Naruto 673-674: Holy Burning Biju Balls does Madara get Stinkeyed!

Sorry for the lateness of the breakdown.

Tis Iamnotreallyhere with another not really Naruto double breakdown because Tenrai is out shopping for new a new shiny. In any case lets start this thing shall we.

Chapter 673: Holy Burnng Monkey Balls Emo Man!

This chapter is Starts out with the revelation that whatever it was that Naruto did in the last chapter has stopped the Eight Gates from finishing Gai. This revelation supports my current theory that Naruto has received the Rikkudo’s Yang abilities, or his ability to breathe life into things, and Sasuke recieved the Yin powers or the ability to create from nothing. Though at this point that’s just speculation. After that the chapter just becomes a fairly one sided battle Between Naruto and Madara.

I don’t know what’s more disturbing. The fact that Naruto is throwing around Son’s Balls, or the fact that Madara didn’t make much effort to dodge it...

I don’t know what’s more disturbing. The fact that Naruto is throwing around Son’s Balls, or the fact that Madara didn’t make much effort to dodge it…

The battle between Naruto and Madara is kind of short though and consists almost entirely of Madara WTF’ing every time Naruto does something that he couldn’t do before. In the process of Pwning Madara as seen in the image above, Naruto also manages to cut down the Jyuubi’s tree form. This is where things get a little more interesting because as the tree falls something or someone calls out to Madara telling him to absorb the Jyuubi.

Does this page give us a clue as to who guided Madara’s actions?

Does this page give us a clue as to who guided Madara’s actions?

The face in the above page suggests that the voice calling out to Madara was none other than that of Kaguya, the mother of the Rikkudo himself. If that’s the case this suggests the possibility that she could be the real big bad of the whole story. After absorbing the Jyuubi Madara seems ready for round two with Naruto when who shows up to spoil things?

The Prince of all Emos that’s who!

The Prince of all Emos that’s who!

And as they face Madara down he begins his back talk informing us that Naruto now has the sages Senjutsu, while Sasuke now has his Rinningan, and that he has both. The chapter the ends in a standoff with Madara declaring that whomever wins would prove themselves the more powerful.


Chapter 674: Sasuke’s Brand new Stinkeye!

There are a few points I want to cover in this chapter even though it’s mostly just a fight chapter. The first thing is Sasuke’s new left eye and what he seems to be doing with it through out the chapter.

Here in the final panel we are finally granted a glimpse into the hand seals to the infamous Uchiha Arse Pull no Jutsu.

Here in the final panel we are finally granted a glimpse into the hand seals to the infamous Uchiha Arse Pull no Jutsu.

Several possibilities come to mind some less plausible than others. The first is Izanagi as this would make the most sense. Izanagi was one of the Rikkudo’s doujutsu and would easily explain how Madara has been finding himself in rather less than ideal situations all through out the chapter. Though we don’t know exactly all what Izanagi is capable of we do know from Sasuke’s battle with Danzou that it’s capable of changing whether or not a Jutsu has connected much like what it seems like Sasuke has done in the first of the chapter.

The second possibility is that Sasuke’s left eye has the power to manipulate time/space naturally without Izanagi or similar jutsu. As we do not yet understand the width and depth of the new power both Sasuke and Naruto have obtained this is a definite possibility, though no evidence has presented itself to prove or disprove this theory… yet.

He can see my Imaginary Friend!?! catpion: What adventures await the plucky Uchiha and their imaginary pall Bob? Who knows because we’re making a new series that revolves around TenTen!!

What adventures await the plucky Uchiha and their imaginary pall Bob? Who knows because we’re making a new series that revolves around TenTen!!

We can now see what Limbo is and apparently it’s really Emo Style: Imaginary Friend no Jutsu. This bring up one question in my mind and that is this: Why didn’t Nagato use Limbo? He supposedly had access to all the power of the rinningan but we never saw this technique, and given that there were times where such a power would have been very useful I can’t see him not having used it.

One theory I have is that it somehow ties into the Outer path though I’m not sure at this point just how it would be tied to it. We know that all the powers of Nagato’s Rinningan had an avatar associated with them with the sole exception of the Outer path. Another idea is that maybe Limbo clones was how he controlled all of his paths of Pein, or perhaps I’m just reading too much into it. Either way it leaves me with questions, questions without readily available answers.

Playing with Shukaku

First it was Goku, now Shukaku!? I know the sage said you would “Play” with the biju but don’t you think handling their Rassengan takes it a bit too far?

Back to the Action in any case Madara manages to give even Sasuke’s new Stinkeye no jutsu the slip, though I believe he loses his Limbo clone in the process, what with it being hit with Shukaku’s sealing jutsu and all. Not sure how this might hinder him if at all so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

It’s all fun and games until Kakashi loses an eye… Again…

So Apparently eyes are now plug and play in the Naruto universe. Oh and Kakashi loses his eye… again. I mean he really does have a hard time keeping that left eye of his doesn’t he? Not that it’s a great loss for him in any case as it was near to blind, if not completely blind by that point. Still that has to sting > <

Anyways blind or not Madara is able to use the eye to get to the other world where he then ambushes Nagato and Sakura as she works up the nerve to smash Madara’s other Rinningan eye. Whether or not she succeeds is to be continued though.Who am I kidding of course she fails, the real question is whether or not she dies or is severely injured in the process of failing at this point.

What new powers will Madara have when he has both of his eyes, and if he’s fighting Naruto and Sasuke on roughly an even level with only One eye how much better will he fair with both? Only time and new chapters can answer these pressing questions. See ya all in the comments and thanks for reading = P


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51 Responses to “Naruto 673-674: Holy Burning Biju Balls does Madara get Stinkeyed!”

  1. First

  2. First!!!!

  3. Crap, I should’ve posted before reading. >_>

  4. Sakura trips and falls on her own Kunai

  5. I think the reason Nagato didn’t know about Limbo was because Obito didn’t know. Madara told Obito how to use the Rinnegan and told him to use that info to manipulate Nagato. However he kept back limbo as his trump card.
    If Obito dies and madara gets his eyes back doesn’t that mean sakura will have to install obitos eyes to escape?? Sakura with Obitos Mangekyu sharingan.

  6. If the yin power indeed is to create something from nothing, then Naruto and Sasuke could make a living being.

  7. @Holydemonandy
    Well I’m not sure Sasuke has the whole thing since he only has one Rinnigan eye, but he could have it in part. If he does have it all though then theoretically they could make a living being. However neither of them stand at the pinnacle of skill that the Rikkudo had when he created the 9 biju.

    Even if they could do such a thing I don’t think they could just whip up a new lifeform right away, it would probably take years of training in both the use of their powers and the coordination of said powers to even begin to tinker with such an idea.

    At the moment though they seem to both have rudimentary level capabilities with both. With Naruto being able to breath life back into an already living being, and with Sasuke able to manipulate the world around him to his advantage. Besides that I don’t see either of them keeping these powers as I predict that they will lose them when the cycle of the transmigration of the two sons ends and their souls finally rest in peace.

  8. I kind of think Black Zetzu was one of So6P’s creations… or someone from that time period. Yeah, it’s the “will of Madara” now, but it might have been something different in the past.

  9. Thanks iamnotreallyhere for responding. 😀 Yeah, I can see that being the end as well. My thoughts were more along the lines of “can they bring people back from the dead if they work together?”

  10. Nice Breakdown Bob… I told you it was a catchy name <__<

    "He can see my Imaginary Friend!?! catpion: What adventures await the plucky Uchiha and their imaginary pall Bob"

    I think it would be interesting to see now what Sakura does since if she could destroy the eye she would be trapt in that dimension forever @__@

    I am interested to see what exactly Sasuke's eyes can do as we have seen Naruto's abilities enhance on all spheres except maybe Dojutsu while Sasuke only improved on this level… Naruto has literally all the bijuu and their "Special" chakra's within him and the sensing abilities to boot.

    I would like to see more of the Third Hokage now and the development of that battle… When will this war arc end @__@

  11. Here you go:

  12. woopty doo, sakura failed, madara is evil and now has another eye – well worth the 2 week break -__-

  13. Naruto: surpassed the hokages of old, obtained respect and acknowledgement from everyone, is most likely the strongest shinobi out there.
    Sasuke: surpassed the hokages of old, obtained the most powerful doujutsu in the world, is feared throughout the Narutoverse by young emo kids.
    Sakura: Still the same !!!!

    Kakashi: Once again making people laugh till they drop, since the year 2000.

    Good chapter, but ultimately it was a big cliffhanger. It’s nice to see the extent Madara went to f&*k Obito up. He planned Rin’s death, he planned how Obito will react and he also speculated everything since. Now that is a great diabolic mind.

    Glad to see Obito’s whole life was planned from the time before he gave his eye to Kakashi.

  14. I love the fact that Sakura still has the Uzumaki symbol on her back and how it’s being shown off in that last group shot panel.

    I wonder if they’ll try to snatch away Madara’s eyes like they tried to snatch away the bells? Either way, I think Tenten is currently learning about the hermit’s ninja tools.

  15. @holydemonandy… I wonder if Naruto will be using the Hermit’s ninja tools and show us their full capacity including the ability to unseal people from them.

    I can’t believe Kishi made such an utterly useless character like Sakura. She is way overdue to produce anything of substance in this manga so far. WTH!!!

  16. I actually like the idea of only Sakura being able to use the ninja tools to their full capacity given her superior chakra control.

    Obviously this isn’t going to happen, but a man can dream.

  17. Interesting chapter. It’s nice to see that Sakura and Kakashi will actually be fighting with Naruto and Sasuke now. It’s a true Team 7 team battle, and now’s the right time for it. In particular, I actually want to see Sakura at least contribute something meaningful to the fight because even with her recent powerup, she’s still reverted back to mostly being a healer. I’ll give her credit for keeping Naruto alive though, can’t take that from her.

    What would be cool is if Naruto also healed Obito like he did Kakashi so he can also get back into the game again. I’d be very interested to see what Obito can do with both his eyes and, if he had Susanoo, what it would be like. But who knows, maybe Kishi will surprise us and have Obito come through the portal instead of Madara.

  18. @ Chapter – Think Kishi was getting into the holiday mood, as much as I think the Flash back of the first meeting of team 7 it also seemed like a bit of a waste of panel space. Overall it was a good chapter but missed that umph factor… 8/10 in my books…

    How is Madara floating… Like seriously, WTF he survives getting chopped in half and can float, did I miss the magic flying pills he taking? ?(Bleach)…. I thought he was mortal and thus could bleed…

    @ Tenrai – I think Obito would come through first, if Madara changes eyes in the other dimension he wouldn’t be able to get out. He would have to Kyuumi Obito out and then follow quickly to take the eye… lol If obito is saved then only Neji really died in this war… <__< well important characters…

  19. @tenrai i am actually with that surprise that obito would come out first.

  20. If Tenrai (Kishimoto), said Obit will come out first, then that’s what’s going to happen. Thanks for ruining the surprise Ten ! :)))

    The fact is Madara can’t get out without Kamui, so he’ll wither steam Obito’s Rinnegan, Kamui himself out and exchange eyes, exchange eyes and have Obito send him out of the space time dimension or…… Obito manages to steal his own sharingan from Madara while he’s implanting the Rinnegan.
    It might take a little longer for Madara to adept to both rinnegans based on what Obito told Sakura. So the lag would probably give Obito the chance to escape.

    With both Rinnegans in his head I doubt Madara won’t be able to escape from the other dimension.

  21. Wouldn’t it be funny if madara didn’t think that far ahead and gets stuck in that dimension… That really make for a truly epic ending… :-p

  22. IMO Madara will now become the equivalent of Hagoromo. Being able to create things with his mind and breathe life into them. So Sasuke’s new rinnegan trick might be short-lived.

    As far as we’ve seen neither Sasuke nor Naruto broke a sweat so far, so i’m really looking forward to seeing them bring the pain. What I would really like is to see some more capable fighters on the field. Kakashi with a new upgrade, Sakura with actual fighting skills, Obito with both his sharingans, healed by Naruto and ready to roll, Gai and Lee with no restraints using the 8th gate and so on.

  23. Been a while!
    Seems kind of obvious to me that Obito is going to be the one that makes it back first.
    No reason otherwise to not show madara with both eyes as Kishi would usually do at the end of a chapter.

    I think Obito found a way to stall madara a little, and is going to talk things out with kakashi and co.

    I was kind of dissapointed by the ease Naruto can heal other people now (kakashi’s eye & Gai), as if Sakura wasn’t useless enough allready.
    Now all her purpose for this manga is lost.

    @Peedi, yes that would indeed be a awesome ending 😉

  24. @ Live Aid, welcome back !!!

    As far as Sakura is concerned, I think Naruto will teach her ho to do it herself, based on the conversation both of them were having while Kakashi was strolling down memory lane and remembering their first meeting.

    Apparently Naruto uses the chakara of the damaged person, molds it somehow with his own, and then transfers it back to them, ore something along those lines.

    But the sad truth is that Sakura is truly useless on the battle field now, as Tenrai mentioned, Naruto wouldn’t be alive right now if it weren’t for Sakura’s efforts. But beyond that point Sakura became a 2nd tier soldier.
    I was hoping she and Hinata would rise beyond the power of shinobi like Gai and Kakashi and rival a Kage.

  25. All this hate for Sakura. Or maybe a better word is disappointment. I’m going to bring up one very very old prediction. Wouldn’t it be great if we saw the return of Sakura’s split personality? I have been predicting for years now that we would see the return of “Inner Sakura”.

    I just read that she repelled Ino’s body switch somehow, suggesting that the split personality actually had some use.

    Imagine if Sakura was cornered. We already know she’s quite powerful, but her personality has often held her back. Like Kakashi explained, she is very kind. Perhaps it’s time for her Inner Sakura to return?

  26. Wow! That’d be fucking amazing if it turned out Split Personality Sakura was like Madara’s limbo! Then again Naruto also has shadow clones so… Then again Sakura’s pretty fucking pro at dodging, but she could probably use some sharingan to speed up her reaction times.

  27. Ever consider that Madara could come back first while holding Obito’s dead body? He would then proceed to take his other Rinnegan back and dispose of the corpse, and that would be it. Sorry to sound grim about it, but I’m willing to bet that Kishi is going for broke here by taking the final villain as far as he can before said villain gets toppled.

  28. Hey y’all!

    Isn’t it funny how Obito was able to see the invisible Madara? Also, considering that Obito was able to function without his heart, with Madara cradling it, I’m predicting that Madara is going to replace Obito’s heart with an all black one like Zetsu, and therefore Obito will be completely covered with Black Zetsu and, of course, with both of his Sharingans(Kamui!).

  29. Even if Madara gets his eye back what can he do?? He’s cut in half. How did he even grab Obito? Did he crawl along the ground real fast. How is he floating? Hes holding Obito off his feet but whats holding him up? Some variation of Shinra Tensai (push/pull power) I assume. Will he use Obitos body for parts i.e new legs. They are half wood after all. Maybe Obito has a spare Zetzu or two lying around. Apparantly common sense has gone out the window. I know there is little normal about ninjutsu in Naruto but it had rules and made sense (mostly). But since Madara came its really gone out of hand. Susanoo without eyes, plug and play eyes and now floating happily after being cut in half even though he is no longer an Edo Tensai!Kishi should take a step back and take a look at what he is doing.

  30. @constantinethetrickster
    Madara didn’t need to worry as he can pretty much heal from any injury so long as it isn’t instantly fatal. He wasn’t killed by the Night Moth either and that arguably did far more to his body than being cut in half. Remember he has Hashirama’s self healing jutsu so a little thing like being cut in half isn’t much of a problem. Also he has the Jyuubi as well so he’s pretty much set in terms of nigh invulnerability.

  31. The beginning of the end, it seems:

  32. Naruto and Sasuke get patterns on their eyes. Sakura gets patterns on her body.

    I guess Naruto and Sasuke are light and dark respectively, and Sakura is the human body that holds it all together? Hm.

  33. Alright, it’s been a while since I’ve weighed in on the storyline. And based on the latest developments, I’ve got a new theory as to how this will end. First off, I’m sure pretty much everyone in the world will indeed be caught in the Infinite Tsukuyomi….except for Naruto and Sasuke.

    With pretty much everything achieved by Madara, there’s only one direction left for him to go…DOWN!! The final showdown between him and the dynamic duo will soon commence. The stakes could be raised even higher if there’s a timeframe before the effects of the Infinite Tsukuyomi become permanent, assuming they can be reversed at first. Of course, the only way to do that is to kill the caster.

    It would be quite something if Kaguya somehow made her presence known to the battlefield as the final true villain, but that’s total speculation on my part. In any case, things are as bad for the good guys as they’re going to get. I can safely say that things can’t possibly get any worse, which means it can only get better.

    It’s a shame that Obito is “dead”. While my theory of him returning dead on arrival was a bit off, he still IS in a sense, with black Zetsu in control once again. Interesting though why it seemed necessary for black Zetsu or Madara to bother to insert Obito’s left Mangekyo (Kakashi’s former Sharingan) back into his left socket, when he still has the right readily available to use.

    This leaves me with a running and fleeting theory. I’m willing to bet that somehow, someway, Obito will survive and live to the end and return home to Konoha, either to live out the rest of his days there as a Leaf Shinobi…or to face judgement for his crimes. It’ll probably be the latter, but who knows. Anyway, it’s a thought. I can also certainly say that now that Kakashi has his original eye back, he could likely tap into a deeper chakra reserve, now that his former Sharingan no longer siphons it.

    As for Sasuke, I have a feeling that even though he’s helping Naruto and company against a common enemy, this story will still end in tragedy with Sasuke and Naruto both dying in the end. The bit where Sakura laments over Sasuke’s indifference over her attempt to help them by putting her life at risk, it just makes me think that once this is over, Sasuke will finally reveal his true intentions and it’ll lead to the fated battle between him and Naruto.

    Naruto once said that if he has to fight Sasuke to the death, then he will die with him. This story may not have a happy ending as we want it. Naruto may post humously be named Hokage and either Sakura or Konohamaru will assume the position. We’ll probably get a vast memorial for Naruto, where he gets the recognition he sought in life.

    Anyway, I know that’s a grim outlook for the remaining story, but I just can’t shake the feeling that that is what’s going to happen when it’s all said and done. I hope I’m wrong and we get the happy ending we’ve waited for. But as is quoted from another popular manga/anime: A person cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost.

    I do think that to defeat Madara for good, Naruto and Sasuke will have to die in the end.

  34. Well, Madara sure works fast.

  35. I wonder if Sakura has some Uzumaki blood in her…

  36. Sakuras line really annoyed me. “He doesn’t seem to care”. Did he ever give you the impression he did? And why is she standing with Naruto and Sasuke? She is hopelessly outclassed and will just get in the way.
    I’m hoping we see Kakashi versus Obito/Zetzu where Kakashi fights as he always should have, without the Sharingan draining him. Also I’d like to see Hinata come into it somehow and end up with Naruto. It will make Sakura realise she focused on the wrong person. She chose the Bad Boy over the Good guy.

  37. I wonder if Sakura’s activation of the regen jitsu will work against the alliance. If Madara was smart, he would make sure she is “cocooned” while her jitsu is active, so she can regenerate everyone as the tree consumes them.

  38. @ Kevin – Nice mini breakdown 😉

    I hope this victory doesn’t come cheaply. When reading things like the red wedding you realize that any story needs to allow the reader to feel pain to get them invested. If victory is to easy it becomes predictable lol.

    Susanoo is awesome *drops microphone*

  39. @Kevin: You just can’t rip off Full Metal Alchemist man lol. Naruto has paid the greatest price. He was born from death, scorn by the very village he sworn to protect. He had to fight, claw, scratch his way into everyones psyche. He has more than proven himself over and over. HE does not deserve to die. He has done his share to warrant title of Hokage, and then some. I think What Naruto meant by “both of us will die” was that their old selves. The people they used to be will die and the ones fighting aren’t going to be the ones who first fought at the Valley of the End or who reunited at the Bridge where Danzou died. Both have died already and have become different people. This reunion between them is already happened. They have both died like Naruto claimed (Naruto getting the Bijuu extracted, Sauske getting a blade through the chest). They both woke up with new mind sets. In the End it seems like Sauske is most likely to die.

    I am not even going to comment on Sakura. She’s trash, I don’t even like HInata as a love interest for Naruto. She just rubs me the wrong way. Poor Naruto, can’t even choose his own chick to go after. I wished Anko (at their age) was their team mate instead of Sakura. That would have been a badass Team 7

  40. @thelaughingwiseman: Sure I can! XD

    I know you want to see Naruto live to the end, and frankly so do I. But you can’t deny that Kishi has toyed with our expectations in the past. And technically, Naruto and Sasuke didn’t die there. They came as close as close can get, granted. But neither actually died. When you die, there’s no coming back unless Rinne Tensei is used. I personally still believe that both of them will die in the end, based on what I think it Kishi’s way of wanting to wrap this up. But hey, I’d love to be wrong there.

    But if they are destined to live, then I would want both Naruto AND Sasuke to live. I’d like to see Naruto succeed in brining Sasuke back to the village. I never had much love for Sakura, but at least she’s trying to pull her weight. And lest we forget that if it wasn’t for her, Naruto would be dead by now. What she did with manually beating Naruto’s heart was pretty badass, if you ask me.

    And as someone who IS a huge fan of NaruHina…well, I do hope it happens. Hinata is much better for Naruto than Sakura is.

  41. Man, this Kishi is the one I’ve been missing:

    So much power in one panel. Really hits you in the feels. The part where Naruto realized that Shinobi are just tools.

  42. You don’t see these type of drawings from the manga anymore. Very detailed. Showing the anxiety in Narutos face:

  43. Still looking at chapters with great artwork in them. On this list:


  45. Kishi transforming to his: My Badass Serious face drawing…

  46. Orochimaru: true face of a villain:

  47. I think wise is ready for the next breakdown

  48. Will be out soon, tonight or tomorrow morning at latest

  49. SPOILER!
    Pic of the new villain :

  50. Naruto’s worst defeat

  51. 677 is out!

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