Naruto Chapter 681- 682 Breakdown: What the hell did I just read?

Greetings one and all.

For those of you who are reading this, firstly, I’d like to congratulate you on making it this far. To have survived after reading these past two chapters means that you must have quite a strong mental constitution. If, however, you suddenly find yourself foaming at the mouth, please seek medical advice immediately.

Even for me personally, it’s been difficult to think of how exactly I’d go about cover chapter 681 and 682, especially giving how confusing the former was and how… er… surprising the latter was. Still, we breakdown writers must endure, even if our brains have been exposed to all sorts of whatthecrapisgoingon, so without further ado, let us begin with the breakdown… hopefully, not one of the emotional kind.

What better way to start your mental breakdown, than with a creepy god lady moment?

What better way to start your mental breakdown, than with a creepy god-lady moment?

Chapter 681 could either be seen as very insightful or very confusing, depending on which way you look at it. Although it feels like we might have ended up learning a lot more than we knew before, in reality, we really learned a whole lot of nothing, although that nothing was very well disguised as something.

What we did get, however, was a lot of incomplete pieces of information that, despite failing to tell a story in and of themselves, might have given us enough clues to piece at least part of the puzzle together. That puzzle, of course, regards Kaguya and the mystery of who, or what exactly, she is.

Black Zetsu.

That awkward moment when you learn that everything you’ve learned was nothing more than a lie.

The first, and probably one of the most pertinent things we learn in this chapter, is that just about everything that has been recorded as Ninja history regarding the story of Kaguya and her two sons, has ultimately been a fabrication concocted by Black Zetsu for the sole purpose of driving the forces of the world towards reviving his “mother”, as he calls her.

The problem therein is that we can now safely surmise that everything we think we know about the Juubi, the forbidden fruit and the origins of Kaguya and even her two sons, is certainly inaccurate, or perhaps even completely false. We also learned that even the stone tablet in the Uchiha shrine was altered by none other than Black Zetsu for the purpose of manipulating the Uchiha to Kaguya’s will.

More than that, it also seems that Kaguya herself is not what she seems…

*Mind splodes*

*Mind splodes*

This is the part that was probably the most confusing for our readers, and for me personally, it was certainly enough to leave my mind reeling, as I tried to comprehend what exactly was going on. However, after being given some time to ponder on it, I’ve come up with my own hypothesis regarding Kaguya’s origins and her relation to the Juubi.

Going by what Black Zetsu said in the page above, I believe that the Juubi was a creature that did not originally exist in the world, at least, not in the form we’re familiar with. I believe it originally existed as two, distinctly separate beings, one being the Holy Tree, and the other being Kaguya Ootsutsuki herself. I also believe that at some point after Kaguya came into contact with the Holy Tree to take the chakra fruit from it, she also ended up merging with the Holy Tree and the combination of the two created what we now know as the Juubi.

Personally, I had always wondered why the Juubi had the same Rinnegan eye that Kaguya had, but now I believe we have the answer. It’s because they are one and the same being. The Holy Tree as it existed before did not have the Rinnegan on its own, but the Juubi, which is a combination of the Holy Tree and Kaguya, has a combination of both of their traits, including Kaguya’s Rinnegan eye.


That thing was born to win starting contests…

It also seems that the original reason the Juubi, or Kaguya, went on a rampage was for the sole purpose of gathering chakra to disperse between her two sons, Hagoromo and Hamura. She probably intended to implement a plan similar to the Infinite Tsukiomi for the purposes of gathering all chakra within herself, perhaps to produce a second chakra fruit for her sons to eat just like she had done before.

Of course, her plan was foiled when her own two sons ended up sealing her within themselves. Her essence would have essentially been split between her body, which was sealed in the moon, and her spirit which might have been carried in the chakra of the Bijuu. Ultimately, to be reborn, she needed to puzzle all those pieces back together again, which was a task left to Black Zetsu.

Even Kaguya’s appearance as it is now, horns and all, might be a reflection of her merger with the Juubi. If we consider that the Word Tree itself is mostly associated with natural energy, which is also related to Sage Mode, then by looking at past chapters, we might be given clues about Kaguya’s aesthetic features. In particular, one striking resemblance can be found in the cursed seal form.

Look at all these horny people.

Look at all these horny people.

I didn’t paste all the instances of the second stage of the Cursed Seal, mostly because it would take up too much space, but one common trait they all share is that the users in this form exhibit horns growing from their bodies, usually from their heads. Their hair also appears to lengthen quite considerably and even take on a lighter colour in some cases. This ends up making them look somewhat similar to the likes of Kaguya, Hagoromo and Hamura, and in Kidimaru’s case (the top panel) we even see a third eye being opened during the transformation.

When we consider the relationship between natural energy and the Cursed Seal, with the cursed Seal transformation even originally being called “Sage Mode”, it might explain it’s connection to Kaguya or the Holy Tree as a whole in terms of its origins. It’s also strange that Black Zetsu itself almost seems like a living incarnation of the Cursed Seal and is also largely associated with the power of the earth or nature, which might not be a coincidence.

In any case, all of this is just speculation on my part and may not be entirely accurate. Hopefully more gets explained soon so we can come to terms with the bigger picture. One part of the chapter that did excite more than confuse me, however, was the ending.



Seeing the end of chapter 681, we finally saw the reappearance of the topic of “That Jutsu”, a jutsu so mysterious,  it was questionable whether even the author himself knew what it was.

It seemed as if, at last, “That Jutsu” would finally be revealed, so I couldn’t help but be filled with excitement and anticipation with regards to what chapter 682 would have in store for us. Suffice to say, if Kishi was going for a shock and awe approach, he certainly nailed it on the head (no pun intended), if not in the way we expected.

I guess this is what they call... a complete whitewash.... >_>

I guess this is what they call… a complete whitewash…. >_>

I have to say, I’m quite certain that there will be a lot of people who facepalmed after seeing this spread, and who might even claim that it was terrible, but for me, it has to be one of the single most unexpected, funny moments I’ve witnessed in this manga to date. I think the hype of seeing an awesome, powerful jutsu was built up so much, that this excessively contrasting reality just came about as a complete, mind-shattering, reality-defying curve ball.

And yet, for some reason, it just seems so perfect to me. This is just the kind of unexpected prank only Naruto would have the audacity to pull, and despite all reservations one might have, it somehow manages to procure praiseworthy results.

I'd say Naruto's Sexy Jutsu created an opening, but... that would just sound so wrong given the context.

I’d say Naruto’s Sexy Jutsu created an opening, but… that would just sound so wrong given the context.

The Sexy Jutsu’s effectiveness is such, that Naruto has managed to fell a Jounin, a Kage, a Sannin and now even a god with it. I guess that’s telling in itself.

The only question that remains for me, is whether or not the “That Jutsu” that we saw in this chapter is the same “That Jutsu” that Jiraiya mentioned many, many chapters ago when speaking to Gamatora.

Personally, I’m not so sure myself because Jiraiya did mention specifically that “That Jutsu” was something that Minato intended for Naruto to complete, and somehow, I have my doubts about whether Minato would want his son creating such a perverse jutsu, even if the fate of the world was at stake. Heaven knows Kushina would have probably pummeled him for it.

I swear, if people just named their jutsu from the start, there wouldn't be so much confusion.

I swear, if people just named their jutsu from the start, there wouldn’t be so much confusion.

Unfortunately, unless Kishi himself elaborates a bit more and gives us a proper sense of which jutsu is what and what jutsu is why, we’ll never really know if “That Jutsu” will ever make an appearance, or whether or not we might have seen it already without realizing it.

For me personally, considering Obito was a user or Space Time Jutsu, and Minato believed that he would be the calamity the world would face, I have a feeling Minato intended for Naruto to complete the Hiraishin, as a means of battling someone else with a Space Time Jutsu more effectively. Now that we’ve seen Kaguya’s level of Space Time manipulation, it might be more important than ever for Naruto to learn the Hiraishin as a means of combating her. Heaven knows that without that kind of jutsu, Team 7 is at Kaguya’s mercy.

Sasuke has been... _> ... deserted. @__@ *Gets eaten for lame joke*

Sasuke has been… <_< … >_> … deserted. @__@
*Gets eaten for lame joke*

As a closing note, I’d like to say that I’m actually quite eager to see Naruto and Sasuke battle on their own for a while, just to see how they fair without anyone else to rely on for aid.

Either way, that’s all from me for now. I’m not going to announce a winner for last week’s Bubbliton, because there were only two entries, so I’ll just leave it at that.

See you all in the comments! ^ ^

~ by Tenrai Senshi on July 1, 2014.

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  1. Is this cheating…. <__<

  2. 2nd Then 😀

  3. Clearly the Answer to that question is yes… Yes it is cheating = P
    1st to be 3rd!!!

  4. Ahsan 😀 Ramadan Mubarak! ^__^

    @ Bob – lol, I still claim it, cheating or not… that is one thing I have learned with this world cup… <__<

  5. Awesome job Tenrai. Another excellent breakdown. An I have to agree with you. I can’t wait to see Naruto and Sasuke battle on their own. That will be interesting.


    AHSAN!!!! *eats ahsan*

    I am also wondering when the other kages will start helping in this battle, and if some of them can start growing back their limbs.

  6. FOUR IS DEATH!!! I’ve figured out what Black Zetsu is. Kaguya did number two on her shadow and the “2” fused with the shadow and that’s how Black Zetsu was born.

  7. @ Kanton – Hahaha, though it does beg the question who was Kaguya man that she had sons… Maybe the use of the sexy jutsu was to show the Kaguya is human and had a love interest and not just some god with no feeling or emotions…

    @ Breakdown – Excellently done Tenrai, think my forehead has finally recovered from the hit it took.

  8. Well, I think it’s only really cheating if the author claims first on his own breakdown. For anyone else, it’s fair game. 😛


    Nice to see you taking your rightful place in the comments section.

  9. In case I hadn’t mentioned this already, did anyone else notice how Naruto put his palm on Obito much like he did Kakashi’s briefly empty eye? If it leads to where I think it leads, I don’t think Naruto and Sasuke will be separated for long.

    I’m willing to bet that with both Sharingan back, Obito will be able to move between dimensions much like Kaguya can. And with his ability to let matter slip through him, he could yet prove to be a valuable asset to the remaining company.

  10. I agree Kevin.

    Though, I am not sure he has both eyes. I am still actually wondering where Kakashi’s stolan sharingan is.

  11. tenrai.. i know you’re trolling us.. your reall name is kishi..

  12. 683 is out:

  13. Embarrassingly, I posted comments where I thought was here under the previous breakdown instead without realizing it. So my bad. ^^;

  14. @theincrediblemarksman & everyone else: Heh, called it.

  15. *Cuts out of marks stomach then proceeds to cut cut his eyes out and implant them into his own* Thanks mate xD

    @pein Thanks mate. It’s so hot though, bad timing xD

  16. @ Tenrai – Can’t believe you missed the opportunity…
    I’m bringing sexy (jutsu) back, ye…
    and Kaguya don’t know how to act, ye
    Sasuke will attack behind your back, ye

    Take it to the Ice world…. <__<

  17. @ Ahsan – Imagine Urahara with Sharingan @__@

  18. @Pein

    Sometimes I wonder where all these crazy ideas you people have disappear to when I have Bubbliton Contests. >_>

  19. @pein xD also give him Zoro’s swords and the ultimate fighter is complete 😀

    On another point I hate how urahara has been made into a nothing of a fighter on bleach >.<

  20. @ Ten but you took away the cheesecake price for the bubblitions lol.

    @ Ahsan – I am looking forward to seeing him stretch his legs a bit but to be honest I prefered him fighting seemingly goofy with Yami and actually just winning with jis intellect. I dont think we have seen his Bankai even but I fear it may be a let down

  21. Lol create your ultimate fighter using one element from each manga you currently follow…

  22. @Tenrai: Great breakdown! I was thinking the Ten Tails was extracted from Kagura in order to seal her. Then the ten tails was sealed in the moon and later split up.

    @Pein: I’m assuming Urahara’s Bankai somehow reflects his style and intellect. Perhaps if we compare him to others we might be able to predict what he has. If I mixed Toriko with One Piece and Naruto and Bleach I’m sure I could come up with an invincible fighter.

    @Everyone: You guys and gals should check out
    It stores all the latest Mangastream chapters plus colorizes them! That’s right you can see all the latest chapters in color right now! 😉 The very latest one is still being worked on.

  23. Guys, Tenrai isn’t Kishi simply because he doesn’t exalt the Uchiha. Everyone knows Kishi is Uchiha obsessed with them being perfect. That’s why Itachi is portrayed as a “saint”, Sasuke and Obito is easily forgiven and Madara wound up being “manipulated”. Which was all explained with the “perfect” Freudian excuses.
    Anyway, is it just me or did Black Shitzu evolve into Black Snotzu?

  24. @ Visionary – There was a post long ago done by Super to create your ultimate fighter. I think with some ground rules though. If you choose a character in Naruto then they can use their Jutsu but if you choose from another manga then they can only use 1 jutsu from Naruto or weapon or body part (sharingan). Current manga’s only so no DBZ or any other that has ended.

    My pool would be:
    Breaker: New Wave
    Ao no Exorcist
    Seven Deadly Sins
    Attack on Titan (though I am way behind here)
    Fairy Tail
    The Gamer


  25. My pool would:
    Fairy Tail
    History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi
    Ao no Exorcist
    Magi the Labyrinth Of Magic
    UQ Holder
    To Aru Kagaku No Accelerator

  26. I forgot about Btooom been so long since there was a chapter.

  27. @Kantonkage


  28. Is Kishi giving an hommage of Naruto’s battle with Haku in the last chapter?
    Haku/Kaguya can appear anywhere, Naruto can’t escape and for a brief moment Sasuke and Naruto were together.

    PS: Tenrai can’t wait for your next breakdown 🙂

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