Naruto Chapter 687 – 688 Breakdown: Hax to the max!

Hey everyone!

I know this breakdown has been a while coming, but I’ve just been quite busy these past few weeks, so sorry for that. In a way, I was somewhat lucky that a new chapter never came out last week, because it ended up saving me from doing a triple breakdown.

I’m still in for a nice, long double though, so let’s get this show on the road!

Obito's Ninchaku demonstration went terribly wrong.

Obito’s Nunchaku demonstration went horribly wrong.

To be honest, if I were to put it as plainly as possible, chapter 687 was really just one long death scene and mostly involved a fair amount of pre-death dialogue. It also involved a bit of Kakashi feeling bad about how weak he apparently is, which I’m sure Ahsan found very entertaining, but aside from that, there wasn’t much else to it.

With that in mind, I won’t spend too much time writing an unnecessarily long breakdown on a chapter that was, for all intents and purposes, about as straightforward as a chapter can get, though that doesn’t mean it was without some sense of poignancy.

Looking at the quality of the chapter itself, you can tell Kishi went through extra lengths to make it shine, and in particular, it’s the artwork that really stands out here. While Kishi has always been good with his art throughout Naruto’s lifespan, it isn’t always completely consistent and there have been a few odd chapters where we’ve been left wanting. This time around though, the art really stood front and center in all its brilliance, and in particular, I found the pages with Obito’s last words of encouragement to Naruto, to be really good.

But I'll tell Kakashi to become Hokage first, thus delaying your dream by a few decades. >_>

But I’ll tell Kakashi to become Hokage first, thus delaying your dream by a few decades. >_>

There was also the matter of Naruto proclaiming that Obito was awesome after Black Zetsu tried to speak ill of him, and this didn’t really fly well with some of our readers. However, if I were to say one thing on that matter, it is simply that this is Naruto’s nature and it has been since the beginning of the series. He has never, ever truly hated his enemies, save for the brief moment he got caught up in taking revenge on Nagato for Jiraiya’s death, but even that was short-lived and Naruto chose to walk a different path, one of acceptance and peace.

This was Naruto’s resolve right from the start of the series, and it showed even when he fought his first true opponents, Zabusa and Haku. From then on, with every opponent from Neji, to Gaara, to Nagato and finally, Obito, Naruto has always opted to change others rather than simply destroy them, even to the extent where he’d ultimately offer his hand and accept his former enemies as friends and comrades.

In the end, we can at the very least surmise that Naruto’s behavior in this chapter, while perhaps not to everyone’s liking, was certainly not out of character as far as his demeanor is concerned. Whether or not you like him for it, is another matter entirely.

Chapter 688 pretty much carried through the sentiment born through its predecessor, but only this time, rather than the focusing on the relationship between Naruto and Obito, it focused more on the relationship between Kakashi and Obito.

But before that, it starts with a brief scene showing Obito and Rin together again. What makes this scene stand out is that Obito has returned to his form as a child before he was caught in the rock slide and had given Kakashi his Sharingan eye. The return to that youthful form – despite being something that would no doubt make Gai and Lee shed tears, while embracing in the backdrop of a fiery sunset – is also symbolic in a way. You could say that it’s a way of showing that Obito had found his true self again, as if he’s returning to that time of innocence before he had lost his heart to darkness. It could also be a way of making him seem less like a pedophile after returning to a younger Rin, but that’s another matter.

Overall, I did find this scene to be quite sentimental, nostalgic and, dare I say it, cute. I guess that can only mean that a therapy session with Kantonkage is in order.

Aw... how cute. >_>

Aw… how cute. >_>

If we go by the premise that everything eventually comes around full circle, I guess that would apply in this case as well, because much like he did in the past, Obito once again leaves Kakashi with a very special parting gift, one that would make any reader either squeal with delight, or groan in dismay.

That gift is, of course, the Sharingan.

Here we go again...

Here we go again…

Personally, as I mentioned in a comment on the previous breakdown, I have mixed feelings on this particular development. On the one hand, I think it does make sense for Kakashi to live up to his moniker as “Kakashi of the Sharingan” and it is quite exciting to see him use it in both eyes now instead of just one. However, on the other hand, I was also kinda hoping to see what kind of powerhouse he could be without the Sharingan, where his own inherent skill came to the fore.

In saying that, this development does beg the question as to whether this power-up is temporary or permanent, because the dialogue in the chapter itself seems a bit contradictory in this regard.



As you can see in the two panels above, in the first (yes, we read from right to left) Obito mentions that it wouldn’t be right if Kakashi returns the Sharingan too soon, which implies that it’s a long-term gift. But in the left panel, Obito says “it may only be temporary, but it’s far from useless”, which implies that it won’t last long after all. Perhaps these little discrepancies can be written of to translation woes, but I guess time will tell one way or the other.

Going beyond just the discussion about the Sharingan, Obito also leaves something else behind, and that is the suggestion that Kakashi whould become the sixth Hokage.

This was the one part in this chapter that really threw me for a loop, because it felt a bit sudden and out of place. I mean, it was never really Kakashi’s dream to become Hokage. He’s never mentioned wanting to do so and he even seem relieved when he managed to abstain from taking the position after Pain’s attack on Konoha, when Tsunade had awakened from her coma.

Given all that, I couldn’t help but wonder why Kishi would have suddenly motioned for this abrupt and rather startling revelation. I mean, Tsunade’s no spring chicken, but she could easily remain as Hokage for the next ten or so years before handing the title to Naruto, so why would Kishi suddenly want to make Kakashi Hokage first? Some of you have suggested that it may be due to the fact that he wants to find a way to extend the series for a longer duration, and Naruto being Hokage too early means he’d be stuck in an office, unable to fill the adventurous role a protagonist usually upholds, but I was personally under the impression that Kishi intended to end the series soon, given that the new Naruto movie announced called “The Last” was meant to mark the end of the series as a whole.

I decided to do a bit more research to see if I could find more information on the movie. Though information is still vague at this point, one thing that is certain is that it seems to take place after a time skip – as you might be able to tell by the trailer above – and features somewhat older iterations of Naruto and his friends, though how much older I can’t be certain. One particularly interesting piece of information, however, suggests that the movie will go beyond the manga and “connect with the next generation”. Even the dialogue in the trailer above alludes to a similar point.

Once again, it seems we’re at the mercy of translation nuances and vague information sources, but nevertheless, I’m now wondering if “The Last” really does mark the true end of Naruto as a series, or whether it simply marks the end of this current chapter in the series. Could “The Last” be a bridge that connects the end of the current Naruto story arc, to the beginning of a new story set in the same universe, that follows a protagonist from the next generation? I guess we won’t know until more solid information comes out, but given Kakashi’s recent promotion to Hokage candidate, it would no longer surprise me if Kishi does indeed have plans to extend the series in some way, or do a spin-off series.

For me personally, it’s difficult to see how this series would continue with Naruto as the protagonist after Kaguya’s defeat. I mean, Kaguya is basically the ultimate power in this world, so after overcoming such a threat, what challenge left would there be for Naruto? You can’t very well introduce a new, less imposing threat to succeed Kaguya, so you’d either need to expand the universe altogether, or introduce a new protagonist who starts at ground level again, so that the series can work its way up from there.

Speaking of Kaguya, it was mentioned that she came from a far off land, so it is possible that Kishi could even explore that idea and expose the elemental nations to other countries that inhabit corners of the globe, separated by vast oceans. We might even see more westernized themes coming through (perhaps something Kishi was alluding to in his recent colour pages), so the possibilities really are endless.

Before any of that can happen (if it happens), first Naruto and his friends need to overcome the real threat at hand, and let’s just say it’s looking more… bizarre than ever.

Well, that's definitely not the Easter Bunny.

Well, that’s definitely not the Easter Bunny.

This was a very interesting development for me, because in my previous breakdown, I actually bought up the question as to whether there was more to Kurama than we originally knew about, and whether he was perhaps the spiritual embodiment of the Juubi’s true form. I even suggested that his ears do look somewhat like rabbit ears.

Now we have a situation where a giant rabbit form of the Juubi has quite literally manifested after Naruto’s combination Bijuu chakra attack and I also don’t think it’s a coincidence that Naruto’s first question after seeing it is whether it’s a fox, which even further implicates that there’s a deeper connection between Kurama and the Juubi’s true form. It’s also worth noting the somewhat spherical form this shape has taken on, which might be a reference to the moon, which the Juubi was originally sealed within.

Whatever the case, I think the one part of this chapter that really got everyone talking was Kakashi acquiring the Sharingan, so what better way to end the chapter than for him to fly in and save the day with his own version of the perfect Susanoo?

Eyes that copy the future? Kishi really doesn't want us to know whether this upgrade is temporary or not. >_>

The eye’s destiny is to copy the future? Kishi really doesn’t want us to know whether this upgrade is temporary or not. >_>

Well guys, that’s all from me for now. I hope you enjoyed the breakdown.

In light of the theme of the new Naruto movie, I’ll paste some of the new character design sketches below for you to all check out. See you in the comments! ^ ^



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  2. <_<

    *Not sure if Kantonkage is first or fourth, or if he just decided to combine the two positions into one.*

  3. I keep tellin y’all that Konohomaru is gonna make his big move soon. Think about it. What is the 2nd chapter of the whole Naruto manga named? Who is the only one who has “official hokage training”? Who is the only one in the Narutoverse who can wield a rasengan?

    I think *that* would make a fun new time skip.

  4. First!!

  5. @Tenrai: OMG, I did NOT mean to post under that name. Please please PLEASE delete that comment ASAP! Just pretend you never saw it.

  6. @Tenrai: You said “I was somewhat lucky that a new chapter came out last week”. I assume you mean, I was somewhat lucky that a new chapter DIDN’T come out last week.

  7. Thanks for spotting the mistake guys. I sometimes become blind to these things after working on a breakdown for a few hours. X__x

  8. @Tenrai: I’m too busy to notice your awesomeness to pay attention to mistakes. Seriously, you’ve carried this site for at least a decade. That’s 10% of a century. You rock.

  9. damnit. I’m too busy *noticing* your awesomeness…. now *I’m* making mistakes lol.. See what you’ve done, Kevin?!

  10. @arpotu: Who, me? 😛

  11. Not quite over, but almost there:

  12. Kakashi with Sage of 6 path chakra? From Naruto’s restoration technique?

    So, when the Juubi got hit by the teleporting shuriken. it dug it’s tails to the ground to suck up more energy. And that’s how it turned in to a Giant Black Ball.

    All chakra is going to be consumed to make a new dimension? What was the point of the army?

    Naruto’s clones seem to have a mind of their own. Yet they’re so in sync with one another. REminds me of the Nagato and his 6 bodies he sued, but just a a much grandeur scale.

    How is Kakashi able to fly across the sky when he damages Kaguya’s right arm?

    Sakura relates to people completely in the wrong manner. Just because her and Kaguya are the same gender doesn’t mean they are on the same level. You are degrading women by insinuating that she sucks because you suck. That is just porous.

  13. I really don’t like how Kaguya’s been written in this fight. We don’t even know her true motives. If she had just been by herself and not talking, I would have been fine: You know the whole “just a natural force of nature, that happens upon the world when malevolence reaches a peak.”

    But the black zetsu is really getting on my nerves. He’s just speaking for Kaguya and is actually the one being the brains while she is the bronze’s. It is really begging the question of how Hagoromo and Hamura had trouble with her in the first place. And why is it that the descendants of Hagoromo’s children are beating her like nothing.

    Her powers are mainly Taijutsu and Dimension swapping. Nothing that screams “end of the world.”

    What is it going to take for me to actually fear her and believe that it can trully be the end of the world. It’s a shame, Naruto is going to win or be a live, we know that because a movie has been announced and we see a live Naruto, or it can be a red hearing and Naruto survives in the Anime but dies in the Manga. We don’t know yet. But the way the fight has been going is just unimpressive.

    The only impressive thing about this battle is Naruto. Naruto has done so much and he has been fighting non-stop for like 3 days and against the likes of Kages, thousands of Zetsu, Itachi, Nagato, Tobi and Madara. Even then he got his second wind when he met the Sage of 6 paths and he has really been the only one fighting Kaguya straight up while the others just acted as support. He has been pulling out every single trick he has in his play book and I am glad to see Naruto land the seal.

  14. Epic chapter was epic. Woohoo!

    I’ll elaborate more a bit later when I’m less busy. 😛

    *Eats everyone and then poofs*

  15. @thelaughingwiseman: You really oughta try lightening up a bit and not be so critical. For starters, yes many if not most of the other characters have acted as support for Naruto; but that’s because this story is about Naruto. Even Sasuke could be seen as a pillar of support, even though he’s playing an equal part in Kaguya’s sealing. If it were Kakashi doing all the work, for example, a lot more people would be complaining about this not focusing on the titular character like it should be.

    When you think about it, every main villain and/or opponent that Naruto has ever crossed paths with have been different kinds of obstacles/trials for him to overcome. For Neji, it was proving that each person controls his or her own destiny and fate. For Gaara, it was understanding the pain of a fellow jinchuuriki, for Orochimaru, it was saving Sasuke from having his body taken (not that he needed the help), for Nagato it was coming to understand another person’s pain and learn to see past hatred, and of course there was Obito, who was about bringing someone back from the curse of hatred and convincing that reality was ultimately worth living in rather than fantasy.

    I’m sure I left out others, but the point is that for all the involvement the other characters had, their time (or lack thereof) in the spotlight, you gotta remember that this is ultimately about Naruto: a young hyperactive knucklehead ninja who started off with nothing and had to work incredibly hard to gain the respect and admiration of his peers over time.

    Regarding black Zetsu, I’m sure he’ll meet his end soon enough. He’s helpess at this point anyway. The only reason he’s doing most of the talking is because for a battle of this scale, Kaguya doesn’t exactly have the time nor the desire to explain everything she does to her enemies. Black Zetsu is pretty much doing what he has been doing for much of the series, and that’s providing a form of narration for the reader to explain some of the things going on that the reader likely wouldn’t understand. It’s made convenient by his role as mostly an observer. He did a similar narration during the Sasuke and Itachi fight, explaining Amaterasu and Sasuke’s Kirin technique. So yeah, we’re made to know that black Zetsu is ultimately a mass of malevolence created from Madara, sorry I mean Kaguya.

    I think the motives of Kaguya are pretty obvious: her revival, cashing in on the fruit (pun intended) of Infinite Tsukuyomi, eliminating Ashura and Indra’s descendents, and pretty much keeping all chakra to herself. She is the epitome of selfishness. You seem to forget that Kaguya is indeed quite fearful. The only reason she doesn’t “scare” you is because Naruto and Sasuke are on a level not far from hers, closing the gap considerably. In the past, against anyone else, yes Kaguya would seem virtually invincible. So yeah, this fear that she’s supposed to be invoking was mostly geared towards the people from history within the Naruto universe itself. That and history always tends to exaggerate certain aspects of someone to make them sound scarier than they really are. I’m sure you may have thought that Pain was quite fearsome before we finally saw him in action. She combines five different powers that on their own were quite fearsome. There was the Byakugan, able to see in damn near any direction, the Sharingan which can see discern any and all techniques, the bone-manipulating kekki genkai, being the jinchuuriki of the Juubi which is a vast source of chakra itself (nevermind the chakra available from the numerous people under Infinite Tsukuyomi), and the ability to jump between dimensions (an ability both Kakashi and Obito made famous and infamous).

    Regarding why Kaguya would create a new dimension, don’t forget that anything can happen that could disrupt one’s plans or force them to change it. Her back was against the wall and she was taking desperate measures to avoid being sealed.

    Using perfect Susanoo, Kakashi could levitate from inside the jewel on the forehead, which has shown to be the central point of the technique. And with the technique’s ability to fly, Kakashi already had some serious air while using it. So having already been so high up when the technique was dispelled, he was in a perfect position to attack Kaguya as well.

    And where the hell did you get the notion that Sakura was insinuating that Kaguya “sucks because she sucks”? For that matter, why would you think Sakura sucks at all? Yes, she isn’t exactly one to press an advantage for very long. Yes, she tends to need saved a lot, but only because her battle sense isn’t quite as keen as Naruto or Sasuke’s. But damn, if she hasn’t shown to pull out quite a surprise or two. After all, she did reach a level on par with Tsunade herself. And in the end, the story comes full circle as you can see here. When Team 7 was first formed, their one weakness was the ability to employ good teamwork. And now here we are in the midst of the final battle and all three of them (with a perfect setup by their sensei) are using perfect teamwork to overcome a “god”! Why else did Kakashi beam with pride?

    So to say that you were unimpressed with this battle is quite presumptuous. On the contrary, this battle had me on the edge of my seat almost the entire time! I mean for crying out loud, you got five people (including Obito at the time) suddenly falling into a certain death by lava and seeing them think very fast to avoid that fate. You got Sasuke being separated from Naruto and seeing them struggle to get Sasuke back with them before Kaguya could kill Naruto and end it all. And of course, you got the whole struggle by Naruto and Sasuke to seal her, which took several attempts before they finally succeeded. I swear, when I was reading this latest chapter, and it looked like Kaguya was going to dodge the sealing once again, I was shouting at the manga for them to “just seal her already!”.

    Kishi really knows how to drag this out, like he did the whole story. I am confident that the anime is more or less done with filler arcs (thankfully) because the manga is ending soon and there is no more need to stretch it out to keep from catching up too soon. I am one of those people who really wants this story as a whole to truly end. Yes, it’s great they’re doing one last movie to show off the next generation. The only thing that I hope Kishi doesn’t mess up, the thing beyond all things, is that we see Naruto become Hokage. Though I have a feeling that he’ll be much older when that finally happens.

    It would be a shame too because Gaara has shown that it can be done at a young age and that he said he wanted to share a drink with him as a fellow Kage. So Kishi might just be trolling us by making us think that Kakashi will be Hokage first before Naruto, when it’s just Obito getting ahead of himself. Indeed, we’ve seen that Kakashi hasn’t shown any real interest in the position. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to save the world or carry his weight as part of Konoha.

    Anyway, I’ve said all there is to say. When it comes down to it, this was an awesome chapter and I won’t lie, “IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME!!”

    I’ve been anxiously waiting to see this battle end, especially considering how things could possibily get any worse than having everyone else trapped in Infinite Tsukuyomi. But now we got a nice finale to said battle complete with a bow. All we have left now is the aftermath of the battle, the cleanup, and the ending. But those remain to be seen. I think we all know what needs to be resolved at this point so I’ll just stop here.

  16. Of course, I forgot to mention that just because Sakura and Kaguya are both women doesn’t imply that the former was insinuating that the latter is weak. It is what is is, both are women. There’s no hidden meaning behind it.

  17. It can’t end yet, So6P is still giving “the plan” to the Edo Kages!

  18. @Kevin. The time I really believed Naruto was facing insurmountable odds was when he actually gets a glimpse of the Juubis chakra, by going into Sage Mode. He felt the vast power of the Juubi and likened it to that of the world behind it’s power. I was feeling the gravity of the situation. In no other fight or event in the Naruto story was I ever feeling a sense of dread, like i felt with that certain instance.

    Kaguya as a character seemed very interesting. I really would enjoy the fact that I don’t know what she is planning or thinking about. But I really would have enjoyed it much so with no forced exposition by Zetsu. It’s basically what he’s doing. He’s trying to explain every single detail about the fight, when I really think minimal talking should be done by the villains. And in doing so, it’s really bugging me because details he includes is basically going “oh, and she can do this”. Now that she’s hear “she can do this.” It’s not needed. The illustration Kishi creates are more than enough. Mangastream does a great job drawing the details so that the illustrations themselves tell some of the story of what’s going on.

    I would be more afraid if nothing was ever explained by Zetsu, instead, just Team 7 and Tobi finding out slowly but surely what was behind her powers. A great example is when Naruto revived Tobi. He knew he was going to need any help he could get, he woke Tobi up and Tobi decided it’d be a good idea to sync his dimension jumping with Kaguyas dimensions. That was a brilliant way to figure out that there was a connection between all the realms they were traveling. But that was dashed when Zetsu would further explain the dimensional leaping Kaguya does by saying all dimensions are linked. Making me lose the suspense (what little I had) as a result.

    A perfect example was Tobi before letting go of his mask. How can you stop him? His powers were so unknown that it really creeped me out when Naruto asked who he was and he straight up said “Who am I? I’m nobody” and you can see the deranged lunacy in his eyes. Kaguya without Zetsu’s commentary scares me. Such an explressionless face, not even showing signs of distress or consciousness that we’d be able to comprehend. But no, Zetsu is whispering into her ear giving her advice, commands. Making her seem weaker than she really is. You pointed it out, how powerful she is. I do agree with you in that aspect, I was wrong. Yeah she has all the KeiKei Genkai, but it isn’t showing. She is mainly doing Taijutsu and Dimension swapping? Bone manipulation? nope, just throwing daggers that make a person crumble. She has god like powers and It’s a shame they didn’t show them. But this is the power up thing that started going way out of hand. digress on this issued because that in it of it self is another matter. I give you this argument (Kaguya has awesome powers). I don’t like how they were used or their lack of use. I think she has a sharrinegan on her forehead?

    Kaguya’s Motives: I say either explain them fully or don’t explain them at all. I don’t like this “explain it as you go” type of story telling because it allows for a lot of deus ex machina that Kishi can add on to try and make the story progress a certain way. Like that crap with Tobi coming back in spirit form and giving Kakashi 2 Sharingan.

    About Kaguya and Sakura. Sakura has been the most volatile character Kishi has in the Narutoverse. She does something completely brilliant like save Naruto’s life by literally keeping his heart beating; the next panel she does not crush Tobi’s eye, which would completely end any hope of completing the Infinite Tsukiyomi and ending the war with out a fully powered Madara (he only had one eye and no Juubi). She shows great maturity by asking what Sauske’s real intentions for joining the battle and then reverts back to her fangirl status wondering why Sauske doesn’t notice her. She jumps gong-ho after a fully powered Madara with two supped up Sage’s (Naruto and Sauske once they’re revived) thinking she can cause a diversion when in fact nothing gets accomplished but wasting panels; Then she uses herself as a battery for Tobi to rescue Sauske so he and Naruto can complete the seal (which I find a stupid solution to the fight). She is just all over the place. And it really annoyed me that such a volatile character such as herself thinks that she can compare herself to Kaguya got me upset. Why need to mention that you’re both women? Why say she’s had enough of Kaguya’s crap when all the lady has been wanting is for everyone to go to sleep so she can have chakra? Maybe it annoys me because I don’t get the context in which Sakura speaks to Kaguya. To me, it seemed Sakura was just venting her frustration at not being able to do anything until then.

    Aside from that, ASIDE from that, I really did enjoy the completion of the Team 7’s final attack. It was a full on team effort. I am not going to touch upon the fact that kaguya has the Bayukugan and didn’t see Sakura directly above her. This fight became defensive for quite some time. It was mainly Kaguya fighting on the defensive (from a distance, switching dimensions, spitting up the seal, trying to freeze them). So Amerterasu was around when she was around too (interesting).

  19. I just realized the Hokage are trying to make it to the battlefield too. I don’t know if this battle is over…

  20. Also notice that the arm of Kaguya is pinned along with Zetzu. Complete people have been resurrected with less.

  21. Wow! I just had a awesome theory. Imagine they manage to seal her now and they think its all over but then, she transports herself back from the dimension shes sealed in and she bring along some of the other villains that was sealed, thus the edo kage steps in along with edo madara hopefully aswell

  22. Oh my God Bakakage. I hope so deeply that this doesn’t happen. This fight has gone on for so long.

  23. Yeah its been dragging on for a while and in my opinion the whole kaguya thing was one stepb to far really in terms of the characters we already have, plot development, level of power, just everything around her is too farfetched, but now were in this so kishi might aswell make it last otherwise it will end too abruptly also plus i see no other way they can make the edo kage fit in all of this if its all over now. I definately think this isnt over yet. Kishi likes to excite you with a go team! Final awesome attempt that looks like it worked and then come the next chapter and. FAIL.

  24. why does naruto not use the black balls like Madara did? he could attack and defend with them. Also, remember about the clones, when they die or are destroyed all of that goes to naruto, that means he’s felt himself being turned to ash multiple times this fight.

  25. Yeah, I’ve thought about that too, regarding him experiencing himself being turned to ash so many times.

    My theory is that the 4 kages will find a way to trade places with Kakashi, Sakura, Naruto, and Sasuke within Kaguya’s dimensions.

  26. @thelaughingwiseman: Sorry bro. But I just don’t have the mental energy to keep up that much typing for a simple debate. I’ll simply say that I do see where you’re coming from and like you, I do concede that you have a point on certain points.

    I didn’t really expect that you would keep it going for that length. So unless you care to drastically shorten your response to my own, which in itself was only as long as it was to respond to your original long post, I can’t go on with this. Sorry.

  27. @Kevin, sorry too. I was stuck in mangaspoiler mode. There they have long post replying to long post etc. It gets hectic.

    Well, all of us on this blog post can still have a discussion on certain aspects of what’s going on in Naruto.

    A thing you brought up that I really liked was “When did you feel a sense of dread the most during the entirety of this series?”

  28. Hey everyone! It looks like I’m headed for another double again. It’s just one of those kinds of weeks. Lol. XD

    I’ll get the breakdown out as soon as I can.

    @Question of when we felt a sense of dread most in the series:

    For me it was probably during the Pein invasion arc. It was the first time I felt a true sense of dread and hopelessness, especially when Pein destroyed Konoha. When I saw that, I actually felt my heart sink because my mind just kept relaying it over and over again, noting fully the sheer scale of the destruction. I kept thinking, “who died? Who is still alive? How will they recover from this catastrophe?” etc. When Naruto finally arrived on the scene – in what can only be described as the most epic fashion – it was probably one of the most uplifting, inspired moments I’ve ever seen in a manga.

    Even then, the battle with Pein itself was full of ups and downs. There was that genuine sense that Naruto could lose and be captured, and there was quite an emotional roller-coaster as well with Pa first being “killed” followed shortly by Hinata (this is in addition to the other people that died prior to Naruto’s arrival, which really left me with a sense of dread not knowing who else would be a potential victim).

    If I had to list one other heart sinking moment, it was when Naruto got Kurama pulled out of him.

    There are other moments that had some sense of dread, but none had as much impact on me as those two I listed above.

  29. For me it was probably when Jiraiya killed 3 of Pains bodies, got his arm severed, and then saw the 3 killed bodies had been revived.

  30. @zzattack

    Actually, yes, that was another suspenseful part. It slipped my mind.

  31. I can probably contribute a few.

    When Itachi was taking out Sasuke’s eyeball (though it wasn’t real).

    And right after the one Tenrai mentioned, where Kurama busted out of the chibaku tensei and Yamato saw the number 9 on his hand. Naruto had that hole in his tummy. That was pretty bleak, right up until he tried to release the beast.

  32. Actually, I can’t figure out if it was more hopeless when Sasuke was about to have his eye removed, or when Itachi survived Kirin and was advancing on a defeated Sasuke with susanoo.

  33. I think I’d like to do at least one more breakdown before this ends.

  34. WTF?! I’m getting word that Naruto has been delayed due to the Japanese governent taking up stricter anti-piracy measures to prevent spoilers. It’s said it may not be out for as much as three more days! Seriously, what is the damn point? How do you even prevent “piracy” of something that is inevitably released.

    They know damn well that they’ve had a worldwide following for as long as it has existed. I myself own several actual manga volumes of the series, so I DO support the series the way they want. But the series is nearing its end and NOW they are choosing to be dicks about it towards everyone?

    This is just bullshit! Well, if the “release” date in America and everywhere else ends up changing to like Friday, then let’s at least hope that this is a one time thing and we just end up having to get used to new chapters being released on that day, all in the name of preventing spoilers. But seriously, I have only ever seen one spoiler for a chapter in the last two years….TWO YEARS! By the time any spoilers DO come out, the chapter is already released by then.

    And yes, all this has been confirmed. And frankly, it pisses me off. Way to alienate your worldwide fanbase! *storms off in a rage*

  35. Sorry for the multiple comments. Now that I’ve calmed down a bit, I dug a bit more. From what it looks like, certain magazine shops get early copies of the manga in advance. Turns out they don’t go public in Japan until Monday. So if anything, the rest of the world is actually seeing the new chapters before the folks in Japan do, because employees of those shops are the ones who leak the chapters to the rest of the world.

    What this means is those shops are no longer getting advance copies of the manga. We basically have to wait until it is officially released to the public in Japan. Only AFTER, can it be translated by whoever and forwarded to the rest of the world. So in short, we’re going to have to expect a different day of the week, which sounds like Mondays from now on.

    In the meantime, we’ll have to endure this special delay until the next chapter is officially released next Monday. Hopefully, the people who translate and release it to everyone else are as diligent in keeping pace with the weekly releases as they always are. Like it or not, it’s a big change from what we’re used to. But I guess it is what it is. It’s not like we’re being cut off from all the remaining Naruto. One way or another, it’ll get out to us.

  36. I swear Kishi has so many breaks….if i ever meet him i think i’ll slap him in the face

  37. @Kevin

    Monday’s are usually the days I reserve to write breakdowns, so if Naruto starts releasing on a Monday, that sure will be interesting. >_>


    I honestly don’t think Kishi has that many breaks. Maybe 3 weeks out of every year, some because of national holidays? Aside from that, make no mistake about the fact that the publishing industry is very taxing, with deadlines that would make Hidan pray to Jashin for mercy. Monthly publications are bad enough, weekly publications are worse. There isn’t much room for error or leeway, and I’m sure many Mangaka spend a lot of late nights and probably even weekends finishing up their scripts to get ready for print. I think their breaks are deserved. I certainly wouldn’t want them to work themselves into the ground.

    I think we should all respect them and their hard work, not scorn them when they take some well earned leave of absence.

  38. For me, the most intense portion of the manga was “Kakashi’s Rampage”. Sweet tentacles of Cthulhu, that was pure brilliance in every form.

  39. Spoilers: Maybe <_< ///its over…. It is Finally over! The war arc is over. *single tear runs down cheek* Its been a long, bumpy arc and I am so glad to be at the end of it. Hopefully this means the Ultra Supa Mega Jutsu's will take a back seat to things like…

    Character development, plot, etc.

  40. Well, all I can say is that I have this strange sense that something is going to happen. O_o

  41. What if the four of them are about to go into a talk-no-jitsu dimension? Kaguya will be able to talk to them without her pesky “son” intervening. Perhaps we’re about to learn some deep, dark storyline…

  42. ITS OUT!!!!

  43. That sure ended abruptly, Kaguya had no more then 20-30 spoken words since she was introduced, I honestly would have enjoyed a powerhouse fight against a true warrior like Madara.

    With all this done, I still have many questions about the history of Kaguya and her sons.
    I guess I’ll go back and re-read the previous chapters.

    Now we’ll probably get a vote for the seat of Hokage seeing as we have present all the Kages except the current ones, they will most likely give there blessing to Naruto and Sasuke and decide who will govern what territory, as if Sasuke’s gonna give a crap about someone else’s opinion.

    It would be nice if Kakashi and Sakura are also made kage, I know Sakura isn’t really kage material in comparison to Naruto, Sasuke and Kakashi but we do need strong kunoichi in the manga as leaders.

    I also wonder what will happen to the Bijuu, IMO they should be left free to keep watch on humans as guardians, but that’s just me.

  44. @Eugen

    Well, half of Kurama is still sealed inside Naruto (although, not the same half as before), so I have a feeling Kurama may decide to reunite with him. The others might as well, because the Sage did predict that one day they’d be brought together again, and given a new form, etc. I’m really curious as to what will happen now.

  45. So I am guessing Fridays from now on. Seeing all that was certainly epic. Interesting to have the yang half of Kurama outside of Naruto. Though it’ll be sad to have to see Minato return to the pure world (afterlife) along with the other former Hokage. But given the rather forbidden nature of the Edo Tensei, it’s the obvious thing to do.

    Oh right, now we just need to see the Infinite Tsukuyomi come undone now. All in all, awesome chapter!

  46. What I want to see is Sasuke be a decent person for once and hand the title of future kage to Naruto instead.

    I can’t fucking believe the battle is finally over with. I just can’t. I am so happy. The ending had a good battle, but now we’re going to see what happens with Madara now that he’s with the others but has all that power taken away from him.

  47. So, Madara came back with a full body… His body was ripped in half for Kaguya to come back fully formed. Is Madara now a girl since he came back with a full body and no reattachment to his lower half. And how about Minato having the chakra cloak when he lost his half of the chakra giving it to Naruto? I mean how? So is TenTen with the Sage tools a red hearing?

    Hagoromo looked very suspicious in the last panel. I guess I’m not used to seeing him smile. And Sauske looked like he had a sad expression on his face when they were teleported back into their dimension.

    That seal was just a powerful Chibaku Tensei? Was that created by both Naruto and Sauske or did they just place a beacon on Kaguya for Hagoromo to find her location and perfom the Superior Chibaku Tensei? The seals seem to be trackers because they disappeared when they were very close to Kaguya and reappeared on Hagoromo’s hands

  48. @ Kev, you got me thinking of a situation where Hagaromo would bring Minato back to life, in a manner similar to how Madara resurrected himself. That would be a nice gift for Naruto

  49. I just realized, and I almost laughed because of it, that Kaguya is like Princess Luna being trapped in the moon and all that.

  50. @Tenrai: I wish I knew a more direct way to get a hold of you. But I’d really like that comment of my other name removed asap. I promise I won’t make that mistake a third time.

  51. @Kevin

    It’s gone now. Also, if you need to contact me more urgently, you can email me or add me on Yahoo or Skype as a direct means of contact. In fact, I welcome anyone from WRA who wants to chat for whatever reason to add me on Skype and Yahoo. My username on both of those is Tenrai Senshi.

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