Naruto Chapter 679 Breakdown: Guess who’s back!? O_o

*Walks into the room and rubs his groggy eyes.*

Hey guys. Firstly, I’d just like to apologize for my long absence. To put it plainly, May was a hectic month and I had a lot of work I had to get done, which left little time for writing breakdowns. I would, however, like to thank Iamnotreallyhere for stepping out of his own comfort zone and covering for me as much as he could.

While I am aware of the fact that this should be a triple breakdown, with chapters 677 and 678 not having received their dues, I’ve decided to just write a single for the latest chapter instead, in the interests of catching up. It would also be a bit much to return from an absence of writing, only to be hurled into the abyss that is a triple breakdown.

So without further ado, here we go!

What could have been?

A vision of what could have been? Or perhaps of what is to come…

Firstly, I’d like to mention the colour page spread we got as a treat for this chapter. It’s been a while since we saw our last colour spread for Naruto, and this one had a unique vibe with a very European-styled fantasy theme. In a way, it makes me wonder what it would have been like if Kishi explored other avenues with regards to his manga career. We’re all so used to associating his name with Naruto, which has been a flagship title of Jump for years, but how often have we considered what else Kishimito might have up his sleeves?

Looking at how great the art was in this spread, I couldn’t help but think that Kishi has a lot of potential beyond what he’s brought us with Naruto, and who knows, perhaps this work itself is his own way of entertaining different ideas or themes that he might breathe life into once Naruto comes to its completion.

As for the chapter itself, it would be a simple matter of saying that 679 was mostly build-up for the inevitable arrival of Kaguya Ootsutsuki.  However, there were other snippets of information shown in that moment building up to her appearance that we can touch on.

For example, the origins of White Zetsu.

That still doesn't explain why they look like tofu.

And so the zombie apocalypse begins…

I have to say, this was a very interesting twist with regards to the origins of White Zetsu, but one that ultimately makes a great deal of sense. They are the remnants of those from the distant past, who were once the victims of the Infinite Tsukyomi, and whose own wills were slowly eroded away and turned to empty husks bound to the will of their master, who, in this case, is Kaguya.

Still, despite their loss of will, something tells me that small parts of their original consciousness still managed to survive the transformation. When we look at particularly unique White Zetsu incarnations – like Tobi, who had a very vibrant personality – I can’t help but wonder if this show of personality might be a reflection of the person who once was. It also makes me wonder if there is any hope for these White Zetsu to recall their former selves, and perhaps free themselves from Kaguya’s grasp.

Speaking of Kaguya, for a while I think many of us suspected that she might have been playing some part in this tale behind the scenes, especially in recent chapters where we saw hints of her consciousness coming through to Madara, but now her role has been all but confirmed. She is now, undoubtedly, the primary villain of the series as things stand right now.


Alternatively known as… The Hairdresser’s Bane… (Colour by belucEn)

The first thing once could say about Kaguya, is that she is in desperate need of a hair cut. If hair length is a sign of power, then this girl is definitely pushing the boundaries here. Aizen and Super Saiyan 3 Goku would be proud (or perhaps horrified, one of the two).

More pertinently though, I have to say that as a whole, Kaguya’s appearance at this time in the story might come across as a bit odd. A few readers were not happy about this development (or in some cases, downright livid), citing that Madara’s sudden replacement was unwarranted – and personally, even I find it a bit strange that a character we’ve known nothing about, that was only introduced a few chapters ago, has suddenly emerged as the the ultimate villain – but in a way, there might be a sound explanation with regards to why Kishi decided to push her to the fore, now of all times.

It’s no secret that the quality of your story with regards to a Shonen Manga is largely dependent on the quality of your primary villain. The antagonist can literally make or break your series and is almost just as import as the protagonist in that regard. Naruto as a whole has had a history of strong villains – ranging from the serpent like Orochimaru, to self-proclaimed god, Pain – who have been great foils for the protagonist, but for me personally, Madara was probably one of the weakest (character wise) and uninteresting villains of them all.

Though his back story was compelling, for me, Madara felt a bit too familiar and cliched, almost like he was just a hollow reflection of the sentiments we had already seen in the likes of Pain and Tobi. His existence was something more akin to the echo of a broken record, as opposed to something truly unique and compelling.

Uchiha Madara: A great villain, or just another ripple in the pond?

Uchiha Madara: A great villain, or just another ripple in the pond?

If a villain is not well received as a whole by your readers, it can often have a negative impact on the popularity of your manga, and when we consider that mangaka are essentially in the business of popularity, it’s not surprising that poor villains, or ill-received villains, are often killed off or taken out of the picture and subsequently replaced.

Could this be a case where Madara was not well received and thus, Kishi believed he needed to replace him with a new, more compelling villain? Perhaps; it certainly wouldn’t be the first time this has happened in a manga. Or perhaps he planned this transition from the start, though it lacks the build-up and foreshadowing we’re accustomed to in this series. Regardless, one thing I will say is that I do not believe Madara is out of the picture entirely just yet. If nothing else, he is a very proud individual – too proud to be done in so easily – and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if he plays some part in Kaguya’s downfall in the future.

The question now remains as to whether Kaguya will make a suitable replacement as the primary villain of this series. What motivates her? Is it just a hunger for power, or is there some deeper meaning behind her actions? Will she be a truly compelling character, or just another one-dimensional placeholder? I suppose only time will tell, but I personally hope she isn’t just all flash and no substance.

As far as flash is concerned, however, Kaguya really has it all. She has the Rinnegan, the Sharingan, the Byuakguan and is the Juubi of the Jinchuuriki (through absorbing Madara). It also stands to reason that she could have potentially absorbed any other power Madara had, including Hashirama’s Mokuton, etc, assuming she didn’t have all that already to begin with. To put it plainly, Kaguya is more hax than the birth child of Madara and Aizen, and that’s saying a lot.

Another matter of interest is how she uses her conveniently long hair as a means of attack, which somewhat reminded me of Jiraiya’s own hair techniques that also made use of his excessively long locks. I wonder if there’s any relation between the two…

This is one woman whose fury hell hath not, that you do not want to scorn.

This is one woman – whose fury hell hath not – that you do not want to scorn.

Though Kaguya is portrayed as the primary villain for now, I also still firmly believe that the rivalry between Naruto and Sasuke – which has been built up since the start of the series – will ultimately become the true focal point at some stage between now and the end of this series. In what fashion, I’m still not certain, but the age-long struggle between Indra and Ashura will have to come to some sort of resolution sooner or later. Whether that might happen before Kaguya is defeated, or after, is another question entirely.

As things are now though, first Team 7 has to survive this calamity, and with Kaguya’s ability to bring about a wordlwide apocalypse in mere moments, it does beg the question as to how exactly she will be defeated. It’s hard to see Naruto and company escaping this predicament they’ve found themselves in, though I have a feeling Minato and Tobirama, along with some space-time jutsu magic, will have some hand in rescuing our heroes from their impending doom and perhaps even whisking them far away for a moment of respite, to regroup and prepare for the final battle.

And with that, I’ll leave you with a Bubbliton Contest for this week. I hope you all enjoyed the breakdown!

*Insert caption here.*

*Insert caption here.*

If you like, you can just do a bubble for Kaguya on her own, or one with just Kaguya and Naruto. You can also do one for Sasuke, Kakashi and Sakura as well, but it isn’t necessary and it might be easier just to leave them as is.

Enjoy, and I’ll see you in the comments. ^ ^

~ by Tenrai Senshi on June 9, 2014.

31 Responses to “Naruto Chapter 679 Breakdown: Guess who’s back!? O_o”

  1. Nice Return Breakdown Tenrai.

  2. I realized I got first… Whoop Whoop….

    Excellent Breakdown Ten, always get my thumbs up when Pein is mentioned as an awesome ‘god’ like villain.. 😛

    I must say it feels to me that this Arc has truly burned Kishi to a point, in some ways it has been one of the better Arcs of Shippuden but like many it seems like he doesn’t know how to end it or not sure where he wants to go after. Does this Arc end the story of Naruto? To me it seemed that way, he has burned so many plot points to keep this War going that he is now creating plot within the Arc just to keep it going. A mere mention of Kaguya in the previous arcs or the legend of the Demon etc. Would of been enough to show that he had it planned for long but like you said it seems he created her as way to remove the Aizen-esque Madara from the picture which was seeming more and more unlikely as the chapters continued…

    If Kishi does end this Arc soon I believe Naruto will go into either another time skip or a large rebuilding period (the first seems more likely to me) Kishi will need to build up his universe again and create motives that will fit into this united world. Though War in itself can be a great motivator for instability and plot it would be strange to see the War that actually brought the different nations together be the same war that will feed future conflicts…

    Could the opening pages be a hint to the arrival of a Western Influence into the Shinobi world as the English and the colonial’s came from the Sea and disrupted the lives of the Samurai etc. This will give him plot points and a whole new world to explore but maybe I’m getting ahead of myself… The only questions I have is… Who does Kaguya need her Army for?? If the shinobi world is conquered what help is an army…. Who are on the other side of the world that the moon could not reach…

    The Samurai showed that there where many ways to distribute chakra into weapons and maybe even to others be Magic <__<

  3. It seem I get second 😀 Heya guys ~_~

  4. BTW nice breakdown ten 😀

    I think while Madara was an interesting villain and his very presence was extremely threatening but he lacked the aura of a terrible foe, a foe you haven’t ever faced before or to be more exact a foe you could not even imagine to one day fight against. I think that is what this Kaguya women provides. To be honest I was really intrigued by the last page when she said “Let’s end this war now” quite a while since I was this into knowing what’s gonna happen next.

  5. Ahsan! It’s nice to see you posting a comment here. You should do it more often. 😛

  6. @Pein

    You bring up some interesting points. If Kaguya came form a distant land across the oceans, is she perhaps raising an army to return to those lands and conquer them? Even if that’s not the case, it’s obvious those lands still exist. If they do exist, then what other life forms, intelligent or otherwise, inhabit them?

    Of course, with the prospect of a bigger world, Kishi would be afforded the opportunity to expand his story in any way he wants, however, I get this sense that he doesn’t intend to do that. As it is, he might be eager to try something new and I know personally that if I was an author working on the same series for years, I’d also want to eventually bring it to an end and experiment with other ideas. Then again, there have been series that have existed far longer than Naruto, so you can never really tell.

  7. @ Ahsan – Good to See you again 😀

    @ Tenrai – True, I think a lot of people would get tired but moving onto something new would be very risky its not often that a writer moves onto something new and it has the same popularity and for JUMP to end their flag ship would also be very risky…

    I am hoping there is an expansion in some way the 5 Nations are old and tired and to be honest a bit over played. A reduction in power for Naruto and Sasuke would also be welcomed as they are WAYYY too OP for this series to be great again. I wish they would return to a time when small trickery was what won the battles not a jutsu the size of the moon.

  8. @Pein

    Well, the only way I can really see Kishi continuing this story after this arc, is to have a timeskip and then have the story follow a new character (Like Naruto’s son or grandson or something, or perhaps even one of Sasuke’s descendants).

    As you’ve mentioned, Sasuke and Naruto have become a bit too powerful for the normal world and while their power is justified in the excessively dangerous threat they are up against, once that threat is gone, their power will be beyond any real challenge, unless you introduce an even more powerful adversary, which would then be bringing the story into the DBZ realm. By that points, I think it would start to become ridiculous.

    With a new character you could start fresh and bring back those old ninja battles again, without having some strange plotkai that drastically reduces Naruto’s and Sasuke’s power.

  9. An excellent return breakdown, to say the least! My breakdown reading appetite has been fully satisfied.

    In regards to the chapter itself, I have to agree with Tenrai, this new villain as the main antagonist so suddenly, does seem a bit random. We know little about her, and she came from no where.

    Secondly, Why bother creating an army of Zetsu’s? Everyone who could possibly oppose you is in a infinite genjutsu. Meh…

    Just my thoughts on the latest chapter. Its nice to see Kishi giving the Bykugan, who we all probably forgot even existed, some screen time.

  10. Anyone think Madara will be back?


    its out 😀

  12. I’m surprised it’s so quiet. Usually there would be lots of discussions about the new chapter by now. O_o

  13. lol Normally there is 6 -> Its outs by now too lol.

    Think we discussed enough on Whatsapp about old Sasuke’s outlook on life…

    The chapter was actually more character building than anything else it showed how Sasuke and Naruto are almost nothing alike and even how the years has changed him…. Tenrai will probably write a 3 page essay on the nuances but to me it was still slightly boring overall. Demon worlds really not that interesting.

  14. I don’t know. See the palace on the Volcano! Is that Kaguyas? Did she just make it or has it been there the whole time. Did she Teleport them all or change the landscape to her liking? But if she did that why did she say she wouldn;t allow them to destroy it anymore. Turning it into a giant lava field damages it more than anything they could do when fighting.
    Also did her Hair attack go through Sasukes Susanoo to damage him and the hawk. If it did they are in trouble as she could just stop their chakra flow pretty quickly ? Also she saw Haguromo in Naruto even showing him with the Yang ‘Sun’ emblem. She didn’t think the same of Sasuke implying his Douchiness is affecting his inner strength.
    The only way I can see to beat her is to free eveyone from the Genjutsu so she is left without that power. Maybe Madara can force his way back then and realise what a mistake he had made then.

  15. Oh yeah the bubbleition :
    Kaguya : Bwa ha ha – And you thought Madara was haxed!!
    Naruto :God, not another one!
    Caption : In fine Naruto tradition an overhaxed enemy is betrayed and replaced with an even more overhaxed enemy.

  16. Can some one explain what happened to Obito ????

  17. The bubbleition :
    Kaguya : Let’s play the floor is lava…
    Naruto : Yeeeeey !
    Caption : Naruto doesn’t realize the sarcasm.

  18. Kaguya only: You see, Madara may have been the coolest, but I’m the hottest!

  19. Nice comeback Ten, welcome back, also, it’s great to see Ahsan and Marks posting on the blog.
    I can see the overall fell of the chapter left a lot of us wanting more, personally I felt good about the outcome of this latest chapter. For starters Naruto can fly now, so, s&*k a fat D&*K Tsuchikage. The other interesting thing is the fact that Madara’s influence vanished, no more orbs on Minato’s hokage cloak, no more spears in Hashirama’s back, if Kaguya absorbed him, or rather, possessed him, shouldn’t his influence and jutsu remain active ??

    Anyway, the bottom line is, Sasuke’s still the biggest douche, Naruto’s still the coolest and Obito got stabbed in the hand by Kakashi. All we can hope for now it for Ten-Ten to break the Genjutus, seal Kaguya with the Sage’s tools and become world Kage. THE END

  20. @Kenpachi

    It looks like Kakashi threw a kunai at him, which stabbed him in the hand and kept him from falling. He just did it at the speed of stupidity, which is the fastest known speed, which is why we never saw it happen. @__@


    From what I can tell, Kaguya has either summoned team 7 to another dimension, or summoned another dimension around them (kinda like a bubble reality). It’s hard to tell exactly which because the translations between the mangastream version and mangapanda differ slightly, but both suggest that the location they are in is part of another dimension.


    Is it just me or are Kaguya’s hair attacks resembling Jiraiya’s even more now? Jiraiya also used an attack where he shot needles from his hair (If I recall, he used it in his battle against those three paths of Pain), and it’s starting to make me wonder about the origins of those techniques. O_o

  21. Bubbliton:

    Kaguya: Welcome to my cheese fondu party!

    Naruto: Wait! You forgot the pots!

  22. Did I get this right….Sasuke and Naruto are planning on sealing Kaguya and not getting rid of her her ?

  23. @ Nisam – I don’t think they can get rid of her, if the original sage and his brother couldn’t, neither could they.

  24. Speed of stupidity: A speed so stupendously broken that any and all explanation either vanishes or can’t be bothered to exist. Please reference DBZ, WTF just Happened, and Kakashi’s Rampage for further simularities.

  25. @Tenrai or maybe they were teleported inside a volcano. I don’t think you have to enter another dimension to find lava.

    as for Sasuke and Naruto. I’m almost certain a power evaporation/sacrifice plotkai is going to be necessary for Naruto and Sasuke being that they rival the Sixth and his brother.

    @Anybody else curious as to how Izanami is going to play out in this whole thing?

    I mean that and the ninja tools that fell in Ten Ten’s lap is a mystery as to what is going to happen. I mean unless the Hokage’s start freeing people from the tree or something, I doubt Ten Ten can play any role.

    With Kakashi and Sakura still alive but more likely to get in the way or create more problems than good. I mean the energy and vigilance to keep them alive while having a fight with someone more powerful than Madara makes this a tough battle.

  26. I still think the ultimate solution will be somehow destroying all chakra. I used to think that Naruto would give all the chakra back to the tree and it would be satisfied (very balanced ending), but now I’m not so sure…

  27. If Kakashi doesn’t come out of this fight alive and possible with that eye of kaguya’s then I plan to kill Kishi 😀

  28. I have to agree with Ahsan, of course.

  29. Since seeing the latest episode of Shippuden (where the Hokage get reanimated). I call bull shit on Oro being able to hold the 2nd and others in check. Since the white Zetsu aren’t really of Hashirmama’s cells. They are just husk created from the world tree: like the Husk who are indoctrinated in Mass Effect. They are shells of their former selfs merged with the World Tree. What does Hashirama have to do with them? Since they were created long before him or Madara were alive

  30. @Wiseman

    The White Zetsu were powered up by Yamato, and Yamato’s Mokuton was created from experimentation Hashirama’s cells being infused into his body. Also, there was that part of Hashirama that Obito had (most like what Madara managed to acquire before he awoke his Rinnegan) that was kept at his base, which I assume was also used to help create and multiply the the power of the white Zetsu clones as well. So, technically speaking, the white Zetsus in the war all contained traces of Hashirama’s cells to some extent or another. O_o

  31. Yeah, you see, that is a nice explanation and all but the way the White Zetsu were made out to be it was like they were cultivated by Hashirama’s cells. They were his weak clones. Now we learn they are husk created by the World Tree.

    What allowed Oro to control the edo tensie was the trace amount of hashirama cells? His DNA is the most OP In all the Narutoverse.

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