Naruto Chapter 667 – 668 Breakdown: Flashback! Flashback! Flashback! or How to stop worrying and learn love the Eighth Gate.

Hello it is I, Kevin Phoenix. I am being held captive once again and forced into doing my second take on the breakdown. After a series of chapters bringing us as close to the edges of our seats as is humanly possible, all that time fretting about each of those chapters either sucking, being over as quick as they begun, or otherwise teasing possibilities that may or may not come, it seems as though the light is finally starting to appear at the end of the tunnel.

Last we saw, Obito has finally succumbed to Naruto’s talk-no-jutsu. And the timing couldn’t be better. With him in the process of saving Naruto, we’re now finally getting to see who it was that showed up to steal Orochimaru’s precious save Sasuke. Of course, despite Kishi’s attempt to throw us off by trying to throw some doubt in, it was hardly a surprise that it was indeed Kabuto.

Oh, I'm sure Karin and Orochimaru are both seething with jealousy right now! >.>

Oh, I’m sure Karin and Orochimaru are both seething with jealousy right now! >.>

Having seen the light as well and accepted who he truly is, our favorite poser has finally managed to escape Izanami. Of course just like with Obito, it was a tough pill to swallow for those present, especially Karin, to see Kabuto actually change sides. But sure enough, despite what looks like Kabuto injecting his snake into Sasuke (that sounded so dirty), he’s using his medical ninjutsu and apparently injecting Hashirama’s cells into him. Of course, the first thing that came to mind was Rinnegan. And while it took until almost the end of Madara’s lifespan to awaken it himself, we’re entertained with the possibility that Sasuke may just awaken almost immediately after he wakes up.

And of course, let’s not forget that Tobirama is also still present. Though one must wonder when someone is finally going to free him and his brother. With Kabuto free of Izanami, we get an actually touching moment where he expresses who he is and where he belongs. And when you think about it, his life was practically stolen from him ever since he was taken from that orphanage to be a spy in all the great nations. He had his mind messed with, that it’s no wonder he lost his sense of self. While regretful, it took a forbidden jutsu to make him realize and remember that beneath all of those faces and all of that chakra he had absorbed, he is Kabuto Yakushi and the orphanage is his home.

Now personally, especially after reading this, it’s actually nice to see someone who, not too long ago, was one of the most hated villains of the Narutoverse. But as we’ve been shown, many of those same villains were little more than tragic victims of circumstance. And if you think about it, every major villain and other certain characters we’ve encountered throughout this entire series has ultimately seen the light and turned over a new leaf…no pun intended.

We’re shown the parallels of the situation when we see that two of who at one time were the greatest villains in the series were simply manipulated into believing that there was no place for them in this world. Indeed, if there was any doubt who the true mastermind was, that doubt has been erased. Madara has no intention of changing his views.

And speaking of Mr. More-haxed-than Aizen, we return to where Kakashi, Minato, and Guy are. Of course, we get a rather quick explanation of how Kakashi managed to avoid that Rasengan. We are reminded that only sage techniques and taijutsu are the only things that’ll work on Madara now and with Guy present, this can only mean one thing… DAYTIME TIGER!!!

You know, a lesser person would take an easy potshot at that highly suggestive line of dialogue.

You know, a lesser person would take an easy potshot at that highly suggestive line of dialogue.

But alas, it’s not quite enough to affect Madara. And before Madara can hit him with his balls (that sounded dirty too), Lee saves him. What is interesting is how the opening of the seventh gate had much less of an adverse effect on Guy than it did in the past. When it looks like all is lost, Guy reveals that all those years of challenging Kakashi were his spirit talking. And with one last ace up his sleeve, Might Guy resolves to do what I’m sure every single one of us has waited the entire series to see…the opening of the eighth gate of death.

And with the next chapter right around the corner, we’re finally going to see what kind of technique could be so powerful as to reflect what Kakashi once said during the Chunin exams, “By opening all eight gates, you can attain power beyond even the Hokage’s, the only drawback is…you die.”

All we know so far is that the body literally sweats out blood itself, effectively generating red steam. As for the technique, we could get something with the word Nightime or Evening in it (Confirmed now to be Evening Elephant). Either that or we’ll simply see Guy move with such ferocity as to actually overwhelm Madara. But one thing’s for certain, Lee is going to lose a very dedicated sensei.

Naruto 668: Flashback! Flashback! Flashback! or How to stop worrying and learn love the Eighth Gate.

Iamnotreallyhere, not really doing the breakdown for the latest chapter of Flashback theater… I mean Naruto. Let’s get started.

I’m a little bit up and down about this chapter. On the one hand we got to see a bit of Mighto Gai’s past, which I was expecting since he’s using the Eighth gate and that’s basically a death sentence. However on the other hand I fear that the next chapter is just going to swap us to some other goings on. Either way let us dig into this weeks chapter.

668 -1

Both Kakashi and Minato question Gai about his decision but his resolve is unwavering, like he’s ever backed out of doing something he said he was going to do. Rushing in we see what Madara sees as Gai prepares to and then opens the Eighth gate and what happens next can only be described as…. A flashback…. >__>

668 - 2

Yes we see Gai and his surprisingly similar looking father as they awkwardly interact with each other and the rest of the villagers. Here we learn where Gai’s resolve comes from and a little bit more about his “springtime of youth” philosophy that seems to permeate every fiber of his being. We also get the answer to the most obvious question poised in this chapter.

668 - 2a

We also get to see how his father died fighting against almost certainly unwinnable odds, much like Might Gai now faces. Some have even speculated that this is how the seven swordsman of the hidden mist met their end, though it seems unlikely to me in any case we’ll have to see how the Fight between Gai and Madara goes before any real judgement can be made.

668 - 3

Speaking of unwinnable odds Madara doesn’t seem impressed by Gai’s eight gates, though what has thus far. Gai doesn’t seem too interested in Madara’s smack talk though and he goes right in for what is likely the signature move of the Eighth gate…

A couple of questions come to mind after reading this chapter. The first is what would happen if an Edo Tensei Shinobi were to use open all 8 gates? The second question is: Could an Edo Tensei shinobi even open the gates at all and if so would it have some kind of detrimental side effect? In either case I hope we see more in the next chapter.

I leave you with this question: If you could assemble a team of any three shinobi from the Naruto-verse, doesn’t mater if they lived in the past or live in the present (The Rikkudo senin and his sons being excluded) to have face down Madara in his current state. Who would they be and why would you choose them?

~ by Tenrai Senshi on March 18, 2014.

32 Responses to “Naruto Chapter 667 – 668 Breakdown: Flashback! Flashback! Flashback! or How to stop worrying and learn love the Eighth Gate.”

  1. Woohoo! Finally FIRST!!!

  2. Lee for his taijutsu and gates. Naruto for his ninjutsu and senjutsu. And Sasuke for his occular jutsu. If Naruto has Kurama with him, even better.

    Great breakdown, you two.

  3. 3rd!! 😁😜

  4. I’d choose Hashirama, Jirayia, and Shisui. Hashirama has the experience with Madara, Jirayia has sage arts and is smarter than Naruto, and Shisui can convince Madara to kill himself if weakened

  5. – ITS OUT!

  6. well that chapter was epic 😀 and naruto decides to wake up inside the bijuu gathering chamber.

  7. @Chapter

    It was epic, that’s for certain. It’s nice to see someone actually making super universal hax Madara bleed, and although we all already knew Gai wouldn’t end up defeating Madara, the fact that the latter even considers him a worthy opponent now, even comparing him to Hashirama, is a testament to how powerful this technique (the 8th gate opening) is.

    @Team to defeat Madara

    I’d choose Hashirama, Naruto (Asuming Naruto has Kurama’s chakra) and, after reading this chapter, my third choice can only be Gai.

    The reason? Hashirama and Naruto both have Senjutsu, and Gai is a master of Taijutsu, which are the only things that can damage Madara right now. Naruto is also an easy choice over Jiraiya, simply because his mastery of Sage techniques is better, especially with his ability to combine it with his Bijuu chakra, and he can also share his chakra with his allies to both protect them and empower them to levels far beyond their normal capacity. If Naruto was capable of protecting the entire Shinobi alliance with his chakra, I think the result would be even better with just two allies being focused on.

    Imagine both Gai and Hashirama charged with Kurama’s chakra…

    Gai wouldn’t even have to open all 8 gates if he’s empowered by Naruto, not to mention the increased recovery from Kurama’s chakra would probably even help Gai sustain having 7 gates open for much longer and without as many drawbacks. I can only imagine how strong Hashirama’s Mokuton techniques would be with both his Sage Mode active and Kurama’s chakra as well, not to mention his ability to absorb his opponent’s chakra would be very useful. He’s also a very adept medical ninja according to Madara, so he can even support the others with healing if needed, not to mention his ability to heal his own wounds without hand seals.

    Slight alterations I might make to this team would be to replace Gai with Kakashi, mostly because Kakashi’s Kamui can absorb Madara’s defense and he can use it often with Naruto’s support, not to mention he is a tactical genius and could assist the team with strategic support. Either that or Shikamaru because of his genius intellect, though I reckon Kakashi might be better in this case because of a mix of genuis and strong offensive jutsu that has a proven effect.

  8. Super breakdown guys and the latest chapter also got me fired up.

    The saddest past to me was Kakashi’s: If I would have to choose someone’s ordeal from everyone you mentioned in the poll I would pick Kakashi last.

    Almost all of the ones mentioned lost their parents at a young age, Kabuto can’t even remember anything prior to being found by Mother. But Kakashi lost his father, then he lost his best friend and after that he killed his teammate only to live longer and bare witness to his sense’s sacrifice.
    Tell me what you want, but that is the longest sad streak of anyone in this manga.
    Obito only lost Rin, Naruto never met his parents, Gaara’s past was a bit more overwhelming, Orochimaru was the same as Nagato and Neji was too disciplined not to grow stronger from his fathers death.

    The 3 man Cell: Easy

    Hashirama for raw power (Mokuton, Huge & powerful summons and instant healing + Sagemode)

    Naruto of a mix of ninjutsu and taijutsu (Kurama mastery, Sage mode mastery, he can combine both), as Tenrai pointed out, he can share his chakra between his teammates for power and recovery and he’s also a very intelligent and deceitful fighter and strategist.

    Tobirama, with so much power between Naruto and Hashirama you need a clear mind to asses the situation, Tobirama has the hidden forbidden ninjutsus, he has the super speed witch was flawless against Obito, and unlike Minato, he didn’t lose any arms or legs.

    @ Chapter, Mind blowing !!! Seeing Madara so excited means this fight is going to be legendary, for me, Gai’s sacrifice, put him in my top 10 shinobi above Nagato even.
    All I can hope is that he’ll either die with honor or be saved by Naruto.

  9. One thing I’m curious about, what will happen to Minato and the black spheres? If Minato teleported them away from Madara’s control, could he somehow, take control over them and use them in his favor.

  10. Is this the first mention of Kakashi’s vision worsening? If his sharingan eye is already almost blind, shouldn’t that apply to Obito as well? I guess there’s no way Kakashi can get a replacement eye that would awaken the eternal Mangekyou.

  11. @Cecilie

    I assume the reason Obito hasn’t gone blind, or at the very least is taking longer to do so, is because he has Hashirama’s cells in him. Even Itachi mentioned how Hashirama’s cells would allow Shisui’s eye to recover from using its jutsu faster (hence why Danzou could use it more frequently than once every few years) so I assume it helps Obito a lot as well, in addition to lessening or absolving any negative damage that would normally be done from using them.

  12. Kakashi’s eye was bad even since Itachi and Kakashi fought in the “Saving Gaara arc”. He made a statement towards Itachi, asking him “How much did your eyesight decayed, Itachi san?” Itachi thus realizing Kakashi managed to awaken the MS (funny thing is Kakashi was able to use it ever since Rin died). So it stands to reason Kakashi had already been experiencing eyesight decay since that time.

    By my accounts kakashi should be close to blind by now seeing how much he used the sharing.
    Also Obito is an Uchiha thus being able to use the sharingan with much more efficacy then Kakashi, who, btw, always has the sharingan activated causing even faster blindness.

    It’s true, Itachi rarely switched off his eyes but he was of Uchiha blood and a genius as well.

  13. @Eugen

    I think the poll about people who turned their lives around pertains to those who are or were once evil or bitter because of their circumstances but who eventually “saw the light” so to speak, partly thanks to Naruto’s or someone else’s intervention. That’s why the likes of Naruto or Kakashi weren’t in the list (because they have both been on the path of light since the series start, so to speak), otherwise I’m sure they’d rank pretty high as well as far as how miserable their lives were.

    Naruto grew up alone and hated, but also had to suffer through the deaths of some of his friends and his Sensei, as well as the betrayal and near death at the hands of someone he considered his brother. Kakashi lost his father, his sensei and his two teammates, which is quite heavy as well. If I were to add one person to the list above, it would be Tsunade, because she also suffered a lot of loss and heartache in life, but was also turned by Naruto. I also reckon Zabuza might count as well, given the criterea.

  14. @ Ten, so how come Neji’s on the list. Neji was never going to be a evil dude by my reasoning, he was just fixed on a idea, that we all are chained by fate and by no means can anyone escape his destiny. True enough, he was right all along :)))

  15. @Eugen
    Isn’t it only use of the mangekyou that causes loss of eyesight? I didn’t think having the sharingan activated would deteriorate the eyesight, and Kakashi is able to turn the mangekyou on and off. The Gaara rescue arc was the first time we saw him actually use it, and he also referred to it as a new jutsu back then, so I doubt he has had time to lose much eyesight by then (maybe just a little bit as he clearly has been training to use it).

    @Tenrai good point about Hashirama’s cells.

    Speaking of Kakashi, I find it a little weird how he seemed to die so easily from chakra exhaustion during the Pain-arc, while during this war he’s using kamui left and right without any such concerns.

  16. @Eugen

    I said bitter or evil. In other words, people who had a negative outlook on life but were then changed. Neji was bitter, there’s no doubt about it. I mean, you don’t exactly go as far as almost killing your cousin just because she’s part of the main family just for giggles. Neji even mentioned how it was Naruto that led him out of the darkness.

    In any case, perhaps the poll could be a bit more clearer. We can ask Kevin about that and what his intentions were. O_o


    Kakashi did attribute being able to use Kamui more to Naruto giving him chakra. It even strengthened Kakashi’s Kamui to the extent that he was able to warp something as big as the Hachibi with relative ease. I presume that without Naruto’s aid, he might have died from chakra exhaustion much sooner.

    Speaking of Naruto’s aid, does anyone think there’s a chance Naruto could keep Gai from dying by sharing Kurama’s chakra with him as well?

  17. Tenrai is correct in that the characters listed in the poll were specifically those who were evil or otherwise bitter to the point of harming others. This of course, includes Neji who damn near killed Hinata.

    I suppose in one sense I should’ve broadened the answers to include those who were always good, but IMHO almost every character had it bad at some point or another. That was why I kept it limited to the bad guys. I suppose the next breakdown I do, I could do a part 2 of that poll….provided someone else doesn’t “steal” the idea. >.>

    The newest chapter was really good. This is the first time I fail to see the connection between the attack and why it’s called Evening (Night) Elephant. Even so, it was like hitting with the force of an atomic bomb! Talk about badass! XD

  18. @ Cecille, keep in mid Obito and Kakashi activated the MS at about 12 years old right when Kakashi pierced Rin through the chest. From that point on he had unlocked the MS skills but I guess he could only use Kamui later in life, only after getting stronger.

    @ Ten, in that case I think Obito was the one in the biggest abyss and Nagato was the 2nd closest.

    As for Gai, it would be a kick in the groin, if both Neji and Gai get killed and Lee is left with Tenten. How much can Lee endure until he commits suicide.

    I hope Naruto can save Gai, but I would also RESPECT a death even more legendary than that of Jirayia, a death that would leave Madara seriously wounded.

    It’s hard to predict where things will go on from here. Naruto and Sasuke will soon come back to the playing field, the spiral Zetsu (Yamato) is still out there, Orochimaru still hasn’t shown his intentions, Kabuto will most likely play a very important role, so there are still a lot of loose ends to tighten up.

  19. @ Kev, the name comes from the shape of the attack, if you look closely the compressed air looks like an Elephant’s leg and toes/nails at the point of impact.

  20. does bitter encompass a “cynic” because that’s what Jirayia was. If anything, no one has had it harder than him. Neji still had his clan, Pain still had Konan. Obito had the chance to still be with Kakashi, Kakashi still had friends, Minato had a son etc. etc.

    But Jirayia was a different case. He was always a oddball. His sensi didn’t prefer him, he was a pervert, and his team mates didn’t think much of him;
    Oro running away when Jirayia tried to convince him, Tsunade never coming around to him, until their youths were all but passed up and she had no other option.

    He was just a wanderer. And he came about Mt. Moubokuzin on happenstance and decided to train there. It was there that he learned that the fate of the world would depend on his student. So not only did he have knowledge of what was to come, but it would be because one of his students was the cause. Imagine the shere amount of pressure and anxiety one feels when they know whomever they’re training might have the ability to destroy the world or save it?

    I think he kept to himself as much as possible because he didn’t want to find anyone to train. I mean, all of his students either seemed harmless (Konan, Yohiko, and Nagato) or had major potential (Nagato when he awoke the rinnegan, Minato, and Naruto, who reminded him of himself).

    He traveled the world seeking an answer to his existential questions. What is a Shinobi? What does a shiniobi fight for? He was asking himself questions he knew he couldn’t answer. So he tried writing a book and in it, his answer to finding what his goal was. But that book didn’t sell. He traveled and realized that’s not what the world wants to hear. They don’t want to hear what a shinobi is about, or how they can bring peace. They just want lewd stories, to further their mindless self indulgence.

    The Dude was basically a loner, who didn’t want to be one. He was forced to be. Every student he taught before Naruto had died. He heard that his rain village pupils were all killed by his village. He honestly thought Nagato would have brought about a big change in the world. But it was all for not. Then came another tragedy, where he had a student with great potential in Minato. Minato soaked up everything Jirayia was spewing. Jirayia saw something in Minato that would allow him to do great things in the world. Seeing Minato become hokage, he knew his seed had been planted and moved on (most likely to tail Oro and see what he’s up to). Then low and behold, his prized pupil is killed defending his village…Again, Jirayia would have to come about the student, and what would become of that student? Would he/she die like the rest? Now, not only is the student suppose to be the bringer of a new era, but he/she has to live to see it through.

    His sensi die and his pupil’s have all died. And in the end, it was his pupils and his teachings which led to the 4th great shinobi world war and all the destruction it could rote. Jirayia taught Minato, Minato tried to teach Kakashi, Obito, and Rin. Obito sacrificed himself for the right reasons. And was coarse to join the dark side. He met Madara and they manipulated one of jirayias students into creating an organization that killed people and wanted to possess the most powerful deterrent in the world (Juubi Atomic Bomb). This group got all the bad people on the planet in one room and to work together. Obito became the Juubi jinchuruki, and Madara was ressurected, leading to countless lives being lost and the near death of his final pupil.

    But at the time of his near death (where he was dying and floating away). It looked like all that had happened because of him, and all that was about to happened didn’t worry him anymore. He felt like all his sins were absolved. And that’s because his final moments were that of realizing Naruto is the final hope. Jirayia started to believe Naruto was on to something when they talked in the hospital after the Sauske retrival arc. He realized Naruto would fight tooth and nail to bring Sauske back. Nothing matter to him but his will to keep going. Jirayia decided to train him. Naruto learned everything he could from Jirayia and even took on his teachings. Jirayia saw the potential, but this time it was different. He had a student who’d die for his cause, instead of die as a cause. This was the type of person it’d take to change the world. And he set the path for Naruto straight up. Had him keep a contract with the toad sages (where Naruto learned Sage Art) and he knew Naruto needed to one day take control of the Kyuubi. So he opened the door, and knew he was opening it up for the right person. And Naruto round-house kicked his way through. And with that, Jirayia was more than willing to die for this kid, and the future he would bring about. He met his sins head on (Nagato/Akatsuki) and in the end died smiling because he knew a new wave was coming, and this time it would be encompassed by a hurricane named Naruto

    Boom, Jirayia the redeemed!

  21. @thelaughingwiseman – Jiraiaya is, always was and always will be The Man. Your analysis is spot on!

  22. @Kevin and Iamnotreallyhere – excellent breakdown

    @wiseman – you must be an engineer, you took almost 700 chapters and compress into less than a thousand words. We should post your reader digest version so that we can hook people into reading Naruto. Of course the sad thing is that it is ending this year.

  23. Awesome breakdown. Kev some really thought provoking questions there.

    I really think that these past 3 to 4 chapters has been some of the best of this arc by far. It’s an odd sensation when we so badly want to see this technic but also knowing that it means the death of one of the most beloved characters as I read each chapter I feel this lump in my chest waiting as the excitement of the battle grows so does my expectation of the sadness it will proceed.

    It me hardest when Lee said he curses his weakness that truly got to me. For a character that has struggled againsy the odds since day one is now loosing the first person to truly believe in him and he knows he can do nothing to stop it because of that same limitation. T__T

  24. Who had it worse – I have to say Nagato, as the quote goes. “Children who’ve never known peace have different values from those who never known war.” Nagato was live most of his life in a place of constant wars, he lost his entire family during a war with (leaves lol) Leaf Shinobi, Orphaned and left to starve by his circumstances. Found friends became strong but was unable to save his friends being forced to kill his best friend to protect his other. Crippled by the fall out and turned into a near skeleton. Manipulated and used as a vessel of sorts for the Rinnegan to mature and eventually revive Madara…

    Nagato takes almost all the worst aspects of the others. Gaara was a tool and a monster but Nagato was used as a tool to a similar degree and while Gaara lived as the son of a Kage he never starved or actually created bonds to cause pain. Obito lost Rin at a young age but he was already a shinobi and had already taken lives, Nagato was still a child untrained in a war that ravaged his village and years of civil war there after. He also didn’t have selfish gains, he was powerful and unlike Obito whose primary focus was to get Rin back, Nagato only wanted people to understand the suffering and pain of others. Make war so terrible and painful for all sides that soon people would not go into war. He was probably in the darkest place and still turned around.

  25. 3 Man Squad vs Madara –

    This is a tough question… This would be my squad.

    Kabuto – This might be a bit of a cheat but he wasn’t specifically excluded. Kabuto has a wide range of jutsu at his disposal. With Sage mode enhancing them. Also with Edo Tensei he is able to create a strong team to fight/act as distractions to keep Madara busy and weaken him if possible. He will work as my defensive and medical support primarily keeping distance on Madara and sending in support/backup to the other members, healing them when they are injured. Summoning Diedara, Nagato, Sasori etc would give him ample offensive abilities without risking getting injured as long as Naruto/Itachi support him. (Can use Nagato with the Cameleon to hide)

    Naruto – As Tenrai said his ability to share chakra is just too much of a bonus to let go of, Senju mode and Kurama make him the perfect offensive against Madara. He has speed and strength needed to weaken Madara and still give Chakra to the other two members enhancing them greatly.

    Itachi Uchiha – Brilliant Strategist, mastery of the Sharingan and MS. Itachi would be my trump card to be used near the end once Madara has been weakened by Kabuto and Naruto. With Susanoo, being able to seal so easily and his Inzanami being known as the main counter for an Uchiha. It only makes sense for him to be up against Madara. Naruto will be able to give him chakra which alleviates his biggest weakness.

    Honorable Mention:
    Minato – (Defense) Can block most of Madara’s projectile jutsu and move other members around quickly.
    Nagato – Rinnegan knowledge would of been key and 6 paths with Naruto’s chakra infused would make an awesome combo.
    Obito (with the mask) being able to use 6 Paths and Rinnegan/Sharingan and them being Jinchuriki would of been a powerful offensive/distraction team.

    Hashirama would be to me a disadvantage as Madara know’s how to defeat him.

  26. @Wiseman

    While I agree that Jiraiya has had to go through a lot of hardships, like many shinobi for that matter, I wouldn’t say he was ever bitter or cynical. He always seemed to have a positive outlook on life and no matter what, always continued to strive for his path of peace. So, he hasn’t “seen the light” so to speak because he never really left it to begin with.

    He’s also similar to Naruto in many respects (both being oddballs, both not really being appreciated on their teams at first, both being loners, etc) and that’s probably part of what drove him to adopt Naruto as his student. While he did tell Naruto not to chase after Sasuke, I think that was something more akin to helpful advice than cynicism in Jiraiya’s eyes. He wanted to protect his student from harm and disappointment, perhaps so Naruto wouldn’t live the same life he did step for step. It’s a far cry from someone like Neji, who was once very cruel to others he saw as being below himself, for example.

    In the end though, Jiraiya’s journey through life was probably one of the most poignant and meaningful of any character in this story and his actions have altered the world more than most, especially when you consider his legacies, one of which still lives and continues his dream today. I still think Jiraiya’s death is the most meaningful in the manga so far, and even if Gai were to die now, I don’t think it would have the same impact as Jiraiya’s final moments. At least, not for me anyway.

  27. @Pein

    I agree that as far as villains with the most hardships go, Nagato probably had it the worst out of anyone. There’s a reason his avatar took on the persona of “Pain” and with his history, the title is very deserving.

    Sure, Gaara also went through a crap load too, as most Jinchuuriki do, but at the very least, he still had his siblings who cared for him and once he realized that, he was able to turn things around for himself. It doesn’t quite compare to Nagato, who was literally living in darkness right up until his very own death.

  28. Seriously everyone, I think you have all overlooked a significant contender in this debate of who had it the worst growing up.

    Nagato Lost something far worse then anyone even mentioned so far in this discussion.

    Seriously, how on earth could anyone manage after watching Tiny die?


  29. (In the voice of Darth Vader) Tinyyy NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Not the puppy!

  31. Whyyyyyy did you have to bring up poor Tiny! Wipe tears and blow nose.

    For a second there I thought Marksman was going to say he lost his virginity!

  32. @Namskram

    Well, that settles the debate. No-one can argue with Tiny’s death.


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