Naruto Manga 470 Breakdown and 471 Spoiler Discussion: Oh Is Naruto Pissed…and FINALLY Killer Bee vs. Kisame

Sakura Bashing

Yeah, Sakura. Trust me. I think we are ALL tired of you at the moment...and I think Naruto is first in line in that department.

(spoilers to go in comments section)

What awesomeness!  We get a treat of an early manga.  SWEET!!!

What a difference a week makes – at least in the world of Naruto.  Last week, most of us were waiting with bated breath for…something.  And, all we got was a holding pattern – and a Sakura bashing contest (it WAS fun, I must admit).   Well, this week proves to move a lot faster.  Yippee!!!!!!

This is TsunadesTwin (aka Penny) with your weekly rundown on Naruto.  And, the one thing that I think everyone, including me, wanted to see has finally come:  Kisame vs. Killer Bee (and Ponta that racoon). 

the bear trap

Somehow, this brute of a raccoon doesn't leave me with the impression of "cute."

Woo Hoo!  Action!  We finally get to see our favorite “Bee” fight our favorite shark and his infamous sword, Samehada.  And, what a sword it turns out to be.  We all knew it absorbed chakras but what about Jinchuurki chakras?  Turns out Samehada isn’t picky about chakra; it is merely a chakra eater and it eats any chakra – including that from Hachibi, which makes an appearance.  Well, this was something that Killer Bee was NOT expecting…nor was Sabu-chan.

Samehada's true form

Oh, Kisame. Quit flirting with your Jinchuuriki target. Now, Samehada...that's not a sword anymore.

And, we see, yup, that giant racoon, Ponta and his trainer-Enka instructor, Sabu-chan, attempt to protect their own lives if not that of their (lousy) student.   Funny, Sabu-chan sure knows how to defend himself much like a shinobi!  He sure knows a lot about Killer Bee, too, as he observes what happens to Killer Bee’s chakra’s when he attempts to use his famous vibrato sword.

Sabuchans Racoon

You don't want to get THIS guy mad. He'll take you out with that giant meat cleaver...

And, the Naruto/Sakura conversation continues…

As Sabu-chan goes to battle with “passion,” Killer Bee is making notes, real notes – about what “passion” is.  Huh?  Gahhh!  He’s like Lee, taking notes while Gai-sensei is talking.  In his defense, he makes great use of that pencil – as a horrendous weapon infused with Raiton chakra that just misses Kisame.  It was enough to have Kisame take notice that this guy is not to be taken lightly by any stretch.

New uses for a pencil

Students, Killer Bee demonstrates a new use for a pencil; kids, please don't try this at home.

And the Naruto/Sakura conversation becomes an argument…

It appears that our old man, whom we haven’t figured out how he floats yet (Cookie’s big question), has a history of being “hardheaded.”  He’s been the aggressive Kage of our main five.  His minions want to kill both Killer Bee and Naruto and, thus end Madara’s “Moon’s Eye Plan.”  Huh?  Well, it seems that Gaara – and Naruto – have gotten through to this “hardheaded old man.”  Apparently, at one time, he had ideals that went beyond saving a nation for revenge’s sake or for its own purposes.  Gaara (yeah and Naruto, too) helped him see the light. Looks like we have some interesting developments on the Fourth Ninja War front, after all.

The hard headed old man converts

Looks like Naruto, through Gaara, had an impact on one old school Kage...

Gaara, Temari and Kankuro race to Kakashi, our Mizukage is in search of their comrade and communicating with their Daimyo…while Kumo heads out in search of Killer Bee.  All I have to say is, Raikage…be prepared because we now get to see the REAL Samehada.  You are going to hurt after this…

kumo and suna nins

Raikage and Kazekage (Yeah!) off to their respective targets; Killer Bee and Kakashi...

Mizukage and her attendant

...while our Mizukage goes in search of Ao...

Ok, here’s that conversation that seems to never end.  Now, it’s a full-blown argument.  Naruto thinks this is a load of crap (as do most of us according to last week’s poll) and continues to prod Sakura.  Why is she lying to herself?  What are her motives?  What’s going on in that brain under that pink hair?  He even said it was “weird” for her to come out just to make that confession (yeah, he’s no idiot).  He’s one pissed off shinobi that’s for sure.   

Narutos POed

Yeah, Sakura. This guy's not buying what you have to sell. And, you thought he'd just go along with you willingly...ha!

Sakura replies saying she’s worried about Naruto putting himself in danger – that’s fair, I’ll admit.  She wants him safe and to return to Konoha, again fair.  She doesn’t want him to flaunt his presence, given he’s the Kyuubi Jinchuurki – again a fair statement.  Then comes the “let’s dump that promise” request again.  I think if this had been said last week, I don’t think that Sakura would have taken nearly the amount of bashing that she has taken.  However, regardless, it is clear that no one – especially Naruto – believes her for one New York minute.  Just look at the faces of everyone who is present.  Do they look like they believe her?

who believes you sakura

Do these faces look like they believe what is being said? Nah, didn't think so.

Then there’s that issue that I mentioned last week – when I mentioned that neither Madara nor the information he gave on Sasuke and Itachi not being known by all parties.  You know, Itachi…Sasuke and what Sasuke’s motives are.  Well, Naruto attempts to tell the remaining Konoha team that it isn’t about the promise anymore; it’s about that “understanding one’s pain” thing again.  Showing an incredible amount of maturity, IMO, he explains his reasoning:  because of Sasuke’s love for his clan and his family – and their annihilation – that he’s seeking revenge.  Kiba, doesn’t buy it and mentions Akatsuki, with an attempted reply from Naruto before he’s cut off by Kakashi.  This leaves all to wonder “WTH?”. 

WTH with Naruto

Hmmmm...perhaps there's more going on here than the four man cell knows???

This discussion about revealing this information was discussed earlier by Naruto, Yamato and Kakashi and it was a “top-secret.”  Why?  Our favorite jonin wants to confirm the information first.  Huh?  Kakashi?  Are you nuts?!?  You think that the elders and Danzo are going to confirm this information?  This is about as much a secret as Naruto having the Kyuubi locked away inside of him.  There is no way you are ever going to get this stuff confirmed unless you go through the Hokage scrolls yourself – or Tsunade wakes up from her beauty sleep (oh please, oh please wake up!). 

Flashback on Uchiha

Man, oh man...Kakashi? What were you thinking? You can't confirm this? No way!

Then Kiba, in a stupid move IMO, whispers to Sakura about telling Naruto the truth; that they plan to kill Sasuke but Sakura is disgusted and, could it be…tears?  OMG, there they are!  The tears we’ve been pining for. 

Sakuras tears uhgain

Wait! Wait! Can it be? Look at the circled is! OMG, she's crying again. Like usual...

So, what would any jilted (real or fake) female do?  You got it.  Stomp off in a huff taking prisoners as she goes (Kiba’s toes)…does this mean she’s serious?  Hard to say but there is ONE thing she is:  determined.  But, determined to do what?  Oh no…not again.  Please…not again.   Yeah, she wants Kiba to help her find Sasuke.  I see a disaster coming, don’t you?  Look at what just happened:  she tried to convince Naruto to NOT continue his search for Sasuke unsuccessfully, using tactics that were, IMO, cruel and unusual – and had the effect of demoralizing the team.  Now, she wants to search for Sasuke?  What’s she going to do?  Shannaro!  and knock a hole in the ground the size of a small river gorge and hope he falls in?  Maybe some of that healing no jutsu?  Gawd, Sakura.  Lady, you are no match and are out of your league.

Sakuras determination

Uh oh...not again. Please, Sakura. Leave well enough alone! Go home to Konoha!

Ok, here’s a tangent thought for you all.  Now, we see where Sakura’s heading – IMO to disaster.   The idea was raised last week that, quite possibly, Sakura is being set up…to be killed.  Huh?  Now, hear me out on this one, k?  What if…yeah, those are deadly….what if, Sakura sets out and finds Sasuke and Madara.   Sakura tries to fight either Sasuke or Madara or some member of Team Taka and loses.  That would draw out Naruto from hiding to fight Sasuke, which is what Madara wants (along with the Kyuubi).  Add the emotional impact of her being killed on Naruto and the team…yeah, you get the idea.  A casualty of this 4th Ninja War.  What do ya say?

Ok, back to the regularly scheduled manga…

Unfortunately, Sai enters the picture again – and not in a good way.  Yeah, Sai is a part of the group but…there’s Sai hiding behind the boxes at the inn.  Huh?!?  Here come the questions, the theories and the other stuff on this guy.  We all thought he had finally seen the light with Kakashi’s “I have faith in you” comment before Naruto left.  Could it have been a ruse or…is there something more here?

sai wth

Ok, Sai. Just what is going on here?!? Which side are you on? Or, is there more here than meets the eye...?

Meanwhile, back at the Kisame versus Killer Bee title fight, Hachibi makes his appearance.  Woo Hoo!  Looks like our favorite Bee is not taking any chances with this Akatsuki.  Turns out that our Enka instructor even knows about the demon cloak.  Hmmmm…

The 8 tails appearance

I can hear the shouts of joy from the audience...he's baaack. Thank God his partner isn't rapping a lot.

One problem though:  Samehada.  It absorbs, any chakra, as I said before.  And, absorb it does…interesting that the tails haven’t fully formed yet when Samehada makes the Hachibi chakra cloak its breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next several weeks. 

uh oh this is bad

Bee? Methinks you need to consider another strategy - or wait for big bro who is on his way.

For the last pic, I am going to let you guys decide the caption.  Put your captions in the comments and the best one will be revealed in next week’s breakdown.  I’m just going to tell you this is what Samehada looks like, uh, full.  Question is, what does this thing do? even worse

Put your caption ideas in the comments. Winners to be announced next breakdown. 🙂

Well, kids, that’s all I have from here for this week.  Hope you enjoyed the chapter as things really got going – FINALLY.  I can’t wait to see where this battle heads next week.

Author’s Note 11/6/2009I think my brainwaves have gone “flatline” of late.  Because of a family illness, I am going to be moving across the US from the Midwest to the West Coast (yeah, I’m now a “snowbird”).  As a result of this move, I will be without a computer for, definitely a week, possibly two.  That means, next week’s breakdown will NOT be done by me and possibly the one after that.  😦  So…let me count…471, 472…that would make it that I would be back for Manga Chapter 473.  Oh, don’t worry, I’ll be reading away with the rest of you so I can give you the best, most complete, most awesome and fastest manga breakdown. 

Until then,



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  2. seeeeecooond

  3. There is no way Naruto will go into hiding, that’s not his “way of the ninja.” But if he did go into hiding, I think that he would go back to the frogs.

  4. I thought already that awhile back Sakura might end up getting killed. All during the Pein arc, if I remember correctly. I forget. X.o; No, wait, it might’ve been after the Pein arc. :O

    Either way, part of me thinks Sakura may end up getting killed, but I’m hoping that’s not the case. You don’t always know with Kishi-san.

    And awesomeness breakdown, Penny. 😀 Yours are officially my favorites. ^,^ You put a lot of work, effort, and thought into them. 🙂 And I appreciate that a lot. 😀 And I should’ve had second. X3

    And maybe Sai was just trying to keep from having his toes stepped on by Sakura? :O

  5. Fifth!

  6. @Penny – Super fast and awesome breakdown

    Didn’t Sakura called Sai to go? Won’t she eventually turn around to look for him?

    That Samehada is not a sword … it is a monster on a stick!

    Did anyone catch the comment made by Kisame about the pencil could have went through him? Does Samehada only absorb chakras by touching? Is this the strategic? Long range attack from different angles.

  7. great breakdown penny really early,on my luck.samehada looks like a catfish,pinetree combo realy unusual i was thinking sai might be lisenin on sakuras recuest to inform kakashi or naruto about sakuras dumbass idea to go talk to sasuke

  8. geez this breakdown came quick!

  9. YOSH!!! Quick and awesome release (insert “That’s what she said” joke here) Penny! I do hope Kishi is setting up Sakura to die sooo badly at this point. Ever since she met with the Kumo ninjas she’s been crying, sucking, and crying some more. Now she’s making fake love confessions and running off to find Sasuke on her own!? Gah, just die if you’re going to make me hate you all over again!

    I believe we saw that the Samehada could absorb Jinchuuriki chakra back when Kisame and Naruto first met.

    It doesn’t have to touch the body either to absorb the chakra but swiped close to the object it’s absorbing from.

    As for Killer Bee vs. Kisame! GO KILLER BEE! I never liked shark boy and I don’t see what people find so appealing about the blue man with gills. o_O

  10. @penny: thanks for the fast breakdown
    *does Maito Gai Thumbs Up 😉 *

    im not sure if sakura is gonna get set up to be killed,because so far those that die aren’t main characters but supporting, itachi, jiraiya, 3rd hokage, orochimaru etc… sakura’s part of 7 seven(lucky her) and so she’s safe for a while.

    I think Sai might tell naruto of the news of Sasuke being a target now.. i know back at Kishi’s interview it said something about sai doing something big…telling naruto of this would definitely influence naruto to strongly want to “save sasuke” even more..

    I see naruto staying at konoha if asked, just because there’s he’s there to protect the village blah, blah, blah stuff..i do see some people staying there from other villages as well…

    ***WHEN Kisame beats(not capture) Killer bee…i just have one thing to say..IN YOUR F**KING FACES B*tches… (i believed back in the tournament that Kisame could/would beat KB) if that doesn’t happen i apologize for the rude outbreak 😉
    3 words for about Samaheda: Totally Bad Ass…

    kinda off topic, but wouldn’t it have been funny if shikamaru and hinata was there as well. when temari arrives it would seem like a couple’s convention lmao…(imma naru/hina fan..)

  11. I just a thought/theory about Kisame’s sword Samehada.

    I wonder if it ate Naruto’s sage chakra would it possibly become a stone frog…?

  12. Hey everyone!!! Nice breakdown again Penny!!!

    Anyway, I thought I would throw some of my ideas around regarding Kisame’s strength, now that he is battling Bee. I think Kisame is built for these kinds of battles, which is why he is a part of Akatsuki in the first place.

    Not only does he have the chakra capacity to last in a long fight against a Jinchuuriki, but he also has a weapon that can absorb their Bijuu chakra and stop them from taking advantage of it. It’s the perfect combo for this kind of situation.

    However, as strong as he may be, his abilities are also situational in some regards. If he were to go up against Naruto in sage mode, for example, absorbing chakra could work to his disadvantage instead. (As mentioned by repairmanjack). Having your sword turn to stone isn’t really helpful.

    I thought of waiting a bit to throw this into the air, perhaps after seeing more of Kisame in action, but perhaps we can have a longer running debate instead. ^ ^

    Who would win between Naruto and Kisame, given their ablilities and how they are suited for the encounter???

    Now, to be completely fair, I personally think that Bee would likely win a fight against Naruto if they were to battle, simply because of his superior control over his Bijuu and his experience. He can unleash all eight tails and still retain control, so that gives him a huge edge.

    I also think that Kisame would defeat Bee in battle, just because his abilities take away Bee’s greatest strength and makes it meaningless.

    However, as mentioned before, his abilities might not be right for a battle against Naruto. Sage chakra gives Naruto a unique edge against Kisame and the Samehada, plus the strength to go toe to toe with him, if not making him stronger. (I can’t be sure, because Kisame hasn’t been seen throwing around giant Rhino’s the size of Gamabunta yet, but he did take out a giant bear easily).

    Both have an abundance of chakra, and both have high tech jutsu at their disposal. Kisame has more experience, but Naruto has also shown a lot of cunning in battle, especially during the Pein arch.

    Neither of them has an affinity advantage over the other, but Kisame does have an advantage in turning the battlefield into his own territory (being water) which may throw Naruto off.

    I think under normal circumstances, Kisame is more experienced, would more powerful and has a nice trick up his sleeve in that he can absorb chakra, but I also think Sage mode takes away a lot of those advantages and gives Naruto an edge in this specific regard, plus the strength to keep up. It doesn’t mean Naruto is necessarily better than Kisame, but in a battle against him, he seems to have the right cards for such an encounter.

    What does everyone else think?

  13. What I think is I’m not sure if his sword would turn into stone.

    If I remember correctly, the reason that the guy turned into stone in the first place was because he absorbed too much too fast and couldn’t handle it, huh?

    I also get the slight feeling that the reason Kisame is the way he is, is because either…

    1. He tried to do shark-natured nature chakra or something.

    2. Otherwise it’s a side-effect of the Samehada, similar to Naruto’s whisker marks.

    If I remember correctly, it was said that (I forget if it was just stone turning or this, so correct me if I’m wrong,) that if you can’t handle the nature chakra, it’ll end up turning you into a toad permanently or something like that.

  14. @supertrek89 I agree with the fact that the sword has to be close to the chakra to absorb it but the question is how close. In the frame from, it was not close enough. Therefore in, Kisame commented that if he got hit with it, he could die/seriously injury.
    With Naruto’s wind chakra and Bee’s lighting chakra, they both can shot projectile at Kisame with an advantage.

  15. @Tenrai:yeah i’ll agree with you on the match-up advantages, however there are a few things you worth mentioning about naruto such as sagemode’s prep/time limit, and the amount of clones he can sustain with them as well as use, which is almost like his trade mark of fighting via kage bunshins…so although both can do the dragged out fights, naruto is handicapped with sagemode/and his frs if he relies too much on it…
    once again though my money’s on kisame…his level of awesomenes is easily over 9000…

  16. @shinobimadness

    yeah, both have advantages and disadvantages. It is a really interesting match-up, to be honest.

    However, I also believe that Naruto does not need to rely on his sage mode solely for victory. Everyone seems to think he is weak without it, but he did defeat Deva path even after going out of sage mode.

    We have also seen him using his shadow clones far more wisely that before (as shown in his battle with the Kumo nins) as well as his overall fighting skill.

    However, without Sage mode, I will say that Kisame would probably win, simply because, once again, he has the right skills for defeating a Jinchuuriki. However, if Naruto is in Sage mode, he could end the battle quickly if he scores a debilitating blow.

    As you suggested, it depends a lot on what Naruto does and whether he relies on the Rasenshuriken/Sage Mode combo. If he scores a hit, Kisame is as good as gone, if he misses, Kisame will have the immediate advantage. It all depends on how well Naruto plans the moments leading up to his attack and whether he takes those factors into account.

    And I am glad to see that we are finally given a look at Kisame’s true power. I think this gives us all a better idea, especially after so many people seemed to underestimate him in the Kisame/Kakashi debate.

  17. Great breakdown!

    The chapter was action-packed and I loved it.
    I really want Killer Bee to win, but I’m afraid Kisame will.
    It’s almost sure that Kisame will win because if Killer Bee kills Kisame than Akatsuki will be almost nothing.

  18. nice breakdown!

    I guess kisame will win the fight but bee wont be taken again i hope/guess raikage will show up when kisame is just about to leave.

  19. sakura will most likely will be saved or killed by sasuke or she will meet up with karin (cat fight?). lol but all in all i dont think even gaara will be able to convince naruto of staying on the sidelines, even if he fights with kagebunshins he will be in the fight no matter what, and if sakura goes and gets herself kidnapped like it seems that she is in the process of we will be seeing another pissed off side of naruto which might give us a second look at narutos sage/kyuubi chakra thing when his eyes were crazy lookin in the pein arc. and for all its worth bee is in some major trouble even if he is fighting without his beasts chakra he can still fight as a swordsman which is very effective as it took out sasuke very easily. all just about if bee loses all his chakra first or if kisame takes too much of a beating first but right now it can go either way.

  20. I thought Sai stayed behind to inform Kakashi and them why Sakura did what she did. Also he’s gona tell them what Sakura failed to say which was that they are planning to kill Sasuke.

  21. Secret!!!

    Secret our never good. in comic book world or megma world. U can see it coming a mild away the impack they will have. For exampel. 4 great super heros throw the Hulk in to space and the HUlk came reak and rip them and NY a new one. Then u have the Guardians of the Green Lantern who hide the Blackest Night Prophecy and now in their world they have undead peolpe killing thousands of peolpe and the possable the end of the DC Universe!! And in One Piece WB kept the fact the Ace was Gold R. son and you thoese of u who read OP know what has happen to him. And now in Naurto Universe we have this mess. two side keep hug secret that our game changers. On one side u have Sakura team hideing the fact a killing order is given on Sasuke and Naurto stop from telling that Sasuke has a good reason. and who stop him Kakashi. Witch I understnad but still a bad idea tho.

    All the bad that has happen in other storys start from the secret and leave to someone dieing hurt, broken, killed, or somethign else bad. What if the 4 hero’s told the rest of the world what they did they could have all been ready and fight on the moon vs. Hulk, What if the Guardians told the other GL about the Blackest Night Prophecy they could have stop it before it even started and save some lives. And WB if he told his son’s about Ace before they went to reacuse him the could have change and maybe trune the tie- of the battle/war for WB and Luffy!!! Now in Naurto if they tursted each other enoght not to do soemthign dummy about the info they give each other they made do some more good then keeping it and possiablke do harm to each other. If Naruto told the group why Saskue doing what he doing they might not be going to running and find him. And if Sakura has told Naruto and his group what order has been given out more or less by the leaf Kakashi might let him tell. Now we have Sakura heading off to her doom maybe, we have Naurto still dose know about the order until he come back to the village and find he alone in wanting Suskue back and might have to go alone in fihgting him to get Sukara from being kill by Madara. Becuase we know Madara wants a fight between Naurto Vs. Suskue. And Naruto other firends who would help save Suske will be too buesy with the new War that about to happen. And with the fight bettwen Kill Bee and Shark dosen;t look good for bee. Secret our the last thing we need now…

    I want to put this out their too… but it doesn;t fit now but last week it did…. what u think would happen if Naurto is in the hands of Madara after a fight with Suskue and beat his ass and then the leaf villages find a KO Suskue and bring him back 2 the village and put him in jail to find Naurto and Sukara and the other kids talk with a tie-up Suskue?????

  22. @swimsean :
    You have raised a very good point.. i think kakashi’s decision to keep the matter of madara secret could have almost.. been for no reason? I believe more harm has been done in keeping that secret, no benefits have come from it.

  23. Actually, Kakashi deciding not to tell everyone about the Uchiha incident involving Itachi is not actually incorrect.

    Remember, misinformation is more dangerous than no information. Kakashi simply wants to confirm the info before he makes it public knowledge.

    Keeping a secret means hiding the TRUTH from those around you. It isn’t a secret if it isn’t the truth in the first place. What’s better, to be told a lie or to be told nothing?

    I think the decision makes perfect sense. It’s better that both Naruto and Sakura don’t chase a lie (False hope once again) and we can already see how much of an impact it has had on Naruto already.

  24. Very good counter-point Tenrai.

  25. CAPTION:
    “Welcome to the Jinchuuriki Diner sir, you said a table for two? And who should I call when it’s ready?”

  26. awesome and quick breakdown penny… i agree with what Tenrai said about kepping the ” supposed truth ” a secret at the moment… but even if it’s true does that mean that the elders will confirm it?

    remember my name 8 – tails and ffs samehada i told you to say giggidy!

  27. @Swimsean: You do raise some good points. Many times keeping secrets have led to a situation deteriorating quickly and the demise of a character in real life and fictional situations. Though, some secrets are kept secret for a reason.

    Touching on the subject of One Piece and Ace being the son of Gol D. Roger for instance. Do you think it would have been a good idea for Whitebeard to tell all 43 captains and the men working under them that Ace was the son of the most notorious pirate in the world? Why do you think Ace’s mother (Portagas D. Rogue) went through 20 months of pregnancy to keep Ace’s identity a secret? It’s because the man with Gol D. Roger’s blood running through his veins would automatically become the most wanted man in the world no matter what.

    In other words if Whitebeard had told all of his “sons” about Ace news would have spread quickly that a heir to Gol D. Roger exists in this world. Ace would have been hunted down by the Marines with double the effort and men in Whitebeard’s ranks might have defected or tried to betray him. Look what happened when one person found out. Squardo, the man with such a pure heart betrayed Whitebeard. Look what happened when the Marines found out. Ace was put on high priority and now is being executed in front of the entire world.

    Bah, enough One Piece talk on the Naruto page though. I got carried away…>_>

    Killer Bee vs. Kisame. I think if Killer Bee fights from a long distance where the sword can’t swipe his chakra and does that gigantic blast Kisame would be roasted shark. Once Killer Bee transforms into the Bijuu I don’t think Kisame would even want to get closer to him. Besides that I think Samehada can only suck out chakra that is being drawn out by the enemy. If Killer Bee doesn’t draw out chakra near the sword he should be safe. Now Kisame will take advantage of this of course and go in for the attack if Killer Bee attempts to hold back his chakra. The match will be close but Killer Bee FTW! He tied with Team Hawk he can’t lose now. Kisame already had his victory against the 4 tail Jinchuuriki already. It’s time for Bee to shine! Whhhhhhheeeeeeee! ^(0_0)^

  28. @super:whats wrong with losing to someone more awesome and powerful than yourself? Can’t KB lose, but manage to escape or get back up from his brother in time.. its okay to lose to someone more powerful than yourself. Besides I don’t think kisame would go after the him if he knew he couldn’t. He trusted madara enough to go with the plan and even continue to follow him. If they were to fight it would go like this…
    Kisame pwns KB…thats it..

    Im curious to see if Sakura and her”group” are heading for Sasuke now, or will return with the other 8.I hope it doesn’t go to more conversations and thoughts these next couple of chapters..

  29. @Shinobi: We don’t know if Kisame is more powerful than Killer Bee though. What was described of Kisame?

    He has chakra levels of a Jinchuuriki and his combined strength along with his sword equaled the power level of a Jinchuuriki. What is Killer Bee? A Jinchuuriki, so going off of that we know they’re power levels are about equal. Now adding on to that Killer Bee is the second strongest Jinchuuriki with the 8 tailed Bijuu sealed in him, and has full control over it.

    What is Kisame without his sword? According to Choujuro that sword adds to his power which allows him to be on par with a Jinchuuriki, so a lot of his power relies heavily on that sword. What if his sword were to be taken away?

    Of course it would hurt Killer Bee but at least it’d be out of the hands of Kisame. Thus, Kisame would be effectively weakened and could no longer drain Killer Bee’s chakra. A huge disadvantage… Now I know the sword can automatically come back to him.

    But if Killer Bee could get his attack in before the sword returned he’d have the upper hand. Again, even with sword in hand there’s no proof that Kisame’s power tops Killer Bee’s, the 8 tailed Jinchuuriki. Afterall it says Kisame has Jinchuuriki level chakra but it never says which Jinchuuriki.

  30. Well there was a reference to at least one bijuu:
    Now this is skeptical at best since I do not recall Neji sensing Naruto’s kuuybi chakra since the chunin exams (correction me if I’m wrong) and this was all before he went 4-tails but at the same time kisame was using the 30% clone it’s hard to compare really. Unlike this chakra reading:
    The only bijuu chakra Karin had sense at that point was killer bee’s (again correction me if I’m wrong) which shows just how much chakra Raikage has.

    I find it quite logical that Kisame would have an increase chance of losing if samehada was kept separated from him. As a swordsman’s of the mist, his battle style would depend heavily on his sword. However, with the huge amount of chakra Kisame has, he could use water clones, substitutions, water body flickers, water shark missiles as distractions until samehada returns to him so I say at this point its pretty even, but my money is on Kisame.

  31. anybody think kishi will EVER address the fact that naruto is still technically a genin? i mean it’s pretty obvius that he is elite jounin level, if not higher than that. and i doubt there will be any kind of exam for him. so would the hokage (whoever that me be at the time) just promote him just because? or do you think kishi’s waiting for a time skip or somethin…..

  32. @dish. i guess thats kishi’s way of keeping humor in the manga, keeping one of the most strongest characters Naruto as a genin :P.
    i just think he’ll go from genin to hokage

  33. we don’t know either killer bees or Kisames full potential at all. but we do know that kisame inst very quick (mainly because of his weapon of choice); while killer bee is very fast. We dont know how powerful kisames level is because saying something is bijuu level could mean shukaku’s chakra level (which is a lot) but no where near the 8 tailed beasts chakra level. we also know that bee can battle pretty well without the raiton swords it just makes everything much easier when fighting opponents who dont steal chakra.

  34. If knowing’s half the battle, Kisame certainly has the edge in this showdown. Killerbee’s good, but too much reliance on one’s abilities and oblivious of your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses is a recipe for your downfall.

    One classic example is Jiraiya’s failure to uncover Pein’s secrets leading him to his grave. Had he known this, Pein acknowledged that he would have been pawned.

    I’ll go with Kisame on this, but hoping KB won’t be captured though… 😉

  35. Sakura keeps making bad choices, does anyone think that there is a possibility that she might meet up with sasuke, find out the truth about itachi and try to help free sasuke from madara’s grip (while “protecting” naruto) by joining Akatsuki? I’m wondering this because:

    1. Sakura makes bad decisions
    2. Didn’t kishi say that there were going to be new akatsuki members?
    3. Sakura may think she’s helping by doing this…
    4. Plot twist 😀

  36. @Angel: LMAO!!! I like option 1 as it makes the most sense to me. XD I don’t Sakura would join Akatsuki though because she’d have to eventually face her friends on the battlefield. Also when joining Akatsuki don’t you have to become a hidden nin? Joining Akatsuki is basically betraying the hidden village you hail from which is the reason why Akatsuki members have their forehead protectors scratched off (Pein is an exception since he runs the village he’s in).

    It would be a cool plot twist though and i can see the reasons for her doing it. Closer to Sasuke, learn the truth behind Sasuke, and closer to her enemies to learn more about them (Madara, Kisame, Zetsu). If you’re right about this I’ll remember to point that out. 😉

    @Fuuton: I agree with everything you just said except for Kisame not being so quick. We don’t know his speed yet and just because he carries a huge weapon on him doesn’t mean he isn’t fast. I guess we’ll have to wait and see though.

  37. kisame: i forgot to mention – it gives great head
    samehada: gurglegurglegigigi

  38. The electric vibrating pencil trick … nice.

  39. @angel: i do agree she makes the worst decisions but i dont think sasuke would allow her to join or explain anything for that matter to her hes on the dark side now she coudent change him before and he didint take her when she sugested it dont think hes any softer now if sakura tries to find him she would found only dead. on kisame vs killerbee i stand on my first pronostic k.b. is gonna be saved by raikage only to be crush by him for worry him so much

  40. Sakura, join Akatsuki? I loled when I saw that. Not because it was illogical, he could qualify as a member but just imagine the drama after she joins.

    Madara: It is time to commence the war meeting. Zetsu, are all members present and accounted for?

    Zetsu(black): Aahhh, not quite.

    Madara: Don’t tell me it’s does three again?

    Zetsu(black): I’m afraid so.

    Madara: Well where are they?

    Zetsu(black): One sec…(Byakugan!!!). They are in the next hallway.

    Madara: Doing WHAT?!!!

    Zetsu(white): Fufufu, the usually. This time is it’s really rough, hahaha.

    Madara: Oohhh, why did I ever let that pink-haired dripping faucet join?

    Zetsu(white): It had something to do with making Sasuke straight so you could control him better or something.

    Madara: Right now she’s doing me more harm than go(shallows a box of panadol extra strength with some water). Maybe I should just kill them both.

    Zetsu(white): No way!!! This is too much fun.

    Zetsu(black) : Your a sick bastard, you know that?

    Karin: Back off bitch, he’s mine!

    Sakura: In your dreams, you stalker. If anyone’s going to take Sasuke’s virginity, it will be me!
    (While the Karin and Sakura battle rages on, Sasuke quietly cowards in fear in the corner of the cave, bounded to the wall with a seal tag on his chest making him paralyzed. His face begins to go pale as he thinks of the ‘evil’ things they plan to do to him. Silly emo boy) XD

  41. @ Deloin: ha ha ha great bubble entry, if you say the line you wrote while looking at the picture, it’s 10x funnier than it already is! 😛

    @ Super: thanx mate! Sakura in Akatsuki would be so cool, and that would just turn the plot upside down 😀 I love plot twists! Especially good ones…I could just imagine naruto’s expression when he finds out; he would be like “sakura nooooo!” “I must save sakura from the dark side” lol

    @ Nope24: Sasuke really ain’t gonna let that happen! Maybe he would be wondering that he already has to deal with karin, and now sakura?! LMAO! Yet sakura has matured a great deal (except for the crying) and I believe it would be so cool for her to go to the Dark Side (like some kind of high level undercover mission) but I doubt Kishi would do that T_T

    @ Doomien: OMG ha ha ha 😀 That was the best scenario… Your version of what could happen was written so well – like really good fan fiction 😀 You’re so cool man! But poor sasuke he must be wondering what he ever did to deserve that (oh yeah…he killed itachi). I agree with you, it would be total drama if she joins, especially with karin there always fawning over (trying to molest) him. Sakura’s constant frustration there would make for some awesome panels. It would test not only her patience, but her skill as a ninja. Or should I say KARIN would test her patience… 😛 lol The only way I could see her joining is if karin somehow gets lost in madara’s alternate realm…

  42. Thx angel, glad u liked it.

  43. I just wanted to point something out from this latest episode of Naruto, look at Madara’s right eye.

    It’s a regular undamaged sharingan like these two have.

    Look at Danzou’s eye.

    He said himself it was damaged and you can tell by the fact that his sclera (the white part of the eye) is completely black instead of white. Of course it could have been just a mistake on the animators part for this latest episode. For all the Danzou = Madara theorists you still have this…

    But the sclera looks like it’s covered in the shadow of his mask. 😉

    On a side note from this latest episode we learn in the Suigetsu vs. Kisame duel that the enemy doesn’t have to be drawing out chakra for Samehada to absorb it. Just from fighting up close to Kisame, Suigetsu was having his chakra drained. This leads me to the Kisame vs. Killer Bee debate and the fact that Killer Bee can’t even hold back his chakra without it being drained. Damn that sword to hell which is probably where it was spawned from. -_-

  44. I’ve just found few interesting predictions for coming 4 to 5 until spoilers come out something to chew about:
    so here are those predictions.i’ll post each in 1 post.

  45. Naruto 471.

    (Naruto Scene)
    Sai comes out of hiding in front of naruto,
    Naruto jumps back and shouts ‘Didnt u just leave with sakura and bushy brow ?’
    Sai ‘ No that was just my ink clone , i made it back in the village and have been tailing them from the start’
    Naruto ‘ But why ?’
    Sai ‘i cudnt take any chances of getting caught by the anbu that was trailing me at the village , i left a clone in the village as well’
    Naruto’……. Sai , I am worried about Sakura , i know she came all the way here not just to say that she loves me , she came here to find sasuke herself !’
    Sai ‘……. Yes , I have been thinking the same thing , though she didnt tell any of us anything before , but she wants to find sasuke herself and………………’
    Naruto, Yamato ,Kakashi ‘ ?? ‘
    Sai ‘ …… kill him…….. ‘
    Naruto ‘ wtf ??!! Sai wat r u talking about ? ‘
    Sai ‘ This might sound strange to you naruto , but when i told her about your promise and your feelings for her …….’
    Naruto ‘ wat ??!! u idiot , why did u tell her anything , i like her a lot but that doesnt mean i love her !! ‘
    Naruto looks down , ” the truth is , when we were in team 7 , there was a time when i thought i really loved her and wanted to be with her. But slowly and painfully, i accepted it all , that she wanted sasuke not me. And then ,(flashback – hinata coming forward and confessing her love and fighting with pein) when i was moments away from my death…….’
    ‘There was Hinata , She came and gave me the will and strenght to fight back , she saved my life……..though it is unfair , but I cant say i love her either coz i barely know her’
    Sai ‘…………’
    Sai ‘ Naruto , u must know something , when i told sakura about you , i saw through her , i felt her emotions, naruto , though she might look confused , but she truly loves you in her heart…’
    Yamato (Flashback – Naruto becoming four tails in the fight with orochimaru , sakura reaching out to help naruto putting herself on the verge of being killed by the 4 tailed form)
    Naruto ‘ Sai………… I want you to follow sakura and give me constant updates. Can you do that for me? ‘
    Sai ‘ I will keep you updated naruto….’
    Sai leaves.

    (Konoha Scene , Tsunade Scene)
    Shizune and Shikamaru are standing outside the camp.
    Suddenly , a nurse rushes out , ‘Lady Shizune ! Tsunade-sama has gained consciousness !!’
    Shizune rushes inside to see tsunade in a semi-seated posture, trying to sit.
    Shizune ‘ Tsunade-sama , please !! you should take rest , your chakra levels are still too low ‘
    Tsunade ‘ I want to see n..nar….naruto ‘
    Shizune ‘ He has gone to the Iron Country with Yamato and Kakashi senpai ! ‘
    Tsunade ‘ I think my time is near , i will be joining jiraya and orochimaru soon , before i die , i want to tell naruto something , i want you to convey him something personally , this is highly confidential…..’
    Shizune ‘ What ??!!’
    Tsunade ‘ Naruto , like Minato has a bloodline…………He has the Unlimiter !!’
    Shizune ‘ what the Hell !! I have read about this bloodline in the texts…… but is it possible ?? does it really exist ?? ‘

    (Naruto Scene)
    Gaara , Temari and Kankuro arrive.
    Kankuro ‘ I guess the Raikage was right , they are here indeed…….’
    Yamato , Kakashi ‘ ??!!’
    Kakashi ‘ Shouldn’t you all be at the summit ? ‘
    Gaara ‘ It is a long story , But the gist of it is that ,sasuke attacked the summit and he is with madara, who has announced the 4th great shinobi world war !’
    Temari ‘ …..and your dear Hokage Danzo , he has lost trust of all the kages and fled the meeting , and it has been decided that you , hatake kakashi will be the representative of konoha in the great shinobi alliance’
    Kakashi thinking…. the old bastard !
    Naruto ‘ ………..The 4th great shinobi world war ??!! How is that possible ,especially when an alliance between all the shinobi nations have been formed ??!! ‘
    Yamato ‘ Naruto , do not underestimate Madara’s powers , he has collected all the bijuu’s and can unleash them at his will’
    Kakashi ‘ I doubt that, if it would have been this easy , he wouldnt have come to the summit for a bargain , he would have simply taken it. There must be risks involved , even to madara in using the bijuu’s powers ‘
    Naruto ‘………………..’

    (Killer Bee Scene)
    Samehada evolves further , and forms a mini shark
    Kisame ‘ Behold the samehada in its true form , you should consider yourself lucky , you are the only person alive who has seen this form’
    Bee wondering….. if i cant use my chakra against him , what should i do ? Overflooding his sword with chakra is an option but….. lets do it the other way 1st………right hachibi !! lets go………
    Kisame leaves the samehada, it begins crawling and does a summoning jutsu.
    Sabu thinking wtf ??!! what is that shit , he has passion in his eyes ,but it is pure evil……and that THING is his sword ??
    Bee lunging straight ahead at kisame …
    Samehada tries to bite bee , but before kisame gets his hands off the ground , after performing the summoning, bee’s punch lands straight at kisame’s face and kisame crashes in a tree.
    The entire area fills with water all of a sudden , with kisame appearing out of the territory , and bee is seen looking at kisame
    Kisame ‘ I marked the territory before i came here fool , now you are done for !’

  46. Naruto 472 : Samedha Unleashed.

    (Kirabi is seen struggling in water , while Kisame stands outside it)
    Samehada is seen to be evolving further, it turns into a small shark with scales all round the body and leaps towards kirabi.
    Kirabi thinking…………………. Shit , I cant use any of my jutsu’s except for taijutsu , this stupid sword will absorb it……….Hachibi , help !!………………Fool , u have stopped your stupid rhymes , u know what that means ?…………..that means u stopped thinking straight ….stop panicking and listen to me now……………………
    Kirabi dodges the shark and rises to the surface of water.
    Kirabi is seen to be enveloped by the hachibi’s cloak ,thinking … “I’ll need a huge amount of chakra for this “, and shouts “ Raiton Sutairu : Mizu Hyoketsu no jutsu !! ” and slams his hand on the water surface , the entire area with water freezes.
    Kirabi – panting “ …….. I did It !! yo hachibi you right my man , ♪ my rhymes coming back to me like a little fantasy ♪ , that’s a good one , I will write it in my book the ♪ when I am done with this shark crook ♪ “
    Kisame , folding his hands and standing and smirking ,” u think that would stop samehada , hahahaha ! u are more Moronic than your rhymes “
    Samehada is seen sucking off all the effect of the jutsu in its surroundings .
    Hachibi …… get that shark face , if he is dead we won’t have to worry about its sword….
    Kirabi is seen lunging from above and charging straight at kisame with lariat !!

    Raikage , Omoi and samui are seen travelling through a forest.
    Omoi “ Raikage –sama , you were right , it seems that Kirabi-dono did indeed go to Sabu-chan , I sense an enormous chakra ahead.”
    Raikage “ Shit ! He is not alone , I sense a great amount of chakra that is not of kirabi or hachibi. Looks like the fight has started with those Akatsuki bastards…………. Let’s hurry “

    Ao thinking…….. “ oh shit ! I am trapped in the puppets body , there is no chakra which I can use , what shud I do ? “
    “Wait a minute……. I know exactly what to do………. So that’s why Mizukage always insisted on us learning that……..”
    Ao’s body turns and starts moving towards where Danzo and Torune are waiting.
    Fu returning to his body after reaching , “ Danzo-sama , Here is Ao’s body for you“
    Danzo “ Excellent work Fu ! Now start extracting the eye immediately”

    Akazuchi “ Tsuchikage-sama , I have been wondering something from quite some time………. back at the summit, the Raikage said that you are the only one who has had the experience of fighting with Madara Uchiha before………………………………… Really !!?? “
    Tsuchikage “ I might look a stubborn old-aged man to you youngsters , but I have had my days , I fought with him when I was your age Akazuchi ………………though we had made sure that this intel wouldn’t leak anywhere , but it seems no one can be trusted anymore…………..”
    “ It was back then , when the akatsuki had first reached our lands trying to trade with us. I had been against it right from the beginning , initially the sandaime tsuchikage was against it too , so he sent a platoon of elite shinobi to dispose off akatsuki………………………… I was their leader “
    Tsuchikage lost in his thoughts for a moment then shrugs and says “It’s a long story Akazuchi , I will tell you some other time , right now let’s concentrate on what to explain to the Daimyo.”

    (Konoha – Tsunade scene)
    Shizune “ you mean to say , that the Unlimiter , a bloodline , thought to have disappeared generations ago still exists ??!!”
    Tsunade “ Yes , Shizune , I had my doubts from the beginning but it was only recently confirmed to me by Jiraya when he came back from training……………………. Remember Shizune this is top secret , no one , absolutely no one can hear about this “
    Shizune “ I won’t tell anyone lady-tsunade , but please tell me more about the unlimiter ..“
    Tsunade “ Shizune , I can tell u only a little now, my strength is running out , ………………”
    “ The Unlimiter , is the perfect bloodline , it is supposed to have no limits. The people who have it are natural geniuses , like Minato ………”
    Shizune “ What ??!! The Yondaime hokage was an unlimiter too ?? “
    Tsunade “ Yes , and he knew that naruto was too that is why he didn’t hesitate in putting kyuubi inside naruto , he knew naruto would handle it , any other kid wouldn’t have survived a moment with such a force in him . “
    “I wont be able to talk much now Shizune , I have a document in the second drawer of the office which has everything about an unlimiter , its under a gen-jutsu , and one won’t be able to find to find it without dispelling the jutsu ………… you’ll find all the information in it. “

    “I’ll take rest now…..”

  47. Naruto 473: The Unlimiter.

    (Konoha Scene )
    Shizune thinking……………. If this is true then the most advanced bloodline that ever existed has been living with us ……………. Though it should have been treated right from the beginning….
    Outside ,
    Shikamaru – “what happened ? Is Tsunade-sama alright ? “
    Shizune “ she is fine , she asked about naruto , I told her what’s been going around since she fainted , but well she fell asleep in the midway…………..but most importantly , she’s starting to do better than before.”
    Shikamaru “ ok ! “……………….. thinking ….’ She is hiding something from me , she duznt speak so much………..

    ( Danzo Scene )
    Fu turns to face Ao’s collapsed body and starts moving forward.
    Ao……thinking ….’ I have no choice , this is it. And I need to hurry , or there wont be a body left to save , I’ll first need to get rid of the puppet‘
    Ao looks around and spots a snake , he closes his eyes and whispers ‘ Soul Release : Mind Transfer ‘
    He opens his eyes , and is now in the snake…………………. Thinking……………………..’ that jutsu turned out to be very useful , Thank you Mizukage ‘


    Mizukage telling Ao and several other shinobi ‘ The jutsu that I am going to tell you is very useful and at the same time very harmful as well ‘
    Some shinobi ‘ I didn’t get it , please explain further ‘
    Mizukage ‘ This jutsu is very useful as it can make you win a lost battle, but very harmful to the user who uses it , as it doesn’t use your chakra , it uses a part of your soul , the very essence of your being. The more you use it , the weaker your soul gets and the weaker your life energy. ‘
    Ao , now starts crawling and reaches to the place where Danzo , Fu and Torune are standing with Ao’s body.
    Ao thinking………………that rascal , he is using medical jutsu to extract my eye , I’ll have to use the technique again
    Danzo , suddenly, “ Fu , Stop ! I sense something is wrong here “
    Torune “ I thought so too , I sense that something is ………………different “
    Danzo “ We’ll continue the extraction at a safe place , let’s go from here , take the body with you Fu “
    Ao , thinking…………………….. I think I’ll stick around like this more , let’s find out what that konoha bastard is upto………

    Shizune is seen heading towards the hokage building .
    Shikamaru , behind her , …………………….’ What’s she upto ? ‘
    Shizune surprisingly notices that there are no anbu or infact there is nobody guarding the Hokage monument.
    Talking to herself “ Looks like the Office has shifted to the Roots Head-Quarters ……….that stubborn old bastard wont come here “
    She hurriedly climbs the stairs and reaches the hokage office , opens the door and then reaches for the desk that Tsunade mentioned.
    She opens the second drawer and murmurs “ Release ! “ and finds an old rusty document appearing in the previously empty drawer.
    She reaches and touches the document and the whole world starts spinning around. She closes her eyes and when she opens them again , she is still standing in the hokage’s office, but in front of her are Jiraya and Tsunade talking
    Shizune thinking……………….. “ what sort of a jutsu is this ? Gen-jutsu ?”
    Jiraya and Tsunade don’t seem to notice Shizune and are talking with a serious look on their faces
    Tsunade “ what ?? Naruto , an unlimiter ?? …………………….. its impossible, that bloodline ceased to exist long ago “
    Jiraya “ No , I can assure you that Naruto is an unlimiter , I talked with the kyuubi myself. It was when we were training………………….”
    Tsunade “ wtf ??!! u must be kidding me !! “


    Naruto is sitting , meditating.
    Jiraya is watching him intently , thinking……………..something is odd today.
    Jiraya touches naruto’s head and gets suddenly sucked into a hole……………..
    Jiraya opens his eyes and looks at the long corridor with a jail holding the giant red creature ………………. “ the Kyuubi !! How did I get in here , this………….this place………………it’s inside naruto’s mind. “
    Naruto , standing outside the great jail , turns around and frowns ………….looking at jiraya , “ what are you doing here ?? How did you get here pervy sage ? “
    Kyuubi , hissing loudly “ Good, now you both are here ! I have something to tell you brat , I wanted him to be here too because when you wake up you won’t remember a thing. But you , hermit will remember everything”

    ( Kirabi scene )
    Kirabi is seen leaping and charging at kisame with the lariat …………….
    But before bee can reach Kisame , Samehada breaks the ice barrier and comes in front of kirabi………………………..
    Kirabi thinking……shit !!!!
    Samehada takes a direct hit of lariat and absorbs all the chakra.
    Bee falls but manages to stand up , panting………” this is it !! now I AM MAD “
    Sabu ,sitting nearby , at a tree and watching the fight…..“ it looks like the sword is now channeling its chakra to that shark face and bee looks exhausted…………… “
    Bee “ Hachibi , I need your chakra now , I am going to use that jutsu , I never thought I would use it again , but the time has come “
    Sabu shouts “ Kirabi , that thing is channeling its chakra to the shark face , watch out !!”
    Hachibi …….i think its time too……….lets do it
    Kisame “ This is it , it ends now ………..“ and starts making handseals…..
    Kirabi is seen firing up and transforming to hachibi…….. “ You’re right for once yo ♪ shark face , it ends now , ♪ but I’ll be endin it for you now ♪ “


  48. Naruto 474 : Grand Finale.


    Naruto, turning and facing the Kyuubi, “ What do you want to tell me , fox ??!”

    Kyuubi ……“ Since past some months , I have been watching you progress boy , your stupidness and dumbness both are decreasing day by day. I must say I am impressed with your progress. Since I have finally come to accept that your survival is my survival. I will tell you something that has been hidden from you and probably wont be told to you by anyone as the only person knowing this is dead “

    “Brat , you have a very Advanced Bloodline that is very potent. With it you could learn anything if there is someone to teach you, if you have the time,”

    Naruto ….“You mean…? I have a Bloodline Limit! Awesome! Is it better than the Sharingan? Does it look really cool?”

    Kyuubi grumbling….“Grr…Brat, don’t ask so many questions at once,”

    Kyuubi thinking…………Pfft, humans and their toys. “Fine, yes, no, yes, and no.”

    Naruto …….. “Uh…I don’t have a Bloodline?”

    Kyuubi grumbling …..“Yes, you have a Bloodline. No, it is not a Limit. Yes, it’s better than the Sharingan. No, it doesn’t look cool in the slightest. Does that answer it all, brat!”

    Naruto …….“Err…How can I have a Bloodline without having a Limit?” staring blankly at the fox.

    Kyuubi…….“To put it simply, you don’t have a Bloodline Limit,” The demon began. “The ancestor of yours that created your Bloodline called it an Unlimiter.”

    Naruto ….“Unlimiter?”

    Kyuubi prompting ..“Yes. It differs greatly from all the other Limits. Tell me, what’s one thing every Limit has in common, no matter how bizarre, weird, or powerful they are?”

    Naruto screwed his face up in thought, trying to thing hard………………” They are all……… specialized ?? “

    “YES ! . Yes boy, all the Limits are specialized and dedicated to a certain concept or area of expertise. That’s their common factor, be it the Sharingan to the Byakugan to those bug people.”

    Naruto…..“Okay……So what’s this Unlimitey thing do and how’s it better than the Sharingan?”

    “Unlimiter, boy,” The fox correcting. “Hmm, how to explain this. Alright, think of it like this: if every Limit specializes in a certain ability, then the Unlimiter specializes in being unspecialized.”

    Naruto…….“You lost me,”

    “Hmm……I’ll explain. The Unlimiter was designed to provide the opposite of a specialization. It allows its bearer to be able to become anything or do anything, within human reason. For instance if you wanted to be become a blacksmith, then you would have just as much potential in that field as you would if you had chosen to remain a shinobi. You can master any area of expertise, as long as you have the patience to learn it. Your ancestor wanted all of his descendants to have the freedom to become whatever they wanted, with nothing to tie them down beyond their own goals and dreams. Humans who bear the Limits, on the other paw, must follow a single or select few paths if they want to reach their full potential. Your ancestor observed this and made his Bloodline to avoid that.”

    Naruto …..“Wow, that’s pretty good. But…uh, how is that better than the Sharingan? and How does my Bloodline help if I’ve already picked a field?”

    Kyuubi……“Ah, that’s linked to how the Unlimiter works and why it allows you to choose any expertise, The Bloodline is a total alteration on your genetic level …….”

    Naruto blankly“ ……………………”

    Kyuubi growling “ ….it’s the basic foundation of your body. So , as I was saying, Your body, brain, and chakra pathways have all been carefully altered to remove their maximum caps. Basically, there isn’t a limit to how far you can go. You can get as strong as you want, learn as much as you want, or build as much chakra reserves as you want as long as you’re willing to work to achieve it. You still have to train just as hard, but where others begin to slow down, you’ll simply keep on going. This is why your Bloodline is superior to the Sharingan Bloodline Limit. No matter how powerful the Sharingan is or how ingenious its user, they will eventually hit a glass ceiling where they simply can’t get any stronger”

    Naruto….. looking amazed … “It’s really that powerful ??!! “

    The Kyuubi continuing……., “Why do you think you were chosen to be my vessel? What other newborn infant could withstand the enormous strain on their bodies that comes with being my living prison? Only a child that can endlessly grow could possibly contain the strongest demon of this plane of reality. Your chakra coils can mold to any shape over time, so it would be child’s play for them to adjust to imprisoning me. Even your DNA has altered itself to not only adapt to my presence, but to take advantage of it. Your healing ability is just one example of that. It needs my energy to work, but it was your body that created it.”

    Naruto thinking …………….Father , so that’s why you chose me

    Kyuubi……. “Yes, that human may have been a disgusting, cowardly little yellow-haired rat, but he was a smart rat. He knew your body would not only adapt to the strain, but take advantage of it.”

    Naruto “………………………”

    Kyuubi……….. “Anyways, is there anything else you wanted to know about your Bloodline? I’m not a full expert on it, but I did learn a great deal about the Unlimiter over time. I thought it wise to do so, as the only humans with the potential to rival my power were the ones who bore it.”

    Naruto frowned………….. “There’s nothing else to it? No flashy ultimate level or anything?”

    Kyuubi shook its head…….., “No, but remember that it doesn’t mean a lack of power just because you can’t show it off to others. It may seem weak in the short term, but in the long run there isn’t a human alive that you won’t exceed.”

    Naruto…………….. “But, can’t the Sharingan do kind of the same thing? I mean, the Uchihas look like they can do anything they want.”

    “Hmm, funny you should mention that Bloodline Limit,” The Kyuubi said thoughtfully. “It happens to be directly linked to your Bloodline.”

    Naruto ………..“WHAT!”

    To be continued………………………



    “Hmm, funny you should mention that Bloodline Limit,” The Kyuubi said thoughtfully. “It happens to be directly linked to your Bloodline.”

    Naruto ………..“WHAT!”

    Kyuubi……………..“ Calm down brat…….before you bust my eardrums,”

    “You didn’t let me finish. I said the Sharingan is linked to your Bloodline, not that it is the Unlimiter. Alright, time for a little history lesson, boy.

    The man who created the Unlimiter was the grandchild of a refugee who came from a war torn land far across the western ocean. The people of that land were known for their variety and adaptability, which was likely the inspiration for your Bloodline. Now it’s important to note that your Bloodline has no unpleasant side-effects, unlike many Limits.

    Your ancestor dedicated his entire life to the creation of the Unlimiter and it’s as much a work of art and the ultimate tool. He spent decades researching and testing the seals and formulas to ensure the perfection of the Unlimiter before he sealed it into his newborn granddaughter. He was old by then, but he held onto life for another fifteen years or so to make sure the child suffered no ill effects. The Bloodline was a complete success and he destroyed all records of his work only a few months before he died.

    “With all his knowledge gone, there was no way to replicate your Bloodline. Your clan was founded on his grandchild’s blood and it has survived many centuries till today. Though each member has been exceptional in their own right, the clan never grew very large and they stayed out of the public eye for the most part. The vast majority of other people had no idea the clan even had a Bloodline at all, let alone the potent Unlimiter. I suppose your family preferred it that way. However, some people did take notice of the Unlimiter’s presence and were very…displeased.

    “Several decades before the Leaf was founded, roughly a hundred and fifty years ago, a Hyuuga noticed that members of a certain family seemed to have unlimited potential no matter what they did in life.

    You’ve encountered Hyuuga arrogance before,I saw from within you .So I’m sure it comes as no surprise to you that this man was very irate that a small family of nobodies was more powerful than the famous Hyuuga Clan. This man was so envious that he studied your family from afar and attempted to modify the Byakugan to match their abilities. The result was a total disaster: the Uchiha Clan.”

    Naruto ……..“Disaster? But the Sharingan is the strongest Limit I’ve ever seen!”

    Kyuubi……..“Ah, you mistake disaster for weakness,” The Kyuubi replied, “I never said the Sharingan wasn’t powerful. It is a very strong Blood Limit, but it is also severely flawed.”


    Kyuubi continued…………. “Yes, boy , The Sharingan is near perfect in almost every way imaginable, but there is one serious factor that was overlooked in its creation.

    The Hyuuga who made the Limit was attempting to replicate the Unlimiter. However, he never truly understood the true nature of your Bloodline. Obviously, your ancestors weren’t going to tell anyone the true properties of the Unlimiter, let alone an arrogant man trying to steal it, so he attempted to divine its function through spying.

    What he saw was an ability that allowed the user to learn anything they wished or saw. Being as arrogant as his own clan, he assumed he correctly figured out the nature of the Unlimiter and spent a great deal of time trying to recreate it. He failed. Or perhaps I should say, he lacked the patience to handle the setbacks he continued encountering.

    “He finally got fed up in creating a new Bloodline and instead heavily modified his current Limit with the concepts he’d attained so far. The result was the Byakugan became the Sharingan, an optical ability that allows the user to analyze and record an opponent’s actions. He didn’t figure out how the learning process worked in the Unlimiter, so he did the next best thing and created a copy-cat Limit. He sealed it into one of his sons and the Uchiha Clan was born.

    “Now to answer the question of how the Sharingan is flawed, remember what I told you about your ancestor, who was patient and made sure there were no bad side-effects. He spent fifty years of his life creating your Bloodline.

    This Hyuuga, on the other hand, spent about six or seven making the Sharingan. Obviously, there were going to be things that he missed. One of them was a basic part of the Unlimiter he never even considered. You see, you can learn any amount of material because your brain has the caps taken off. Any amount of data you’re exposed to you can smash into your head without any ill-effects to yourself.

    All the unused areas of the brain in a normal human are put to use in you, whether you’re a genius or not. And to avoid potential brain trauma, your ancestor made sure to have careful functions added to the Bloodline. The main goal of those additions is to filter through information taken in, memorize the important stuff, and then dump the rest.

    “For instance, when you learned the Rasengan, all you learned was how to perform the jutsu and any important concepts related to it. You didn’t memorize every single thing the hermit said or the exact size of every hole you made when practicing it on trees .Not only do you have almost endless memory in your head, you also have a way of cleaning excess junk out.

    The Sharingan has neither. It’s an ability designed almost entirely to record data and dump it straight into the brain. A normal human brain. Not one that’s been equipped to handle such pressures. Even worse, many of the Uchihas habitually left their Sharingan open…constantly. Whatever the reason for this action , that’s what they did, whether it was for the show or to prevent ambush or to copy a stray jutsu. Anyone with a high-level Sharingan strolled about with it ,activated and recording everything they saw all the time, even if it was over very foolish things. Can you imagine what all that does to a human mind ill equipped for handling such huge amounts of data?”

    Naruto…………..“Wait, so you mean…”

    The Kyuubi replied. “Yes, information overload,”

    “Tell me boy, what happens to an over-inflated tire? Or an over-filled water balloon? “

    Naruto ………….. “Easy, it’ll…Holy shit. To their minds!?”

    Kyuubi………….“The brain can’t handle it and the mind eventually cracks under the stress,” The “Madness is a very common trait among Uchiha, but only Uchiha with the Sharingan. As you might guess, the stronger the Sharingan is, the worse the insanity gets. The entire clan had a reputation for being as unstable as they were powerful. They were a valuable trump card for the Leaf when it was first founded and a major reason why the village was able to survive in its weak years when it was young, but over time they became more trouble than they were worth.

    Considering they were the police force and half of them were nuts, it’s a wonder they didn’t destroy most of the Leaf while they were still around. I should mention that they were very good at hiding their insanity, at least from ANBU. Their madness took all forms but the most common symptom was very obsessive behavior. Other shinobi probably dismissed it as a character flaw of the clan.”

    Naruto….thinking……………I .would never feel envious of Sasuke again for having the Sharingan.

    Naruto shouted suddenly ……..“Oh shit! Kakashi-sensei! Fox, is Kakashi-sensei gonna go nuts and kill everybody too!”

    Kyuubi ……………“Kakashi…?, Describe him, boy.”

    Naruto……………“Uh…okay. He’s tall, has silver-gray hair, and reads perverted stuff in public, and He has the Sharingan, but only in his left eye and he always wears a mask, which is really annoying, but kind of cool too. He’s also really lazy.”

    Kyuubi……………..“Hmm, I know who mean. Don’t worry, boy. Your former commander is safe from the Sharingan madness, for the most part. He has only one Sharingan eye and it doesn’t work as efficiently for him as it does for an Uchiha, which greatly limits the amount of raw data flowing into his mind.

    His copying abilities are weaker, but at the same time he doesn’t suffer from brain overload as much. Most importantly, he shows restraint in its use and keeps the Sharingan covered most of the time. That gives his brain time to process and dump excess information naturally. He still has obsessions, but they are mild and virtually harmless, especially when compared to the Uchiha. If he hasn’t lost his mind in the decade or so he’s had the Sharingan, then it’s unlikely he’ll lose it anytime soon.”

    Kyuubi “ Well , then this is all I wished for you to see Hermit !!………..”

    Jiraya is standing near naruto and naruto opens his eyes.

    Naruto “ What happened pervy-sage ? why you lookin at me like that ?? “

    Jiraya “ Nah , its nothing”


  50. So what are your thoughts on goes to writer of predictions.

  51. @spanky-Impossible, and slightly contrived in the fact that no matter what Naruto would not talk to the Kyubi like that, and the Kyubi would not likely have access to such knowledge. Also the “Unlimiter” bloodline would just be too much, Naruto doesn’t need something like that as it would ultimately demean all the hard work he has ever put into his training.

    I can see the part with Sai being close to what may actually be happening, but the part with Kirabi versus Kisame is just as outlandish as the Kyubi conversation. Samehada is in it’s true form and it doesn’t need to change anymore. Also I don’t think Tsunade is going to die, just lose the ability to be a Shinobi.

    To top it off the weakness of the Sharingan is not an information overload, it is the blindness that comes from the overuse that most Uchiha encounter as they seemingly are taught to rely on heavily if not soley on their Bloodline limit.

    Just my two cents though, sorry for the longish post.

  52. @Spanky

    I think that situation looks more like an extract out of a fanfiction than an actual serious prediction for the manga. If it is a serious prediction, then it is not a very plausible one.

    I think it would be more accurate to write it off as wishful thinking if that is the case.

    So, for example, if the writer had said “I think Naruto will have a bloodline that will come out in the future” that could be considered a reasonable prediction. To say exactly what bloodline it is, what it does and even add unlikely dialogue with the Kyuubi for effect is a bit much.

    In fact, most of that sounds like the fabrication of a hopeful thought or wish. I am not trying to say it is bad, so please don’t think that it is. It is just highly (and I mean ‘exiting atmosphere’ highly) unlikely in every respect of the word.

    I am feeling sick and cranky at the moment, so sorry if I sound a bit stern. I don’t mean to come across that way. T__T

  53. hey blokes and girls……lots of talking points this week.

    First, killerbee vs kisame. At last we get to see that. And what’s more, there’s also eight tails octopus vs samehada, and WHEEEEEEEEE vs GIGIGIGIGI…. if you know what i mean. Someone mentioned quite earlier how delightful a rap battle between kisame and killerbee would be, i think it’s already happening between samehada and the eight tail octopus. “WHEEEEEEE” for the octopus, and “GIGIGIGIGI” for samehada. Can’t wait for next week to see who edges who out.

    on a more serious note, kisame is something else. I was reading that release thinking about how dreadful kisame is. Killerbee will find himself singing less nursery rhymes and fighting more. All kisame has to do is make the battle close range, and the bloke is done for. Samehada would lick voraciously at bee’s chakra, and you never know we might get to hear exclamations like “GAGAGAGAGAGA” this time. Plus killerbee is weak against water. I’m thinking kisame might have his way, after much trouble, but then while he beats bee half to death he runs into raikage and naruto on the way. Hell would break lose if that happens.

  54. i think i know how KB can beat kisame. when kisame fought guy and his team he couldnt absorb guy’s chakra because he was using taijutsu. so if KB uses taijutsu he has a good chance of winning. Kb might have good taijutsu since his older brother loves to use strong raiton infused taijutsu.

    as for sakura dying… why not? i dont hate her but i dont like her either. but i do see her and kiba along with lee being used as hostages against konoha in the war knowing naruto is the the hero and would probably not doing anything to endanger them.

  55. But if Sakura dies then the only girl left for Sasuke is…Karin?! UUhhh! @_@

    You know how near the conclusion of any great shonen manag/anime, someone important has to die in order to motivate the hero to defeat the bad guy (Dragonball Z, Yuyu hakusho, gundam, etc), well Sakura dieing would be Sasuke & Naruto’s motivation. Hell kishi might throw in Hinata as well for extra measure, hope I’m wrong though (for Hinata, Sakura not so much XD)

  56. @doom lol you forget sasuke is gay and doesnt like women so he has 2 choices suigetsu or juugo 🙂

  57. @senju: That’s true, but there is a speck of hope left for the emo king, but If I had to choose between Sakura and Karin, I would go with the one who will listen to me and not try to tie me up and rape me at nights. XD

  58. @spanky: that is TOO COOL to be true, and just like iamnotreallyhere said “Naruto doesn’t need something like that as it would ultimately demean all the hard work he has ever put into his training.” Everyone might just look at Naruto like they did at Sasuke or Neji for being given the power of the doujutsu’s.

    But i wishhh!!

    Naruto : Hey Sasuke.. i got a bloodline thingy majigy too! its called an *drumrolls* .. UNLIMITER..

    Sasuke : Pshh.. pathetic Naruto , i mean come on! Unlimiter??


  59. There is a confirmed spoiler at

    I don’t read Japanese, but given the little amount of Japanese text and the huge translations below, I doubt it is credible…

  60. @mud: It should be legit, if I remember correct 2Ch is one or two persons who always post confirmed spoilers on naruto-spoilers.

    We finally get to see a character full of Kisame vs Bee!!! Both of which show us a new transformation!!!

  61. @doomien: Yeah, if it says confirmed, it should be fine. I was just confused about the lengthy translation.

    Ah, I read too much fanfic (medicinal lullaby) last weekend. It is hard to realize where we are in the manga…

  62. ^^”character of Kisame vs Bee!!!” >_> !BAKA! >_< !BAKA! <_<
    I meant chapter.

    I stopped reading the fanfic. I started to believed them, too much imagination for my brain to comprehend. Just look at my face:

  63. @ doomien: ^^^ lol if that’s what happens when you read too many fanfics, then I think I need to stop ahahahahaha 😀

  64. @doomien & angel: I believe that is what You-Know-Who look like after creating the 7th Horcruxes…

    Yeah, the pictures (in the spoiler page) look awesome!

  65. SPOILER CONFIRMED!!!!!!!!!!


    Sabu: “The sword changed…”
    Samehada: “Gigigigigi”
    Killer Bee: “Oh? Hoshigaki Kisame… you say”
    Killer bee puts his finger in his mouth and writes the name in a book.
    Kisame: “There’s ink coming from his mouth…… The rumours were right, he is an octopus guy.”
    Killer Bee: “He’s gonna make you cry in sorrow! This octopus guy! Wiiiiiii!!”

    The Tailed Beast cloak goes up to seven tails

    Sabu: “The Tailed Beast form… There are seven chakra tails…! Bee is serious!”

    Killer Bee: “Did you know?”
    Kisame: “What?”
    Killer Bee attacks Kisame with a sword in one hand
    Killer Bee: “Octopi eat sharks!”
    Samehada avoids Killer Bee’s assault
    (Kisame just set up Samehada, but Samehada is moving on its own, avoiding the attack)

    Sabu: “The sword dodged!”

    Samehada moves on its own and attacks Killer Bee, but he avoids it.
    However, [one of] Killer Bee’s tails is eaten.

    Samehada: “Gyagigigiii~!!”

    Kisame: “It seems that this time, the shark is going to eat the octopus”

    Sabu: “He absorbed Bee’s chakra again… Furthermore, that guy’s sword became huge!”
    Killer Bee: “That sword ‘Samehada’… It’s a fast-eating glutton, but… the amount of chakra it can eat in one time seems to be about six tails…”

    He decreases the amount of tails to one.

    Killer Bee: “If this version is like this… the next version should do good…”

    Choujuurou: “There it is Mizukage-sama. This time it’s here.”
    Mizukage: “Judging from the flow of the markings, Ao should be around here. Let’s hurry.”
    Choujuurou: “Yes ma’am!”

    Fū: “Dammit… It’s useless, as I though…”
    Ao’s body is moving against his will because of the Shintenshin technique; there’s a fuda attached to his right eye (a barrier ninjutsu used by Kiri’s ANBU), which he’s trying to take off with a kunai.

    Fū: “If anything is threatening the eye, it is automatically invoked, hm? A jutsu you guys thought of in what is popularly called the Corpse Processing Team… I didn’t think it would be simple… When I gauge out your eye, the eye of the technique’s use, my eye, will also become useless… You understand this, right?”

    Ao: “Danzou’s orders…? What is that subordinate thinking?”
    Part 3

    Fū: “This single eye of mine is a small price to pay for lowering Kiri’s war potential so much. The barrier is making it impossible right now, but still… Still, I can try as long as I need”

    Ao: “What is he planning to do?”

    Fū: “If i jump down from here, I won’t be able to take the head off. If the eye is impossible, there’s nothing left but taking your entire head back to Konoha.”

    Fū uses Ao’s body and climbs a tree, ready to jump down.

    Ao: “He’s planning to die?”

    Fū: “No, when the head is about to go off, I’ll cancel the Shintenshin… At any rate, you will die… Once I’m back in my own body, I’ll return here and take your head.”
    Ao: “Oh well… If you’re going to do something like that, you have to take care… If you don’t you’ll fail.”

    Fū: “What do you mean?”

    Ao: “if you get even a little bit scared and cancel the echnique too soon, I’ll definately defend myself against the sickle. Supposing I won’t die… when you come back to pick up my head, our situations will be reversed, don’t you think?”

    Fū uses Ao’s body to grab the sickle. He aims it and falls.
    Part 4

    Kisame: “This is the first time Samehada became this big. He isn’t half happy it seems.”

    Eight-Tails: “Let me out too, change into your Tailed Beast form Bee!”

    Killer Bee: “No you idiot! This guy! With eight tails, our attacks are too big; they’ll wreck the entire surroundings. Richt now, Sabu-chan-sensei and Ponta are here as well. Furthermore, I finally managed to conceal my body. If I let you out, ti will be like going ‘Here’s the Eight-Tailed Killer Bee!’ ”

    Eight-Tails: “You’re worn out, aren’t you Bee! What are you gonna do? Are you gonna use Version 2?”

    Killer Bee: “Aayeah~♪ However, in the exchange of blows before, he almost stole all my chakra… Lend me some of yours!”
    Eight-Tails: “Hmpf, without me, you’d have been defeated a long time ago”

    Killer Bee: “What a brazen speech~♪ You have my thanks for your compassion yeah~♪”

    Killer Bee changes into his seven-tailed Tailed Beast form (His entire body turn pitch-black)

    Killer Bee: “Let’s… go…”

    Kisame: “Tailed Beast transformation?”

    Sabu: “No! This is… a Tailed Beast’s power supressed into a human form…”
    (Maybe version one is simply the cloak, while version 2 is the black cloak (like Naruto’s Four-Tailed form)
    Part 5

    Killer Bee: “Lariat!!!!”

    On Killer Bee’s shoulders, something looking like the skull of a bull appears.

    Samehada: “Pigigigigii!!”

    Kisame: “Samehada is so exited, it’s tripping… The volume of the chakra… its quality… it’s incomparable to before… He’s the only one of the nine… He has so much control he can use this much chakra and stillm keep his own personality…”
    “He cannot eat up such an amount…”
    The Lariat crashes into Samehada. Fragments of Samehada fly around.

    Sabu: “He did it!!!”

    Killer Bee: “Making me go into this version… you’re one impatiant, gluttonous sword!”

    He goes back to the Tailed Beast cloak

    Kisame: “He did it… didn’t he…”

    Sabu: “It’s still alive! Quickly, pay attention!”

    Killer Bee: “!?”

    Kisame touches Samehada and the wound in his abdomen heals

    Kisame: “If my opponent is strong, I’ll become stronger in proportion to that strength… I will neither get tired, nor break down.”

    Sabu: “The sword robs the opposing person of their chakra… then passes it over to its owner as stamina… that’s the arrangement?”

    I’m not too sure about the sentence “He’s the only one of the nine…”
    Part 6

    Kisame: “That is why… I’m called a Tailed Beast without a tails…”

    Water Release: Great Exploding Water Colliding Wave (水遁・大爆水衝波, Suiton: Daibaku Suishouha)¹

    The entire surface surrounding them becomes like a sea.

    Kisame: “If the battle is prolonged, I’ll shave off [your chakra] and weaken you as much as it’s prolonged… but, the shaved off parts will rapidly strengthen me.”

    Sabu: “Bee! you have to grab that guy’s sword! That sword is the key to his strength!”

    Kisame fuses with Samehada.

    Killer Bee: “!?”

    Kisame: “If you can rip it from my body, that is”

    The end.

    ¹ He used Water Release: Exploding Water Colliding Wave during his fight with Team Guy

  66. pictures:

  67. @tenrai :

    but kishi-san already said in one of his interview that naruto has a bloodline & it’ll shown in the future with his family background.
    & if anyone asking how kyubi have so much knowledge then just imagin jiraya the pervy sage telling tsunade all those by his experance not kyubi telling.coz he was minatos teacher so he’ll know about it.

  68. see, i told ya all to expect another exclamation from samehada-chan next week. And now we have gyagigigigi.

  69. @Spanky

    Kishi said a bloodline, not a bloodlimit. A bloodline is a reference to someone’s heritage or ancestry. So in other words, he was referring to the fact that Naruto’s parents would be revealed. (Hence, revealing his bloodline).

    That happened when Minato and Kushina were confirmed as Naruto’s mother and father.

  70. You know, I just thought of something really weird. I don’t know why I only thought about it now, or what made me think of it, but it’s quite funny.

    See where Naruto surprised Kakashi from behind? I was thinking, instead of jumping on him and holding him like that, why didn’t he just take a bell instead? It would have taken just as much effort and Kakashi seemed genuinely surprised by his strategy.


    I know…. it’s really weird that I suddenly thought of that now. <_<

  71. @ Tenrai Senshi: Ha ha you’re right, he should have just taken the bells:D But you know naruto, he wanted to get revenge for what kakashi did him earlier so he probably thought that he’d just beat the snot out of his sensei first, then triumphantly take the bells from his limp body while gloating.. haha sounds like it 😛

    But you know, since you’ve referenced that page, I saw this <<< what is that that naruto is standing on? It can't be a toad??!

  72. its diefenetly a frog thats a drawing that shows how far ahead kishi was wen he started plublishing naruto on carecter development befor he got to the rally hard twist and plots that came with the first ones really just my thaugts nothing more

  73. @ nope24: wow you’re right! that really does show how far ahead kishi was thinking!

  74. its not only a frog, on the scroll it says: tora, so it seems to be gerotora, the toad with the seal of kyuubi on his belly.

  75. Speaking of foreshadowing is that Sasuke on a hawk?

    Maybe Kishi had plans of him betraying Konoha and joining his own group way back then. Then there’s this.

    Kishi obviously modeling the 3 main characters after the legendary sanin long before they were introduced.

  76. @ salamiyo: wow kishi was thinking about naruto’s seal way back then, no wonder the series went so long – he had it all planned out, a characteristic of good writing 😀

    @ super: hmmmm I didn’t even know the hints were so far back! So not only did he plan to have sasuke betray the village with the snake sannin(sp?) he was giving clues about sasuke betraying orochimaru and forming his own group since chapter 1 😛

    @ Anyone: are you all reading spoilers or waiting for the manga to come out?

  77. Waiting as usual….

  78. @angel: actually I think people are rereading the beginning of Naruto to find unfound hints…*smirks*

  79. @salamiyo: wow awesome i didint now what tora meant and its an even longer streach on kishis vision. @super: they just keep poping and is also a clan referent cause even madara cuestioned himself if sasuke would remein a snake or emerge as a hawk. @angel:im reading them both the corfirm and predictions they just crack me up @mudmathie: yes were at a point were we can look back and find curiose thinks and hints to the tinks to come.

  80. sorry for the post got wrong

  81. @ Kahmix: I’m waiting for the manga to come out too, I try to ignore the spoilers because they are so tempting!

    @ Mudmathie: We try to look for hints in the old chappies, but you know kishi, he ain’t giving any, only ones that have already been revealed that have you going “oh, so that’s what this meant…” Kishi is bad 😛

    @ Nope24: I never used to read the predictions until recently – they really do crack me up 😀 But tell me, in the spoilers, is it more sakura this week or more KB vs Kisame?

  82. @1angel2heart

    I can tell you it is KB vs Kisame as the highlight of this week.


    1) Does anybody else see the possibility of Sakura going rogue?

    2) What do you guys think of Naruto’s ability of sensing other people’s “chakra” becoming more powerful to the point of actually touching or maybe even attacking other people(maybe like haki in One Piece)? maybe it might be able to awaken tsunade or especially kick Madera’s ass? Nature(sage mode, senju) VS man’s mind(sharingan, uchiha)?

    3) Why do you guys think Naruto’s eyes had that of both sage mode and kyuubi when facing Negato?:

    A) It was two separate things man! He was angry and sage mode was in effect – No new powers 😦
    B) His sage mode was absorbing the energy from the kyuubi – FTEW!
    C) A little bit of both – this dude is chakra central!

    PS. I really wanted to post this at the beginning of a breakdown not at the end! Sorry! maybe I’ll re-post in the next one? :/ let me know what u guys think! i really love reading this blog! when i finally get settled in my new place ill be able to blog more effectively *sigh* @_@

  84. new chapter is out

  85. Man this was one sick chapter.Killer Bee FTW but Kisame is one tough ass as well.

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