Naruto Chapter 666 Breakdown: It’s evil…

Ah yes, that awkward moment when the chapter you’re writing a breakdown for has a number synonymous with evil itself. That sure makes me feel comfortable.

Luckily, reading chapter 666 didn’t bring out the apocalypse for any of us, at least, not that we know of yet, and despite a few flashbacks that rendered it a bit on the heavy side, it was actually a decent chapter overall. The most interesting part about it for me was seeing Obito turn on his former master and not only get the better of him, but also manage to take some of his Bijuu chakra as well.

Gotta steal them all!

Gotta steal them all!

The first thing I thought when Obito took Gyouki’s and Shuukaku’s chakra was that he might be returning them to both Bee and Gaara respectively, in an effort to not only empower them but also perhaps help Bee survive his own Bijuu extraction as well. However, it didn’t take me long to realize that this probably wasn’t the case, and that in all likelihood, that chakra was going to Naruto instead.

The rational behind this theory stemmed from the fact that Naruto had already received chakra as a gift from the other 7 Bijuu, first from Son Goku before he was resealed in Gedou Moza, and then from the rest when he freed them soon after.

Eventually, this chakra went on to help Naruto extract the Bijuu from Obito, when he used it as a means to latch onto them. The only two Bijuu not present in these meetings and thus who didn’t give Naruto their chakra, were Gyouki and Shuukaku, with the former still being inside Bee, and the latter being kept hidden away in Gedou Moza mostly because Obito didn’t have a host body to house him with Gaara still alive.

Bro-fists and high-fives, Bijuu style.

Bro-fists and high-fives, Bijuu style.

This ultimately means that if we presume that Naruto still has the chakra given to him by the other seven Bijuu, and we assume that Obito gives him both the dark half of Kurama from Zetsu in addition to Shuukaku’s and Gyouki’s chakra, then Naruto will technically have the chakra of all Nine Bijuu for the first time.

The implications behind this possibility are various and depend a great deal on both how much chakra was given to Naruto from the Bijuu and what the purpose behind him receiving it is. If the Bijuu only gave Naruto a small amount of their chakra, or if he only has a small amount left after the extraction of Kurama, then it could theoretically be used to latch onto the Bijuu again and extract them from Madara, much in the way Naruto, Gaara and Bee originally latched onto and extracted the Bijuu from Obito before.

However, if they gave Naruto a great deal of their chakra, or even half of it (kinda like how Minato split Kuurama’s chakra in half and sealed half inside Naruto) then it stands to reason that Naruto could be empowered in such a way, as to become more a match for Madara’s strength, especially if the Bijuu’s power is divided up between them more evenly. Considering how the Juubi itself seemed to sense the Rikudou Sennin’s power inside Naruto (along with the Bijuu’s chakra), it even stands to reason that Naruto receiving parts of all their chakra, might serve as a means to awaken something hidden deep inside him, which might lead to a great revelation or perhaps even a spiritual meeting with the Rikudou Sennin himself.

It's a mystery so mysterious, that even Sherlock Holmes would be scratching his head at this point.

It’s a mystery so mysterious, that even Sherlock Holmes would be scratching his head at this point.

I also did notice that some people seemed to be confused about whether Obito also extracted the other half Kurama out of Madara, but I am certain this is not the case because if it was, Madara would have mentioned it specifically, rather than referring to Obito only acquiring some of the Ichibi’s and Hachibi’s chakra. Kurama’s dark half was already within Obito’s reach when he took control of his body again, which was shared with Black Zetsu, but there’s no reason to believe he somehow got access to the light half as well.

Aside from the obvious mystery behind Naruto’s survival and how the Bijuus’ chakra might come into play over these next few chapters, I suppose I could also mention the reunion of Kakashi and Obito as a team again, which served as an obvious nod to their past and the Kakashi Gaiden in particular, but then I feel like I’d simply be treading an already well worn path, so I’ll just insert a nice picture here that pretty much sums it up instead.

Sounds like a good plan...

Sounds like a good plan…

I have to admit, I would have liked to have seen what kind of Susanoo version Obito and Kakashi might have been able to conjure by using both of their eyes together, but I guess it wasn’t meant to be – at least, not for now anyway.

Ultimately, however, their plan still worked out in the end and Obito managed to get to Naruto, where he appears to be infusing Dark Kurama’s chakra – and perhaps Shukakuu’s and Gyouki’s as well – into him.

Everyone seems to have a fetish about touching Naruto's chest lately...

Everyone seems to have a fetish about touching Naruto’s chest lately…

To be honest, with Naruto’s birthday coming around in mere moments and with the chakra of nine Bijuu possibly being housed within him, I’m certain we have some big revelations on the way. It makes me very eager to read chapter 667 and see what happens next, not to mention I’m also expecting that we’ll see Gai open the 8 celestial gates as well, which should be epic.

Anyway, that’s all from me for now. Instead of having a Bubbliton contest this week, however, I’ve decided to return to an old favorite in the form of an official WRA battle debate. Here’s this week’s match-up!

Orochimaru vs Minato

Orochimaru vs Minato

I was also considering Madara vs everyone, but then I realized that it would be too one-sided in favor of Madara, so this will have to do for now.

The rules for this debate are simple. Both combatants are in their prime and neither of them are Edo Tensei summons. Minato does NOT have Kurama’s Yin chakra and Orochimaru has NOT absorbed any unknown powers from Kabuto, mostly because it’s hard to debate on unknown variables, so I’m going with the versions of these characters that we know best.

We’ll also assume that they know a lot about each other, which would probably be an accurate assumption.

Remember, the poll counts but comments count more, so if you want your favorite pick to win, please take part in the debate!

I’ll see you all in the comments! ^ ^

~ by Tenrai Senshi on March 4, 2014.

36 Responses to “Naruto Chapter 666 Breakdown: It’s evil…”

  1. First and the winner of the duel is Madara who randomly swoops and kills everybody by spamming meteors everywhere. Why because Madara doesn’t follow logic.

  2. 2nd

  3. 3rd! (Hey, is 4th death?)

  4. yes the 4th is dead

  5. Oro for the win cause of Edo Tensei jutsu of bringing the 1st and 2nd back in the fight to somehow counter FTG.

  6. I like how the 2nd says the FTG was *his* original technique! The whole return of previous Hokages was pretty funny. Made them more realistic, in my view πŸ™‚

  7. I’m gonna have to go with Minato. Minato can’t use FTG offensively against Oro because Oro can always shed the FTG seal. But, he can teleport Oro’s slithery butt far away, and send a rasengan in after him… Minato can also use FTG defensively, thereby avoiding Oro’s attacks.

  8. – IT’S OUT!

  9. Well, that chapter pretty much removes Sage Mode from the debate for Minato, seeing as how he’s only ever actually used it in combat once and is not very good with it. I’m actually glad about that to be honest, because Naruto was meant to be the first true Sage trained at Myouboku after surpassing Jiraiya at the technique and it seems that has ended up being true after learning that Minato has yet to master it properly.

    As for the rest, it seems it was right for us to assume Kabuto was the one who had approached Sasuke. However, if he’s using Hashirama’s cells to help him recover, there’s a very good chance Sasuke could awaken the Rinnegan here, even if Hashirama didn’t give him any cells himself. I can definitely see Kishi doing that, because he has to keep Sasuke up to Naruto’s level somehow and if Naruto is receiving the chakra of all the Bijuu, then it makes sense for Sasuke to receive the Rinnegan as means to keep the scales in balance.

    Lastly, Gai… it’s a pity his 8th gate release was delayed, but Kishi loves his cliffhangers. <_<

  10. No… no… no… please not Gai! Take Tenten or Kiba! T_T

  11. kishi, predictable as ever

  12. An interesting Breakdown to say the least, Tenrai. I enjoyed it. Especially the part about Kakashi and obito plan using the Mongekyou. lol

    The new chapter was pretty great. And all I have to say is one thing.


    I am also wondering what chaka Rock Lee has around him.

  13. well everything is already laid out.

    gai – opens 8th gate to buy them some time (might be healed by naruto by the end of this war)
    tenten – checks and studies the sage artifacts (would soon teach naruto how to use it to seal madara forever)
    kabuto – revives sasuke
    orochimaru – i don’t whats up, but if he’s planning to take sasuke, now is the time
    naruto – currently being revived (incoming SO6P)

  14. and by the way.. about gai’s 8th gate.. red means blood right? so if the 7th gate is all heat and perspiration.. then the 8th one is practically all blood boiling out of the body

  15. Ianchaps: It would appear so. I am guessing we are witnessing Gia’s
    final hours.

  16. I had to laugh at how Kakashi goes all “yo sensei, your sage techniques suck” πŸ˜› Poor Minato.


    Anyone else getting a Chekhov’s Gun vibe from this kunai?

  18. I had to look up that Chekhov thing, but yes, I immediately thought that kunai would come in handy for something in the near future…

  19. @holydemonandy: Not to trivialize your comment. But aren’t we all getting Checkhov’s Gun vibes from almost every single panel in Naruto? Maybe that’s hyperbole, but think of how many of us have scoured old chapters for information or clues to what is going to happen next! We’re obsessed!

  20. Everyone didn’t fully pick up on the Chekhov’s Gun that was Kakashi Gaiden.

    Only other two instances of this I’ve seen, remembered, and/or been reminded of was Kakashi looking at Chiyou with his Sharigan, and now this kunai.

    There are other small details that repeat, such as when Naruto tells Konohamaru there’s no easy way to become a good Hokage, and then later, recently, Naruto seems to have fully realized this fact when he talks to Obito about walking a harsh road, not an easy one.


    You know shit is about to go down when your eyebrows are on fire.

  22. pfffffffffffff LAME flashback

  23. OMG Im in tears!

    Best chapter in a long time!

  24. So… Gai’s father was responsible for the deaths of most swordsman of the mist. I was discussing this aspect with Iamnotreallyhere and besides Raiga, who was killed in the anime filler, and Suikazan, the one Kisame off’ed, all the other 5 might have been killed by Gai’s dad.

    Unlike others I enjoyed the flashback, it was something new witch we didn’t see before, and ultimately next week is going to be a full action chapter.

    As IANRH stated, the Night elephant is a bit less then expected but I bet Madara is going to fell like that elephant just shot out of his back side by the end of the technique.
    Can’t wait to see something we’ve been looking forward to for such a long time.
    Ever since it was first stated that a man who unlocks the 8th gate can achieve powers even greater than a kage I was itching to see just how far that ability can go. Seeing just how powerful Hashirama, Tobirama, Hiruzen and Minato truly are I can’t wait to see how Gai measures up.

    It’s sad he can’t use it without loosing his life.

  25. @Tenrai: Aren’t you going to post the breakdown?

  26. *reads chapter and face palms*
    If Guy can’t use ninjutsu or genjutsu. How come he can summon that turtle?! *Facepalms again*
    So Kishi decides to pointlessly kill off Gai. *Facepalms some more* Since the Bijuu couldn’t do anything. What could Gai do? *Smash head through a wall*.

  27. You are aware that Konan’s death was relatively pointless right? You know war deaths are meaningless for the most part, right? Besides, whether Gai knows it or not, he’s buying time, but he really thinks he can beat Madara.

    I think Lee, Naruto, and Sasuke are going to team up to be honest.

  28. “Seeing just how powerful Hashirama, Tobirama, Hiruzen and Minato truly are I can’t wait to see how Gai measures up.”

    Gai will weaken Madara somewhat (burn off some of Madara’s leg hair) then die. That’s when Naruto returns with a brand spanking new white cape that reads 6th (or a lot of six’s or nines) and horns.
    Naruto goes toe to toe with Madara and manages to hold his own somewhat before being worn out because unlike Madara he doesn’t have the full power of the Sage… Yet.
    Cue Sasuke with brand spanking new Rinnegan eyes courtesy of Uchihax Incorporated and together they manage to defeat Madara.

    The end.

    Oh, and Tenten flails the Sage’s weapons around for a good 0.2 seconds before fainting from exhaustion.

  29. *reads holydemonandy first sentence* NOOOOOO!!! Why did have to remind MEEEEEE?! *Smashes head through a couple more walls*
    Now about war deaths they’re different type of pointless. That usually has a tragic feel to it. According to every battle Madara had after his revival. I would have to say that Gai’s sacrifice, is equivalent to trying to take out a tank by setting yourself on fire.

  30. In that case someone just needs to throw a bunch of oil at Madara so that Gai’s fire will heat up the outside and then, hopefully, heat up the inside of the tank because of it.

  31. Frankly, I think it’s sad that Might Guy didn’t have a happy childhood. Think about it – always knowing your Dad… wait for it… Might Dai…

    Sorry – couldn’t be helped. πŸ™‚

  32. @holy
    Konan’s death wasn’t meaningless as Obito had to get the Rinnegan and to show how far he was going towards war, with sasuke at the summit and killing the number one person who knows how to stop him and aid the alliance with all her knowledge of Akasuki.

  33. But what did her fighting accomplish? The only real thing it did was buy time. It didn’t stop Obito from getting the Rinnegan.

    And as for Might Dai, I’d been thinking about that pun for awhile too. Part of me wonders if Kishi did that on purpose.

  34. I wouldnt exactly say Kohans death was pointless. For one It helped boost the guise that Obito was in fact, a ruthless Madara, and second, it proved How far he was actually willing to go.

    Kohan had a strategic plan to Kill obito, and it would have worked had he not had Ultimate Haxagun no Jutsu.

  35. I am going to be really disappointed if Naruto and Sauske don’t fight. Kishi was in an interview late 2013, saying the Manga would end in 2014. I don’t know how there would be time for a Naruto vs Sausuke, or how the fight will come about.

    What are some loose ends? Madara as the Sage, the Juubi still hasn’t been fully destroyed. What happens to the Bijuu after this war. What happens with Orochimaru. Kabuto seems to want to make an orphanage again. How are the different nations going to go back. Is their alliance going to be broken up?

    So, the top things are The War that’s still going on. The aftermath. And the villains that are left. Oro and Sauske really seem like individual villains at this point. Sauske wants to destroy the bijuu

    And are there really no more villains after them? I don’t know how long this manga is gonna take, but it sure looks like there is way more stuff to happen, for it to end at 2014. I’d like for Gai’s match to go for 5 chapters without interruption. Then Naruto get into the mix. But even Naruto vs Madara seems like an ill fated match to the point where Sauske has to step in. Then that happens, they beat Madara. Would Sauske really attack Naruto exactly afterwards?

  36. @redbaron: Uchihax Incorporated…. nice.

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