Naruto Breakdown six sixty something… and stuff. Yep. You heard me.

Yep. T___T

Welcome one and all to yet another weekly Naruto breakdown.  Its Marksman here. The Incredible Marksman that is, and I will be taking over for Tenrai this week, as he is unfortunately out of action for the moment.

Some of you may be wondering who I am, and how I got the  privilege of writing the breakdown this week. Well, I just happened to be on the blog one day in my elegant disguise as Supertrek89, and I ran into to Tenrai.

And, after stumbling past a weary and unfortunate Kevin, another member of our blog who by the way, was scrambling desperately in the other direction and running with his hands in the air screaming, I continued my browsing and ventured into the men’s room. That is of course, until I found out why he was running.

Tenrai then erupted out nowhere and cornering me in the bathroom, asked me if I could ‘volunteer’  my time to do the latest Naruto breakdown this week.  I couldn’t help but take note of the ever lurching ak-47 he kept putting emphasis on while he addressed me. And so, out of dreadful fear for my life,  I decided it would be in my best interest to adhere to his demands polite request. <___<

That, and I feared being eaten. Again. As so many of us on here do. X____x

In any case, I am glad that I can help to keep things going. And, all jokes aside, I would just like to this time to personally say thank you, to Tenrai Senshi, for keeping our WRA blog alive for so long. It has been a solace to many of us, an escape from life, and a healthy outlet to express our feelings, desires, and opinions about the manga we have all been following so fervently.

Thank you Tenrai Senshi.

Now then, lets go ahead and get into things. Shall we?


I for one enjoyed this chapter. And despite the fact we through some of the chapter get a brief rehash of things we have already gathered from recent rehashes of rehashes, it still delivers that satisfying level of uncertainty.  For one , it shows how increasingly broken and unstoppable an Uchiha can become at any given moment. But of course, we already knew that. Secondly, it shows that the only logical solution to the nine tails being pulled out of Naruto, and getting the main character back to a healthy state, won’t be as easily carried out as a lot of us may have originally thought.

And I do enjoy the suspense. Kishi as of late, has been doing a very good job at the suspense part, despite that most of us can pretty much guess in some cases, what will happen next.

Obito Uchiha to the rescue, anyone?

Obito Uchiha to the rescue, anyone?

I remember reading the comments to one of the most recent breakdowns on the blog, where someone had mentioned that Obito would probably regain consciousness and save the day, so to speak. I remember thinking it was a plausible theory.  And now we seem to be making head way right into that unfolding segment.

I am pretty sure none of us may have seen Zetsu, coming in to steal the other half of Kuruma, and pulling it off so effectively. I was a little disappointed personally at how well he did accomplish that feat right in front of Kakashi and the fourth. But, nonetheless, we now find ourselves placing a little of our hope in obito. But of course, what chance does he really have against Madara, right?

It would appear, however, that Naruto’s words to Obito, the main antagonist for so much of the series, had such an outstanding effect on his personal thoughts, persona, and feelings,  that he starts to doubt his own motives, questioning Madara on what his purpose in life really was.

And then of course, Madara’s answer, is to go into another rehash of Obito’s most recent rehash. <___<

Lol If its not one thing that stalls the series, its another.

Anyone else having a familiar, yet more descriptive since of daja vu?

Anyone else having a familiar, yet more descriptive since of daja vu?


While gaara and Kakashi simultaneously plot to gain back the kyuubi, and discuss carefully how useless Tenten and Kiba have become, Madara explains a little about the history of the ninja, and why he carved such a hard path for Obito at the time, to follow.

We learned that originally, the chakra that the sage of the six paths crafted and gave to the world, was originally designed to connect people to one another, and create peace. The goal was to create a balance so strong that people would be able to read and communicate with each others heart. And so,  the people in the world thus came to the inevitable conclusion that the idea was unbelievably lame and boring, and that they would rather shoot fire from their mouths at each other instead. Who could blame them?

And so Madara also explains that all the teaching the sage of the sixs path originally taught were nothing but contradictions, and that when heart and heart connected, no one really understood each other. And,in way, if you think about it, it kinda relates to our world where people refuse to understand each other, leading to all kinds of disasters, some created by war. But what do you think?

Do you believe that the sages original intentions were good, and that he had a solid idea?

Nonetheless, obito takes his still, redefining himself in some ways, and in others, rediscovering.

Obito aint nobodies B*tch. @___@

Obito aint nobodies B*tch. @___@

Finally we  are beginning to see things open up a bit more. Obito is turning more and more against the idea he held onto and drove for so long. And even now, he is starting to reclaim his original name, Obito, over the “savior of the word”, Madara.

All I have to say is its about damn time.

After all, you can’t hide forever from who you really are. You will always be that person. Now then, about that plan Kakashi, Gaara, and the forth were concocting. Lets see it in action. Surely, this will be epic.



Come on Kiba!? And Damn it Tenten!

Come on Kiba!? And Damn it Tenten!

This is my breakdown. The captions don’t have to make sense. They just have to be there or else Tenrai will eat me. T___T

And so this confirms it. We have watched Kishi dash into pieces any hope of anyone besides Obito doing something to successfully help Naruto or Sasuke.

Maybe he will wind up sacrificing himself to save them? Perhaps. Like I said in the beginning, it is diffidently a plausible theory. And I do have to admit, in the last page of the chapter, Obito does look pretty bad ass.  And on a side note, through out the entire chapter, I was hoping that kishi would reveal whoever it was creeping up on Sasuke. But he managed to skip over that little detail quite well. And I was a little annoyed, as I am sure most of you were as well. lol

This is the first time I have no idea who the mystery man could be. But maybe I am just missing something and need to pay more attention. Meh….

Anyway, here is that bad ass picture of Obito claiming his stand against Madara, building on our hopes…

Aye you tellem boy! Datz Riiite!

Aye you tellem boy! Datz Riiite!

It looks like Obito has somehow reclaimed some of his abilities of the sage of the six paths from when he was unbelievably broken earlier. I am quite anxious to see if or Not Kishi is going to confirm this.  But I for one like this new Obito. It would be something if somehow, at the end of all this, he manages to survive, and not die off.

Anyway guys, that’s it for me and my breakdown. I know it was bit short. Sorry about that.

In any case, I am off.


The Inedible Munchman.


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  1. First

  2. Second… nicely done marksman

  3. Third. Thank you Marksman for great breakdown. Side note, don’t go to the washroom without a cheesecake in hand next time.

  4. FOURTH IS F*****G LIFE B**CH!!

    *still running, arms flailing, then finally skids to a stop, turns around, and sees the new breakdown*

    …Does this mean I’m safe? *whimpers*

    Seriously though, great breakdown! Yeah, it was kind of a dick move for Kishi to skip out on revealing the mystery character in front of Sasuke. And then there’s still the man inside Spiral Zetsu *COUGHYAMATOCOUGH*

  5. Thanks for the breakdown Marks.

    One thing I also found interesting was how Madara showed that the Sage tried to give humanity chakra as a means to share their feelings with each other and it shows him sharing his chakra with everyone and connecting them. I couldn’t help but notice how similar this ability was to how Naruto also shared his chakra and connected the emotions of everyone on the battlefield. Even that circular symbol that appears on Naruto when he’s in full chakra mode looks the same.

    To me, it serves as even more of a direct link between Naruto and the Sage of the Six Paths, almost as if Naruto is the legacy he left behind to save the world and fix his mistakes.

  6. Great job ” The Incredible One “, glad to see you taking time for a breakdown.

    Any second now the new chapter will be on the Net and I’m sure it’s going to be a lot of talk and no going forward with the story.

  7. @ Ten, so you’re telling me the Sage of 6 Paths was the founder of the first…. Puts on sun glasses,….. Mobile Network. Yeaaaaahhhhhhhhh !!!


  9. Really nice chapter but… Flashbacks. I really dislike flashbacks when they are not used properly. There was no reason for it. The 1-3 pages spent on the flashback could have been spent reviving Naruto or even better!!! More Kakashi and Obito banter (which was awesome)… but no, we get needless flashback…

  10. Ten bucks says Gai opens all 8 gates in the next chapter.

  11. so obito managed to pull of the greatest comeback ever. 🙂 he managed to take some of the hachibi and ichibi chakra. well well well… here comes the sage.

  12. @Eugen:
    ( •_•)>⌐■-■

  13. Gai is going Eight Gates and Naruto will be back in time to replenish Gai’s chakra before he dies. But one thing is for certain… there will be a cliff hanger before Gai bites the big one.

  14. @iam: I noticed that too. Naruto is getting all the Bijuu’s chakra he once had. But here’s the thing I don’t get, wasn’t all the Bijuu chakra he collected extracted? If not that means he still had chakra in him still then, it was just the act of getting a bijuu extracted that basically killed Naruto. So Did Naruto get the whole of Kurama or just one portion of it? I’d like to think he got the whole of Kurama in him. I also find it weird that Madara can’t travel into this dimension that Obito has. If so, where did this dimension come from? I guess we’ll never know.

  15. it’s really scary everytime gai appears knowing he has plenty of tricks up his sleeve.. especially the 8 gates. i think his physical power is on par or better than that of madara. i really can’t wait to see naruto becoming the sage and seeing what true strenght really is, but that would be two-three chapters after this one since the next chapters would probably be about sasuke and the foot. lol

  16. the man who took the life of his parents… is bring him back to life; So many feels are going to be brought to the surface.

  17. @ Wise, it’s going to be the biggest Rampage yet. As for Gai, all I can say is that we’ve been waiting to see the full extent to the gates for a long long time now.

    Also I think Chaps is right, midway through next chapter we’re going to be sent to Sasuke’s location with Oro and team Taka witnessing Sasuke being raped by a wild barefoot man (Kabuto probably). That will be the treat of the week.

    One thing bugged me, what happened to Minato here??

    One second he’s dashing with a Kunai in his mouth, Zabuza style FTW (totally nailed that prediction), but then, on the next page he’s on the ground collapsed, and after that, 2 panels to the left we see him ready for action yet again. WTF happened, am I too stoned and missing something ???

  18. he probably forgot how to minato. sometimes minato can be so.. “stupid” just like naruto.. LOL

  19. “he probably forgot how to minato” :))))))) :):):):) OMG I can’t stop laughing =)))

  20. i also noticed that. he was about to do something, blabbered here there.. “this time.. etc..etc.. etc..” then we see him on the ground.. gai appears saving kakashi.. well.. wth did he do? hahahahaha! kishi is probably trolling us.

  21. Yes, loved this chapter, Naruto is finally getting all the BIjuu chakras, hell yeah!
    @Eugen: I don’t think Minato gets back up? He still looks to be lying down the last panel we see him in. I think he just tripped as he was dashing to save Kakashi O.o Poor Minato…

  22. Please guys is killa bee dead, or just taking a power nap?? Haven’t heard any update on him for a while now…

  23. @ Cecilie, Still not sure what happened there but it was funny as hell.

    @ Fifth.M.H, I’m not 100% but when Madara took away all the Bijuu Bee was in Bijuu mode and technically he was sucked up with the 8 tails into Madara.
    So most likely Bee is still connected to Hatchibee somehow. Keep in mind Madara said Obito took only a small portion of the Shukaku and the 8 Tails, so Bee and his beast must still be inside Madara at the moment.

    And I’m guessing Naruto will evolve gradually just like the Juubi did, Obito said then that only a small portion of each bijuu is required to awaken the 10 tails and that it will reach full power non the less.

    The real question is, if the other 7 bijuu chakras Naruto got from the tailed beasts are somehow still inside him, how is it that he’s in so bad a shape right now. Just one of those chakras should be enough to keep him alive, and I’m not even bringing into discussion the fact that he’s a Uzumaki.

  24. @Eugen: For suspense! 😛
    Maybe we’ll understand better what happened to Minato here once the anime episode comes out … in 2016 😛

  25. @ Cecilie, let’s hope Naruto will still be on-going until then

  26. naruto probably suffered from the extraction of his tailed beast but madara didn’t able to get the chakra of the other bijuu’s inside him. this also shows that obito and madara both have incomplete juubi’s with them since the yin part of kurama was not available. and this is where naruto has the upper hand after he gets the ichibi, hachibi and yin chakra of kurama inside him. ohhh.. i can’t wait to see the true sage. no one even noticed how naruto and the sage are alike when he connected everyone through chakra connection with only the yang part of kurama but on a smaller scale.

  27. I don’t think Minato forgot how to Minato, so to speak, I just think we’re seeing an unfortunate case where he’s just being put up against godly opponents, who are hax beyond belief, which tends to diminish Minato’s image by making him appear weak.

    All we need to do is look at the bigger picture to understand this isn’t the case and that Minato isn’t as weak as he appears. After all, even the likes of Hashirama was defeated by Madara, and that was even before he absorbed all the Bijuu. This is the person who was hailed as the god of shinobi and the strongest to ever live beside the SOTSP himself, so if he went down, it stands to reason that Minato wouldn’t have much chance either, or anyone else for that matter.

    As for Naruto, it’s clear that he should now possess the chakra of all nine Bijuu once Obito makes his transfer. When Naruto first talked with the Bijuu, the only ones who were missing that didn’t give him chakra were Gyouki (The Hachibi) and Shuukaku. Those were also the two whose chakra Obito managed to acquire now, which he’ll no doubt implant in Naruto along with Kurama’s dark half, thus giving Naruto the chakra of all nine Bijuu. It makes sense because the only way for anyone to contest with Madara right now would be to have power of a similar level or to, at the very least, have some of the Bijuu’s chakra so he can link with them and pull them out of Madara like he did with Obito.

    As for why the the chakra of the other bijuu didn’t keep him alive (assuming he still has it), I assume it’s because of how a Jinchuuriki’s chakra merges with that of his Bijuu while he grows. In a sense, their chakra mixes and becomes one, to the point where the hosts body becomes dependent on the Bijuu’s chakra for life. If that chakra is then removed, the body shuts down. You can’t just replace it with another foreign chakra that the body isn’t used to and has yet to merge with, you need to replace it with the same chakra that was lost. At least, that’s my hypothesis, based on the idea that Naruto still has the other Bijuus’ chakra.

    Anyway, I can’t wait to see what happens. O_o

  28. Nice breakdown Marks.
    @Tenrai: if replacing by a foreign chakra doesn’t work, then also by that reasoning I’d say swapping yin for yang wouldn’t be helpful either. Not that I have a better explanation though 🙂

  29. @ZZattack

    Well, at the very least both Kurama’s Yin and Yang chakra comes from the same source. Of course, there could be other factors involved as well that we aren’t aware of.

    The only thing we really know is that when a Jinchuuriki’s bijuu is extracted, they die. We don’t know why they actually die, or whether it has something to do with chakra loss, the nature of their seals, or even some kind of physical of mental bond. It’s never really been explained to us, but I assume if it was something as simple as chakra loss, there wouldn’t be a number of ways to replace the lost chakra without having to resort to placing a new Bijuu inside the host, so I guess it’s more than just that.

    It would be nice if we had more clarification on that in the manga itself.

  30. Thing is Naruto will only have the Yin chakra now, so he won’t be complete he will only have all the bijuus at his disposal but not the other half of Kurama, his original Yang half.
    I think this is where Team 10 will come into play, they will most likely get sent to the other dimension by Kakashi and they will supply Naruto with a mix of Yin – Yang Kurama chakra form the Kin Jin Bros. who are sealed in the Crimson Gourd and the Amber Purifying Pot.

  31. @wise: i agree with flashbacks but those where to represent the only reason for the awsomeness of Kakashi and Obito cooperating ever again was because of Rin.

  32. I think he got the full Kurama extracted from Madara, along with some portion of the Ichibi, and Shukaku. Or else Madara would have mentioned the fact that he took half of Kurama. Manga Stream (i choose it because it’s translations seem to be the best) has been very technical with it’s calling of the bijuu, either stating one part of kurama or another, and saying the tailed beast as a whole etc. So I think the full of Kurama was extracted and is in the process of being assimilated into Naruto.
    in this page we see the Dark half of Kurama behind Obito. This dark half is because of the black zetsu that Obito is still connected to. That half got the dark kurama and that is why it is shown behind obito and not in the pool with the other bijuu.
    But this page shows that Obito has connected with Madara subconsciously to be able to view the bijuu inside Madara. And you can clearly see the light half of kurama at the bottom of the bijuu pyramid, in between the 7 tails and the five tails.
    here Madara mentions that Obito only managed to tear off a piece of the 8 and 1 tails.

    But in this page ( Madara says that Obito has both a rinnegan and the nine tails; why fail to mention that it is just the half of the nine tails? So I assume that in this panel ( is where Obito extracted the rest of kurama from Madara. Madara tried to evade the attack from the bijuu-shuriukan? And Obito used that time Madara evaded to extract the rest of Kurama along with those pieces of the 8 and 1 tails.

    Then again, I might be over thinking this and Madara still has the light half of kurama in him, because how else is he still in that Sage form if the full Kurama were to be extracted from him. Then I look at Obito… How is Obito still looking like he did when he first got the Juubi inside him? White Hair and some-what pale skin.

    Another thing that comes to mind about this chapter is Naruto. He is now in the process of receiving chakra from the dark half of kurama, and a portion of the 8 & 1 tails. I think in a back chapter when Naruto was about to teleport the entire shinobi alliance, Minato mentioned something about leaving residual chakra that tends to stay with the people that received a portion in the first go around. So I take it that means that so residual chakra of the light kurama has stayed with Naruto, even if it’s just a trace amount. Now this is an important aspect if Naruto is to turn miniature sage. I think Naruto needs perfect bijuu chakra inorder to reach this stage, that is why the dark half is important. Without it Naruto wouldn’t become a perfect sage. The closer he got to being a perfect sage was due to the fact that he was synchronizing with Kurama’s light half. Now he will be having the dark half and I think he will look more like the sage a bit because there might be a trace amount of the light half that can mix and create a new chakra cloak.

    So, Naruto now will have had that. And now he will be in possession of a small portion of the rest of the bijuu too. My question is “how is he going to be able to access their chakra?” like Obito and Madara were capable of doing? How is Naruto going to be able to access their chakra and fuse it together with the chakra of kurama he has? Remember, Madara and Obito took years in studying the ancient text, and training; together they have over 100 years of experience and knowledge (sharingan remembers all) that they used in order to perform their plans and actually control the Juubi. How is Naruto going to figure out how to harness that same power? I think there is going to be some training going on between Obito and Naruto while Gai tries to hold off Madara as much as he can. We don’t know how the time dimension Obito uses works. What if it’s like the hyperbolic time chamber from DBZ? Obito has never been shown to stay there for very long as he used it through out the 2nd part of the series. They were always short stents, but what if this time he decides to stay for at least 5 minutes (we all know how Kishi likes to use 5 minutes as a time limit for everything) in the real world, and it turns out to be a few days. Naruto uses his kagebunshin to learn to transform as perfectly as he can. IT would be a nice way to return the kage bunshin and actually be usefull while Naruto learns to turn into a partial sage as well. Obito will have become a sensi of Naruto as well, rounding out the whole ordeal of his parents murder being his new teacher, which could serve as some sort of way to show how far Naruto has come and stuff like that.

  33. Also, don’t you guys like how Madara’s ideas look like when he pictures them in his head? ( Look how archaic it looks lol. I found it kind of funny. He also looks like one of the many demons the ancient japanese used to draw as well. With the way it is drawn and the horns look on him. He looks like Raijin (the Japanese god of Thunder and lightning) with his drums encircling him (

  34. Okay, okay, I know how you guys don’t like triple post. But this chapter is the first one I’ve liked in a really long time. So many things I liked going on, so many directions. I failed to add in this picture ( I just liked how Obitos face looked while he was starting to transfer the chakra into Naruto. He looked sad, weary, regretful; kind of like a monk or sage would when they are trying to fix something that has been broken or has taking ill. Sakura represents the human aspect of what’s going on. The Human Being (Sakura) is trying so hard to stave off what is to inevitably come, without anything short of a miracle. She ripped a whole in Naruto and manually pumped his heart to keep him alive, and even that isn’t enough. Then Obito arrives and sees, and takes in the site of what has become of Naruto. Being the divine intervention that was needed that the Human Being couldn’t accomplish on her own, he too, placed his hand on Naruto’s body. That panel really got to me. It was a very powerful panel.

  35. Thanks for the insight Wise. 🙂 That last post was my favorite. I never really realized it, but all throughout the series Sakura has been, sort of, a representation of the side of a human being.

    I also really liked the flashbacks that Obito seemed to have, about how he was always late because he kept meandering, and how later on in the chapter the symbolism of him “not walking a straight and honest path” was combined with his statement about “finally coming around,” as though he’s arrived in belief and arrived to the destination he had taken a long path to get to.

  36. Why arn’t the edo Tensie limbs on The forth coming back again? I never really understood that.

  37. @Wiseman

    You should give a breakdown a go sometime. With how long your posts were, it would basically be long enough to constitute one anyway. Lol.


    It has to do with the Juubi’s chakra. It somehow manages to do damage to the extent that it even stops edo tensei bodies from being able to regenerate.

  38. @ Wise, that was longer then the Marksman’s breakdown :)). Good point given non the less. I’m still thinking the Light half of Kurama is still inside Madara, so I guess we’ll see next week, you said it yourself, without the 9 tails madara couldn’t keep the Sage Mode activated.

    @ Marks, well the first chopped arm can’t come back because of this.

    So I’m thinking Madara did the same thing to the other arm when he cut it with his staff.

  39. @Eugen

    Isn’t it the Kin/Gin brothers chakra already used by Obito when he became sage.. So i don’t think their chakra is still inside the sealing pot..

  40. @ Eugen, Ive seen comments longer then 3 breakdowns. O_o Do you remember when we used to have character vs character debates?

    @ wra: There is a panal in the last chapter that made it look like Kakashi had finally overused his Mongekyou and went blind. But I guess it was just kishi trolling us again. <__<

    And still nothing on the mystery man about to rap sasuke? I am not even sure Kishi knows who it is. lol

    And we still have the plot twist, whatever it was Zuigetsu found and shared with oro. I know I just butchered his name. lol

  41. @ Pisbol, Indeed it was, but seeing as you can’t get out of the sealing treasures unless set free somehow, I’m guessing the Kin-Jin along with Samui and Atsui (Blonde girl with big boobs from the lightning country and her brother) are still inside and the Gedo Mazo only transformed into the Juubi because the chakras from the brothers were part of the beast’s body after the pots got digested.

    @ Marks, those were the days, I remember how fierce each team was in trying to promote their favorite shinobi in the debate.

    Kakashi’s eye is eternal because he’s Kakashi so no more to argue there :)).

    As for the barefoot dude and the one inside spiral zetsu using the Mokuton I still think they are Kabuto and Tenzou (Yamato), if they are anyone other then the 2 mentioned, it would be a great and welcomed surprise.

    I wonder if Obito and Kakashi’s Sharingans will evolve to Rinnegan by the end of the fight??

  42. As per a suggestion from Pein0Avenue, I was actually thinking of having a battle debate in the next breakdown. We could have Orochimaru vs Minato, which is one Pein0Avenue suggested to me, or any other match-up that anyone else might like to suggest.

    Team battles are also fun, like 2 vs 2, or something like team 10 vs team Gai, etc, because then you also have to take into account how different characters work together.

  43. I’d say once I get a degree in English, I’d love to be able to do breakdowns. I have this glitch where I have to write as best as I possibly can. And I am just going to minor in English without having to type and erase a lot: which I tend to do with a lot of the comments I write.

    What I tend to do with my writing is add in a whole lot of hogwash that doesn’t make sense when I am trying to make concrete points. But once I have become proper enough with what I want to say, and the points I’d like to make about chapters, then I would love to write breakdowns.

    I am serious about getting a degree in English. I want to be an Archaeologist and they tend to need to be familiar with writing eloquently enough to persuade possible clients into allowing them to study certain sites (potential archaeological dig sites) or be funded to study other stuff: mainly study rocks and other artifacts.

    Maybe if we all get into new manga that becomes like the new Naruto, I’d definitely be up for it. It’s just going to be about a year or so when I have fully realized my writing potential.

    What I tend to lack with my comments are facts, allusions some parts of the chapter might make to past chapters or other literary works I didn’t recognize, and an unbiased approach to the breakdowns. Those are very critical aspects of the breakdowns that I’ve noticed. That is something @Tenrai, @Pein, @Marksman etc. tend to have when they make their breakdowns. I see their gripes as fair gripes that the majority of us readers/commentators tend to have. You guys also have this ability to create imagery that allows me to comprehend the chapter/s I’ve just finished reading. Also, my humor is not really that good at all. I have a dry sense of humor. And it is that special quality of humor integrated in you’re guys breakdowns that make me come back here almost on the daily.

    That being said, the foot belongs to Voldemort, and the person inside Tobi (the Spiraled Zetsu) is Tom Cruise. The only real explanation I can think of is plot-hole-no-jutsu

  44. Just a quick question: What is this “limbo” that Madara speaks of ?

  45. @Nisam, I believe he is referring to the “Limbo Henge” technique he used earlier to knock the tailed beasts back.

  46. While I was searching for Limbo I came across this little thing:

    The gedo mazou’s right arm is in the other dimension, think of how much chakra that thing has and who’s there with it.

  47. naruto wouldn’t need time to train. he was already accepted by the tailed beasts. 🙂

  48. There has never been a chapter that I’ve looked forward to more than chapter 667. We may see what will happen when Naruto has more than just Kurama’s chakra. We may even see what is happening with Sasuke. Either way, what’s most important is that Naruto will be revived and be seriously changed in some way – probably more powerful than before. It has been implied that both of them (Naruto and Sasuke) have to die to transcend. Both of them probably have died. What will happen when both of them are back? Next chapter folks…

  49. “I think he got the full Kurama extracted from Madara, along with some portion of the Ichibi, and Shukaku. Or else Madara would have mentioned the fact that he took half of Kurama.”
    Here Madara says Obito “only managed to tear off a little bit of the One-Tails and Eight-Tails.”
    Obito never touched Kurama’s chakra that was in Madara’s possession.
    And even if he did, he would have needed a lot more time to pull it out completely.
    Remember what effort it took Naruto and team ninja to pull the Bijuu from Obito? And Madara is a league above Obito. No way, Obito could pull a fast one on Madara.
    Naruto might still receive some of the light chakra of Kurama based on your resdiual chakra theory or perhaps in some other form but I doubt he will receive all of Kurama’s chakra.

    The confusing part is indeed Madara saying Obito has the Kyuubi like he does here; and not being specific about whether that’s the full Kyuubi or not. I seriously doubt it is though and nothing hints at it being the full Kyuubi. Even the colour of the chakra Obito is transferring to Naruto is dark grey, matching the colour of the dark half of Kurama. If it had been the full Kyuubi, it would have been white, like the other tailed beasts when their chakra was absorbed by Madara.

  50. Great breakdown Marks!

    @Eugen: Perhaps Minato lost too much chakra? This could be possible as he did lose his arms. The reason I’m saying this is that we tend to see people fall over themselves, like Minato just did, when they run out of chakra…

    Did anyone notice Madara’s staff change shape? It temporarily changed from the crescent moon to the classic SOT6P rings on a keychain. This happened right when Obito extracted the bijuu chakra, and then it switched back.

    I can’t wait to see Gai’s performance as his techniques don’t require ninjutsu…

    It seems as though Black Zetsu is under the control of the host. I guess this is as far as the mystery for Black Zetsu goes. That’s pretty hax for Madara If you think about it. He was able to make Black Zetsu out of will. He was also able to capture Hashirama’s powers and feign death.

  51. I would also like to point out how useless the other hokages, save minito, have been up to this point.

    I mean, seriously, how many people does it take to brig down a statue? You have living legends backed by an army composed of almost every nation in Naruto lol.

    Where is everyone?! O_o

  52. @ Baron, I agree with what you said concerning the Kyuubi and I’m positive the Light half is still inside Madara.
    As for how Naruto can obtain light Kyuubi chakra, we have a few ways already shown to us:
    1st is the residual chakra in all of the shinobi army witch can be sent beck to naruto.
    2nd is the Kin Jin Bros who can be freed from the SO6P treasures and transfer the power to Naruto
    3rd a few chapters ago, right after Madara Rinne Tensei’d his ass back to life, he summoned Gedo Mazo out of Obito’s body but before it got sent to Madara’s place via summoning contract, Kakashi managed to rip off it’s right arm with Kamui and sent it back to the other dimension.

    So the arm should be right where Naruto, Sakura and Obito are right now.

    @ Visionary, I’m not sure if Edo tensei zombies can run out of chakra, I think Minato, Hashirama and Tobirama stated as much, even Madara said this while fighting the 5 kages.
    Anyway, having no arms makes it hard to keep balance I guess.

    As for Gai, he will kick major ass with the 8th gate opened and will probably survive through the whole thing.

    @ Marks, in my mind the only true powers out there at the moment, besides Madara and Obito, are Naruto, Sasuke, Edo Hashirama, Tobirama, Minato, Hiruzen, Orochimaru, Kakashi, Gai, team Hawk (as a team not individually)

    These are the only ones IMO that can measure up to Madara without getting killed in the first 2 seconds of the fight. And I’m only talking to people who are on the battlefield right now, If I were to make an allstar team Jirayia, Itachi and Nagato would be first on the list along side Sasuke and Naruto.

  53. Agreed Eugen. I wish the first could break his edo Tensie bonds like Madara did. Or any of them for that matter.

    Its Typical that Madara would be the only one who knew how to do such a thing, considering the Jutsu was supposedly created after he died.

  54. @ Debate, I don’t think we should include Orochimaru in any debate untill we see what he can really do. Now more then ever he has obtained valuable info from Kabuto from the time he took back his chakra from him, and might even be able to use a perfect sage mode.

    We already know Minato can use the chakra mode, sage mode, and is a wiz with the Hirashin and sealing ninjutsu, plus the added speed to witch he can use the rassengan at any given time. Minato might not be as fast as the 2nd, IMO, but Minato is a ruthless powerhouse who was killed only because of bad luck and self sacrifice.

    Orochimaru on the other hand is probably one of the top 3 smartest shinobi out there, with who knows how many stolen kekegenkai and forbidden ninjutsu. Oro is still probably the strongest bad guy out there but for the most part he’s chilling. The only real fight he had so far was against…. NO ONE.

    Yes I said it, Oro was using Tobirama and Hashirama against a very old Hiruzen so he didn’t go all out in that fight, because of his arrogance he lost his arms and all of his ninjutsu with them.
    The 2nd fight he had was with a 4 tails Naruto witch was indeed a great fight but Naruto didn’t have control over his actions and Oro couldn’t use his arms.
    The last fight was with Sasuke witch, lets face it, was a real handicap match.

    So Orochiamru vs Minato, to me, is too much of an unknown to be able to side with one of them.

  55. @debate if obito has none of the light chakra then how did his arm have the glowing whisps like narutos did after naruto obtained control of kuramas power? If you look his arm does not glow when he is attached to the dark half of kurama but does glow after he stuck his arm in madara and attaches to the chakra of the other biju

  56. Just a quick note. I think I heard someone say on here that Orochimaru couldn’t summon Tobirama and Hashirama in a complete way because he hadn’t perfected the justu yet. I don’t think that goes against Oro’s strength necessarily because it is clear that since then it has been perfected.

  57. @ Gavin, I think you’re right, Edo tensei has been perfected since then, plus the fact that Orochimaru took back his chakra from Kabuto and thus he probably took all the knowledge kabuto gained thus far, including Perfect Edo tensei and perfect sage mode. Remember, after Sasuke revived Orochimaru, he already knew everything that had happened till that point.

    @ Dricedt, Minato could do the same thing naruto could with the dark half, check back when Minato turned on the chakra mode. That’s what Obito just did via the Kyuubi chakra Dark Zetsu stole from Minato.

  58. Hi guys…. First off I think kishi killed off itachi cause he would have been the only one to over hax madara.. Nd anyone else following the anime? I think yamato/kinoe/Tenzo is about to make a comeback

  59. Both Kakashi and Obito are going to die, leaving Madara to Naruto and Sasuke.

    …and Konohamaru…

  60. Konohamaru, being the only one of the three trained by an Elite Hokage Trainer, will become the new Hokage.

  61. I will go with Orochimaru. I think he beats Minato. Orochimaru was considered for Hokage before Minato. Oro was the first choice. That means he was more qualified than Minato.

    Taijutsu would go Oro because he is very hard to take down as he keeps squeezing bodies out every which way he can. Minato just has super speed on his side. Oro already deciphered the Reaper Death Seal, and was already studying ancient text, what makes people think he wouldn’t be able to decipher the formula for the FTG technique, which was created by the 2nd Hokage. I bet Oro can find flaws in that tech

    Yeah, that sage mode shit was stupid hax for Minato. No explanation for it at all. Minato shows no side effects from using it like Jirihay did, and the stupid Frogs said Naruto’s was close to as perfect as possible. So I think Minato isn’t able to sustain that form too long. If anything he is able to mold enough senjutsu to create one senjutsu rasengan. So his only advantage in the battle is to end it as quickly as possible.

    Stamina might be a wash. Minato has been shown to have tons of chakra to use at his disposal to the point where he can teleport tailed beast bombs and tailed beast away. He can also summon Gamabunta.
    Oro also seems to have knowledge on Senjutsu as well too. But from the snakes; to the extent of witch, we don’t know. But he can summon a giant ass snake, witch would kill Gamabunta. Snakes are the ones that can defeat frogs in that weird cycle thing.

    Ninjutsu goes to Oro. He is a proven mad scientist who knows everything he needs to know about the human body and it’s capablities. He has study the bodies of many dead Hokages and powerful people. He knows all the different types of elemental jutsu, and if he can just get one scratch on Minato’s body, he would slow him down enough to beat up on Minato.

    Genjutsu, I guess Oro has that other dimension thing, but if Minato had a dagger with the formula for the FTG on it, I guess he can teleport out of there. I don’t think they’re good at genjutsu.

    God, genjutsu has become so pointless. Ever since the sharingan was cast as the ultimate ability in genjutsu, no other type of genjutsu is even on the same level of sharingan anymore. What was the point of making genjutsu a thing, if the Sharingan gives you the true power to create and see through other genjutsu.

  62. “I will go with Orochimaru. I think he beats Minato. Orochimaru was considered for Hokage before Minato. Oro was the first choice. That means he was more qualified than Minato.”

    I think he was first choice because he was the Third’s (best?!?) apprentice. Just like Sarutobi was the apprentice of Hashirama and Tobirama.

    “Minato just has super speed on his side.”

    A wise man once said; “What good is power if you can’t catch your enemy.”
    Minato also has crazy speed. And insane speed. And Holyshitdidhejustdividebyzero?!?! speed.

    “Yeah, that sage mode shit was stupid hax for Minato. No explanation for it at all. Minato shows no side effects from using it like Jirihay did”

    He’s Minato, that’s all the explanation you need. You don’t question Minato’s or Itachi’s abilities. Just gaze at them in awe and drool.

    “Minato has been shown to have tons of chakra to use at his disposal to the point where he can teleport tailed beast bombs and tailed beast away. He can also summon Gamabunta.”

    I think it’s more the fact that Minato is a master at manipulating and molding chakra. His efficiency is above any other. That’s why he was able to use the Hiraishin on his own and use it to better effect than the techniques creator, Tobirama. And that’s why he was able to emulate the bijuu bomb with the rasengan.

    “Oro also seems to have knowledge on Senjutsu as well too. But from the snakes; to the extent of witch, we don’t know. But he can summon a giant ass snake, witch would kill Gamabunta. ”

    That giant ass snake fought Gamabunta and Gamabunta survived.

    “Ninjutsu goes to Oro. He is a proven mad scientist who knows everything he needs to know about the human body and it’s capablities. He has study the bodies of many dead Hokages and powerful people. He knows all the different types of elemental jutsu”


    “and if he can just get one scratch on Minato’s body, he would slow him down enough to beat up on Minato.”

    He would have to catch Minato first.

    “God, genjutsu has become so pointless. Ever since the sharingan was cast as the ultimate ability in genjutsu, no other type of genjutsu is even on the same level of sharingan anymore. What was the point of making genjutsu a thing, if the Sharingan gives you the true power to create and see through other genjutsu.”

    Jiraiya’s, or rather Fukasaku’s and Shima’s genjutsu wasn’t exactly pointless…. O.K. It kind of was but only because they didn’t know Nagato had more dead bodies under his control. But even so, the sharingan genjutsu is pretty weak now as well. When’s the last time we saw anybody get done in by the sharingan? 3 years ago?

  63. @ Redbaron: Only a few months ago. Itachi hax ass pull no Jutsu on Kabuto. <__<

  64. @ Marks – I think Redbaron means, normal Sharingan not just super ultra MS Itachi Haxagun…. 😉

    @ Debate: I would have to throw my hat in with Orochimaru here, Minato only has speed going for him and all his abilities that could get close to Orochimaru, (creating a seal on Orochimaru for example) Orochimaru can negate easily with his own abilities.

    Orochimaru can use either stealth to try capture Minato or even use his ultimate technique as well as Sage Mode to help him sense his surroundings. This mode makes him near invinsible and his ability to regenerate from attacks (Im looking at you edo Minato…)

  65. @Pein

    I wouldn’t say speed is Minato’s only advantage. He also has Sage Mode, is a skilled seal master who learned many of the Uzumaki clan sealing techniques and can use space time jutsu that is not just limited to the Hiraishin.

    Sage Mode alone would give Minato superhuman strength, enhanced senses and extend the range of his attacks and although Kabuto was seen using Sage Mode, there’s no information yet to suggest that Oro mastered it as well. With the speed added to his superhuman strength and enhanced senses, Minato would certainly be a force to be reckoned with, not to mention he does have the ability to to absorb attacks and redirect them with his space-time jutsu. If he was able to swallow one of the Juubi’s Bijuu bombs and send it out to sea, I don’t think there’s much else he wouldn’t be able to absorb and redirect in a similar manner (after all, how many attacks could possibly compare in scale and power to the Juubi’s?).

    As far as summoning goes, I’d say the snake summoning contract and toad contact are similar in quality, with both giving their users access to powerful summons, so I’d call that a draw.

    Speed wise, Minato definitely wins and in terms of Taijutsu, I’d definitely say Minato also has the edge if his Sage Mode is anything similar to that of Naruto’s in terms of power. He’d have enough strength to even send large summons flying with a toss and his attack range would extend beyond his normal reach, not to mention he’d have enhanced senses, allowing him to predict attacks better as well.

    Ninjutsu wise, it’s a bit of a tough call. Minato has shown some very high level space time jutsu and then he has the Rasengan and Hiraishin, but other than that we haven’t seen much else from him. I think it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that Orochimaru has more ninjutsu at his disposal, given his obsession with learning them all (which is part of why he wanted the Sharingan) but it’s a question of whether the quality of his jutsu matches Minato’s, even if the quantity exceeds it. I’d say Edo Tensei is definitely a great trump card for Oro though, but Minato could counter that with Fuuinjutsu.

    And that brings us to Fuuinjutsu (sealing techniques). Both Minato and Orochimaru are able to use sealing techniques, but Jiraiya mentioned that Orochumaru’s seal work was rather crude, suggesting that he isn’t quite a master of the techniques even though he can use them. Jiraiya was easily able to undo Oro’s seal on Naruto, so I think it’s safe to assume he is more skilled in that department and, considering Minato was Jiraiya’s student as well as the fact that he also learned Uzumaki sealing techniques from Kushina suggests that he’s definitely superior to Orochimaru in the field. His use of seals with the likes of the Hiraishin formula and the Shiki Fuujin, among others, definitely supports this sentiment.

    Durability wise, even though Minato would have enhanced recovery abilities and increased damage resistance from Sage Mode, I reckon Oro’s ability to regenerate from almost any attack definitely puts him one up as far as survivability is concerned. However, much in the way that sealing techniques were used to defeat Edo Tensei summons, it could be reasoned that Minato could seal Orochimaru away in order to defeat him where normal fatal attacks wouldn’t work. I guess it all depends on who delivers the deciding attack first.

    Anyway, I’ll put the debate on the next breakdown officially, so that people can discuss it in earnest. However, I’ll also set some rules for the debate so as to better establish what conditions both combatants will be fighting under. So far, I’m a bit torn myself because both have a few aces up their sleeves that could easily turn the tide of battle.

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