Bleach – As it all ends! Part 1


The Quincy Arc as we been told shall be the final in the Bleach Saga and while this is sad it is also a small sense of relief to it. The old Dark Knight reference ‘you either die the hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain’ reigns true in different forms of media. Bleach to me probably reached its apex in the Soul Society Arc early on in its life, since then it has never truly hit that heights though with a Final Arc the writer is able to focus and bring together any/all loose ends (of which there are a few).

So this is Kubo’s chance for Bleach, the swan song of this manga that has engrossed many a manga/anime fan over the years. Though just because it’s the end doesn’t mean it can’t be a long one as well… Unlike TV or books, Arcs are not limited to a set amount of pages or episodes. This war arc could last  us another couple of years and as such I will be intermediate releasing Breakdowns of the progress. I will not be giving as much details as Kish… I mean Tenrai but rather a short over view as well as posing questions as to how the followers of Bleach believe the series/finale will be going.

So without further delay, lets begin part 1.

——————————————————————-WAR ARC————————————————————————

I have often said that a war arc’s are one of the most difficult story lines to pull off and few manga in my opinion have pulled it off successfully. Naruto’s current war arc has had its hiccups and its great moments but in my opinion it is not on my top 3 story arcs of the series. Bleach too has struggled so far as it tries to find its balance, the initial battles that I have covered in previous breakdowns where so one-sided that it was difficult to see a clear path in Kubo’s writing with the short break between Kubo has resumed the battle but far more balanced.

It is still mostly in battle mode at the moment and story is progressing at what seems like a snail pace with all the space being ‘used’ to show the fighting and not really the moving forward of plot and very little in the way of character development.

————————————————————-What to look out for—————————————————————-

Bankai Bankai Bankai…

It is one of the most unusual abilities in any manga but also one of the least explored in recent times. While Kishi draws his inspiration from religions and mythology Bleach never seemed to have that same grounded feel when it came to abilities especially in Bankai. Each was more rounded to the individual’s personality that Kubo had created but once the more ‘flashy’ abilities were taken the others started to seem lazy during the Arrancar and Aizen War Arc especially, however during this war we have been seeing a vast improvement in the abilities and creativity of the Bankai’s shown and even the re-imagined Bankai’s of Ichigo and Renji… Can anyone say KEN-CHANKAI!! <__<

Or even more dangerous Aizen’s Bankai :O

The Final Battle between Ichigo and Uryu 

The Naruto vs Sasuke, Vegeta vs Goku, battle of battles in Bleach. Rivals in the initial arc Uryu has since then been cast as the slightly strong lacky while Ichigo has gone from strength to strength. This arc has allowed Kubo to quickly bring Uryu to Ichigo’s level and placed him as an ‘opposing’ force at the same time. While I don’t believe that Uryu is truly for the Quincy I also believe that a battle between these two will take place.

The Soul King

I have been looking forward to the Soul King’s reveal since Aizen threw his hissy fit while being defeated by Urahara. Referring to it only as a “thing” peaked my interest and his subsequent reveal in this arc has posed more questions than answers.


<_< Yeah look forward to lots and lots of…. “Utilized” Empty Spaces <__<

This is a short piece to get the  whistle wet. Will post a follow-up soon. 😀



~ by pein0avenue on May 6, 2014.

3 Responses to “Bleach – As it all ends! Part 1”

  1. Holy Kibbles n Bits Batman! A bleach Breakdown-ish thingy!!


  2. It doesn’t get any more ‘one-trick pony’ than Bleach these days. As much as you can like the aspect that all the captains are redeemed by learning new abilities without the benefit of their bankai (or learned new techniques that allowed them to not only steal them back but enhanced them too?…WTH??)

    Anyhow, my one question would be…if all the captains were able to improve themselves in this manner and win against opponents who basically pawned them the 1st time around what would that mean for Captain Commander (who’s unfortunately dead so he cannot get the same benefit if there was one to be had before)? If the Captain Commander could not improve, then would that mean that Uryu will still be able to defeat all of the captains even with their various power-ups.

    Basically an entertaining yet garbled mess in my opinion so far. There has to be another storyline twist lurching somewhere. If these battles turn out to be just a veiled attempt to get to the return of Ichigo and a lame final battle (such as the showdown with Aizen) I may have to scream (in words of course).

  3. YAY! Nice reading you again!

    As I am very limited on theorys and such, i will only say what Bleach means to me, and why I am still following it…

    The first anime chapters where absolutely amazing, I really liked the thing that Rukia used to get Ichigos spiritual form out of his body, it was so visceral 😀

    Also, inoues boobs!!!!!!!!!

    I even cried when Byakuya fucked over Ganju 😀

    Then, when the vampires filler, I stirred away from the anime, and began reading the manga.

    Somewhere around then, I believe IRA went down, my brother used to follow it, and maybe I read a breakdown or two, but then I read about WRA and since then, reading the breakdowns of people who could see into the chapters as well as you guys can do was what kept me reading the releases since then, so, if not for you breakdown writers, I would not be following this series!

    So, I want to thank you specially pein, because you rock 😀

    And also, the people who comment are very important too.

    i will be here reading every Bleach post till the end (hopefully :P)

    Have a great day/week/year/life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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