Bleach: As it all Ends Part 2 – The One and Only Kenpachi

Part two of the Bleach Finale Epic is here and with it a more detailed breakdown of events up to this point, as many chapters has passed since this war has begun there is many things to cover, I will however only cover details from after Ichigo remade his Bankai. All before while important felt a lot like the “Filler” Fullbring Arc  which was based around a similar premise.

The main problem I have had with this Arc was that all the progress made during the Fullbring Arc had been neglected. Renji commenting that he was near the strength of Aizen when battling against the Fullbring. So either the Quincy are far more powerful than Aizen (which according to Aizen is impossible) or the nature of their abilities sought out a core weakness in the Captains that they battled.

In the latter chapters we have already been given a glimpse of the Shikai/Bankai’s we have been able to see and as commented on my previous breakdown.

“It doesn’t get any more ‘one-trick pony’ than Bleach these days. As much as you can like the aspect that all the captains are redeemed by learning new abilities without the benefit of their bankai (or learned new techniques that allowed them to not only steal them back but enhanced them too?…WTH??)” mosesgunn

I thought that I would attempt to answer this best I can, while no one can say they understand Kubo’s mentality, I do see a sort of pattern emerging that first began in the Soul Society (Rescue Rukia) Arc but first let me take a selfie  the captains did not ‘gain’ a technique to regain their stolen Bankai but rather the Bankai was always their’s and still linked to the Shinigami, so once the Shinigami’s soul was corrupted by the infusion of Hollow energy, the Quincy could no longer contain it thus returning it to the Shinigami host. This could have easily been explained or foreshadowed by the Vizords battling the Quincy but this was never shown. The last we have seen of the main Vizord (besides the returning Captains) was a strange opening in the human world.

There can only be ONE KENPACHI!

Ken-chan as he is affectionately known is by far one of the most popular of the Gotei 13, the major problem however with Kenpachi is we can never truly gauge his strength, as it seems to change with every battle he fights it is almost always raising or falling to the strength of his opponents and the desire for a challenging fight.

Thus placing Kenpachi up against Gremmy was an odd choice to say the least.

Firstly Gremmy is self-proclaimed strongest of the Quincy, but this has never been challenged and in fact the two Kenpachi and Gremmy are complete foils of each other. Kenpachi was almost completely unchallenged as the strongest (besides the Captain Commander) Shinigami, but this had never truly been tested and the battle to awaken his Shikai proved that although he is powerful there are others stronger or equal to him. Gremmy is the same but instead of physical strength he relies almost completely on his mind.

This allows Kubo to tie in well with his re-ocuring theme of a un-used blade rusts and becomes weak, Gremmy never truly had to prove his strength, it was a given that he was the strongest and now that an opponent has appeared that is willing to challenge this Gremmy is almost completely outmatched.

At first it seems like this battle is in the balance and there is a chance Kenpachi could lose but all of us Bleach readers know this never happens on-screen, if Kenpachi had to lose it would be done while no one was around to prove it. Gremmy however wastes most of his opportunities to kill Kenpachi by attacking him with things that he knows will be useless… Things like rocks, and stones, and missiles and guns, all things he would have known couldn’t affect Kenpachi and his ‘cut through anything’ abilities.

So only after 2-3 chapters do we see this character actually show some of his abilities, however this is also when the biggest flaw in his all-powerful ability is shown and exploited.

The imagination is a powerful thing but one thing it requires is time to be used properly, if I asked you 5 questions in 5 minutes, it would be relatively easy but if I asked you 20 questions in 5 min it would be far more difficult. This in lies Gremmy’s problem, once he became interested in this battle and wasting the time with useless attacks each time Kenpachi attacked he had slightly less time to imagine or come up with a solution. Kenpachi’s resolve was then able to over come him and as we say the rest is history.

This battle is mostly to reveal Kenpachi’s Zanpakto Nozarashi (Storms Scar could this have meaning?) and his newly acquired Shikai which is released by saying “Drink”.

Do I like it..? Not really, its massive and can cut anything including jutsu’s that Madara uses in Naruto and space, but it’s not Kenpachi to me, it’s not raw and ugly like the old one. Though Kubo could have gone in any direction and I still would have had a slight problem here and there as I prefer the old to the new.

The blade does however look surprisingly a lot like Ichigo’s and since Kenpachi’s origins has never really been explained or his position as a special war piece. I believe there is still lots to come for Ken-chan… Including a Bankai Reveal @__@


This one is getting slightly long so I will end it there. Next Post will feature Ichigo, Uryu and a certain someones outfit…

I must say a quick thanks to Nikeairforce03 for your comment, means a lot to me to hear that some of my work is read. I just wish I had more time to write so I wasn’t a couple (many) of chapters behind O_o


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4 Responses to “Bleach: As it all Ends Part 2 – The One and Only Kenpachi”

  1. Fiiiirst so many hours later XD

    Thanks pein, will read when I´m not drunk.

    BTW, last release made me laugh for the first time in years!

  2. wow thanks for this pein.. i was also hoping someone would take on one piece. but hey.. i still love the big 3. 😀

  3. @ IAMCHAPS – I haven’t caught up on OP 😦

  4. And I´m officially shitting bricks with last chapter, WOW.

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