Naruto Chapter 684 – 685 Breakdown: If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Hey everyone!

It looks like we’ve had an interesting past two chapters. Although plot wise they haven’t advanced things that much, what they have given us is a bit more insight into the capabilities of a few star players in this grand battle for the world stage.

One of the most versatile characters in this battle, of course, is Naruto himself. Thanks to his alliance with the spirits of the 9 Bijuu that inhabit him, it looks like he has very few limitations with regards his abilities. We’ve seen everything from the ability to use cursed seals from Shukaku, to the ability to use multiple elements – even combination elements from the likes of Son Goku – but probably the most interesting iteration so far, was from the five-tails, Kokuo.

Behold, the power of perspiration!

Behold, the power of perspiration!

When we consider that the nine Bijuu were once part of the Juubi, which was considered to be the precursors of all living beings, it stands to reason that the Bijuu themselves have each adopted a multitude of various attributives with regards to life, chakra and even physical abilities, which have all been split between them. So while some have shown a particular aptitude for the likes of genjutsu, natural energy, different elements or even a penchant for sealing techniques, it seems Kokuo in particular has adopted the trait of great physical strength, which could be associated with Taijutsu. One might even go so far as to call him or her the Taijutsu specialist of the Bijuu.

With that in mind, I couldn’t help but notice how similar Naruto appeared in the panels above, to how Gai appeared when he unleashed his 8 celestial gates, even to the point where it almost looked like he was burning up. The boost to his strength was likewise significant, though it’s hard to tell how it compares to Gai’s with such a brief display. The fact that Kokuo referred to it as “unrivaled physical strength” and the fact that Naruto managed to send even Kaguya flying with one punch, however, is quite telling.


It’s getting hot in here! So take off… no wait… <_<

Of course, Naruto isn’t the only versatile combatant in this battle extravaganza. Kaguya herself has more than a few aces up her sleeves. In fact, it might be more accurate to surmise that her entire deck is just made up of aces.

Putting her stubborn hair and space-time jutsu aside, after noticing that Naruto managed slip into her central dimension (the one that connects the other five seemingly elemental-based dimensions together) Kaguya displayed another weapon in her already elaborate arsenal of “lots of crap that can kill you”.

Would it be bad if I said that Naruto almost got boned from behind...?

Would it be bad if I said that Naruto almost got boned from behind…?

A few breakdowns ago, I bought up the possibility of a connection between the Kaguya clan and Kaguya herself. Aside from the obvious fact that the Kaguya clan shares the same name as Kaguya herself, I also notice that the circular dots above Kimimaru’s eyes were also similar to the dots above Kaguya’s eyes.

Now this hypothetical connection has been all but confirmed by the fact that in the above page, we see Kaguya using the same kinds of bone techniques that Kimimaru had displayed in the past. The fact that the attack she used on Naruto was called “Suicide Ash Bones” does much to absolve any doubts anyone might have had to the contrary, including myself. With this latest revelation in mind, it seems to me as though all the strongest, most prominent clans in the Narutoverse seem to have adopted one of Kaguya’s primary traits, with the Hyuuga inheriting her Byuakugan, the Uchiha her Sharingan, the Uzumaki and Senju her life force, and the Kaguya clan her bone techniques. It might also be said that whatever clan Jiraiya was part of, somehow inherited her hair.

Still, I think what was most startling about this attack of Kaguya’s in particular, was how terrifyingly efficient it was with regards to its purpose. Living up to its name “Suicide Ash Bones”, it quite literally turned Naruto’s clone into little more than a pile of ash and dust.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

I guess that put a hole in Naruto’s plans… *cough*…

I think this display of ruthlessness on Kaguya’s part was, in a way, a bit of an eye opener – not only for us readers, but for Naruto as well. It’s quite sobering to think that the only reason Naruto and Sasuke might have survived this far, was because Kaguya was not fighting to kill them in the first place, and was instead trying to keep them alive in order to extract their chakra. It also goes a long way in showing that, on a mere whim, she can quickly turn deadly if she feels threatened and it doesn’t take much at all for her to take away someone’s life once she’s provoked into doing so.

Still, despite that, it doesn’t take her long to realize that the Naruto she killed was merely a clone and that the real Naruto was still waiting for her back in the ice dimension. Luckily for Obito and Sakura, who made it to Kaguya’s central dimension intact, this gave them the time they needed to find Sasuke.

Come to Sakura's day spa for our latest Yin Seal back and Neck Massage!

Come to Sakura’s Day Spa today, for our latest Yin Seal Release Back and Neck Massage!

Seeing as how we’re on the topic of the different capabilities of our battle royal participants, I guess I should also throw in Obito and Sakura, just for good measure. While I was hoping that we’d see Obito using Susanoo at some point in the near future, unfortunately, we were limited to just the usual Kamui we’ve grown accustomed to so far, just on a bit of a higher level now that he has both of his eyes. Still, despite that, I guess that’s what the situation calls for, though I think Sakura is the one we really have to give credit to here.

I’m have to say, I’m glad Sakura hasn’t simply resorted to being a typical damsel in distress, and that is actually contributing in a meaningful way in this battle. Sure, she might not be able to seal Kaguya away herself, given that this is a task only Naruto and Sasuke can perform together, but she has at least shown that she is still an integral part of Team 7’s success, and while she isn’t showing us anything particularly new, she has shown that her mastery of the Yin Seal Release is quite substantial. I also like that she’s toughened up, even going so far as to shrug off being covered in acid, regarding it as unimportant in the scope of their primary objective.

No, if there’s one participant I was disappointed in with regards to these chapters, it was actually Sasuke.

Oh god, he's back.

So basically, he’d be great at Musical Chairs…

Here’s the deal. A few chapters ago, during Sasuke’s and Naruto’s battle with Madara, there were a few theories flying about with regards to what Sasuke’s new eye power was. While I personally believed that he was using the Izanagi, there were others who were also suggesting some extreme form of the Shunshin no Jutsu, or even a space-time jutsu of sorts. And yet, despite all those hypothesis, the reality was so anticlimactic, I was left with a sense of astonished disbelief. The consensus we’ve been given, is that Sasuke’s jutsu allows him to swap places in an instance, from a distance, though there’s a limit to how far.

… Really…? Is that it…?

So basically, Sasuke’s almighty eye power is little more than a souped up version of the Kawarimi no Jutsu (substitution jutsu), which anyone who is Jounin level or above has been using since the start of the series. The only real difference seems to be that Sasuke can also swap other objects/people besides himself with each other as well, but even still, it’s not quite as elaborate as I was hoping for.

All-in-all, when we consider the cards all the other players have been bringing to the table, Sasuke’s hand just seems to be left wanting. Hell, even Sakura seems more impressive than him right now, and that’s saying a lot. I really hope we see a bit more depth to Sasuke’s Rinnegan soon, because I’d hate to think the most powerful doujutsu in existence has been reduced to a cheap party trick.

All ranting about Sasuke’s Jutsu aside, I do hope that the fact that he was rescued by Sakura and Obito, has opened his eyes up a bit to the fact that he can’t do everything on his own and that his companions aren’t as dispensable as he believed them to be.

In any case, that’s it from me for now. I can’t add much more to this breakdown without paraphrasing the chapters themselves, scene for scene, and I think they were clear enough on their own so as to not be too confusing.

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28 Responses to “Naruto Chapter 684 – 685 Breakdown: If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

  1. FIRST!!

  2. Second. Nice breakdown. Sasuke’s jutsu probably has like 5 stages ending up with inter-galactic instant transmission Goku style proportions.

    Bubblition: you will apologize immediately for saying my looks make your eyes bleed or I’ll strangle you right here and now!

  3. @zzattack

    Haha. A nice opening entry to the Bubbliton contest. Let’s hope the others can stack up.

  4. Great breakdown Tenrai

    I also hope this isn’t the full power of Sasuke’s Rinnegan. Perhaps he has to awaken it in the second eye with a different kind of jutsu and in a combination with the first eye (something like Obito) we will come to know a hole new dimension of the power of the Rinnegan.


    Sakura: That was my last good jacket !!
    Caption: Only Obito understands Sakura’s pain.

  5. Bubbliton

    Sakura: What do you mean you saw Sasuke stripping his clothes off in a desert?
    Caption: Well, at least now we know why Obito’s eyes are bleeding…

  6. FOUR! IS! DEATH!!!!

  7. Bubblition:

    Sakura: How the hell are you so tense?
    Caption: Tears for the worst back massage ever.

  8. I’ve always thought the Kawarimi jutsu was kind of poorly explained. They generally swap places with a log, but where does this log come from? Even in places with no trees they swap places with a log. Like the log is sort of summoned, and letting them “jump” out of the attack. Sasuke seems to be able to just switch places between two objects/persons within some distance, but he’s not summoning logs out of nowhere…

  9. @Cecilie

    Well, the premise of the Kawarimi no jutsu is to “substitute” yourself with another nearby object, thereby swapping places with it. Although it is normally used with logs, during the bell test in part 1, Kakashi even swapped places with one of Naruto’s clones using it, which makes it clear that it can work on multiple objects or possibly even people.

    I don’t know where all the perfectly cut logs used to come from though. Lol.

  10. Wouldn’t it be ironic if the logs are summoned as a small piece of the “Tree of Life”, and they’ve been sending signals to Kaguya all along…?

  11. Sorry for the double-post, but before this all wraps up, I would still like a good explanation of the summoning contracts. If all chakra was once in the tree, and no other life possessed it, then how did the contracts come about? Or – are all of those contracts based on pure “nature energy” rather than the “forces of nature” chakra (fire, wind, water, earth, etc…)?

  12. @Tenrai
    Yes, it doesn’t have to be a perfectly cut log 😛 But it always seemed like the object was put in place of the person, but not vice-versa. Meaning the person would just “jump” out of place a little, but not necessarily to where the object they used to replace their body with was. Which seems to be what Sasuke is doing.
    But I may be wrong. Like I said, I feel the Kawarimi has been poorly explained from the start, and possibly even used inconsistently (and I had forgotten about the Naruto clone replacement)

  13. @Arpotu

    I have a feeling that summoned animals are more in tuned with natural energy as opposed to chakra. That’s why the frogs and snakes have mastered natural energy and have been able to teach humans to do the same. We also know thanks to recent events that they also use natural energy to perform their jutsu, which is why Gamakichi’s attacks had an effect on Obito.

  14. @Cecilie

    Well, the general description of the Kawarimi is given here:

    Usually the user “swaps places” with an animal or a plant, but Kakashi managed to use it to swap places with one of Naruto’s clones as well. I do agree that it might have been used inconsistently in the series, but the general premise seems similar to Sasuke’s new jutsu. That’s why I can’t help but see Sasuke’s new eye technique as nothing more than a souped up version of the Kawarimi no jutsu, because they both work off a similar basis, with Sasuke’s just having a wider scope and probably range.

  15. The chapter is out:

  16. And Obito’s borrowed time is up. Definitely an epic chapter!

  17. Yeah, that was a good chapter. I understand Kakashi’s intentions in trying to sacrifice himself were noble, but hopefully Obito’s attempts to save him have woken him up and made him realize that he still has things to do in the world of the living.

    I want to see Kakashi go all out in the next chapter to honor that sacrifice. To make the most of the life he’s been given on two occasions.

  18. But… why doesn’t Naruto just use that “unrivalled strength” chakra from one of the bijuu? He should be able to move well then?

  19. ..or at least use his Gudou-dama (black thingies) to protect Sasuke and himself?

  20. @Nesam and Cecilie

    Why do sensible things like that when you have suicidal friends? @__@


    Also guys, I’m kinda sad that Naruto is coming to an end this year. T__T

  21. @Tenrai

    Hi not sure you remember me, very very infrequent poster. Do you think it can really end this year? I thought the recent annoucment was about a film called The Last?

    I feel like the story is near its conclusion but will run into next year. I still think there will be a final confrontation between Naruto and Sasuke in some form. Chunin exam anyone? they are both still genin!

    Also something i have been mulling over is whether they will be “powered down”. i just feel like it is too much at the moment to allign with the rest of the ninja world. what do you think?

  22. First and 3RD Place 😀 *throws confetti everywhere with Heavy Metal playing in background*

    @ Nisam – Think that would still affect the speed of jutsu and accuracy, what I wonder is why doesn’t Kaguya open a portal next to Sasuke or Naruto’s head… wouldn’t need to aim…

    @ Gendo – Chunin Exam…. for Sasuke and Naruto… Hahahahaha, no way… I would love to see a tournament arc to end the series though. (They are my favourite) maybe a tournament for the next Hokage. @___@

    The only definitive way Kishi can end Naruto is by his death… maybe a time skip after that and bring back the series under a different name. I would hope.

  23. @ gendoikari – I recall your avatar 😀

  24. @tenrai Obito didn’t save Kakashi just because. He clearly stated he didn’t want to be cockblocked by Kakashi.
    @pein why would they need a tournament arc. Seeing how irrelevant everyone not named Uchiha, Naruto or is a dead Hokage.

  25. @Gendoikari

    Of course I remember you. 😛

    In any case, according to some sources, the Naruto movie “The Last” is apparently the last movie for Naruto, and marks both the 15th anniversary and end of the series. I’m not sure if that might just be the result of a translation discrepancy or something, but when you go onto the wiki, that’s what it states.

    As for the Chunin exam idea, that would be hilarious. Naruto and Sasuke doing the exams would make it so one sided, they’d break every record, arena and opponent that’s there to be broken. I do expect I should see Naruto vs Sasuke at some point by the series end though, even if it’s n the movie itself, because I’d hate to think that Kishi built that rivalry up for years only to have nothing come of it.


    Well, clearly Rin wanted a threesome, because she seemed very eager to lead both Kakashi and Obito to their deaths. 😛

  26. @ Kanton – lol What would be comical is Sasuke/Naruto taking the Chunin Exams… and failing the entrance exam <__<

  27. but was there really any rivalry between naruto and sasuke? ;p no tenrai! you won’t get to see your naru/sasu fight! bwahahahahaha!

  28. We might yet get to see them fight. I haven’t seen the goddess use any “puppet style” yet, but I’ll bet she has it!!

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