Naruto Chapter 658 – 660 Triple Breakdown: The Uchihax has been unleashed! >_<

Greetings one and all. Before I start my breakdown, I’d first like to give a big shout out to all our faithful readers at WRA and thank them for their support over the years. Without you all, this blog would have died ages ago so thanks for keeping it going and keeping it real.

With yet another year under WRA’s belt, I’d also like to wish you all a belated Happy New Year and hope that 2014 will be a great year for us all.

Now that all the informal formalities are out of the way, I now have to trudge through the horror that is a triple breakdown. Fortunately, there was more action than talk in these past three chapters, so it makes my narration thereof a bit easier to bear.

Of course, when it comes to a battle between two super powers (7 Bijuu, Two Jinchuuriki and one Kage vs one Uchihax Madara), one expects a lot of epicness, and I have to say that chapter 658 certainly delivered it with a big bang.

It just got real...

Well, this sure escalated quickly…

To save my breakdown from becoming obscenely long, I’ve decided to reduce my analysis of this particular chapter into two definitive points; those being what I liked about the chapter and what I didn’t like about it.

What I enjoyed the most about the chapter was seeing not only how well the Bijuu worked together to thwart Madara, but in particular, how well Shukaku and Gaara worked together as well, which makes sense given that they share the same power and that they were once bound together as a Jinchuuriki and his Bijuu tenant. I was also happy that battling the Bijuu wasn’t just a walk in the park for Madara – especially given that he didn’t have his eyes – and it was a treat to see him get a handy thrashing, to the point where he was almost sealed, even if the moment was short-lived.

And that's how the Pyramids were formed. Ancient Aliens, eat your heart out!

And that’s how the Pyramids were formed. Ancient Aliens, eat your heart out!

It was also interesting to note that Shukaku has the power of a cursed seal pattern, though some might have guessed that already given the crazy artwork covering his body.

Unfortunately, it’s also this very moment that brings me to the point that I didn’t like about this chapter, and that was the completely astronomical level of ass-pull that Madara managed to conjure up to escape his seemingly inevitable demise.

I might have looked as shocked as the Bijuu if it weren't for the fact that this was an Uchiha we were talking about...

I might have looked as shocked as the Bijuu and Gaara did in this scene if it weren’t for the fact that this was an Uchiha we were talking about. And not just any Uchiha…

To put things into perspective about why this scene left me gawking at my screen, I’ll draw back to what Itachi once said about Susanoo, in that in order to activate it, an Uchiha first has to awaken the Mangekyou Sharingan in both eyes and use them harmoniously. This, of course, begs the questions… how the hell did Madara manage to use Susanoo with no eyes and thus no Mangekyou Sharingan!? The sheer level of absurdity in this scene cannot even be comprehended by natural means. It’s even worse than Sasuke summoning Manda to escape Deidara’s Self Destruct no Jutsu when he didn’t even have enough chakra to keep his Sharingan active, and that’s saying a lot.

I’d have to write it off as either a complete plotkai, or a severe memory lapse on Kishi’s part. Either way, I think it’s best if we just put it behind us, though I’m sure Kantonkage will do his part and occasionally remind us of just how hax the Uchiha are. But then, who are we to argue?

It's just a flesh wound...

When an Uchiha gets his eyes, everyone else dies…

Chapter 659 was much more straightforward than chapter 658, and that’s to be expected after seeing Madara get one of his Rinnegan eyes back. After seeing yet another failed Kamui attempt by Kakashi (seriously Kishi, give the poor guy a break already) the chapter pretty much involved Madara kicking everyone’s rears merely by looking at them.

There’s really no need to deliberate what happened in detail, so I’ll just post what I feel is an effective summary. @__@

I have to admit, I was a bit concerned that Madara was able to push around the Bijuu so easily, especially given that these creatures are meant to be composed of the greatest chakras to exist in the world, but then again, I suppose the true power of the Rinnegan is nothing to sneeze at, and Madara may be the closest shinobi yet to matching the power of the Rikudou Sennin.

Despite that, I still couldn’t help but feel as if chapter 659 was a bit shallow overall in terms of content. I’m not really a fan of overly one-sided battles and this chapter felt more like an exhibition to show off Madara’s power than anything else.

Luckily, chapter 660 was a lot more substantial in terms of its overall depth, and it was nice to get a bit more insight into the relationship between Shukaku and his hosts.


Dem feels…

Although I know most of us aren’t really all for flashbacks, I felt these ones were relevant enough to be acceptable. I’ve mentioned before that Jinchuuriki and Bijuu are treated the same and thus, should be able to understand each other, but this chapter really highlighted just how close to the truth that sentiment really was, as we saw with Shukaku’s host being treated much like a beast himself, even to the point of being locked away by his fellows in a manner all too similar to his own Bijuu prisoner.

It also highlights just why the Bijuu have been, for the most part, so hateful towards human beings as a whole, because of the fact that they were treated and locked away as if nothing more than weapons to be used. In addition to that, it magnifies the importance of their admiration for the Rikudou Sennin – who was probably the only human prior to present times that they regarded as worthy of their respect – and subsequently, it highlights the significance of what it means for them to open up to and acknowledge other humans, such as the likes of Naruto, Bee or Gaara.

What he really means Gaara, is that he loves you!

What he really means Gaara, is that he loves you!

All of this builds up to what I considered to be one of the most gut-wrenching scenes I’ve witnessed in this manga in quite some time (with Neji’s death being the closest I can think of).

As Madara began to draw the Bijuu into Gedou Moza, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of dread and hopelessness, almost like the time we first saw the Juubi being while under Obito’s command. I got this feeling in my gut that something bad was going to happen, but I myself never really expected the situation to deteriorate to the extent that it did. What really took me by surprise, however, was seeing not only all of the other Bijuu being sucked away by Madara, but seeing both Kurama and Gyouki being separated from Naruto and Bee as well.



I have to say, my expression was probably very similar to Naruto’s in that last panel, when I first witnessed this scene. I mean, from the start of this manga, Naruto’s character has always been defined by his bond with Kurama and his status as a Jincuuriki. For the past decade, we as readers grown with up Naruto, accompanied him on all his adventures, watched him as he evolved as a character and have even come to admire him as a hero, but in all that time, he and Kurama were always together, always part of each other. To see such a defining part of Naruto suddenly get pulled away right before my very eyes, left me at a bit of a loss to be honest and I think the shock on Naruto’s face really says it all.

Still, even in such a moment of complete despair, that small flicker of hope still manages to make itself known. We get a few visual and verbal clues that suggest that something might be in the works, and we even see Gyouki chop of one of his tails, suggesting that he helped Bee escape the fate of death that usually comes with having one’s Bijuu extracted. The only question is, what did Kurama ask of Gaara and how will it help Naruto in this trying time?

All-in-all, even now my mind is still fuzzy when I try to comprehend these past few chapters. After witnessing such a long battle and eventual triumph over Obito, this latest development makes me feel like we’ve just gone back to square one again, even after so much has happened. In fact, it would be more accurate to say it feels like we’ve taken a step backwards.

Personally, I hope we start seeing some form of resolution to this battle, because I’m not sure if I’m up for seeing what would essentially be the Alliance vs Obito, Episode 2, only on steroids. I also still think that Sasuke, as the only other Uchiha besides Madara, will still have some significant role to play here, so hopefully Kishi will mix things up a bit to keep it feeling fresh, otherwise stagnation will sink in fast.

With all that out of the way, here is the previous Bubbliton Contest winner.

Constantinethetrickster: Madara eyes the Bijuu!! Seriously??

Constantinethetrickster: Madara eyes the Bijuu!! Seriously??

Well done to Constantine for the great entry. I was going to put a second and third place, etc, but I couldn’t really decide.

Here is this week’s Bubbliton!

*Insert caption here.*

*Insert caption here.*

The top bubble can be used for what Madara’s saying or expressing, while the bottom is for what he’s thinking. Feel free to be creative!

See you all in the comments! ^ ^

~ by Tenrai Senshi on January 7, 2014.

65 Responses to “Naruto Chapter 658 – 660 Triple Breakdown: The Uchihax has been unleashed! >_<”

  1. FIRST!!
    *raise picket sign* A 4444444444444444444 DEATHS TO THE UCHIHA!
    What does the turtle say?

  2. Second!!! Haha! Next time, I’ll be first……Happy New Year all. Hope this year is filled with every reasonably good thing you could wish for! Well done Tenrai…good work through the yrs.

    Right – the contest.

    * Madara laughs like the maniac he is ‘Mwah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!’ In the land of the blind the One Eyed Man is king!’ Behold…..daa, da da da daaaa your king!

    – What do you mean everyone else had eyes all along’

    Caption – Why Madara went beserk and decided to kill everyone.

  3. Third.

    Tenrai – It is because of the awesome breakdowns that we keep coming back and commenting on the blog.

    While reading this breakdown, I got a theory how Madara was able to perform Susanoo. It is a crazy theory but maybe someone can take it and add to it. It was mentioned by Kakashi that his Sharingan and Obito’s are linked. While we never see Obito perform Susanoo, can we discredit it that he can’t? At the same time, Madara’s minions already got their hand/body on his original eyes. Is it possible that he can use the link between Zetsu and himself to conjure up the Susanoo?

  4. “I mean, from the start of this manga, Naruto’s character has always been defined by his bond with Kurama and his status as a Jincuuriki. For the past decade, we as readers grown with up Naruto, accompanied him on all his adventures, watched him as he evolved as a character and have even come to admire him as a hero, but in all that time, he and Kurama were always together, always part of each other. To see such a defining part of Naruto suddenly get pulled away right before my very eyes, left me at a bit of a loss to be honest and I think the shock on Naruto’s face really says it all.”

    @tenrai i think this the point in the manga where naruto has to be the one to take the gedo mazo. if we all look at the current situation. the gedo mazo was only “extracted” from obito but it is only being “controlled” by madara.. it’s not like its already his.. it is still just a vessel for the bijuus, gyuki saved bee so that they could all reunite and become the juubi, and i bet with all my cheesecakes that kurama instructed gaara to bring naruto to the gedo mazo so that he could be the new host of the juubi and become the SO6P.. remember how obito took control of the juubi eventhough he was always taken over by it? at this point in time naruto has been already chosen as the host by the bijuu’s themselves and i think it’s only a matter of time before madara falls in the hands of naruto and ends the war.


    Madara: HAHAHAHAAAAA AHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!! HA……. HA……Ha Ha…… ha ha ha ha……… ha……
    There is a face growing on my chest inst there?

    Caption: Sigh…..

  6. @Chaps

    That’s an interesting theory. There is a possibility that the plan might somehow involve Naruto becoming the host for the juubi, but then it would still likely involve the other half of Kurama’s chakra somehow.

  7. No mention of the 8 tails cutting one of his tails? Small panel

  8. Great write up as always!




    BUBBLE 2: Now I can’t practice my puttz!

  11. P.S. @Marks

    I love your bubbliton entry. It literally made me lol.

  12. BUBBLE:

    Madara: I keep dying, but I stay the same age! Hahaha!

    Caption: It’s good to be the main villain.


    Hey guys!
    Is there a pic of Madara using Susanoo with his chest exposed? Maybe there are Sharingans in the face on his chest? Btw, thanks for bringing it to our attention Marks! 😉

  13. Great Breakdown Tenrai. I’m sure I speak for everyone here when I say we really appreciate how much work and effort you put into these. Don’t worry if you can’t do them each week, we understand that life has a habit of giving us other things to do.
    Also I want to know, when the eight tails chopped off his limb, wasn’t that what he did with Sasuke? Doesn’t that mean Bee still has the Hachibi inside him? Minus a tentacle of course. And another thing, I think Naruto is going to go where Kakashi went to talk to his Dad, except he is going to talk with the SOSPs! I think Kurama asked Gaara to give Naruto some of Shukakus chakra and to tell Bee to give him some too. They are the only two missing. Remember, he doesn’t need the entire beast to get the benefits and Naruto isn’t trying to become the Juubis host. Kuruma seemed to have the closest bond with the Sage so maybe he knows something and thats why he spoke to Gaara.

    Bubbleition : (Top) Ha Ha, I now have the power of the Uchiha and Senju!! I’m unstoppable!!
    (Bottom – thinking) Wait, I can’t go when someones watching.
    (Caption) Madara realises his horrible mistake.

  14. Great Breakdown! Hope your holidays were good as well!
    By the way I ROFLed at “WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY!?” !!

  15. Bubbleition:
    Top: I don’t have any more weaknesses! Hahahahahaha hahaha haha ha!
    Bottom:I don’t have any nipples…
    Caption: When all possible power-ups have been used. <_<

  16. Bubbliton:

    Bubble: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…. hahahahahaha… hahaha!

    Thoughts: No wonder it jingles so much!

    Caption: That awkward moment when Madara realized that he got more than one extra head from Hashirama…

    (Pickles would be proud… T___T)

  17. …what does the… heHeHEHEHEHEHAHAHHAHAA XD

  18. I just have an observation that I liked to point out. Seeing Obito as the Jinchurruki of the Juubi reminded me of when Naruto didn’t have control of Kurama and transformed into the different tailed states. How wrong the transformations for both Naruto and Obito seemed to me. For Naruto the chakra was so full of malice that it burned the skin off Naruto. Obito didn’t even transform, his body got mutilated to the point where it looked like he had scales (for some reason reminding me of Kabuto’s “Sage” Mode).

    Now, the speculation part of my post:

    Maybe we are going to see another form of the Juubi, not just the weird creatures it’s been turning into as it evolved, but a new being.
    Naruto has already been given chakra by all the Bijuu except Shukaku. Maybe that’s what Kurama told Garaa and Shukaku; to give naruto a piece of Shukaku’s chakra before they vanished, that way Naruto would have an imprint of all the bijuu. Minato will come to Naruto’s rescue and is going to have to do the hardest thing he did prior to the series… seal a bijuu into his son, again. It would be a fun cycle to revisit. The first time Naruto had no say in the matter, but this time Naruto will fully accept being a Bijuu, very strong plot point I think. Once Naruto accepts the other half of Kurama into him, that’a were the real fun begins. He will now be able to get the full power of the Juubi if he intakes all the Bijuu Madara has captured. Maybe some ancient Uzumaki trick from Minato to try and take all the Bijuu out of the Gedo Mezou.

  19. Bubbilation:
    Bubble: I am Free!! Free Falling!! I am Free!! Free Fal
    (the part I spelled vertically can go into the space in the bubble where it drags done to the left panel)

    Thought Bubble: Is there a face on my left nipple?

    Caption: Temari doesn’t like the plastic surgery she got…

  20. Another excellent breakdown to say the least. I always find the captions in the breakdown hilarious. XD

    Madara found a way to bring himself back to life. It annoys me.

  21. Bubbilation:
    1: HAHAHAHA Now that I’ve been revived I can be easily hurt, no longer have infinite chakra, am no longer immortal and lost both my eyes upon being revived.
    *face panels.
    Caption: The moment Madara realizes being revived was a stupid idea.

  22. @tlwm i think you’re into something my friend, about minato doing some uzumaki secret awesome super sealing jutsu. 🙂 just like how it has always been, the uzumaki are known for the sealing techniques. 😀

  23. I still think we’re going to see cameos from both Yamato and Konohamaru before this thing wraps up.

  24. Any word on 661?

  25. @arpotu I’ve just learned over the years that Shonen needs some time every so often to stop production so they can count their money and vast treasures. The main time this happens is golden week (hence the name). They probably have had a very successful year and are taking longer to count their coffers. Be patient they’ll be done soon. Hopes this helps 🙂

  26. thanks dricedt – yep that explains it. i keep forgetting about golden week.

  27. @arpotu: Don’t forget that Naruto and Konohamaru promised each other that they would fight for the title of Hokage after Naruto becomes it. Hope to see that fight still.

  28. I’m still hoping the other half of Kurama is for Sasuke! I feel Naruto taking the “easy half” will diminish the value of the original. I’m hoping kurama and Gyuki go into the gedo first, perhaps, to destabilize it. It is mentioned a couple of times the importance of the order of assimilation of bijuu into the statue.

  29. @vision, I think when Zetzu was saying that to Madara, he was suggesting that Madara fight smart. I don’t think there’s any special order. I think Madara’s ego/hubris will be his downfall, and he’s starting to show how big that ego is, for example by dragging in all beasts at once just “cause he can”.

  30. Has anyone else noticed that Madara is still somehow able to use sasuno without his eyes?

  31. Ah. It’s a shame the thought bubble can’t be Hashirama’s thoughts. It could be just like DBZA.

    Madara: Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. I can win. I feel great. I. Can. Do. This. Raarrghh–

    Hashirama: (deadpan) What are you doing?

    Caption: Fusing with your rival isn’t always the brightest idea…

  32. 1: You got blood on yo’ face
    You big disgrace,
    Somebody better put you back into yo’ place…

    2: Why aren’t they clapping?

    Caption: Madara’s going to rock you. Literally.

  33. Bubblition / Bubble:


    2) Zetsu, I’m not wearing the vest…am I?

    Caption: “Sh*t.”

  34. @Kantonkage

    If you want to change your comments, you’re welcome to just post a new one while asking me to delete the first one.

  35. Btw, When I said that I wanted the other half of Kurama for Sasuke, I meant it if Naruto doesn’t permanently lose his original half, which, might I remind everyone, is the half that Naruto made his relationship with all his life. So, I just can’t see that half not coming back to Naruto!
    Well, I guess if Naruto gets both halves of Kurama he would become a junior so6p… This also makes sense of how he would finally be able to do the Flying Thunder God technique. He might even be able to FTG without the need of seals! That would be crazy! Especially if Obito recognizes Naruto surpassing Minato like that! The only problem with this theory is Sasuke would be left in the dust! What could Sasuke do to offset such a power difference?

    Caption: Well everything except that.

    Bubblition: Now, that I’ve got my body back. I can finally lose my virginity!!!!
    Bubblition: Wait, I think I just said that out loud.
    Caption: Well… that was awkward.

  37. I’m starting to go through manga withdrawal symptoms. Someone save me! T__T

  38. You’re not the only one Tenrai… I’ve started to refresh the manga sites on at an unhealthy frequency now.

    Btw, thanks for the awesome breakdowns. Been following them for a few months now, but this is my first comment. Keep it up!

  39. Hey Cecilie, and welcome to WRA! (Even though you’ve been reading for a while).

    Thanks for the feedback as well. It’s good to know there are readers out there enjoying the breakdowns.

  40. I think the seemingly infinite supply of us lurkers out there is a great testimony to the quality of blogs written on here, Tenrai 🙂
    Also, hi Cecilie! Always good to welcome new souls, especially during this cold turkey period.

  41. Thanks guys 🙂
    I’ve become almost as addicted to this blog as to the chapters themselves 😉 Maybe I’ll try to pop in with a comment a bit more often…

  42. one more week…

  43. One more week? Da fuq!?

  44. @Wiseman

    If that’s true, then…..

    *takes deep breath*


    *another, deeper breath*


  45. if its not up by 10 then somebody in South Africa, please call an ambulance so long to come pick up my lifeless husk X_X

  46. I hope that was a joke … *starts hyperventilating*

  47. There are spoilers out so it might be out today. O_o

  48. It’s out!

  49. Its OUT!!!!!!

  50. i was already reading spoilers awhile ago 😀 so i was expecting it to be released today 😀

  51. Epic chapter, but that suggestion at the end… Sasuke might be Madara’s child? O_o

  52. not really ten. he was speaking in general.. Madara is the Uchiha so to speak and sasuke is nothing more than an underling. and he was only saying what hashirama told him as he was being stabbed. and i honestly think madara is now under izanami or something. hashirama did gave sasuke his remaining chakra and with that i think he could pull something of that caliber.

  53. This is really lame. Too much talking, especially after a hiatus for some weeks.

  54. to add to it as well, now they have another “that jutsu” scenario going on. Enough with the stupidity of the secrets, and tell us what’s going on.

  55. Well that felt a bit anticlamactic … More Madara displaying his “nobody can touch me I’m so great”. Damnit, I want to see how Gaara is going to save Naruto!

  56. @Wiseman

    And we don’t even really know what “that jutsu” was to begin with anyway. For all we know it still needs to be revealed. Lol.


    Yeah, I also would have preferred it if the chapter focused a but more on Naruto this time around and then switched to Sasuke maybe in the next one, but oh well.

  57. I’m not sure if this is going to now get a little more regret or emotion out of Madara. Who knows if he is even capable of doubting his own plan like some other villains we know. But for sure, he has crossed a line, or rather – revealed his hypocrisy.

    He killed someone much like his brother Izuna. And he simultaneously blames the second Hokage for what he did in the past. They are both tragic events, but it makes Madara no different than Tobirama.

  58. Actually, I think the circumstances are now right for Sasuke to develop the rinnegan. Madara implied he was nurturing a new eye (Sasuke’s) and in his flashback we see him being stabbed by Hashirama – at which point he had probably stolen Hashirama’s cells/chakra and possessed the EMS. Sasuke now has Hashirama’s chakra + the EMS + has now been stabbed [+ Madara said the secret magic words that turn Sasuke into Superted.] One of the other qualities of the rinnegan restores life so we can almost see how this is going to go. Sasuke may end up losing an improved eye or being put on the same path as Madara by sticking with him. Gaara has taken Naruto to Tahiti, “It’s a magical place” where he will recover and be infused with chakra from Shukaku and his dad, who is mysteriously absent (probably waiting at the rendezvous point) becoming a different kind of sage entirely. The 3rd Hokage is very wise – knows when not to fight, so he is probably having dinner with the Monkey King. He will stop by when it’s almost too late for everyone though. All the other mini-ninjas on the verge of death will be healed by white zetsu because there is no point being a king if you have no subjects (I mean, it’s like being given a remote and then watching tv by yourself) and all other regular ninjas will go home and take off the kyubi chakra cloaks that they all seem to be keeping even though someone else has sealed the kyubi. Now where’s that remote?

  59. omg its out omg

  60. Woohoo! And here I thought it would be another week.

    Seems like even two weeks seems like an eternity as far as Naruto chapters are concerned.

  61. Hashirama taught him the wood clone jutsu, the only clone madara can not detect

  62. I wonder if Madara is referring to Itachi, when he mentions “new eyes”. After all, from his perspective, Sasuke is just the current container for Itachi’s eyes.

  63. Interesting how the Susanoo covered Madara’s chest just enough to cover the eyes of his Hashirama nipple.

  64. This is a very interesting set of spoilers on the direction of this manga .. not sure if it is true though ….

  65. Hm, interesting ken. I’ve been wondering if the loss of Kurama might be what’s needed to awaken Naruto’s native (non-hosting) abilities. IE, even though he’s friends with Kurama now, he could have reached greater heights without being a host.

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