Naruto Chapter 686 Breakdown: With friends like these, who needs enemies?

To be honest, I’ve been writing breakdowns for a long time now, and I’ve seen just about every kind of chapter there is to be seen as far as Naruto goes, from the mysterious, to the dialogue heavy, to the pure and simple battle chapters.

But every now and then, I come across a chapter that sends my mind reeling, as if lost in a tempest of thoughts, theories and ideas. It’s the kind chapter that drops what, from the offset, seems like the most subtle of hints, but that often only serves as a key to open a door to a vast world of endless conjecture and self-conflicting debate.

Chapter 686 was one of those chapters.

Nevermind the chapter itself. Just the opening page brings enough to the plate to make a meal out of.

Never mind the chapter itself. Just the opening page brings enough to the plate to make a meal out of.

Chapter 686 is the kind of chapter I could easily write an essay about and still fail to cover all the thoughts and ideas running rampant throughout my mind, but in the interests of saving time – and perhaps through some instinctive sense of self-preservation – I’ll try to keep the conjecture to a minimal and let all our readers come up with their own theories or ideas thereafter.

Looking at the first colour page above, the first thing that hit me, aside from my computer screen, was Hagoromo’s words in the middle-right panel. At first, he credits the combination of they Juubi’s, Hashirama’s and supposedly Madara’s chakra as the reason he was able to appear, but then, half way corrects himself by changing it to Indra’s, Ashura’s and Kurama’s chakra.

Now, I found this line of dialogue particularly interesting, because although I can understand why Hagoromo mentioned Indra’s and Ashura’s chakra in particular, seeing as how their spirits reincarnated into Madara and Hashirama respectively, what really threw me was how he corrected the Juubi to Kurama in particular. We all know that the Juubi, among other things, is also a combination of the chakra of all nine Bijuu, so why would Hagoromo only mention Kurama specifically without referencing the others?

Something tells me there's more to this than has been let on...

Something tells me there’s more to this than has been let on…

This got me thinking, what if Kurama is unique among the nine Bijuu? What if he is not just a part of the Juubi’s chakra like his siblings, but is rather, something else altogether? If we consider that Indra’s and Ashura’s spirits continued to live on even long after their original deaths, could we perhaps surmise that Kurama might be the same, and that he embodies the true form of the soul or spirit of the Juubi that continues to live on even after its physical body ceased to exist in the world?

Hell, if we consider Kaguya and the Juubi to be the one and the same being, then it might even be said that Kurama might be related directly to her in some way. He does have big, rabbit-like ears, after all, so it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to liken his image to both a rabbit as well as a fox. It might even be said that Kurama might represent a form that existed before the being we now know as the Juubi came into existence.

Of course, it was at this stage in my thought process that my brain started to experience a critical failure and proceeded to melt down. My mind was continually jumping from one possibility to the next, trying to comprehend Hagoromo’s words and all the possibilities they implied, so I decided it would be best to withdraw from that area of thought for the time-being, under the hopes that the truth would be revealed to us sooner rather than later. In the meantime, however, I did find an interesting story from Japanese folklore that might give us some clues as to the nature of Kaguya and perhaps even Kurama. We all know how Kishi has often used inspiration from Japanese folklore as inspiration for his own story, so I couldn’t help but notice the resemblance of this particular tale and how it might pertain to Kaguya.

It looks like Kakashi is having a Tenten moment.

It looks like Kakashi is having a Tenten moment.

Moving on from the deliberation regarding Kurama’s true nature, part of the focus of this chapter seemed to linger somewhat on Kakashi. It’s understandable that in his position, he might have some difficulty comping to terms with what he could possibly do to contribute to Team 7’s efforts in a push for victory, but honestly, I haven’t seen Kakashi at this much of a loss… well, since ever really.

Even after Obito’s death, Kakashi still had the drive to keep fighting and move on in life, partly because I think no matter how hopeless things got, he could always see a way forward. I think this is the first time in Kakashi’s life where the path hasn’t been clear for him, to the extent that he truly believed all he had left to contribute to his team was his own life for the sake of saving Sasuke’s. While I can understand Obito throwing his life away to save Naruto, considering he was living on borrowed time in either case, seeing Kakashi run to his death was a bit jarring.

What was even more surprising was that both of them had a bit of help in that regard…

Here, let me help you suicide. @__@

Here, let me help you suicide. @__@

In a way, the scene above was both touching and amusing, all at the same time. While I can see the symbolic significance of Rin pulling her two teammates forward, showing that even in death she is always watching over them, the fact that she is ultimately leading them to their own deaths with such a determined look on her face left my head spinning a bit.

I wasn’t entirely sure whether I should laugh or cry… so I did neither. @__@

This scene was also symbolic in more ways than might directly be perceived as well. Aside from Rin’s appearance and the fact that Obito ultimately sacrificed himself for Kakashi again, much like he did in the past, I also found that Kishi seems to have intentionally placed Obito in front of Naruto and Kakashi in front of Sasuke. In a way, it once again plays in the idea that Team 7 is a reflection of the former Team Minato, with Kakashi mirroring Sasuke as the prodigy, Obito mirroring Naruto as the klutz who wanted to be Hokage, and Rin representing Sakura, who wants to be a pillar of support for them both.

And so we have yet another Akatsuki member suiciding.

I know Obito wants some alone time with Rin, but she seemed dead set on a threesome a few moments ago. >__>

All drama aside, for now we’ll just ignore the fact that Kakashi and Obito can suddenly stand, despite the fact that everyone else is being flattened by Kaguya’s gravity no jutsu, including Kaguya herself. We’ll also ignore the fact that, judging by the angle and height of Kaguya’s Suicide Ash Bone projectiles, they would have both – in all likelihood – gone right over Naruto and Sasuke, who are almost completely flush with the ground.

I’ll just write that off to Art Kai no Kutsu…

One thing I will say, however, is that I truly hope this incident will serve as a wake up call for Kakashi and make him realize that he still has an important role to fill in the world of the living. I want to see him go all out and see what he’s capable of, even without one of Obito’s eyes, so hopefully he’ll honor Obito’s death and open a can of whoop-ass.

In any case, that’s all from me for now. Here are the winner’s of last week’s Bubbliton Contest:

3rd) Gavin:

Sakura: How the hell are you so tense?
Caption: Tears for the worst back massage ever.

2nd) zzattack:

Sakura: You will apologize immediately for saying my looks make your eyes bleed or I’ll strangle you right here and now!

Nisam $Pavo: Only Obito understands Sakura’s pain.

Nisam $Pavo: Only Obito understands Sakura’s pain.

Well done to Pavo for a very funny Bubbliton Entry!

There weren’t any really good panels to use for this week, so instead I’ll just leave you all with some info about the new Naruto movie which is apparently titled “The Last”. Apparently, it comes out on the 6th of December, and will mark both the 15th anniversary of the Naruto series, as well as its end.

*Sad face*

Though honestly I’m not sure we’re well go from there if and when the series does in fact end at the time predicted, I hope that we can keep WRA going with an awesome new series that all of us can follow together.

Until then, I’ll do my best to keep these breakdowns going until Naruto ends, at the very least. Well, I’ll see you in the comments! ^ ^

~ by Tenrai Senshi on July 30, 2014.

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  1. First!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. First after Kantonkage!!!

  3. First after Kanton and I am not really Here.


    Great art in this one,

  5. Kishi even made Kakashi himself say “I’m useless” xD My predictions are coming true 😀

  6. You know what’s weird. I’ve had two different computers. And in all this time of reading the manga, I can not for the life of me load the images from said manga on the website. The rest of the page loads, but not the page from the manga itself.

    I’ve had to rely on or for that. So as someone who CAN’T use mangareader essentially, chapter 687 is out!

  7. And it looks like Naruto has finally gone badass on Kaguya. We’ll see how long this newfound advantage holds up.

  8. Did i miss something? Because apparently Obito did something really awesome that I obviously missed. Was I supposed to cry here? Was I supposed to feel like kicking Obito and annoying glob of snot in the face… repeatedly?!

  9. @Kantonkage

    I just think your hatred for Uchiha runs too deep. 😛

    -Edit: That emote is creepy…

  10. 85th!

    Excellent breakdown as always, Tenrai!

  11. @Todd

    Thanks! ^ ^

  12. @ Kanton, I can’t believe Naruto thought he was awesome, after he was directly responsible for Minato, Kushina, Neji, Konan and so many other’s deaths, indirectly for Jirayia’s also.

    IMO Obito’s death was 1000000000 times more easy then what he really deserved. So, Obito can eat a big fat bick.

    As far as the whole chapter is concerned., it was great on detail, Naruto will kick some major ass at SuperHumain Speed next week. And I truly hope someone will destroy that piece of shit Black Zetsu, once and for all.

  13. I”m glad other people thought that naruto suddenly liking obito was contrived as well. I don’t think Kishi did a good job with suddenly telling the reader, o ya your supposed to like Obito now after I’ve made him the villain for the past decade and btw naruto loves him so much now that he was able to severely damage the GOD of the world. None of the other deaths had that impact on him????? ONLY obito’s death made him get so mad he was able to beat even Kaguya awareness and speed????

  14. I think that if Naruto had not liked Obito so much, it would have been entirely against how his character has been developed. All other deaths have made an impact on him. The only other death that has occurred where he has been fighting, was Neji and Gaara. With Neji, he almost broke and with Gaara, he lost control of the Nine-tails which Kakashi stopped. However, with Obito, who is just like him, Naruto was hoping to bring him back just like he wants to bring Sasuke back.

    Although, it does piss me off how easily Naruto forgives sometimes, it is entirely within his character to do so. He destroyed Tobi and brought back Obito Uchiha, a Shinobi of the Hidden Leaf (in his mind).

  15. @ Javier, well put ;). You, my friend, deserve a Cheesecake with Oreo topping.
    However I do agree with Dricedt, Obito was the worst kind of bad guy, he was manipulated, impulsive, reckless and he didn’t fight for anything he stood for, in my mind he failed at everything except saving Kakashi’s life.

    Look at it however you want, if I were Rin, waiting for Obito on the other side, I would have kicked his ass over and over again. How can you forgive the man how killed your Sensei and his wife, the man who tried to wreck the village and the one who brought together the best villain force in the world.

    You might point out Black Zetsu’s involvement in all of this but frankly that black piece of trash only whispered in Obito and Madara’s ears, he didn’t control them in the actual sense.

    So, Obito, don’t R.I.P.

  16. Obito deserved the hatred that he got, though he was mostly influenced by madara and a terrible situation. If this were the real world it wouldn’t matter that he changed his mind. But Naruto has a way of rehabilitating his enemies, which is a good weapon against the cursed uchiha.

    I wouldn’t wish upon any enemy or villain to be tormented when they die. Don’t forget Naruto can sense when a person is sinister or not. This is the narutoverse, and the question of whether or not Obito was back to normal and was a changed man was answered. I think he should R.I.P.

  17. @Drice and Eugen

    I’m not sure why you guys find Naruto’s behavior contrived or odd. He’s forgiven enemies in the past, like Nagato, so why would this be any different?

    You guys need to remember that his ultimate goal is to bring Jiraiya’s dream of peace to the Naruto world. He can’t do that if he hates every single enemy he comes across. If he did that, he’d just bring dishonor to Jiraiya’s memory.

    Yes Obito was indirectly responsible for Minato and Kushina’s death and directly responsible for the deaths of many others, but you must also remember that Naruto shared all of Obito’s emotions and memories and understood what drove him that far down such a dark path. He truly came to understand Obito, even if he didn’t agree with his actions, so I believe that also helped a bit. Add the fact that Obito also ended up saving his, Sasuke’s and Kakashi’s lives and it’s not to difficult to understand that Naruto was able to see that the true Obito was actually a good guy underneath all those layers of emo.

    You also need to remember that no-one in the Naruto world is innocent, not even the various former Hokage that Naruto admired, who all had plenty of blood on their hands. The same could be said for various ninja and other kage. If Naruto condemns one person, he’d have to condemn just about everyone really, but to me it’s more like he just wants to change them instead. He’s trying to let go of his own hatred, so he can help the world let go of it as well.

  18. Well put Tenrai 🙂

  19. Really, Really!!! Did we really need an entire chapter for this death…

    Nice Breakdown Tenrai BTW

    I laugh Sasuke is taken to another dimension again… they would be so screwed…

    Kakashi is useless, he is like using match sticks to try put out a fire… Kishi is definitely going to make him do something awesome to redeem himself.

    Obito, what can I say, didn’t like him never will like him. He is probably going to be revived. <__<

  20. Anyone playing Summoners Wars: Air Arena??

  21. After seeing the latest episode I’m still very angry at Sauske. Dude is a punk. He is very self absorbed. And his know-it-all attitude too. If that episode was good for one thing, it was to reaffirm my dislike for this guy and hope for death in the fight against Kaguya

  22. Prediction: Sasuke’s desire to be an “avenger” will end up costing someone their life (looks at Kakashi), and it will piss Naruto off, leading to a deepened rift between them.

  23. @Wiseman

    In the end, I have to say that Kishi has developed Sasuke into a very unlikable character. Even if you discount his crappy attitude, I just think he’s become far too stoic and emotionless lately, to the point where his character just seems very plain and one-dimensional. He hardly exudes any personality at all anymore, he just stares with that blank, brooding stare all the time and that’s about the extent of it.

    Sasuke was much more lively and expressive in part 1. Even if you didn’t like him, you at least knew what he was all about and you could see some personality in him. But now, it just feels like he’s becoming a hollow husk of the character he once was and he continues to devolve as time goes on.

    As far as emo goes, I reckon he takes the cake. Hopefully he becomes a bit more lively again soon.

  24. Speaking of Sasuke, I liked his character a lot in part 1. He could be a dick at times, but he was a cool guy who clearly had a lot of emotional pain, but was still a good guy at heart. I still liked him in the beginning of part 2. He still refused to kill people then, saying there was only one person he wanted to kill. But then after the Itachi fight he became some sort of emotionless hypnotized killing machine, and I have not liked his character since. None of his actions since then have made much sense, and he’s not even cared about his own companions.

  25. @cecilie That’s because his character revolves around Itachi and because Itachi died permanently,his blandness rears its ugly head.

  26. @pein
    “Kakashi is useless, he is like using match sticks to try put out a fire… Kishi is definitely going to make him do something awesome to redeem himself.”

    you seem to have missed the part where he is to be a “shield” for the future -_____- How old is he again?

  27. I’m really not a fan of Sauske in this fight. He is acting like he’s doing all the work when in fact, it’s Naruto doing most of the heavy lifting and he is doing so while keeping Kakashi and Sakura safe.

    I don’t like how Sauske is being conceived post-Itachi in general. If he can just stick to one path and follow it, I’d be happy, but he’s been flip-flopping like a fish out of water.

    Lets not forget, Sauske wants to destroy the Bijuu too. Or are people forgetting how he set the Juubi ablaze with his Amerterasu? He’s a dick and only when Naruto is needed he uses his help. I hope that Naruto fight happens right after word and Naruto beats him to oblivion for all our sakes.

  28. Silly wiseman don’t you know that. Itachi is a martyr, Obito is the coolest, Madara is just misunderstood and Sasuke’s the best friend a person could ever have.

  29. Don’t dis Madara. Madara is going to come back, save the day, and become Hokage.

  30. @arpotu- Don’t forget he will also Marry Tenten, gather the dragonballs, revive all those that died in the war, and live happily ever after as the first Vegan uchiha hippie.

  31. I wonder if there will be a Hiruzen / Konohamaru moment before it all wraps up.

  32. @arpotu nope they’re not Uchiha or part of Naruto’s immediate family.
    @iamnrh: you forgot to add that Kiba would be his new best friend and successor and Snotball would apologize because Madara channeled his inner Dora the Explorer, screaming, BZ stop being bad. BZ stop being bad. BZ stop being bad.

  33. I wonder how Kaguya feels about being compared to Evil Buu. “Does this analogy make my ass look big?”

  34. 688 is out, dattebayo! XD

  35. Well i’ll be damned.

  36. Now that was an interesting chapter. Kishi made Kakashi into a Super Sayian

  37. @ Tenrai
    One thing I will say, however, is that I truly hope this incident will serve as a wake up call for Kakashi and make him realize that he still has an important role to fill in the world of the living. I want to see him go all out and see what he’s capable of, even without one of Obito’s eyes, so hopefully he’ll honor Obito’s death and open a can of whoop-ass.

    Soooooo, apparently Kishi didn’t like what you wrote so he decided to infuse Kakashi with the Cursed Emo Power of the Uchihax Sharingan. It’ll be nice to see in Kakashi can achieve EMS or Rinnegan in some way.

    The number of people knowing the full history of Kaguya, her sons, the Uchiha tablet, the bijuus and ninjutus vs ninshuu is very limited, including people like Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi, Obito, the former Hokages, Madara and Sakura. So Kakashi, seeing as he can already use the Perfect Susano’o, might be able to ascend the eyes even more.

    ALSO…., isn’t the EMS a requirement for the Perfect Susano’o ?!?!? Kakashi only has the MS.

  38. @Eugen: Hard to say. Though nevertheless, it looks like Kakashi having the Sharingan back is temporary as it’s Obito’s essence/chakra merged with his. So in a way, you could say this is a form of fusion, with Kakashi’s body being used since it’s still living. It’s kind of like a Namekian fusion in a way. Kakashi’s eyes are being used as a medium for Obito’s Sharingan chakra, achieving what is apparently a unique awakening of Susanoo, and a perfect one no less. One could sum it up to those unique circumstances being why Kakashi can use perfect Susanoo.

    It would be quite something to see both him and Sasuke with their Susanoo both active. It looks like Kaguya is finally on the ropes, though now it seems like things are getting out of control on the battlefield.

    I will say though that I’m actually kind of bummed that Obito essentually foreshadowed that Naruto won’t be the next Hokage after Tsunade. While it’s nice that Kakashi could likely be the one to succeed Tsunade, I suppose considering Naruto’s age, it’s to be expected. And it sets up for Naruto’s adventure in The Last movie. But one way or another, I truly hope they show Naruto actually become Hokage in the manga series, likely via big time skip. After all the hype, we shouldn’t have to wait to see it in a movie. Let’s see it here.

    And to top it off, it would also be nice to see Sasuke actually return home. Though it still seems like a lingering possibility that he’ll attempt to enact his own agenda by trying to kill off the bijuu and “erase the past”, which would probably lead to that battle between him and Naruto. Who knows, right now.

  39. Well. Ahsan will be over the moon.

  40. @ Kev, It would really suck if Kakashi will become Hokage and loose his new eye power. Sure, power isn’t everything, we can look at Tsunade concerning that aspect, but a Hokage has always been the pinnacle of power in the Ninaja word, Hashirama, Tobirama, Hiruzen and Minato were, powerhouses who left a deep mark in the history books.

    To have Kakashi as a Hokage without the Sharingan would be pointless. Also it’s perfect in more aspects then one, 1st We’ll finally have a Sharigan wielder as Hokage, Madara and Obito would be pround, 2nd we might get to see the manga extended for a few more years.

    Sasuke might become kage of some other nation and ultimately battle it out with Naruto for the seat of Hokage when that time comes.

    All in all it’s giving me a good vibe for the future.

    P.S. Naruto’s Bijuu Rassengans was the best thing EVER. Can’t wait to see it in the anime. That, to me, is the most powerful jutsu ever, it might have had a strange effect on Kaguya, but if anyone else would have been on the receiving end of that barrage they would soon meet up with Madara in the afterlife.

  41. well that was… unexpected. It does sound like Kakashi gaining both the sharingan eyes is temporary though. If not, how would he function in daily life, covering up both his eyes not to drain any chakra? O.o

  42. I’m saying that Kakashi’s Sasanoo has to be green and awesome.

  43. And nobody even cared to talk about the rabbit with the ten tails.. I guess it finally came out..

  44. If Itachi has faith in Sasuke, so will I !

  45. I actually don’t think Kakashi’s upgrade is temporary. The dialogue in this chapter certainly seems to suggest otherwise, at least. Also, unlike the first time Kakashi inherited Obito’s eyes, which was purely physical, I think this time Kakashi inherited Obito’s spiritual energy as well, which might mean he’s been given that eye power in a more holistic way. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was even able to turn it on and off at will now.

    It also wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen someone inherit power this way, seeing as how Naruto and Sasuke themselves are prime examples of a form of power being inherited spiritually, while Hagoromo and even Itachi have shown that it’s possible to pass one’s power onto a potential inheritor.


    I actually did mention a rabbit in my breakdown. 😛

  46. @Tenrai
    Don’t forget Dan!

  47. @Tenrai
    Well, Obito says “it may only be temporary, but it’s far from useless” (at least in mangastream’s translation). But who knows… Of other note, wasn’t Kakashi becoming blind on his sharingan eye, is he getting eyes with actual eye-sight now or not?

  48. @Kevin: I originally agreed with you when I read the MangaPanda version that Kakashi’s Sharingan would be temporary for the fight, but after reading the Mangastream version, I became suspicious that the power Obito bestowed upon Kakashi would persist at least until he becomes Hokage. I think Obito was hinting at this… Perhaps the temporary aspect he was speaking about refers to one’s own mortality?

    It seems like Naruto is down to his last two Gudoudamas(Orbs of truth). I realize that the third one is holding up Sasuke, but, the last time Naruto gave Sasuke one, I think, it disappeared too, but I’m not sure. He had five, but when he cut off Kaguya’s arm off, he then pinned it down with two rods which he made out of two of his orbs. Did anyone else notice this?

    Thank you Tenrai for keeping up this blog. It’s just as vital as the manga for some of us… 😉

    BTW, the gravity thing is pretty funny. Maybe it affects high amounts of chakra differently? Or, it could be that Naruto and Sasuke were caught off guard while Kakashi and Obito were ready to defend? Also, don’t forget that the Suicide Ash Bone projectiles were under the influence of the gravity as well.

  49. I agree, I think Kakashi has the sharingan permanently unless there is some other thing that takes it out of him (like Sasuke erasing all chakra from existence).

    As far as having a perfect EMS, maybe Kakashi has Obito’s eyes somehow. Though, I thought you had to have your brother’s eyes or something.

  50. My main concern with this chapter was the suggestion that Kakashi should become Hokage before Naruto. It seems a bit out of the blue and it was never Kakashi’s dream to be Hokage. In fact, Kakashi himself was relieved when Tsunade woke up stating that she saved him from a lot of trouble (or something along those lines).

    I just don’t know why Obito would put that over him or why Kishi would take things in that direction all of a sudden. I mean, Kakashi is still young and could be Hokage for decades. By the time he retires, Naruto could already be in his late 50’s. Would he really have to wait that long to be Hokage? X__X

    The whole prospect just seems meh to me.

  51. Seems that Sasuke is a bit pissed that Kakashi got his sharingan back. Perhaps this is a new wedge that gets driven between Sasuke and Naruto?

  52. kakashi becoming hokage hints that the manga might go longer than expected. :)) i really don’t care if kakashi becomes one.. but as he is right now.. yep… it might be possible since other than naruto/sakura/sasuke they are the only living survivors of this war..

  53. @____________________________________@

  54. @ Ten, Chaps, Arpotu, Gavin,Visionary & Cecile

    Going by what Chaps said, it can oly be great news for us if the story gets pushed forward for more years to come.

    Kakashi is finally part of an elite few and can probably fight on par with Madara (Without Hashirama Cells). IMO he deserves to be Hokage, even if it’s not his own merit, we used to have the same discussion about Naruto when he was relying on Kurama’s chakra, but he went beyond that and achieved Sage mode, and defeated Kurama in a path that brought both of them together. Kakashi on the other hand has no super powers of his own, if he learned Sage arts it would have been more fitting for his situation.

    I would compare Kakashi to Hiruzen, who made it his duty to learn all he could despite not having a kekeigenkai or a doujutsu, Kakashi should have taken the same path but he was too reliant on his Sharingan to go beyond it like Naruto did in his situation.

    I think this will unsettle Sasuke, seeing as he’s so touchy about the Uchiha, I think, even now, after what he learned from the former Hokages and from Hagoromo he still can’t go past what happened, as many of you already pointed out, Sasuke has become very static, emotionless and without any personality, he’s just a powerful shell right now.

    So my money is on an EPIC BATTLE ROYAL for the seat of Hokage between, Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi, Tenten, Kiba, Konohamaru, and all the Edo Kages.

    Tenten wins hands down.

  55. I think Obito’s chakra will allow Kakashi to use the Sharingan without strain or damage as his eyes are EMS as well. He should also be able to turn off the Sharingans. Now that he has Uchiha chakra, I wonder what he can do.

  56. kakashi can pretty much do anything now.. his kakashi of the sharingan. :)) and yes.. he has obito’s chakra right now.

  57. @Eugen

    Honestly, I would have still preferred it if Kakashi didn’t reacquire the Sharingan again, and instead relied more on his own inherent talent. I mean, he graduated from the academy and became chunin at an earlier age than Itachi without needing the Sharingan, so I reckon he is a genius in his own right and would have been just as successful and famous without it.

    We’ve seen powerhouse shinobi who don’t have the Sharingan or any other special power, like Tobirama, Minato, Hiruzen, Orochimaru, Jiraiya, Konan, Hanzou and Chiyo, so I don’t see why Kakashi can’t achieve that status without the Sharingan as well.

    In saying that, however, I do understand that as things did turn out, Kakashi rose to fame as the copy ninja, so in a way it does make sense for him to live up to that moniker. I just think it would have been more interesting to see his true power without the Sharingan and to see what he could achieve without it.

    I also don’t think Kakashi becoming Hokage before Naruto will necessarily extend the series. If Kishi does intend to end it, then he will do so regardless. If he never intended to end it yet, he didn’t necessarily have to make Kakashi hokage to keep it going. Tsunade could have still been Hokage for years before handing the title over to Naruto, but my biggest fear with Kakashi becoming Hokage first is how young he is. He could remain as hokage for decades and only hand the title over to Naruto when he’s in his 50’s to 60’s, unless Kishi decides to kill him off sooner. That means Naruto will be an old man before ever inheriting the title and to me that’s a bit of a bummer when you consider how young Gaara inherited the title. X___x

  58. *Dances* xD

  59. @ Ahsan :)))))))

    @ Tenrai, I agree with you, Kakashi should have grown strong on his own like the others you mentioned, Tobirama had a lot of chakra due to his lineage but Hiruzen, Minato, Orochimaru and Jirayia are great examples of powerhouses Kakashi could have followed and learn from, Hiruzen and Minato especially. The fact is, Kakashi’s only original jutsu is Raikiri, he didn’t create anything like Minato or Orochimaro and he didn’t have the chakra pool The J-Man had, so he should have compensated and learn sage arts in order to bypass the lack of chakra.

  60. I guess a lot of Kakashi’s training since he received the sharingan in the first place has been to control the use of it, and the chakra drainage from it since he’s not an Uchiha. And so he has relied on the use of it instead of developing his own techniques. I too would have liked to see Kakashi train to become strong without the sharingan, if Naruto were to go on as a series after this. I’m still not convinced he’s going to get to keep his new sharingan eyes, but he needed that immediate power-up right now to be able to be useful against super-hax-Kaguya.

  61. If I’m not mistaken, there’s no Naruto this week.

  62. 😦 looks like you’re right Kevin

  63. Ah well, that makes it easier for me to catch up on breakdowns.

  64. You just do your thing Tenrai 😀

  65. No offense to anyone, but I enjoyed the breakdowns a lot more when Tenrai wrote them…

  66. The weeks that Naruto doesn’t come out are not the same 😦

    I was discussing with a friend the other day about the next (Last) movie. Do people think Kishi will finish up the series by then and that movie will be the canon time skip finish for the story?


    I started and caught up with Nanatsu no Taizai. Very good read and recommended to anyone who likes Naruto.

  67. The seven deadly sins (Nanatsu no Taizai) reminds me a lot of Full metal alchemist.
    But it is a good read.

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