Naruto Chapter 671 – 672 Double Penetration: Naruto and Sasuke get a hand job and Madara takes Gai’s huge serpent!

Chapter 671: How many people do you got in there?

This is Iamnotreallyhere with not yet another Naruto breakdown for not another double breakdown. This chapter continue with the sage’s sage sageyness as he continues to baffle our intrepid hero with labyrinthine logical conundrums. Whether Naruto really understands it all however is another mater.


The legendary … no jutsu, an S ranked facepalm technique known only by a select few. Forbidden for it’s destructive potential, we see it here in its full glory

We learn that the sage has basically been watching a never ending cycle of his sons reincarnations fighting the same battle over and over and over again, thusly known as the cycle of hate and war, as he has been helpless to put and end to it.


Traditionally this method of settling disputes was the third most popular, behind Epic Statue making contests and the Uchiha “Lol I poked your lung” technique.

Hagoromo then goes on to explain that it’s the trap of power that had led to his mothers fall from being known as the Rabbit goddess to being feared as a demon. One could almost say that this is where the actual cycle of hate started. It’s the fear instilled by Kaguya that led to the fear and mistrust of shinobi, and the greed that perpetuated the constant shinobi wars during that time.Warlords and even shinobi clans themselves fought to take their place as the god of the world where Kaguya had left a void.

Hagoromo tried to fill that void in what I can only describe as an almost democratic method by spreading the chakra around and hoping it would connect people so that they wouldn’t be so war like. Unfortunately it didn’t work out like he had planned. Even now he doubts whether or not it was the right choice. Even though he still wants Naruto to prevail over Madara he begins to doubt that his way is the right way for he world. Cue Naruto and his patented Talk no Jutsu, and it doesn’t hurt to have back up, especially when your backup is the Nine Tailed Beasts.

The old “9 Biju jumps out of a cake” routine, gets em every time

The old “9 Bijuu jumps out of a cake” routine, gets em every time

He then declares that it is time for the boy of prophesy to change the world, but before he lets naruto go do his destiny thing he asks him one question, what does he want to do and how does he want this fight to end, which really is more like two questions than one. Naruto’s reply is simple enough yet profound in its own right, He wants to protect his friends.

In the end Hagoromo decides to leave it up to the two reincarnations to decide as he passes his (will of fire?) powers on to them. The story then goes back to Gai who still hasn’t pinned Madara down. He then decides that if the Evening Elephant isn’t enough that he’ll have to to use the Hachimon’s greatest technique, The Night Moth!!

I leave you this chapter with a bubble contest entry below, enjoy. = ]

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Chapter 672: The Sun, the Moon and the Moth. This sounds like the start of a lame bar joke.

Thank you for your breakdown Iamnotreallyhere. At least, I would thank you if you were really here, which apparently is not the case.

Moving along to chapter 672, I have to admit that compared to the last breakdown I did, this one will likely be simpler, considering that the chapter itself was a lot less information intensive, with the focus being more on Gai’s final and most devastating attack than on dialogue. Still, the visual clues were still there and very apparent, so once again I did a little bit of research to give some more insight to what we’re seeing. I seem to have a knack for complicating things.

This isn't a build-up to an awkward high-five moment, is it?

This isn’t a build-up to an awkward high-five moment, is it?

The most obvious visual reference we have above, are the symbols on both Naruto’s and Sasuke’s hands, one being a light circle, and the other being a dark crescent shape. We’ve seen these shapes appear quite a number of times in the past three chapters, with the circle being associated with Ashura and the crescent shape with Indra, but what’s interesting is how we also see similarities in both the Uzumaki and Uchiha clan symbols, with the Uchiha fan also containing a crescent shape while the Uzumaki symbol is circular in fashion.

What these circles represent symbolically, becomes apparent when we do some research on the concept of Yin and Yang and its Mandarin meaning. The Chinese symbols for Yin and Yang are 陰陽 and 阴阳 respectively. The first character for Yin (陰 / 阴) is synonymous with the terms overcast weather, feminine, moon, cloudy, negative electrical charge and shady. The second character for Yang (陽 / 阳) is synonymous with positive electrical charge and the sun.

The simplified characters 阴阳 actually represent the moon and the sun respectively, since they can be deconstructed to their elements 月 (moon) and 日 (sun). The symbol for阝is a variant of the radical 阜 which means “abundant”. So Yin Yang could represent the contrast between the full moon and the full sun.

So, the bottom line is that the symbols on Naruto and Sasuke’s hands are clear representations of the Yin and Yang energies they have inherited respectively through Ashura’s and Indra’s reincarnated chakra, which has likely been awakened or enhanced by Hagoromo.

Inherited Yin and Yang

Yep… an awkward high-five moment…

One defining feature about the concept of Yin and Yang, however, is that it represents a state of harmony where both sides are in balance with one another. Hagoromo himself suggests that in the past, he made a mistake by focusing more on Ashura than Indra, and I believe it was this mistake that caused the balance or harmony between positive and negative energy to erode, which resulted in the conflict between his two sons and the cycle of hatred that ensued.

With that cycle seeping down through the ages to Naruto and Sasuke, Hagoromo eventually decides to entrust both with the future after hearing their answers as to what it is they want to achieve, instead of just leaving it to either one or the other. The interesting part about all this was that we never actually got to see Sasuke’s answer, so we don’t know what its implications are, but what we can assume is that it might very well contrast to Naruto’s in a similar manner to how Indra’s ideals contrasted to Ashura’s. However, that may not actually be a bad thing.

When we look at the past, the turning point that broke down the relationship between Indra and Ashura occurred when both were presented with the question regarding what was needed to create peace. Ashura approached the subject with the sense that love and understanding was required for peace, while Indra believed that power was required. Hagoromo chose to entrust his will to his younger son, believing that his ideals were more admirable, but when we look at the question again now, I believe that both are, in fact, equally necessary.

Without love, one cannot appreciate what it is you are trying to protect with your power, and you end up becoming cold and ruthless, much like Kaguya did. However, without power, one cannot protect what it is that they love. They leave it brittle, vulnerable and easy to destroy. In the end, true harmony can only through balance and an equal appreciation of both sides.

Dem sibling feuds.

If you think sibling rivalry between two sons is bad, try being the middle child of three.

In the end, rather than choosing one path over the other, perhaps Hagoromo has seen that neither path is incorrect and that, perhaps, both should be walked as one and the same. I know we’ve discussed on the blog before about whether Naruto will end up becoming Hokage, or whether he’ll give the title to Sasuke, but perhaps the answer goes beyond either of those conclusions, to a point where both are ultimately needed to rule and to balance each other.

The idea itself brings me back to the relationship between Danzou and Hiruzen, which was very much akin to a relationship between light and dark. It also brings me back to Danzou’s very own words regarding the relationship between light and shadow, which very much reinforce the sentiment of harmony and balance between the two in order for true prominence to be achieved.

You know, Danzou was actually quite a wise person, in his own cynical, bastardy sort of way...

You know, Danzou was actually very wise, in his own cynical, bastardy sort of way…

Of course, I’ve blabbered on a bit too much about Yin and Yang, or light and dark. Although I did feel there was a lot worth discussing in that regard, the real highlight of this chapter was, in fact, Gai’s final attack.

Unleeeeeeemooooohhhhhhteeddd Powaaaah!

Night has fallen upon you…

Unfortunately, as impressive as Gai’s attack was, there isn’t really much I can say about it other than what is already plainly obvious; that it kicks ass in a big way.

One observation I did make, however, was that despite our previous impression that it was called the Night Moth, Mangastream’s translation narrates it as “Night Gai”. I’m not sure why they translated it that way, or if Gai’s kanji name has some relation or similarity to the kanji for moth, which might have caused some error or inconsistency, but what I do know is that the attack takes on a form more similar to a dragon than anything else. Gai even calls out “Ryuu” as he initiates the attack, which means “dragon”. All along I wanted a dragon attack from Gai, and I guess I ended up getting it after all, in a roundabout sort of way. ^ ^

I guess I could also make note of the fact that the attack takes the form of a flying kick, which also marries it back to one of Gai’s most iconic techniques, the Dynamic Entry.

It's over 9000!

Well… really… this is more like a Dynamic Exit…

In the end, the results speak for themselves. The earth is shaken, maps are rewritten and even the world tree sustains damage. The damage to Madara himself is nothing short of substantial, especially when you consider his power and durability and the Juubi’s host, but unfortunately, the damage to Gai himself is far greater.

Much like a “moth to the flame”, Gai’s body itself begins to disintegrate, turning to nothing more than ash. No doubt the heat generated by opening the final Death Gate is too much for the human body to handle, and so it is quite literally incinerated.

First Gai attacks Madara with his giant serpent and then Madara retaliates with his balls. Before you know it, this manga will be M rated.

First Gai attacks Madara with his giant serpent and then Madara retaliates with his tiny balls. An epic battle, or extreme foreplay?

Before anyone can so much as fetch an urn, Madara attempts to attack Gai and finish the job himself. I guess in Madara’s mind, if an opponent as worthy as Gai dies from his own technique, then it wasn’t really Madara who beat him in the end, so he has to make the final blow to truly lay claim to his symbolic victory.

Either way, it ends up being futile when Naruto arrives and deflects the attack. What was more interesting than the fact that Naruto managed to redirect such a powerful offensive with nothing more than a simple kick, however, was the fact that he then proceeded to apply some sort of technique on Gai, most likely a seal of some kind, which seems to have halted his body’s destruction for the time being.

The damage from the nipple twist was severe.

Yep, his left nipple is definitely inflamed.

The only question that remains now, is to what extent Gai will recover from this ordeal. While Naruto’s intervention might save his life, as far as I can see, the damage to his body is severe and a complete recovery may not be possible. I suppose any odds regarding such matters lie completely in the potential of Naruto’s new power, which has yet to be revealed.

All we can say for certain right now is that Naruto does have the chakra of nine Bijuu and most likely Ashura’s Yin chakra, so anything is possible. He may even be comparable to Madara now to some degree. What I am curious about, however, is the state of his eyes, which appear similar to how they do when he crosses Sage Mode with his Kyuubi Sennin form, only without the dark markings we usually associate with Sage Mode.

But you will be soon enough...

But you might be soon enough…

I guess for now I’ll just have to wait and see. That’s it from me this week and I hope you all enjoyed the breakdown!

Unfortunately, I can’t list a winner for the Bubbliton Contest because there was only one entry (from holydemonandy), so he’d be listed by default. Iamnotreally here did list his own Bubbliton Contest for this week however, so you’re all welcome to give it a bash.

See you all in the comments! ^ ^

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    What I’m wondering now, however, is how Naruto compares to Sasuke now. Yes both seem to have the full Yin or Yang power of the Sage respectively, but Naruto also has the power of the Nine Bijuu on top of that, so he’s still a step ahead, theoretically speaking.

    I still predict a possible future where Naruto ends up containing the Juubi’s chakra in the form of the nine Bijuu, while Sasuke attains the body, thus balancing them out as powers against each other. However, I can also just as easily see Kaguya reemerging as a primary villain again after seeing what appears to be the presence of her will inside Madara through the holy tree.

  16. The obito thing has got me interested. As an enemy. What does he mean by that? Give him a quick death? Take his left eye before the Zetsu takes full control? Since she is a medical ninja and all, he might have her punch through his heart, paralleling what Kakashi did to Rin, to stop the zetsu from taking over.

    Or maybe he saw what was in Naruto’s heart like Naruto saw in his, and saw the special place she held in Naruto’s heart.

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  18. @Wiseman

    He said he’s asking her the question as her enemy, which suggests he wants her to do something harmful to him. I suspect that he wants her to kill him and destroy his Rinnegan eye, so that it can’t fall into Madara’s hands again. Even if it isn’t to kill, I suspect that destroying the other eye will at the very least be an option.

  19. Naruto now has chakra rods as well. He might be able to affect Madara, by stabbing him with it. And Naruto+Sauske Avatar mix will be pretty cool.

    I still think Naruto is stronger than Sauske. Sauske just has the rinnegan, Naruto has a whole lot of expierience fighting against it. While Sauske barely has any experience using it at all. I still think in order to use EMS techniques, Sauske has to switch doujutsu to use them. He can’t swtich to EMS and still use rinnegan techniques, just like he can’t switch to Rinnegan and use Amerterasu.

    Sauske seems pretty formidable, but he is out classed by Naruto. And Imagine what damage Naruto can do if he were to say, add more clones with the same power?

    Naruto also has Sage Mode. And that clearly is an advantages of rinnegan users.

    I think Naruto and Sauske will fight valiently, but Madara is going to get the other eye from Obito, and up his power level more to the point where he will most likely open his 3rd eye. And then it will be up to Naruto himself to step up and fight against him.

  20. Maybe Kaguya takes over Hinata’s body and steals the rinnegan from Tobi, and places the eye in the middle of her forehead O.o?! Then Naruto would have no other choice but to “take care of her” like Neji said (albeit, not what he meant when he said it)

  21. Fun theory popped up in Mangastream. Maybe Kaguya was running wild with the Bijuu chakra. Maybe she had been the first jinchuruki. She had to have control of the tree inorder to do Infinite Tsukiomi. So she absorbed. And the Sage Brothers, weren’t really fighting the tree, but the mother as well. And I think the brothers did their best to separate the mother from the bijuu chakra. And the Sage sealed away the chakra within himself, while the brother became the shinagami and sealed away his own mother from ever doing anymore harm again!?!? Maybe the Sages brother sacrificed himself to seal away the mother

  22. @ Wise, looking at Sasuke’s new eye it seems to me that he can have the best of both techniques, he has the shape of the Rinnegan with the Tomoes of the Sharingan within so it might actually be a Doujutsu that contains both the Sharingan and the Rinnegan within one eye with acces to all of the techniques.

    I wouldn’t think Kishi made Sasuke weaker then Naruto, I, too, consider Naruto to be a bit superior to Sasuke but all in all I think Sasuke’s at Madara’s level without the bijuus or even a bit better.
    I guess it all comes down to weather or not Sasuke can use all techniques with one eye. Also keep in mind he has a normal, or better yet an EMS, in his right eye. So it’s EMS in one eye and Sharingan-Rinnegan Hybrid in the left, just like Obito used to have.

  23. I think Naruto and Sasuke are going to do this together, but Madara will probably exceed them in ability by gaining another ability, thus forcing Naruto and Sasuke to use the sage’s ninja tools like Madara had used his own.


    Why is the Rinnesharingan activated in only one eye?

    And I like the idea Tenrai that eventually Kaguya will appear as the main villain.

  25. You guys got me thinking, if Ashura and Indra’s chakras were latched on two people throughout the ages, always clashing and bringing conflict between the two inhabited people, shouldn’t Hagoromo’s brother and Kaguia be the same. This going by the notion that Kaguia isn’t trapped in the Tree itself and Hagoromo’s brother isn’t the Death Reaper.

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    Here is proof that Edo Tensei can lose chakra!

    Do you guys think that Madara is going to get his other eye? This would probably mean that Black Zetsu will get past both Sakura and Obito(who might die at any moment) with the eye…

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  32. @Wiseman

    Rather than saying Kaguya became a Jinchuuriki for the Juubi, it might be more accurate to assume the opposite scenario, and that is the Juubi absorbing Kaguya into itself. Remember, the entire reason it went on a rampage in the first place was to take back what was stolen from it, and for all we know, it succeeded.

    That might explain why Kaguya may be trapped within the holy tree and why we saw her presence in this latest chapter, which seemed to coax Madara into absorbing the tree.

  33. I’m hoping to see Kaguya be released because I really want to see what the byakugan can really do. To me it seems as if the Hyuuga are not really making good use of it, just using gentle hand techniques and not seeing if it can be used with ninjutsu or genjutsu.
    I’m hoping we see what the SOSPs thought was a ‘gruesome power’. And maybe see what Hinata can learn and improve with?? She really needs an upgrade and to come into her own. I always thought Obito’s power ‘Kamui’ would be better as a byakugan. Teleporting away into the distance requires long sight which the sharingan doesn’t have but the byakugan does.

  34. I wonder if the Hyuuga traditions of “serving the main branch” and “death for not serving” are carried down from the time of Kaguya.

    Also, who was Kaguya’s mate/husband? Who was the father of Hagoromo and his brother.

  35. “Rather than saying Kaguya became a Jinchuuriki for the Juubi, it might be more accurate to assume the opposite scenario, and that is the Juubi absorbing Kaguya into itself.”

    Or, Kaguya became obsessed with power and turned herself and the tree into the Juubi. Hense, Hagoromo and his brother “paying for her sins”. It seems like, with here “It’s time for everything to become one” statement, the infinite Tsukuyomi was originally her idea. Hagoromo and his brother stopped her from carrying it out it seems.

    “Also, who was Kaguya’s mate/husband? Who was the father of Hagoromo and his brother.”

    My guestimates are (in no particular order);
    – Kakashi, remember his rampage? How can he not be a God!
    – Chuck Norris, for obvious reasons.
    – Itachi, a man so powerful he can literally make up jutsu’s as he goes along.

  36. @arpotu I think the hyuga idea of the main branch actually might come from indra himself or his progeny. Think about it, the hyuga hold the OLDER brother sacred. It’s kinda like getting revenge in a passive aggressive way. The older brother was passed over by his father, now all his family will never disrespect the older brother again.

  37. Obito, as an enemy, will have his eye stolen from him. He feels bad about his past actions likely, so he’s deciding to give away his eye once more. To whom is unclear. Could be Kakashi.

    Izanami was made to show one their true self. I imagine Indra had a reason for helping create that, if he was partially behind it.

    I wonder if Hagoromo’s brother was the one who passed down the Byakugan in the first place, but it seems quite viable that Indra had something to do with the main branch family and secondary branch.

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  40. Oh great! Just when things couldn’t get any worse! And of course, Sakura botches things! Poor Kakashi! It seems safe to say that Madara will get his left Rinnegan after all now that he hijacked Kakashi’s Sharingan and the Kamui technique. No replacement Sharingan for Kakashi. >.>

    Damn, this was a great chapter, except for Madara once again gaining a big upper hand. -_-

  41. That was a really fast paced chapter, and it looks like both Sasuke and Naruto can move at really high speeds. I’m looking forward to see how Sasuke’s eyes work.

    Also next chapter we’ll probably witness another gift from Obito to Kakashi, this time the Rinnegan, I’m sure Obito will take himself and Sakura out of the other dimension, leaving Madara to recuperate there, he is, after all, only a torso. Form what I saw in the last panel, he only managed to send his upper body to Obito after Sasuke chopped him in half.

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  44. @Eugen

    I actually don’t think Sasuke was moving fast at all. In fact, Madara stated quite clearly that he “didn’t simply move” when Sasuke magically avoided his attacks. Also, Sasuke seemed to swap places with his own sword when Madara tried to attack him and when Sasuke asked Naruto for the two of them to use their jutsu on each other, Madara magically appeared between them.

    The only conclusion I can draw from all these clues is that Sasuke is using the Izanagi to change reality as it suits him and to make Madara’s attacks fail and his own attacks succeed where they normally wouldn’t. It’s kinda like what Danzou did when he was fighting Sasuke, as he’d also often appear in a completely different place to where Sasuke’s attacks landed after he changed his fate with the Izanagi. Still, Sasuke is likely using a perfect version of the Izanagi, unlike Danzou who Obito specifically mentioned was using an incomplete version, hence why his eyes lost their sight after every use while Sasuke retains his.

    My guess is also that the jutsu also has a limited range and Sasuke can only change reality within a specific area around himself. That’s why he couldn’t stop Madara when he had gotten too far away and why Madara said he was starting to understand how Sasuke’s eye worked.

  45. @ Ten, great observation mate, I didn’t pick up on that until the 3rd time I read the chapter. Indeed, it seems like Sasuke is using a pumped up version of Izanagi. His eyes have truly reached the pinnacle of power doujutsu-wise.
    I wonder why Naruto isn’t using his spheres at all, so far Naruto can use his life saving hand tech and a power assimilation between him and the other bijuu.

  46. I didn’t like how Naruto reverted to his fan-girl persona around Sauske: With his snarky remarks “taking orders from you pisses me off.” It was a pretty lame step back for Naruto and showed literally on the panels; as he let Sauske take the lead. I get it if it were banter still being spewed between them, but it just seemed like this chapter Naruto was kind of bratty.

    As for the Sauske jutsu, it seems to be unique only to him, or else Madara would be able to counter it. Madara looks like he’s going to be getting his other eye. And I think Obito’s last action will be to bring Sakura back. At first I thought it was some form of teleportation. Then I thought it was a form of the almighty pull. And Sauske would be bringing Madara to him and Naruto so they could attack him. And Naruto drove Madara to the sword. And Sauske Almighty pushed himself towards Madara. Remember, Pein could fly with these techniques.

    So Madara was cut in half and could still use his rod? Something doesn’t sound right there O.o

    And again Sakura’s hesitation leads to a turn for the worst for our heros as it will undoubtedly lead to Madara getting his eye back. But I can understand why she seemed to have been hesitating with the all around bad guy pleading to get his eye removed.

    Although it did seem like Obito was at his limits, wondering how Madara got his other eye will keep him from dieing. Obito might get an adrenaline shot to teleport and implant his other eye into Kakashi

  47. Madara’s eye transplant technique is getting faster and faster by the chapter O.o Poor Kakashi. But this does set him up for an eye replacement.

  48. @Wiseman

    I definitely don’t think it’s Shinra Tensei or Banshou Ten’in. Madara didn’t look like he was just being pushed or pulled, it looked like reality was being manipulated, which is why I think Sasuke is using the Izanagi. Even Naruto was confused by the fact that Madara was impaled by Sasuke’s sword when Madara was clearly set on attacking Sasuke himself.

    The only other possibility that would make sense is that Sasuke is using a very powerful genjutsu on Madara to obscure his perception, so where thinks he sees Sasuke is actually not where he is, hence why he might have impaled himself on Sasuke’s sword when he himself thought he was attacking Sasuke. Still, I find this unlikely, because I don’t see how any kind of visual genjutsu would work on someone with the MS, EMS and Rinnegan.

    The Izanagi, or something close to it, is the only thing that makes sense to me.

  49. I must be the only one who disagrees on Sasuke being able to spam Izanagi. To me, that just seems too hax for any character, nevermind an Uchiha. I’d like to think that it’s just a very sophisticated genjutsu or some means of distorting Madara’s perceptions of Sasuke at close to mid range. I just don’t think that’s Izanagi.

    And also, I think it’s making it hard for me to suspend belief over the fact that Madara can essentially plug in a different eye as fast as a USB device on a computer. Nevermind that in reality, entire eyes can’t be transplanted due to their sophisticated connections to the brain. It’s just really messed up that Madara could do that. At least it was more believable when Sasuke required several days to adjust to his new eyes being transplanted.

  50. ^ohh c’mon its madara we’re talking about here.. LOOOL

  51. You know what we haven’t seen much of for a long time? Genjutsu (other than Izanami which seems to be a form of genjutsu). Maybe Sasuke’s using a genjutsu?

  52. Sorry to double post, but I just realized how effective using genjutsu would be when it came to telling stories and explaining history.

  53. After everything that has gone on in this manga to this point I think its safe to assume that the SO6P’s brother most likely took up camp in the land of Lighting. With that being the 2nd strongest village to leaf with the Kinkaku bros, all the legendary ninja tools of the sage or his brother and seeing the sage lighting attacks of Madara and Sasuke’s black sage chidori. Because idk but wasn’t that handed down in the land of lighting like it did for Darui ‘s black panther jutsu.

  54. It would makes sense with them wanting the Byakugan cause man imagine them already considered the strongest nation with their strength, speed, and lightning with the Byakugan and of course with
    Fire and Lighting as being the most dangerous and destructive of the elements of all the Lands

  55. I just realized how stupid it was that Sasuke didn’t attain his Sharingan after seeing his parents killed by his brother.

  56. @Kevin: lol, USB sticks always take two tries for me 😛
    @holydemonandy: but he did, he just didn’t remember it or something

  57. @zzattack: I can see it now. Madara plugs in an eye…”Ooops! Can’t see out of it!” Madara pops the eye back out, blows on the connector, and pops it back in. “Ah! Much better!”

  58. @zzattack and Kevin: In one of the later release of the anime, it shows when Danzo stole the eye from Shisui. In it, he did the same thing, pull out Shisui and pop it back into his socket. These latest anime really show how Danzo really screw over the Uchiha clan.

  59. Will there be a chap this week?

  60. Found in mangahelpers

    Quote Originally Posted by 3c View Post

    There is no chapter today, but it’s Golden Week as such we might get the next chapter EARLY. Normally the chapter would be out in a week, on May 7th, but normally we get the chapter a few days earlier than that. Don’t take it as a promise, but as a possibility.

  61. Dang Japanese, they use anything and everything to have a festival. Fun place to live! Bhahahaha

  62. I think the reason Madara and Obito can change eyes so fast is because of Hashirama’s cells. Sasuke took days to adjust to eyes because he didn’t have them. Also did Kishi forget about Yamato? Wouldn’t be the first time something like that happened.

  63. well yamato is already in the battlefield. he’s the spiral zetsu battling the 3rd hokage and the other kages.

  64. Man, this sucks! While there have been weeks that the manga wasn’t shown, at least there was Shippuden…and vice versa. But to have absolutely NO Naruto at all just sucks!

    Also, I’m guessing we’ll be getting a triple breakdown next week?

  65. its out!

  66. wow tenten made an appearance and she has a diabolical plan..

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