207. Tsukuyomi is, it seems, a reflection of the darkness within the caster. For Itachi it was that fateful night where he helped slaughter his entire clan(Sasuke excluded). On that night the moon was red. So every time he does Tsukuyomi there’s a red moon! As for Sasuke, well, uhhhhh….What is that? I mean that poor shinobi(C) was covered in that black gook and it was leaching on to her like some kind of…

  208. So, my guess is, Black Zetsu makes White Zetsu but in a way that a fungus gives birth or more appropriately makes spores which is what I believe White Zetsu is entirely comprised of. Yeech! So if I’m right the key is killing Black Zetsu. Think about it, Madera probably wants Sasuke to go blind by activating his Sharingan and thus relying on Madera, but Itachi prepared for all this and knew about Zetsu. This is why I see Naruto Psyching out Zetsu by coming at him(Sasuke) with the sword. When Zetsu sees the sword he’s gonna pop out of Sasuke! That’s all I can see because there really isn’t anything inspiring for Naruto anymore because this is all about getting Sasuke back and defeating the bad guy, right? Sakura doesn’t love him and Sasuke is pure evil? Wow! What a great ending! Naruto is all about saving people and believing that one person can make a difference! Its not about doing what must be done! Remember what Kish said, he wants people to watch as he does his best work ever! Well, I guess we’ll see…

  209. Actually, a pain vs sasuke would be a pretty good debate O__O
    What do you say we start it up?

    i think pain would win

  210. @prawl: LMAO. Don’t die again. I love hearing from you. Just don’t you go crawling into bed with me comatose or not!

    @Mandi: I was just thinking about that this morning; Sasuke being taken into Konoha. Interesting…

    A thought that was going through my mind is something like Naruto joining in the fight with a weakened Sasuke, who is on the verge of blindness as it is. Kakashi tries to fight/talk to him but to no avail. Naruto goes in to save/back up his Sensei and we have Valley of the End II. Remember that Naruto promised that he’d “save” Sasuke and not allow Konoha to be destroyed to Itachi way back when. “Saving” Sasuke could mean either – beating him to the point of near death and taking him to Konoha. Or, beating Madara’s influence out of him and Sasuke dying only to have his final resting place in Konoha (that one not very likely). There may be other ways that Naruto could get through to Sasuke – Itachi becomes visually apparent in Naruto to Sasuke, for instance. I don’t think we’re going to have a Nagato II, however. Remember how long THAT took…

    @Marks: Sasuke FTW (did I actually say that?!?). Why? Pain is dead; Sasuke is not. 😛

  211. I think Pain would win too.
    We all saw that Susanoo has a weak spot, so I think Pain could exploit it. Well, Pain could stop him from using Susanoo in the first place.
    He could repel Amaterasu with Shinra Tensei and Tsukuyomi could be easily dispelled if one of the bodies touches another.
    I think Sasuke would take down two or three bodies, also thanks to Chidori and relate tecniques. As for Kirin, Pain maybe could use Chibaku Tensei to counter it. Not sure about that, though.
    I hope we have a good debate!

  212. If Preta path can absorb amaterasu and susanoo then I totally agree with you…but we don’t know what the affects are when a true sharingan is used against one of the paths of pain. It probably wont work like when Itachi tried to use Tsukuyomi on Kakashi’s bunshin. Also we do have to take into account what happened when Kakashi first encountered Deva Path. His eye got trounced! He couldn’t use his sharingan to read Deva Path’s movements because Negato’s chakra immediately overwhelmed his eyesight!

  213. pain would win. first of all, sasuke would not know the bodies’ abilities. second of all, pain is at full strength and would be aiming to kill him (these two things heavily influenced the fight with naruto).
    -if he doesn’t activate susanoo right away:
    1) deva path would kill him with shira tensei or bansho tenin. this is the most likely thing to happen since wouldn’t even have time to react.
    2) taijutsu would be useless for obvious reasons
    3) if sasuke uses long ranged attacks, preta path could absorb them or they could be blocked or dodged.
    4) he could use amaterasu but i don’t seem him hitting all 6 bodies. deva could block it while deva could absorb it.
    the naraka path would heal the destroyed bodies.
    5)sasuke’s genjutsu can only hit one body at a time. he would have to put them all under genjutsu…pretty tough… plus, since genjutsu is a manipulation of the flow of chakra in the victim’s brain, couldn’t nagato just stop the chakra flow for a second to get out of the genjutsu?

    -if he uses susanoo right away:
    1) the arrows could be absorbed by preta path, blocked by deva or maybe even dodged (we don’t know pain’s speed compared to danzo’s but here he seems pretty damn fast: after naruto’s sage mode ended he managed to get to him. take a look at this chapter for reference
    2) chibaku tensei could get through susanoo without a doubt. i mean, if susanoo felt the baku’s pull how could it not feel chibaku tensei’s?!?
    3) a hole could be found in susanoo thanks to combined efforts from shinra tensei, summons, and missles. if danzo did it, then so can pain.

    sorry for the long comment!

  214. @visionary

    I know what you’re saying about Karin and how she noticed the change in is chakra and how it was darker than the curse seal.

    I believe this is b/c this time he got FLESH and CHAKRA transfered to him from Jugo (the pure source of where the original curse mark was derived) directly this time. Instead of through a bite from someone effected by a potion or concoction derived from Jugo.

    Also, I don’t believe Naruto has the spirit sword. I believe that what ever Itatchi gave Naruto was to help him change Sasuke’s heart and bring him back to his good self, not put him in a dream jutsu forever. And plus I believe that whatever he gave Naruto, he couldn’t have used when he fought Sasuke(he used that sword Orochimaru), b/c whatever he gave he wouldn’t have anymore. (kind of hard to use something you gave away to some else prior to a fight)

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