Naruto chapter 670 Breakdown: If only this title was half as long as the breakdown is going to be…

Hello everyone.

Before I get started, I just want to warn you all that this is going to be a long breakdown, probably longer than you guys are used to coming from me (and that’s saying a lot). The reason is because our latest chapter just happens to be one of the most information intensive that we’ve received in a long time and, in addition to the copious amounts of dialogue, there were also a lot of visual and symbolic clues I’d like to discuss as well.

In saying that, I hope you all bear with me, because I put a lot of effort into this and have managed to unearth a lot of details that I think our readers will be interested in. I hope you all take the time to read the breakdown and also share your thoughts with me and our fellow awesome people. ^ ^

People floating and crap.

That awkward moment when you meet “god”.

I think the most obvious and significant point to this chapter is that Naruto has finally met the Sage of the Six Paths, whose name we now know as Hagoromo. Personally, I’m very glad we’ve learned his name because it sure as hell saves a lot of time typing out his title every single time we reference him.

I think this meeting was something we’ve all expected for a while now, one many of us believed was ultimately inevitable, but I think what was most surprising about this reveal as a whole, was Hagoromo’s appearance and that of his immediate family (being his mother and his brother).

What is it with women and eating forbidden fruit?

What is it with women and eating forbidden fruit?

It’s obvious that whatever race Hagoromo and his immediate family are from, they are not entirely human. In fact, even Hagoromo mentions that Naruto is not completely inaccurate when he calls them aliens, which, coupled with the fact that they come from another land, suggests that they are of another race entirely. Given that they came to a land where humans dwelled, it’s also not too far-fetched to assume that Hagoromo and his brother might have eventually fallen in love with human partners and thus, gave birth to what could be the first powerful human clans of the Ninja world. This is supported by the fact that despite Hagoromo’s otherworldly appearance, both his children look very much humane.

Given her appearance in particular, the first and most obvious connection one can make looking at Ootsutsuki Kaguya, Hagoromor’s mother, is that she is related directly to the death god itself, whom we have seen during the use of the Skiki Fuujin. I wasn’t the only one to pick up on this connection and I was quite happy to see it being discussed in the comments section.

Er... Shinigami junior is rising to the occasion?

Um… Shinigami junior is rising to the occasion?

Even with just a brief glance, the aesthetic similarities between Kaguya and the Shinigami are obvious, with both sporting a similar cloak, horns on their head and circular marks above the eyes.

Although some have suggested that the Shinigami itself might be related more to Hagoromo’s brother than his mother, given its somewhat more masculine appearance, one thing that did throw me off slightly was the long sharp nails that the Shinigami sports, something that Hagoromo does not have and something I doubt his brother has either. We do, however, see Kaguya sporting similarly sharp appendages. Also, given that Hagoromo didn’t have dots above his eyes, we can’t be certain that his brother does either, which even further implicates Kaguya as the primary suspect.

Someone needs a pedicure...

Someone needs a pedicure…

One theory this immediately brings to light is the idea that Kaguya might be the Shinigami itself. Perhaps she was cursed for her sin of stealing the forbidden fruit of the Sacred Tree (The Juubi) and was condemned to spend eternity as a hideous specter that reaps the souls of the dead, or something along those lines.

The other topic this brings into question is also the relationship between Kaguya (or Hagoromo’s brother) and the Uzumaki clan, given that they had shrines that held masks of the Shinigami and created the very sealing techniques that allowed them to summon it to do their bidding. One possible theory is that if Hagoromo created Ninshuu, the precursor to Ninjutsu, then perhaps his brother created Fuujinjutsu. In fact, his brother might been the first to use the Shiki Fuujin to seal away the Juubi, either using his mother as the Shinigami, or perhaps becoming the Shinigami himself (if we go by the theory that he is the Shinigami). Maybe his ancestors went on to become the Uzumaki clan, perhaps even through one of his ancestors wedding a Senju and bearing children, which might explain the link between the Uzumaki and the Shinigami and why they chose to honor that heritage. It would also explain the blood relation between the Uzumaki and Senju and why they continued to have close ties until the destruction of Uzugakure.

Of course, all of this is just pure speculation at this point. There are too many possibilities to list, but it’s always fun to theorize based on observational clues. Still, there are other immediate links to Kaguya that I picked up, some very surprising.


So sexy, yeah it hurts!

First up is the Kaguya clan, who are, oddly enough, named directly after the Hagoromo’s mother, Kaguya. Not only that, but looking at Kimimaro, it’s also to see some aesthetic clues that link the two halves, such as the circles above the eye that fall into a similar position as the one Kaguya adorns, though they appear to be a different colour.

It makes me wonder if the Kaguya clan are direct descendants of Ootsutsuki Kaguya, or if they simply revered her as a god and worshiped her, thus naming themselves after her and painting dots on their forehead in her honor. The fact that the Kaguya clan were bloodthirsty savages that were ultimately doomed to wipe themselves out might also be linked to Kaguya’s sin and thus, be the result of a curse of some kind.

It’s also interesting to note that both the Uzumaki and Kaguya clan members display enhanced regenerative abilities, with the Uzumaki possessing a strong life force that allows them to regenerate from even severe wounds, while the Kaguya seem to regenerate any flesh that their bones pierce (in a manner similar to Wolverine from the X-men). This also further implicates a possible relation between the two clans and their subsequent link to Kaguya or her sons.


The things people put in their mouths in this series…

The other link pertains to the Kin-Gin brothers, who were said to have been direct descendants of the Rikkudou Sennin (Hagoromo). When you consider that they both sport horns similar to Kagyua and her sons, I think that direct lineage is all but confirmed now, and easily explains how they were able to wield Hagoromo’s treasures with such ease.

With all these theoretical intertwining paths, it’s a wonder I haven’t gone insane trying to connect all the dots.

Next topic.

The Juubi’s expression was not too dissimilar from my own while writing this breakdown…

As for the sealing of the Juubi, it seems that Hagoromo was not its sole container after all, and that the burden was, in fact, shared with his brother. It actually makes sense when you think about it, because in the past we learned that Hagoromo sealed the Juubi’s body into the moon. This suggests that the Juubi’s chakra was sealed into Hagoromo while the body was sealed into his brother and at some stage, perhaps after his brother died, Hagoromo then sealed his body away to keep the Juubi from ever being resurrected. Gedou Moza itself might even by a physical or symbolic representation of Hagoromo’s brother or his spirit, due to its more humanoid appearance.

After that, Hagoromo would have split the Juubi’s chakra within himself into the Nine Bijuu, and the rest is history, so to speak.

One mystery this theory would bring into play, however, is the origins of the Mokuton. We’ve know that the Juubi’s true form is that of a giant world tree and that its body shares the same properties as Mokuton (it’s wooden, absorbs chakra, etc), so if Hagoromo’s brother did contain the Juubi’s body, then that would actually suggest that the Senju, or perhaps more specifically, Hashirama Senju, might be directly related to him in some way.

Could history have been written incorrectly? Are the Senju actually the descendants of the Sage’s youngest son, or are the Uzumaki? Are either, alternatively the descendants of Hagoromo’s brother, or perhaps a union of Hagoromo’s and his brother’s descendants? Are the Uzumaki related directly to Kaguya herself? Where do the Kaguya clan fall in this elaborate web?

Will my brain splode? Probably…


Enter Sasuke and Naruto, version 1.0.

Moving onto Hagoromo’s two sons, I picked up a lot of references to Hinduism and Buddhism at this stage in the chapter. To begin with, both Indra and Ashura are named after spiritual deities that appear in both Hindu and Buddhist faiths.

Asura were often depicted as lesser deities who were constantly in conflict with the elder gods, or the Devas, whom of which Indra was the leader. The fact that the Asura were seen as inferior and the Devas as superior, marries with the theme of Ashura being the inferior of Hagoromo’s two sons while Indra was considered the superior. The conflict between Hagoromo’s two sons is also reflective of the constant conflict between Asura and Indra.

In addition to that, Asura were often depicted with six arms and three heads, while Indra was mostly depicted with four arms, which also coincides with the appearance of Ashura’s and Indra’s avatars, the former’s of which also appears to have six arms and three heads while the latter’s, Susanoo, is depicted with four arms respectively.

Battle of the gods..

I’m sure their rock, paper, scissors games were very interesting…

The link between Susanoo and the deity Indra, is further solidified by the fact that both are depicted as Storm gods, which means Kishi is absorbing and merging details from various mythologies into his own work.

Another interesting detail a few picked up on for this chapter, was the similarities between Ashura’s avatar and Naruto’s Sennin Kyuubi transformation. At first, we readers believed that Naruto’s transformation was mostly attributed to Kurama’s chakra influence, but now that we’ve seen Ashura’s avatar take on a similar aesthetic appearance, with the same circular markings and lines, it brings about a new theory, especially when we consider the recently learned fact that Naruto is essentially the spiritual reincarnation of Ashura.


Sparkly! (Yes, I’m running out of witty caption ideas).

If we look at Naruto’s transformation above, you’ll actually notice that it’s quite different from Asura’s avatar, in that the lines running along Naruto’s body are not as clean and the circular markings are missing, replaced instead by the spiral design synonymous with Naruto’s seal and the Uzumaki clan symbol.

However, one of the most pertinent points we have to consider in this particular state of Naruto’s transformation is that in this version, he only uses Kurama’s chakra. In the past, whenever Naruto wanted to transform into his Kyuubi chakra form, he had to set aside his own chakra – which Kurama subsequently began to absorb – while he used Kurama’s chakra exclusively in its place. So it can be said that the primary reason that Naruto’s transformation was not more like Ashura’s avatar in the past, was because Naruto’s chakra was not present at any point in the process.

That all changed when Naruto and Kurama began to cooperate.


Narutomon, digivole into… whathehellisthatmon!

After Naruto won Kurama’s trust, they both merged their chakra to transform into the Kyuubi-sennin form we all know today. In the process, Naruto adorned the familiar lines and circles we can now see were present on Ashura’s own avatar form, with the only difference being the actual shape of their avatars themselves.

What we can hypothesis, given these visual clues, is that Naruto’s transformation is actually a combination the avatar form we see Ashura using – which he would have inherited as Ashura’s reincarnated form – and Kurama’s Bijuu transformation. Ashura’s influence can be seen in the markings on Naruto’s body and the overall aesthetic feel of the transformation, while Kurama’s influence can be seen in the form Naruto’s avatar takes, in that it’s a fox as opposed to a humanoid form with six arms.

This would also explain why Naruto’s Bijuu transformation is so different those we’ve seen with other Jinchuuriki, because it isn’t a pure Bijuu transformation, but rather a combination transformation of sorts. In fact, you could just as easily liken it to the combination transformation Madara created when he merged Susanoo with Kurama.

My name? You can call me Badass!

My name? You can call me Badass!

In the end, it could be said that Naruto has simply awakened a power deep within himself during the merger of his and Kurama’s chakra, but it was a power that has existed there all along, regardless of whether Kurama was ever sealed into him or not.

Also, because we’ve learned that Naruto has inherited Ashura’s spirit, and through it, his chakra, I think it’s also safe to conclude that Sasuke has likewise inherited Indra’s spirit and his chakra as well. In fact, when we consider the dark presence the likes of Karen and others have detected in Sasuke, I think we can be certain that what they were actually sensing was Indra’s spirit itself.

Well, at least now we have something to blame Sasuke's emoness on.

Well, at least now we have something to blame Sasuke’s emoness on.

It’s ironic, because in a way, Naruto has always considered Sasuke his brother and even Sasuke himself might have, at one point, thought of Naruto as a brother of sorts as well, at least before leaving to join Orochimaru. Now, given this revelation with Indra and Ashura, one could say that if Sasuke is indeed the reincarnated form of Indra, then he and Naruto are actually brothers in a sense that goes far beyond physical blood relations and into the realm of the spiritual.

I’m also certain that it’s this spiritual link to Ashura and Indra, that causes the conflict between Naruto and Sasuke. The two might be compelled to clash even if they aren’t certain why and it might be this link that they will ultimately have to overcome if there’s ever to be some measure of peace between them. It’s also very likely that previous hosts for the brother’s spirits would have also clashed in a similar manner, and when we look at the conflict between Hashirama and Madara, there’s a good chance they themselves were previous hosts as well.

In fact, Hashirama himself may have given us a visual clue so as to reinforce the likelihood of that sentiment, in the form of the markings on his forehead when he enters Sage Mode, which bear some resemblance to the circular seals that Naruto and Ashura share.

Yay, more mysteries.

If you’re OP and you know it clap your hands!

In the end, I think both Naruto and Sasuke – and all their predecessors who might have inherited Ashura’s and Indra’s spirits – have been trapped in a curse of conflict, for many centuries now that was not of their making. You could even say that it’s their “destiny” to always clash with one another.

Ultimately, I also think it will be up to Naruto to shatter that destiny and prove his words to Neji back during the Chuunin Exams that it is possible to escape one’s perceived fate and choose a new path. A Hokage is someone who clears the path for others to walk, so for Naruto, who wants to become Hokage, he’ll ultimately have to clear a path that diverges away from the cycle of hatred that was born between Indra and Ashura so long ago.

In any case, I think I’ve overstayed my welcome now. I’ve covered about as much as I can think of at this point, but still had to reign in on the details a bit so as to not write a complete novel. Hopefully, if anyone else thinks of more they could add to what I’ve said, they’ll write a comment with their thoughts.

In the meantime, I’ve also decided to include a Bubbliton Competition, just to freshen things up a bit again. So here it is!

*Insert Caption here.*

*Insert Caption here.*

I hope you all enjoyed the breakdown, despite its length.

See you in the comments! ^ ^

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    You could say, Naruto’s real fate is to just decide what to do himself.

    I also mentioned in my breakdown how I believe what Naruto will really end up having to do is go against the preordained set of events that have been repeating themselves throughout history and forge a new path. That sentiment is, in fact, reinforced by Hagoromo himself, who even mentions specifically that what he wishes for might actually be against the natural way of the world and that he’s being selfish by trying to alter it. That doesn’t seem like a man bound by destiny, but rather someone who is trying to change it.

    Your parallel to Neo is actually quite spot on in a way, because Naruto is another step in a history of recurring events, but he’s different from his predecessors, as Hagoromo pointed out, because he has a certain foolishness about him that might make all the difference in the end.

    As for common ground, the main issue that we’ve seen come up in Naruto time and time again is that even those who share the same goals, may not share the same ideals of how those goals should be achieved. Hashirama clashed with Madara even though they shared the same goals, and it was because neither believed in the others way of reaching that goal. So, even if Naruto and Sasuke have given the same answer about what it is they wish for, they may still not agree on how to make that wish a reality and conflict may still occur. I think it will be up to Naruto, and maybe even Sasuke, to find a way to get past that, so as not to repeat history, and to break the cycle that Indra and Ashura created so long ago.

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  40. some interesting stuff I got from this chapter:
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    And I’d also like to talk about the final scene of that chapter. It is revealed the Sage was also having a conversation with Sauske. That is very random. Has Sauske really gone good? A history lesson from Hagoromo and thats it? Sauske’s character is very convoluted and that’s because they aren’t really flushing out his character. First he wants to destroy Konoha, then he wants to find out about “being a ninja”, then he wants to protect Konoha, then he wants to be Hokage, then he wants to kill the bijuu, now he wants to accept the Sages offer? Really, really confusing character development.

    Another thing, is the Sage really going to power them up, or is he Just a remnant of the past floating out side the realm of time. Just an observer with the ability to bring people back to life. I hope the Sage doesn’t power them up any further. Naruto is already getting powered up because of the bijuu inside him, and Sauske with his death experience most likely will gain the Rinnegan. No need to further give them avatars to use, I think they can unlock that on their own.

    Another lame thing that wasn’t really explained. How Naruto and Sauske are the reincarnations of the brothers. There are paradoxes up the wazoo. A reincarnated person means their soul (original soul) is put into a new vessel. That means their souls went into Hashirama and Madara, and then moved on to Naruto and Sauske. How can their souls still continue to exist if their souls are in a new vessel? I’m not liking how the souls of the brothers seem to be latched on to other peoples lives. It’s kinda parasitic if you ask me. They are basically forcing the issue they had in the past on to their descendants.

    So, since the Sage is stuck outside of time, I guess his soul can’t really be reincarnated. He has found the zenith outside earth. But he still feels like he can’t move on yet until he sees this war between his sons end. I think he is doing something similar to Kakashi’s dad, where his dad waited at the fire place for kakashi. I think the Sage is doing the same thing and waiting for his sons to arrive so he can depart into the after life with them.

    How ’bout the whole mother translation controversy going on. I don’t think it was uncommon for them to have incestuous babies in olden times to keep up the lineage. It’s difficult to discern a concrete story from the translation. If he means “their mother” meaning the mother of all. Like how some historians just give the title of original homo sapien “Eve”. Maybe by “their mother” Kishi means the “Eve” of the Narutovers.
    She is also stated to have become mad with power. So maybe her body was corrupted to the point where she resembled a demon? Her silhouette, when the Sage said she came to be despised as a demon, looked a lot like the reaper.
    She was also said to have the Byukugan. When did the sharingan open? It seemed to be the last power to have opened for her. Maybe she gained the sharingan once she ate the fruit. So, did her people already have the byukugan? Why didn’t the Sage have those eyes? Does that mean he already had the rinnegan. And the fact that he was born with the rinnegan can be explained by the fact that the mother had eaten the fruit before giving birth and the fruit had caused a mutation.

    Things I would like to know. Where did Kaguya come from? Why does she have the Byukugan? When did she get the Sharingan? Did Madara really inherit indra’s hate, or Kaguyas lust for power? Why in the hell did Ashura pick Naruto as his reincarnation vessel? Why in the hell did they introduce a brother to the Sage? What happened to the brother of the Sage? Did he also have children? Why is it only the Sage that is able to see outside of time as well?

  41. Enjoy

  42. Also, what the hell is this???

    Is that the Sage’s father?

  43. @Wiseman. No that’s just an art style.

    2nd, since Hagoromo exists outside of time, it stands to reason that all ghosts and all forms without physicality do too.

    There’s speculation that it’s possible for someone to be reincarnated multiple times within the same time frame because spirits exist out of time, so they can keep going to the same time to incarnate as many times as they want. I prefer to call it simultaneous reincarnation. Not sure if there’s an actual title for the idea.

  44. @tlwm i think what was reincarnated wasn’t their souls, but i think their chakra. this is i think was transferred to these succesors.

  45. @Chaps

    Chakra is actually a combination of your physical and spiritual energy, so it stands to reason that your chakra is the embodiment of both your body and soul, so to speak. I think that’s why chakra is so important for life with current humans, and why they die if they suffer from complete chakra exhaustion.

  46. I just also wanted to let everyone know that we’ll be doing a double breakdown, because for some reason I don’t have the energy to do one right now. Also, this current chapter was really an extension of the last so it’s hard to find things to discuss in detail, like the last one.

  47. Chapter 672 is out!

  48. Well, looks like Might Guy will survive after all if what Naruto is doing to/for him is any indication. What a kickass chapter that was.

  49. Sorry for the multiple posts but…looks like we got our “Nighttime Dragon” after all, even though the name wasn’t as such.

  50. This has got to be one of the best chapters yet.

  51. @ Chapter – Was epic! Glad to see the final technique was all it was hyped up to be from Gai, Naruto moving in an kicking the “Black ball thing” think this means Naruto has fully inherited the Body of the Sage of 6 Paths… (Sometimes I like to call him that still…)

    @ Nike – Yeah will probably do a Bleach Finale at some point. It has gotten a lot better of late with the return of Ken-chan.

  52. Naruto looks badass, looking forward to this 😀

  53. truly a great chapter, among my top 10 without a doubt. Gai’s attack was beyond what I thought he’d do and with this fortunate turn of events we can confirm that Tenrai is really Kishimoto. Ten heard our wishes for a final Dragon attack from Gai and look at what we got. We owe you a big “THANK YOU” Ten.

    As far as Naruto goes, we knew he had a life giving chakra ever since he conquered the Kyuubi and now he used that, now updated, power to save Gai’s life.

    I’m more curious to see what Sasuke can do, if Naruto can give life then Sasuke should be the opposite, he should wield a power even stronger then Itachi’s Susano’o combo (Totsuka sword and Yata Mirror), a death filled power strong enough to eradicate anything.

    The question is, will both guys attack Madara? The way Naruto is now I doubt he’ll need Sasuke’s help, the only way Madara could pose a threat is by stealing the other Rinnegan from Obito and ascend to Kaguya’s power.

  54. My only gripe with this chapter is that mighty guy has done 3/4 of the job so Naruto’s power up was kinda pointless… Putting Madara against Naruto/Sasuke is kinda overkill don’t u guys think?

  55. @ Peedi, I was thinking the same thing, Sasuke and Naruto vs Madara would be, from my POV, a bit too much for Madara to take on. I know that’s saying a lot when you think about just how strong Madara is but from what we’ve seen Naruto stepped in to save Gai and didn’t even brake a sweat while kicking the unstoppable Black Orb of Death.

    I’m really looking forward to the next chapters.

  56. @ Peedi – Remember Madara is recovering with the Tree and could now combine with said tree to give him extra strength to take on Naruto and Sasuke 😉

  57. @pein0avenue: Or Naruto could just hit Madara with a spirit bomb, send him crashing into the tree, blow the tree apart, and scatter all that chakra back into the world…

    …wait wrong movie. >.>

  58. Naruto’s gonna throw Madara a Senzu bean.

  59. The Sage giving Naruto another power-up is kinda over kill. Naruto already got the rest of the Bijuu chakra from Obito. It’s kinda lame, the Sage is this ethereal entity that can grant powers now? I wish Naruto had come back and used the bijuu chakra himself, instead of receive help from the Sage. The Sage should have stayed as just a talking ghost.

    And Gai did do a number on Madara, but Madara is healing himself up right now. I don’t think he is out of stamina, or chakra. I think his chakra is near limitless. I think Naruto is going to be fighting a Madara who is recovering though.

    I don’t know, I’m on the camp that Gai should be dead. Not killed by Madara, but just die. Him getting revived is a cop-out. Why all the stupid flashbacks if he is going to die? I don’t like the waste of panel stuff mangakas do, and reverse any type of affect those flashbacks had by reviving the character. Hopefully Naruto just gave enough chakra for Gai to say his goodbyes to his student and rival. Gais body is literally crumbling. His body is basically charcoal. And most likely his bones have all but shattered. I hope it’s just a small amount of chakra to say good bye because I don’t even be conscious if he were to stay alive

  60. Anyone who thinks Madara is now outmatched or that the job is basically done, is sorely underestimating the power of Uchihax. Yes, Gai pushed him into a corner but he is already recovering and when you consider that he has the power of the Juubi, the Rinnegan, the EMS and Hashirama’s Mokuton/Sage Mode, I don’t think we can underestimate his ability to troll everyone.

    Sure, I think the battle will be less one-sided now, considering Sasuke and Naruto will likely be able to match Madara’s power a bit more, but I don’t think we can presume that Gai’s attack alone was in any way a game ender. It would have been for any other opponent, no doubt, but not against the ultimate Uchihax.


    The question is whether the Sage was actually giving Naruto and Sasuke a power-up, or just unlocking what was already there. We still don’t know the extent of what happened or what he did to them, but it will be interesting to see what comes to light. Obviously the the circular and crescent symbols that appeared on their hands (possibly signifying the sun and the moon) are significant and have been seen in previous chapters, but I just wonder what the true importance behind them is. Perhaps it’s just another representation of Yin and Yang, or positive and negative energy.

  61. Am I the only one hoping that Hinata will somehow eat the chakra fruit in a desire for more power so she can save others, and Naruto has to somehow deal with this?

  62. well before the tree bears the fruit, madara would have to use tsukiyomi. just like the sage said, in order for the tree bear a fruit it needs everyones chakra.

    @tenrai you doing another kishi..

  63. @ Wiseman – We also don’t know if it is a power up purely in Strength or new abilities. Like Naruto showed it might just be healing etc. Also up until now everyone has been fighting as a team and barely surviving… Most of these people (Minato/Kakashi etc) will not be able to aid from this point forward. Sasuke and Naruto might be able to defend the Black Sphere’s better… Gai has used a technique that litterally kills him. (Think Majin Vegeta vs Buu) of course its gonna be super strong but Sasuke/Naruto may not even be at that level…

  64. I slightly disagree with you Tenrai on the “yin yang being the representation of positive and negative energy” but rather bright energy and a little bit different energy ( possibly gray 😛 ).

    If you search a little you will find out that one of the meaning of yin is ‘shady place’ and yang is ‘sunny place’ translating into Moon and Sun aka Sasuke & Naruto —-> Danzo and Sarutobi. If you look at it in a far perspective (prepare yourself) you can really see that Danzo wasn’t that bad. Just that his way of containing peace was a little more harsh than ‘The will of fire’.

    I believe that Kishi is heading in this direction. At the end Naruto will be the Hokage and Sasuke will be in the shadows with the ROOT deal with Konoha’s dirty business.

  65. @ Nisam – I disagree here, I think you forgetting the fact that the symbol for yin and yang in each section their is a small dot that represents the other. Yang is Light and Yin is the absence of it. With Moon and Sun symbol the moon is only a reflection of light and not actually a source. While where there is light there is shadow and normally the stronger the light the darker the shadow.

    This is what I think Kishi will try to do instead of saying that Naruto and Sasuke have both good and bad in them it will be more a one will reflect on the other and allow each one to balance. Naruto will make Sasuke better while Sasuke may help Naruto make a tough choice further down the line. (Similar to Sarutobi/Danzou and all the other pairs throughout) Neither one may ever be a perfectly balanced however together they do create balance.

  66. i just saw 3 pages of the chapter next week. it seems legit and naruto did have a powerup

  67. it seems like naruto can now use the powers of the bijuus just like recca. i did call that a year ago.. LMAO

  68. “I’m more curious to see what Sasuke can do”

    Sasuke has the Rinnegan now. There’s a reason why we did see Naruto’s face and not Sasuke’s.

    “the only way Madara could pose a threat is by stealing the other Rinnegan from Obito and ascend to Kaguya’s power.”

    I think, for him to ascend to Kaguya’s power he’d have to eat the fruit from the tree of might first. But yeah, he will definitely acquire his left.

    “Naruto’s gonna throw Madara a Senzu bean.”

    What, you think he’s just giving them away? Because he’s not.

  69. spoiler alert

  70. already read the translated one. 😀 madara was thinking about how naruto managed to stop the effects of the 8 gates on guy and how naruto is keeping him at bay. naruto did borrow son’s chakra and he used it on his rasenshuriken. scary.

  71. also berserk is back if any one is into berserk .

  72. It’s good to see Berserk too, but I am so confused as to what’s going on with Griffith. All of this seems too good to be true. It makes you wonder if Guts’ journey and survival even matters. Something has to cave soon. Something dark other than what has already happened must be in store for others.


  73. Actually, I have a prediction. Madara will use a crazy new susanoo type-thing. Naruto and Sasuke might have crazy versions of their own thing, like the Kurama merge and Sasuke’s own susanoo. But I think Madara will try to come back with something crazier. I’ve been waiting for him to block Gai or any incoming attacks with bones or something. It seems likely that there will be some sort of giant fighting battle with susanoo type-things all around.

  74. @Nisam

    When I say negative energy, that doesn’t mean it’s actually negative in a sinister or evil sense. If you only think of it that way, then you are only considering one definition of the term “negative”. You also get positive and negative electric charges, where one attracts and one repels. That doesn’t mean negative electric charges are evil, they are just the opposite of positive charges, which likewise cannot be defined as good.

    Yin and Yang, or positive and negative energy, or even light and dark, isn’t such a simple concept as comparing good to evil, so much as just comparing two contrasting kinds of energies or states of being that are neither good or evil. Also, to attain harmony, it is suggested that these two energies must be in balance.

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