Naruto Ch. 654-656

This is Iamnotreallyhere, here (or am I = P) with another Naruto breakdown since Tenrai has been busy with work (eating the universe one planet at a time). Now let’s dive right in and get to breakin down these awesomeness manga.

Naruto 654: I am Obito Uchiha

This chapter opens up with a warm, heartfelt, gesture from Obito to Naruto.

Naruto 654-A

Only slightly less advanced however than Orochimaru’s “What’s that over there! SURPRISE!! no Jutsu”

What happened afterwards however is a bit open to interpretation. Some have stated that they think that Naruto was the one manipulating Obito by showing him his former team. I for one don’t think Naruto has the capacity for such duplicitous subtlety. In my humble opinion I believe this was the last bit of what made Obito who he was before he lost Rin.

In the end however we may never really know as Obito’s will wavered, and that was enough for the shinobi alliance to win their little game of Tug the Biju’s tail. Which brings us to a milestone in the series: The first time someone surprised an Uchiha by pulling out.

Naruto 655: Track

Now that the Biju have finally been freed from Obito’s imprisonment we’re treated with exactly what we all expected, and then exactly what we didn’t expect.

Naruto 655-A

Looks like Sasuke got ninja’d… Yes I totally went there = P

After a bit more talk both Sasuke and Naruto go to help with Madara as Kakashi, Obito, and Minato begin to reminisce about the days of old. Though it was less through flashbacks(Thank God) and more through delving into the differences between how Kakashi and Obito saw the world after Rin’s death. Both saw the world as a living nightmare though Kakashi seemed to be a glass half full type person to Obito’s Glass half empty perspective. I find it interesting though how both Minato and Kakashi seemed surprised when Obito told them that rin was his only light, you would think as his best friend and teacher they would have seen that from a mile away.

The chapter closes with Naruto and an Epic sized rassengan preparing for an attack on Madara.

Naruto 656: Transfer

Now that the Biju have been freed, and Obito has been talk no jutsu’d so hard that he’ll probably be craping hope for a week straight, it finally looks like the Shinobi alliance can turn it’s full might upon Emo… I mean Edo Madara. But wait there’s more! We also see Garaa and Shukaku are cooking up a little something for Madara.

Naruto 656-A


Their banter kind of reminds me of the kind of chats Naruto and Kurama have been having of late. After another touching scene we’re returned to Madara and Hashirama. These guys have finally seemed to have put Madara in his place but there is one thing I don’t get and that is this: Why does Hashirama have to wait for someone to seal Madara? As a hokage you would think that he would be able to seal his sorry arse on his own. Of course now we go back to Obito where Minato and Kakashi are preparing to say their goodbyes to Obito on account of him being 7 tailed beasts short of a Jinchuriki. Their grief is interupted by Minato’s pet half-fox reveals through flashbacks and even more exposition that he won’t die on account of Gedo Mazou. Even so Obito, having seen the light (see my above comments) no prepares to sacrifice himself to revive those who have died. Of course now is when Madara finally decides to pull his/a Trump card (also known as ass pull no jutsu) to throw his own unique brand of monkey wrench into the works.

And what you might ask is the ace up his sleeve? Black friggin Zetsu… apparently the only reason he was created was to take control of Obito so that he could use the Rinne Tensei
to revive Madara. We are then left off with Madara having been revived, full of life, and also full of Haxorz.

Well that’s all for this Triple breakdown and so I leave you with this

Bubble contest 656Enjoy your Bubble Contest = P

Till another breakdown


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8 Responses to “Naruto Ch. 654-656”

  1. First!!!
    Bubbelition: right to left

    S- are you saying that ametartsu didn’t come from his eye?!?!?
    G- yes that is exactly what I’m saying
    G-his an uchia he pulls it out of his ass
    Caption-not really a surprise

  2. I lol’d, hard!
    I think that Hashirama couldn´t seal Madara cause he himself was revived, so he can´t pull off the seal, but please correct me if I’m wrong.
    Thanks for the breakdown ianrt!!!

  3. Bubble!
    -And then your dad put the seed on your mom, and nine months later you were born…
    -But, but, it can´t be true…
    -Kankuro’s and Sasori’s puppets did that all the time! They never had babies!
    Caption: Sunagakure is a strange town…

  4. Don’t forget that this breakdown exists as well people.

    I need bubble contest entries too ya know = P

  5. Sorry, I just can’t think of anything good.

  6. Bubble2:
    Shukaku: Hey, Gaara! What is it that you carry on that gourd of yours?
    Gaara: It’s a fart-jar! It’s for my new jutsu, Desert Layered Imperial Fart Funeral!
    Caption: Fart-jutsu jokes are always funny!

  7. I need at least two more bubble contests before I can post any winners, so if you have one post it = P

  8. Bubble:
    ( right to left)

    Shukaku: “I want to see my Mommy! Please! I just wanna see my Momma…”
    Gaara: “Just put the F*#@ lotion in the basket!”

    Version #2
    Shukaku: “So, what you’re saying is that you keep lotion in that gourd of yours? You want to use it to turn me into a skin suit?”
    Gaara: “Yes, I’ve always wanted a Raccoon suit like Mario.”

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