Naruto Chapter 680 Breakdown: I believe I can fly!

I have to say, given the very apocalyptic feel with regards to the end of the previous chapter, I had every reason to think that it would take nothing short of a miracle for Team 7 to escape the predicament they found themselves in, especially given their abrupt change in environment. I had even gone as far as to suggest that it might be left to Minato or Tobirama to rescue them with a space time jutsu. It seems, however, that I had forgotten just how resourceful ninja can be when backed into a corner, a sentiment that was made clear when our heroes managed to escape their impending doom unaided by any outside intervention.

While Sasuke summoning a hawk should have been an obvious solution – one that I somehow managed to overlook – what surprised me most was how well Kakashi handled the situation, managing to save not only himself, but also Sakura and Obito as well – all in the blink of an eye – proving once again just why he is so highly regarded across the five nations.

*Starts clapping awkwardly*

I’m sure Obito would applaud your efforts… but…

After observing this daring rescue, it got me thinking a bit about Kakashi’s current condition as a ninja. As we all know, he just recently lost the Sharingan eye that Obito gave him – an eye that throughout the years, made him something of a legend as the Copy Ninja who had copied over 1000 jutsu – and because of how we associate the Sharingan with power, especially given how hax it is, this probably left us with the impression that Kakashi had suddenly become weakened by this loss. But now I find myself asking if this is really the case.

When we look back at Kakashi’s history, we see a Ninja who, according to data books, graduated from the academy at the early age of just five years old, having only been taught there a year in total. He had already become a Chunin at the age of six and by the time he was around the age of twelve, he had already been promoted to Jounin and developed his own, S-ranked ninjutsu using both form and shape manipulation, something that usually takes even skilled Jounin many years to master. When we compare him to the likes of a genius like Itachi, who graduated from the Academy at age of seven and became a Chunin at the age of ten, it makes Kakashi’s accomplishments seem that much more extraordinary. The most pertinent factor here, is that he achieved all of this without the Sharingan.

However, since acquiring the Sharingan, it almost feels like Kakashi’s growth rate stagnated, as if slowing from warp speed to a little more than a snails pace. Compared to his quick advance from graduating at a young age to becoming Jounin, it doesn’t feel like Kakashi has achieved much in the twenty years since then, aside from copying a lot of Jutsu. Part of this could be attributed to Obito’s and Rin’s deaths and the psychological impact it had on Kakashi and his views of his own morals as a ninja, but I find myself asking whether it was perhaps the Sharingan itself that contributed to his decline.

The gift of the Sharingan. Or perhaps, a curse...

The gift of the Sharingan. Or perhaps, a curse…

Although there are many advantages to having the Sharingan, such as enhanced perception and the ability to copy jutsu, for a non-Uchiha, the cons might outweigh the pros. The inherent incompatibility with those who do not have Uchiha blood running through their veins and the subsequent, constant drain on the user’s chakra might have actually hindered Kakashi’s growth and made him too reliant on a power that ultimately did not suit his biology. Without the Sharingan, Kakashi might have grown to be a very different ninja to the one we see today, perhaps in a good way.

Likewise, now that Kakashi has both his normal eyes again, it makes me wonder how he’ll adapt. Will he fade into the shadow of the legend of the Copy Ninja he once was, a legend built on Obito’s Sharingan? Or will this be the first time he truly shines in his own, glorious light? I guess only time will tell, but I for one am excited by the prospects of seeing a new Kakashi stepping into the forefront. In the meantime, however, Kakashi does at least give us some insight into what kind of situation Team 7 has found itself in.

Even without the Sharingan, Kakashi proves to be observant.

Even without the Sharingan, Kakashi proves to be observant.

Given Kakashi’s words in the panels above, and the sheer scope of the lava-covered landscape Team 7 has now found themselves in, the only rational conclusion I can come to is that Kaguya has summoned our heroes to another dimension. Or, perhaps her power is such that she created this dimension herself on a whim and enclosed it around Team 7 as a bubble reality of sorts.

If they are, indeed, trapped in another dimension with Kaguya, then it also means that they are essentially on their own, without much hope for any form of back-up unless another space-time jutsu user, like Minato or Tobirama, can somehow track their location. Given that Naruto has one of Minato’s kunai with him, it might be possible to summon him by tossing it. Alternatively, it’s also possible that if Obito recovers through Naruto’s aid, that he could warp back to the real world and gather aid from the Edo Tensei kage as well.

Of course, any of these prospects would be great if it weren’t for the fact that one Emochiha in particular, didn’t believe that everyone else in the world was just a hindrance.

Talk about emo.

What Sasuke is really trying to say, Naruto, is that he wants to be alone with you… >_>

I had a long discussion with Pein0Avenue about Sasuke’s mentality, and it ultimately came down to two contrasting perspectives.

On the one hand, there’s the argument that sometimes it’s necessary to sacrifice the few to save the many. In a way, Sasuke’s words might belie the mark of a responsible leader, who is willing to set aside personal feelings and do what is needed to ensure the safety of all, even if it means making hard choices along the way. In this case, he is trying to drill it into Naruto’s head that it’s pointless to risk his own life to save someone else, especially when he is necessary to stop Kaguya. Basically, in layman’s terms, Sasuke is quite categorically stating that the world can exist without Sakura and Kakashi, but not without Naruto, so risking the latter for the sake of the former is ultimately irrational.

But then, there’s a flip side to that coin as well. Although sometimes it’s necessary to for a leader to make hard choices – or perhaps even sacrifices – for the greater good, in my opinion there’s a difference between sacrificing out of necessity, and doing it purely on a whim because you couldn’t care less. If you have the power to save someone, then shouldn’t you try to do so? With his hawk summoning contract, it isn’t far-fetched to assume that Sasuke could have just as easily summoned two hawks instead of one, with one to save Kakashi and Sakura and the other to save himself and Naruto. Likewise, if he was for some reason incapable of summoning two hawks at once, he could have alternatively used Susanoo for himself and Naruto, given that his version seems to be able to fly.

In my personal opinion, Sasuke’s actions here show that he is unfit to be Hokage, because rather than try save others, he discards them when he feels they are not useful to his cause. A leader who sacrifices too liberally and to often, will ultimately end up discarding his people and his nation, along with everything else he is meant to protect. That kind of leader is also doomed to lose the trust and admiration of his followers, who have been treated more like sacrificial pawns rather than actual human beings, after all, how can anyone be expected to respect someone who shows no respect for others?

It’s also ironic that this is the very same Sasuke who once went on a killing spree because the village sacrificed his own brother, Itachi, in a similar manner. If that isn’t a prime example of hypocrisy, I’m not sure what is. Luckily, Naruto managed to swing things around and give Sasuke a dose of his own haughty wisdom.

Feel the burn... @__@

Someone forgot to colour in Naruto’s whiskers…

Speaking of Naruto, no self-respecting breakdown writer would be able to write a breakdown for chapter 679 without mentioning the fact that he can fly now. While I’m glad Madara’s own powers of levitation were finally explained – being attributed to the power of the six paths (that might also explain why Pein was able to fly above Konoha before dropping his emo bomb on it) – I have to say that this is a very interesting and yet odd development, all at the same time.

Despite any reservations my brain is screaming at me to have about this whole situation, part of me can’t help bit feel somewhat excited by the fact that Naruto can fly. It’s a power we’ve attributed to many heroes in media over the years, so perhaps that image is what fuels my excitement. Still, the reasonable side of me also questions whether this is really still Naruto, or an accidental pilot for a new Dragon Ball series.

Is Kishi perhaps taking a bit too far with this latest addition to Naruto’s already substantial repertoire of abilities?

Regardless of what we think though, it’s clear that Kishi intends to take this battle to the skies and it seems both Naruto and Sasuke are still able to put up some measure of resistance against the otherwise hopelessly powerful Kaguya. Despite the fact that Sasuke seems to have delivered a surprise blow from above, however, I highly doubt that Kaguya would have been unaware of the threat, considering she has the Byuakugan, and she most likely avoided it without trouble.

In any case, that’s all from me for now. I think the length of this breakdown is already pushing the boundaries, so here’s last week’s Bubbliton Contest winner.

Nisam $Pavo: Naruto doesn’t realize the sarcasm.

Nisam $Pavo: Naruto doesn’t realize the sarcasm.

Well done to Nisam for his entry!

Here’s this weeks Bubbliton Contest.

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I hope you enjoyed the breakdown!

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  1. great job!

  2. I don’t think Naruto can Fly. I think he can Float. Also I can’t believe they are in a new Dimension because the second can feel Kaguyas chakra and is heading for it.
    Also in the new Bubbleition pic is Naruto scraping Sasukes hawk off the wall??

  3. Nice Breakdown Ten. I personally hope Kakashi gets both Obitos eyes amd we can see what the full set can do projection and internal teleportation and maybe even his very own susanoo? Might be why Obitos stilk around.

  4. 681 is out!

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  7. That was a truly great chapter.

  8. bull shit. How can Madara have the rinnegan if he blinded one of his eyes reviving himself?

  9. Kishi, explaining plot holes by creating others…

  10. For fucks sake, how is it that Black Zetsu orchestrated all this?!?! He had Kabuto discover the remains of Madara? I thought Madara and Kabuto did experiments with Madara’s body already? You know? Making it better than his prime?!?!

    I’m having trouble seeing how he was so influential. It just shows him being behind the scenes, but not really doing or saying stuff that would cause seismic changes that he claims

  11. *Orochimaru and Kabut, not Madara and Kabuto


  12. @Kevin

    Sorry, there weren’t enough entries to have multiple positions, so it would have been moot to post a second and third place.


    I know Orochimaru was experimenting with Hashirama’s cells beforehand, but they didn’t specifically mention them experimenting with Madara’s cells at any point. We do know that Kabuto needed Madara’s cells before he could revive him with Edo Tensei though, so at some point between Orochimaru’s death and Kabuto meeting Obito, he must have acquired it.

    As for the eyes, maybe when you acquire the Rinnegan, it overwrites the damage done to your original eyes? Kinda like how implanting your brother’s Sharingan eyes undoes the blindness caused by using the MS, and gives you eternal light? That’s my best guess anyway.


    I’d rather Obito get both his eyes back so we can see what they do, while Kakashi just keeps his own. Kakashi having two Sharingan eyes would be a disaster, because it would drain his chakra even faster and he’d have to cover both eyes when not in battle.


    That’s what I was thinking. Maybe we’ll finally see “That Jutsu”, provided the “That Jutsu” that Naruto is referring to is the same one that Jiraiya mentioned back in the day. >_>


    I thought it was a great chapter. We got a glimpse of Kaguya’s psychological state and… well… it was pretty creepy to be honest. Still, it does show that she has some dynamic to her character and I hope Kishi explores it further and fleshes her out into a really cool villain.

  13. Thanks for the breakdwon.

    On the chapter, I understood little, I can´t wait for the next breakdown Ten.

  14. History is so complicated … my head aches … one history version overlapping with another …. can it be simplified …. by some noble soul … in the form of a breakdown …

  15. 1 : black zetsu says kaguya was sealed within him / it …. ??@#$%^

    2 : What exactly did he change in the tablet stone, and what was written earlier ….

    She earlier said you are not as smart as itachi …. Does that mean itachi understood even these ?? Thats a stretch even by his standards …..

  16. OK sorry for being a pest, one last question …
    the mugen tsukoyomi was supposed to save the uchiha ? I thought it was supposed to put everyone in a dream state, and their chakras absorbed by that tree …. my head spins …

  17. Kenpachi, that was sooo two chapters ago…

  18. Seriousness though Tenrai, I would not be mad if you didn’t do a breakdown on this chapter. You’d have to write a master thesis on all of Naruto from the beginning in order to begin to have some clarity of how it started.

    So, Hamura is the one that got the Byukugan. And the Sage is doing a Qui Gon Jinn and is being the realm of death and life lol.

    So this is what I think happened. The mother ate the fruit, she thought that it was only meant for her to have. She might not have realize that her sons had chakra too or maybe she didn’t want to kill them. But when she started seeing them pass on Chakra to others, she couldn’t stand it and found a reason to take back Chakra from her sons without remorse. Maybe that’s how she knew about Indra and Ashura. So she must have been alive when they were born.

    So her reasons was that Chakra is going to be passed on Genetically, and other people were starting to be able to learn it. Maybe she was being the over protective mother and thought it was too much power for people, other than herself, to hold. So she wanted to take it back and she fused with the World Tree to use a jutsu that would allow for the World Tree to absorb back that chakra, not into the World Tree, but back into Kaguya. She felt like she was the God of the World (another God-Complex… YAY!) and also the care taker, and used that as a reason to be tyrannical in her rule. But I don’t think that is the reason the Sage Brothers sealed her away. They truly thought the Juubi might have killed their mother, but it was in fact her will controlling the monster. So they decided to fight and destroy the thing. They couldn’t do it. The most they could do was put it to sleep and split up its chakra.

    I really don’t like the Black Zetsu revelation thing where he was behind everything. I’ve grown tired of that in the last 50 chapters it’s happened 3 times. So that’s all I got to say about that matter.

    Naruto and “that jutsu” great. I think it’s going to have to do with Naruto’s clone pretending to be Sauske. She is an all world being, and she deserves a no class end like all the other villains before her. And what better way then a practical prank? Sexy-no-jutsu anyone?

    All this motherly characteristics oozing from Kaguya makes me wonder, who was the father? I mean, Kishi has already introduced 2 major characters into the story this late, what’s another person? Maybe Jiyraia went back in time and became the father. Maybe that well he was drowning in, led to the past where Kaguya was there by happenstance.

    I also think the Ramen Guy has something to do with this. Maybe he is Hamura and been looking at things transpire and is about to make his move!

  19. I think she’s a slave to black zetzu… a slave to her own jealous child.

  20. I got the impression black Zetzu is Hamura. Jealousy of your brother is a big thing in Naruto. Perhaps Kaguya corrupted Hamura because everyone praised Hagaromo. I mean we’ve always heard of the so6p but not his brother, he was written out of history. That had to have caused some bad blood, maybe enough for Kaguya to corrupt him. Remeber Hagaromo had the Juubi sealed inside him. Maybe Hamura had his mother sealed into him and jealousy of Hagaromo caused his darkside to show and allowed Kaguya to corrupt him??

  21. @constantinethetrickster: I don’t think Hamura had any ill will or was corrupted. Kaguya was shown hating both her sons for what they did to her. But yeah, you bring up a great point about the Sage sealing up the Juubi. The Juubi wasn’t the tree wreaking havok, it was Kaguya who mixed with the tree. How was the Sage able to become the jinchuruki with having absorbed the World Tree+Kaguya? Even Naruto was confused by that. Hagaromo even stated he became the first Jinchuruki. Not only that, he divided the chakra into 9 tailed beast.

    Her conciousness was only able to seep through because the tailed beast were able to be brought together and fused. So does that mean each tailed beast had a piece of Kaguya’s will in them? Or character traits?

    There was the husk that was in the center of the moon, black zetsu, and the sealing powerful enough to stop it. I am really really confused by the story now. So man “past events” and everyone seems to have their own version of what occurred. Freakin’ ninjas, can never be straight forward. History has been written and re-written so many times in this story, it’s hard for me to find out what actually happened

  22. @ Laughingwiseman It’s probably another obito-like revelation.

  23. Pein was the leader behind Akatsuki, No actually it was Obito, No wait it was always Madara… No wait… It was Black Zetsu… WTF….

  24. I know where this is going. I know exactly where this is going. In fact, I am most certain the TRUE villain will appear pretty soon.

    Pein was indeed the leader, but obito was controling him, but Madara had minupulated him. And Zetsu had planned to take over from the beginning. But we ALL know who is behind it all.

    Aizen, smiling as the world beholds his glory, will walk from around some random corner and start spouting nonsense about how he orchestrated all of this from the before the Naruto universe had time, and that he is the one responsible for the war, and that the sharingan was a weapon he created.

    And then everyone will die and the internet will be over. <___<

    A great breakdown if I could say so myself, Tenrai. Your take on Kakashi and his loss of his sharingan was very though provoking. It actually made me wonder if he was better off without the eye.

    As far as the chapter goes, and the plot twist, my head hurts. I am sure we are going to find out the true villain was tenten all along.

  25. Well, I mentioned a few chapters ago how I thought it might be a case where the Juubi, on its rampage to reacquire what once belonged to it, managed to absorb Kaguya back into itself. Perhaps when the Juubi’s chakra was split from it’s body, Kaguya remained within the body (Gedo Moza) and was subsequently sealed into the moon.

    However, the other possibility is that Kaguya and the Jinchuuriki are one and the same being and have been from the start. I mean, the Juubi itself seems to become wrathful when something is taken from it, and Kaguya, likewise, believes that all chakra belongs in one place, within her. I’m not sure how that would fit in with the whole chakra fruit story, but I’m going to do some thinking and research before I write my next breakdown, to perhaps come up with a few hypothesis.

  26. Guys, let’s face it. Kaguya is Tenten. We just never noticed until now because she always had her hair tied up in buns.

  27. Is it possible that Hinata is the reincarnation of Hamura?

  28. …and would that make Hinata Naruto’s creepy reincarnation uncle?

  29. …my brain asplodes! With all these confusing plot developments, I’ll just sum it up to four words: A wizard did it.

  30. With so much asspull trolling going on I suspect that Kaguya is actually Tenten, who is the REAL person in charge of Black Zetsu..

  31. I am not alone in that thinking, it seems.

  32. Great point brought up in the breakdown Ten, especially about Kakashi’s rise and fall and probably rise again.

    About our latest chapter i have 2 questions:
    1st I Naruto’s observation on this page related to Sasuke’s new Izanagi technique or is it Something else.

    2nd This page makes no sense to me. First we’re given the info that the Juubi isn’t just a manifestation of the sacred tree but was also made up of the body of Kaguya.
    After that we find out she was not an incarnation of the Tree that was trying to take back the chakra fruit but was trying to split it among her 2 sons.

    Sooooooo. Is Kaguya a person who came from a land far, far away, or is she a manifestation of the Tree that got confused about her role in the world and just like the Tree, she thought the Fruit was her’s.

    Essentially, are Kaguya and the Tree One being and have been from the get go, or aren’t they. And if they are, WHY THE HELL didn’t the witch just merge back with the F*&king Tree????

  33. Ahem!! Sorry for this off topic random question.. but..

    @thelaughingwiseman… I’m a fan of this name.. what led you to choosing it??

    —Back on topic!—

    I don’t think with the return of Tobirama and Minato that they’d be able to make even a dent in the situation at hand.

    They’re dealing with superh4xAizen x Broli x SSJ3 Goku x over9000!!! .. so yeah..

    but more importantly..

    F Kaguya! F Hagowhatever! F All these other characters!! I’m just waiting for the Sasuke VS Naruto fight to take place..

    wake me up when that happens..

  34. Hey guys. Despite my plans, it seems I won’t be able to get to my breakdown. I was going to do it yesterday but the day went south on me and today is just as busy.

    Deadlines, yay!

    Anyway, I’ll do a double once the new chapter is out. In a way, it might be a good thing. Maybe things will be explained a bit more so as to save me from a lot of needless conjecture.

  35. @ cannonfg, I think the Edo kages will play a big role in freeing the shinobi army from the cocoons. I know it’s pointless right now to bring more people to the front lines seeing just how powerful Kaguya is, sadly Sasuke is right, only he and Naruto stand any chance against such a foe, anyone else is as good as dead.

  36. @ Tenrai – Damn the South at its ways <__< But I did think there would be a massive breakdown if only this chapter was done… I mean you could waste 600 words on just "That" jutsu… <__<

    @ Eugen – Shut your mouth, how can you say only Sasuke and Naruto stand a chance when the all mighty Ten-Ten is waiting in the wings with Ino and Kiba as back up… blasphemy *spits on the ground*

    They could always use some cannon fodder… <___<

  37. @Pein

    The breakdown will still be massive, unless the next chapter of Naruto somehow reveals a lot of important information that saves me writing any theories.

  38. Bubblition

    Bubble one: Go go chakra arms!
    Bubble two: Saved your Butts again!

    Kakashi: Let us fall, it would be better than the fate Kishi has for me.

  39. @ Pein. I need to be punished for my lack of belief in the Almighty Ten Ten, please, I beg forgiveness.

    Actually, I bet TenTen got caught in the Infinite Tsukuyome just so she could suck O_O up all the chakra from the inside and become more powerful then Kaguya….. It all makes sense now.

    Thank you for enlightening me ….. :))

  40. I’m calling it now – Konohamaru is the reincarnation of Kaguya’s husband.

  41. Bubblition

    Naruto: Ooops !
    Naruto: Sorry for squashing you like a bug Obito….
    Kakashi: Did George R.R. Martin write this chapter ?!?!?!
    Caption: You know who Kishi turns to for ideas when things get really brutal in the manga O_O

  42. spoiler:

  43. It’s out!


    god!!! *massive facepalm*

  45. Sexy Jutsu Seriously?!!! That’s how you save the world I’m with Kevin Phoenix
    *face palm*

  46. @ Kevin @_@, this is one of those moments when I wish a had a deneuralyzer and wipe my memory clean from the past half hour.

    As for Kaguya, if you can grab Sasuke from 50 meters away, why can’t you punch them to death from that distance?!?!?
    And where was Naruto’s Spidy Sense on that one, he should have felt the incoming danger and react quickly.

    It’s a good thing Obito is being healed, with his experience and possibly the use of both his MS eyes thanks to Naruto’s healing HAX, and possibly ascend to the EMS, he should bring some great stuff to the battlefield.

  47. This chapter makes me so happy. I don’t have the words.

  48. *Laughs out loud and then flatlines…*

  49. My question is how the hell are they going to be reunited?
    But on the other hand now we might get to see exactly what Sasuke can do with that new eye of his. We haven’t seen much of him except the usual use of Susanoo, we did get to see a new eye technique called Kagutsuchi ( it’s new right? or did I forget a chapter). Sasuke hasn’t really had a time to shine ever since he came out of the cave. I mean Madara’s Susanoo was twice what Sasuke’s is and on top of it his Madara’s EMS messed around with time, at least the Naruto game cutscene fight with Hashirama gives indication to that. All that before he had the Rinnegan. Sasuke has to surpass Madara.

  50. @ ashesreignited, If Obito regains consciousness he will probably be the key, with both his Sharingans he might be able to use the same technique Kaguya uses to go back and forth between dimensions.

    As for Sasuke, IMO having unlimited use of Space-time Izanagi is way beyond what Madara could do. I hope he steps up his game and shows us some really great powers, so far I’m not disappointed with his progress.
    Remember he can also see the shadow land in which Madara used his shadow clones, a technique Sasuke might have copied and could probably use in the future.

  51. Let’s see.. they’ve been to fire, and now water… which is next, wind, earth, or lightning?

  52. A Stupid geography lesson …. lets discuss bleach instead ….

  53. @Arputo

    The land of wind, where Suna resides, is a desert. So maybe the world Sasuke was sent to is reflective of wind?

  54. I m picking up what you started discussing here. Perhaps it isn’t a coincidence that there are 5 remaining “actors” (Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi and Obito) just like there are 5 basic chakra elements and maybe 5 different kind of dimensions.

    Assuming that all of them will be scattered in their own dimension maybe Kishi will give us a deeper glance about the nature transformation of chakra.

    btw have you realized that in every dimension so far…except sand (but we only got one panel so it doesn’t count ) there is a castle in the distance ??

  55. Bubblition
    Naruto: Go go..
    Naruto: gadget arms !
    Kakashi: Inspector Gadget? Really?!
    Caption: At least Naruto is still in a good mood 🙂

  56. Kubo took over Naruto. Yep. This is horrible!
    Say goodbye to the Naruto you loved!

  57. Call me crazy, but I’m willing to bed that Obito will once again revive, thanks to Naruto’s administrations. And with his help, they’ll be able to traverse the same dimensions as Kaguya, not just the Kamui dimension. They’ll be able to get Sasuke back in the mix.

  58. Thus must have been the most ridiculous chapter of all time honestly… it was just too much, here I thought he going to do something special with shadow clones or even a new summon after the longer than the Rasengan speech but sexy no jutsu… I just can’t I may need a couple of months to process this… *goes and watches Attack on Titan to try alleviate the scaring*

  59. @ Kenpachi Ken – Bleach was good this week, finally seeing Uryu and Orohime/Chad’s return seems to have built up nicely only problem is it feels like there is too much going on now… @__@

  60. Actually that jutsu being well “that” jutsu made perfect sense to me! I was like “of course, this is Naruto after all!” Good chapter

  61. One thing that interests me about this is the way it seems Kishi may explain Jutsu, as when a Elemental Jutsu is used its as if Water, Fire, Air etc are just created from the energy, what if it is in fact most jutsu work as summoning jutsu, and like the Snake, Toad etc worlds these dimensions hold onto that element and when used, a jutsu it in fact summons water or makes a portal to that area which is then molded by the users own chakra to be controlled and shaped… This may explain how Kaguya can move between each dimension as the controller… Though it is unlikely…

  62. Hahaha, I love that Naruto pulled a sexy-no-jutsu! 😀 Finally a bit of classic Naruto humour back in to this grim arc.

  63. @pein0avenue, well, I have been following this forum since the IRA days. The point is that bleach is every bit as interesting as naruto is, sometimes even better, and so enjoyed reading the breakdown for both these, (OP included). But I was really disappointed that currently only one manga finds space for any discussion … hence i keep raising bleach once in a while, maybe, it might re-kindle some interest …. esp given that our kishi-in-disguise (tenrai) does such a good work in breaking down naruto

  64. @Kenpachi

    It would be nice to have all the series covered rather than just Naruto, but it’s hard finding authors who have the time to work on them. I don’t blame anyone though, because it is harder doing consecutive breakdowns than I think most readers realise and even I struggle at times.
    Still, I’m always open to new breakdown writers coming on board and anyone who’s interested is always welcome to contact me and discuss it with me.


    I know you didn’t like the chapter, but I really enjoyed it. It felt like Naruto was going back to its roots a bit and in my opinion, that’s a good thing in a way. I found him using the sexy jutsu quite hilarious. I think I had a smile on my face the whole day because of how unexpected and crazy that was.

  65. Aww Tenrai, don’t be one of those people that romanticize Naruto. The manga has grown in lore and complexity of story. But deep down, it has always been the same. Nothing major has changed, other than Naruto (who we’ve seen grown as a person and character). But the fights have never really been silly. Go back to the Land of Waves arc, Chunnin Exams arc. Hell even the Fight against Masked Tobi. They have had a mix of great backgrounds for the villains, cool fights, some comedic moments, and Naruto’s ingenuity. But spontaneous humor has happened even in the Pein Arc.

    People (especially in mangaspoiler) have say how the manga has gone to crap and how it isn’t how it used to be. It’s just that the audience has grown up and their opinions have changed

  66. People!
    Suarez is the direct descendant of Madara !!

  67. @ thelaughingwiseman – Problem with Naruto there is no threat that we fear for the hero’s… During the Pain arc when so many Shinobi died and then revived, I knew that Plotkai will protect the hero’s… I mean 40 000+ shinobi apparently died in this war early on and only Neji was a character we had any sort of feelings towards and even then Neji hadn’t really had a moment since the Rescue Sasuke Arc… So really he was a well known Red Shirt…

    I have complained about this since the beginning of the ‘War Arc’ that Kishi hasn’t had the strength to say that in war there will be casuallties and its not always going to be faceless people but people we would care about and that would shape the other characters… Rin, Obito effect on Kakashi (and Obito), Neji’s father on the Hyuuga clan… I don’t say kill of characters willy nilly but in many ways the death of Jiraiya was actually a beautiful moment and it actually matured Naruto and made the story better for it.

  68. I see my comment was removed. Forgot I did mention that. So instead I’ll simply ask this. What does anyone think of the notion that Obito will revive and be able to traverse the same different locales as Kaguya? Ergo, Sasuke and Naruto won’t be separated for long.

    Please leave this comment be…seriously. It’s not hurting anyone.

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