Naruto Chapter 675-676: Team 7 Rides again, or How Sakura became a synonym for FAIL!


Salutations!!  this is Iamnotreallyhere here or am I? here for to do a double breakdown the awesomeness of Naruto as once again Tenrai needs to do this thing mysterious called Wuu’irk at a place known as a G’ob, one can only assume this is some kind of ritual version of a nap. Now onwards to breakdowns!!

Chapter 675- Hax, Quacks, and Flashbacks Attack!

It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane… Nope it’s just Sakura failing as per usual. Geez at least once I would like to see this Kunoichi do something that doesn’t end with someone else having to save her. She has become the Inoue Orihime of Naruto, powerful in her own ways but utterly useless most of the time.

Sakura: Kishi's official go to for Plot forwarding Fails...

Sakura: Kishi’s official go to for Plot forwarding Fails…

Meanwhile in the Other world Obito and Madara chatter like old women. From their little chat we learn a few things. Mostly that Madara was behind Rin’s kidnapping and Jinchuriki-ing (for some of us this was less a new thing and more of a confirmation of suspicions), although we also learn that both Rin and Obito had this odd fascination with having Kakashi shoving his hand through their chest.

That is not how Naruto does it... Not even close

That is not how Naruto does it… Not even close

Yup Sakura is still full of fail but at least she can take care of Kakashi and his missing eye right? No one else can do that better than a highly trained Medical Nin like Sakura. It’s a good thing no one else has been given hackneyed powers to heal any injury or any condition with nothing more than a touch, even without knowing a thing about what they are doing, or how to actually heal the injury or reverse the condition.

Oh.....well crap....

Oh…..well crap….

Well obviously since Madara could pop out of litterally no where to attack at any time from any angle this is the perfect time to reminisce about the past. It must be a good idea because that’s what Kakashi does, and being a Jonin he must know what he’s doing right? Because using your time to develop a plan of attack or to tell your comrades what you know about the opponent who will be trying to kill you in mere moments is obviously a horrid use of your time. In any case after his careful and well thought out remembrance we are treated to an open Kamui portal.

675 Surprise

Chapter 676: Yakkity Yak! It’s Raining Hax!!

Wow does Madara like to hear his own voice, he and his Zetsu start this chapter off strong with some clever smack talk as well as the obligatory exposition. I have to wonder though if Obito will stay dead here orif Naruto will ply his magic touch and bring him back. Though at this point I’m not sure if he’s even capable of such a feat. In any case after a few brief pages of chatter we are treated to a surprise as Sakura is the first to take action.

Something tells me Sakura doesn’t know how to “Surprise” other people

Something tells me Sakura doesn’t know how to “Surprise” other people

And while I’m sure her efforts didn’t quite have the results she anticipated, at the very least she didn’t make things any worse. I’m not sure if it was one of Madara’s Limbos that blocked the punch or some other effect though I do find it interesting that in the panel in which the limbos can be seen from Sasuke’s point of view, the black half of Zetsu attached to Obito’s body shows up in the same manner as the limbo clones, I wonder if this has any connotations as to the nature of Zetsu or if it was unintentional. It’s interesting to note that he created four limbos this time around and it brings up a couple of interesting questions.

Are they all named bob Caption: Just how many Imaginary friends does Madara have, and are they all named Bob?

Just how many Imaginary friends does Madara have, and are they all named Bob?

I know Madara said the time for play is over but I get the feeling he’s still not taking this fight too seriously, especially considering he starts throwing rocks at our intrepid heroes. Albeit they are rather big rocks. In any case his objective is pretty clear by this point. He’s not trying to kill them or he would have pulled some other new jutsu out of his arse. Not to be taken lightly Madara’s limbos enter the fray forcing both Sasuke and Naruto to split their attention between them and the now rather large rocks falling out of the sky. As diversions I would say this worked out fairly well for Madara, as for what he does next I’m just a little bit more confused.


Image 6 ( Madara’s Third Eye)

I know he’s up in the air, probably pretty high up too, what confuses me however is his inner monologue. Does he mean himself as he possesses the power of both migrations, or does he mean Naruto and Sasuke? Either way i seems like he’s gained a new eye, what exactly this means is still a matter of debate. It definitely draws a parallel between Madara and Kaguya, and the voice that he heard a few chapters ago makes me think that Kaguya is some how still connected to the Juubi. Either way to get any real answers we’ll have to wait for the next chapter. Till then I await ye all in the comments.

Caption Contest!

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Caption: Insert Caption Here


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66 Responses to “Naruto Chapter 675-676: Team 7 Rides again, or How Sakura became a synonym for FAIL!”

  1. first

  2. Bwahahahahaha I return and now you must all bow before my greatness

  3. SECOND! Its out by the way…

  4. 677 is out and damn, things have gone from bad to worse!

  5. Hi guys. Sorry I’ve been a bit absent lately, I’ve just been snowed under this month. I’ll probably get back into breakdowns next month but thanks to Iamnotreallyhere for covering for me in the meantime. ^ ^

    I hope you’re all still enjoying the manga.

  6. 🙂 Great chapter was great, Bleach also bought the pain this week.
    A few things caught my eye in this chapter:
    Tenten will save the day thx to Bee and his Susanoo plated sunglasses (remember the chapter he didn’t get phased by EdoFuu’s light jutsu)
    The Edo tensei summons aren’t affected by the Infinite Tsukuyome, so that’s a great thing because we get to see more Hokage whooping ass.
    And Minato just woke up in Konoha on top of his Stone Head Monument with Madara’s (Or Obito’s) Black Orbs, witch he might use to make himself stronger and also use to free hashirama.

  7. I’m surprised nobody has commented on the fact that Sasukes rinengan is far superior to madaras. Sasuke has the hidden eye where Madara’s rin still only have the lines, no tomos. Also, why did sasukes rin only appear in one eye?

  8. because having two is too mainstream trolololol

  9. Actually by the looks of things Sasuke’s right eye looks exactly like the one on Madara’s forehead.

  10. Yes but I was referring to madaras original run, not the hidden eye

  11. multi year lurker here… how the hell did killer bee survive having his bijuu extracted?

  12. Welcome Gerald Kusi-Mensah, glad to see you joining us from the shadows, welcome to the WRA posting life, hope you’re here to stay.
    About Bee, I was also a bit curious about that, I don’t want to jinx it but I think Bee has a pretty big secret covered behind his sunglasses. Also seeing as he came out of a tentacle, maybe the Hatchibi planned to keep Bee alive with the chakra that was in in the cut limb, a small part of a bijuu can go a long was, so the tentacle might have been enough for Bee to survive the loss of Gyuki.

  13. @ Dricedt – If Madara had the same Rinnegan as Sasuke it would sort of defeat the purpose of him getting the power up. Madara has the eyes and body of the Sage (imperfected) while it looks like Sasuke and Naruto have Eyes and Body separately but near perfect making them together more powerful but not apart…

  14. Well said Pein.

  15. Yes, Bee obviously survived through the tentacle, just like he did when he fought Sasuke and team Taka. It wasn’t for nothing that it was shown earlier that a tentacle got cut off before the extraction.

  16. @ Cecilie, the real question now is: Will Killer Bee fall under the Infinite Tsukuyome, the speech bubble suggests as much seeing as all the people who fell into the infinite sleep were shown with (………….) speech bubbles, same goes for Bee, but I wonder if he somehow managed to escape the genjutsu, thanks to his glasses or maybe a hidden doujutsu.

  17. ALSO, BIG KUDOS for the people, me included, who said Iamato was inside, and being controlled in the same manner as Obito was, by Spiral Zetsu.

  18. @Eugen, yes, given that Bee is being shown now, of all times, it might suggest that he’s able to escape it indeed.

  19. look at this cool art in the background. This was shown while Itachi was telling Sauske the story of how Madara obtained the first Mangekyou Sharigan ever. The demon has the eyes and then the rinnegan looking one in the middle:

  20. re-reading the manga. in the 2nd part, Sauske has gotten a whole lot of coverage. I didn’t realize how much focus was going to Sauske. There was a span where they showed him fighting 3 different people consecutively, And Jirayia’s battle with Pein in-between.

    Here is a list of events. Before the Hidan and Kakuzu arc, Naruto hadn’t really beaten anyone in part 2. He only fought against Deirdara, and Orochimaru. Ending in the opponent retreating. But after he had just finally defeated one opponent (Kakuzu; 2 hearts worth of him). The story totally focuses on Sauske’s escapades. Right after the Hidan Kakuzu arc, the scene immediately shifts to the Sauske vs Oro fight. Then Sauske goes to look for Itachi, and starts a fight with Deidara and defeats him. Then he finds out where Itachi is, and Fights him, and beats him. Then he goes on his first mission with Taka and goes to fight Killer Bee. So the tally for part 2 is basically Naruto only defeated 1/2 of Kakuzu while Sauske had the much better fights in fighting Oro, Deidara, Itachi, and Killer Bee, and beats all them (yeah, there were handicaps and has like no other.. I mean this is pretty damn ridiculous.

    Most of first half of Shippuden was Naruto basically chasing Sauske. And that is pretty lame shiz man. Then it’s when he fights Pein where he actually starts paying more attention to the Village and himself. But damn, that is pretty lame how he’s been shafted with the opponents he faced (living) compared to who Sauske has faced

  21. @Wise it’s not a surprise.

  22. I’m still peeved at how Tobi turned out to be Obito:

    It was alluded that the bloody mist era was during the time Madara was in control of the Mizukage. I always thought it was during the 3rd’s reign that Madara took control. But how can Tobi have done all that in the span of 13 years? Take on Minato, Control the Juubi, Start Akatsuki, Slaughter all the Uchiha with Itachi, teach Itachi. So many time discrepancies

  23. How is Tobi able to levitate? for 5 consecutive minutes?

  24. foreshadowing?

  25. @thelaughingwiseman, remember that Tobi pretended to be Madara, so a lot of times he was talking as if he was Madara. Some of the things he said he had done was really Madara’s doing.

  26. Until 18 years ago (the time when Obito was 14 and meet Nagato, Konan and Yahiko), every action concerning Madara was due to Obito impersonating him, anything before that time is the Original Madara’s rule over the Mist.

  27. Nagato was Jirayia’s student before Minato. Nagato is much much older than Tobi. How is it that Nagato never noticed Tobi’s age or change in height as he grew. No matter what, you’re body doesn’t permanently stop growing until you’re 25.

    I just find it implausible that Tobi was Obito. Kisame didn’t even know what Madara looked like? Madara was most likely the leader of the village (maybe from the shadows) while the 3rd Mizukage was in charge. That is how Kisame might have recognized it was “Madara” in control of the 4th Mizukage. But it wasn’t Madara, it was a totally different person. Genjutsu wouldn’t work on Kisame because he was his chakra is constantly in contact with Samehada.

    And the back story as to why Obito became Tobi is very very crude and unusual. Rin is the reason he did what he did. That gave him the justification to attack a village, killing many people? Kill the wife and new born son of his Teacher? Over some chick that he liked, but in a stalkerish manner? She didn’t even go out with him. I guess I would have liked a more just reason for Obito to have become the villain he was. Madara doesn’t really have a reason either, as I think he is being controlled by Kaguya herself, in some form

    It is making me wonder how it came to be that the Indra and Uchiha curse of hate came to be. Maybe it’s not a curse of hate, but it is the influence of Kaguya. She saw power in the elder son. And Didn’t think twice to influence the younger, seeing how he started out as the weaker of the 2. And Maybe Hagoromo saw that Asura wasn’t influenced by Kaguya like Indra was. And chose Asura as his successor.

  28. 25? I think most guys don’t grow much more after the age of 16-17. Besides, I don’t think Obito had much of a normal growth after his body was destroyed. Remember that most of his body consists of the same stuff as those white Zetsus. He could probably even choose his height with that stuff.



  30. Wow! Sooner than I thought! 678, baby!

  31. Well. I must honestly say that I didn’t see that one coming. Though I had always suspected that Kaguya had a hand in this, I had no idea she was Black Zetsu.

  32. well finally a good twist

  33. omg jiraiya is back

  34. Kaguya!!!! That b**ch, I didn’t see that twist coming, well done Kishi

  35. Sorry for being off topic,
    While the talk about kaguya is on, can comebody tell me if the person in this frams is Aizen ?

  36. Kenpachi : No its the Sternritter D. You get a better look when the imagination guy makes the meteor and they all freak out.
    Is it just me or does anyone else think that Kaguya is going to take over Hinatas body. It shows a picture of a ‘Pod’ being unravelled and zooms in and then shows what Hinatas dreaming of. Granted it shows others after that but that could be to disguise the fact. I mean Kaguya needs a body and she is female with the Byakugan. That means Hinata or her sister. Besides it would give Naruto a hard time. Fighting a freind, does he kill or not? Its a moral lesson for him.
    Also love the slapdown Sasuke gave Sakura and Kakashi. He was a bit of a douchebag but really what could they do except get in the way.
    One last thing, wouldn’t it have been better for black zetsu to have waited for Madara and the others to have fought. Whoever won would have been weakened and easy prey, Now he has multiple opponants to take care of.

  37. Regarding 678,

    How come Sakura’s jacket doesn’t have a hole in it when Madara stab her?

    Sasuke EMO is back! In two panels, he insulted Sakura and Kakashi.

  38. I’ve believed Black Zetzu was older than Madara for a while, but I thought it was an experiment of the So6P (accidentally created malicious intent in physical form while learning to master his jitsus). But, I guess I was wrong 🙂

  39. @ Arpotu, Kudos for the great hunch, I remember when you first stated something similar to the twist from today’s chapter.

    It’s a fact that Naruto, Sasuke, and the Edo Hokages are going to team up in order to stop Black Zetsu and Kaguya’s revival.

  40. Constantine : I think that would be a great plot twist. It would be like Phoenix (Jean Grey) in X-men 3, turning the all-beloved character into the main villain and to see what will Naruto do.

  41. btw Kishi really likes backstabbing people. (kakashi- kakuzu, obito-konan, hashirama- madara) and that doesn’t including surprising people from the ground.

  42. I’m surprised I’m not the only one who thought “another betrayal? Really?” I also like the idea that Hinata will be involved in this.

  43. Hey great Breakdown Iams!!!

    Ah yes, here we are with Madara looking down at a black arm sticking out of his chest. I’m glad this happened because it made no sense how Madara could have made Black Zetsu. I have a feeling we are in for one hell of a flashback! I just knew that there was more to Black Zetsu’s character! I believe Tenrai noticed the resemblance in facial features to Kaguya. I guess he needed a dead body to inhabit?

    Now, for the fun part… Let’s do a head count of who has been reincarnated so far… We got Hagoromo who is in limbo, Kaguya, Asura and Indra. So, are we missing anyone? How about Hagoromo’s brother! So if there was a reincarnation of this brother, who would it be? You know it would make one hell of a dramatic entrance! I will admit that I have a secret emo wish that it be… Jiraiya!!! He just disapeared into the depths of the sea… You have to admit that’s pretty bleak for an important character! Plus he could have a second chance with Tsunade! Also, I’m wondering if Obito might get revived… this is, of course, if Black Zetsu abandons his body. Its a long shot, but maybe Naruto would rush to save him and replace his heart? I realize that these are all long shots, but they would make exciting plot twists!

  44. Tenten is the reincarnation of Hagoromo’s brother. I will accept nothing less.

  45. Hold on, Andy – you’re forgetting about Konohamaru. He has got to be the reincarnation of something. I mean, he learned Rasengan *on his own*.

  46. Well we don’t know how good of a teacher Naruto is, or whether he gave Konohamaru all the answers or had to figure it out for himself like Naruto did.

    Also, fuck Konohamaru, we need a character in this story that has a lot of potential without resorting to ancestry and reincarnation all the time. Not including the third hokage being his grandfather.

  47. I for one believe that both sasuke and Naruto should be immune to the infinite ginjutsu.

    Sasukes reason of course, because he has the rinnergan. Naruto’s reason, because he has the sages chakra.

    I would even go so far as to say those who have the mongekyou should be able to resist it as well in my opinion.

    But meh….

  48. If you think about it, all the reincarnations of the ancients involved a death of some sort…

  49. Perhaps, in order to defeat his mother, Hagoromo joins the battle and dies. Who could become his resurrection?

  50. Not to be a pain, but when will the next breakdown be released?

  51. enjoy:

  52. reminds me of Jirayias Hair Technique against Pein in their fight:

  53. Here it is!

  54. What the shit just happened … Did she open up the ground to the earth’s core or something? Lava all around… how will they survive that?

  55. Such bullshit where the story is going.. An awesome villain like Madara who was already waaay to h4x0r3d for the good guys to handle, and who has been fought non-stop for the previous 70 chapters, just gets replaced by some god bitch from centuries ago within THREE fkn panels? The whole chapter felt out of place anyway.

  56. i think.. the only way to defeat kaguya is by naruto and sasuke joining hands. that is all

  57. @ Chaps, ant then sing Kumbaya.
    At least we have the other brother’s name: HAMURA !!!

    As far as Kaguya’s technique is concerned, it’s just like Kabuto’s sage jutsu with witch he controlled the space around him, bringing it to life.
    Seeing as how Kaguya is way more powerful then Madara it’s only fitting the tech would be so much stronger.

    The outcome would be like this, Sasuke can teleport his ass out of there with no regrets leaving everyone elese to burn. Naruto can force his way out of this with Son Goku’s ability, thus making the lava useless on him.

    As for Sakura and Kakashi, they might get saved by the Edo Kages, Minato and Tobirama to the rescue.

    If you look closely on the last page, something caught Naruto’s eye before he looked down towards the lava, that might suggest help is on the wai in the form of his Good Ol’ Dad.

    By the way ZZ, I’m with you, it’s to much of a huge shift and Madara, to me, was a perfect bad guy, he had power, smarts, and a sick mind, the only one I would have chosen to surpass Madara would have been Orochimaru. Kaguya, IMO, had no business being introduced in the story.

  58. @ Chapter – This chapter had its ups and downs. I agree with zzattack, that the treatment of Madara has been terrible. Building him up to this point really seems like a collosal waste of our time now that we see he isn’t infact the “big bad” which till this point seems to be Kishi’s MO.

    Akatsuki used by Nagato
    Nagato used by Obito
    Obito used by Madara
    Madara used by Kaguya
    Kaguya used by Naruto…. <__< maybe he went back in time and put all this in motion so he could be Hokage… Maybe… ( I might actually believe that 😛 )

    But I did enjoy seeing something that actually made some sense. The birth of the white Zetsu which actually makes sense now looking at the design but Kaguya is an annoying villain. Madara was pre prepped from the Original Series with the Valley of the End but Kaguya was just hinted at a couple of chapters ago. This however gives Kishi an opening to defeat this enemy and resolve the War while keeping Madara (in some capacity) as the primary villain…

  59. What this taught me is Women are the root of all evil 😛 <__<

  60. Sadly Pein, ZZ and Eugen say what i have to say about the ridiculous shift to Kaguya. My comment would mean little since everything I was going to say was addressed.

  61. For a Manga that has been called “predictable” many times, I like the shift the story took.

    Lets see how it develops!

  62. Where is Tenrai ? I miss him 😥

  63. I am here. X__X

    And I’ll officially be back doing breakdowns now. Sorry for my absence! ^ ^

  64. how did you escape the inside of your own stomach?

  65. he did a kaguya

  66. I pooped myself out. @__@


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