Naruto Chapter 657 Breakdown: “I see”, said the blind man.

Well, I guess it’s that time of the year again, and no, I don’t mean the time of the year when Emochiha start delivering more throat hugs than usual. It’s that time of the year when everything starts to come to a creeping end, where schools close, people go on holiday and where Christmas is just a few days away.

So, before I start my breakdown, I’d like to wish everyone in WRA a happy holiday season and a Merry Christmas. I hope you’ve all had a great year, and even if you haven’t, I hope WRA helped to lighten the load, even if just a little.

Merry Christmas!  – Artwork by Risachantag –

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!
– Artwork by Risachantag

Unfortunately for some emo people with dark hair, this isn’t really a festive time of the year – nor is any other time of the year for that matter – so it’s no surprise to see Sasuke going straight for the kill in our latest chapter when confronting a fully revived Uchiha Madara.

One thing I do have to comment on is how obsessively he seems to behave, almost as if nothing matters except his goals. He acts with a sense of focus – and even rashness – bordering on the extreme and although he claims to have an interest in protecting Konoha now, all evidence shown to us points to the possibility that even though his path is seemingly noble, it is still bathed in some form of darkness. Perhaps Sasuke cannot escape his curse of hatred so easily after all, and so he has simply chosen to redirect that hatred instead.

No-one survived the Eye Spy game that day...

No-one survived the Eye Spy game that day…

You know it’s a strange day indeed when Sasuke is the one barging headstrong into a situation that might be out of his league, while Naruto acts as the calm and collected individual, telling him not to act so rashly.

However, what’s probably even more strange, or interesting in this case, is that Madara seems to have lost his Rinnegan, post revival. At first, I thought it might have been because he used the Izanagi to survive Naruto’s Rasenshuriken, but as Thelaughingwiseman suggested, it might actually be due to the fact that the Rinne Tensei is reviving Madara as he was before the time of his death, after he had given his own Rinnegan to Nagato. This would also explain why Madara doesn’t have any eyes right now (because he didn’t have any after he gave them away) and why he has chosen to literally fight blind.

That fact doesn’t seem to have slowed him down however, and it seems Madara has already found a way to overcome the weakness of having a lack of eyesight, and that is to gain another form of sense that’s just as good, or even better.

Uchiha throat hugs: They're all the rage this festive season.

Uchiha throat hugs: They’re all the rage this festive season.

So basically, Madara resorts to taking Hashirama’s Senjutsu chakra, which makes a lot of sense given that he’s lost his eyesight. With Sage Mode, Madara would be able to sense everyone’s chakra over a large area and, as shown in Naruto’s battle with the Third Raikage, it would even allow him to sense and react to dangerous attacks and to counterattack with relative ease.

The added strength of Sage Mode itself would also help Madara offset the absence of his powerful doujutsu to some degree, given that he’s lost both his Rinnegan and even his EMS, though I have little doubt that he is now weaker overall than he was when he was in his Edo Tensei form. Still, that doesn’t seem to have stopped him from easily fending off anyone who threatens to get in his way.

Of course, Madara isn’t the only worry right now for the Shinobi Alliance, as Black Zetsu finally proves he’s better at more than just being a good narrator during epic battles.

He must have learned that from Orochimari...

It isn’t rape if you yell surprise…

With Black Zetsu acting as a foil against Minato and Kakashi and Madara wrecking things on his side of the battlefield, I think it’s safe to say that this battle as a whole may still go on for some time still, which could either be seen as a good or a bad thing considering that the closer this battle comes to an end, the closer this series does as well. However, I still personally feel that a final confrontation between Naruto and Sasuke is still on the cards, regardless of the fact that Madara is currently filling the role of primary villain.

I think a lot will be revealed in these upcoming chapters about Madara and about the Uchiha as a whole, and I think many of these revelations will revolve around Sasuke as well and may even, in some way or another, push the story closer to a confrontation between him and Naruto. I also believe that Sasuke may, at some point, bask in the full glory of the limelight in these next few chapters and may even be the one who ultimately destroys Madara for some reason or another, effectively taking his place as the pinnacle of Emochihaness.

The only thing I can’t guess without resorting to a significant amount of speculation, is the how and why it would happen (if it happens), but I do think it’s an inevitable climax that has been built towards since the end of part one, and even hinted again in recent chapters. I personally feel it would be an epic and nostalgic moment if we ever saw Naruto and Sasuke battle at The Valley of the End again, which would really bring the story as a whole around full circle.

This is for you Chaps! @__@

This is for you Chaps! @__@

For now though, I guess we just have to push through this battle as it continues. Whether or not Kishi has it in him to keep these upcoming chapters feeling fresh, despite the sheer length of time this battle has continue for, remains to be seen, but I’m sure by now a lot of readers are feeling a great sense of stagnation and just want it to come to a conclusion.

Still, moving forward, I’m not entirely sure how Madara aims to take on the power of both the alliance, the five Kage and what is now effectively nine Bijuu (and their Jinchuuriki in the cases of Naruto and Bee), especially when we consider that his Rinnegan and Sharingan is gone. Then again, he is an Uchiha, so at the very least, his Asspull no Jutsu should prove quite effective if nothing else.

In any case, that’s all for me this week. I’ve decided to have a Bubbliton as well, much like Iamnotreallyhere, but you’re welcome to post an entry for both of them and I’ll announce a winner for each next week.

So, here it is!

*Insert Caption Here*

*Insert caption here*

See you in the comments! ^ ^

~ by Tenrai Senshi on December 10, 2013.

60 Responses to “Naruto Chapter 657 Breakdown: “I see”, said the blind man.”

  1. First!!!! (Twice in one day!!)
    M-come at me bro

  2. Great breakdowns!

  3. happy holidays ten. hahahaha! and thanks for the caption lmao.

    bubbilition for ten :

    Madara : You ain’t gon’ see your naruto vs sasuke fight, ten!

    Caption : nuffsaid! give me your cookie!

    bubbilition 🙂

    Madara :

    The truth is you could slit my throat
    And with my one last gasping breath
    I’d apologize for bleeding on your shirt

    Caption : You’re so last summer

  4. Don’t forget that I put out a breakdown with a bubble contest as well WRA peoples = P

    Madara: Don’t crowd ladies, there’s enough of Madarashima to go around
    Caption: Tonight on “The Bachelor: Biju Edition”

    Also I dub Madara to be Madarashima in his current form = P

  5. Happy holidays and a great breakdown.

    Madara: Are you ready boots? Start walkin’!
    Caption: One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you.

  6. @bubble risque!
    Madara: All those tentacle tails and all those unsuspecting Kunoichi
    Caption: God I love Japan

  7. Happy Holidays Wrasta’s


    Nice breakdown ten.

    I would like for this battle to end soon even without a solid resolution. Naruto needs to begin building up again maybe the threat of a stronger growing Uchiha like madara will be good. Maybe the next question that needs to be asked is wtf happened to this moon eye plan :/

  8. Bubble:

    Madara: To catch them is my real test. To train them is my cause.

    Caption: The real reason Ash hasn’t met his dad A.K.A Uchiha Madara Ketchum

  9. its out!

  10. So does anyone know why exactly Madara needs a rinnegan?
    Nevermind pulling off Susanoo without any eyes, the fact that nine bijuu concertedly attacked him while he was eye-less and nothing happened to him is hardcore enough, no?

  11. Total bullshit. How the fuck did Madara use Susanoo without eyes?!?! And he is able to with stand thousands of pounds of pressure from beast. What is up with this. He’s human now, he doesn’t have infinite chakra. How many sealing techniques has he broken away form now? OP to the max.

  12. Eyeless susanoo…. what an amazingly original asspull-no-jutsu…
    Although granted, Itachi used it too on Orochimaru when he was virtually blind. Not the same as eyeless though.

  13. Well, Hashirama’s chakra explains the strength/durability. Not sure about the eyeless susanoo.

  14. Who here thinks that Kakashi might give Obito’s eye back to Obito, to help defeat Madara?

  15. On the contrary arpotu, without the black zetsu Obito won’t have much time on his hand. I belive his dying wish will be to give his eye to Kakashi as he did before.
    With both the sharingans Kakashi will be on a Hokage-level shinobi. I would like to see that happen.

  16. Pavo, is it possible to use Rinne Tensai twice?? he could restore the four Hokage so they could get their full power also. Another thing is if Obito and Kakashi give Naruto both Obitos eyes. His eyes are stronger than even the Rinnegan IMO and it looks like Naruto will need a bit of help considering the Uchiha hax. Eyeless Susanoo!! And taking a beating from the beast like that! Plus he’ll heal instantly with Hashiramas body and abilitys, he already lost and regained an arm already. Obito could also give Minato his left arm. Obito the one stop body shop, but he’s going to die anyway so they should use him for spare parts. Naruto gets his eyes, Minato and Raikage his arms and Sakura his D**k. She looks and acts like a man anyway and seems to like f**king Naruto around.

  17. Oh the Bubbleition :
    Madara : What the hell am I looking at? I have no eyes!
    Caption : Madara eyes the Bijuu!! Seriously??

    Really though, in the next issue he uses Susanoo! Did Kishi forget or something?

  18. Happy holidays for you as well Ten, and the whole WRA (even though Bleach blows, :D, will you Pein do a final breakdown when the story ends?)

    One guy down, I yelled surprise, 9000 thousand left, don’t close your eyes!

  19. That was a good chapter, but my main gripe about it was that Madara managed to use Susanoo without any eyes when it has already been clearly stipulated that in order to use Susanoo, you need to have control of the Mangekyou Sharingan in both eyes (which is why we haven’t seen the likes of Obito or Kakashi use Susanoo, because they only have one Sharingan eye each).

    Now, if that isn’t an asspull no jutsu, then I don’t know what is. It’s worse than Sasuke summoning Manda with no chakra, or pulling hawks out of his nether regions, and that’s saying a lot. It would have been better if Kishi had him escape with some other jutsu or even just have Zetsu bail him out, so as to at least make it a bit more believable.

  20. I just realized. We’ve seen proof that when two opposing forces cooperate, there is happiness and ecstacy. Just think about how Sasuke cooperated with Naruto (especially the most recent time), Sasuke had a smile on his face.

  21. its OUT!

  22. And the Uchihax BS continues. The only to stop him now is for Itachi to rise from the dead and perform a double suicide jutsu on Madara.

    *eats a cheesecake*

  23. One word. Konohamaru.

  24. Well, after all this you certainly can’t say that Naruto has very little action in it.

  25. Woo! Early release for 659!

  26. Eh. So it looks like we’re going to see a tug of war between Naruto, Bee and Madara now, as he tries to pull their Bijuu out of them. Still, I have a feeling Sasuke has a big role to play in this battle as well, so it wouldn’t surprise me if we see him fly in with Susanoo in the next chapter to cut the chains between Gedou Moza and the Bijuu. However, if Madara does somehow manage to extract the Bijuu, it would probably leave Bee dead and Naruto near death and then I’m not sure what would happen from there. O_o

    I don’t think it will happen though, or at the very least Naruto will avoid that fate.

    Aside from that, I have to say that while I think this battle has elements that would make it exciting, I just can’t help but feel lethargic when reading these latest chapters. I just think this war has gone on for too long and needs to come to an end now, especially this battle in particular.

  27. Bleach fights nowadays -.-

    Hero: Is that all you got?
    Villain kills Hero in 2 panels
    Real Hero aka Ichigo Wannabe appears
    Real Hero: You may have defeated Hero, but I have learned the secret power of the secret mountain beyond the secret woods. You are no match for my secrecy.
    2 panels of white space, 1 panel of dead villain.

    Next chapter
    Ultimate Villain appears to kick Real Hero’s ass in 3 pages
    Ultimate Villain has no time to finish hero off
    Real Hero escapes to train in further secrecy

  28. I really do want this war to end.

  29. Once this war is over, do you think Shippuuden will end in general, or are we looking at another time skip? Or, another Naruto series altogether?

  30. After the war I think the end will approach quickly. On the one hand I still hope Tenrai gets his battle, but on the other I wouldn’t mind as much if Sasuke is forgiven and it’s all a happy end. Maybe Orochimaru gets some more screentime, to me he’s still the most awesome villain ever and stuff, but ya, kinda like a cockroach too by now. At any rate, knowing that I’ve spent way over half my life getting a weekly naruto fix it’s fine with me if it’d end by now.

  31. I doubt there will be another time skip. Lest we forget, Madara has the tools to once again reform the Juubi and initiate the Moon’s Eye Plan right then and there. No, I think all good things will be coming to an end here soon.

  32. do you guys think madara will take out the light kurama and then naruto will get the dark half to fight against him?

  33. I’m actually starting to think Naruto’s going to have all the bijuu except for the dark half of Kurama, and that will go to Sasuke, while Obito will give Naruto his Sharingan, thus making Naruto and Kakashi his sight into a better future. Highly unlikely though.

  34. also, why dosen’t Bee and Naruto turn back into being just humans. Shouldn’t the chain slip off?

  35. its out!

  36. I’m amazed there was a release on Christmas Day, but here is 660:

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  37. I’m amazed there was a release on Christmas Day, but here is 660:

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  38. Wow, that chapter was hectic, especially the end. It actually left a bit of a bad feeling in my chest. X__X

  39. Pls Ten do a double if possible, I understood so little about it!

  40. A Very Merry Christmas to Everyone and a Happy New Year.

    I am very curious what Kurama said to Gaara. I am wondering if he asked Gaara to give some of Shukaku’s chakra to Naruto making him complete.

    I thought it was very clever to use the chinese symbol of receive and heart together to form the word Love. A very thoughtful xmas present to everyone!

    One last comment, is that the same priest that was from the rescue Gaara arc?

  41. Well there is one ace in the hole. Minato still has the Yin half of Kurama. He could give it to Naruto to save his life. And perhaps if Naruto is able to retrieve the Yang half of Kurama, the two halves can finally be reintegrated. Things may seem bleak at the moment, but surely something will soon come along to fix that.

    Let’s not forget, the other Hokage are nearby and rearing to go. Though not sure how Hashirama is faring, there’s still Tobirama, Hiruzen, and of course Minato. And surely Sasuke isn’t out of this yet. And then there’s everybody else…

  42. Is Naruto dead? I mean, they did extract the Bijuu. Aren’t you suppose to die from that? And I thought it took many people and blue dragons to extract a Bijuu?

  43. @thelaughingwiseman: Well Kushina (Naruto’s mother) didn’t immediately die either when Kurama was extracted from her. The Uzumaki clan is known for their exceptional lifespans and resilience which enables them to survive things that would normally kill anybody else.

    My guess is that Minato will transfer the other (Yin) half Kurama into Naruto, sacrificing himself for him.

  44. I’ve been considering the idea that Kakashi will have to use that life force transfer jutsu that he may have stolen from Chiyo on Naruto.

  45. naaaw kakashi needs to be hokage for cpl years while naruto gets to chillax first

  46. RIP Killer Bee 😦

  47. BTW i think it’s obvious that Naruto is about to become the host of the ten tails. If you look Hachi cut off one of his tentacles as he was being taken in. The only buju power that naruto wouldn’t be able to have would be the one and eight tails. So Kurama asked Gara to give his biju power to naruto and Hachi left a piece so naruto could absorb it.

  48. Also I don’t think naruto will be as worn down as his mother was, he is only having half the chakra removed

  49. it’s over.. madara is a dead man when naruto becomes the SO6P.

  50. Hey guys. I just wanted to let you all know that I’m sorry I haven’t done a breakdown in a while. It’s just that I’ve been so snowed under by Christmas stuff and Holiday stuff and New Years stuff (which will be this evening) that I haven’t actually been home often on the days I actually plan to write these breakdowns (I wanted to do a triple yesterday but then I was taken out on an unexpected shopping trip).

    So, rather than try guess when I’ll be able to do them again, I decided I’ll start my breakdowns fresh in the new year. So, next week, once I get back to work and the whole holiday vibe is over, I’ll start with a breakdown covering the last few chapters that I missed (including what will likely be this week’s chapter). It won’t be a super long breakdown because I’ll only cover the really important parts, but hopefully it will be enough to make up for what I’ve missed.

    Aside from that, I wish you all a very happy new year, and hope you’ve all had a great Christmas! @__@

  51. @Tenrai, no worries – you deserve a break 🙂 C’mon over here and lemme give ya a big ol’ Uchiha throat hug 😉

  52. @Tenrai – you don’t need to apologize to us, we are lucky to have you do a breakdown so enjoy some time with your love ones and start a new next week/year! If we could, we would send some cheesecake your way!

    Have an Excellent New Year everyone!!!

  53. Happy New Year Everybody!

    I just want to point out that Gyuki (the Hachibi) cut off one of his tails…
    What do you think that’s for? I have my(obvious) suspicions, but I want to hear what you think!

  54. Oops Dricedt didn’t see your comment!

  55. @vision It could be what I said before or it could be like when hachi fought sasuke and he cut the tentacle off to save bee and himself

  56. @dricedt – I think there’s a tailed beast plan afoot. They now want to help Naruto, so they’ve got something up their collective sleeves. Remember, also, that only Naruto know the real names of the tailed beasts. And, of course, Konohamaru. He’s got to make a cameo with some kind of Harem no Jitsu Rasen Sharingan attack…. you just know it 🙂

  57. Konohamaru is also the only other person who knows how to mold chakra like a biju bomb… hmmm….

  58. @Visionary

    We saw the same thing happen when Sasuke fought Bee, where he hid in a tentacle to escape Amatarasu (the one Sasuke cut off with his Chidory blade).

    In this case, it might just be the Hachibi’s way of saving Bee, leaving him in a tentacle with some of his chakra so he doesn’t die from having his Bijuu completely extracted.

  59. Yes I agree that this wouldn’t be the first time Kishi has trolled us. I feel that killer bee and gaara need more to happen to them(perhaps negatively?) before Naruto goes SO6P.

    Btw I’m kind of glad that Kishi pulled an asspull no Justu with Madara being able to use Susanoo(while having no sight). Maybe we will find out later that he has Sharingans in his armpits or maybe he replaced his testicles? You see, I got upset at a different asspull. Mine occurred as soon as Minato entered the battlefield and displayed his chakra cloak. I knew immediately that the other half of kurama was in him because it has opposite design work from Naruto’s which is similar to yin vs yang(you see it if you look at their stomachs). This was bull as there were no seal made by Minato to keep that half of bijuu chakra inside him. If Orochimaru got his arms back, then by association, both halves of Karuma should have united as well. The seal is what keeps the bijuu chakra in the host, and Minato did not have one! Who knows maybe there is a backstory to how both asspulls occurred? Lol yeah right! It’s more how he wants the story to progress and less pure cold logic which I now take into account.

  60. Hey I was just thinking how awesome it would be if there was a flashback, and Madara Haxed us out of it!

    I would like to give props to Constantinethetrickster: Awesome bubble!!!

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