Fairy Tail Breakdowns & Summaries

In the mystical land of Fiore, magic is an every day occurrence and commonplace throughout society. Those who have an affinity for magic often seek out and join one of the numerous guilds that exist throughout the land, as a means to find work, companionship, or even just as a place to call home.

Our story follows the adventures and hardships of one of these particular guilds known as “Fairy Tail” as they strive to find a place of their own in an ever-changing world. Having become notorious for their reckless behavior and destructive tendencies – a factor that often gives their master reason to sprout more grey hairs – the members of Fairy Tail are among the biggest group of misfit mages that could have ever possibly been gathered into one guild. However, despite their poor reputation, each of them has a heartfelt story to tell of their own, filled with adventure, laughs and even tragedy. All that’s left is for you to become part of the mayhem…

Fairy Tail 323 Manga Breakdown

Fairy Tail Anime Breakdown

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