Naruto Chapter 661 Breakdown: Kurama nuuuuuu!

My dear, fellow WRA members, it would seem that the moment we have dreaded for a long time now – ever since the prospect of a Bijuu being removed from its host was first introduced to us – has now finally come to pass.

In a way, I think all of us had already anticipated the possibility that Naruto might have had his Bijuu removed one day, but now that it has actually happened, it has left me with a lingering sense of sadness, knowing that Naruto has essentially been separated from his life-long companion and an entity that even we as readers, have been emotionally married to since the beginning of Naruto’s story over thirteen years ago. Even more than that, it feels like Naruto has lost something that defined him most as a character, separated him from all of his peers and made him feel unique.

Naruto, as of chapter 660 – 661, is no longer a Jinchuuriki…


How every child feels the first time their teddy is taken away from them. X__X

I think many of us were deliberating during the last chapter about what would happen after Naruto had his Bijuu removed, and one of the most pertinent matters that came up was whether or not losing Kurama would kill him. This latest chapter seems to suggest that the answer, for the most part, is yes.

Although being an Uzumaki seems to have allowed Naruto to initially survive the extraction – unlike Gaara who was declared dead the moment Shuukaku left his body – Gaara’s sense of urgency in rescuing him seems to suggest that he is still, in fact, in the process of dying and that his death has only really been delayed for a moment. This sentiment is reenforced by the fact that even when Kushina suffered from a similar fate, she too would have ultimately died – as indicated when she suggested to Minato that she should reseal Kurama within herself so that they both died together.

This means that Naruto will need external aid in order to survive, and I think whatever Kurama told Gaara to do, has something to do with taking measures to save Naruto’s life. My best guess would be that it involves implanting the other half of Kurama into Naruto, to offset the chakra that he lost in order to keep him from dying.

Nice catch Gaara. O_o

Nice catch Gaara. 10/10. O_o

Despite the sense of desperation and tragedy this chapter invokes, one factor that really uplifted me was seeing Gaara take the initiative as far as rescuing Naruto was concerned. It really did feel like a memento to the time that their roles were reversed and Naruto was the one rescuing Gaara from death. There was also a strong emotional link in the fact that Gaara was also once a fellow Jinchuuriki and thus, understands Naruto’s predicament better than anyone else, which makes both his actions and the feelings behind them feel that much stronger.

For me, it was far more effective than any of the possible alternatives, such as having Sakura or Sasuke rescue Naruto, but it also brings with it a unique scenario we have yet to have witnessed in this manga so far. Up until now, Naruto has always been the hero of his story and from part one of Naruto up to the present, he has always been the one saving everyone else; from Gaara, to Sakura, to Tsunade and recently, even the entire shinobi alliance. This is the first time that in the story that Naruto has been placed in such a vulnerable and helpless position that he has no choice but to rely on others to save him rather than the other way around and it makes his character seem more fragile than it might have otherwise been perceived.


A great friend will always be ready to pick you up after you’ve fallen…

Moving away from the sentimental moment between Naruto and Gaara, the chapter decides to then focus on Sasuke Emochiha, who, unsurprisingly, wasn’t where he needed to be when someone needed him the most. >_>

It was this part of the chapter that raised the most question marks, because, as we see during a discussion between Hashirama and Sasuke, it seems that Hashirama has chosen to give Sasuke a power to help him deal with Madara and while many of us have thrown around guesses as to what that power could be, ranging from the Rinnegan to Mokuton clones, I think we need to take a closer look at the evidence, which may give us a better idea of what new game-changer might have just crawled up Sasuke’s ass.

*Sherlock Mode Activated*

*Sherlock Mode Activated*

The first clue we get, looking at the panels above, is when Hashirama mentions that Madara took his Senjutsu chakra, and that “this technique” will bind him in response to that. This could mean that whatever he’s teaching Sasuke is directly related to senjutsu. Now, the first idea that popped into my head involved the fact that natural energy is very hard to control and that if you don’t balance it properly with your own chakra, you can turn to stone, so there is a possibility that Hashirama aims to take advantage of that vulnerability through Sasuke by overloading Madara with natural energy.

The second clue we get is where Hashirama mentions that Sasuke reminds him of Izuna and that he has the best chance at stopping Madara without “using force”. This suggests that whatever technique he is teaching Sasuke, is something that is intended to resolve the conflict in a peaceful manner. This suggests the possibility of the Izanami being used, which might be the perfect counter to an Uchiha who is trying to create a dream world, seeing as how the technique itself was made to show Uchiha their true selves and to stop them from trying to change their fate all the time.

Of course, speculation aside there are many possibilities regarding what Hashirama gave Sasuke, and the Rinnegan certainly isn’t out of the question. What do you guys think?

Lastly, there are two other things I wanted to address regarding this chapter, and they mostly involve Madara’s to Tobirama, as they discuss the state of the world.


I’m not sure what’s worse, being impaled multiple times from behind, or being looked down on by an Uchiha and his nipple face.

The first point regards Madara’s words in the bottom-left panel of the page above, where he mentions nurturing a new eye. It made me wonder if he was talking about the Rinnegan, but there is a possibility he’s referring to Sasuke as well.

When I think back, I had always wondered why Obito was so obsessed with trying to make Sasuke’s eyes more powerful, especially considering the risk it posed to him, and that feeling was made stronger when, during the war arc, he proved that he didn’t need Sasuke’s power in any way to fulfill the Moon Eye Plan. Then it got me thinking that Sasuke’s role might not have been instigated by Obito himself, but rather, might have been part of Madara’s own, original grand scheme.

The only question is, why would Madara need Sasuke’s eyes and how would he have been able envision a plan that involves an Uchiha that had yet to be born at the time of his death? That brings me to my second observation…


Wut? O_o

Aside from Sasuke proving once again how good he is at getting penetrated, Madara’s words in the top left panel really left a few question marks dotting through my mind. When he speaks about making sacrifices, he mentions a close friend, a brother and then says “or even my child”. This really got my alarm bells going because Madara specifically said “my child” instead of “a child”, which would indirectly suggest that he has a child.

This got me thinking…. what if Sasuke is his child? Or at the very least, what if Sasuke is related to Madara in such a way, that Madara would perceive him in such a manner (such as being a clone, etc). The more I think about it, the more appealing a visit to a mental institution becomes, but considering what Kurama said in the past about Sasuke’s chakra when he first met him face to face, I have to admit that as crazy as it sounds, a direct relation between Madara and Sasuke is possible.

Not unlike doesn't = like.

Yep, his nose is wet. He’s healthy. @__@

As for how any relation between Sasuke and Madara would be relevant to his goals, we already know that if an Uchiha takes the eyes of a blood brother, they awaken the EMS, an even more powerful version of their eyes, so I just thought that maybe something even more powerful or sinister could awaken if you took the eyes of a direct heir (aka, your own child).

Still, it’s far-fetched and I might just be going insane, so for now I’ll leave things here and give you last week’s Bubbliton Contest winners.

5th) Cameron Dickinson

1: HAHAHAHA Now that I’ve been revived I can be easily hurt, no longer have infinite chakra, am no longer immortal and lost both my eyes upon being revived.
*face panels.
Caption: The moment Madara realizes being revived was a stupid idea.

FOUR IS DEATH!) Kantonkage

Caption: Well everything except that.

3rd) Kantonkage

Bubblition: Now, that I’ve got my body back. I can finally lose my virginity!!!!
Bubblition: Wait, I think I just said that out loud.
Caption: Well… that was awkward.

2nd) eke2k6

2) Zetsu, I’m not wearing the vest…am I?
Caption: “Sh*t.”

The Incredible Marksman: Sigh…..

The Incredible Marksman: Sigh…

Well done Namskram!

Here is this week’s Bubbliton. I’m sure you’ll all enjoy it. <_<

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*Insert caption here.*

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  1. I’m surprised Tobirama’s original intentions for making the Edo Tensei wasn’t brought up. My theory is that Tobirama intended to resurrect Izuna for Madara’s sake.

  2. This is a very interesting set of spoilers on the direction of this manga .. not sure if it is true though ….

  3. I think Sasuke (and Itachi too) beeing direct descendents of Madara makes sense. When we look at what techniques the different Uchiha can wield with their Mangekyo, aren’t Madara, Itachi and Sasuke the only ones wielding Tsukuyomi, Ameterasu and Susanoo? The other ones we’ve heard of had different abilities…

  4. @kenpachi ken if ever that set of spoilers are true, which most of them are.. i’ll be winning plenty of cheesecakes since i bet all of my cheesecakes on naruto being the the SO6P :)) and if all of it where true and happens that pretty much sums up all the questions..

    the Uzumaki(specialized in sealing jutsu) being the eldest child of Hogoromo (used a powerful sealing technique which was probably entrusted/taught to the to the eldest, thus explaning why the Uzumaki only specialized in the sealing arts) before becoming the SO6P and that Senju’s (inherited the Sage’s “body”) life force and physical energy and the Uchihax (inherited Sage’s “eyes”) powerful chakra and spiritual energy. but even with that the Uzumaki always played a big role in the manga.

    it also answers Tenrai’s question about Madara’s statement when he stabbed Sasuke and thus explaining why Hashirama was reminded of Izuna through Sasuke. LOL

  5. Sauske and Itachi are direct descendants of Izuna Uchiha. How ’bout them apples?

  6. I wonder if the “Moon’s Eye Plan” was originally the idea of the So6P as the ultimate summons/jitsu, realized it could be done, but decided against using it (because it should not be in the hands of mortals or something). Or, maybe he tried, and that was the “wrong path” he mentioned to the tailed beasts.

  7. anybody wonder why Sasuke’s eagle has the rinengan……….???

  8. A small taste to temporarily sate the appetite for the next chapter:

  9. It’s looking like Sasuke isn’t coming back from this one by some convoluted means like we thought, which means either he stays dead or some outside source will revive him.

  10. @Kevin, sasukes eagle has the Rinengan, it will use its’ jutsu to bring him back lol

  11. Somehow, I doubt that. I think that’s mere coincidence and frankly quite contrived. I’ll believe it when I see it, but not any sooner.

  12. But you did see that the eagle has it right? And we know from before that summoning’s from those with the rinengan will have the rinengan…..

  13. But the hawk is Sasuke’s summon, not Madara’s and certainly not Nagato’s. Just because there’s a ripple pattern in the hawk’s eyes doesn’t mean it’s a Rinnegan. So my original statement stands…only when I see it.

  14. And it’s officially out!

  15. disappointing… I’m just disappointed

  16. Damn! That chapter went by way too fast! Left on a cliffhanger and on top of that, yet another damned two weeks before the next chapter! Seriously, hasn’t there been enough breaks already?! Oh, and dricedt, not seeing the hawk coming to Sasuke’s aide…yet. Just saying.

    Figures most everyone is almost completely spent, save for the remaining Edo Tensei Hokage left standing. Which reminds me, where’s Minato. Well at least we see what Orochimaru and company are up to.

  17. I felt like there was filler in this chapter to push it to a cliff hanger. Nothing was accomplished this chapter. I was underwhelmed. The most shocking thing happened last week and now we have to trudge through this stupid stuff? Just get to Naruto and how he’s going to get fixed up. I don’t care about the Alliance right now. They had their moment. It would have been better if they showed Minato and the 3rd keeping busy with that thing. But I guess not.

  18. And another break for good measure… What the fuck is up with these breaks. Annoying break

  19. loved all the useless rabble with the alliance.
    Now to recount all the gold coins! See you all in two weeks -Shonen

  20. so there would be no naruto next week.. and next next week would be awesome. maybe the chapter next next next that week. since naruto and sasuke would be able to come back from the dead, sasuke would unlock his rinnegan, and naruto, well naruto.. he is the sage of the six paths and this needed to happen.

  21. I actually enjoyed that chapter. It was a bit all over the place, but to me it felt like a lot of meaningful moments put together. Seeing Hinata chase after Naruto and stumble, and then ask Neji to protect him probably had the most impact for me.

    One thing I will say though, is that it just felt like Kishi was trying write Sasuke in such a way, that his situation seemed as desperate as Naruto’s, perhaps to try and elicit some emotional investment for him from us readers. But, to be honest, I really didn’t feel the same sense of desperation for Sasuke as I did with Naruto, perhaps because his predicament seemed a bit more contrived for the sake of adding drama.

    I also felt like slapping Karen out of her stupor. If the person you love is dying, then go do something to help him rather than mumbling to yourself like a deranged person. She can frikkin heal people just by letting them bite her for heaven’s sake. At least I can say in Sakura’s case that she’s at least trying to save Naruto, even if it is in vain. >_>


    I wouldn’t read to much into those sorts of long-term spoilers or predictions. We’ve seen those kinds of things before and often times they end up being wrong. Remember the one where the 8-tails was meant to attack Konoha and where it was meant to be the year of Kakashi, etc? Yeah… so much for that.

    I’m not saying the spoilers are definitely fake and even if they are, many of the things they predict could possibly be correct anyway (for example, Sasuke and Itachi being a descendant of Izuna is a cool theory), but even to me, a lot of the details in that ‘spoiler’ contradict what we’ve seen in the manga (like some of the children of the sage being hosts for the Juubi when we’ve already seen through Kurama’s memories that the Sage had already split the Juubi into the nine Bijuu before his death).

    My personal theories are that the Sage of the Six Paths either had a third son who’s descendants were the Uzumaki, or that Naruto is a reincarnation of the Sage himself.

  22. @Ten, the chapter just felt dragged on too long. I seriously don’t know why Kishi had to show that there was a big monster that was holding the Alliance back when it could have been handle by them just being too tired and not being able to do anything after their full on struggle for the bijuu

    Hinata running after her Naruto… I don’t know man. This love (obsession) of him is kinda annoying and contrived. Yeah it was pretty cool how she said Neji, watch over him, but she could have said the same thing while trying to fight on against that wooden statue thing.

    Again with Sauske, they could have just showed him on the ground in that final panel in the bottom right. There was no need to show a few panels of him not giving up when, in the end he gave up

    I feel like nothing much got accomplished from the last 2 chapters.

    What am have liked about these past 2 chapters are: Tobirama’s care and concern for an Uchiha as Madara basically kills the last of them. The 3rd has finally made an appearance! I would have preferred him go up against Madara, but you know Kishi! Loves to use the best with lame situations.

    This is my prediction. Garaa and Sakura go take Naruto to Minato to transfer the other half of Kurama. Before Minato is able to transfer it, Naruto dies. They are all sad, but in the next chapter (because you know Kishi loves his lame ass cliff hangers) Obito gains as much control as possible of his body and sacrifices himself for Naruto /and Sauske.

  23. @wiseman

    I actually felt Hinata’s reaction to be quite believable. Karen’s was far more annoying at the very least, but Hinata fully understood the desperation of Naruto’s situation, which is why she felt compelled to go to him. To me it would have seemed very artificial if she just carried on fighting and just asked Neji to watch over him, after quite literally watching his heart beat slow down as he dies.

    I do, however, agree that the chapter did drag a bit, however, considering that this series may be nearing its end, I don’t really mind that as much as I might have in the past. I’m trying to savor everything I can get, while it lasts… T__T

  24. I didn’t even mention Karen, she was so much fodder lol

    I want the ending to be proper. Not hitting all places at once. I want development and very good segues into the other situations. This jumping around in one chapter is irritating to the eye sockets in which the balls are placed.

    There was nothing to take away from this chapter. Just adding a bunch of nonsense. That “mysterious” Mokuton user… already done before. I don’t care for the person behind the mask; whom I think is the part of Obito that helped him when he first awoke his MS.

    I think right now, we are just waiting…again for what happens next. I just need to wait for the next chapter

  25. I actually liked this chapter. This was the inevitability of death, but what will happen now that they are gone? Will they come back?

    I expect them to come back, but I think Naruto, if he fully dies, will be brought back by Kakashi using Chyou’s technique.

    Also I can’t believe no one responded to my first post.

  26. I felt this chapter was just a prolonging of the cliffhanger that was already there, and then the announcement of another week of break just … argh…

  27. Hm, it seems like Mangastream’s translation is a bit different about what Hinata is saying. She seems to be referring to Neji asking her to protect Naruto.

  28. I think we know what’s going to happen with Naruto and Sasuke. They suddenly discover Fusion from DBZ. Also I’m sure thats spiral Zetsu with no-one inside him. And in the last chapter what did the normal white Zetsu
    mean when he talked about the insides being suprisingly good? It sounds like Madara has a location he means to go to to finish his plan. In this Chapter he sent the fully restored Gezo Mazo away without starting the moons eye plan which makes it seem like its not his real goal. I mean who could stop him if he started now. Bee, Hashirama, Tobirama, Naruto and Sasuke are taken out and the five Kage and the Third can’t even beat a Mokuton statue he’s not even concentrating on. The Fourth and Kakashi are crying over Obito while Naruto is dying (Minato – the deadbeat dad from hell) and they wouldn’t have a chance anyway. So why doesn’t he start??

  29. OK guys, listen carefully!
    1. It’s spelled Karin, NOT Karen.
    2. Doesn’t anybody care about what happened to Bee? I mean he isn’t exactly peachy himself ya know.
    3. Naruto isn’t dead yet, so I think it’s a bit presumptuous to say that he’s as good as dead.4.
    4. Sasuke isn’t quite dead yet either. And Karin may soon get it together and rush over to him to heal him.
    5. Didn’t anyone make the connection that that is spiral Zetsu, from the potty joke he made? The same spiral Zetsu that aided Obito when he first awoke his Mangekyo Sharingan?

  30. @Constantine

    Madara still needs to become the Jinchuuriki of the Juubi before he can initiate the moon eye plan. I’m assuming something might be limiting from doing that just yet.

    Also, as for where he went, maybe he went to the moon… O_o

  31. Hm. Alliance still has Kurama chakra cloaks…

  32. @Kevin I agree…i didn’t think it was up for debate about who that was…the bowl movement joke made it really clear….but what about that eagle having the rinengan!

  33. Tenrai – But that’s what I mean. The only thing that was stopping him was that Edo Tensai can’t become Jinchuuriki. That’s not an issue anymore. So why did he unsummon the Gedo Mazo? Theres something odd there!!
    Another thing is where did Hashiramas many handed statue come from? Did I miss Madara summoning it? Or did the spiral Zetsu? Can they? It needs Sage Chakra as well as the Mokuton so it has to be Madara but I can’t recall him bringing it out. One more thing – What about Sasuke and Naruto both about to die at the same time. Obviously not a coincidence and that’s why I mentioned Fusion in my last comment. If Naruto is going to become the SOSPs he is going to need the Sages eyes and a perfect donor is ‘dying’ to give them to him (ha ha). He wants the village to have the perfect Kage so maybe he would combine his essense with Naruto to make that happen. Would he do that? I mean give Naruto not just his eyes but his soul too? Is it even possible? Chiyo did something similer with Gaara to revive him and the Kyuubi knew this. Maybe he wanted Gaara to do something similer and Gaara will change it to fusing Naruto and Sasuke? Or maybe I’m going insane and pulling theories from my *ss. I’ll let you decide.

  34. Haven´t been able to read past breakdowns yet, but…
    KISHI! WHAT A TROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. the spiral zetsu might probably be controlling Yamato and this might the reason he could use a miniature version of the 1000 hand statue of hashirama.

  36. and orochimaru has probably noticed that by now. since it was his experiment to start with.

  37. I think there are multiple ways to So6P. The natural way, which Naruto is taking, and the artificial way (eye switching, body mods), which the Uchiha are taking.

  38. can somebody plz tell me why sasukes eagle has the rinengan drawn in it? I don’t know if sasuke has it yet, but I don’t think Kishi would draw that just because….he takes time to draw every panel so i don’t think it was a mistake. Tenrai?

  39. @dricedt: First off, let me put this into perspective. Only two known characters have ever had the Rinnegan in the entirety of the Naruto universe: the Sage of the Six Paths, whose eyes died with him. And then there was Madara, who awoke it just before his death. Now upon being Edo Tensei’d, the Rinnegan Madara had at the time was just a byproduct of his undead body and not the actual eyes. His real eyes were currently being used by Nagato, then Obito after he killed Konan.

    Obito implanted one of the two Rinnegan eyes into himself and hid the other one. And as you saw from that recent chapter, Zetsu found the hidden one and gave it back to Madara, while Obito still has the other one even though Black Zetsu when last we saw him, was attempting to remove that eye, but couldn’t because Obito was resisting.

    Those are the only two sets of Rinnegan eyes in existence. So now think about it. How and frankly why would Sasuke’s hawk summon have a Rinnegan? If it were a summon by Nagato or even Obito, I could see it being possible as one of those Rinnegan extensions, that summons of an actual Rinnegan user possess, would have.

    But because it is Sasuke’s summon, there is no plausible reason for it. The fact that the hawk has ripples in its eyes is merely a coincidence and design factor. It is NOT a Rinnegan. If you’re unable to accept what I said, then you’re going to be disappointed trying to find someone to tell you what you want to hear because it just isn’t the case.

  40. Bubblition: Sup Dawg, I cancelled your plot no jutsu with my plot no jutsu. So you can’t plot no jutsu while I plot no jutsu.
    Caption: Does everyone understand it now?

  41. Bubblition:
    – Didn’t I tell you to be careful playing with swords? Now look what you did
    – Ok, I’ll pull it out for you this time. But this is the last time!
    Caption: Caring father?

  42. Bubblition:
    – Sasuke, I am your father.
    – Search your feelings, you know it to be true.
    Caption: Hm, he still looks shocked. I thought stabbing him first would take some of the edge off.

  43. Bubblition:
    – Sure it’s a real Hanzo, but…
    – …I still think it’s a half-gram heavy on the back end.
    Caption: Madara’s anger stems from his overuse of mixed metaphors.

  44. Bubblition:
    – Stab through the heart,
    – And you’re to blame
    Caption: You give Uchiha a bad name

  45. Nice bubblitons guys, keep them coming! ^ ^

    P.S. My breakdown will be a bit late this week but I’ll probably do it on Friday. No real loss seeing as how there’s no chapter this week. <__<

  46. Actually, another thing I was meaning to discuss with everyone, I was thinking of reverting the blog back to a “Naruto Only” blog like IRA used to be back in the day. Mostly because right now, I seem to be the only one writing breakdowns and the other sections have all but been abandoned.

    With that in mind, I’d obviously change the layout to cater for the more singular focus, but it also stands to reason that once Naruto comes to an end, the blog itself would no longer have any real purpose unless we chose another series to follow. O_o

    So, the options are either more writers come on board to help me with other series like FT, One Piece and Bleach, or we focus just on one series. I think I’ll remove the anime sections either way because they’ve been neglected for a long time now, but if anyone else has any thoughts on the matter, I’d be glad to hear them.

  47. @Tenrai: I think it would be a nice idea to let certain volunteers do a Naruto chapter breakdown, if only for the experience. To see different styles by different people on a few chapters would be great. To be honest, I’ve only ever been into Naruto, so it goes without saying. And I’ve been silently wishing to do a breakdown for here.

  48. Off topic, please don’t tell me we’re moving into fillers in the anime…please don’t. We’re too deep into the big final part of Naruto as a whole to be dipping into a side season of fillers. If it’s just a couple or so episodes to branch out Obito and Kakashi’s history a bit more, then that’s fine. But please don’t let there be a several month long side trip of flashbacks! Let’s just keep pressing forward. I’m pretty sure the manga will completely end well before the anime catches up.

  49. @Tenrai: But, Naruto will never end, right? RIGHT? *breathes heavily*
    But seriously, the only other of the series on here that I follow is Bleach, and Bleach just isn’t exciting me as much any longer, I just keep following it to kind of get “completion” on the series. So I wouldn’t mind this blog being Naruto only. What happens after Naruto (if there ever is an after Naruto <.<) is up to the future to decide!

  50. @Kevin

    I’m perfectly happy with giving others a chance to do the breakdown. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I do sometimes get quite busy so having others around to fill in now and then would actually be quite helpful.

    If you like, you can do a breakdown for the latest chapter. Just do it in word or something and send it to me, along with any images you want to use and I’ll upload it with your credit in it. If you’d prefer to do another chapter, however, then that’s fine. Also, if anyone else wants to give it a bash just for the experience, let me know and we’ll make an arrangement.


    I have a few great series I could recommend to you, but the three manga I am enjoying most right now outside of Naruto are Nanatsu no Taizai (The Seven Deadly Sins: a brilliant newish manga), Magi (features characters from “Arabian nights” and is a lot deeper and more engaging than it appears at the start), and The Breaker (actually a manhwa, but if you love martial arts, this one is a must read). I’m also getting into another web comic/manhwa called The Gamer – which is also very interesting and unique – as well as one called Soul Cartel.

    The one I was considering picking up if Naruto ended was Nanatsu no Taizai, but that’s only if more people show interest in it and in breakdowns for it.

  51. @Tenrai
    Thanks, I’ll check those out. Except Naruto and Bleach, all the manga I’ve read are currently finished (well, except Hunter X Hunter, but that seems to be on indefinite hiatus…)

  52. Hey guys!!!

    Adding to what Tenrai said….

    I have to first admit that I have a serious manhwa addiction!

    Tower of God: This is like a Kingdom of Hearts story that feels somehow spiritual…
    (this is a slightly heavy read)

    Gepetto: This feels like an anime. Its a fun read
    (this is a light read)

    SunKen Rock: This one is superb!!!! but I recommend it for 18 and up. It has very mature scenes, but its not anywhere near as gratuitous as History’s Strongest Desciple. The scenes though, can be much much more mature! @_@
    (This is a medium read)

    King of Hell is pretty good too. Lot’s of action. This one is simple, but has a slow start. The knowledge of what happens, though, in the beginning, pays off throughout the manwha earning approving nods as it makes a more interesting read.
    (this is a medium read)

    As for regular manga I like:

    Beelzebub: It’s one of the more consistently good manga reads. More so than Naruto. I would say its the easiest to read too.
    (this is a light read)

    btoom!: What an awesome title! It’s a little mature, but awesome…
    (this is a medium read but feels like a light read)

    Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru: Very good and a funny read, but it’s mature as well.
    (this is a light read)

    Gantz: Sick sci-fi future aliens meets vampires crazy weapons and abilities all seen in amazing detail! It’s ridiculous! A great but extremely graphic and mature read.
    (This is a medium read)

    Berserk: This is another great extremely dark and graphic read. Sick action and extremely mature too.
    (this is a heavy read)

    Gamaran: This one is great all around and it’s very addicting! This has the overall quality of Naruto but more like reading One Piece.
    (this is a medium read)

    Vagabond is amazeballs! It’s about the spiritual connection to your sword and yes it’s mature! This one chilled me to the bone with its realism. Very spiritual and graphic with great action. Each scene is equally beautiful as educational. I felt wiser after reading it! =D
    (this is a heavy read)

  53. @ Tenrai – I think making WRA a Naruto only site again might work. If later other manga begin to build a following similar to Naruto here then maybe include those. The Big 3-4 as it stands only Naruto really stands out week in and out. Bleach has been on a slow decline for ages now and although there is quality it just not consistent enough.

    @ Naruto – Why there so many breaks lately @___@

    Breaker is EPIC read it…. if you dare!!!

  54. Imagine…. Sasuke uses Inzanagi, to save himself from dying… Then quickly uses Inzanami to trap Madara. He then takes Madara’s “New” Eyes for himself @___@

    Naruto I think will get the other half of Kurama Chakra from Minato and that will save his life.

  55. There is always Berserk. That comic is pretty freakin’ awesome. A lot can be dissected about hat comic and it seriously want end for another 10-20 years. Long, Epic, Fantasy, and probably one of the best characters ever created for any type of fictional medium, in Guts. Dude has spawned other characters such as Kratos, War (Dark Siders), Spawn, Dante (Dantes Inferno game), Clouds Buster Sword.

  56. @Tenrai: Sorry for the late reply. If it’s not too late, I’ll take you up on that for chapter 662. Otherwise, please let me do 663. Please let me know if I still have time. I can do it tomorrow after I wake up.

  57. ITS OUT!

  58. Epic chapter was epic.

    I have to admit, it’s good to see the damsels in distress actually showing their worth now. Karin went from a state of sobbing delirium to a state of epicness and Sakura… well what she did really freaked me out but honestly, I think she’s the only one who would be capable of keeping Naruto alive long enough to reach Minato and had it been anyone else, he’d already be dead.

    It was extreme… and rather graphic, but it was necessary.

    P.S. My bet is that Kabuto was the one who showed up at Sasuke’s location on the last page.

  59. @Kevin Phoenix

    If you want, you can do a breakdown for 662 and I’ll do one for 663 and we’ll combine it as a double, or something. Let me know before I start writing though.

  60. @Tenrai: Sounds like a plan. That should give me time enough to put it together.

  61. @tenrai i also think that is kabuto.

  62. Not sure what to think of the chapter. Definitely not epic, to me. So, Naruto is near dead, has no Kyuubi chakra, and needs the other Kyuubi half in Minato to survive. We knew that. Nidaime is impaled. We knew that. Madara absorbed the beasts. We knew that. Not sure about you guys, but to me it feels like there has been no progress for over a month. Ok, the heart massage was kinda cool, and Karin not crying is a welcome change, and however short, Orochimaru action is always epic. Madara’s new look is kinda cool, but with the white hair he instantly looks fkn old again. And a bit like a super saiyan. I’ll give it 6/10, if there wasn’t a break the week before maybe 7-8/10 😛

    Also good luck to Kevin for your first breakdown, I’m looking forward to it. And to Tenrai’s part too, of course!

  63. @zzattack

    What I liked about the chapter was that it actually focused on the desperation of the situation. Seeing Sakura perform what can only be described as drastic surgery to keep Naruto alive kinda sets in just how severe the circumstances actually are and that without intervention, Naruto would most certainly die. At the very least, it’s more ominous than just watching him fly away on Gaara’s sand cloud, all the while thinking “oh, no worries, he’ll be fine.”

    It also shows how far Sakura has grown as a medical ninja. I mean, she’s frikkin manually keeping Naruto’s heart beating. I doubt there are many medical ninja with the expertise to do something like that.

    I enjoyed the scene with the rest of team Hawk and Orochimaru as well, but I also noticed some interesting things there that I’ll mention in my breakdown, which helped contribute to my interests. As for Madara, to be honest that was the only part of the chapter I could have easily done without. It would have been better if they focused more on Team Hawk and Naruto and just left Madara’s reveal for the next chapter, but oh well. I guess Kishi needed to impose his cliffhanger.

  64. Hmmm, I guess with everything taken out of him, Naruto wasn’t holding on to the chakra from other bijuu after all. What a slacker! 🙂 I’m not sure he can talk Madara out of his new state when he gets revived. Madara seems to be enjoying himself. At the very end, the bare foot in front of Sasuke…it might just be Kabuto, after accepting who he really is…a cartoon creation. Team Hawk+Oro combo was cool though. The head in the mask…could it really be Yamato? Don’t mind me I’m just blowing out smoke rings here…

  65. I suspect the shadowy figure is Yamato, not Kabuto.

  66. Hey guys, nice to see things are well. This chapter was very drastic from my pov because I read the last 3 chapters all at once. Karin was great and tobirama seems like he really is fond of sasuke and tries to support him as best as he can before he ends his resurrection trip. Sakura was awesome and stone cold, she truly has come a long way since the sasouri fight. As for the barefoot dude at the end near sasuke it might be one of 2 people in my mind, it’s either Kabuto, who will help tobirama save sasuke, or Obito who finally escaped from black zetsu and will give his life for sasuke.
    Can’t wait to see what naruto Gaines from the other half of Kurama in terms of power.

  67. @Eugen, I wonder, if it he absorbs the inverse chakra, will we see a “reverse naruto”?

  68. I have a few questions about this chapter….one: what is it that Oro now realizes? He says Karin has the same chakra as naruto’s mother and then has some realization. Second, i was under the impression that the symbol on sakura’s head was a jutsu that stored up chakra for the user to unleash….so why does she not use it now? She keeps saying she has limited chakra yet she has that diamond on her forehead. Also, madara is going to face Kakashi and minato now….he seemed to take off pretty fast so i’d assume he will arrive there while they are starting or in the process of putting in the other half of kurama…how then are they supposed to pull that off? Wont madara just stop them? Even if naruto does gain the other half, how is he supposed to stop madara, it didn’t work before. Lastly, the kubi said that the fourth could not use his thunder god tech because it only works with something that has his symbol…is this a typo? I thought it required the marking that the fourth left, not the kubi

  69. The chapter was great, for taking his sweet time, it had to be. I don’t really see what it is that was so epic about Karin fighting, I will have to wait on the breakdown to see clearly. I did see she bit herself on the run to heal that hole in her body, if thats the dopeness then I fully concur. I mean, who does that!? Is Orochimaru the man! Or what,? the dude is the most awesomeness character after Itachi san.So will Naruto have to impose his will on the Kurama-half his father with give him? There are only so many barefooted shinobis in the land, I can only think of Kabuto, so Im with Tenrai and other on this

  70. @eugen well expect naruto to become the sage when gets the other half. 🙂

    @dricedt i think minato did put a symbol on the half of kurama stored in naruto before he sealed it into his son.

    @allthings i think naruto doesn’t need to impose his will on the other half of kurama, i think it’s possible that he’d humbly accept naruto as his new host, knowing that they all agreed that naruto is somehow the sage himself resurrected.

  71. @arpoto i seriously think that the shadowy figure is non other than kabuto and the spiral zetsu that the alliance are fighting is yamato.

  72. and to think.. we are completely unaware that jiraiya always looked like the sage of six paths.. 😀 considering madara has become one and completely looks like jiraiya.

  73. I wonder how many chapters it will take for Naruto to get the other Kurama half… I didn’t think it was that far to where Minato and the others were. I mean, didn’t Naruto travel from there to Madara in just a few panels in an earlier chapter? O.o
    I’m sort of annoyed at the Madara hax that just keeps escalating though. He turned into that … form … way too quickly. I guess the Rinnegan is supposedly what makes him able to do that. But still. I’m just sick of him all together. Someone better give him a good punch that really hurts soon.

  74. Remember, Sasuke has already started Izanami, so the more full of himself Madara becomes before Sasuke finishes the technique, the harder it will be for Madara to escape.

  75. I don’t think Sasuke has started Izanami.

  76. I think, on this panel, where Sasuke says “Now!!”, is when he starts Izanami.

  77. Making all the chapters and story we are seeing now completely moot? And then just ending everything with a quick fix later “haha, it was just izanami”… No, I don’t think so.

  78. I think it should be obvious that the barefooted person is Kabuto. Having firmly accepted his fate before being allowed to leave Izanami, he won’t be the same person who fought Sasuke and Itachi. Chances are, he’s going to play a brief but vital role in making things right. Dibs on him performing a life-saving medical ninjutsu on Sasuke to save him.

    The person in the spiral Zetsu can only be Yamato. Now that the Zetsu army has been more or less defeated, there’s no longer a need for Yamato to be left behind to reinforce it. I surmise that Yamato is unconscious and being used as a medium to enhance spiral Zetsu’s otherwise weak wood style jutsu. Remember, it’s been established that all the Zetsu, while made from Hashirama’s cells, are mere weak copies of him. If any of the Zetsus could’ve performed any notable wood style jutsu, surely we would’ve seen it by now.

    So I do believe that Spiral Zetsu is controlling things with Yamato inside as a medium to bring Zetsu’s own otherwise weak wood style, if he even had any in the first place, up to Yamato’s level. And Yamato had already once said that while he can use wood style proficiently, his version is not on par with Hashirama’s, which is why the 1000 Hands technique being used is a miniature version of the original.

    If any of the Zetsu could’ve used even that technique on their own, this war would’ve ended long ago. It’s the only theory that fits the facts. In any case, we’ll see for sure next week. I really don’t know how this is going to play out. If Madara takes his left eye back, then I just don’t see how anyone can defeat him at that point. There’s gotta be something unchecked that we’re missing.

    To those who think Sasuke is using Izanami, I disagreed. When he said “Now!” in chapter 661, he was merely stating his intended moment to strike. Besides, it would suck anyway if he sacrificed one of his eternal Mangekyo eyes. The same thing goes with Izanagi. I do think that Kabuto is going to save him.

    Let’s just hope that Sakura and Gaara make it to Minato soon, preferably in the next chapter. At least Sakura is being useful now and coming into her own. To those asking about why she doesn’t release the seal on her forehead, remember that the moment she manifested it, she began tapping into its power by plowing through all those Juubi miniatures. While one might release the seal for something like Mitotic Regeneration, a user can also use it more passively without outright releasing it.

    This means that if Sakura does use up all her chakra, the seal on her forehead will vanish and that’s it, she’ll either be in a critical state herself or even die. So let’s hope she can keep Naruto alive long enough for Minato to reseal the Yin half of Kurama into him.

    And finally, I think it was quite epic to once again see Orochimaru in action. But it was even more awesome to see Karin reveal the same chakra chains as Kushina Uzumaki, more proof that Karin is indeed an Uzumaki herself. While it indeed seems that Orochimaru is helping the good guys, I don’t think he’s looking to just play good guy once this is over. For now, it’s more about fighting a common enemy.

    But who knows, maybe he will return to Konoha. That would certainly be something.

  79. my guess is that yamato had always been playing the role of the bad guy, and was secretly helping madara and obito behind the shadows of anbu

  80. if that’s the case he’ll surely regret being quite an important figure in the training of what was arguably the good guys’ strongest asset

  81. probably 😀 lmao. but yeah..

  82. @Kevin

    I’m still awaiting your breakdown for chapter 662. My email address is Please let me know how it’s coming along.

  83. @Tenrai: Should have it to ya by tomorrow.

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