Naruto Chapter 669 Breakdown: That special kind of Gai…


It is one of the truly great tragedies of human creation that, in reality, is the cause of a great deal of anguish, suffering and, most of all, death. When it comes to manga, war is often portrayed in many different ways, sometimes with a lighter tone, and other times far darker, but one thing is always certain; when war occurs, death is sure to follow.

What truly inspires a reader in these moments of story telling are tales of human perseverance, where heroes, even in the face of death, rise up and fight on to protect what they believe in. Gai is one of those heroes and, although he won’t be the first casualty in this war should he meet his demise now, surely his death would be the most spectacular to behold.

Setting yourself on fire... the best way to impress your friends?

Even if he were to die in a ditch, a man should die falling forwards.

For a long time now, I think many of us have been curious about the power unleashed when the final Death Gate is opened. Although it was stated early in the story that releasing the 8th gate would give an individual a power that would rival that of the Hokage, I think the relative idea of power balance has since evolved through the story’s telling, to the point where we, as readers, now understand that it cannot be measured by such simple, one-dimensional parameters.

When we understand the theory of the 8 gates, we know that they exist not only to limit an individual’s chakra flow to a level that their body can handle at any given time, but also to preserve what is essentially a finite and exhaustible energy source so as to increase one’s overall life span. By releasing those limiters, the user is not only shortening their life span by increasing the rate at which they use their body’s chakra reserves, but they are also essentially overcoming their normal limitations by breaking down the very wall that dictates them.

You could say that by opening all 8 gates at once, Gai is essentially unleashing a lifetime’s worth of potential in just a moment, and ascending to a level that cannot actually be measured by normal means. It’s for this very reason that he is able to go toe-to-toe with Madara, despite the latter having what could essentially be described as the power of a god.

Er... Evening Surprise?

Er… Evening Surprise?

Of course, releasing the 8 gates isn’t the only method one can use for overcoming the limits of their own chakra flow. We have seen other transformations that bend the rules, or find a way to bypass them. One such method is Sage Mode, where the user overcomes the limits of their own chakra flow by absorbing external natural energy, thereby increasing their maximum potential without actually affecting or releasing the seals on their own chakra pathways. You could say it’s almost like putting a second engine in a car to increase its performance, as opposed to pushing the first engine beyond its safe limits.

Another method is the Yin seal, used by the likes of Tsunade and Sakura, where the user stores up a large amount of chakra over a long period of time that they can then release all at once when needed, thus, once again, overcoming their natural limits by tapping into a separate chakra reservoir. You could say that the Yin Seal Release is similar to releasing the 8 gates, only in reverse. Instead releasing the potential of your future life in the present, you are storing up your present chakra flow to unleash when needed in the future.

But I doubt either of those transformations, even at the pinnacle of their power, can quite compare to the sheer magnitude of unleashing all 8 gates. Even Madara acknowledges the danger of Gai’s technique, although, the cost certainly reflects the gain.

Madara sure has a lot of time to think down there...

Madara sure has a lot of time to think down there…

All-in-all, I was quite happy with Gai’s display in this chapter. I think all of us were expecting something epic on his part, and I believe that it’s safe to say that he certainly delivered in terms of both flash and substance. Although at first I was a bit dismayed about the name of his third and most powerful animal themed Taijutsu technique – I was expecting something more along the lines of Evening Dragon, as opposed to Elephant – after seeing how it works, the name certainly makes sense and reflects the way the technique works.

Still, despite Gai clearly taking the center stage in this chapter, what I liked most about this chapter was that there was still a sense of camaraderie and teamwork, with the likes of Kakashi, Minato and Gaara supporting Gai to ensure that his attacks hit home, so that his sacrifice might not be in vain. One thing I see often in manga – something I’m sure many of us have witnessed – is that battles often tend to devolve into a comparison of power, where whoever is the strongest wins and where strategy gets thrown out the window, so I was pleased to see Kishi still incorporating teamwork and tactics into his battle sequences, as opposed to just having Gai overwhelm Madara with sheer power alone.

Even Madara can only handle so much awesomeness at once.

Even Madara can only handle so much awesomeness at once.

In the end, Gai’s efforts are such, that even Madara acknowledges him as a worthy opponent, even going as far as to compare him to Hashirama himself, which, if you ask me, is the highest compliment the king of emos could possibly pay to someone. It’s a testament to the level at which Gai is battling right now and a worthy end to a great hero, should this very well be his end.

Speaking of ends, the end of this chapter was just as engaging as the start, with Naruto revealed to be waking. What I did notice about what little we were shown of him, however, was that he appears to be lying in water. What all of us know by now is that usually water is present whenever Naruto enters his mindscape, so I think it’s safe to assume that Naruto is about to have an otherworldly visit with either Kurama’s other half, the Sage of the Six Paths, or perhaps the Bijuu who entrusted their chakra to him, maybe even all of the above. It wouldn’t even surprise me if Jiraiya appeared to have a pep talk with him, which would be full of all sorts of awesome in my books. All I can say is that whatever might be happening, its bound to be interesting, and I look forward to chapter 670 with a baited breath.

Don't worry Naruto, they didn't violate you too much while you were under...

Don’t worry Naruto, they didn’t violate you too much while you were under…

To end this chapter off, I decided to veer away from the usual battle debates and Bubbliton Contests, and instead propose another discussion/debate. I was thinking of doing this in a separate post, similar to top ten posts I did in the past (such as the top ten Jutsu, or top ten Taijutsu users posts), but seeing as how it relates more directly to this chapter, I decided to just present the idea here.

We all know that transformation techniques present a means for an individual ninja to overcome their limitations and enhance their power, but I wanted to ask everyone what they believe is the strongest transformation technique in Naruto, taking into account their strengths, weaknesses, unique benefits and costs.

I’d really be interested to see how people discuss or debate the finer points of each transformation technique and how they compare in usefulness and potential to one another. Hell, it would even be nice to see people post their own top ten lists.

Either way, that’s all from me fore now. I hope you all enjoyed the breakdown.

See you in the comments! ^ ^

~ by Tenrai Senshi on March 25, 2014.

41 Responses to “Naruto Chapter 669 Breakdown: That special kind of Gai…”

  1. Amazing breakdown for an amazing chapter. My top 10: gates, kyuubi mode, sage mode, cursed seal, yin release, butterfly, shark form, 3-headed wolf, super multi-size. There’s no doubt the 8 eights surpass kyuubi mode and sage mode, even with those Naruto couldn’t touch Madara.

  2. @ZZattack

    One thing you need to consider with all the transformations is their benefits AND their downsides, so while I agree that releasing all 8 gates does give one a power that probably even surpasses Naruto’s Kyuubi Sennin transformation, the cost is also proportionally much higher (death).

    In that regard, I actually consider Kyuubi Mode to be above the 8 gates transformation. It gives Naruto blinding speed, enhanced strength, extreme durability, the ability to extend his reach with chakra arms, the ability to share chakra with others, the ability to sense and share emotions and even the ability to sense an enemy by their ill intent, all of this at a relatively low cost to himself as far as any potential downsides are concerned.

    Of course, if someone only released 7 of the 8 gates, they would avoid death and only have to deal with extreme pain and exhaustion after using the technique (and probably a slightly shortened lifespan), so in that regard the 8 gates is versatile, but I’m not sure if only 7 gates open is comparable to Naruto’s Sennin Transformation.

    My personal list would be as followed:

    1: Naruto’s Kyuubi Sennin Mode (A lot of benefits with little known downsides).

    2: 8 gates transformation/Sage Mode (Both have very unique benefits but both can also have high costs if not used properly, like turning into a frog statue or death).

    3: Yin Seal Release (able to regenerate any wound, even replacing organs, etc, alongside superhuman strength).

    4: Kisame’s Shark Form Fusion (Basically grants immunity to Ninjutsu via chakra absorption, and makes Taijutsu equally dangerous for the opponent. Allows Kisame to regenerate any wounds so long as he can absorb Chakra).

    5: Calorie Control (It’s further down the list because of the potential cost, but Chouji managed to overcome the cost by no longer relying on the Akamichi pills. He also defeated a cursed seal user with it, which makes me believe it’s a superior technique).

    6: The Cursed Seal Transformation (I see this as an inferior form of Sage Mode, where the user has to rely on a seal to absorb natural energy for them instead of learning to master it themselves. Juugo is the only one who can use it properly and even then, it causes him to go berserk).

    7: Kiba’s 3-Headed Wolf transformation.

    8: Akamichi Super Multi-sized technique.

  3. It’s a tough choice between Kyuubi mode and 8 gates, even when taking the ‘death’ downside into consideration. The sheer power attained from releasing the final gate has so far been the only notable ‘test’ for Madara. Mind you, he just absorbed a shitload of Bijuu chakra, and that was even before obtaining his current, even stronger, form.
    Naruto’s chakra sharing abilities are also immense. It’s about the main reason a very large part of the alliance is even still alive at this point. He has enhanced the abilities of every ninja in the war with it.
    The deciding factor, for me, is the fact that Naruto + alliance hasn’t been able to put a scratch on Madara, while Gai managed to do so virtually on his own.
    Quite likely, Naruto getting ‘upgraded’ with more bijuu chakra will have greater impact than Gai’s temporary burst of power. If that’s the case, I’d agree to swap 8 gates and Kyuubi sennin mode, but for me, at this point in the timeline, the 8 gates transformation is #1.

    I’ve rated cursed seal a bit higher because part of Orochimaru remained in it when he was killed, allowing him to be revived in his current form. A form of immortality, if you will. Your argument of relying on the seal to absorb energy instead of mastering it yourself seems pointless. Yes, it’s lame. But it’s one of the few techniques that can be used against ninjutsu absorbers. I’ll agree with placing Kisame’s shark form above the curse seal though 🙂

  4. @ZZattack

    Keep in mind though, that Gai isn’t attacking alone. Part of his success is thanks to the support he’s getting from Lee, Minato, Kakashi and Gaara. Also, keep in mind that Naruto and the Bijuu did heavily injure Madara when they tail thrashed him, even going as far as taking an arm.

    As for the cursed seal, if Chouji’s calorie form beat it, then it clearly isn’t as strong as Sage Mode. I still consider it a lesser version. Maybe it could be placed higher on my list but there’s no evidence that gives me reason so far, to consider doing so.

  5. @Tenrai – excellent breakdown

    What about Dan’s Spirit Transformation

  6. nice breakdown ten 😀

  7. Few hours left before the chapter is out as i am so excited i found this two sites..

  8. it may be fake..

  9. its out!

  10. It’s out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. So IAMCHAPS the website i found is LEGIT.. Lol!!

  12. first thing I thought when I saw Hogomoro’s mom was Death Demon!

  13. i was talking about the picture of naruto and madara together

  14. Naruto is just the reincarnation of the son… Let me guess who the reincarnation of the older brother… Lame. It’d have been better if he was the reincarnated sage. But I guess that distinction goes to Jirayia 😀

  15. information overload.

  16. Now that was one hell of a chapter, now off to read the breakdown.

  17. of the son. the better son that is :)) i guess the question now.. what would be entrusted to naruto..

  18. That was a good chapter. Many of us suspected Naruto might have been a reincarnation of the sage or his son or at least a direct descendant. Now at least one of those theories has been confirmed.

    Aside from that, there were a lot of references and links in this chapter that I picked up on. It’s going to be a long breakdown covering them all…

  19. Ten, your breakdown sent shivers down my back, at the point in witch you portrayed Gai so heroically, a status he deserves a 100 fold. It really is a testament to all his hard work and dedication. You truly outdone yourself for one of the greatest characters in the Narutoverse.

    My choice, for the best transformation technique, is the Sage + Chakra mode.
    It is without a doubt a power unequaled by any out there except the likes of Hashirama, Madara and Sage Obito. It gives the user so much power that can be sustained for a fair amount of time and we still haven’t seen it’s true potential because of all the chakra sharing Naruto did with the whole army.

    Sage mode and Kisame’s Shark Missile are also in my top 3, if you ask me GAI’s 8 gates is to sad to think about because it’s a last ditch effort, there is nothing else after you unleash that power.
    Sure, in terms of power, it’s probably the strongest out there, giving the user hyper speed and a force punch that could eradicate anything but if you think about the aspect of dying then it’s not so pleasant.

    @ Last Chapter
    1st thought: The sage really had horns.
    2nd thought: The same as Wise, The Sage’s mother looked like the Shinigami.
    3 thought: CHAPTER WAS EPIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. so much information. The Sage could have gone into way more detail.

  21. @Eugen

    I was considering adding the Sage mode + Kyuubi Chakra transformation, but I was on the fence about whether that can be considered as an entirely new kinda of transformation, or just a combination of two other transformations.

    For me, it’s more of a combination so it would kinda like be Gai using Sage Mode and 8 gates at the same time. I decided to leave it out for that reason.

    And thanks for the compliments about the breakdown. ^ ^

  22. @Tigerpalm

    I also forgot to answer you about Dan’s spirit form. I also didn’t consider that a transformation, because it doesn’t actually change anything physically about the body. All Dan is doing is allowing his own spirit to leave his body. His body still remains as it is, as does his spirit, it’s just the latter is allowed to move independently of the former.

    To me, it’s more comparable to the Yamanaka’s mind transfer technique (where their consciousness leaves their body and enters another), which is more like Ninjutsu than actual transformation.

  23. The Dead Demon Seal, Shinigami looks oddly familiar:

    Here is a panel featuring Hagomoro’s mom:
    In the mangastream translation Hagomoro says that the people revered her as the Rabbit Goddess (most likely because of the horns looking like ears) or The Demon

    And a little panel of his brother:
    You can see in the panel the brother also has long hair and horns.

    So, there are a few things I’d like to dive into. It could be possible that the Shinigami can be the brother. It takes souls and seals it into it’s stomach. Kinda like how humans can become jinchuruki. Something along those lines. I also think the Uzumaki worshipped the race of humanoids, the same as Kaguya (Hagoromo’s mom). This might explain the resemblance the death god has with Kaguya and her sons.

    This also reminds me of the origin stories many cultures around the world tend to have. There is usually an advanced race that leads to salvation of the lesser raced (the Norse Gods, People of Atlantis, Anunaki etc.) So, Kaguya and her sons could be of that “advanced” type of civilization seeking for a way to help the world before their race went extinct. And in that time long ago, before Kaguya ate the fruit, they were worshipped by people, but a certain group was chosen as their inheritors of their way (Uzumaki) and they assimilated with them, thus having long lives, and knowledge of seals.

  24. A few things that I’m unsure of. If the sages brother had half the Juubi sealed into him, where is that half?? Where are his decendants? Another thing is the younger brother. There is a picture of him fighting the complete susannoo but he is using Narutos Kyuubi mode. Was he the Kyuubis Jinchuuriki or was that his own power? Does that mean when Naruto befreinded Kuruma it brought out his latent abilities and he doesn’t need Kuruma to activate it. And lastly I have to agree with Naruto, The sage and his mother look like Aliens or something, very strange.

  25. 670 is out!

  26. i honestly think.. that hashirama also had this conversation with SO6P..

  27. @constantine

    I’ve come up with a theory about Naruto’s form after this chapter. I’ll explain it in depth in the breakdown but in my mind it makes sense. Lol.

  28. Sweet breakdown, and awesome new chapter! The Sage’s speech reminds me of this:

  29. I suspect that Madara (or Sasuke?) is the reincarnation of Indra. If neither Sasuke nor Madara learn ninshuu before Naruto learns it from the So6P and revives, then how will it be an even battle from here on out? Will So6P also teach Madara/Sasuke ninshuu to “make it even”? Is So6P also teaching it to Sasuke right now?

  30. hey its been a long time since i commented but some things really caught my attention. obviously as someone already stated the first thing is kaguya= dead demon seal somehow. Also, I believe we found the missing link between the uzumaki clan and the SoSP, that being the sage’s brother.

    I think naruto is about to get a power up. Now that we know that the juubi has been split in half there is probably a power that rivals all nine tailed beasts that can be given to naruto by his ancestor hagoromo’s brother.

  31. Tenrai : I’m looking forward to it. Have you noticed the differences in the Staffs each version has?? Obitos staff has a full circle while Madara has a cresent. The sage has both one at each end. At first I thougth it was because Madara had a Yang Kurama and Obito had a Yin and the Sage had both but Obito didn’t have the ‘Dark’ Half.

  32. I wonder how Itachi knew the key to Naruto’s success is specifically relying on other people. Sounds like Itachi was trying to lead him down a known path or, was it a random chance or guess?

  33. “obviously as someone already stated the first thing is kaguya= dead demon seal somehow. ”

    From what we’ve seen the reaper from the dead demon seal resembles Hagoromo’s brother. Kaguya doesn’t even come close to looking like the reaper. She’s got ‘rabbit ears’ not horns and her hair is straight and goes down whereas the reapers’ hair is wild, like Hagoromo’s brother.
    And she’s a woman, the reaper is obviously not.
    Also it stands to reason that with Hagoromo being able to ‘create life’, his brother would be the one able to ‘create death’.

    “Have you noticed the differences in the Staffs each version has?? Obitos staff has a full circle while Madara has a cresent.”

    That’s obviously to mirror the full and crescent moon seen behind the sage’s sons.
    Ashura is seen with a full moon behind him while Indra stands before a crescent moon. Obito represents the good half of the Sage’s power while Madara represents the bad half.

    “I wonder how Itachi knew the key to Naruto’s success is specifically relying on other people. Sounds like Itachi was trying to lead him down a known path or, was it a random chance or guess?”

    Itachi knows everything. He’s omnipotent and omniscient.

  34. “Itachi knows everything. He’s omnipotent and omniscient.”
    Totally agree !
    and good one 1redbaron1 catching that detail about the staffs.

    Tenrai, I can’t wait for your breakdown!

    And just a quick question: The rinnegan sign on the forehead of So6P does it represents the “third eye”, is it a reference to hinduism or something else ?

  35. @Nisam

    Actually, there are a few references to Hinduism or Buddhism in this chapter. Those are part of that I have to cover in the breakdown.

  36. @eke2k6: same here. I also found this 🙂

  37. So, Hagoromo had a brother. Me thinks a new villain is a foot! Why did the sage mention him? What was the purpose of introducing that new character?

  38. @wiseman: good call! Maybe Naruto and Sasuke will each get their own series, with each walking different paths. It’s no secret that Kishi has always liked Sasuke more than Naruto.

  39. Awesome Breakdown Tenrai – Would think that Gai’s abilities would still evolve slightly, Evening Elephant, might be a prequal to Dinner Dragon @___@

    I think there should be a few additions to this debate of techniques… though not completely MS Susanoo also has a similar advantage and “transformation” though it begins from an Eye Jutsu it still could be considered a transformation similar to Naruto’s Kyuubi mode.

  40. @ Wiseman – Please no…. Can’t someone alive be a villain this digging up of the past is getting old for me, rather have someone we know or that is alive now turn bad.

    Funny how all this revolves around Konoha, its like the USA of this manga, whenever something bad happens its there and the ‘savior’ is also from there the other nations just make up a small filler…

    I hope kishi doesn’t pull a kakashi ramage on us with Gai now focusing on Naruto chatting with an old man for hours just trying to figure out how to speak to him… I mean he even said he could of learned but wouldn’t just to waste panel space…

    @ Arputo – Funny haven’t seen much of Sasuke besides him getting owned then violated while Naruto been center of attention since just after the Kage Summit, and now he will more than likely get another power up after a long flashback… Its scary when Bleach shows more development than Naruto… <__<

  41. Hey guys! I just wanted to let you know that my super long breakdown will be out tomorrow, because I had to see a client today so I didn’t have time to do it. >_>

    *Eats everyone!*

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