Naruto Chapter 662 – 663 Breakdown: A daring double breakdown collaboration!

Greetings one and all! Today is a very special day as far as Naruto breakdowns are concerned, because, on this rare and auspicious occasion, I have managed to find yet another test subject volunteer who was forced to more than happy to help me with a double breakdown.

Remember, this is his first time attempting such a daring feat, so please be gracious with your feedback and let him know how he did. Because he’s new at this, nukes and carpet bombing strikes will be disallowed as means of giving feedback (looks suspiciously at Kantonkage), but flamethrowers and pitch forks will still be permitted.

And so, without further ado, I give you Kevin Phoenix.

Kevin’s 662 Breakdown

The latest of two chapters brings about the urgency of what has become a most dire situation for both our protagonist and deuteragonist. It was pretty well guessed at that upon having Kurama extracted from Naruto, that death would indeed become imminent for him. His Uzumaki heritage is the only thing keeping him from being dead already, though it’s of little comfort to those around him. Gaara doesn’t waste any time speeding him away to the rest of the alliance. Then there’s also Sasuke, who has been run through by his own sword by Madara. It’s become a parallel situation as we see the desperation of the moment become more and more urgent for both of them.

We’re brought back to a rather surprising turn of events as we learn why neither Naruto nor Sasuke have received any backup. Right smack in the middle of a battle, we see none other than Hashirama’s Wood Style: True Several Thousand Hands technique, albeit on a smaller scale. And the one using it is none other than Spiral Zetsu, the artificial clone that met and befriended Obito way back when, complete with a rhetorical potty related question. Though this time, we see a more sinister side to him.

This takes the term "Bad Breath" to a whole new level.

This takes the term “Bad Breath” to a whole new level.

It was also only a matter of time before all of the Kage ran out of steam. In fact, it’s only thanks to Hiruzen that the battle isn’t already over. It’s quite a feat to see him demonstrate his ability to use all five basic elemental natures, when even the most skilled Jonin can use three or four at the very most. But as we’ve seen with Hashirama and Tobirama, Edo Tensei has been shown not to be as invincible as we once believed. So if Hiruzen is taken out, everyone else is pretty much screwed.

This brings up another question, one that is raised even more in chapter 663. All Zetsu have been described as weak carbon copies of Hashirama himself. And though they possess his cells, none have demonstrated any proficient use of wood style, otherwise we surely would’ve seen it. Makes you wonder what sets Spiral Zetsu apart. And considering his offer to fight in Obito’s stead, it makes me believe that he is actually stronger than the regular white Zetsu.

And then there’s the lurking Orochimaru and company. Even now, I’m still swallowing the fact that he’s fighting on the same side as the good guys. Of course, it’s more logical to think that he is merely putting aside his usual… pursuits… and fighting against a common enemy, especially with the stakes as high as they are. Seeing Karin with him, it was inevitable that we would see her react strongly to Sasuke’s diminishing life force.

Sakura? No, that can't be it. Could it be...

Sakura? No, that can’t be it. Could it be…

As I mentioned, all the Kage are mostly out of gas at this point, so Gaara’s initial plan to bring Tsunade along to try to forestall Naruto’s death has to be adjusted with Sakura instead, being the only one left with enough chakra to use medical ninjutsu. Obviously, time is of the essence, so our Tsunade mini-me hops on board Gaara’s magic sand carpet and speeds off in Minato’s direction.

We’re then treated to a rather profound moment when Hinata discovers Naruto’s critical condition from a distance with her Byakugan. I must admit that I found it saddening to see her dash desperately towards him, only to stumble and fall. It really shows how much the impact, of seeing the young man she loves dying, affects her.

Man tears will be permitted for this moment.

Man tears will be permitted for this moment. T__T

With the Gedo Mazo desummoned for the moment, we’re finally brought back to Sasuke, who hits the ground while struggling with everything he has to remain alive through sheer will. But when you’re stabbed through the heart, staying alive becomes something of a challenge. His only remaining structure of support are the words that Itachi imparted on him along with his resolve to become a Hokage that brings about his own brand of change. Unfortunately, not even his resolve is enough as he begins to succumb to his mortal wound and is now as close to death as Naruto is.

The chapter ends with a split screen of both Naruto and Sasuke as we are left with quite a cliffhanger. If it’s one thing that Kishi has managed to do well, it’s draw out a death scene quite meticulously.

Senzu bean, anyone? Oops, wrong series!

Senzu bean, anyone? Oops, wrong series!

Tenrai’s 663 Breakdown

Thanks Kevin! You have served your pur… I mean, you did a good job with your part of the double breakdown. @___@

I guess now it’s my turn! And what better way to start off with a breakdown, than to observe gruesome and disturbing images of death?

Well, this sure is melodramatic.

This was almost as tragic as the Tiny death scene… until Sasuke decided to be in it.

Alright, so maybe that was a bit on the melodramatic side because, really, the scene above kinda pales in comparison to what we see in the rest of this chapter.

The first thing I have to say outright, was that as far as Naruto as a series goes, this was probably one of the most disturbing chapters I’ve read in a long time, and that’s saying a lot when we consider that the most disturbing parts about it didn’t even involve Orochimaru, despite the fact that he also had some page time. Instead the honour of making us readers cringe (and perhaps in some cases, gag in our mouths) fell into Sakura’s – apparently very capable – hands.

Sheesh Sakura. If you wanted to steal Naruto's heart, all you had to do was say you loved him...

If Hinata finds out you’re trying to steal Naruto’s heart, you are sooo dead.

In a scene that would make even the cast of Grey’s Anatomy gawk in horror (mostly because I doubt they’d ever sanction heart-hugging as a viable medical procedure, though House might disagree), Sakura takes drastic measures to keep Naruto alive by quite literally reaching into his body and manually beating his heart (and no, I don’t mean the black and blue kind of beating). Apparently chest compressions were too last century.

Still, despite the fact that the scene was quite extreme, I also couldn’t help but appreciate how bad-ass it made Sakura seem as far as a medical ninja go, in that she was able to take drastic measures to try to keep Naruto alive, where others might have simply given up and called it a day. It also shows how far she has truly come as Tsunade’s heir, while highlighting, quite clearly, just how dire Naruto’s predicament is. If it weren’t for Sakura’s intervention, I think Naruto would doubtlessly be dead and buried, so just for that, she has earned herself some much-needed awesomeness points.

Of course, Sakura wasn’t the only Kunoichi to drag themselves up from the pit of uselessness, to the heights of epicness.

I'm sure Kakashi's rampage might have been something like this, if we ever had the pleasure of witnessing it.

I’m sure Kakashi’s rampage might have been something like this, if we ever had the pleasure of witnessing it.

I think the most obvious and pertinent observation worth pointing out here, is that Karin can be seen using the same chakra chains as Uzumaki Kishina was able to, and, judging by Orochimaru’s reaction, it seems he was expecting her to eventually unleash that kind of power one day, which might explain why he kept her around in the first place. It begs the question about whether the chakra chains themselves might be linked to some kind of Kekkei Genkai for the Uzumaki clan and if all Uzumaki have the potential to awaken it (kinda like the Sharingan for the Uchiha), or if this power is something that is strictly limited to female Uzumaki.

Either way, their potency is definitely nothing to sneeze at. The fact that Karin manages to quickly tear apart Tobi’s Mokuton summon – the very same summon that the alliance as a whole has been struggling to defeat – says a lot about their strength and it makes me wonder just how strong Kushina might have been in her prime.

Of course, chakra chains aren’t the only thing worth noting in this battle…

At least it wasn't

I thought head shots were meant to be instant kills…

I think quite a few of us readers managed to notice the fact that after having his… face… damaged by Suigetsu’s attack, Tobi reveals an ear hiding behind the damaged area. Now, we’ve all known for some time now that Tobi has had the ability to cover another human body with his own in order to enhance its power, much like he did with Obito, but we also know that without Obito inside of him, that means that there must be someone else being taken along for a ride. The only question is, who?

I think the most obvious guess would be that Tobi has taken Yamato’s body hostage and is using it to supplement his own Mokuton techniques, which might explain why he is able to use such high level Mokuton, which is well above the capabilities shown by the other Zetsu clones. Of course, there are other possibilities…

I guess one of the last few things worth noting about this chapter was Madara’s transformation into the Juubi’s Jinchuuriki.

Aizen Sosuke, eat your heart out.

Aizen Sousuke, eat your heart out.

One thing that interested me in particular about the transformation is that Madara develops actual horns on his head (much like Obito did), as opposed to his hair simply becoming elongated and spiked into looking like horns, as we saw with Naruto. This brings him closely in line with the silhouette of the Rikudou Sennin that we’ve seen in the past and, coupled with the staff he’s holding and the markings on his body, it suggests that Madara really has taken on the likeness of the Sage in just about every way possible.

There is, of course, one other being we’ve seen in this manga that has horns, and that is the Shinigami itself that appears during the activation of the Shiki Fuujin. When we also take into consideration that the Shiki Fuujin was a technique that originated with the Uzumaki clan, as well as the apparent link between the Uzumaki, Senju and the Sage of the Six Paths himself, it makes me wonder whether the Shinigami itself might be related directly to the Rikudou Sennin, who had power over life and death with his Rinnegan. In fact, could it be possible that the Shinigami is the incarnation of the Rikudou Sennin himself? k between the Uzumaki clan and the Sage as well.

I suppose all these questions might be answered in good time, but for now, let’s get back to reality, where Sasuke is still bleeding all over the floor and making a mess of a perfectly decent patch of dirt.

The cleanup crew has arrived...

The cleanup crew has arrived…

And yes, our chapter ends with the appearance of a foot. What is it doing there? Why does it care about Sasuke? Does it suffer from a toe jam infestation? And why isn’t it wearing a shoe?

Of course, the real question is, who does the foot belong to? My guess, and the guess of many other readers, is that this foot belongs to none other than Kabuto, who was actually barefooted the last time we saw him. It’s likely he finally woke up from his Itachillusion after being forced to accept his true self, but the question now is whether his true self is the kind of person who would save Sasuke or leave him to die.

Of course, despite Kabuto being the most likely owner of the foot that has now appeared before us, there are still other possibilities.

Well, that’s it from me. I hope you enjoyed this double breakdown collaboration, but for now, here are last week’s Bubbliton Contest winners.

3rd) Kantonkage

Bubblition: Sup Dawg, I cancelled your plot no jutsu with my plot no jutsu. So you can’t plot no jutsu while I plot no jutsu.
Caption: Does everyone understand it now?

A VERY close 2nd) Cecilie

Bubble 1: Sasuke, I am your father.
Bubble 2: Search your feelings, you know it to be true.
Caption: Hm, he still looks shocked. I thought stabbing him first would take some of the edge off.

Tigerpalm: You give Uchiha a bad name.

Tigerpalm: You give Uchiha a bad name.

Well done to Tigerpalm, who steals first with the clever use of song lyrics, although I must say Cecilie was very close to taking it form him there. It’s just a pity there weren’t more entries, because what was there was great.

Here is this week’s Bubbliton.

*Insert caption here.*

*Insert caption here.*

I know this is a bit of a tough one, but hopefully we see some creative entries this week.

See you all in the comments! ^ ^

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  1. Wow, a serious treat this double breakdown, really enjoyed it! Massive props to Kevin for his first and to Tenrai for keeping it up.

  2. Bubbliton:

    Spiral Zetsu: Mokuton fire breath jutsu! Wait… What’s that smell?

    Caption: Wood + Fire = What could possibly go wrong?

  3. Bubblition / Bubble:

    Tobi: Just like my girlfriend, I can’t get this statue to shut up.

    Caption: Statues…amirite?

  4. Excellent breakdown by both Kevin and Tenrai. Very much appreciate the works that both of you have put into this blog.

    Bubble: Five additional mouths to feed with a dinner for one.
    Caption: It is no wonder I don’t know what poop feels like!

  5. x2. Thank you all for keeping this blog going. Not many people around me are into manga at all, so this is a nice place to read other people’s views. Even if I don’t always comment, I’m here for every breakdown, or right after every epic chapter.


  7. annnnd done…done with naruto good night folks

  8. @DricedT
    Done with Naruto?

  9. I didn’t like this chapter. It didn’t leave me feeling good at all. Not dread, I just felt they were prolonging whatever they’re doing with the story plot. I am disappointed with this chapter and the way it’s looking. The title of the manga is called “Naruto” and I’d like to see the titular character being the hero. But the chapter went all over the place, and not in a good way. The break didn’t help much either. They go to the mysterious figure standing in front of Sauske, that they didn’t even show; so that story is still the same as where it was left. They show team “Taka” going to Sauske, which is what they showed last time. Nothing got resolved in that part either, don’t know why they showed it. They showed team 10 for no other reason other than comedy, which I found a waste of space to the chapter too. Then they go to where Minato and Kakashi and introduce yet another baddy, again. These guys are coming out of the woodworks. And to add to that, they add that they can’t sense Obito’s presence anymore?!!? Gasp! Kishi wants to explore that story line further too!! Because why else would he reference that other than the fact that he wants to talk about it and add another lame sub-plot.

    It’s been an irritating serious of events ever since Naruto got Kurama extracted.

    Another sub-plot was also added with the Sage’s tools reaching the hands of team 10. They said they were going back to Kakashi’s party, most likely with the tools and might do some type of bijou extraction: maybe take it from the black zetsu before it gives it to Madara.

    Like seriously, what can Kakashi, Minato, and Gaara do against Sage Madara? I have no idea why they’re squaring off. How in the hell is Minato still in his Kurama mode when the black type of zetsu took it from him?

    I’m not liking this story as it has turned out. A fair amount of mistakes are showing up left and right

  10. Whoops, never mind, Minato isn’t in Chakra cloak mode. The one sort of saving grace that would have been good if the chapter just focused on getting Naruto the other half of Kurama, was not only successfully giving it to Naruto but the flashback where Minato said he’d always protect Naruto. Those things would have made the chapter awesome. But that flashback felt forced into the chapter that was already convoluted as it was

  11. As far as we’ve seen so far (Obito being used as a villain), I don’t believe Kishimoto showed Team 10 for no reason. I figure those ninja tools are going to end up important somehow.

    I honestly liked this chapter, though not as much as the previous. I like this chapter because Kishi isn’t pulling out the stops. It’s showing just how desperate things are becoming, that Kurama yin was just stolen. Am I the only one curious about how Naruto may be saved?

  12. Woo, bubblition second on my first try! \o/

    This last chapter felt … weird … Madara suddenly spitting out the ninja tools (how did he get them anyway? Did they just magically appear in him or have I forgotten something?) and I don’t even really understand what happened with the Kurama transfer. I didn’t expect the transfer to go smoothly, but it seemed a bit like a too quick of a fail. Unless I misunderstood what happened. I really wonder how everyone is going to get out of this mess…

  13. Totally agreed with thelaughingwiseman. So, the best Ninja tools ever happen to fall right in the hands of just about the single one character who uses nothing but tools. Well, I’ll jump of the highest cliff I can find if Tenten is gonna be the one to save the day.
    Also I’m really hating the pace of and direction where the story is going the last few months. The only way the good guys will prevail is through a shitload of the greatest ass-pull h4x like we’ve never seen before. And that’s saying something cuz we’ve all raged enough of the uchih4x for years.

  14. Superb breakdown! Keep them up you guys, we are still all addicted.

    I really enjoyed the whole chapter, maybe because I am in fear that the manga will finish quickly so every prolongated story is well-recived from my perspective.
    I share my worry with zzattack that Tenten will eventualy be the heroine even tho I would like to see her be of some assistance to the hole situation.

    In conclusion I have a question. Mostly everyones guess who is the mystery man with the bear foot that he is Kabuto, but then Karin didn’t recognized his chakra even tho she should have because she must have met him before. Am I missing something here ?

  15. breakdown was awesome, a really great read.
    the latest chapter was also great, it got all of us itching to find out everything all at once.
    Will the barefoot guy (Kabuto) take Sasuke’s side or finish him off?!
    Will spiral Zetsu get absorbed by Yamato, it can’t be anyone else, and also will yamato gain power from Hashirama in order to stop or at least stall madara.
    Will Team 10 free everyone sealed in the Purification Pot and the Gourd (Kinkaku, Ginkaku, Samui and her brother and who knows who else is in there)
    How will Minato and Kakashi fair against Madara and Zombie Obito. I have a feeling kakashi is in for a power-up, maybe the other sharingan from Obito or maybe even the left Rinnegan.
    What will Orochimaru do when he gets to Sasuke (As if we don’t know the answer to that already:)) )

    Also keep in mind, Kakashi is about to go on another RAMPAGE O_O

  16. Tenten will save Naruto, Sasuke, become the new Hokage, and become the consort of Konohamaru.

  17. well, the story might go to, tenten giving naruto the SO6P weapons, to seal madara forever. kakashi get’s the other eye completing his sharingan, and as soon as that happens, naruto gets his kurama half from minato thus giving kakashi the chakra needed to enable the ems and thus buying them some time to recuperate in the other dimension with naruto, sakura and gaara.. minato then fights madara to buy them time, naruto finally recuperates returning back seeing his dad fallen. fight fight fight.

  18. Well, I have to say that chapter was a bit all over the place. The flashbacks weren’t really necessary in this case, but I guess they still held some sentiment. What really worries me is that Black Zetsu seems to have managed to steal the other half of Kurama from Minato while he was trying to transfer it to Naruto, so that really doesn’t bode well for our hero.

    Things are certainly looking grim…

    Still, if Black Zetsu has dark Kurama and is merged with Obito, then I can only guess that Kishi intends to have Obito be the one who ends up saving Naruto to atone for his crimes, so to speak. Chances are, he’ll have a battle of will with his captor and eventually regain control, then he’ll place dark Kurama in Naruto, thus saving his sensei’s son’s life. That’s my hypothesis anyway.

    As for why Madara had the Sage’s tools, it’s simple. They were placed inside the Gedo Moza when Obito was sealing the GinKin brother’s Kyuubi chakra into it, so when Madara absorbed Gedo Moza to become the Juubi’s Jinchuuriki again, he obviously absorbed the tools as well. I definitely think they’re part of a build-up for Madara’s fall.

  19. I’m still set on the idea that Kakashi is going to use Chiyo’s technique to revive Naruto.

  20. First off, I wanted to thank zzattack, tigerpalm, Eugen, and of course, Tenrai for those kind words. I hope to do at least one more before the series is over. Ya know, I really think things have officially reached their lowest point. Naruto is 95% dead, Sasuke is 95% dead, Madara is far more haxed than Aizen, damned Black Zetsu trolled Minato by swiping Yin Kurama out from under him…seriously, Kishi is really trying to push the boundaries of bleak here!

    While I won’t throw my hands up and say to hell with this quite yet, I figure I’ll just wait and see what happens. Kishi already said that he’s pulling a Star Wars by having that moment where the bad guy takes the firm upper hand right before the grand comeback by the good guys. I think we’re poised to see Team Guy come in with those specialized ninja tools to make Madara regret discarding them so easily. And I still have a feeling that Guy himself is going to open that last gate and turn the tide somehow.

    Kakashi still has some juice left as well and it seems Sakura can still keep Naruto’s heart beating for the moment. But I wonder if Kishi knows just how much pressure the heart exerts to pump a body full of blood throughout said body. Seriously, the heart muscle is strong enough to lift a small car if it had limbs. The heart is indeed a very strong muscle to be able to keep up 24/7 pumping blood continuosly throughout the body non-stop, wake or sleep. By that respect, it would no doubt require a great deal of chakra for her to be able to manually pump the heart with that same intensity. In short, such a move should wear her out real fast.

    So let us really hope that Naruto is saved within 2 chapters MAX! Otherwise, I’m going to seriously call bullshit on this! Same with Sasuke as well. Either he is saved or he completely dies. Any other character would be one or the other by now. Let’s not drag this out any further.

    @holydemonandy: How can that be? It was clearly stated that Chiyo was the only one who knew the technique. When she died, the knowledge of that technique died with her.


    Kakashi might know the technique that Chyou used, because Kakashi was using his Sharingan while watching Chyou bring Gaara back to life.

  22. @hdd that may be plausible since kakashi’s dad is still waiting for him.. and this might be the reason why kakashi was able to come back to life from time to time.

  23. and also thank you for sharing that page.. i happened to back read that chapter and i was reaffirmed on alot of things. especially the fact that gaara has been long dead and they were still able to revive him.

  24. Glad you liked it. :3 It was the only time I was really unsure of something, so I went back to find it just in case.

  25. Hm, I’m not sure I would like if that is going to be the solution to reviving Naruto. Firstly because I don’t want to see Kakashi die, but secondly because it feels like the “easy” way out. Kakashi is not a medical ninja, and even though he could copy Chiyo’s technique, it would be different than copying a technique done with seals, as it seems the technique resembles how the medical ninjitsu works. Well, that’s my thought anyway, I guess it’s plausible that it’s been in the cards all along that Kakashi would give his life for Naruto.

    “Time for a dental check up, everyone open wide!”
    caption: bad breath all around, poor dentist.

  26. Hey all,
    I wouldn’t be surprised if Kakashi learned Chiyo’s jutsu, as long as he was using his Sharingan…

    @Tenrai: Great breakdown! Can we replace the bottom bubbles too?

    “Who let the dogs out?”
    “Woof Woof Woof Woof”
    caption: In his off time, White Zetsu does Birthday parties too.

    I noticed something funny. When Black Zetsu captured Kurama, it seemed like has was happy to have the nine tails for himself…

  27. @visionary1200 Gee, thanks a lot for the props on the breakdown alongside Tenrai. >.>

    I don’t see black Zetsu holding Kurama for long without a seal. Just saying.

  28. Seems rather pointless when a spoiler, in any capacity is released less than a couple hours before the whole chapter itself. That said, I refer to this little teaser before the main course:

  29. Yay! 665 is out!

  30. It looks like Obito has finally succumbed to Naruto’s Talk-no-Jutsu! Oh by the way, seeing Minato’s other arm get chopped off has me fighting the urge to make a Monty Python joke! lol

    Sorry for the multiple comments. It seems that as fast as it came out, it’s already over. But at least there’s finally a light appearing at the end of that dark tunnel.

  31. Looks like Obito will be the hero and lead the way against Madara. He will be remembered as a shinobi who turned the tide and Naruto will become hokage

  32. @Visionary

    Sure you can. That was actually quite a funny entry. 😛


    Looks like I was spot on about Kishi trying to put Obito in a position to save Naruto, though I do wonder what he’s going to do with Madara first. There is a chance he might actually be trying to use Kurama’s chakra in black Zetsu to extract the other half of Kurama from Madara.

    Who knows, Naruto might end up getting both halves rather than just one.

    Beyond that, there’s even the slight possibility that Obito aims to free all the Bijuu again, which would be interesting, though the chances of that happening are still slim.

  33. errrm, is that a hole in kakashi??

  34. If I had a dollar for every time a person stabbed someone else with there hand in Naruto, I’d be close to buying a cheese cake.

    All jokes aside this was a great chapter compared to last week’s filler. Minato is now pretty much a headbutting machine, if he can’t regenerate the lost arm via Edo tensei I don’t know how much use he’ll be (Flashback of Zabuza with a kunai in his mouth come rushing back).

    Kakashi and Gaara are well under powered for this fight so it will come down to how much time can Obito buy them.

    Also we still have 2, 3 scenarios that are unfolding in the background:
    1. team 10 are on there way with the sealing pots
    2. “Kabuto” will probably save Sasuke, Hashirama and Tobirama, and together with Orochimaru and Take will come to Naruto’s aid.
    3. Yamato will probably pull an Obito and posses Spiral Zetsu and take the lead with Hiruzen and the rest of the army towards madara.

    So we’re in for some action filled fun in the next weeks to come.

  35. No. I refuse to believe that not one. Not two.not even5 But 6 characters has fallen victim to Pretty meaningless word no jutsu. It’s truly becomeold now its the same story motive since Zabuza. This is the biggest villian in Naruto Shippuden. Murdered over 40 000 people and yet he now decides to change his way and lose his resolve. I can Bull

  36. No, it’s right in line with the story. Naruto has the power to change people. He will connect everyone’s hearts!
    I liked this chapter, good to see Obito is getting a chance to redeem himself, I was hoping for that.
    However I did not like what happened to Minato and Kakashi… That looked bad! What’s Minato going to do now? Madara probably nullified his other arm like Obito did previously.

  37. So Rukia’s bankai is painting half a panel white… Too OP

  38. “What’s Minato going to do now? Madara probably nullified his other arm like Obito did previously.”

    All right, we’ll call it a draw.


    This translation here reminds me of Naruto’s shadow clones.

  40. Looks like Minato is…*puts on sunglasses*…disarmed. *is shot*

  41. I must say I enjoy reading the comments sections as much as I enjoy reading the actual breakdowns, u guys are one of the highest point of my week, lol @ kevinphoenix *disarmed* comment, I usually don’t comment cause I mostly browse using mobile device, but watching the anime I can’t help but sense that kishi is trying to show us some background on the story before moving forward with the manga. Just a thought. Guys keep up the good job, y’all give most of us something to look forward to every week.

  42. Just a thought. If Kabuto is the one that is approaching Sasuke, get ready for a flashback chapter. I’m pretty sure they will have to explain how Kabuto got out of Izanami. Kabuto would have to accept his fate to break free. Something tells me that it won’t be a short explanation.

    Then again, the chapters have been moving along at a faster pace. Still…

  43. @fifthmizukagehusband – you bought up a very interesting point about the amine. In episode 348 we actually saw Obito do something that was questioned in comments from previous breakdown: can he do Mokuton. This episode also hinted that Obito can do simple Mokuton but with a side effect of wearing him out.

  44. You know, a few things happened this past chapter that I’m surprised nobody here has been talking about. First, I was under the impression that Minato was never confirmed to have senjutsu. It was hinted at and we all thought it i’m sure, but it’s pretty cool that we finally have conformation. So then, why didn’t anybody mention it when naruto was training, like oh your better than your father etc. Also how the heck can obito use the black sage staff still??? he has not the body of the jubi nor the energy….so i’m confused….how also did he keep black zetsu on?

    lastly, why did they all look at naruto when they talked about the sage? Perhaps they all sense that he is the reincarnation of the sages will?

  45. @ dricedt- they did mention it at the beginning of the Pain fight when the yoda frog(to lazy to get his name) said he surpassed Jiriaya and Minato in senjutsu. Obito some how with his will brought back black zetsu and when he sticked his hand in Madara was getting back some of his previous charka as the sage.

  46. And damn Kishi loves the hell out of using Star Wars universe with his Naruto universe haha. The ninjas with the force and the saviors of the world Darth Tobi back as Obito, fighting the Emperor Madara to help the the true one to bring peace to the galaxy Naruto, haha.

  47. @ KevinPhoenix: LOL! I read yours too! I should have complimented you. Sorry! 😉

    One thing I noticed is that Dark Zetsu always traveled with a white zetsu. So, I was wondering, before Obito interfered, was Dark Zetsu going to bond with Madara to give him the eye and the bijuu? If so, then, maybe, with the power of a bijuu, he might try to take over Madara’s body if given the chance? This is of course, if the bonding takes place at all, would Zetsu play nice or be tempted by all that power and pull out a take-over-no-jutsu? With the power of Kurama and a more powerful version of Mokuton than Yamato, Zetsu may be able to go for a power grab. My only problem with the Zetsu character in this story is how did Madara have the technology to make him? Maybe Dark Zetsu is the one that made all of this possible? I’ve been hoping that Dark Zetsu would play the role akin to the Emperor of Star Wars, silently pulling the strings from the background, including on Madara, while secretly planning to take it all for himself. This is all much more likely, of course, if Dark Zetsu existed before Madara.

    @dricedt: while Naruto was learning senjutsu, knowledge of “who his father is” was still kept a mystery(secret). Time would have to pass for Naruto to be ready to learn about how both his mother and father died because of the bijuu inside of him.

  48. As far as Minato’s Sage mode is concerned, this is the first time it’s mentioned and shown. We all knew he had a contract with the frogs but it was never stated he learned Sage mode, also Naruto was stated to be the only one to achieve the perfect sage form.
    It was a surprise for me to see him use the skill but it was a shock to see him get so beaten up by Madara.
    Minato couldn’t land a blow on Madara with his super speed and the added bonus of sage chakra but Madara gets pierced in the heart by a slow motion moving Obito.

    As for Obito, the staff was made using part of black Zetsu’s arm and probably molded with Obito’s will and with the help of the Yin part of Kurama that’s inside him.

    As far as Black Zetsu is concerned, he is Madara’s will, as we saw during Obito’s training with the half zetsu body.
    So the Black Zetsu is nothing more than Madara’s own power manifested into physical form and it will most likely do as Madara dictates.

    @ Gav, you know it. It’s going to be a endless tale of how Kabuto managed to remember where he came form, before he was found by Mother and the orphans, and what his real name is, and without a doubt he’s from a strong bloodline with a kekeigenkai, maybe even a Uzumaki-Senjuu-Hyuuga-Uchiha half-breed.

    @ Kevin, you have my vote for comment of the month :)))

  49. I predict that the Black Zetzu being “Will of Madara” is a self-given name, used to convince Madara to go along with Zetzu’s plans…

  50. What if Black Zetsu is a devil figure and he’s actually the father of the Sage of Six Paths and had a totally different idea of how to make peace. We learned that Kaguya used the spiritual chakra to combine with her physical chakra like a lot of the others and thus created ninja techniques after all.

  51. O_O

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