Naruto Chapter 652 – 653 Breakdown: The art of letting go.

There are many paths leading to the same dream. The only question is, which one will prevail?

There are many paths leading to the same dream. The only question is, which one will prevail?

Hey everyone.

Here’s to another double breakdown. These things are exhausting, whoosh! But, at the very least, it seems we’re finally coming to the conclusion of this battle with Obito, so maybe a bit of a change in the pace and tempo of this story will make writing breakdowns a bit more refreshing and less exhausting. Lol!

Unless, of course, the Emochiha decides to be difficult…

Oh well, let’s get on with the show!

Flaming people everywhere...

Flaming people everywhere…

After delivering the final blow to Obito, it seems Naruto has somehow managed to grab hold of the chakra of the Bijuu still trapped inside him, or, more specifically, inside the Juubi’s body that’s inside him.

What succeeds that is an all too familiar tug of war that we’ve witnessed before between Naruto and Kurama, only now on a larger scale as everyone unites together in the efforts of stopping Obito’s plans. We also see that while the Ichibi rejects Naruto’s attempts to pull it out, it reacts more positively to Gaara, who it still has a connection with, which only leads me to wonder whether or not Gaara might become a Jinchuuriki again.

An even more pertinent matter is whether or not Naruto is about to become the Jinchuuriki for seven Bijuu, but I suppose only time will tell what he will do with the chakras once he has wrestled them from Obito.

Wait, we aren't holding Obito's... omg...

And so it came to be that the fate of the entire world was decided by an over-sized tug-of-war match. >_>

However, something else happens during the tug-of-war, in that Obito’s and Naruto’s chakra seems to become connected – in a similar manner to how Jincuuriki can read other people’s hearts and minds through fist bumping – and Naruto gets a glimpse of Obito’s life up to that point.

In the process, Naruto learns just about everything there is to learn about Obito, to the point where he even sympathizes with him and his circumstances, if Naruto’s tears are anything to go by.

Naruto's Sympathy

You know you have a heart when you can cry for the sake of your enemy.

I think it’s this form of compassion we see coming from Naruto that makes him different from those around him in many ways. Where in the world of Shinobi, perceived wrongs are usually met with righteous retaliation, ever since Naruto’s battle with Nagato, he’s chosen to adopt a more open-minded approach to dealing with his enemies and, subsequently, the cycle of hatred that moves the world ever deeper into despair.

I think part of why Naruto can do this is because he is a Jinchuuriki and while other shinobi have long regarded shows of compassion to be shows of weakness that makes one vulnerable to their enemies, Naruto has, through his own hardships, come to appreciate any show of compassion from others, such as Iruka and Jiraiya, who lifted him up even when the rest of the world seemed to be his enemy simply because he was alive.

It’s for this reason that Naruto works so hard to strengthen his bonds with those around him and why, unlike Obito, who chose to forsake the rest of the world, Naruto now has the loyalty and trust of entire nations.

Forever alone level – Uchiha.

Forever alone level – Uchiha.

It’s at this point, that Obito begins to wonder if he’s starting to regret his actions, especially in the face of what Naruto has managed to achieve with the help of those around him. I have to say that when I look up at this scene above, it reminds me of similar scenes before where we see Naruto standing along crying, with a void of emptiness behind him and how that void slowly fills with people who are becoming close to Naruto, and eventually we see him smiling. Right now, Obito is still stuck in that same void, only it has never been filled.

I’d also like to point out an observation I made on this page and that is the fact that Sasuke doesn’t appear alongside the friends standing at Naruto’s side. This might be symbolic of the fact that Sasuke himself is still lost in that very same void as well and has yet to find his way back to his comrades.

It’s also at this point that Obito and Naruto begin to converse in what can only be considered a pure battle of wills, as Naruto tries to show Obito who he really is despite his efforts to hide from that truth.

Sometimes the simplest answers are the best ones.

Naruto – telling the truth even when it hurts.

In a way, you could say that Naruto’s ability to sympathize with the circumstances of his enemies might be the one true deciding factor that ultimately allows him to “forgive” them, so to speak. Naruto himself knows how easy it is to give into revenge as he himself almost did with Nagato, so he also has a more open mind in that regard before passing judgment on others. We saw the same thing happen with Nagato after Naruto learned the true nature of his past and why he was doing what he was and so it’s no surprise that Naruto would try to do the same thing again here, with Obito. I also think it’s a case where Naruto knows that if he condemns one person following a specific set of parameters, he needs to apply those same parameters to others, including Sasuke and even himself.

In a way, it’s a similar approach to the one Itachi used when deciding how to deal with Kabuto. Rather than blindly condemning him and ending his life, Itachi chose make Kabuto see what he had become and help him understand that he is on the wrong path, just like Itachi himself was once.

Itachi's Decision

You know your life is a mess when a dead Uchiha is lecturing you in his own unique way on how messed up you are.

In the end, I suppose the real question is whether you as a reader can agree with Naruto’s way of doing things, or if you feel that there needs to be some form of justice that condemns those like Obito for their actions. While I still believe in stories like this, the author will always implement some form of karmic justice that may lie outside the actions of the hero themselves (such as the former villain sacrificing their own lives in atonement, as was the case with Nagato), some might prefer it if Obito wasn’t just “let off the hook” and that he paid the piper with interest.

The only issue with the latter option is that you have to once again question just who is innocent and who is guilty in a world were killing is the norm and where kage or even nations have committed acts ranging from murder to genocide all in the name of the greater good, acts that have created people just like Obito.

All in all, with regards to chapter 653, I have to say this was one of Naruto’s better speech no jutsus, mostly because unlike before where Naruto never had any real answers, and where his speeches were mostly just about never giving up, this time Naruto showed a true sense of maturity in his words. He displayed an air of insight, maturity and wisdom that was well beyond his years and the way he spoke about how a Hokage is the one who needs to endure the hardships and break down the barriers for others to find their way, was truly inspiring.


Since when did Naruto become so smart? O_o

Reading Obito’s expressions as Naruto spoke was almost as interesting as reading the chapter itself, because his face told a story all its own through every gesture he made. You could quite literally see his emotional defense – or rather, his mask – slowly crumbling to dust at every word Naruto spoke. In the end, when Naruto offered his hand to Obito and asked him to join his side again, you could see him wrestling with his own will about what to do.

I felt Naruto’s offer was a very strong gesture overall, mostly because I can’t imagine what it’s like to hold out a hand to an enemy who has essentially taken so much away from you, including your parents. Ultimately, I think it shows that Naruto is trying to put the good of everyone above his own personal feelings and while I don’t think he expects Obito to simply be let off without a slap on the wrist, I think he wants him to pay for his crimes in a different way, through his own form of penance.

The only question now is, what will Obito do? Will he take Naruto’s hand or will he reject it? Or, will he even get the chance to decide in the first place?

Offering a Hand

Common Obito! Set one good example for the Uchiha, at least!

Well, that’s all from me for now. I hope you enjoyed the breakdown!

See you in the comments! ^ ^

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  1. First! Great breakdown Tenrei!

  2. Woohoo! Second! Probably the closest I’ll ever get! XD

  3. 3rd! If you check chapter 002 of Naruto, you’ll find that he’s been saying there is no short path to Hokage for a very long time

  4. Here’s the link, where Naruto is discussing Hokage role with Konohamaru

  5. @Arpotu

    Yeah, I remember actually mentioning that in my breakdown by I must have deleted it at some point. Not sure why it doesn’t appear in the final copy. X__X

  6. and i just managed to read the spoilers.. and i’m not even surprised. LOL

  7. Thanks for a great emotional breakdown (no pun intended). I personally feels that it would be great to see Obito takes Naruto hand as a good gesture and see how Kishi will run with this as opposed to getting Madara intervention. I guess it could make for a great fan fiction for some talented writer.

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  9. did i really read “the hole he thought he had filled.. Rin” LMAO i guess naruto’s story is going somewhere i haven’t thought off.

  10. @Chaps

    That was, admittedly, very disturbing. You fit right in here. >_>


    Well, it looks like Madara didn’t manage to intervene yet after all. The Bijuu are free and Obito still seems to have the Juubi’s body inside him. I can’t really tell if Gaara will become a Jinchuuriki again or not, but for now it seems like the Ichibi is in his complete form (whether he’s outside of Gaara, or just in a transformed state like Bee does, I don’t know).

    I guess it’s safe to say that the Moon Eye plan is as good as toast, unless Madara somehow finds a way to defeat Hashirama, resurrect himself, reseal all the bijuu, and then defeat Naruto, Bee and possibly Gaara to get Kurama’s, Shukaku’s and Gyuuki’s chakra, all within the next few minutes. For some reason, I don’t see that happening, but then again, this is Uchihax Madara, so anything is possible. >_>

    All-in-all, I guess it’s what can be expected from this kind of chapter, but for some reason, I get this strange sensation that there’s a possibility Sasuke might be the one to off Obito, rather than, say, Madara. Then again, who knows what will happen now. Part of me wants to see Obito live to atone for his crimes rather than just dying.

  11. @tenrai so it seems that was the reason why Obito wanted to destroy the world.. he had his c*ck blocked by some guys… LOOOOOL

    this might sound nothing close to what we think.. but i think if Obito lives.. i think the only way i can see him atone for his sins is take care of the bijuu’s

  12. Ah ofcourse it makes sense now tenrai! i say sasuke will definately do the dirty deed, this will reignite the issues between him and naruto, and ofcourse be in line with the way hashirama and madara also could not agree and ultimately become enemies. if you think about it, if sasuke offs obito it will throw a stick in narutos almost perfect system of understanding he created through out this whole war arc.

    Is it just me or is there a certain satisfaction knowing if this happens then atleast an uchiha will clean up uchiha mess?

  13. @Tenrai, didn’t I see Juubi’s body leave Obito on page 15? Or, as usual, did I miss something?

  14. Obito could always sacrifice himself to revive those he killed during the war…maybe unlikely, but it would be a way to try to redeem himself.

  15. A horrid thought just struck me.. Insomuch as there is a “Will of Fire” for the leaf, there also seems to be a “Will of Emo” for the Uchiha. Will Sasuke feel sorry for Obito (his former Akatsuki leader), and inherit the Uchiha Will of Emo from Obito (and possibly also Madara)?


    Was it Naruto telling Rin to wait and then saying that, or was that all Obito’s imagination?

    If it was all Naruto, then damn that was cunnining.

  17. well that was naruto.. obito’s imagination was the three (obito) at his back.. naruto was trying to pull the bijuu and at the same time crushing obito’s will.

  18. According to this page, it looks like Obito is back to his old self without the Juubi. The horns and the things on his back is gone.

  19. @Arpotu & Tigerpalm

    I say Obito still has the Juubi’s body sealed within him because he is still that strange white colour he was when he first became the Juubi’s Jinchuuriki. I just assume that he’s not as transformed as before because he no longer has the Bijuu’s chakra.

    I’m also going by what Kurama said before:

    He mentions that if Naruto pulls out the other Bijuu, then Obito will just be left with the shell of the Juubi, which is essentially its body.

  20. To add to what Tenrai said, unless we see Gedo Mazo pop out from behind the mountains, we can pretty much assume it’s still in Obito’s body.

    Truth be told, even without the bujuu’s chakara, the mazo was still a huge powerhouse, it’s true, we’ve only seen it in action 2 times, 1st time was when Nagato went nuts and killed off Hanzou’s and Danzou’s troops (I still can’t say both those guy’s names without smiling, Hanzou & Danzou :)) sounds like loony toons characters) and the 2nd time was when Obito took the 2 sealing treasures from the army.

    Both times, the Mazo owned, I can understand the fact that the last time it was very powerful because it already contained 7 bijuus within itself, but when Nagato 1st used it, it was empty and it still made a huge difference (It might have been because it drained Nagato of his power turning him into a skinny basterd, but non the less, it was epic)

    So, No Mazo outside = it’s still inside Obito, question is, who will he use it. Will he continue to fight the alliance, only this time, with a new goal in mind, or will he try to fight off and seal Madara.

  21. Hey wait wait… what if, assuming the tree blooms, there is another fruit to be eaten, and Sasuke grabs that fruit… being “pure” chakra, would that give him Rinnegan, and another huge power boost? Would that amplify his Will of Emo?

  22. @Arpotu

    I never actually thought of the possibility of another fruit being produced by the tree, and now that I think about it, that might have actually been Madara’s real goal as opposed to the Moon Eye Plan (to let the flower bloom and produce a fruit so that he could become a god, so to speak).

    In saying that, I don’t think it’s possible anymore now that the Bijuu have been separated from the Juubi’s body. The original fruit was produced when the Juubi was in its complete and final form, with all its power intact. Now that it’s only a shell, so to speak, I don’t think it would be able to produce something like that anymore or if it did, at the very least not on the same level as before.

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  25. You already sold me on the manga about 2-3 weeks ago Ten, it’s a really great story but generally I don’t start a new manga unless it already has 100+ chapters, believe it or not, I’m still saving One Piece for later.

    Anyway, as far as Naruto goes, I hope we get some action this week, no more remorse, no more flash backs, all I want to see is Kakashi carving himself out of Obito’s body with a spoon, with a mad man look on his face, screaming at Madara: Who eat the last Oreooooo !!!!!!!!!

    So take my money !!

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  30. This chapter was actually filler… I can’t believe that Kishi keeps doing this with filler chapters before a break and then come back with action after it. Sucks major balls. I didn’t like how Minato and Kakashi reiterated what Naruto just said a few seconds ago. Bull shit chapter, I’m sorry, I rank it a 3.2 out of 10 Whoopi Goldberg’s

  31. At least the break isn’t going to be Berserk long…

  32. @ Wise, True is true, the chapter was just a fast way for Kishi to wrap things up and hop on a jet to hawaii for Christmas break. I’d rate it even lower for the simple fact that it didn’t have anything of value in it.

    If Sasuke would have chop’ed Obito’s head off with his katana it would have been a awesome chapter. It would have been the perfect cliffhanger because all of the alliance would have supported him for killing the man who started the war but Naruto would have retaliated because he finally managed to yank the coldest bastard in the series out of the darkness.

    It was the perfect setting for the Naruto vs Sasuke fight, and truthfully many would have supported Sasuke in his decision.

    So Kishi thanks for the early Christmas coal.

  33. i just wish kishi disappoints everyone with that sasuke vs naruto fight not happening. LOL i bet tenrai’s the first one to hostage all the cookies

  34. I’m unable to load mangareader pages to even see the manga there. So for those of us who can’t, 655 is out here!

  35. @Kevin, check mangastream. They tend to have the better touch ups and translations (idioms, colloquialisms and such)

  36. I honestly liked the chapter, guys. Although I would admit that Sasuke killing Obito would have been an extremely effective move in the story (as it would challenge Naruto’s beliefs versus what the world wants), but I liked it just the way it was.

  37. I’m with Andy, it was not that bad of a chapter. I just wish that Naruto don’t forget that Madara can absorb it. Maybe he should add in some Natural Energy and turn Madara into stone.

    Did anyone catch the shining star on top of the flower tree? Wasn’t Naruto on top of it? Is this the guiding light from the bible?

  38. @Chaps

    Sasuke vs Naruto will happen. I’m willing to bet my cheesecake on it. @__@


    That’s actually a very clever idea of how to get past Madara’s defense by using natural energy. But then again, he still has Susanoo so he doesn’t exactly need to absorb an attack to stop it from damaging him.


    I think the chapter felt a bit deflated because it was essentially the quiet after the storm, but that’s to be expected from a post-battle chapter, so I’m not really surprised. I also had a feellng Sasuke would try to off Obito and he didn’t disappoint. What I didn’t expect was for Kakashi to try do it as well. That really threw me for a loop and it just goes to show that even he has had a lot of issues he’s had to deal with because of all the deaths in his life as well.

    All-in-all, I’d say it was fine, but I can’t say I’m looking forward to the break now. >_<

  39. Was Naruto riding on Son towards Madara? That’d be pretty cool

  40. @tenrai bet it now.. BWAHAHAHAHA! it won’t happen!

  41. i can’t help but wonder.. that in the next chapter.. it would be naruto’s birthday.. the bijuu’s have already found what real strength really is in naruto. the SO6P promised that day would come.. and i’m pretty sure that day is naruto’s birthday, i think it would all be clear after naruto sends that rasen shuriken to madara only to realize his power isn’t enough. but i don’t think they would become one, one as a being like what obito did.. but i think.. what the SO6P really meant by real strength is “togetherness” “team work” or “camaraderie”..

  42. @Chaps

    I’m not sure why you think it won’t happen. All signs point to there still being issues with Sasuke so I definitely feel a conflict is clearly written on the cards. To me, it would seem more odd if it didn’t happen now, if anything.


    Actually, it almost looked to me as if he was on top of that giant flower tree thing. Maybe the light we see at the end of the chapter coming from there, is actually from his Rasenshuriken? >_>

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  44. @Chaps


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  46. I believe that shining light is the flower blooming. it is also the cue that Madara is about to make his move and kill Obito.

    This will probably send Sasuke into SSJ5 Emo Mode, where his Su’sano cries tears of natural chakra.

  47. Oh, I re-read the manga. I’m wrong 🙂 That’s Naruto’s big balls of chakra!

  48. Apologies for the rare and frowned upon triple post but:

    Y’know, Naruto did once predict that if Sasuke and Naruto fought, they would both die. Perhaps he was referring to a future where they must “become one” (fuuuuuu-sion! Haaa!!) to ascend to So6P state.

  49. Guys. I just realized that I really badly want Naruto to have Obito’s Sharingan if Sasuke eats the tree’s fruit thing.

  50. @Andy

    I don’t really want Naruto to have the Sharingan or anything associated with it at this point. He’s already got his own unique power that sets him apart, so I wouldn’t want him to get that as well and become more Uchiha-like in ability. If Naruto and Sasuke fight, it should be more of a battle of opposites, rather than two people who just have the same kind of power.

  51. Good point Tenrai. And when I think about it, it makes more sense given that they can work together with their different powers as well. Fire and wind and all that.

    To be honest though, until the eternal black flame was used on Naruto’s rasenshuriken, I’m not sure I really saw a point in covering such an already destructive jutsu with something that only causes continual damage after it expands.

  52. @Andy

    Well, I guess if it weren’t for the fact that Obito was immune to normal jutsu, it would be a handy combo with Amatarasu and the Rasenshuriken. The Rasenshuriken itself could be the damage dealer that obliterates the enemy and then Amatarasu, which burns forever until the thing it is burning is gone, could stop the enemy from regenerating the damage and finish them off. Also, Amatarasu would probably do its job even faster after being strengthened by such a strong wind technique.

  53. Another good point, Tenrai. 🙂 I was going to mention something but I forgot what it was.

  54. This wait is really nerve wrecking. At least Kubo is delivering some good stuff. As for Naruto, I hope Kishi doesn’t leave us with regrets in Christmas break, I don’t think a cliffhanger would be the right way to end the year.

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  57. That was a good chapter, but now I seem to be falling behind in the breakdowns. I think instead of doing a triple, I’ll just do a breakdown for the latest one. It’s not like we all don’t know what’s going on anyway.

    I’m just busy with working on a frozen yogurt bar launch. >_<

    Anyway, I wonder how strong Madara will be now that he's human again, or what his plan is. He no longer has the Bijuu and the Juubi's body is still inside Obito, while Naruto and Bee have taken back Kurama's and Gyouki's missing chakra, so he doesn't have much to go with and he's against an entire Shinobi alliance. He must have some tricks up his sleeve if he's that confident.

  58. I have to say, I am deeply looking forward to the end of this fight. I want to see Naruto have some days where he can relax and sleep and spend time with friends. I want to see him and his down time, if he gets any.

  59. since madara is mortal again and doesn’t have that infinite chakra caused by the edo tensei.. it’s more likely that he fell into his own trap.. his ego and greediness to be the most powerful shinobi will cause him his death.. he will die in a very painful and agonizing way.. his “will” will be crushed and all he ever fought for would all be for nothing.. his existence would be denied by everyone.. and he will no longer be remembered as the one fought hashirama, but an event that just happened.. and he will die in the hands of the uchiha because sasuke has always been the one destined to get his hands dirty..

  60. Kickass! Chapter 656 is out! I guess I misunderstood the whole hiatus thing:

  61. As big as this revelation is, I find myself actually starting to want this to just end already. I’m hoping that with Madara essentially mortal again, he can at least be stopped/killed, especially since his chakra is no longer unlimited. Seriously though, this has gone on long enough. Just let this story arc end already.

  62. a message from kishi

    “The battle of Naruto and his comrades is in it’s final phase, in the truest sense of the term. About the Ten Tails, about Madara, and then, about Sasuke…I will continue to raise the tension without restraint, in every way I can! Please follow this story of a boy named Naruto a little while longer, I will greatly appreciate it.

    – Masashi Kishimoto”

    naruto is about to end.. and everything will be cleared by then.. i think tenrai wouldn’t get to see his naruto v sasuke fight.. LOLOLOL

  63. He did say “and then, about Sasuke.”

    I definitely think I’ll see my Naruto vs Sasuke fight. <_<

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    Now all of us who hated Obito reveal can finally relate better to the manga!

    Go Madara, KILL!

    Ten, can you do a bubble contest next week?

    Last panel is frigging awsum!

  66. It’s going to feel incredibly weird when Naruto ends given how long I’ve been following it.

  67. By the way Tenrai, it’s totally fine by me if you skip to 656.

  68. Madara is now Mortal. He doesn’t have the tailed Beast. He can be a Jinchuruki… But I don’t think he can re absorb all the tailed beast. Is he going to attempt to eat a fruit (assumption) that would sprout from the now-defunct World-Tree?

    Wasn’t becoming the new sage Madara’s goal? I don’t know how he’s going to accomplish that. I thought he was going to take over Obito’s body, but he’s not. He’s just draining the life force.

  69. I am kinda hoping you’ll just do a triple breakdown. Even if each chapter coverage is short, why miss a chapter or two now when we’re this close to the end of the series?

    Also, I really hope that this final battle with Madara is short, given that it’s down to Naruto vs Sasuke. We’ve seen a lot of Madara in action already.

  70. @Kevin

    “why miss a chapter or two now when we’re this close to the end of the series?”

    Because writing breakdowns is harder than people think. It takes a lot of time and thought and I’ve been quite busy with the launch we’ve been having, so when I do get some free time, by then I’m mentally exhausted. If you guys don’t mind waiting a bit, I can do a triple, but then it will take a bit of time and it may only be out later this week.

  71. I´d prefer a sooner breakdown, before the next release (don’t know if possible!), with only one chapter covered, and with a bubble contest! 😀

  72. It would certainly be worth waiting for. A couple extra days won’t hurt.

  73. its out!


  75. Can anyone explain why Madara’s rinnegan crumbled ?!?! I didn’t understand that, and more so, how did Hashirama get stabbed in the back by those 4 black rods. Did I miss a chapter or what?

    Also, if he lost the rinnegan how is he absorbing people chakra like the Human path, did he keep the skills of the rinnegan but only lost his sight?

  76. I am thankful to say that Iamnotreallyhere is helping me with the breakdowns for the past few chapters. He’s going to do a triple to help me out this week and I’ll do a breakdown for the latest chapter on Friday.

    That way, we’ll have caught up by the end of the week. X__X

    Thanks Ian!

  77. @Eugen

    I actually think Madara might have used the Izanagi to survive Sasuke’s Amatarasu, although Hashirama might have mistakenly thought he absorbed it. That might explain why Madara’s eye closed, but considering he has a more complete body, closer to the Sage of the Six paths, the effect of losing his eyesight in that eye might only be temporary rather than permanent and he just has to wait for it to awaken again.

  78. @Eugen. Madara had his eyes implanted into Nagato. So it stands to reason he would lose the power of the eyes he obtained if he gained his mortality back. I guess Kishi just tried to make him less OP than he was if he had his eyes back. I think with his last ounce of Edo Tensi body, he stopped what ever he could of Amerterasu and what he didn’t extinguish (what was left on his armor) he took off. I don’t know how Hashirma’s cells stayed on him though. I guess since those were living cells already they were still able to maintain their integration with Madara even into his transformation in to a mortal.
    Something odd also happened that dealt with Hashirma’s cells. When Orochimaru used a white zetsu as a new host body; the new body allowed him to control edo tensi better.
    The correlation between to the two events is Hashirama’s cells. They contain some form of power that basically transcends logic.
    I understand how Madara was able to attack Hashirama without seeing, also. He had his rods attached to him, so he was able to sense where Hashirama was (they emit a certain frequency unique to him).
    But I really don’t see what Madara is trying to do. His “true” goals are changing every villain. I wonder what happens when he loses all his shogi pieces?
    First, through Nagato he wanted to create a manufactured peace through a war economy; using the tailed beast. Then it was on to Tobi, and using the tailed beast and making them into one; forming Yggrisille (the world tree) and making everyone go to sleep in a virtual world. Now it’s about destroying the tailed beast? At least make him constant damn it.
    And Madara being able to absorb natural energy like nothing? When it took every sage a while to learn it? That is really stupid. I get that it’s Madara but I’m sure Hashirama had to take a while to learn Natural energy use. Madara seems like he is possessing the eyes of the Sage, but I don’t see him possessing the body. There is still a chance that all the tailed beast choose Naruto as the new body of the sage.
    I liked the chapter. It was very solid.
    I didn’t like how the will of Madara captured the body of Obito. It’s a forced sub plot at this point. Kakashi and Minato know what they have to do, they can’t save Obito anymore, they have to kill him or else Madara gets a piece of his Rinnegan back.

  79. @Ten, I don’t think Madara’s eyes are going to come back. If that were the point then why is he going after Sauske’s and Obito’s eyes? I think Madara is trying to get back his eyes he left behind (to Nagato; which were taken by Obito). And he was going to use Sauskes while he “regained” his original eyes.

  80. @Wiseman

    You might very well be right about Madara wanting to take the Rinnegan back from Obito or something, but what made me think that it would just come back on its own was this page:

    Madara says “Until my Rinnegan comes back” as opposed to “when I take my Rinnegan back”, implying that it will reawaken on its own. It could just be a translation issue though.

  81. The better translated chapter 657 is so out!

  82. To anyone wondering why Madara’s eyes disappeared upon him being reincarnated, the answer is simple. He had given his eyes to Nagato before his death, while he then borrowed a different Sharingan. But since it wasn’t really his eye, he died essentially blind and without eyes.

    When Kabuto revived him through Edo Tensei, he had done so through modification of his body to, as Kabuto put it, beyond Madara’s prime. So while Madara indeed had his own eyes back, they were just a product of the Edo Tensei.

    But since you can’t outright copy living eyes, the Rinnegan that Madara had, being a product of the Edo Tensei, disappeared upon his return to the living, leaving him the way he originally was when he was last alive…eyeless. At this point, he would either need to take his living eyes back (including the one currently in Obito) or take someone else’s eyes (Sasuke’s, it seems). I really hope he doesn’t get Sasuke’s eyes though, because somehow I doubt he would get them back if he did.

    I do think that Kakashi should just do what he was forced to do to Rin, and that’s kill Obito to prevent the Rinnegan from being taken back by Madara.

    Now one thing I personally don’t get. How come Hashirama is looking rather fragile at the moment? He’s flaking apart like his body is about to crumble. What caused this? I know he’s been incapacitated so that Madara could absorb natural energy through him (at least that’s how it appears). But just what’s going on there? And for that matter, where’s Tobirama at?

    And finally, there’s the Bijuu. I really really hope there isn’t another long reintegration of the Bijuu into the Juubi again. Not sure if Madara plans to just absorb them directly or what, but this whole thing really needs to end soon. I’m guess there will be some big sacrifice by a major character to take down Madara once and for all because it seems like he won’t go down any other way.

  83. i really think this battle would end very fast. i think the bijuu’s will go straight to naruto.. naruto would then decide to use his kagebunshins and make use of the different powers of the bijuu’s or.. have them used by the konoha 9. madara is nowhere near the strongest shinobi alive right now.. he’s already mortal.. and being mortal has its cons.. naruto on the other hand has already reached their level. and yes.. i think kakashi has to end obito’s life like what he did with rin.. but i doubt thats what he would choose to do.. because that is the easy way out.. just like what naruto said there are no shortcuts in life.. and i think kakashi will find a way where obito wouldn’t die and madara won’t get his rinnegan.. for sasuke.. i think he would realize that he is really second to naruto..

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